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George   C.  Furher. 








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Copyright,  1905, 
By  the  Town  of  Littleton. 


The  genealogy  of  Littleton  was  compiled  by  George  C. 
FuRBER  in  1896  and  printed  in  1897-8.  A  fire  destroyed 
the  work  in  1898  and  made  necessary  a  reprint,  which 
was  prepared  under  the  supervision  of  Ezra  S.  Stearns. 
The  extent  of  the  errata  is  chiefly  due  to  incorrect  material 
furnished  by  individuals  concerning  their  ancestry. 


George  C.  Fukber Frontispiece 

Mrs.  Jennett  C.  Bugbee Facing  jxxge     88 

Coat  of  Arms  of  Carleton  Family "  102 

Mrs.   M,  K.   Carleton "  104 

General  E.  O.  Kenney "  290 

JOSIAH    KiLBURN "  293 

Mrs.  Emily  Bonney  Kilburn "  293 

Mrs.  Caroline  L.  Kilburn "  294 

Mrs.  Elizabeth  Markley "  324 

Mrs.  Anna  H.  Parker "  382 

Mrs.  Elizabeth  K.  Remich .  "  412 

Jonathan  Rowell "  428 

Colonel  Salmon  H.  Rowell "  430 

Barton  G.  Town "  486 

LtiTHER  B.  Town "  488 



1.  Clark  Carlton  Abbey,  son  of  Solomon,  b.  Middlebury,  Vt., 
1818.  He  grad.  at  Middlebury  Coll.  1845  and  at  Jefferson  Med.  Coll. 
1848,  receiving  degree  of  M.D.  He  practised  one  year  in  L.,  and  for 
one  year  he  conducted  a  drug  store  in  Phila.  Returning  to  L.,  1851, 
he  remained  until  Jan.  1853,  when  he  removed  to  California,  whei'e  he 
died,  soon  after  his  arrival,  Feb.  23,  1853.  Whig.  I.  O.  O.  F.  (L. 
Cen.  pp.  156,  157.)  He  m.  1848,  Nancy  Jane,  dau.  of  John  Gile  of 
L.,  Methodist  (See).  She  died  in  L.  NoV.  21,  1849;  he  m.  second, 
June  17,  1850,  Fatima,  dau.  of  Sylvanus  Hastings  of  L.  (See).  She 
resides  in  L. 

Child,  by  w.  Nancy,  — 

i.     Hubert,  b.  L.  Nov.  1849,  d.  Phila.  July,  1850. 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Fatima,  — 

ii.     Jennie  N.,  b.  Pliila.  June  30,  1851.     m.  Feb.   10,    1875,  Winfield     S. 

Hastings,  res.    Waterford,    Vt.,  farmer, 
ill.     Isabel,  b.  L.  Nov.  2,  1852.     m.  William  \V.  Weller  (See). 


1.  George  Abbott,  b.  in  Eng.  in  1615  ;  emigrated,  according  to  tra- 
dition, from  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  to  America  about  1640.  He  was  one  of 
the  first  settlers  of  Andover,  Mass.,  and  a  proprietor  in  1643.  His 
house  was  a  blockhouse,  and  was  used  as  such  for  many  years  after 
his  death,  which  occurred  Dec.  24,  1681,  O.  S.  He  m.  1647,  Hannah 
Chandler,  who  d.  June  11,  1711,  aged  82  yrs. 

2.  William  Abbott,  son  of  George  ^,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Nov.  18, 
1657.  ra.  June  2,  1682,  Elizabeth  Story,  who  d.  Dec.  1712.  He  d. 
Oct.  24,  1713.  He  was  a  Puritan  in  faith  and  Christian  conduct; 
lived  near  the  present  site  of  Prof.  Stewart's  house,   Andover. 

3.  James  Abbott,  son  of  William  %  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Feb.  12, 
1695.  m.  Jan.  1714,  Abigail  Farnum,  b.  1692.  He  moved  to  Concord, 
N.  H.,  in  1737,  and  d.  Dec.  27,  1787. 

VOL.  II.  —  1 

2  Ahbott. 

4.  James  Abbott,  son  of  James ^,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Jan.  12, 
1717.  m.  1742,  Sarah  Bancroft,  b.  Feb.  19,  1722.  She  was  dau.  of 
Capt.  Samuel  and  Sarah  (Lampson)  Bancroft  of  Reading,  Mass. 
James  moved  to  Concord  with  his  father,  and  lived  there  until  1763, 
when  he  moved  to  Newbur}-,  Vt.  He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of 
Newbury  and  deacon  of  the  first  church.  All  of  the  children  of  James 
and  maiTy  of  his  descendants  were  members  of  the  Cong,  church. 

5.  EzKA  Abbott,  son  of  James'*,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  June  2,  1765. 
m.  1786,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Reuben  Farmer  of  Concord,  who  drove  the 
first  ox  team  from  Andover,  Mass.,  to  Concord.  He  also  drove  to  the 
fort  the  team  carrying  the  bodies  of  the  men  killed  b}-  the  Indians, 
Aug.  11,  1746.  Ezra  died  July  5,  1842,  in  Irasburg,  Vt.  Hannah  d. 
in  Bath  Sept.  2,  1832. 

6.  Ezra  Abbott,  son  of  Ezra ^,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  Sept.  13,  1791. 
ra.  first,  about  1810,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Moses  Lang,  b.  in  Bath,  April 
22,  1792,  d.  in  L.,  Sept.  28,  1849,  Cong.  m.  second,  Myra  Parker, 
b.  in  Lyman,  June  30,  1799,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  July  20,  1885.  P>zra 
was  in  the  War  of  1812.  In  1820  he  moved  to  L.  and  engaged  in 
farming,  making  his  home  here  until  he  d.,  March  26,  1872.  Cong. 
Whig.  (Genealogical  Register  of  the  Descendants  of  George  Abbott 
of  Andover.) 

Ch.,  by  w.  Marj'  Ann,  — 

i.     Sarah  B.,  b.  Bath,  Oct.  7,  1814.     in.  James  Gordon  (See). 

7.  ii.     Gkorge,  b.  Batli,  Aug.  11, 1816. 

iii.     .Jacob,  b.  Bath,  Feb.  12,  1820.     unin.,  d.  L,  Jan.  27,  1859. 
iv.     Mart   Ann,  b.  L.  Feb.  G,  1822.     ni.  Jan.  1,   1849,  Moses  K.  Wilcomb, 
farmer.     He  d.  June  30,  1887.     She  res.  L.,  where  she  d.  April  27,  1900. 
V.     Nancy  Maria,  b.  L.  Aug.  30,  1826.     m.  Isaac  B.  Stearns  (See). 

7.  George  Abbott,  son  of  Ezra^  b.  in  Bath,  Aug.  11,  1816.  m. 
first,  Jan.  1,  1846,  Esther  A.,  dau.  of  Evan  Parker,  b.  in  Lyman,  Jan. 
5,  1823,  res.  in  L.  after  marriage  until  her  death,  Jan.  26,  1859,  Meth- 
odist, m.  second,  June  25,  1860,  Eraeline,  daughter  of  Nathan  ^  Ap- 
plebee,b.  in  L.  Nov.  1,  1836.  She  has  res.  in  L.  all  her  life,  Methodist. 
George  came  to  L.  in  1820,  and  d.  in  this  town,  Oct.  7,  1899.  Farmer. 
Methodist.  Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge  ;  K.  T.,  St. 
Gerard  Com. ;  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.  Selectman,  1858-61-2-71-2.  Rep. 
1867-8.     J.  P. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Esther,  b.  in  L., — 

8.  1.     William  E.,  b.  Dec.  5,  1847. 

y.       ii.     George  Frank,  b.  June  7,  1849. 

iii.     Henry  C,  b.  Aug.  31,  1852;  res.  Kas.     Farmer. 

iv.     Ella  J.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1855.     luim.,  d.  L.  Sept.  17,  1872. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Emeline,  b.  in  L.,  — 

V.     Belle  Esther,  b.  Oct.  30,  1861.     in.  Herbert  D.  Stevens  (See). 
vi.     Anna  Blanche,  b.  Jan.  20,  1868,  d.  Jan.  13,  1878. 

8.  William  E.  Abbott,  son  of  George',  b.  in  L.,  Dec.  5,  1847.  m. 
June  27,  1872,  Martha  E.,  dau.  of  Thomas  Tame,  b.  in  Tenn.,  May  18, 
1849.  William  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1867,  now  lives  in  Niotaga, 
Kas.     Farmer. 

Abbott.  3 

Ch.,  all  unm.  and  i-es.  in  Niotaga,  Kas.,  — 

i.  Henry,  b.  III.  May  9,  1873. 

ii.  Nettie,  h.  Kas.  Jane  4,  1877. 

iii.  George  R..  b.  Kas.  March  31,  1881. 

iv.  William  T.,  b.  Kas.  Oct.  30.  1882. 

V.  Claud  J.,  b.  Kas.  Oct.  3,  1883. 

9.  George  Frank  Abbott,  son  of  George^,  b.  in  L.  June  7,  1849. 
m.  Dec.  25,  1872,  Carrie  Maria,  dan.  of  James  Parker  (See),  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Oct.  24,  1853.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1869,  most  of  the  time. 
Methodist.  George  Frank  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  except  a  few  3'ears 
in  Bethlehem  and  Tilton.  Educated  in  L.  and  Newbury,  Vt.  Studied 
medicine  at  Dart,  and  Ijaltimore,  Md.  Grad.  IVom.  Dart.  ]Med.  Coll. 
in  1891,  and  at  once  commenced  practice  in  L.  Methodist.  Re[)ubU- 
can.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge;  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  Post- 
master, Bethlehem,  seven  years.  Member  Board  of  Health,  1892-3-4,  in 
L.  Proprietor  of  a  drug  store  in  L.  fifteen  years.  (Book  of  Biographies, 
Grafton  Co.,  p.  164.) 


i.     Ruth,  b.  Aug.  14,  1889. 


10.  William  Abbott,  son  of  James  ^  b.  April  24,  1755.  m.  1777, 
Mabel  Whittlesey  of  East  Guilford,  Conn.  He  res.  most  of  his  life 
in  Haverhill,  Mass.     d.  June  14,  1807. 

11.  Moses  Abbott,  son  of  William^",  b.  June  16,  1778.  m.  April 
7,  1802,  Lucy  Willis,  b.  July  25,  1784,  d.  July  13,  1842.  He  res.  in 
Bath,  where  he  d.  Ma\'  7,  1856. 

12.  Myron  Abbott,  son  of  Moses  ",  b.  in  Haverhill,  April  24,  1803. 
m.  April  12,  1826,  Clarissa  Willis.     He  d.  in  Bath.  June  3,  1883. 

13.  Myron  B.  Abbott,  son  of  Myron  ^■^,  b.  in  Bath,  Dec.  27,  1841. 
m.  Ellen  J.  Brock.     Lives  in  Newbury,  Vt. 

14.  Harry  Edwin  Abbott,  son  of  Myron  B.^^,  b.  in  Nevvbnrv,  Vt., 
June  14,  1866.  m.  Feb.  22,  188.S.  Josie  Maria,  dau.  of  Wesley  William 
Weare,  b.  in  Dalton,  April  19,  1868.  Drv-goods  merchant,  res.  in  L. 
from  1890  to  1893.     L  O.  O.  F. 


i.     Maurice  John,  b.  Haverhill,  Aug.  7,  1889. 
ii.     Charles  Leroy,  b.  L.  Feb.  19,  1892. 


15.  Nathaniel  Abbott,  son  of  George  \  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  July 
15,  1671,  N.  S.  m.  Nov.  1,  1695,  Dorcas  Hibbert,  d.  Feb.  7,  1743.  He 
d.  Dec.  12,  1749.  He  was  a  member  of  Rev.  Thomas  Barnard's  church, 

16.  Joseph  Abbott,  son  of  NathanieP^  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Feb. 
2,  1705.     m.  Aug.  12,  1731,  Deborah  Blanchard,  d.  July,  1773.     He  d. 

4  Ahhott. 

in  "Wilton,  Aug.  23,  1787.  He  moved  to  Wilton  about  1776.  Dea.  A 
man  of  great  simplicity  and  sound  piet3^  For  many  years  lie  tuned 
the  Psalm,  and  Dea.  Isaac  Abbott,  his  cousin,  read  it  line  by  line.  He 
d.  in  Wilton,  Aug.  23,  1787. 

17.  Joseph   Abbott,  son  of  Joseph^*',  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  April 

2,  1744.  m.  Mary  Barker.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Andover, 
Mass.,  Wilton,  and  Nelson. 

18.  Israel  Abbott,  son  of  Joseph",  b.  in  AVilton,  Jan.  29,  1771. 
m.  Alice  Baker,  b.  May  1,  1789,  d.  in  Whitefield,  Aug.  1,  1858.  Israel 
settled  in  Charlestown,  March,  1807,  where  he  d.  Feb.  26,  1840. 

19.  Isaac  Abbott,  son  of  IsraeP^,  b.  in  Wilton  (f.  r.  says  Acworth), 
Sept.  20,  1796.  m.  1820,  Susan,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Hannah  (Far- 
well)  Labaree,  b.  in  Charlestown,  Sept.  17,  1790,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Feb. 

3,  1870.  He  was  a  lumber  manufr.,  res.  in  L.  from  1821  to  1869, 
when  he  removed  to  Lancaster,  where  he  d.  Jan.  12,  1882.  He  occupied 
man_y  oflices  of  trust  here,  being  Selectman,  1827-8-41.  Moderator, 
1839-40-4-6-7-8-9-55.  Rep.  1836-7-8-51.  Fire  Ward,  1829  to  1835 
inc.  and  1838-9-42-4-6.  Dep.  Sheriff,  1828  to  1834  inc.  Apt.  Capt. 
5th  Co.,  32d  Regt.,  N.  H.  Militia,  June  20,  1821;  vacated  April  23, 
1825.     J.  P.     Whig. 


20.  i.     Isaac  Edwin,  b.  Cliarlestown,  April  24,  1821. 

ii.     Benjamin  Labaree,   b.    L.  April  8,    1824.     ra.  1861,  Lorena  Cheney. 

Kept  hotel.     He  d.  Sept.  20,  1887,  in  Auburn,  Me. 
iii.     Susan  Amanda,  b.  L.  Sept.  20,  1826.     m.  Oct.  10,  1848,  John  Lindsey, 
who  kept  hotel.     He  d.  June  9,  1891,  in  Lancaster. 

21.  iv.     Charles  Henry,  b.  L.  Au^.  2,  1828. 

V.     Mary  Jane,  b.  L.  Aug.  16,  1830.     m.  March  1,  1851,  Wallace  Lindsey, 
who  kept  hotel.     She  d.  Stewartstown,  Jan.  20,  1887. 

20.  Isaac  Edwin  Abbott,  son  of  Isaac  ^^  b.  in  Charlestown,  April  24, 
1821,  m.  May  25,  1844,  Edna  R.,  dau.  of  Simeon  Plill,  b.  in  Waterford, 
Vt.,  Jan.  3,  1824,  d.  in  Lancaster,  April  26,  1891.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1822  most  of  the  time  until  1868.  Farmer.  Cong.  Republican. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Bui-ns  Lodge.  Appointed  Lieut.  5th  Co.,  32d  Regt. 
N.  H.  Militia,  1841. 


i.    George  Henry,  b.  L.  Feb.  14,  1850.     m.  Dec.  31,  1873,  Pamelia  Jones, 

res.  Boston.      Engineer, 
ii.    Susan  Alice,  b.  L.  Aug.  10, 1852.     m.  March  22, 1876,  George  S.  Gould, 

res.  Lancaster,  paii^ter. 
iii.    Mary    Elizabeth,   b.    Bethleliem,   June    18,    1855.     m.  Oct.  5,  1887, 

George  W.  Tillson,  res.  Omaha,  Neb.,  civil  engineer. 
vr.    Frank  Lindsey,  b.  L.  Oct.  6,  1857,  d.  Lancaster,  Oct.  3,  1875. 

21.  Charles  Henry  Abbott,  son  of  Isaac  ^^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  2,  1828. 
m.  March  27,  1856,  Evalyn  A.,  dau.  of  Thomas  J.  Spooner,  b.  in 
Franconia,  Oct.  18,  1835.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  I860.  Hotel- 
keeper,     d.  in  Bethlehem,  April  4,  1882. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

i.    Susie  M.,  b.  July  15,  1857,  res.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Adams  —  Ainsworth. 


1.  Amos  Adams,  son  of  Buckle}-,  b.  in  Watevford,  Vt.,  April  21, 
1816.  m.  Feb.  20,  1840,  Eliza,  dan.  of  Levi  P.  Parks,  b.  in  Canada, 
June  13,  1812,  d.  in  L.  May  13,  1879.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  until 
he  d.  Aug.  18,  1897.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,— 

i.    Charles  Roby,  b.  Jan.  24,  1841.     unm.,  res.  L.     Farmer. 
ii.    George  Curtis,  b.  June  24,  1843,  d.  L.  Feb.  20,  1845. 
iii.  ■  George  Levi,  b.  March  22,  1846,  d.  L.  Feb.  25,  1878. 


The  word  Ainsworth  is  derived  from  Haines,  the  modern  form  of  the 
ancient  personym,  Ainneph,  and  worth,  the  Anglo-Saxon  term  for  a 
homestead.  The  family  in  Eng.  were  long  located  at  Ainsworth,  in  the 
parish  of  Middleton,  hundred  of  Salford,  county  palatine  of  Lancaster, 
and  undoubtedly  took  their  name  from  the  locality.  In  spelling  it  is 
sometimes  con-upted  to  Ensworth.  The  earliest  of  the  name  in  New 
Eng.  were  Anchor  Ainsworth  of  Boston,  and  Daniel  Ainsworth  of  Rox- 
bury,  Mass.  They  were  in  the  colony  as  early  as  1647.  The  tradition 
is  that  Edward  Ainsworth,  the  emigrant  ancestor  of  the  L.  family, 
came  to  America  on  invitation  of  his  uncle.  Daniel,  of  Roxbury.  By 
some  mishap  in  navigation  the  A'essel  in  which  he  and  a  brother  took 
passage  was  wrecked  on  the  coast  of  Georgia.  All  were  drowned 
except  Edward  Ainsworth,  who  saved  himself  by  clinging  to  a  rock  on 
the  shore,  which  is  still  called  Stranger's  Rock.  (See  Ainsworth  Gen- 
ealogy, Francis  J.  Parker,  Boston.) 

1.  Edward  Ainsworth,  b.  in  Eng.  in  1652  ;  emigrated  to  America 
and  lived  in  Roxbury,  Mass.,  and  Woodstock,  Conn.,  d.  in  Woodstock, 
March  5,  1740/41.  '  Farmer,  m.  Jan.  11,  1687/8,  Joanna,  dan.  of 
Joshua  and  Joanna  Hemmingway,  b.  Sept.  21,  1670,  d.  Dec.  23,  1748. 

2.  Edward  Ainsworth,  son  of  P>lwardsS  b.  in  Roxbury,  Mass., 
Aug.  18,  1693.  m.  April  5,  1722,  Joanna,  dau.  of  Mathew  and  Mar- 
garet Davis  of  Pomfret,  Conn.,  b.  Oct.  22,  1696,  d.  April  25,  1753. 
He  res.  in  Woodstock,  Conn.,  and  d.  there  June  16,  1758.     Farmer. 

3.  Edward  Ainsworth,  son  of  Edward",  b.  in  Woodstock,  Conn, 
NoA'.  21,  1729.  ra.  first.  May  22,  1755,  Keziah  Corbin,  b.  1736,  d. 
Dec.  1,  1756.  m.  second,  March  15, 1758,  Sybil,  dau.  of  Dea.  Thomas 
and  Anna  Child  of  Woodstock,  Conn.,  b.  March  3,  1733,  d.  July  7, 
1820.  He  res.  in  Richmond  and  Clareraont,  was  a  physician,  farmer-, 
and  lieut.  in  the  militia.     He  d.  in  Claremont,  Feb.  10,  1806. 

4.  Calvin  Ainsworth,  son  of  Edward  ^  b.  in  Claremont,  June  3, 
1771.  m.  about  1800,  Susannah,  dau.  of  Isaac  Howe,  b.  in  New 
Ipswich,  Feb.  2,  1774,  d.  in  L.  March  18,  1853.  He  was  a  physician, 
the  first  to  settle  in  L.  and  came  here  in  1799,  remaining  until  July  12, 
1839,  when  he  d.  His  education  was  academic.  He  was  an  old-school 
practitioner,  a  good  nurse,  with  tact  and  a  genial  presence  which  made 
bira  a  favorite  in  many  families.     He  could  play  the  violin,  and  some- 

6  A'niHworth. 

times  wielded  the  bow  to  help  on  mefrymakings.  Politically  he  was 
for  a  lime  a  Federalist  of  the  Hartford  Convention  order,  bnt  afterward 
a  Democrat.  J.  P.  He  had  no  special  church  affiliations.  He  is  de- 
scribed as  rather  stout  and  short  in  stature,  of  good  physical  powers, 
but  not  of  a  pushing  or  belligerent  dis[)Osition.  He  did  not  succeed  in 
accumulating  propert}-.  (See  L.  Cen.,  pp.  148,  149.) 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

5.  i.    Americds,  b.  Sept.  17,  1804. 

6.  ii.    Calvin,  b.  Aug.  22,  1807. 

7.  iii.    Laban,  b.  March  29,  1811. 

iv.    Sybil  P.,  b.  Feb.  7,  181.3,  d.  Tnwnsend,  Mass.,  April  30,  13.38. 
V.    Susannah  H.,  b.  Oct.  12, 1818,  d.  Townsend,  Mass.,  April  26,  1838. 

5.  Americus  Ainswortii,  son  of  Calvin*,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  17,  1804. 
m.  July  27,  1853,  Philena,  dan.  of  Asher  Hurlbutt,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
July  22,  1807,  d.  in  L.  Julv  22,  1878.  He  was  a  cabinetmaker,  res.  in 
L.  all  his  life,  and  d.  here  Feb.  1,  1882.     No  ch. 

6.  Calvin  Ainswokth,  son  of  Calvin*,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  22,  1807.  m. 
first,  Jtine  2,  1836,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Joseph  Bellows  (See),  b.  in  Walpole, 
Sept.  13,  1801,  d.  Feb.  3,  1837.  m.  second.  May  6,  1846,  Letitia 
(Stinson)  White,  b.  in  Dunbarton,  still  living  in  Madison,  Wis.  He 
was  educated  in  the  Academy  at  Concord,  Vt.,  and  Meriden  Academy  ; 
commenced  the  study  of  law  about  1830  with  Jonathan  Stoddard, 
Waterford,  Vt.,  and  Henry  A.  Bellows,  L.,  and  was  admitted  to  the 
Bar  at  the  Nov.  term  at  Plymouth,  1835.  He  located  first  in  L., 
and  practised  seven  years  ;  removed  to  Concord,  where  he  practised 
twelve  years  ;  the  remainder  of  his  life  in  Madison,  Wis.  He  was  a 
man  of  the  strictest  integrity,  of  amiable  temperament,  a  good  lawyer, 
but  not  an  advocate.  He  had  raanv  friends  and  no  enemies,  and  his 
gentle  manners  led  him  along  through  life  with  little  to  disturb  the 
noiseless  tenor  of  his  way.  The  official  positions  held  by  him  were  : 
Register  of  Probate,  Merrimack  Co.,  1846-51  ;  Commissioner  to  Compile 
Statutes  of  N.  H.,  1853  ;  Police  Justice  of  Concord  from  the  organiza- 
tion of  the  city  in  1853  until  he  went  west ;  Police  Justice  of  Madison, 
Wis.,  from  April,  1862,  until  April,  1864.  His  militaiy  record  was 
brief,  but  honorable.  He  was  Judge  Advocate  of  the  6th  Brigade, 
N.  H.  Militia,  1841-2-3.  He  was  a  member  of  the  law  firm  of  Perley 
&  Ainsworth  at  one  time.  He  d.  in  Madison,  Wis.,  July  7,  1873. 
No  ch. 

7.  Laban  Ainsworth,  son  of  Calvin*,  b.  in  L.  March  29,  1811.  m, 
Jan.  17,  1847,  Amanda  M.  Shattuck,  b.  Aug.  20,  1822.  He  res.  in  L. 
:J1  his  life,  d.  Sept.  26,  1891.     Miller. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.    Warren  W.,  b.  Feb.  4,  1848.     m.  Lucy  Near,  res.  Jersev  City,  N.  J. 
ii.    Susan  P.,  b.  May  6,  18-50,  d.  L.  Aug.  12,  1850. 

8.  iii.    Frank  P.,  b.  May  9,  18-52. 

iv.    Persis  F.,b.  June  14, 1854.     m.  June  16,  1878,  Edwin  G.  Gale,  res.  Bel- 
mont, farmer. 
V.    Sybil  P  ,  b.  March  1,  1857,  d.  L.  July  17,  1858. 

9.  vi.    Calvin  Stephen,  b.  Aug.  13,  18-59. 

vii     Sybil  S.,  b.  July  22,  1862.     m.  July  6,  1878,  Benjamin  Laundry.     She 
d  Jan.  7,  1883. 

10.  viii.   William  S.,  b.  June  12,  1865. 

Ainmvorth  —  Alhee.  7 

8.  Franklin  Pierce  Ainsworth,  son  of  Laban ',  b.  in  L.  May  9, 
1852.  m.  Feb.  27,  1882,  Minetta,  dau.  of  George  V.  Ott,  b.  in  Mad- 
ison, Wis  ,  March  7,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1871,  when 
he  removed  to  Wisconsin,  where  he  has  since  res.,  most  of  the  time  as 
freight  and  ticket  agent  on  tlie  C,  St.  P.,  M.  &  O.  Railway.  Has  held 
public  positions  as  follows  :  Chairman  Town  Board  of  Wiiliston,  1878  ; 
Mayor  of  Hammond,  1888  ;  member  of  State  Board  of  Regents  of 
Normal  Schools,  1892  to  1895  inc.,  and  Secretary  of  Board  for  1894-5. 
Present  res.,  River  Falls,  Wis. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Lee  Franklin,  b.  Hammond,  Wis.,  Nov.  7,  1883. 
ii.    Alice  Genevieve,  b.  Hammond,  Wis.,  Oct.  11,  1888. 

9.  Calvin  Stephen  Ainsworth,  son  of  Laban  ^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  13, 
1859.  m.  Jan.  17,  1891,  Lilly  Grace,  dau.  of  Silas  Miner  (adopted), 
b.  in  Whitefield,  July  28,  1872  ;  he  m.  second,  April  18,  1899,  Mamie 
Gushing,  dau.  of  Charles  Cashing  (See).  He  has  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life.     Farmer.     Republican.     No  ch. 

10.  William  S.  Ainsm^orth,  son  of  Laban  ^  b.  in  L.  June  12,  1865. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1895,  Hattie  Grace,  dau.  of  Henry  R.  Sulhara,  b.  in  Ran- 
dolph, Vt. ,  Jan.  2,  1874.     He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.    Painter. 


i.  Gladys,  b.  Barre,  Vt.,  Dec.  12,  1895,  d.  July  14,  1899. 


1.  Benjamin  Albee  was  a  grantee  in  Braintree,  Mass.,  1640,  and 
admitted  freeman  1642.  Later  he  lived  in  Medfield  and  Mendon. 
He  was  a  miller  and  in  public  affairs  an  active  citizen. 

2.  James  Albee.  son  of  Benjamin  \  b.  in  Braintree  about  1645.  m. 
Oct.  18,  1671,  Hannah  Cook.     They  were  living  1717. 

3.  John  Albee.  son  of  James-,  m.  June  6,  1705,  Deborah  ThaA-er, 
b.  Nov.  4,  1687,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Elizabeth  (French)  Thayer. 
They  lived  in  Mendon. 

4.  John  Albee,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Mendon,  Feb.  25,  1 720/1  ;  by  wife 
Sarah  had  twelve  or  thirteen  children.  He  d.  in  Mendon,  March  25, 
1799.     She  d.  June  7,  1799. 

5.  Zuriel  Albee,  son  of  John  *,  b.  Jan.  16,  1747/8.  m.  March  27, 
1776,  Anna  Penniman,  b.  1757,  of  Bellingham.  They  resided  a  few 
vears  in  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  and  in  1808  removed  to  L.,  where  he  d. 
July  19,  1820;  she  d.  Nov.  21,  1841.     He  was  a  farmer. 


6.  1.     Alexander,  b.  Westmoreland,  1778. 

ii.     Betsey,  b.  July,  1779.     m.  Comfort  Day  -  (See). 

7.  iii.     Otis,  b.  1780. 

iv.  Hannah,  b.  Aug.  1794.     m.  Solomon  Goodall  (See). 

V.  Sally,  m.  James  Webster  (See). 

vi.  Olive,  m.  Silas  Hibbard. 

vii.  Arthusa. 

8  Alhee. 

6.  Alexander  Albee,  son  of  Zuriel  ^  b.  in  Westmoreland  in  1778. 
ni.  first,  Pnisia,  dan.  of  Joseph  Patridsje,  h.  in  Milford,  Mass.,  March 
18,  1781,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  20,  1830.  m.  second,  Dolly  Chandler  (widow). 
He  was  selectman  in  L.  in  1816  to  1821  inc.  Rep.  1832.  J.  P.  Demo- 
crat.    Res.  in  L.  from  1802  until  he  d.  June  24,  1843. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Sally,  b.  Jan.  10,  1802,  d.  L.  Sept.  23,  1804. 

ii.  Sebkina,  b.  July  7,  1804,  d.  L. 

iii.  Esther,  b.  May  24,  1807,  pub.  Oct.  17,  1825,  Lyman  Heatb,  musician, 

iv.  Sally,  b.  July  6,  1809.     m.  Isaac  Paddleford,  machinist,  d.  Manchester. 

V.  LoisA  Maria,  b.  Aug.  30,  1811,  d.  L.  June  25,  1814. 

8.  vi.  Joseph  A.,  b.  March  18,  1814. 

9.  vii.     CuRTi.s  Leander,  b.  Sept.  15,  1816. 

10.  viii.     Solon  Justin,  b.  Dec.  25,  1825. 

7.  Otis  Albee,  son  of  ZurieP,  b.  in  1780.  pub,  Sept.  4,  1809, 
Melinda,  dau.  of  Caleb  Huntoon,  b.  in  Unity,  Nov.  26,  1791,  d.  in  L. 
Ai)ril  2,  1843.  He  lived  in  L.  from  1806  to  1851.  Democrat.  Meth- 
odist,    d.  in  Madison,  Wis.,  Oct.  6,  1857. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     John  Putnam,  b.  Oct.  19,  1809.     m.  June  23,  18-36,  Arvilla  Jones, 
ii.     George  Clinton,  b    May  6,  1812,  d.  L.  Aug  25,  1814. 

iii.     ZuRiKL,  b  July  16,  1814.     m.  Smith.     He  d.  June  17,  1849. 

iv.     Otis  Alexander,  b.  June  6,  1817.     m.  Maria  Gleason.     Saddler.    Res. 

Oshkosli,  Wis. 
V.     Emerson,  Lieut.  5th  Co.,  32d  Regt.,  N.  H.  Militia,  May,  1844;  vacated 
May,  1846. 

vi.       ICHABOD. 

vii.     Alexander. 

8.  Joseph  A.  Albee,  son  of  Alexander^,  b.  in  L.  March  18,  1814. 
m.  Julv  13,  1842,  Mary  J.,  dau.  of  Otis  Ballon,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Sept.  i8l6,  d.  in  L.  July  20,  1864.  He  res.  in  L.  until  1883,  when  he 
removed  to  Monroe,  where  he  d.  July  14,  1887.  Selectman,  1863-4- 
5-74.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b,  in  L.,  — 

i.  Infant  Son,  b.  April  29,  1843,  d.  same  day. 

ii.  Otis  A.,  b.  Oct.  1844,  d.  L.  March  29,  1845. 

iii.  Helen  Jane,  b.  Jan.  12,  1846.     ni.  Curtis  Foster  (See)  . 

iv.  Don  A.,  b.  June,  1848,  d.  L.  April  4,  1866. 

V.  Puusia,  m.  Henry  Wilson,  Barnet,  Vt.     Merchant, 

vi.  Mary,  m.  Moulton  Brown,  Barnet,  Vt.     Poultry-dealer, 

vii.  Tina  C,  b.  Nov.  27,  1854,  d.  L.  April  6,  1877. 

viii.  Ira,  in.  Moore.     Res.  Peacham,  Vt.     Merchant. 

ix.  Kate,  m.  Charles  Parker,  Laconia,  farmer. 

9.  Curtis  Leander  Albee,  son  of  Alexander  ^  b.  in  L.  Sept.  15, 
1816.  m.,  Dec.  20,  1841,  Amanda,  dau.  of  Laban  Tifft  (See), 
1).  in  L.  May  25,  1822,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  22,  1868.  Episcopal,  m.  second, 
Fell.  16,  1871,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Leonard  P^lms,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Jan.  11, 
1830,  res.  in  L.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  and  d.  March  16,  1887. 
Selectman,  1879-80.  Rep.  1853-4.  Capt.  11th  Co.,  32d  Regt.,  N.  H. 
Militia,  ante  1848.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Amanda,  b.  in  L., — 

11.  i.     Frank  Curtis,  b.  Aug.  19,  1843. 

ii.  West  Williams,  b.  Dec.  31,  1847,  d.  L.  June  7,  1849. 

iii.  Edward  West,  b.  Aug.  19,  1850,  d.  L.  March  24,  1853. 

12.  iv.  Charles  Harvey,  b.  May  25,  1854. 

13.  V.  Ellery  Bell,  b.  Dec.  25,  1856. 

Albee.  9 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Caroline,  b.  in  L.,  — 

14.  vi.     Edward  West,  b.  Oct.  25,  1871. 

vii.     Christena.  Amanda,  b.  Oct.  2,  1874.     m.  Charles  E.  Smith  (See). 

10.  Solon  Justin  Albee,  son  of  Alexander  ®,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  25,  1825. 
m.  May  13,  1850,  Lois,  dau.  of  Danfortli  Chene}',  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Sept.  25,  1830.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Democrat.     Fai'mer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

15.  i.     Thomas  Justin,  b.  March  5,  1851. 

ii.     Ellen  Lois,  b.  Sept.  13.  1856.     m.  Ralph  B.  Astell  (See), 
iii.     Harriet  Amanda,  b.  Feb.  13,  1863.    m.  Jan.  6,  1881,  Fred  F.  Patridge, 
Haverhill,  farmer. 

11.  Frank  Curtis  Albee,  son  of  Curtis  L.^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  19,  1843. 
m.  Ma}'  24,  1864,  Amanda  Knight,  dau.  of  Horace  Buck,  Episcopal, 
b.  in  Hanover,  Dec.  12,  1844.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Mem- 
ber of  Town  School  Board,  1886  to  1892  inc.  Prest.  Littleton  Driving 
Park  Assn.  1895.  Trustee  L.  Public  Library'.  Farmer.  Democrat. 
J.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,— 

i.  Mart  Amanda,  b.  June  14,  1868,  d.  L.  Sept.  18,  1868. 

ii.  Infant,  b.  July,  1870,  d.  in  infancy, 

iii.  Grace  Maria,  b.  Dec.  29,  1875. 

iv.  Horace  Buck,  b.  Jan.  4,  1885. 

12.  Charles  Harvey  Albee,  son  of  Curtis  L.^  b.  in  L.  May  25, 
1854.  m.  Sept.  2,  1879,  Matilda  L.,  dau.  of  Daniel  Walther,  b.  inBos- 
ton,  April  3,  1855.     He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1871.     Steward. 


i.     Bessie  Mabel,  b.  Somerville,  Mass.,  Aug.  1,  1883. 

13.  Ellery  Bell  Albee,  son  of  Curtis  L.^,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  25,  1856. 
m.  Dec.  18,  1889,  Minnie,  dau.  of  Edward  Morse,  b.  in  Stoddard, 
Aug.  31,  1867.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1881.  Railroad  conductor. 
No  childi'en. 

14.  Edward  West  Albee,  son  of  Curtis  L.^,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  25,  1871. 
m.  Oct.  10,  1895,  Adeline  F.,  dau.  of  E.  H.  Delano,  b.  in  New  Bedford, 
Mass.,  in  1870.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.     Curtis  L.,  b.  L.  Nov.  27,  1897. 

15.  Thomas  Justin  Albee,  son  of  Solon  Justin  ^°,  b.  in  L.  March  5, 
1851.  m.  May  26,  1873,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Henry  C  Davison,  b.  in 
Waterford,  Vt.,  May  28,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1893. 

Ch.,  b.  inL.,— 

i.  Henry  D.,  b.  Jan.  22,  1874. 

ii.  Lois  F.,  b.  June  26,  1876. 

iii.  Della  M.,  b.  Dec.  29,  1879. 

iv.  ViDA  B.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1882. 

V.  Abbie  B.,  b.  Jan.  17,  1884. 

10  Aldrieh. 


1.  George  Ai.drich,  b.  in  Derbyshire,  Eng. ,  emigrated  to  America, 
Nov.  6,  1631,  and  res.  in  Dorchester,  Braintree,  and  Mendon,  Mass. 
m.  Sept.  3,  1629,  Katlierine  Seald.  They  had  eleven  children,  and  are 
supposed  to  be  the  progenitors  of  all  the  Aldriches  in  America.  George 
d.  in  Mendon,  March  1,  1682.  Katherine  d.  Jan.  11,  1691.  (Marcus 
M.  Aldrieh,  Mendon,  Mass.,  is  the  historian  of  the  famil}',  and  much 
of  the  data  here  presented  is  on  his  authorit}'.  He  will  be  pleased  to 
furnish  further  data  to  any  interested  in  the  Aldrieh  family.) 

2.  Jacob  Aldrich,  son  of  George  \  b.  in  Braintree,  Mass.,  Feb.  28, 
1652.  m.  Nov.  3,  1675,  Huldah  Thayer  of  Mendon.  They  had  twelve 
children.     He  d.  in  Mendon,  Mass.,  Oct.  22,  1695. 

3.  David  Aldrich,  son  of  Jacob  ■■^,  b.  in  Mendon,  Mass.,  May  23, 
1685.  m.  in  1710,  Hannah  Capron  of  Attleboro,  Mass.  They  had  ten 
children.     He  d.  March  15,  1771. 

4.  Edward  Aldrich,  son  of  David  ^,  b.  in  Mendon,  Mass.,  Sept.  7, 
1713.  m.  first,  July  17,  1732,  Dinah  Aldrich,  his  cousin,  m.  second, 
about  1761,  Ann  Chamberlain  (widow).  Nine  children  by  first  wife; 
five  by  second.     He  d.  March,  1800. 

5.  Abner  Aldrich,  son  of  Edward  ^  b.  in  Douglass,  Mass.,  April 
8,  1746.  m.  July  11,  1772,  Phebe  Inman.  They  had  eight  children; 
removed  to  Franconia  about  1780. 

6.  Jared  Aldrich,  son  of  Abner  ^,  b.  in  R.  1.  in  1775.  m.  first, 
Sophia  Young  of  Lisbon,  m.  second,  March,  1820,  Sophia,  dan.  of 
Silas  Wheeler  (See).  She  d.  Nov.  14,  1865.  He  had  seven  children 
by  first  wife  ;  one  by  second.     He  d.  in  Lisbon,  March  9,  1849. 

7.  Stephen  Aldrich,  son  of  Jared  ^  b.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  22.  1804. 
m.  Olive  Richardson  of  Lisbon.  The}'  had  eight  children.  He  d.  April 
20,  1870. 

8.  Horace  Aldrich,  son  of  Stephen  ^  b.  in  Lisbon,  Sept.  25,  1832, 
m.  April  5,  1855,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Smith  Wetherbee,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Dec. 
11,  1835.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.     Glover. 


i.     Willie  P^.zra,  b.  Lisbon,  Nov.  27,  1858.     m.  July  6,  1880,  Edna  Sher- 
man.    Farmer,     res.  Lyman, 
ii.     Arthur   Horace,  b.  Lyman,   July   1,  1861.     m.  Jan   7,  1891,  Hattie 

Hnrd.     Farmer,     res.  Lyman, 
iii.     Alice  Jane,  b.  Lyman,  Jan.  10,  1863.     m.  Marshall  D.  Cobleigh  (See). 

9.  Mason  Aldrich,  son  of  Jared  ",  b.  in  Lisbon  in  1806.  m.  March 
28,  1823,  Prudence,  dau.  of  David  Millen  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  5,  1807, 
d.  in  Lisbon,  Nov.  5,  1880.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1827  to  1872.  Farmer. 
Methodist,     d.  in  Lyman,  March,  1894. 


Ira  Frank,  b.  L.  1845.     Co.  F,  15th  Vt.  Inf.     Private,     d.  Alexandria, 

Va.,  Jan.  12,  1863. 
John  C,  b.  L.     Co.  K,  1st  N.  H.  Inf.,  three  months.     Co.  D,  8th  N.  H. 

Inf.     Private,     d.  Natchez,  Miss.,  Marcli  27,  1865. 

George,  b.  L.     m.  first, Jackman.     m.  second,  Mary  AUard. 

Luella,  b.  L.  1850,  d.  Aug.  5,  1851. 

Rosette  Young,  m.  Frank  Goodwin.     Divorced. 

Ellen,  m.  James  Smith  of  Lyman. 

Aldrich.  11 

10.  George  Aldrich,  son  of  Jared  ^  b.  in  Lisbon,  Aug.  29,  1820, 
m.  Sept.  24,  1844,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Joshua  Howard,  b.  in  Haverhill, 
July  24,  1844.  d.  in  L".  July  16,  1884.  He  res,  in  L.  from  1847  to 
1876.     P\arnier.     Democrat,     d.  in  L,  Oct.  29,  1876, 


i.     Betsey  Jeanne,  b.  Haverhill,  May  20,  1846.     d.  L.  Oct.  1848. 
ii.     SiNA  Howard,  b.  L.  Sept.  6,  1849.     m.  Alonzo  E.  Towne  (See). 
iii.     George  Watson,  b.  L.  April  3,  1853.    m.  April  1,  1877,  Ellen  P.  Little. 

He  d.  Easton,  Nov.  7,  1892. 
iv.     Theron  xVIason,  b.  L.  Feb.  9,  1855,  d.  L.  Jan.  28,  1878. 
V.     Susan,  b.  L.  Dec.  20,  1857,  d.  L.  Sept.  20,  1871. 
vi.     Ira  Franklin,  b.  L.  Oct.  29,  1864.     res.  Canaan. 

vii.     LiLLA  May,  b.  L.  Sept.  17,  1867.    m.  Dec.  20,  1892,  J.  Clarence  Under- 
wood, res.  St.  Johnsbur}',  Vt.,  farmer. 


11.  Silas  Aldrich,  b.  about  1743,  res.  in  Bradford,  Vt.  m.  Alice 
Collins,  who  d.  in  1823,  aged  73  yrs.  He  did  military  service  in  1759. 
d.  in  Bradford,  Vt.,  Nov.  28,  1811. 

12.  Ephraim  Collins  Aldrich,  son  of  Silas  ^\  probably  b.  in  Brad- 
ford, Vt.  m.  Sarah  Hilliard,  who  d.  several  yrs.  before  her  husband. 
He  d.  in  Pittsburg,  aged  71  yrs. 

13.  Ephraim  Collins  Aldrich,  son  of  Ephraim  Collins  ^^.  m.  Ada- 
line  B.  Haynes,  granddau.  of  Gen.  Mood}'  Bedel. 

14.  Edgar  Aldrich,  son  of  Ephraim  Collins  ^^,  b.  in  Pittsburg,  Feb. 
5,  1848.  m.  Oct.  7,  1872,  Louise  Matilda,  dau.  of  Samuel  K.  Remick 
(See),  b.  in  Hardwick,  Vt.,  Jan.  1,  1845,  Cong.  He  was  edu(;ated 
in  the  common  schools  of  Pittsburg,  Colebrook  Academy,  and  Ann 
Arl)(»r,  Midi.,  Law  School ;  commenced  the  study  of  law  in  1866,  with 
L-a  A.  Ramsay,  in  Colebrook  ;  admitted  to  the  bar  in  Colebrook,  Aug. 
term,  1868.  He  practised  law  in  Colebrook  from  Aug.,  1868,  to  Jan. 
1,  1881,  when  he  removed  to  L.,  and  formed  a  partnership  with  Hon. 
George  A.  Bingham  (See),  May  1,  1882.  Daniel  C.  Remich  (See) 
was  admitted  to  the  firm.  June  17,  1884,  Mr.  Bingham  retired  from 
the  firm  to  take  a  position  upon  the  Supreme  Bench.  The  firm  contin- 
ued under  the  style  of  Aldrich  &  Remich  until  Jan.  1,  1889,  when  Mr. 
Remich  retired,  and  Mr.  Aldrich  continued  practice  alone  until  Feb. 
20,  1891,  when  he  received  a  commission  as  Judge  of  the  U.  S.  District 
Court  for  N.  H.,  which  position  he  still  holds.  Among  his  literary  con- 
tributions are  a  lecture  on  the  Life  and  Services  of  Gen.  Lafayette 
in  America,  before  the  Grand  Army,  May  30,  1881  ;  an  address  be- 
fore the  Grafton  &  Coos  Bar  Association  in  1886  upon  the  question, 
"Shall  the  Law  and  Trial  Courts  be  separated?"  an  address  before 
the  court  at  the  Sept.  term,  1890,  upon  the  death  of  Judge  Frederick 
Chase  ;  a  eulogy  of  Gen.  Gilman  Marston  before  the  Grafton  &  Coos 
Bar  Association  in  1891  ;  an  address  before  the  same  in  1894  upon 
"  Our  Jury  System  ; "  an  address  before  the  Southern  Bar  Association 
in  1893  upon  the  "■  Delays  incident  to  the  Removal  of  Causes  from  the 
State  to  the  Federal  Courts,"  an  address  before  the  N.  H.  Historical 
Societ}'  in   1894  upon   "  Our  Northern  Boundary  ;  "  an  address  before 

12  Aldrich. 

the  N.  H.  Historical  Society  on  "•  Tlie  Affair  of  tlie  Cedars  and  the 
Services  of  Col.  Timotln-  Bedel  in  the  Revolution  ;  "  biographical  I'e- 
view  of  life  and  services  of  Chief  Justice  Alonzo  P.  Carpenter,  before 
the  Southern  Bar  Association,  1899.  He  twice  held  the  position  of 
Solicitor  of  Coos  Co.,  first,  by  appointment  of  Gov.  Straw  from  1872 
until  the  political  overturn  in  1874,  and  b}'  appointment  of  Gov. 
Cheney,  from  1876  to  1879.  He  was  elected  Rep.  of  L.  in  1885, 
and  was  Speaker  of  the  House;  Moderator,  1891;  Capt.  Co.  I,  3d 
Reg.  N.  H.  N.  G.  ;  Prest.  L.  Musical  Association,  1883;  Prest.  L. 
Driving  Park  Association,  1887;  J.  P.  State.  Republican.  Dart. 
Coll.  conferred  honorar}^  degree  of  M.  A.  in  1891.  (Granite  Monthly, 
XV.  p.  329  ;  Book  of  Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  7.) 

i.     Florence  May,  b.  Colebrook,  .July  1,  1874. 
ii.     Ephraim  Fred,  b.  Colebrook,  June  9,  1878.     Dart.  Coll.;  Boston  Univ. 

Law  School,  Class  of  1902. 


15.  Andrew  Aldrich,  b.  about  1734.  m.  Nov.  12,  1758,  Ruth 
Hopkins.  They  had  eight  children.  He  and  his  two  oldest  sons, 
Richard  and  Clark,  took  part  in  the  Rev.  War.  Andrew  is  supposed 
to  belong  to  the  R.  I.  branch  of  the  Aldrich  familj'.     d.  in  1802. 

16.  Andrew  H.  Aldrich,  son  of  Andrew ^^  b.  in  Lyme,  Conn.,  in 
1760.  m.  Annis  Sweetland.  He  was  one  of  the  first  emigrants  to  111., 
going  with  an  ox  team  most  of  the  wa\-.     He  d.  in  111.  about  1830. 

17.  Daniel  Aldrich,  son  of  Andrew  H.^^  b.  in  Lebanon,  Dec.  31, 
1798.  m.  Feb.  5,  1824,  Hannah,  dau.  of  James  Drake,  b.  in  New- 
bury, Vt.,  Sept.  20,  1803,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  15,  1894,  Methodist.  He 
came  to  L.  in  1829  and  res.  here  the  remainder  of  his  life.  Farmer. 
Democrat,     d.  in  L.  Dec.  19,  1874. 


i.  Matilda,  b.  Ryegate,  Vt.,  Dec.  27,  1824.  m.  March  14,1850,  Haven 
F.  Leavitt,  farmer.     He  d.  Milbury,  Mass.,  April  30,  1887. 

ii.  JusTiNA,  b.  Monroe,  Aug.  26,  1826.  m.  Dec.  22,  1842,  Amaziah  D  B. 
Chaniberliii,  farmer,  res.  Jersey,  111.     He  d.  April  4,  1878. 

ill.    Chester,  b.  Ryegate,  Vt.,  May  24,  1828,  d.  L.  July  23,  1842. 

iv.    Jennette  H.,  b.  L.  March  7,  1830,  d.  L.  Nov.  1,  1832. 

V.  Harriet  A.,  b.  L.  Dec.  21,  1831.  m.  March  6, 1852,  Charles  S.  Leavitt, 
farmer,     res.  Carroll. 

vi.  Maria  L.  M.,  b.  L.  Jan.  28,  1834.  m.  first,  Levi  L.  Tyrrell,  farmer, 
enl.  Sept.  15,  1862,  in  Co.  C,  15th  N.  H.  Inf.,  private,  d.  Aug.  16,  186.3, 
Buffalo,  N.  Y.  ni.  second,  .John  A.  Harriman  (See),  farmer  and 
county  clerk,  res.  Bellaire,  Mich. 

vii.    Juliette,  b.  L.  March  2.  1836.     m.  Moses  Hill  (See). 
viii.    Hannah  A.,  b.  L.  Oct.  1.3,  1838,  d.  July  18,  1842. 

18.  ix.    Daniel  William,  b.  L.  April  2,  1840. 

19.  X.    George  H.,  b.  L.  April  8,  1842. 

xi.    Infant  Son,  b.  L.  May  20,  1844,  d.  May  20,  1844. 

xii.  Charles  C,  b.  L.  Dec.  24,  1845.  m.  Sept.  20,  1874,  Ella  L.  Crabtree. 
res.  Asliburnham,  Mass.     Mechanic.     Co.  G,  11th  N.  H.  Regt. 

18.  Daniel  William  Aldrich,  son  of  Daniel",  b.  in  L.  April  2, 
1840.  m.  Jan.  8,  1866,  Pamelia  Ann,  dau.  of  Artemas  A.  Southworth, 
b,  in  Concord,  Vt.,   July   11,   1842.      He  res.  in  L.   from  birth  until 

AldricTi — Alexander.  13 

1867.     Then  res.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  July  26,   1900.      An 
original  three  months'  man  ;  Co.  G,  2d  Regt.  X.  H.  Inf. 

i.  Sydney  Tyrrell,  b.   St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt,  Dec.  12,  1866.     in.  Sept.  25, 
1895,  Annie  ]\Iay  Thorndike.    res.  Tliomaston,  Me.    Railroad  fireman. 

ii.  William  Darling,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Nov.  21,  1868,  d.  Jan.  18,  1870. 

iii.  Maria  E.  G.,  b.  Whitefield,  July  8,  1870,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Nov.  22,  1874. 

iv.  Amy,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Oct.  28,  1872,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  May  19,  1873. 

V.  Fay,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  May  19, 1874. 

vi.  Annie  Lawrence,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  May  19,  1876. 

vli.  Georgk  Henry,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Oct.  15, 1879. 

viii.  Clara  Hutchinson,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Marcli  27,  1882. 

19.  Georgk  H.  Aldrich,  son  of  Daniel",  b.  in  L.  April  8,  1842.  m. 
March  14,  1868,  Emma  M.  Eastman,  b.  in  Strafford,  Vt.,  April  14, 
1852,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  from  1876  until  he  d.  March 
11,  1889.     Photographer.     Democrat.     No  ch. 


20.  Benjamin  Aldrich,  b.  in  Bridgewater,  Mass.,  in  1694.  m. 
Aug.  24,  1721,  Mary  Shaw.  They  had  eight  children,  b.  in  Walpole, 
Mass.     He  d.  in  Westmoreland,  in  1763. 

21.  George  Aldrich,  son  of  Benjamin  ^°,  b.  in  Walpole,  Mass., 
March  13.  1738.  m.  Azuba  Howe  of  Westmoreland.  They  had  seven 
children.  He  was  a  man  of  distinction  in  military  and  civil  affairs,  and 
was  prominent  in  masonry.  He  was  known  as  Gen.  George,  d.  in 
Westmoreland,  July  17,  1815. 

22.  Levi  Aldrich,  son  of  Gen.  George  ^\  b.  probablv  in  AVestmore- 
land.  m.  first,  Sybil  Merrill,  b.  in  Westmoreland,  d.  in  1862  ;  m.  a  sec- 
ond time,  but  no  record.  Guy,  the  youngest,  was  the  child  of  second 
wife.  Levi  came  to  L.  as  early  as  1795,  and  remained  here  until  1800. 
Selectman,  1797.  Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  North  Star,  No.  8. 
He  d.  probably  in  Barnston,  P.  Q.,  in  1832. 


i.    George,  b.  Westmoreland,  Dec.  25, 1789.   ni.  Abigail  Clement,  b.  June 

6,  1789.     Hed.  April  10,  1866.     She  d.  April  10,  1856. 
ii.    Sybil. 
iii.    AzuBAH. 

iv.      CORINNE. 

v.    Guy,  b.  Barnston,  P.  Q.,  Aug.  30,  1813.     m.  Cliloe  Locke,  b.  Jan.  16, 
1816.     He  d.  1869. 


1.  Anson  Alexander,  b.  in  Mass.  in  1803.  m.  Lucy,  dau.  of  John 
and  Lucy  (Willard)  Crouch,  b.  in  Mass.  in  1799.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1847  to  1863.     Selectman,  1850.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Martha  P.,  b.  L.  May  9,  1838.  m.  Aug.  26,  1860,  Martin  A.  Burt, 
res.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  fanner.  (Dau.  of  Abijah  Bowman,  adopted  by 

14  Alexander  —  Allard  —  Allen. 


2.  Wesley  Alexander,  b.  in  Swanzey,  Jan.  29,  1823.  m.  Jul}'  4, 
1848,  Sarah  B.  Bray,  b.  May  5,  1820,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Jan.  18,  1890. 
Her  grandfather  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  and  took  part  in  the  battle  of 
Bunker  Hill.  Wesley  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1863.  Scythe  manufr. 
Selectuiaii,  1855.  Representative,  1858.  J.  P.  His  grandfather  was 
a  Rev.  soldier,  and  took  part  in  the  battle  of  Bunker  Hill.  d.  in  Pena- 
cook,  June  25,  1890. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Clara  A.,  b.  Oct.  9,  1849,  d.  July  16,  1865. 

ii.  Edward  W.,  b.Feb.  15,  1853,  d.  Julv  29,  1865. 

3.      iii.  Anson  Colby,  b.  Oct.  10,  1855. 

iv.  Fred  B.,  b.  July  25,  1860,  d.  Feb.  14,  1865. 

V.  Mabel,  b.  Jan.  1,  1862,  d.  Jan.  21,  1865. 

3.  Anson  Colby  Alexander,  son  of  Wesley  ^  b.  in  L.  Oct.  10,  1855. 
m.  June  22,  1882,  Fanny  Merton,  dau.  of  Wallace  Goodwin,  b.  in 
North  Attleboro,  Mass  ,  Fel).  10,  1860.  He  was  educated  in  New 
Hampton  Institution  and  Colbj-  Academy,  New  London,  and  studied 
medicine  in  the  Hannemann  Med.  Coll.,  Phila.,  School  of  Anatomy  and 
Surgery,  and  the  Penn.  Hospital,  receiving  his  diploma  from  that  insti- 
tution in  1881.  In  Sept.,  1881,  he  located  in  Penacook  as  a  homoeo- 
pathic physician,  where  he  still  res.  in  active  practice.  Founder  and 
director  of  the  Penacook  Cancer  Infirmary.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth 
to  1863.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  K.  T. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Penacook,  — 

1.    Marion  Goodwin,  b.  May  28,  1885. 
ii.    Harold  Wesley,  b.  Aug.  4,  1887. 


1.  Henry  Allard,  son   of  John,  b.  in  »St.  Francis,  P.  Q.,  Jan.   29, 
1827.     m.  Feb.  13,  1850,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Henry  Emmons,  b.  in  Can- 
ada, March  17,  1833,  Roman  Catholic.      He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880. 
Carpenter.     Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 

i.    Wilfred,  b.  Canada,  Sept.  10,  185-3.      m.  1874,  Mary  Jones,  res.  Rox- 

bury,  Mass.     Car-driver, 
ii.    Eugene,  b.  Canada,  Oct  8,  1858.     m.  May,   1887,  Pliebe  Coram,  res. 

Eoxbury,  Mass.     Car-driver, 
iii.    Emma,  b.    Canada,   May  29,  1860.     ni.  1876,  Derrick  Sancier,  res.  L., 

iv.    Joseph,  b.  Canada,  March  15,  1864.     res.  Franklin. 
V.    Lizzie,  b.  Montpelier,  Vt.,  April  30,  1869.     m.  Henry  Dickson  (See). 
vi.    Arthur,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  18,  1875. 


1.  Abijah  Allen,  son  of  Phineas,  b.  in  Hebron,  Conn.,  May  12, 
1776.  ra.  first,  about  1802,  Jemima,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Bidwell,  b.  in 
Lebanon,  d.  in  L.  April  10,  1815,  Cong.  m.  second,  May,  1816,  Katie 
Griggs,  b.  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  May  2Q,  1779,  d.  in  L.  May  18,  1867, 

Allen.  15 

Cong.     He  was  among  the  first  settlers  of  L.,  coming  in  1797,  and  res. 
here  the  remainder  of  his  life.     Methodist.     Whig,  and  afterward  Re- 
publican,    d.  April  li,  1864. 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Jemima,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.  i.     PHiNEAS.b.  Jan.  15, 1804. 

ii.     Sidney,  b.  March  26,  1806,  pub.  March  9, 1829,  Maria  Buell,  res.  Chelsea, 
Vt.     Tanner.     He  d.  March,  1890. 

3.  iii.     Nat,  b.  April  20,  1807. 

iv.     Philena,  b.  Nov.  16,  1809.     m.  Oilman  Farr  (See). 
V.     Julia  Ann,  b.  Jan.  1,  1811.     d.  unin.  L.  April  15,  1897. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Katie,  b.  in  L., — 

4.  vi.     Theron,  b.  May  8,  1817. 

5.  vii.     Abijah,  b.  May  4,  1818. 

viii.     Syrel,  b.  Aug."  8,  1820,  d.  L.  Jan.  14,  1824. 
ix.     Catherine,  b.  Sept.  20,  1821,  d.  L.  Jan.  13,  1824. 

2.  Fhineas  Allen,  son  of  Abijah^,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  15,  1804.  m.  Jan. 
13,  1830,  KSarah-*  dau.  of  Peter  Woodbury,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Cong. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1844.  Hotel-keeper  and  farmer.  Cong. 
App.  Capt.  5th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Aug.  13,  1833,  vacated 
April  25,  1834,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  July  23,  1853. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Kate.     m.  Joseph  Kelso,  res.  Dalton,  farmer, 
ii.     George,     m. Parker,  res.  Penn.     Farmer. 

3.  Nat  Allen,  son  of  Abijah  \  b.  in  L.  April  20,  1807.  m.  Aug. 
19,  1834,  Almyra  Lumer,  dau.  of  Cyrus  Allen,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Sept.  8, 
1817,  d.  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  Jan.  15,  1893.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth 
to  1844.  Harness-maker.  Was  prominent  in  anti-slavery  times,  and 
advocated  the  doctrine  of  non-resistance.  Republican,  d.  in  Lowell, 
Mass.,  Jan.  31,  1873  (Acts  of  Anti-slaverv  Apostles,  pp.  292-3-4). 

Ch.,  — 

i.     JoLiA  Ann,  b.  L.  Sept.  26,  18.35,  d.  Lowell,  Mass ,  July  25,  1860.     unin. 
ii.     LuciNDA  Merrill,  b.  L.  March  18, 1838,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Feb.  10,  1866. 

iii.     George  Sumner,  b.  L.  Feb.  8, 1840,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  1, 1864.   unm. 

Died  from  wound  received  in  battle  of  Bethesda  Church,  May  10, 1864. 
iv.     Edwin,  b.  L.  April  17,  1842.     m.  Annie  Wheeler,  divorced,  res.  Spencer, 

Mass.     Shoe  employee.     Served  in  tlie  army  from  1861  to  1866. 
V.     Eliza  Jane,  b.  New  Carlisle,  Ind.,  Aug.  21,  1846,  res.  Spencer,  Mass. 

vi.     Frank  Clinton,  b.  Troy,  Vt.,  March  19, 1852,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  July  16, 

1874.     unm. 
vii.     Adda  Maria,  b.  Troy,  Vt.,  Aug.  4, 1854,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  April  12, 1873. 

viii.     Clara,  b.  Shirley,  Mass.,  May  16,  1857,  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  July  14,  1859. 

4.  Theron  Allen,  son  of  Abijah  \  b.  in  L.  Mav  8,  1817.  m.  in 
1848,  Eliza  Cline,  dau.  of  John  MuUiken,  b.  in  Thetford,  Vt.,  Oct.  20, 
1828,  d.  in  L.  April  16,  1876.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 
Republican,     d.  March  9,  1887. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Catherine,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  Sept.  14,  1848.     m.  Feb.  28,  1874,  William 

Brodie,  res.  Andover,  Mass.,  clotliier. 
ii.     Emeline,  b.  N.  Y.  Citv,  Oct  3,  1850.     m.  Charles  Lovejoy  (See). 
6       iii.     George,  b.  Dec.  10,  1852. 

16  Atlen. 

5.  Abijah  Allen,  son  of  Abijah  ^,  b.  in  L.  May  4,  1818.  m.  Jul}'  1, 
1849,  Adeline  Clark,  dau.  of  James  Cox,  b.  in  Holderness,  Jan.  16, 
1823,  Cong.  She  d.  Sept.  28,  1897.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Farmer.  Republican.  Selectman,  1854.  Master  White  Mt.  Grange, 
1875  to  1882  inc.  Ensign  5th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  1853,  to 
repeal  of  the  Militia  Act.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

7.        i.     Charles  Rawson,  b.  July  23,  1851. 

ii.     Alice  Isabel,  b.  March  31,  1860.     m.  George  Leslie  Flanders  (See). 

6.  George  Allen,  sonof  Theron^  b.  in  L.  Dec.  10,  1852.  m.  Han- 
nah, dau.  of  Amos  C.  Noyes,  b.  in  Easton,  Oct.  8,  1855.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  William  Henry,  b.  Dec.  10,  1877. 

ii.  Bessie  MAT,b.  Sept.  20,  1879. 

iii.  Isabel,  b.  Aug.  17,  1881. 

iv.  Harvey,  b.  Oct.  13,  1883. 

V.  Harry,  b.  Oct.  13,  1883. 

vi.  Charles  Milliken,  b.  April  23,  1886. 

7.  Charles  Rawson  Allen,  son  of  Abijah^,  b-  in  L.  July  23,  1851. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1878,  Sophia  Amelia,  dau.  of  John  A.  Harriman  (See),  b.  in 
L.  April  16,  1855.  Sec.  White  Mt.  Grange,  1887.  Cong.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Republican.  Master  White  Mt.  Grange, 
1894  and  5  ;  Steward,  1887  to  1890  inc. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Christie  Bell,  b.  Nov.  20,  1879. 
ii.    Max  Harriman,  b.  Oct.  22,  1882. 


8.  Abner  Allen,  son  of  Penowell,  b.  in  Sutton,  March  29,  1815. 
m.  flrst,  Sept.  25,  1839,  Elizabeth  Maria,  dau.  of  Cvrus  Crouch,  b.  in 
Swansea,  April  16,  1818,  d.  in  L.  June  13,  1866, "Free  Baptist,  m. 
second,  Sept.  24,  1866,  Lucy  Ann,  dau.  of  Ezra  Willis,  b.  in  Concord, 
Vt.,  Dec.  25,  1829,  Free  Baptist.  She  d.  in  L.  Nov.  13,  1897.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1841  till  he  d.  June  24,  1897.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Free 

Ch.,  by  w.  Elizabeth,  — 

i.     LoRiNDA  C,  b.  Lempster,  June  29,  1840,  d.  L.  Feb.  26,  1842. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Lucy  Ann,  — 

ii.     Lewis  A.,  b.  L.  March  29,  1871,  d.  L.  Aug.  11,  1871. 


9.  Charles  B.  Allen,  son  of  Cyrus,  b.  in  Haverhill,  April  5,  1813. 
m.  March  14,  1845,  Lucinda,  dau.  of  John  H.  Merrill,  b.  in  Pembroke, 
Sept.  13,  1816,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Jan.  30,  1881,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1827  to  1844.  Jeweller.  Town  Treasurer,  1842-3.  Republican. 
Cong.     d.  in  Lancaster,  Jan.  10,  1892. 

Allen  —  Allison.  17 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lancaster, 

i.     Charles  Henry,  b.  Jan.  10,  1847.     m.  Oct.  1,  1871,  Martha  M.Jewell, 

res.  Lancaster.     Harness-maker, 
ii.     Frank,  b.  Sept.  25,  1851. 
iii.     George,  b.  April  25,  1856.     unm.,  res.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


10.  Melven  James  Allen,  son  of  Dr.  James,  Jr.,  b.  in  Cincinnatns, 
N.  Y.,  Ma}-  7,  1852.  m.  Ella  D.  Hanckes.  He  grad.  from  Amherst 
Coll.,  Class  of  1879,  and  commenced  the  study  of  theology  in  1879. 
He  grad.  from  Andover  Theological  Seminary  in  1882,  and  was  ordained 
a  Cong,  minister  in  Ashb}',  Mass.,  Nov.  8,  1882.  He  has  been  located 
as  a  Cong,  minister  as  follows:  Ashbv,  Mass.,  1882  to  1888;  Holden, 
Mass.,  1888  to  1890;  L.,  July  1,  1891,  to  July  25,  1894;  York,  Me., 
since  1894.  His  literary  work  comprises  articles  published  in  the 
Andover,  Mass.,  papers,  and  as  editor  of  "  The  Open  Door,"  Holden, 
Mass.,  a  weekly  paper  devoted  to  the  interests  of  Cong,  churches  in 
that  vicinity,  1889-90.  Prest.  of  Village  Improvement  Society,  Hud- 
sou,  Mass.,  1889-90.  Member  Board  of  Elducation,  Union  District, 
L.,  1892-3-4.     No  children. 


1.  Austin  Allen,  son  of  Frank,  b.  in  Monroe,  May  12,  1863.  m. 
Jan.  12,  1885,  Saraphine,  dau.  of  Alfred  Hamel,  b.  in  Berlin,  Sept.  6, 
1869,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.  Glove-maker. 
Republican.     Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Mary  Emma,  b.  Feb.  15,  1886. 

ii.  Ada  Alice,  b.  Oct.  26,  1888,  d.  L.  April  7,  1889. 

iii.  Frank,  b.  Oct.  4,  1889,  d.  Betlileiieni,  Sept.  5,  1890. 

iv.  Mary,  b.  Feb.  22,  1896,  d.  L.  Nov.  5,  1896. 

V.  Alphonso,  b.  Aug.  29,  1898. 


1.  Mark  Allison,  son  of  George,  b.  in  St.  Sylvester,  P.  Q.     m.  Jan. 

24,  1865,  Ann,  dau.  of  William  Hicks,  b.  in  St.  Sylvester,  P.  Q.,  April 

25,  1848,  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879,  Episcopal.     He  d.  in  Canada,  June, 
1873.     Farmer.     Episcopal. 

Ch.,  b.  in  St.  Sylvester,  P.  Q., — 

i.     William  Albert,  b.  Jan.  7,  1867.     unm.,  res.  L. 
2.      ii.     George  Herbert,  b.  April  19,  1868. 

iii.     Mary  Ann,  b.   May  20,  1870.     m.  Aug.  1891,  Fred  Odell,  res.  Slier- 

brooke,  P.  Q.,  mercliant. 
iv.     Edna  Adelaide,  b.  May  13,  1872,  res.  L. 

2.  George  Herbert  Allison,  son  of  Mark  \  b.  in  St.  Sylvester,  P.  Q., 
April  19,  1868.  m.  Sept.  15,  1892,  Josephine,  dau.  of  John  Callahan, 
b.  in  Bethlehem,  March  20,  1864,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1881.     Glove-maker.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     John  Robert,  b.  April  29, 1896. 

VOL.  II.  —  2 

18  Andretvs  —  Andrus  —  Angler. 


1.  IIerbekt  Marston  Andrews,  son  of  Randall,  b.  in  Enfield,  Sept. 
9,  1851.  m.  Nov.  16,  1887,  Sara  C.  8.  Hutchinson  of  Fhila.,  who  had 
been  a  missionary  of  the  Presbyterian  Board  in  India.  He  grad.  from 
Kimball  Union  Academy  in  1871,  and  Dart.  Coll.  in  1876,  commenced 
the  study  of  theology  in  the  fall  of  1876,  and  attended  Union  Theolog- 
ical Seminary  in  N.  Y.  City,  where  he  grad.  in  1879.  He  was  ordained 
as  deacon.  May,  1880;  as  Episcopal  priest,  June  12,  1881,  in  N.  Y. 
City.  He  worked  as  City  Missionary  three  years  during  Seminary 
course  in  Olivet  Chapel ;  fall  of  1879,  missionary  of  Church  of  Holy 
Trinit}^  N.  Y.  City  ;  June,  1880,  Assistant  Rector  of  St.  Ambrose 
Church,  N.  Y.  City;  June,  1881,  Rector  in  charge  of  All  Saints' 
Church  in  L.  ;  fall  of  1882,  minister  in  charge  of  Cong.  Church,  Beth- 
lehem ;  Jan.  1884,  minister  in  charge  of  Cong.  Church,  Franklin  ;  Sept. 
1885,  minister  in  charge  of  Cong.  Church  in  Enfield,  and  Union 
Church,  Enfield  Centre,  to  Jan.  1,  1887.  In  1889  he  and  his  wife 
went  to  Lodiana,  India,  as  missionaries. 


2.  Irving  Burton  Andrews,  son  of  Benjamin  F,  Andrews,  b.  in 
Orange,  Nov.  29,  1858.  m.  April,  1880,  C.  Ella  Knowlton,  b.  Dan- 
bury,  Nov.  21,  1859,  dau.  of  James  and  Clarissa  (Ford)  Knowlton  ; 
she'd.  Nov.  23,  1883;  he  m.  second,  1891,  Lilla  Davis,  b.  1868,  dau. 
of  Geo.  W.  Davis  of  Canaan.  He  removed  to  L.  1898.  Republican. 

Ch,  by  w.  Ella,  — 

i.     Lylb  S.,  b.  Danbury,  Feb.  27,  1881. 
Ch.,  by  w.  Lilla,  b.  in  Lisbon, — 

ii.  Neal  D.,  b.  May  15,  1892. 

iii.  Laurence,  b.  Nov.  23,  1893. 

iv.  George  I.,  b.  Dec.  20,  1895. 

V.  Abbey,  b.  Nov.  26,  1897. 


1.  William  F.  Andrus,  son  of  H.  S.,  b.  in  Craftsbury,  Vt.,  May  11, 
1857.  m.  Jan.  1,  1884,  Alice  Mav,  dau.  of  Porter  Baldwin  Watson 
(See),  b.  in  Salisbury,  Feb.  17,  1858.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1882  to  1891. 
Started  ''Littleton  Courier"  Dec.  4,  1889;  sold  to  Courier  Pub.  Co., 
May  18,  1891.  Is  now  publisher  and  propi-ietor  of  "  Gorham  Moun- 
taineer."    No  children. 

2.  Charles  W.  Andrus,  son  of  H.  S.,  b.  in  Craftsbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  21, 
1861.  m.  Sept.  1,  1888,  Cora  E.,  dau.  of  Herbert  J.  Buck,  b.  in  Al- 
burgh,  Vt,  Dec.  30,  1869.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885.  Hotel  clerk. 
Democrat.     No  children. 


1.  John  Angier,  b.  in  Wethersfield,  Vt.,  in  1785.  m  Mary  Mann, 
b.  in  Wethersfield,  Vt.,  d.  in  Haverhill.  He  was  a  physician,  res.  in 
Haverhill  and  Chester,  where  he  d.  in  1836.     Eight  ch. 

Annis.  19 

2.  James  Harvey  Angier,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Wethers fiekl,  Vt., 
Sept.  18,  1815.  ra.  first,  May  17,  1843,  Cynthia  Page  Heath,  b.  in 
1822,  d.  April  9,  1869.  m.  second,  Nov.  2,  i870,  Mina  Corning.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1848  to  1853.  Hotel-keeper.  Democrat.  Deputy 
sheriff,  1849  to  1852  inc.  Fire  ward,  1849.  Moderator,  1851-2. 
I.  O.  O.  F.,  First  N.  G.  of  Ammonoosuc  Lodge.  Postmaster  at  Mentor, 
Ohio,  under  Prest.  Garfield. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Cynthia,  — 

i.     John  Cutler,  b.  April  12,  1844.     ni.  June  17,  18G8,  Lucy  Jane  Briggs. 

Ch.,  George  Cutler,  b.  Nov.  8,  1869. 
ii.     Ellen  J.\ne,  b.  Aug.  7,  1846,  d.  April  24,  1860. 
iii.     Mary  Deisor.\h,  b.   March  19,   1850.     m.  April   10,  1872,  Wilson  D. 

iv.     Sarah  Cynthia,  b.  April  29,  1852.     m.  Sept.  27,  1877,  Edward  James 

V.     Florence  Blanche,  b.  Sept.  4,  1855.     m.  March  4,  1875,  Fred  Webb, 
vi.     Frank,  b.  Oct.  21,  18G0. 


1.  Asa  Annis,  b.  in  Hopkinton,  Feb.  1786.  ra.  Jan.  10,  1811, 
Philena,  dan.  of  Nathaniel  Bidwell,  b.  in  Lebanon,  Nov.  1791,  d.  in  L. 
May  4,  1857.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1820  to  1858.  Farmer,  d.  in.  L. 
March  24,  1858. 


2.        i.  Amasa  S.,  b   Bath. 

ii.  Amos,  b.  Bath,  April  5,  1815.     unm.,  d.  L.  March  26,  1884. 

iii.  Orange  E.,  b.  Bath. 

iv.  Mary  Jane,  b.  1819,  d.  L.  Feb.  12,  1852. 

V.       POLLYETTE,  b.  L. 

vi.     Louisa,  b  L.  1821.     m.  William  R.  Wells  (See). 

2.  Amasa  S.  Annis,  son  of  Asa  \  b.  in  Bath.  m.  first,  Dec.  20, 
1837,  Mary  P.  Goddard,  b.  1810,  Methodist,  d.  in  L.  June  21,  1855. 
m.  second,  Nov.  29,  1855,  Mercy  W.  Cannon.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1834 
to  1863.     Farmer,     d.  in  Manchester  about  1883. 

3.  Orange  E.  Annis,  son  of  Asa  \  b.  in  Bath,  May  23,  1812.  m. 
first,  Dec.  14,  1837,  Lucinda,  dau.  of  Jesse  Wells,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt., 
in  1819,  d.  March  11,  1840.  m.  second,  Nov.  22,  1840,  Sarah  Ann 
Clifford,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  d.  Feb.  1879.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1834 
to  1879.     Farmer,     d.  in  L.  Aug.  21,  1879. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Philena  C,  b.  Sept.  14,  1838.  m.  first,  Jan.  1,  1856,  Ohed  S.  Hatch, 
Co.  A,  1st  Vt.  H.  Art.,  private,  killed  at  -Middletown,  Va.,  Oct.  10, 
1864.     m.  second,  Warren  Phillips,  res.  Nashua.     Clerk. 

ii.     Rosette   W.,  b.  Aug.  12,  1842.     m.  Horace  J.  Kenney  (See). 


4.  Arthur  Annis,  son  of  John.  b.  in  Durham,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  28,  1862. 
ra.  Feb.  28,  1890,  Etta,  dau.  of  Frank  Carey,  b.  in  Plymouth,  March 
8,  1870,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893.  Mill  hand.  Cong. 


i.     Matthkw,  b.  Lisbon,  March  27,  1800. 
ii.     Arthur  G.,  b.  L.  March  20,  1893. 

20  Appleht 


1.  Nathan  Applebee  came  to  L.  in  1792,  and  res.  here  until  he  d., 

about  1812.     He  ra.  Catherine .     She  m.  second,  Ephraim  Mcln- 

tire,  father  of  Reuben  (See). 


i.  Elizabeth,  b.  Franconia,  Feb.  14,  1784. 

ii.  John,  b.  Franconia,  Jan.  20,  1786. 

iii.  Ann,  b.  Franconia,  Feb.  26, 1788.     m.  Dec.  30,  1813,  Joel  Wilder,  son  of 

Joel  and  Lydia  (Morse)  Wilder, 

iv.  Benjamin,  b.  Lisbon,  June  23,  1790. 

2.  V.  Nathan,  b.  L.  June  29,  1792. 
vi.  Warren,  b.  L.  Sept.  23,  1794. 

vii.  Rhoda,  b.  L.  June  11,  1797. 

viii.  HosEA,  b.  L.  Aug.  10,  1800,  d.  L.  Aug.  22,  1800. 

ix.  Jehiel,  b.  L.  May  29,  1802.     m.  Dec,  14,  1826,  Abigail  Russell. 

X.  Dolly  Skeel,  b.  L.  Aug.  21,  1804. 

2.  Nathan  Applebee,  son  of  Nathan  ^,  b.  in  L.  June  29,  1792.  m. 
first,  about  1810,  Emeline  Berais.  in.  second.  May  25,  1829,  Ruby, 
dau.  of  Stephen  Farnum,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Aug.  6,  1797,  Methodist,  d. 
in  L.  Nov.  22,  1887.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Methodist.  Farmer. 
Democrat,     d.  in  L.  Sept.  11,  1868. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Emeline,  b.  in  L., — 

3.  i.     Nathan,  b.  Nov.  29, 1812. 
ii.     WiLLARD,  b.  Nov.  25,  1814. 
iii.     William,  b.  Nov.  25,  1814. 

iv.    Alvira,  k  March  6,  1817.     m.  Danforth   Whiting,  last  res.  Lyman, 
teamster.     He  d.  July  5,  1853.     She  d.  March  2,  1853. 

V.     Amos,  b.  March  5,  1820.    pub.  May  2,  1841,  Emeline  Clifford.     He  d. 
L.  Dec.  28,  1846.     Laborer. 

ri.     Eliza,  b.  April  9,  1822.     m.  Jan.  21,  1841,  Samuel  Johnson,  res.  White- 

vii.     Catherine,  b.  Feb.  28,  1824,  d.  Manchester,  1894. 

viii.     Ltdia,  b.  May  18,  1826.     m.  Oct.  29,  1851,  John  R.  Priest,  res.  White- 

Ch.,  by  w.  Ruby,  b.  in  L.,  — 

ix.  Amaritta,  b.  March  29,  1831.     unm.,  d.  L.  July  21,  1848. 

X.  LoRiNDA,  b.  Oct.  14,  1832.     m.  Peter  E.  Willard  (See). 

xi.  Emeline,  b.  Nov.  1,  1835.     m.  George  Abbott  (See). 

xii.  Annette,  b.  July  28,  1840.     m.  Aaron  D.  Fisher  (See). 

4.  xiii.     Warren,  b.  March  17,  1842. 

3.  Nathan  Applebee,  son  of  Nathan  ^  b.  in  L.  Nov.  29,  1812.  m. 
Feb.  23,  1837,  Marilla,  dau.  of  Titus  Farr  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  21, 
1814,  d.  in  Plymouth,  Aug.  21,  1887.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Lum- 
ber manufr.     Methodist.     Democrat,     d.  in  L.  Nov.  18,  1880. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Mary,  b.  1838.     m.  Warren  E.  Johnson,  res.  HoUiston,  Mass.,  nursery 
5.  ii.     Charles  H.,  b.  Sept.  27, 1840. 

iii.     Ellen,  b.  1845.     m.  first,  Dec.  31,  1865,  James  Cumraings  (See),     m. 

second,  John  E.  Dustin.     She  d.  Methuen,  Mass.,  April,  1893. 
iv.     Delia,  b.  1847.     m.  S.  F.  Simpson  (See). 

V.     Kate,  b.  1853.     m.  July  28,  1875,  Osmon  B.  Copeland,  res.  Chelsea,  Vt., 
bank  cashier. 

Applehee  —  Armstrong.  21 

4.  Warren  Applebee,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  L.  March  17,  1842. 
m.  first,  in  1861,  jMarcia  C.  Russell,  m.  second,  in  1871,  Georgia  G. 
Bachelder.  He  was  educated  in  L.  common  schools,  St.  Johnsbur}-, 
Vt.,  Acadera}',  and  Newbur}',  Vt,  Seminary,  and  commenced  the 
stud}'  of  theology  in  1861.  He  grad.  from  Boston  University  in  1878, 
and  was  ordained  a  Methodist  Dea.  in  Keene,  in  1866,  b}*  Bishop 
Simpson  ;  Ellder  in  1868,  by  Bishop  Ames.  He  has  been  located  as  fol- 
lows :  1864,  Stark  and  Milan;  1865-6,  Jefferson;  1867-8,  Groveton 
and  Stratford  ;  1869-70,  Loudon  ;  1871-2,  Grafton  ;  1873-4,  Alexan- 
dria;  1875-6-7,  Boston  Universit}';  1878,  Vassalboro,  Me. ;  1879-80, 
South  Thomaston,  Me. ;  1881-2-3,  Chatham,  Mass.  ;  1884,  Province- 
town,  Mass.  ;  1885,  Southwest  Harbor,  Me.  In  1886  he  was  located 
in  Maine  at  his  own  request,  where  he  remained  until  1894,  when  he 
was  readmitted  by  the  Vt.  Conference  at  its  annual  meeting  in  Brad- 
ford, Vt.,  and  transferred  to  the  Northwest  Kas.  Conference.  In  1895 
he  was  located  at  La  Crosse,  Kas. ;  in  1896  he  was  on  the  supernu- 
merar}-  list  in  Kas.  and  is  now  pastor  at  Coatesville,  Ind.  His  onl}'  pub- 
lished work  is  a  funeral  address  of  A.  B.  Hoyt,  M.D.,  of  Gloucester, 
Mass.  He  was  J.  P.  in  N.  H.  in  1872  ;  in  Mass.  in  1875.  Supt.  of 
Schools  in  Me.  and  N.  H.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  No  children  by  birth  ; 
three  adopted,  —  two  girls  and  a  boy. 

5.  Charles  Henrt  Applebee,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  27, 
1840.  m.  first,  Aug.  22,  1862,  Hattie  L.,  dau.  of  Daniel  Randall,  b.  in 
Lyndon,  Vt.,  Feb.  9,  1842,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  5,  1873,  Methodist,  m.  sec- 
ond, June  13,  1874,  Mary,  dau.  of  William  Osgood,  b.  in  Lebanon,  Aug. 
5,  1844,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  except  five  years. 
Blacksmith.  Methodist.  Republican.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  Em.  Com  ,  1887-8.  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Regt. 
Private.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Hattie,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

i.     Minnie,  b.  July  9,  1866,  d.  L.  March  .30,  1880. 
ii.     Fred  Henry,  b.  Dec.  27,  1869,  d.  L.  Feb.  16,  1878. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,  b.  in  L.,  — 

iii.     Grace  Osgood,  b.  Sept.  10,  1875.     res.  L. 


1.  George  Raymond  Armstrong,  son  of  Reuben,  b.  in  Fletcher, 
Vt.,  Nov.  22,  1851.  m.  Jan.  5,  1881,  Carrie  Judson,  dau.  of  Judson 
Greenleaf  Clark,  b.  in  Newbur^'port,  Mass.,  Aug.  13,  1860,  d.  in  L. 
Oct.  14,  1895.  He  m.  second,  Ma\'  14,  1898,  Emma  Euphemia  Dow, 
widow  of  Arthur  F.  Dow.  He  res.  in  L.  since  Sept.,  1893.  Travelling 
agent,  Westei'n  Knitting  Mills,  Rochester,  Mich.     Republican. 


i.  Alda  Lillian,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  April  6,  188*2. 

ii.  Helen  Marie,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  July  12,  1883. 

iii.  Carrie  Clark,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  Nov.  30,  1884. 

iv.  Alice  Norma,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  May  24,  188G. 

V.  Marjorie  Parker,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  Aug.  12,  1892. 

vi.  George  Raymond,  b.  L.  March  23,  1894. 

22  Arnold. 


1.  Thomas  Arnold,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  Cheselbourne,  Dorset 
County,  Eng.,  1599.  Came  to  New  England,  1635.  Settled  at  Water- 
town,  Mass.  Freeman,  1640.  He  was  fined  for  neglecting  to  baptize 
his  children  and  involved  in  later  contention  with  the  church.  About 
1655  he  removed  to  Providence,  R.  1.  He  was  m.  in  England,  and 
three  children  came  witli  him  to  America.  He  m.  second,  Phebe  Park- 
hurst,  dau.  of  George  and  Susanna  Parkhurst  of  Watertown,  Mass., 
by  whom  he  had  six  children.  He  d.  1674;  she  d.  1688.  He  was 
deputy,  1666-7-70-1-2. 

2.  Richard  Arnold,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  in  Watertown,  Mass., 
March  22,  1642.  Lived  in  Providence,  R.  I.  He  was  deputy  thirteen 
years,  Assistant  nine  years,  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Deputies,  Com- 
missioner to  establish  the  northern  boundary  of  the  colony,  and  member 
of  important  committees  and  commissions.      He  m.  Mary  Angell,  who 

d.   before  1695.      He   m.   second,    Sarah ,  who  d.    1712.     He  d. 

April  22,  1710. 

3.  Richard  Arnold,  son  of  Richard',  b.  about  1688.  ra.  Mary 
\Voodward,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Mary  (Pray)  Woodward,  who  d.  1745. 
He  m.  second,  Dinah  Thornton,  dau.  of  John  and  Dinah  (Steere) 
Thornton.     He  lived  in  Providence  and  Smithfleld,  R.  I.      He  d.  1745. 

4.  JosiAH  Arnold,  son  of  Richard  ^  and  Dinah  (Thornton)  Arnold, 
b.  about  1716.  Lived  at  Smithfleld,  Gloucester,  and  Providence,  R.  I. 
He  m.  at  Smithfleld,  July  20,  1738,  Amy  Phillips.  Four  children.  No 
record  of  death.  She  was  appointed  administratrix  of  his  estate  April 
22,  1748. 

5.  Jonathan  Arnold,  son  of  Josiah*,  b.  Gloucester,  R.  L,  Dec.  3, 
1741,  was  a  physician  living  in  Providence,  R.  L,  and  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.  During  the  Revolution  he  rendered  distinguished  service  as  sur- 
geon, director  of  hospitals,  and  purveyor-general  of  R.  I.  He  was  a 
deputy  to  the  General  Assembly  and  later  an  assistant  or  senator  and 
a  delegate  to  the  Continental  Congress,  1783.  By  grant  and  by  pur- 
chase he  became  the  principal  proprietor  of  St.  Johnsbury,  Sutton,  and 
Lyndon,  Vt.,  and  had  interests  in  several  other  Vermont  grants.  In 
1787  he  removed  to  Vermont  and  soon  after  established  a  home  in  St. 
Johnsbury,  where  he  d.  Feb.  1,  1793.  He  m.  June  19,  1763,  Polly 
Burr;  she  d.  soon  after  the  birth  of  her  seventh  child,  1780.  He  m. 
second,  Alice  Crawford,  the  mother  of  three  children.  After  his  re- 
moval to  St.  Johnsbury,  he  m.  third,  1790,  Cynthia  Hastings,  b.  Nov. 
26,  1763,  dau.  of  Lemuel  Hastings  of  Charlestown.  She  m.  second, 
Samuel  Ladd  of  Haverhill,  who  d.  Sept.  22,  1815.     She  d.  Jan.  6,  1838. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Polly,  — 

i.     Amy,  b.  March  3,  1764,  d.  Oct.  13,  1765. 

ii.     Amaziah,  b.  Feb.  5,  1766,  d.  Nov.  8, 1767. 

iii.     JosiAH  Lyndon,  b.  April  22,1768.      Dart.  Coll.,  1788.      Tutor  Brown 

University.     After  tiie  death  of  his  father  he  removed,  1793,  to  St. 

Johnsbury,  Vt.      He  was  a  gentleman  of  scholarly  attainments.      He 

m.  in  Plainfield,  Conn.,  Feb.  8,  17U5,  Susannah  Perkins.     He  d.  July 

7,  1796.     She  m.  second,  Hon.  Charles  Marsh. 

Arnold  —  Ash  —  Ashland  —  Astell.  23 

iv.     Polly  Burr,  b.  April  23,  1770,  d.  Oct.  5, 1772. 
V.     William  C,  b.  March  24,  1773.     m.  Nov.  15,  1796,  Lucy  Gardner, 
vi.     Sally,  b.  Nov.  22,  1777.     m.  Oct.  8,  1797,  Hon.  James  Burrill,  of  Provi- 
dence, R.  I. 
vii.     Abigail  B.,  b.  Marcii  12,  1780.     m.  Joseph  Emerson  Dow,  the  first 
lawyer  of  L.  (See). 

Cli.,  by  w.  Alice,  — 

viii.     Freelove  Crawford,  b. ,  d.  young. 

ix.    John  Crawford,  b. ,  d.  young. 

X.  Freelove  Crawford,  b.  Nov.  27,  1786.  m.  Amaziah  D.  Barber,  m. 
second,  Noah  Davis,  then  of  Haverliill  and  later  of  Albion,  N.  Y. 
Their  son  Noah,  b.  in  Haverhill,  1818,  member  of  Congress  and  dis- 
tinguished for  eminent  service  as  a  Judge,  N.  Y.  courts. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  C3-ntl)ia,  — 

xi.  Lemuel  Hastings,  b.  Jan.  29, 1792.  Dart.  Coll.,  1811.  He  studied  law 
with  James  Burrill,  his  brother-in-law,  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar  of 
Rhode  Island,  1814.  He  left  his  profession  and  engaged  in  business. 
He  was  Governor  of  Rhode  Island,  1831-3,  and  member  of  Congress, 
1845-7.  He  m.  June  23,  1819,  Sally,  dau.  of  Major  Daniel  Lyman. 
She  d.  1837.  He  ra.  second,  1847,  Catherine  Shannard.  He  d. 
June  27, 1852. 


1.  Myron  D.  Ash,  son  of  David,  b.  in  Sutton,  Vt.,  Jan.  15,  1866. 
m.  Florence,  dau.  of  Albert  M.  Fuller,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  18,  1870.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  1890.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,— 

i.  Sarah  Lue.  b.  March  2.3,  1890. 

ii.  Albert  L.,  b.  March  2-5,  1891,  d.  L.  July  2.3,  1893. 

iii.  Ray,  b.  Feb.  9,  1892,  d.  L.  Feb.  13,  1892. 

iv.  Grace  May,  b.  March  16,  1896,  d.  Aug.  12,  1896. 

v.  b.  June  1,  1898. 


1.  Lewis  Ashland,  b.  in  Canada  about  1843.  ni.  Oct.  13,  1874, 
Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  Thompson,  b.  in  Canada,  April  29,  1853,  Roman 
Catholic.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.     Laborer.     Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Mary  Ellen,  b.  July  6,  1875. 

ii.     Sarah  Annie,  b.  June  30,  1880,  d.  L.  Oct.  13,  1887. 


1.  Samuel  Dorwell  Astell,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Shipton,  P.  Q., 
April  21,  1835.  m.  July  18,  1857,  Harriet,  dau.  of  Anthony  James 
Phelps,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Dec.  22,  1842.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1869.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Helen  A.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  March  5,  1860.     m.  Nov.  27, 1879,  Arthur 
N.  Hatch,  res.  Bethlehem,  farmer. 
2.  ii.     Ralph  Bugbee,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Jan.  21,  1862. 

iii.     Samuel  J.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  Oct.  12,  1864.     res.  Mclndoes,  Vt.    Miller. 

24  AsteJl  —  Ativond. 

iv.     Kate  A,  b.  Watorford,  Vt.,  May  21,  1867.     m.  Dec.  21,  1886,  Harry 

Brown,  res.  Monroe,  farmer. 
V.     Will  A.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  Oct.  14, 1868.    res.  Orange,  Mass.    Machinist, 
vi.     Fred  D.,  b.  L.  May  20,  1871.     res.  L.      Brakeman. 
vii.     Frank  M.,  b.  L.  Feb.  14,  1873.     res.  L.     Farmer. 

viii.     Hattie  M.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt,  Feb.  1,  1877.     m.  Charles  E.  Carpenter 

2.  Ralph  Bugbee  Astell,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  "VVaterford,  Vt.,  Jan. 
21,  1862.  m.  Dec.  22,  1884,  Ellen  Lois,  dau.  of  Solon  J.  Albee^  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Sept.  13,  1856.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

1.    Francis  Lois,  b.  L.  Oct.  1.3,  1891. 
ii.     Roy  Ralph,  b.  L.  Oct.  10,  1896. 


1.  John  Atwood,  m.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Oct.  28,  1715,  Hannah 
Bond,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Nov.  9,  1696,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Sarah  (Wil- 
liams) Bond.  They  lived  in  Bradford,  Mass.  He  was  a  shipwright  and 
trader.     Seven  children. 

2.  William  Atwood,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Bradford,  Feb.  16,  1717/8. 
m.  Dec.  24,   1739,  Abigail  Eunnells  ;  she  was  deceased,   1743  ;  he  m. 

second,  Sarah  .     He  lived  in   Bradford   until  about  1750,   when 

he  removed  to    southern    New  Hampshire,    probably   to  Nottingham 
West,  now  Hudson. 

3.  David  Atwood,  son  of  William^,  b.  in  Chester  in  1747.  res.  in 
Landaff,  where  he  d.  in  1809.  He  was  one  of  four  bros., — David, 
Abijah,  Jacob,  John.     He  m.  Ruth  Knight,  b.  in  1754,  d.  in  1835. 

4.  Joseph  Atwood,  son  of  David  ^,  b.  in  Landaff  (?),  Oct.  13,  1780, 
d.  in  Landaff,  Oct.  17,  1863.  He  bore  the  title  of  Capt.  He  was  three 
times  m.,  —  Sally  (?)  Kimball,  Prudence  Chandler,  Sally  Page  Simonds. 
Prudence  was  the  mother  of  Benjamin,  John  C,  and  Mehitable,  w.  of 
Charies  E.  Clark  of  Landaff. 

5.  Benjamin  Atwood,  son  of  Capt.  Joseph  ^,  b.  in  Landaff,  July, 
1814.  m.  Oct.,  1835,  Hannah  Eaton,  dau,  of  Benjamin  Page,  b.  in 
Landaff,  Nov.  30,  1809.  Her  ancestors  lived  in  Atkinson  and  neigh- 
boring towns,  d.  in  Sugar  Hill  (Lisbon),  Aug.  23,  1894.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1855  to  1887.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1866-7-8-9.  J.  P.  d.  in 
Sugar  Hill  (Lisbon),  Dec.  22,  1891. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Burke,  Vt.,— 

i.     Amelia  Frances,  b.  May,  18-39,  d.  Burke,  Vt.,  Aug.  1840. 
ii.     Lydia   Page,   b.    Sept.   5,    1842.     m.    March,    1860,    Manson    Bowles, 
farmer.     She  A.  L.  May  7,  1882.     He  d.  Burnhani,  Me.,  Sept.  4,  1883. 
iii.     Mary    Elizabeth,   b.   Feb.   18,    1845.     m.  March  31,  1868,  Leonard 

Bowles,  res.  Lisbon,  farmer, 
iv.     Emma  Jane,  b.  April  22,  1847,  d.  L.  March  29,  1863. 
6.      V.     John  Marshall,  b.  April  8,  1850. 

6.  John  Marshall  Atwood,  son  of  Benjamin^,  b.  in  Burke,  Vt., 
April  8,  1850.  m.  Sept.  17,  1870,  Evedna.  dau.  of  Amos  Brown,  b.  in 
Landaff,  Oct.  8,  1855.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1874.  Farmer  and 
lumber  manufr.     Democrat. 

Atwood  —  Audihut  —  Austin.  25 

Cb., — 

i.  Albert  Benjamin,  b.  Easton,  Aug.  20,  1873.     res.  L.     Clerk, 

ii.  Hakhy  Marshall,  b.  Easton,  Sept.  26,  1875.     res.  L. 

iii.  Jessie  Mabel,  b.  L.  Jan.  2,  1879. 

iv.  CoLLossA  Delia,  b.  L.  Jan.  9,  1880. 


7.  William  Martin  Atwood,  son  of  Moses  Kimball,  b.  in  Lanclaff, 
Oct.  11,  1829.  m.  Sept.  27,  1855,  S.  Maria,  dau.  of  Henry  Palmer 
(See),  b.  in  Chatham,  Oct.  30,  1833,  Methodist,  d.  in  L.  Jnly  3,  1893. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1854  to  1882.     Laborer.     Democrat,     d.  in  L.  Nov. 

23,  1882. 

i.  George  Nelson,  b.  L.  Sept.  15,  1858.  m.  April  16, 1881,  Nettie  Smith. 
He  d.  L.  Jan.  18,  1883.  Railroad  conductor.  She,  second,  m.  Ed- 
ward Fogg,  and,  tliird,  Charles  Cook. 

8.  Stephen  Webster  Atvvood,  son  of  Moses  Kimball,  b.  in  Landaff, 
March  25,  1831.  m.  first,  July  21,  1855,  Julia  H.,  dau.  of  William 
Hutchins,b.  in  Batli,  Nov.  1,  1838.  m.  second,  July  29,  1890,  Adelia 
Hopkinson,  dau.  of  Joseph  D.  Stott,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  May  10, 
1844.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1854  to  1875.  Jeweller.  Democrat.  Co.  D, 
13th  N.  H.  Regt.     Private. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Helen  R.,  b.  Oct.  14,  1855.     m.  first,  Nov.  15,  1876,  Richard  Sutton, 
printer,    m.  second,  June  11,  1880,  Fremont  Whetton,  res.  Hyde  Park, 
Mass.,  railroad  employee, 
ii.     Georgia,  b.  and  d.  in  L. 


1.  Victor  Audibut,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Quebec,  May,  1858.  m. 
June  18,  1882,  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Houle,  b.  in  Canada,  Oct.  14, 
1854,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.  Glove-maker. 
Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Mary  Louise,  b.  June  2,  1884. 

ii.  Hector,  b.  Aug.  15,  1885. 

iii.  Virginia,  b.  Oct.  26,  1887. 

iv.  Henry,  b.  Feb.  7,  1888. 

V.  Annie,  b.  Aug.  15,  1889. 

vi.  Fred,  b.  March  25,  1892. 

vii.  Joseph,  b.  April  1,  1894. 


1.  George  Cutting  Austin,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Lowell,  Mass., 
Aug.  27,  1848.  m.  Sept.  1,  1869,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Israel  Young, 
b.  in  Landaff,  Feb.  2,  1840,  Methodist."  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881. 
Clerk.     Methodist.     Prohibition. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Landaff, — 

i.     James,  b.  Aug.  14,  1871.    m.  Dec.  23,  1891,  Alice  T.  Stevens,    res.  Lyn- 

donville,  Vt.     Railroad  brakenian. 
ii.     Flora  Mary,  b.  Sept.  17,  1875.     res.  L. 

26  Austin  —  Bagleij  —  Bailey. 


2.  LoKEN  Jones  Austin,  son  of  Heiiiy  Ingerson,  b.  in  Mexico,  Me., 
Dec.  28,  1834.  ra.  Jan.  21,  1883,  Ellen  Josephine,  dau.  of  William 
H.  H.  Millen  (See),  b.  in  L.  Ang.  10,  1845.  She  was  formerly  w.  of 
Robert  C.  Whiting  (See),  Cong.  Delegate  to  Nat.  W.  C.  T.  U. 
Convention,  1895,  and  well  known  as  a  writer  and  advocate  of 
the  principles  of  that  organization.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1889  to  1894. 
Luml:)er  nianiifr.     Prohibition,     d.  in  Portland,  Me.,  May  26,  1894. 


1.  LoREN  Richardson  Baglev,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Orange,  Vt., 
May  23,  1845.  m.  Feb.  20,  1869,  Eliza  Lorilla,  dan.  of  Robert  Clough, 
b.  in  L.  Feb.  25,  1849.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1869.  Carriage  manufr. 


i.     Austin,  b.  L.  Jan.  12,  1878. 


1.  John  Bailey,  from  Chippenham,  Co.  Wilts,  England,  came  in 
the  ship  "  Angel  Gabriel,"  leaving  Bristol,  April,  1635.  The  ship  was 
cast  awa}-  at  Pemaquid,  now  Bristol,  jNIe.,  Aug.  15,  1635.  He  was  a 
weaver  and  farmer,  living  in  Salisbury  and  Newbury,  Mass.  He  d. 
Nov.  2,  1651.  His  will  is  dated  Oct.  28,  1651,  and  inventory  filed 
Nov.  12,  1651. 

2.  John  Bailey,  son  of  John  S  b.  about  1613,  came  with  his  father, 
m.  P^leanor  Elmer}",  dau.  of  John,  Senior.  Lived  in  Newbury,  where  he 
d.  March,  1691.  AVidow  Eleanor  d.  1700;  administration,  Dec.  23, 

3.  Isaac  Bailey,  son  of  John  '-,  b.  1654.  m.  June  13,  1683,  Sarah 
Emery,  b.  P^eb.  26,  1660,  dau.  of  John  Emei-y,  Jr.  She  d.  April  1, 
1694.  m.  second,  Se[)t.  5,  1700,  Rebecca  Bartlett,  b.  May  23,  1661, 
dau.  of  Richard  Bartlett,  Jr.     He  d.  about  1740.    He  was  of  Newbury. 

4.  Joshua  Bailey,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  Oct.  30,  1685.  m.  Feb.  4, 
1706,  Sarah  Coffin,  dau.  of  Stephen.  Lived  in  Worth's  Lane,  New- 
bury. He  d.  Oct.  6,  1760.  In  his  will  he  names  six  sons,  and  son 
Jacob  was  then  styled  ''  of  Hampstead,  N.  H."  His  dau.  Abigail  was 
the  wife  of  Col.  Moses  Little,  for  whom  Littleton  was  named. 

5.  Gen.  Jacob  Bailey,  son  of  Joshua*,  b.  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  July 
19,  1726.  m.  Oct.  16,  1745,  Prudence,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Noyes,  b.  in 
Newbur}',  Mass.,  April  10,  1725,  d.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  June  1,  1809. 
He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Newbury,  Vt.,  where  he  d.  March 
1,  1815.  Brig.  Gen.  in  Revolutionary  War.  He  had  ten  children, 
the  oldest  being  Ephraim®.  (Hemenwav's  Hist.  Gaz.  (Vt.),  Vol.  II. 
pp.  919.) 

Bailey.  27 

6.  Ephraim  Bailey,  son  of  Gen.  Jacob  ^,  born  in  NewbuiT,  Mass., 
Oct.  1,  1746.  m.  first,  in  1768,  Hannali  Fowler,  who  d.  in  Newbury-, 
Vt,  May  3,  1781.  m.  second,  in  1781,  Lucy  Hodges,  who  d.  in  1836. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1792  to  1811.  He  removed  from  Newbury,  Mass., 
witli  his  parents,  to  Hampstead  in  1748,  and  in  1764  to  Newbury,  Vt., 
he  being  one  of  tiie  original  proprietors  of  that  town  and  Haverhill. 
Served  in  the  Rev.  War,  was  at  Bennington  and  Saratoga  as  an  officer 
in  Warner's  Regt.     Selectman  of  L.  1792. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Hannah, — 

i.     Jacob,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  March  9,  1769.     m.  Hannah  Chamberlin.    res. 

in  Newbury,  Vt.,  part  of  life.     Farmer  and  carpenter, 
ii.     Abigail,  b  Newbury,  Vt.,  Dec.  7,  1770.     ni.  Solomon  Mann  (See). 
iii.     Hannah,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  in  1772.     m.  Col.  Simeon  Stevens.     She  d. 

Newbury,  Vt.,  April  21,  1817. 
iv.     Abner,  m.  Hannah  White,     res.  Newbury,  Vt.     Farmer. 
V.     Moses,  m.  Lucy  Barker. 

vi.     Anna,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.     m.  first,  Jonathan  Tenney,  farmer,  d.  New- 
bury, Vt.,  Marcii  19,  1813.     m.  second,  John  Ellis,  d.  March  24,  1859. 
She  d.  Chenango,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  8,  1832. 
vii.     Infant,  d.  young. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Luc}',  — 

viii.     Ldcy,  b.  Newbury,  June  16,  1782.     ni.  Sept.  8.  1803,  Ezekiel  Bailey, 
farmer    and  tanner.     He  d.  in  1862.     She  d.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Marcli 
1,  1870. 
ix.     Alanson,  b.  April  9,  1785.     m.  Abigail  Hutchins. 
X.     Myra,  m.  Eben  Strong. 
xi.     John  Hazen,  b.  April  13,  1789.     m.  Susan  Farnsworth. 


7.  Cyrus  Bailey,  b.  Nov.  2,  1748,  was  a  descendant  of  the  New- 
bury, Vt,  branch  of  Baileys,  rn.  Abigail  Weeks  Bedell  (widow).  He 
res.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  most  of  his  life,  d.  in  L.  May  29,  1822. 

8.  William  Bailey,  son  of  Cyrus",  b.  in  Bath,  Oct.  28,  1775.  ni. 
Sukey,  dau.  of  James  Williams  (See),  b.  in  Methuen,  Mass.,  Sept.  2, 
1787.     He  d.  in  Brompton,  P.  Q.,  Feb.  7,  1833. 

9.  Jonathan  Lewis  Bailey,  son  of  William  *,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt., 
Nov.  8,  1808.  m.  March  6,  1838,  Marv,  dau.  of  Joseph  Quimby  (See), 
b.  in  Lisbon.  March  27,  1816,  d.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Jan.  16,  1892.  He 
res.  in  L.  in  1844  and  1853.  Farmer.  Republican,  d.  in  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt.,  Jan.  1894. 


i.     Infant,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  died  young. 

ii.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  March  4,  1842,  d.  April  16,  1843. 
12.     iii.     James  Henry,  b.  L.  May  20,  1844. 

iv.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.   Concord,   Vt.,  May  28,   1846.     m.  June  1,1871, 
B.  B.  Spaulding,  res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  farmer. 

V.  William  H.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  April  21,1850.  m.  first,  Nov.  27,  1874, 
Jane  Hudson,  d.  Concord,  Vt.,  Oct.  5,  1875.  m.  second,  Aug.  22, 
1877,  Jennie  Hall,  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  9,  1888.  m.  third, 
June  18,  1889,  Ella  M.  Clough.     res.  Waterford,  Vt.     Merchant. 

vi.     Joseph  Qoimby,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  d.  L.  Aug.  14,  1853. 
vii.     Susan  D.,  b.  L.  May  20,   1853.     m.    March  3, 1886,  W.  A.  Roberts,  res. 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  farmer. 

28  Bailey. 

10.  Hamilton  M.  Bailey,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in  Peticliam,  Vt.  m. 
Harriet  Maria  Burt.     He  died  in  Maneliester,  aged  64  years. 

11.  William  Batley,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Oct.  18, 
1816.  m.  Sept.  12,  1841,  Mariett  Andress,  dau.  of  William  Barnes,  b. 
in  Claremont,  Nov.  12,  1820,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1842  to  1869, 
now  res.  in  Lincoln,  Neb.     Merchant.     Cong.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     William  Andress,  b.  Nov.  28,  1842,  d.  L.  April  9,  1845. 
ii.     Edward  Corbin,  b.  April  14,  1844,  d.  L.  Aue.  22,  1840. 
iii.     Edwin  B.,  b.  Sept.  25,  1846,  d.  L.  Aug.  27,  1848. 
iv.     Ellen  J.,  b.  April  23,  1849.     unm.,  res.  Lincoln,  Neb. 
V.     Isabella  Adelia,  b.  Sept.  5,  1851,  d.  L.  April  2, 185.3. 
vi.     Edgar  A.,    b.   April    15,    1854.     m.  Nov.  25,  1878,  Fannie  A.  Bailey. 
Manager  wholesale  clotliing  house.     Res.  Rapid  City,  So.  Dak. 
vii.     Henry  E.,  b.  July  13,  1856.     m.  March  1,  1881,  Mary  A.  Shepard.    Real 
Estate,     res.  Chicago,  111. 
14.     viii.     Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  June  22,  1860. 

12.  James  Henky  Bailey,  son  of  Jonathan  L.^,  b.  in  L.  Ma}'  20, 
1844.  m.  Nov.  16,  1881,  Mary  Maroa,  dau.  of  James  Clongh,  b.  in 
Lyman,  Jan.  3,  1853,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  at  three  periods  and 
since  1874.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1883-6-90-1.  Com- 
missioner L.  Village  District,  1891-5-6-7.  Director  L.  Savings  Bank, 
1895  to  date.  Director  L.  Natl.  Bank,  1895  to  date.  J.  P.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.  St.  Gerard  Com.  32°  A.  A.  S.  R.  No 

13.  Clark  M.  Bailey,  son  of  Hamilton  M.^^  b.  in  L.  Jan.  6,  1839. 
m.  Sept.  22,  1858,  Julia  F.,  dau.  of  Neheraiah  S.  Clough,  b.  in  Gilman- 
ton,  Jul}'  7,  1836,  d.  in  Manchester,  June  8,  1892.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1839  to  1847.     Merchant. 


i.     Harriet  Maria,  b.  Manchester,  Oct.  20,  1859,  d.  March  9,  1860. 

14.  Benjamin  Franklin  Bailey,  son  of  William  ^\  b.  in  L.  June  22, 
1860.  m.  Feb.  8,  1882,  Minnie  Frank,  dau.  of  E.  Sumner  Bryant,  b.  in 
Wareham,  Mass.,  Feb.  19,  1863,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until 
1869.  Republican.  Cong.  No  children.  He  was  educated  in  Stevens 
High  School,  Claremont ;  Boston  University  School  of  Medicine,  and 
Hahnemann  Med.  Coll.,  Phila.,  grad.  from  the  latter,  March  10,  1881. 
He  commenced  the  practice  of  med.  in  Springfield,  Vt.,  from  there 
went  to  Wareham,  Mass.,  then  to  Manchester,  then  to  Lincoln,  Neb.,  his 
present  home.  He  is  a  member  of  the  following  med.  societies  :  Amer- 
ican Institute  of  Homoeopathy  ;  Natl.  Soc.  of  Electro-Therapeutists  ; 
Neb.  State  Homoeopathic  Med.  Soc.  ;  Mo. 'Valley  Homoeopathic  Med. 
Assn. ;  Mo.  Institute  of  Homojopath}'  (Honorary  Member).  Official 
positions  held:  Chief  of  vStafif  of  Tabitha  Hospital,  Lincoln,  Neb.; 
Prest.  Neb.  Horn.  Med.  Soc.  ;  Chairman  Section  of  Pedagogy,  Amer- 
ican Institute  of  Homoeopathy;  Treas.  Neb.  State  Board  of  Health; 
member  of  American  Committee  for  International  Homoeopathic  Con- 
gress, held  in  London,  Eng.,  July,  1896.  He  has  written  a  large 
number  of  important  medical  papers  pub.  in  med.  journals. 

Bailey  —  Baker.  29 


15.  Myron  Bailey,  son  of  Stephen,  b,  in  Hardwick,  Vt.,  April  26, 
1824.  m.  Nov.  2,  1848,  Ann  Eliza,  dau.  of  Samuel  Peters,  h.  Monroe, 
April  15,  1822.  She  d.  July  28,  1898.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882. 
Farmer.     Republican.     No  children. 


16.  Edson  Clarence  Bailey,  son  of  Edwin  Franklin,  b.  in  Newbury, 
Vt.,  Sept.  3,  1862.  unm.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  Feb.  1890.  Mer- 
chant. Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  North  Star 


17.  Richard  Bailey  came  to  America  from  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  in 
1635,  and  was  one  of  a  co.  to  establish  the  first  cloth-mill  in  America, 
in  Rowley,  Mass.     m.  Edna  Halstead.     He  d.  between  1647  and  1650. 

18.  Joseph  Bailey,  son  of  Richard  ^^,  m.  Abigail .     He  res.  in 

Rowley,  Mass.,  now  a  part  of  Groveland.     Dea.  many  years  until  he  d., 
Oct.  11,  1712.     Eight  ch. 

19.  Richard  Bailey,  son  of  Joseph  ^^,  b.  Sept.  30,  1675.  m.  Joanna 
Webster  of  Bradford,  Mass.     He  d.  in  1748.     Nine  ch. 

20.  Ebenezer  Bailey,  son  of  Richard  ^^,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  April 
16,  1719.     m.  Sarah  Palmer.     He  d.  Nov.  17,  1815.     Five  ch. 

21.  P^benezer  Bailey,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^°,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  in 
1740.  m.  Mehitable  Eaton,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  d.  in  Weare  in  1818. 
He  d.  in  Weare,  in  1807.     Ten  ch. 

22.  Joseph  Bailey,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^^,  b.  in  Weare,  June  19,  1781. 
m.  Hannah  Cram,  b.  in  Weare.  He  res.  in  Unity,  d.  in  Claremont. 
Farmer.  Democrat.  Ch.,  Rebecca  C,  m.  Joslah  Green  (See)  ;  In- 
fant dau.  d.  joung  ;  Orren  ;  Ithiel,  Ucal  (twins)  ;  John  ;  Robert ; 
Nathan;  Ebenezer  J. 


1.  James  Baker,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  31,  1851.  m. 
Dec.  7,  1875,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Robert  King,  b.  in  Canada,  Aug.  10, 
1855,  Cong.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884.     Laborer.     Republican. 


i.  Edgar  O.,  b.  Canada,  Oct.  3,  1876.     m.  Dec.  19,  1898,  Sarah  J.  Curran. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  war  with  Spain. 

ii.  Sidney  H.,  b.  Canada,  Feb.  2,  1878,  d.  L.  Sept.  14,  1888. 

iii.  Charles  W.,  b.  Canada,  Aug.  11,  1879. 

iv.  Mabel  G.,  b.  Ely,  Vt.,  Aug.  4,  1881. 

V.  Myrtie  May,  b.  L.  Sept.  25.  1885. 

vi.  William  A.,  b.  L.  Nov.  5,  1887. 

vii.  Margaret  E.,  b.  L.  Dec.  22,  1895. 

30  Balch  —  Ball. 


1.  SvLVANUs  Balch,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Keene  in  1786.  tn. 
first,  Catherine,  dan.  of  Capt.  Samuel  Wetherbee  (See),  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  Nov.  1793,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  19,  1836,  Cong.  m.  second,  May 
17,  1837,  Lydia  P.,  dau.  of  John  Pratt,  b.  in  Orford,  Feb.  28,  1799,  d. 
in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  13,  1880,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1828 
to  1870.  Clothier  and  farmer.  Whig.  Cong.  Representative,  1833- 
4-5.     Fire  ward,  1835-6-7.     d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  13,  1880. 


i.     Laura  O.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  June  24,  1820.     m.  Franklin  Tilton  (See). 
2.       ii.     Joii.v  VV.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  May  20,  1824. 

iii.     Albert,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  June  9,  1828,  d.  Sau  Francisco,  Cal.,  April  13, 

2.  John  W.  Balch,  son  of  Sylvanns  ^,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Ma}'  20, 
1824.  m.  July  23,  1849,  Louisa  C,  dau.  of  Solomon  Stevens,  b.  Bar- 
net,  Vt.,  June"  12,  1827,  d.  at  Marshalltovvn,  Iowa,  Feb.  11,  1887.  He 
m.  second,  Abby  Jane  Morrison,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1828  to 
1865.     Merchant. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Albert  Frank,  b.   April  11,  185-5.     m.  Jan.  2-5,  1888,  Nettie  McVay. 

res.  Marshalltown,  Iowa.     Banker. 
ii.     Phineas  Stevens,  b.  April  27,  1857.     m.  Sept.  20,  1883,  Nellie  Willi- 

grod.     res.  Marshalltown,  Iowa.     Banker. 


1.  Joseph  Ball  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  enlisted  in  Mass.  when  15  years 
old.  After  the  war  he  moved  to  Concord,  Vt.,  and  was  the  first 
settler  there. 

2.  Samuel  Ball,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  April  17,  1807. 
m.  first.  May  10,  1837,  Nancy,  dau.  of  Gideon  Griggs  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Jan.  16,  1817,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  28,  1851.  m.  second,  Mary,  dau.  of 
Timothy  Green  (See),  b.  in  Chelsea,  Mass.,  March  21,  1816,  still  res. 
in  L.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1829  until  he  d.,  July  19,  1894.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Nanc}',  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     George,  b.  Dec.  30,1839,  d.  Marysville,  Cal.,  July  15,  1890.     Murdered 
b}'  tiiree  negroes. 
3.      ii.     Charles,  b.  July  2.3,  1842. 

iii.     Ellen,  b.  July  21,  1844.     unm.,  d.  L.  Feb.  11,  1867. 
iv.     Alice,  b.  June  13,  1847.     m.  Nov.  4 ,   1873,  John  B.  Pendergast,  res. 
Pueblo,  Col.,  State  Agent  Life  Ins.  Co. 

3.  Charles  Ball,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  in  L.  July  23,  1842.  m.  Sept. 
10,  1868,  Emma  E  ,  dau.  of  David  Page  Sanborn  (See),  b.  in  L.  March 
16,  1849.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1868,  and  from  1876  to  1883. 


i.     Pearl  J.,  b.  Lancaster,  June  3,  1869. 

Bard  —  Barnes.  31 


1.  David  and  Asa  Beard,  sons  of  David  and  Hannah  (Ha\'ward) 
Beard,  were  prominent  citizens  of  Nelson,  and  were  foremost  in  tlie 
earh'  educational  progress  of  the  town.  Hon.  Alvin  and  Alfred  Beard, 
of  Nashua,  editors  and  publishers  of  the  ''  Nashua  Telegraph,"  were 
twin  sons  of  Asa.  David  Beard  m.  Mary  Ingei'sol.  His  descendants 
write  the  name  Bard. 

2.  Simeon  Ingersol  Bard,  M.D.,  son  of  David  ^  was  b.  in  Nelson, 
June  2,  1797.  He  was  in  Middlebury  College  two  years,  when  the 
death  of  his  fatlier  interrupted  his  studies,  and  he  became  the  first 
principal  of  the  Acadeni}-  in  Francestown.  Subsequently  he  studied 
medicine,  graduating  at  Hanover  in  Class  of  1824.  Homoeopath.  He 
successfully  practised  his  profession  in  Hillsborough,  Francestown,  and 
in  Derby,  Vt.,  where  he  d.  June  10,  1852.  He  was  small  in  stature, 
original,  independent,  and  progressive.  He  m.  June  2,  1825,  Lucinda 
Stowe  Morse  of  Hillsborough.  Thej'  had  six  children,  of  whom  five 
d.  in  childhood  or  youth. 

3.  Rev.  George  Ingersol  Bard,  son  of  Dr.  Simeon  Ingersol^,  b.  in 
Francestown,  May  5,  1835,  grad.  Univ.  of  Vermont,  1857,  Andover 
Seminary,  1860.  He  i§  a  Congregational  clergyman.  Ordained  and 
installed  at  Waterford,  Vt.,  Oct.  17,  1860  ;  dismissed  in  Jan.  1866. 
After  successful  pastorates  in  Dunbarton,  Meredith,  and  Orford,  he 
was  installed  at  Walpole,  Sept.  17,  1889,  and  returned  to  Meredith, 
1897.  In  his  earnest  labor  he  has  been  loved  and  honored.  He  m. 
Aug.  1,  1861,  Jerusha  Gould  Parker,  dau.  of  Ezra  Parker  (See). 


i.     Henry  Ingeksol,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  15,  1802.     res.  Kirkland,  111. 
ii.     George  Parker,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Aug.  24, 1805.     m.  March  25, 1896, 

Jessie  Joslin,  res.  Bayonne,  N.  J. 
iii.     Mary  Parker,  b.  Dunbarton,  May  24,  1807,  d.  Dunbarton,  June  16, 

iv.     Herbert    Drakely,  b.  Dunbarton,  Dec.  2,  1868.     m.  April  30,  1896, 

Ernestine  C.  McDuffee.     res.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
V.     Julia  Howard,  b.  Dunbarton,  Jan.  4,  1871,  d.  Meredith,  March  12, 1876. 


1.  George  Seymour  Barnes,!),  in  Charlotte,  Vt ,  May  24,  1829. 
m.  first,  in  1854,  Sarah  L.  Lamb,  b.  in  Fairfield,  Vt,  March  19,  1829, 
d.  in  Sturgis,  Mich.,  Jan.  7,  1880.  m.  second,  Jan.  12,  1881,  Emma 
Lamb,  b.  in  Fairfield,  Vt.  He  was  a  Methodist  clergyman,  pastor  of  the 
church  in  L.  in  1861  and  1862,  and  was  engaged  in  this  ministry  at  the 
time  of  the  first  call  for  troops  in  1861.  His  participation  in  the  move- 
ment to  meet  the  requisition  is  mentioned  in  Abbott's  "History  of  the 
First  Regiment,"  p.  89.  He  was  appointed  chaplain  of  the  Seventeenth 
Regiment,  Nov.  4,  1862,  and  was  mustered  out  April  16,  1863.  (See 
Hist.  Seventeenth  N.  H.  Regt.)  The  next  day  he  was  appointed  chaplain 
of  the  Second  Regiment,  but  declined  the  commission.  He  was  ap- 
pointed chaplain  of  the  Twenty-ninth  Regiment  U.  S.  Colored  Troops, 
Nov.   19,  1864,  and   served   through   the  war  with  the  regiment,   was 

32  Barnum  —  Barrett. 

wounded  at  Bermuda  Hundred,  and  mustered  out  Nov.  6,  1865.     He  is 
still  engaged  to  some  extent  in  the  ministry,  and  now  resides  at  Petosky, 
Mich.     In  the  minutes  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Conference  for  1892 
he  is  mentioned  among  the  "  supernumeraries"  in  Michigan. 

i.     PjLla  Josephine,  b.  Concord,  June   22,  1855.     m.  March  16,  1876,  J. 

Riley  Smitli,  res.  Quincj',  Mich.,  farmer, 
ii.     Carrie,  b.  Concord,  Dec.  (3,  1856.     m.  Aug.  15,  1881,  G.  W.  Browning, 

res.  Decatur,  Midi.,  druggist, 
ill.     Grace,  b.  Peterboro,  Oct.  15,  1859. 


1.  George  D.  Baknum,  son  of  Charles  D.,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  May, 
1842.  m.  March  1,  1871,  Sophia  Elastman,  dau.  of  Prescott  Young,  b. 
in  Lisbon,  July  11,  1843.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885.  He  never  res. 
in  L.  Shoe-crimper.  Private,  Co.  C,  12th  Mass.  Inf.;  Co.  F,  39th 
Mass.  Inf.;  Co.  G,  32d  Mass.  Inf.  G.  A.  R.  d.  in  Auburn,  Me., 
Jan.  22,  1884. 

Ch.,  — 

2.       i.     Charles  P.,  b.  Ashland,  Mass.,  Jan.  4,  1872. 
ii.     George  H.,  b.  Ashland,  Mass.,  Nov.  11,  1873. 

iii.     Mabel  F.,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  May  8,  1878.     Student  Boston  Univ.,  1901. 
iv.     Grace  A.,b.  Hyde  Park,  Mass.,  Dec.  21,  1879.     Student  Boston  Univ., 

2.  Charles  P.  Barnum,  son  of  George  D.\  b.  in  Ashland,  Mass.,  Jan. 
4,  1872.  m.  Aug.  8,  1894,  Martha  Sophia,  dau.  of  Curtis  Bedell 
(See),  b.  in  Bath,  Aug.  3,  1873.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1889.  Clerk. 
Republican.     K.  P.     No  children. 


1.  William  Barrett  of  Cambridge,  Mass.,  was  a  l)rother  of  John  of 
Marlborough,  and  of  Thomas  of  Cambridge  and  Marlborough,  and  pos- 
sibly of  kin  to  Humphrey  Barrett  of  Concord,  and  to  Thomas  Barrett 
of  Braintree  and  Chelmsford.  He  was  a  tailor  and  lived  in  Cambridge, 
near  the  College.  He  was  a  Ueutenant  in  Piiilip's  War,  a  Selectman  1671 
and  1681.  He  m.  Aug.  19,  1656,  Sarah  Champney,  b.  1638,  dau.  of 
Richard  Champney  of  Cambridge.  She  d.  Aug.  21,  1661  ;  he  m. 
second,  June  16,  1662,  Mary  Barnard,  b.  Nov.  7,  1639,  dau.  of  John 
and  Phebe  Barnard  of  Watertown.  vShe  d.  March  28,  1673  ;  he  m.  Oct. 
8,  1673,  Mary  Sparhawk,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Jr.  and  Patience  (Newman) 
Sparhawk.  She  d.  Oct.  27,  1673  ;  he  m.  fourtii,  Margaret  Bartlett.  He 
d.  in  Cambridge,  March  19,  1689,  "  aged  about  60."  Nine  of  his  twelve 
children  survived  him. 

2.  Samuel  Barrett,  son  of  William  ^  and  MaiT  (Barnard)  Barrett, 
b.  in  Cambridge,  Feb.  7,  1669-70,  m.  in  Boston,  March  8,  1693-4, 
Sarah  Manning.  He  was  a  prosperous  merchant  in  Boston  and  is 
frequently  named  in  the  records.  In  1720  he  and  others  were  granted 
leave  to  build  a  wharf  which  bore  his  name.  He  d.  Jul}-  22,  1733  ; 
his  widow  Sarah  d.  July  29,  1742.  They  had  fifteen  children,  and 
among  them  was  Rev.  Samuel  Barrett,  b.  Dec.  9,  1700,  Harvard 
Univ.  1721,  first  minister  of  Hopkinton,  Mass. 

Barrett.  33 

3.  George  Barrett,  son  of  Samuel^,  b.  in  Boston,  June  11,  1706, 
baptized  First  Church,  June  16,  1706,  lived  in  Hopkinton,  where  he 
d.  leaving  four  sons,  Aug.  17,  1745.  Isaiah  Barrett  was  appointed 
guardian  of  the  children  of  his  brother  George  as  follows :  Manning 
over  14  years,  George  about  12  3'ears,  James  about  10  years,  Thorn- 
ton about  4  years. 

4.  Thornton  Barrett,  son  of  George^,  b.  in  Hopkinton,  Mass., 
May  20,  1740,  with  his  brother  James  settled  in  Winchendon,  Mass., 
1768.  The  name  of  his  wife  was  Abigail.  He  was  a  corporal,  1775, 
in  Capt.  Abel  Wilder's  Company,  Lexington  Alarm,  and  there  is  a 
probable  tradition  that  he  served  in  the  last  French  and  Indian  war, 
and  was  wounded  at  Fort  Edward.  He  is  favorably  mentioned  from 
time  to  time  in  the  records  of  Winchendon.  In  1798  he  removed  to 
Bethlehem,  where  he  d.  June,  1806  ;  his  widow  d.  Feb.  1816,  aged  75. 

Ch.,  three  b.  in  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  eight  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  — 

i.     Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  30,  1761.     m.  Henry  Crooks  (See), 
ii.     Sarah,  bapt.  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  1766. 
iii.     Abigail,  bapt.  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  1766. 
iv.     Hannah,  b.  May  4, 1768. 
V.     John,  b.  April  26,  1773. 
vi.     Jerusha,  b.  March  20, 1775.     m.  Levi  Wheeler  (See). 

vii.     Thornton,  b.  March  27,  1777.     m. Runels.     m.  second,  Al)igail 

Bean ;  removed   with   a   large  family  to  Penn.      His  dau.  Luissa  m. 
Jedediah  Farmer  (See). 
viii.     Samuel,  b.  Aug,  9,  1781. 
5.     ix.     Joseph,  b.  July  1,  1783. 
X.     Henry,  b.  Dec.  1,  178—. 

xi.  Nathaniel,  b.  July  15,  178 — .  The  last  figure  of  date  is  torn  from  the 
record.  He  came  in  childhood  with  the  family  to  Bethlehem,  m. 
Lydia  Batchellor,  dau.  of  Nehemiah  and  Lucy  (Hay  ward)  Batchellor 
of  Boxborough,  Mass.,  and  sister  of  Isaac  Batchellor,  of  Bethlehem 

5.  Joseph  Barrett,  son  of  Thornton  *,  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass., 
July  1,  1783,  res.  a  farmer  in  Bethlehem,  m.  Mary  Kenney,  dau.  of 
William  Kenney.     He  d.  1858. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Thornton,  b.  March  7,  1805,  d.  Feb.  24,  1812. 
ii.     Laurectt,  b.  Jan.  19,  1807.   m.  Caleb  Baker  of  Bethlehem.    He  d.  Sept. 

12,  1870.    She  d.  Sept.  24,  1879. 
iii.     LoRiNDA,  b.  Aug.  9,  1812.     m.  Allen  Thompson  of  BethleheuL 
iv.     Sally  Oaks,  b.  Sept.  18,  1815.     m.  Caleb  Bowles  (See). 
V,     Permelia  W.,  b.  May  16,  1819.     d.  Aug.  17,  1825. 
6.     vi.    James  Johnson,  b.  Feb.  8,  1823. 

vii.  James  Kenney,  adopted  son,  b.  July  30,  1831.  m.  Lucretia  Goodnow. 
res.  Bethlehem.  Selectman.  Representative.  Proprietor  Straw- 
berry Hill  House. 

6.  James  Johnson  Barrett,  son  of  Joseph^,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb. 
8,  1823.  m.  Jan.  3,  1845,  Lydia  Ann,  dau.  of  Isaac  Smith  (See), 
b.  in  Brownington,  Vt.,  Aug.  8,  1821.  Advent.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1855  until  he  d.,  Aug.  24,  1885.  Insurance  agent.  Democrat.  Select- 
man, 1859-63.  Town  Treasurer,  1859-66.  Town  Clerk,  1857. 
Moderator,  1866-72.  Representative,  1866-68.  State  Senator,  12th 
District,  1872.  Member  School  Board,  Union  District,  1868-70. 
Notary  pubUc.  J.  P.,  State.  Appointed  Adjutant  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,  April  5,   1853  ;  vacated,  March  7,   1855.     A.  F.  and    A.  M., 

vol.  II.  —  3 

34  Barrett  —  Bartlett. 

Burns  Lodge.      K.  T.,   St.   Gerard    Com.      Charter  member  of  both 
bodies,  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.      (Child's  Grafton  Co.  Gaz.,  p.  503.) 
Ch.,  — 

7.  i.     George  Warren,  b.  Bethlehem,  July  13, 1846. 

ii.     Alice  Estelle,  b.  Bethlehem,  Dec.  22,  1851,  d.  Bethlehem,  Dec.  23, 

8.  iii.     Allien  J.,  b.  L.  Sept.  17,  1857. 

7.  George  Warren  Barrett,  son  of  James  Johnson  ^,  b.  in  Beth- 
lehem, July  13,  1846.  m.  June  22,  1871,  Ella  Maria,  dau.  of  Pliny 
White  Taylor,  b.  in  Springfield,  Vt.,  July  10,  1850,  Unitarian.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Insurance  agent.  Democrat.  Notary 
public.  J.  P.,  State.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard 
Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edward  Warren,  b.  Aug.  10,  1872,  res.  Waltham,  Mass. 
ii.     Alice   Marie,  b.  Jan.  7,  1874,  res.   Waltham,  Mass.,  d.  Boston,  Mass., 

July  24,  1897. 
iii.     Charles  Howard,  b.  June  24,  1877,  res.  Waltham,  Mass. 

8.  Allien  J.  Barrett,  son  of  James  Johnson  ^,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  17, 
1857.  m.  first.  May  29,  1880,  Ida  May,  dau.  of  John  Whitcher,  b. 
in  Newbury,  Vt,  Dec.  29,  1861,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  21,  1887.  m.  second, 
April  2,  1888,  Hattie  Belle,  dau.  of  Ira  Folsom,  b.  in  Lakeport,  Sept. 
25,  1854.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Insurance  agent.  Democrat. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 
Town  cleric,  1891  to  present  time.     J.  P.,  State.     Notary  public. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Ida,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Amanda  Jane,  b.  May  8, 1881,  d.  L.  Sept.  25,  1881. 
ii.     Harry  Howard,  b.  March  9,  1885. 


9.  Charles  Cowen  Barrett,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Lyman,  July  21, 
1815.  m.  Jan.  1,  1852,  Fanny  Ross,  dau.  of  Amos  Rowell  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Ma}'  4,  1827,  Methodist,  now  w.  of  Enoch  M.  Stratton 
(See).  He  res.  in  L.  from  1854  until  he  d.  July  27,  1880.  Lumber- 
man.    Methodist.     Democrat. 


i.     Adda  Eudell,  b.  Lyman,  Oct.  5,  1852.    m.  June  16,  1893,  Frank  Rehm, 

res.  Boston,  plumber, 
ii.     Charles  Irving,  b.  L.  Oct.  22,  1857,  res.  Spokane,  Wash, 
iii.     LiLLis,  b.  L.July  26,  1861.    m.  Nov.  9,  1884,  George  Knowles,  res.  Man- 
chester, farmer.     He  d.  Aug.  1895. 


1.  James  Herbert  Bartlett,  son  of  James  H.,  b.  in  Unit}',  Nov. 
26,  1783.  m.  Nancy,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Farwell,  b.  in  Unity,  May  6, 
1783,  d.  in  Whitefield  about  1848.  He  was  one  of  the  pioneer  set- 
tlers of  Whitefield,  where  he  res.  until  1849,  when  he  moved  to  L., 
building  a  log  house  on  the  farm  of  his  son  Frederick.     He  worked 

Bartlett.  35 

on  his  son's  farm    summers,  and    winters    hunted    and    trapped  wild 
animals,  being  a  noted  hunter.     He  d.  in  Manchester    while  visiting 
his  daughter  Caroline,  May  17,   1865. 

i.     Caroline,  b.  Unity,  Aug.  9, 1802.      ni.  Charles  Chatman,  res.  Auburn, 

ii.     Charles    L.,   b.   Unity,  April    28,    1804.     m.  Emeline  D.    Lamphear. 
Clergyman.      He  d.  Sept.  16,  1861.     She  d.  Lake  Faust,  111.,  April  16, 
ill.     Alpha  S.,  b.  Unity,  Oct.  24,  1806.     m.  Feb.  2,  1824,  Zelinda  Cole,  res. 
Whitefield,  farmer. 

2.  iv.     Frederick  Augustus,  b.  Unity,  Dec.  18,  1809. 

V.     Sally  C,  b.  Unity,  May  1, 1812.     m.  Caleb  Hutchins,  farmer,  res.  Man- 
chester.    He  d.  June  17, 1889. 
vi.     Ephraim  Farwell,  b.  Unity,  Feb.  22,  1815.     m.  Vienna  Martin.     Far- 
mer.    Last  res.  Haverhill.     He  d.  Nov.  1,  1895.     She  d.  Jan.  21,  1888. 
vii.     Eliza  Ann,  b.  Unity,  Aug.  13, 1817.      m.  Charles    Iluntoon,  res.  Man- 
chester, farmer, 
viii.     Increase  Sumner,  b.  Whitefield,  Feb.  19,  1827,  d.  young,  Whitefield. 

2.  Frederick  Augustus  Bartlett,  son  of  James  Herbert  \  b.  in 
Unity,  Dec.  ,18,  1809.  m.  Feb.  11,  1830,  Clarissa,  dau.  of  Elias 
Bacon,  b.  Unit}-,  Jan.  .  29,  1812,  Free  Baptist,  d.  in  L.  March  10, 
1887.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1845  until  he  d.,  Jan.  23,  1871.  Farmer. 
Free  Baptist.     Democrat. 


i.     Warren  L.,  b.  Carroll,  May  1,  1832.     m.  June  6,  1853,  Caroline  Bemis. 

Farmer.     He  d.  L.  Nov.  12,  1879.     Methodist, 
ii.     Sarah  A.,  b.  Carroll,  May  2,  1834.     m.  Hiram  Gordon  (See). 

3.  iii.     George  Edmund,  b.  Carroll,  Sept.  6,  1836. 
iv.     Edson,  b.  Carroll,  Nov.  1840.     Died  young. 

V.     James  H.,  b.  Whitefield,  April  2,  1842.      m.  Sabrina  Cameron,  res. 

vi.     Hosea  E.,  b.  Whitefield,  May  2, 1844.     m.  first,  Helen  Smith,  d.  Lunen- 
burg, Vt.     m.  second,  Carrie  Blakeley,  res.  St.  Jolmsbury,  Vt. 
vii.     Augustus  N.,  b.  L.  March  5,  1846.      m.  Feb.  8,  1876,   Helen    Russell. 
Farmer.     He  d.  L.  Jan.  22,  1885.     She  m.  second,  Henry  E.  Bartlett. 
viii.     Henry  E.,  b.  L.  April  18,  1848.      m.  Dec.  1886,  Helen   (Russell)   Bart- 
lett, res.  Manchester.      Milk-dealer.      1st  Lieut.  Moore  Rifles,  N.  H. 
N.  G.,  1887-8. 

3.  George  Edmund  Bartlett,  son  of  Frederick  Augustus  ^,  b.  in 
Carroll,  Sept.  6,   1836.     ra.  first.  Ma}-  7,  1858,  Maria,  dau.  of  Jasper 
Lewis  (See);    b.  in  Dalton,  June  7,  1837,  d.  in   L.  April,    1864.     m 
second,  Feb.  1,  1868,  Martha  Ann,  dau.  of  Samuel   Goodwin  (See),  b. 
in  L.  June  2,  1885.    He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1846.    Farmer.  Democrat. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Maria,  — - 

4.  i.     George  Fred,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  15,  1861. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Martha  Ann,  — 

ii.     Cora  Bell,  b.  L.  March  .30,  1869.     m.  Leeown  Quimby  (See). 

5.  iii.     William  Henry,  b.  L.  Nov.  20,  1872. 

4.  George  Fred  Bartlett,  son  of  George  Edmund  ^,  b.  in  Dalton, 
Dec.  15,  1861.  m.  Feb.  20,  1887,  Rosanna,  dau.  of  Francis  Lakeway, 
Roman  Catholic.  b.  in  Canada,  Jan.  15,  1864.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life.     Laborer.     Democrat. 

36  Bartlett  —  Bass. 

5.  William  Henry  Bartlett,  son  of  George  Edmund^,  b.  in  L. 
Dec.  20,  1872.  in.  Nov.  20,  1894,  Eva  May,  dau.  of  George  Myron 
Bemis,  b.  in  L.  May  21,  1876.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  liis  life.  Farmer. 


i.     Floyd  R.,  b.  L.  Sept.  3,  1896. 
ii.     Carrie  May,  b.  L.  Aug.  2,  1898,  d.  Aug.  8,  1898. 


6.  Frank  John  Bartlett,  son  of  William  Benson,  b.  in  Easton, 
Nov.  19,  1853.  m.  Sept.  15,  1878,  Rose  Abigail,  dau.  of  Amos  Cole 
Morse,  b.  in  Easton,  Aug.  4,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886, 
Carpenter.     Democrat. 


i.  Karl  Amos,  b.  Easton,  Nov.  11,  1879. 

ii.  Flossie  Ardelle,  b.  Easton,  April  21,  1882. 

iii.  Scott  William,  b.  Easton,  April  26,  1886. 

iv.  Ross  Wesley,  b.  L.  Sept.  5,  1895. 


1.  Warren  Bass,  b.  in  Leicester,  Mass.  m.  Naomi,  dau.  of  Isaac 
Hall,  b.  in  Walpole.     He  d.  in  Bath.     Farmer.    Methodist.   Democrat. 

2  Van  Ness  Bass,  son  of  Warren  \  b.  in  Lyman,  July  14,  1832.  m. 
March  27,  1857,  Susan  Thompson,  dau.  of  Justin  Lindsey,  b.  in  New- 
bury, Vt.,  in  1841.  He  was  educated  in  the  common  schools,  the  High 
School,  Bath,  and  Newbury,  Vt.,  Seminary.  Learned  the  trade  of 
printer  in  Woodstock,  Vt.  Came  to  L.  in  1850,  and  worked  for  Col. 
F.  A.  Eastman  on  the  "  Reporter"  one  year.  He  then  purchased  the 
"•  Advertiser,"  at  White  River  Junction,  and  conducted  it  a  short  time 
until  it  was  burned.  In  1853  he  returned  to  L.  and  bought  the  "Re- 
porter," which  he  changed  to  the  "  White  Mountain  Banner,"  and  con- 
tinued it  to  1859.  In  1866  he  went  to  Plymouth,  where  he  now  resides. 
In  1879  lie  established  the  Grafton  County  "  Democrat,"  and  conducted 
it  five  years.  He  has  been  connected  with  the  Plymouth  "  Record  " 
since  1889.  Democrat.  Town  Clerk,  Plymouth,  1879.  Town  Clerk, 
L.,  1861-2-3.     J.  P.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.    "No  children. 


3.  Ira  Andrew  Bass,  son  of  Simeon,  b.  in  Lancaster,  June  15,  1840. 
m.  Dec.  30,  1871,  Deborah  Jeannette,  dau.  of  Reuben  Phillips  (See), 
b.  in  Bethlehem,  March  8,  1841.  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1871.     Farmer      Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Edgar  Truman,  b.  L.  Feb.  6,  1875,  d.  L.  Sept.  6,  1875. 
ii.     Sarah  Deborah,  b.  L.  Nov.  8,  1879.     Adopted. 

Batchellor.  .  37 


The  name  is  Norman.  Gilbert  Bachelor  paid  taillage  in  Normandy  in 
1195.  The  name  is  variously  spelled  in  this  country  and  in  England. 
Several  bearing  the  name  were  among  the  early  settlers  of  New  Eng- 
land. The  early  ancestor  accompanied  William  the  Norman  in  the 
Conquest  of  England. 

Alexander  Batchelder  was  in  Portsmouth  in  1652. 

Henry  Batchelder  was    in    Ipswich  in  1636,  came    from 

County  Kent  with  wife  and  four 

John  Batchelder  was  in  Dedham  in  1635. 

John  Batchelder  was  in   Salem   in   1638,    from   Canter- 

bury, Eng. 

Joseph  Batcheller  was  in   Salem  in   1636,    from  Canter- 

bur}-,  Eng.,  brought  wife,  one  child, 
and  three  servants. 

Stephen  Batcheller  was  in  Lynn  in  1632,  came  in  the 
"  William  and  Francis  "  from  Lon- 
don ;  was  a  preacher, 

William  Batchelder       was  in  Charlestown  in  1634. 

Coat  of  arms  granted  to  the  Bachelor  famil}-  of  Berks,  Eng.  Crest : 
a  dragon's  head,  erased,  or,  vulned  in  neck,  gu. 

Bacheler,  Bachelor,  Bachelour.  Crest:  a  leg,  erased,  above  knee, 

The  principal  authorities  in  relation  to  this  family  in  its  different 
groups  and  designations  are  :  — 

Batchelder  Genealogy  by  Avery. 

Chase's  History  of  Chester,  N.  H. 

Eaton's  History  of  Reading,  Mass. 

Fisk's  History  of  Amherst,  N.  H. 

Fullonton's  History  of  Ra^-mond,  N.  H. 

Kidder's  History  of  New  Ipswich,  N.  H. 

Batcheller  Genealogy  b}'  Cushing. 

Rev.  Stephen  Bachiler,  by  Charles  E.  Batchelder,  1892. 

Batchelder  Genealogy,  by  Fred  C.  Pierce,  1898. 


1.  Joseph  Batcheller  came  to  this  countr}'  from  Canterbury,  Eng., 
in  1636,  with  his  w.  Elizabeth,  one  child,  and  three  servants,  and  settled 
in  that  part  of  Salem  now  known  as  Wenham,  in  Essex  Co.,  Mass. 
His  bro.  Henry  and  family  and  his  bro.  John  accompanied  him. 
The  records  of  the  Huguenot  parish  of  Canterbury,  recently  published, 
preserve  significant  evidence  that  Joseph  Batcheller  In-  descent  and 
kinship  was  closely  identified  with  the  Huguenot  people.  His  ch.  were  : 
(1)  Mark,  slain  by  the  Indians,  Dec.  15,  1675  ;  (2)  John  ;  (3)  Elizabeth, 
m.  James  Davis  ;  (4)  Hannah,  b.  1644,  m.  .John  Mariner.  April,  1665  ; 
(5)  Joseph,  bap.  Aug.  22,  1647,  d.  1699.     Joseph,  the  first  ancestor  in 

38  Batchellor.       , 

this  coiintiy,  was  one  of  the  original  members  of  the  church  in  Wenham, 
organized  Oct.  8,  1644.  He  was  the  first  representative  of  Wenliam  in 
tlieGen.  Court,  in  1644  (2  N.  H.  Hist.  Soc,  215).  In  respect  to  the 
date  of  the  death  of  Joseph  Batclieller,  the  histories  of  Grafton  and 
Sutton  are  in  error.  Tlie  church  record  seems  to  estabhsh  that  liis  de- 
cease occurred  as  is  stated  in  the  follovving  extract :  In  the  record  of  a 
case  of  church  discipline,  under  date  of  11  of  the  8  mo.,  1647,  occurs 
this  passage  (p.  84,  Wenham  Church  Records)  :  "In  ye  mesne  space  it 
pleased  God  to  take  to  himself  our  brother  Batchel.,  a  man  wise,  mod- 
erate, and  ver}-  able  to  be  helpful  in  such  cases."  Says  anotlier 
authority  :  "  He  was  a  prominent  and  useful  man  in  the  plantation  " 
(Hist,  of  Wenham,  pp.  28,  29).    He  d.  in  Wenham,  March,  1647  (O.  S.). 

2.  John  Katcheller,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  in  Wenham,  Mass.  m. 
first,  July  12,  1661,Marah  Dennis,  d.  June  26,  1665.  m.  second.  May 
4,  1666,  Sarah  Goodale,  d.  March  22,  1729.     He  d.  Dec.  17,  1698. 

3.  David  Batchellor,  son  of  John  -,  b,  in  Wenham,  Mass.  m. 
Susannah  Whipple.  He  was  Town  Clerk  of  Wenham,  1744-5-6-7. 
With  him  came  the  change  in  the  orthography  of  the  surname.  It  had 
been  Batclieller,  with  an  e  in  the  last  syllable,  but  afterwards  it  was 
Batchellor,  the  e  becoming  o  b}'  the  peculiar  way  e  was  written  at  that 
time,  thus  a  a.  So  the  name  Lee  appeared  to  be  Loo.  Batcheller  be- 
came Batchellor.      (Hist,  of  Sutton,  Mass.  ;  Plist.  of  Wenham,  p.  103.) 

4.  Nehemiah  Batchellor,  son  of  David  ^  b.  in  Wenham,  Mass., 
May  20,  1716.  m.  Sept.  3,  1738,  Experience  Perham.  He  was  bap. 
Ma}'  27,  1716,  admitted  to  the  Cong.  Churcii,  Wenham,  on  profession 
of  faith,  Jan.  30,  1737  (O.  S.)  ;  dismissed  by  letter  to  the  church  in 
Grafton,  Mass.,  where  he  afterward  res.,  Dec.  18,  1737.  (Hist,  of 
Grafton,  Mass.,  p.  456.) 

5.  Nehemiah  Batchellor,  son  of  Nehemiah^  b.  in  Grafton,  Mass., 
Oct.  25,  1741.  m.  Lucy  Hayward,  who  d.  in  1822.  He  res.  in  that 
part  of  Boxborough,  Mass.,  which  was  formerly  a  part  of  Stow,  and 
held  many  public  offices  in  both  towns.  Rev.  soldier.  Lexington 
alarm,  Capt.  Wm.  Whitcomb's  Co.,  Col.  James  Prescott's  Regt.,  three 
days.  Second  Lieut,  first  Co.  raised  in  Stow,  Jul}'  2,  1776.  Capt. 
Silas  Taylor's  3d  Co.,  same  rank  and  Co.  as  above,  4th  Middle- 
sex, commissioned  July  5,  1776.  Chosen  by  first  Co.  in  Stow  Second 
Lieut.  Capt.  Hayward's  Co.,  Col.  Thatchers  Regt.  from  4th  Middlesex 
Regt.  Second  Lieut.  Capt.  Robert  Cutting's  Co.,  Col.  Mcintosh's  Regt. 
R.  I.  alarm,  one  month  and  thirteen  days  service.  Gen.  Lovell's  Brigade, 
R.  I.  service.  (Mass.  Rev.  Records.)  He  d.  in  1822.  His  dau.  Rebecca 
m.  Elijah  Woolson  (See).     His  dau.  Lydia  m.  Nathaniel  Barrett  (See). 

6.  Isaac  Batchellor,  son  of  Nehemiah  ^.  m.  Mary  Wetherbee,  b. 
Nov.  7,  1770,  and  d.  June  6,  1858.  Slie  m.  second.  John  Holman. 
Isaac  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Bethlehem,  coming  there  from 
Mass.  at  the  end  of  the  last  century  ;  was  prominent  in  the  affairs  of 
the  infant  town,  having  been  moderator,  selectman  and  collector.  He 
d.  by  accident  in  the  prime  of  life,  in  Bethlehem,  June  6,  1803.  The 
Isaac  Batchellor  farm  in  Bethlehem  was  constituted  of  Lot  4,  and  the 
w.  part  of  Lot  5,  R.  3.     His  dau.  Mary  m.  John  Burt  (See). 

Batchellor.  39 

7.  Stillman  Batchellor,  son  of  Isaac",  b.  in  Lancaster,  Mass., 
April  15,  1793.  m.  first,  April  9,  1820,  Pamelia,  dau.  of  Levi  Wheeler, 
h.  in  Bethleiiem,  Feb.  8,  1799,  d.  in  Royalston,  Mass.,  Nov.  4,  1833. 
m.  second,  Oct.  29,  1835,  Mary  Jane,  w.  of  Rev.  Stephen  H.  Cutler 
(See),  and  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Mercy  (Priest)  Smith  (See),  b.  in  Brown- 
ington,  Vt.,  Oct.  21,  1808.  She  m.  third,  Joel  Bronson  (See).  She 
d.  in  L.  Dec.  11,  1893.  Her  paternal  grandfather  served  in  Ashley's 
N.  H.  Reg.  in  the  Rev.  War,  and  her  maternal  grandfather,  Joel 
Priest,  in  Bedel's  Rangers,  and  Scammell's  N.  H.  Regt.  of  Continental 
Line.  She  was  a  lineal  descendant  from  Thomas  Cushman  of  Plymouth 
Colony  and  his  w.  Mary  AUerton,  the  last  survivor  of  the  Mayflower 
Co.  Lineage  is:  (1)  John  Smith,  Watertown,  Mass.;  (2)  Thomas 
Smith,  Watertown  ;  (3)  Jonathan  Smith,  Watertown  ;  (4)  Capt.  Jona- 
than Smith,  Middleboro,  Mass.  ;  (5)  Jonatlian  Smith,  Sr.,  Surry  ;  (6) 
Maj.  Samuel  Smith.  Brownington,  Vt.  ;  (7)  Isaac  Smith,  Brownington, 
Vt.  (See).  The  Cushman  lineage  is  :  (1)  Robert;  (2)  Elder  Thomas; 
(3)  Rev.  Isaac  ;  (4)  Ichabod  ;  (5)  Experience,  dau.  of  Ichabod,  m.  Jon- 
athan Smith  ^^  (See)  of  Surry.  (Cushman  Genealogy,  135.)  Stillman 
came  to  Bethlehem  at  an  early  age  with  his  parents,  served  in  the  War 
of  1812-15  in  the  3d  Regt.  N.  H.  Detached  Militia,  full  term  of  the  Regt. 
Collector,  1843.  Democrat,  and  later  a  Van  Buren  Independent  and 
Free-Soiler.  Name  appears  on  records  of  M.  E.  Church,  Bethlehem,  in 
1828  ;  was  prominent  in  that  church  to  1858,  when  he  identified  himself 
exclusively  with  the  M.  E.  Church  of  L.,  which  he  had  aided  in  estab- 
lishing. He  was  Steward  and  Trustee  of  the  Bethlehem  church  most  of 
the  time  for  thirty  years.  As  Bethlehem  and  L.  formerly  constituted 
one  circuit,  he  worshipped  at  each  place  by  alternate  Sundays,  and  con- 
tributed to  the  support  of  both  churches  for  many  years.  He  res.  on 
the  farm  now  known  as  the  Glessner  place,  on  West  Hill,  Bethlehem, 
from  earl}'  manhood  until  his  death,  except  from  the  autumn  of  1859  to 
the  spring  of  1861,  when  he  was  in  L.  He  d.  in  Bethlehem,  May  12, 
1863.  (Obituary  by  Rev.  S.  B.  Quimby  in  "  Zion's  Herald  and  Wes- 
lej'an  Journal,"  July  15,  1863.) 

Ch.,  by  w.  Pamelia,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

i.  William  C. 

ii.  Nehemiah. 

iii.  Stillman. 

iv.  Betsey  Ann  Wheeler. 

V.  Levi  Wheeler. 

The  above  five  ch.  d.  in  the  epidemic  of  scarlatina  in  1832. 
Ch.,  by  w.  Mary  Jane,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

vi.     Jennett  Cutler,  b.  Aug.  19,  1836.     m.  Kalph  Bugbee^  (See), 
vii.     Charles  William,  b.  Oct.  28,  1838.   unm.   Farmer.    Co.  D,  13th  N.  H. 
Inf.     Sergt.     d.  Point  Lookout,  Md.,  July  2,  1864,  from  wounds  re- 
ceived at  Proctor's  and  Kingsland  Creeks. 
8.      viii.     Albert  Stillman,  b.  April  22,  1850. 

8.  Albert  Stillman  Batchellor,  son  of  Stillman  %  b.  in  Bethle- 
hem, April  22,  1850.  m.  Aug.  5,  1880,  Harriet  Anna,  dau.  of  Allen 
Araasa  Copeland  (See),  b.  Almena,  Mich.,  member  L.  Cong.  Church, 
educated  in  LaCrosse,  Wis.,  High  School.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1864, 
Educated  in  the  common  schools  of  Bethlehem  and  L.  ;  Newbury,  Vt., 
Seminary;  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  Academy;  N.  H.  Conf.  Seminary,  Tilton. 

40  Batchellor. 

Grad.  Dart.   Coll.  1872.     Commenced  study  of  law  in   1872  with  H. 
&  G.  A.  Bingham,  and  completed  studies  third  year,  1874-1875,  with 
G.  A.  Bingham  ;  admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Haverhill,  March  term,  1875, 
and  was  then   employed   as  attorney  by  G.  A.  Bingham    until   the  ap- 
pointment of  the  latter  to  the  Bench  in  Aug.   1876  ;   continued  busi- 
ness alone  in  the  same  office  until  Sept.  1,   1877,  when  he  formed  a 
partnership  with   Charles  W.  BoUes,  as  Batchellor    &   Bolles,   which 
continued  until  April  1,  1879  ;  continued  business   alone  until  July  1, 
1879,  when,   with  Harry  Bingham  and  John   M.  Mitchell,  the  firm  of 
Bingham,  Mitchell,  &  Batchellor  was  formed.    This  firm  continued  busi- 
ness until  July  1,  1882,  when  William  H.  Mitchell  joined  it,  and  it  was 
for  a  time   Bingham,  Mitchells  &  Batchellor,    and  later,  from  Jan.  1, 
1885,  John  M.  Mitchell  having  withdrawn  to  give  more  exclusive  atten- 
tion to  the  Concord  business,  the  L.  firm  was  constituted  of  Harry  Bing- 
ham, A.  S.  Batchellor,  and  W.  H.  Mitchell,  by  the  continued  firm  name 
of  Bingham,  Mitchell  &  Batchellor.     On  the  decease  of  Harry  Bing- 
ham, senior  member  of  the  firm,  in  September,  1900,  the  business  was 
continued  by  Mr.  Batchellor  and  W.  H.  Mitchell,  under  the  firm  name 
of  Batchellor   &   Mitchell.       Pulilic   positions  held   have   been  :    Supt. 
School  Committee  for  town  of  L.,  1873-4-5;  member  Board  of  Edu- 
cation, Union    District,   1873    to   1880,   inc. ;    Assistant    Clerk,   State 
Senate,  1875:  Representative  three  terms,  1877-8,  annual,  and  1879- 
81,  biennial;    Executive  Councillor,    1887-9,   administration    of  Gov. 
Charles  H.  Sawyer;  Trustee  of  N.  H.  State  Library,  1888-1898;  Ed- 
itor of  State  Papers  since  1890  ;  Justice  L.  Municipal  Court  since  1895  ; 
Trustee  of  L.  Public  Library  most  of  the  time  since  its  establishment, 
and  since  1896  Prest.  of  the  Board  ;  Chairman  of  Committee  on  Town 
History  ;  Prest.  L.  Musical  Assn.,  1884-1885  ;  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Master 
Burns  Lodge,  1883  ;  D.  D.  G.  M.,  Fifth  Masonic  District,  1885  ;   K.  T., 
St.  Gerard  Com. ;  32'  A.  A.  S.  R.  ;  Greek  letter  society  in  Dart.  Coll., 
K.  K.  K.,  and    Primarius   of  same,  1881    and   '97;  Prest.  of  Alumni 
Assn.,  N.  H.  Conference  Seminary,  1885-90;  Prest.  of  Dart.  Class  of 
1872  since  1892.     The  Legislative  Reports  in  the  official  publications 
and  daily  papers  of  the   sessions  of  1877-8-9  contain  abstracts  of  his 
discussions  of  numerous  measures  in  the  Legislature.     Briefs  and  legal 
arguments  in  cases  in  which  he  and  his  firm  have  been  engaged  are 
cited  in  N.  H.  Reports,  Vols.  58  to  68.     Many  papers  in  more  general 
literature  have  emanated  from   him.     Some  of  the  best  known  of  these 
are  :  "  Report  on  the  Schools  of  L.,  1875  ;  "  ''  Hist,  of  the  Class   of 
1868,    N.  H.  Conference  Seminary,   1885;"  "Edward  Dean  Rand," 
memorial  address  before  G.  &  C.  Bar  Assn.,  1886  ;  "  Relations  of  the 
Town  and  the  State,"  historical  address  L.  Cen.  1884  ;  "The  Profes- 
sion of  Medicine  in  L.,"  a  historical  review,  1887;   "The  Administra- 
tion of  the  Law  in  Grafton  Co.,"  a  historical  sketch  in  Child's  Gaz.  of 
Grafton  Co.,  1886;   "Joseph  Emerson  Dow,"  the  first  lawyer  settled 
in  L.,  "Granite  Monthly,"  1887;   "Jeremy  L.  Cross,"  a  biographical 
sketch,  "  Granite   Monthly,"  1887;   "Report  of  a  Committee  of  the 
Executive  Council  on  the  revision  of  the  record  of  N.  H.  Soldiers  and 
Sailors  in  the  War  of  the  Rebellion,"  1889  ;  "The  Publication  of  Early 
State  and  Province  Papers,"  a  report  to  the  Executive  Council,  1889  ; 
"The  Call  to  Arms  in  1861,  and  the  Response  at  L.,"  Memorial  Day 
address,  pub.  in  Abbott's  Hist.  First  N.  H.  Reg.,  1890;  "The  Public 

Batchellor  —  Batchelder.  41 

Libraiy  as  a  Barrier  against  Useless  and  Vicious  Literature,'"  an  ad- 
dress at  L.,  1892;  "The  War  Album  in  the  State  House,"  a  historical 
and  biographical  paper,  Vol.  16,  "Granite  Monthly,"  1894;  "John 
Farr,"  a  memoir,  G.  &  C.Bar  Assn.,  1894;  ''  The  Administration  of 
L.  D.  Barrows  and  George  J.  Jndkins,"  a  historical  address  at  the 
serai-centennial  of  the  X.  H.  Conference  Seminary,  1895  ;  "■  Fraternal 
Organization  as  an  Element  in  the  Development  of  the  New  England 
Towns,"  a  historical  address  at  Lebanon,  1896  ;  "  Report  for  the  Board 
of  Trustees  of  tlie  N.  H.  State  Library,"  1896  ;  "  The  Development  of 
the  Courts  in  N.  H.  fi'om  the  Province  Period,"  a  historical  review, 
Hard's  N.  E.  States,  their  Constitutional.  Judicial,  Educational,  Com- 
mercial, Professional,  and  Industrial  History,  1897,  Vol.  IV.,  pp. 
2295-2315  ;  The  same  condensed  in  a  contribution  to  the  New  York 
Medico- Legal  Journal,  1899  ;  "  Notes  on  the  Political  and  Constitu- 
tional Development  of  the  State  from  Provincial' Conditions,"  N.  H. 
State  Papers,  Vols.  XIX.,  XX.,  XXL,  XXIL  ;  "  Outline  of  the  Insti- 
tutional Historj-  of  the  Towns  of  N.  H.,"  Preface,  Vol.  XXIV.,  State 
Papers  ;  "  The  Historical  Antecedents  of  the  Controversy  over  the  N.  H. 
Grants,"  Preface,  Vol.  XXVL,  State  Papers;  "The  Importance  of 
the  Masonian  Element  in  N.  H.  Historv,"  Preface,  Vol.  XXVIL,  State 
Papers;  "The  Masonian  Proprietary,  and  their  Methods  of  Adminis- 
tration," Preface,  Vol.  XXVIIL,  State  Papers  ;  "  The  Relation  of  the 
Masonian  Papers  to  the  Documentary  Histor}'  of  New  Hampshire." 
Preface  to  Vol.  XXIX.,  State  Papers  ;  "  Notes  on  the  Military  Annals 
of  New  Hampshire,  with  special  reference  to  the  Regimental  Histories," 
Chapter  XXXVIIL,  Kent's  History  of  Seventeenth  Regiment,  1898. 
"A  Brief  View  of  the  Influences  that  moved  in  the  Adoption  of  the 
Federal  Constitution  by  the  State  of  New  Hampshire,"  annual  address 
before  the  Grafton  and  Coos  Bar  Assn.,  at  Berlin,  1899  ;  same  in  Ap- 
pendix, Proceedings  N.  H.  Bar  Assn.,  1900  ;  "  The  Establishment  and 
Development  of  a  Modern  New  England  Town,"  address  at  the  cen- 
tennial of  the  incorporation  of  the  town  of  Bethlehem,  1899.  Since 
his  appointment  as  editor  of  State  Papers  he  has  brought  out  eleven 
vols,  of  the  series,  and  has  three  more  in  active  preparation.  He  has 
also  been  identified  in  an  official  capacity  with  many  other  publications, 
notably,  "  The  Dartmouth  Magazine,"  1871-1872  ;  "  The  Littleton  Cen- 
tennial," 1887;  "The  N.  H.  Historical  Society  Proceedings,"  Vol.  I.  ; 
"  L.  Municipal  Reports;"  ''The  G.  &  C.  Bar  Assn.  Proceedings," 
and  the  "  N.  H.  Revised  Record  of  Soldiers  and  Sailors  in  the  War  of 
the  Reliellion." 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Stillman,  b.  Dec.  1,  1882. 
ii.     Bertha,  b.  Nov.  17,  1884. 

iii.     Fred  Copeland,  b.  June  21,  1887.     (Change  of  name,  Laws  of  1895, 
p.  485.) 


1.  Stephen  Bachiler,  b.  in  England,  1560,  Oxford,  1586,  Vicar 
of  Wherwell,  Hants,  1587-1605,  emigi-ated  to  New  England,  landing  at 
Boston,  June  5,  1632.  He  founded  the  town  of  Hampton,  1638,  and 
was  the  first  pastor  of  the  church  and  minister  of  the  town.     About 

42  Batchelder. 

16o4  he  returned  to  England,  where  he  d.  1660,  in  the  100th  year  of 
his  age.  (Batchelder,  Batcheller  Genealogy;  Dovv's  "History  of 

2.  Nathaniel  Batcheller,  b.  and  d.  in  England. 

3.  Nathaniel  Batchelder,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  in  England,  1630, 
was  an  early  resident  of  Hampton.  He  ra.  Dec.  10,  1656,  Deborah 
Smith,  who  d.  March  8,  1675  ;  m.  second,  Oct.  31,  1676,  Mary  (Carter) 
Wyman,  b.  July  24,  1648,  dau.  of  Rev.  Thomas  Carter  and  widow  of 
John  Wyman,  of  Wobnrn.  m.  third,  Oct.  23,  1689,  Elizabeth  Ivnill, 
widow  of  John  Knill.     He  d.  in  Hampton,  Jan.  2,  1710. 

4.  Stephen  Batchelder,  b.  in  Hampton,  March  8,  1675.  m.  Aug. 
25,  1698,  Mary  Dearborn,  b.  May  6,  1678,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary 
(Ward)  Dearborn.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Indian  wars  and  a  life-long 
resident  of  Hampton.     He  d.  Sept.  19,  1748. 

5.  John  Batchelder,  son  of  Stephen  *,  b.  Aug.  24,  1699,  m.  March 
18,  1725,  Elizabeth  Moulton,  b.  Sept.  10,  1699,  dau.  of  Josiah  and 
Elizabeth  (Worthington)  Moulton,  of  Hampton.  He  lived  near  Little 
Boar's  Head. 

6.  Nathaniel  Batchelder,  son  of  John  ^  b.  May  26,  1726,  m. 
Nov.  6,  1746,  Abigail  Philbrick,  b.  Jan.  16,  1729,  dau.' of  Nathan  and 
Dorcas  (Johnson)  Philbrick,  of  Hampton  and  Rye.  He  removed  (says 
Genealogy)  to  Nottingham.     Perhaps  Deerfield. 

7.  Nathaniel  Batchelder,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  date  of  birth  and 
record  of  marriage  not  found.     Soldier  in  Continental  Line. 

8.  James  Batchelder,  son  of  NathanieF,  was  a  physician,  lived  in 
Bath  and  Lyman.  His  first  wife  was  Elizabeth  Marston.  He  m.  sec- 
ond, Hannah  Southworth,  who  d.  in  Lyman,  1813. 

9.  Otis  Freeman  Batchelder,  son  of  Dr.  James  ^,  m.  May  25, 
1824,  Lucretia  Labaree,  b.  in  Charlestown,  Dec.  27,  1794,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  and  Hannah  (Farwell)  Labaree,  and  sister  of  the  wife  of 
Isaac  Abl)ott,  and  a  sister  of  Benjamin  Labaree,  president  of  Middle- 
bury  College.  She  was  a  granddaughter  of  Peter  Labaree,  who  was 
captured  by  the  Indians  in  Charlestown,  1754.  In  his  3'outh  Otis 
lived  a  few  years  in  L.  He  was  an  apprentice  of  Peter  Bonney,  a 
tanner.  Eor  several  jears  succeeding  his  marriage  he  lived  in  Bed- 
ford, returning  to  this  town  in  1835.  He  was  a  tanner,  and  subse- 
quently he  conducted  a  shoe  store.  In  later  years  he  wrote  the  name 
Otis  Batchelder.  He  d.  May  24,  1869;  his  wife  d.  Dec.  31,  1866. 
Selectman,  1849.  Universalist.  Republican.  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn  and  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bedford, — 

i.     Jane  Moore,  b.  July  28,  1825.     m.  Charles  White  Rand  (See). 
ii.     LcCRETiA,  b.  March  12,  1827.     m.  Charles  White  Brackett  (See). 

10.  iii.     George  Frederic,  b.  Jan.  16,  1829. 

10.  George  Frederic  Batchelder,  son  of  Otis  ^,  b.  in  Bedford, 
Jan.  16,  1829.  m.  Oct.  10,  1855,  Amelia  E.,  dau.  of  Joseph  Beane, 
b.  in  Lyme,  July,  1837.  He  came  to  L.  witli  his  parents  in  1835,  and 
remained  here  most  of  the  time  until  he  was  17.     Attended  public  and 

Batche Ider  —  Be  an.  43 

private  schools  in  L.  during  that  period.  At  the  age  of  18  attended 
St.  Johnsbur^'  Academy,  and  in  Oct.,  1848,  engaged  as  clerk  with 
Burbank  &  Langdon,  Montpelier,  Vt.,  remaining  tliere  four  years.  In 
,1852  went  to  Passaic,  N.  J.,  and  taught  school  about  three  years.  In 
1855  returned  to  L.,  and  bought  the  store  of  J.  W.  Balch  (brick  store), 
running  it  until  1857,  when  he  sold,  and  removed  to  Faribault,  Minn., 
where  he  was  engaged  in  mercantile  business  18  years.  At  different 
times  was  Trustee  of  School  Board,  Dea.  Cong.  Church,  Supt.  Sunday 
School,  Co.  Commissioner,  Regent  State  University,  and  Trustee  of 
the  State  Deaf,  Dumb,  and  Blind  Institute.  Was  a  member  of  the 
Minn.  Senate  in  1868-9.  In  1874  he  sold  out,  and  moved  to  Chicago, 
where  he  was  partner  in  the  machinery  house  of  Greenlee,  Batchel- 
der,  &  Co.,  one  3-ear.  In  1879  he  moved  to  Leadville,  Col.,  and  made 
a  careful  stud\'  of  the  mining  business,  and  has  ever  since  been  inter- 
ested in  it.  In  1888  he  removed  with  his  family  to  Denver,  Col.,  his 
present  home.  In  1889  Mr.  Batchelder  joined  with  others  in  organ- 
izing the  Col.  Mining  Stock  Exchange,  and  was  elected  Prest.  the  first 
year,  during  which  time  work  was  commenced  on  the  beautiful  building 
known  as  the  Mining  Exchange.  Republican.  Cong.  Since  the  age 
of  10,  Mr.  Batchelder  has  written  verses.  Among  them  are  "  Sloan 
Lee,"  ''Jacob  Strouse,"  and  ''The  Flag."  His  latest  is  a  metrical 
letter  to  the  Littleton  committee,  describing  his  old  home  of  fifty  years 
ago  as  he  remembers  it. 
Ch., — 

i.     Lizzie  Lue,  b.  Faribault,  Minn.,  Nov.  21,  1857.     ni.  April,  1883,  Wil- 
liam L.  Martin,     res.  Minneapolis,  Minn, 
ii.     Clara  Burbank,  b.  Faribault,  Minn.,  Dec.  1871. 


1.  JoHX  Bean  emigrated  to  America  and  res.  in  Exeter,  where  he  d. 
about  1718.  He  m.  before  coming  to  America,  and  lost  his  w.  on  tlie 
passage,  or  soon   after  his   arrival,     m.  second,  about  1660,  Margaret 

,  a  Scotch-Irish  Presbyterian  girl,  said  to  have  come  over  in  the 

same  vessel. 

2.  James  Bean,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Exeter,  Dec.  17,  1672,  was 
twice  m.,  and  Edward  ^  w^as  a  son  by  his  first  w.,  name  unknown.  He 
had  at  least  six  ch.  by  his  second  w.  Her  descendants  are  numerous. 
James  d.  in  Kingston,  Jan.  6,  1733. 

3.  Edward  Bean,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  Exeter,  between  1690  and 
1695.  Name  of  w.  unknown.  Selectman  of  Nottingham,  1733-4.  d. 
in  Nottingham. 

4.  Edward  Bean,  son  of  Edward^,  b.   in  Exeter,  about  1722.     m. 

first,   Elizabeth  .     m,  second,   Joanna,   dau.   of  John   and  Sarah 

(Godfrev)  Redman,  baptized  in  Hampton,  Aug.  27,  1732,  d.  Jan.  18, 
1784.     Edward  d.  in  Gilmanton,  Feb.  24,  1807. 

5.  Levi  Bean,  son  of  Edward  ^  b.  in  Nottingham,  March  10,  1765. 
m.  Oct.  14,  1784,  Elizabeth,  widow  of  Abraham  Folsom  and  dau.  of 
John  Moodv,  b.  March  13,  1756,  d.  Julv  31,  1838.  Eight  ch.  Levi  d. 
in  Chelsea, "Vt.,  Nov.  17,  1842. 

44  Bean. 

6.  David  Bean,  son  of  Levi  ^,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Jan,  25,  1786.  ra. 
first,  May  8,  1814,  Ruth,  cUiu.  of  Ono  and  Mary  (Kimball)  Snow,  b. 
Nev.  23,  1797,  d.  March  13,  1842.  m.  second,  Elizabeth,  dan.  of 
Henry  Crooks  (See),  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  May  31,  1794.  David 
d.  in  Bethlehem,  April  2,  l849. 

7.  PoRTUs  Wheeler  Bean,  son  of  David  '',  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  2, 
1818.  m.  Oct.  22,  1845,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Frederic  Durlam,  b.  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  March  17,  1826.  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1868  until 
he  d.,  Dec.  28,  1896.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.  Flora  Stella,  b.  Charleston,  Vt.,  April  18,  1851.  unni.  Teacher. 
Assistant  in  State  Normal  School;  and  Preceptress  L.  High  School, 
1893-4.     She  d.  L.  May  13,  1809. 

8.  ii.     Leslie  Frederic,  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  28,  1854. 

iii.     Cora,  b.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  22,  1857,  d.  Bethlehem,  May,  1858. 

9.  iv.     Alvah  William,  b.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  18,  1861. 

V.     Fat,  b.  L.  Feb.  26,  1870,  d.  L.  Aug.  18,  1870. 

8.  Leslie  Frederic  Bean,  son  of  Portus  Wheeler '',  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Feb.  28,  1854.  m.  Feb.  26,  1879,  Minnie,  dau.  of  Nelson  Henderson, 
b.  in  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  11,  1861,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  24,  1891.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Farmer  and  butcher.  Representative,  1891-2. 
Member  Town  School  Board,  1891-2-3  ;  Auditor  of  same,  1895.  Dem- 
ocrat.    I.  O.  0.  F. 


i.     Stella  Mat,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  July  2,  1880. 
ii.     Ella  Augusta,  b.  L.  Oct.  19,  1882. 
iii.     Perot  James,  b.  L.  March  23,  1884. 

9.  Alvah  William  Bean,  son  of  Portus  Wheeler'',  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Jan.  18,  1861.  m.  May  10,  1883,  Estella  Adelina,  dau.  of  John  D. 
Chandler  (See),  b.  in  L.  April  27,  1859.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  the 
time  since  1868.     Coal  and  wood  merchant.     Democrat. 


i.     Eloise  Estelle,  b.  Carroll,  July  7,  1886. 
ii.     Helen  Minnie,  b.  L.  May  3,  1898. 
iii.     William  Austin,  b.  L.  Dec.  17,  1894,  d.  L.  Aug.  27,  1895. 


10.  John  Bean,  b.  in  1807.  m.  Ruby  Dexter,  res.  in  Franconia,  d. 
in  1868.     He  was  bro.  of  David  Bean  ^^ 

11.  Frank  E.  Bean,  son  of  John  ^°,  b.  in  Franconia,  Feb.  22,  1845. 
m.  Sept.  22,  1869,  Elmira  M.,  dau.  of  Edson  E.  Merrill,  b.  in  Landaff, 
Oct.  30,  1851.  Methodist.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893.  He  never 
res.  in  L.  Ice  merchant.  Republican,  d.  in  N.  Y.  City,  April  11, 

Ch.,  b.  in  N.  Y.  City,  — 

i.     Minnie  E.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1871.     m.  March  4,  1890,  William  W.  Whitesell, 

res.  N.  Y.  City,  ice  dealer, 
ii.     Mabel  M.,  b.  Sept.  14,  1875.     m.  Nov.  24,  1898,  Eben  W.  Cole,  son  of 

L.  D.  and  Rebecca  (Gould)  Cole,  res.  L. 
iii.     Florence  E.,  b.  June  28,  1882. 
iv.     Edith  F.,  b.  Sept.  28,  1886. 

Bian.  45 

12.  Will  Bean,  son  of  James  R.,  and  grandson  of  John  ^°,  b.  in 
Franconia,  April  18,  1867.  m.  Jul}-  5,  1887,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Greenwood,  b.  in  St.  Johnsbiuy,  Vt.,  March  3,  1869.  Roman  Catholic. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Flossie  May,  b.  Feb.  16,  1889. 

ii.  Mabel  Florence,  b.  July  19,  1890,  d.  L.  Aug.  20,  1890. 

iii.  Margderite,  b.  Aug.  30,  1891,  d.  L.  Aug.  26,  1892. 

iv.  Millie  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  15,  1893. 

V.  Nellie  Emma,  b.  June  21,  1895. 

vi.  WiLDA  L.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1897,  d.  Aug.  31,  1898. 

vii.  Leona,  b.  Oct.  1,  1898. 

13.  David  Bean,  brother  of  John  ^'^,  b.  1810.  m.  Amanda  Hatch 
Davenport,  b.  Peacham,  Vt.,  1810.  Blacksmith,  res.  in  L.  from  1849 
until  he  d.  1854.     She  d.  Kenosha,  Wis.,  Aug.  17,  1881. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.  Albro  Graham,  May  13,  1839.  m.  1861  Esther  Bixby.  res.  Everett, 

ii.  Francelia  Louisa,  b.  Nov.  1,  1841,  m.  1862  Joseph  Hamilton. 
Divorced,  m.  second,  1870,  V.  R.  King,  physician,  res.  Hopkins, 

iii.  Mary  Morrison,  b.  Aug.  31,  1843.  m.  Aug.  8,  1861,  Albert  H.  Bow- 
man (See). 

iv.  Flora  Amanda,  b.  March  2,  1846.  m.  Thomas  L.  Moore.  Conductor, 
res.  Kenosha,  Wis. 


14.  David  Bean,  b.  in  Exeter  or  Kingston,  m.  March  28,  1736, 
Mary  Judkins.  He  res.  in  Brentwood,  Chester,  and  Sandwich,  d.  in 

15.  John  Bean,  son  of  David",  b.  in  Brentwood,  Aug.  29,  1748. 
m.  Lettice,  dau.  of  John  Alls  of  Peterborough,  b.  Oct.  1,  1749.  He  d. 
in  Moultonboro,  Feb.  21,  183G.     Thirteen  ch. 

16.  James  Alls  Bean,  son  of  John  ^^,  b.  in  Moultonboro,  July  14, 
1778.  m.  first,  Sept.  5,  1801,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Bean  of 
Tuftonboro,  b.  March  9,  1780,  d.  March  2,  1810.  in.  second,  Dorothy, 
dau.  of  Daniel  Moulfcon,  d.  Jan.  5,  1844.  He  res.  in  Sandwich,  where 
he  d.  Nov.  25,  1843.     Two  ch. 

17.  Orlando  Bean,  son  of  James  Alls  ^^,  b.  in  Sandwich,  July  8, 
1805.  m.  Nov.  9,  1826,  Mehitable  Simpson,  dau,  of  Bradbury  Pres- 
cott,  b.  Aug.  20,  1805  ;  she  m.  second,  Darius  Abbott,  d  Sept.  5,  1885. 
Orlando  res.  in  Sandwich,  where  he  d.  Nov,  2,  1843.     Four  ch. 

18.  James  Mores  Bean,  son  of  Orlando  ",  b.  in  Sandwich,  Aug.  27, 
1827,  m.  Dec.  8,  1847,  Grace,  dau.  of  Samuel  Ethridge  of  Sandwich, 
b.  Dec.  20,  1824,  d.  Rockford,  III,  Oct.  22,  1896.  He  was  educated 
in  the  common  schools  of  Sandwich  and  N.  H.  Conference  Seminary. 
He  received  a  local  preacher's  license  Nov.  1,  1851,  and  studied  and 
preached  until  the  winter  of  1857,  when  he  entered  the  Methodist  Bib- 
lical Institute,  Concord,  from  which  he  grad.  in  June,  1861.  He  was 
ordained  a  Methodist  Dea.  in  Concord,  July  15,  1858  ;  Elder  in  Dover, 

46  Bean  —  Beattie. 

April  16,  1865.  His  ministry  has  been  as  follows  :  Bow,  1860  to  1861  ; 
Riimney,  1861  to  1863;  Landaff,  1863  to  1865;  Haverhill,  1865  to 
1868;  Loudon,  1868  to  1869;  L.,  1869  to  1870;  Savanna,  111.,  1871 
to  1873;  Prairie  Centre,  111.,  1873  to  1876.  Poor  health  then  com- 
pelled him  to  take  a  superannuate  relation,  and  he  moved  to  Lanark, 
111.,  where  he  d.  April  20,  1895.  Republican.  Sec.  of  Grafton  Co. 
Bible  Society,  1862  to  1866. 

i.     Orlando  Samuel,  b.  July  9,  1855,  d.  May  20,  1860. 


19.  Beniah  J.  Bean,  son  of  Beniah,  b.  in  Thornton  in  1822.  m. 
Caroline  A.,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Streeter,  b.  in  Lisbon,  May  16,  1835. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1855  to  1867.  Farmer.  Co.  G,  2d  N.  H.  Inf 


Miles  M.,  b.  L.  May  10,  1865.     m.  Mary  E.  Oilman. 
Mary  E.,  b.  L.  April  16,  1868.     m.  1881,  Clement  J.  Phillips,  res.  Beth- 
lehem, farmer. 
Fred  E.,  b.  Lisbon,  July  2,  1867,  d.  Lisbon,  Feb.  12,  1892. 
Ida  Mat,  b.  Lisbon,  May  9,  1873,  d.  Bethlehem,  April  2,  1894. 


20.  John  Bean,  son  of  Arthur,  b.  in  Canada,  July  11,  1837.  m.  Oct. 
17,  1868,  Mary,  dau.  of  Avery  George,  b.  in  Monroe,  Sept.  29,  1848, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1852.  Mason.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Vandie,  b.  April  26,  1870.     m.  Feb.  24,  1892,  Napoleon  Trepanier,  res. 

L.,  laborer, 
ii.     Mart,  b.  Jan.  19,  1873.     m.  March  16,  1892,  Ellery  Kentfield,- res.  L., 

iii.     Ada,  b.  Sept.  10,  1885. 


1.  Rev.  James  Milligan  Beattie,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Colenham, 
N.  Y.,  Sept.  2,  1811,  grad.  Union  Coll.  and  studied  for  the  ministry  in 
Scotland.  He  grad.  University  Edinburgh.  Returning  to  his  native 
State,  he  was  a  private  tutor  several  years,  and  was  installed  1844 
over  the  Reformed  Presbyterian  Church,  Old  School,  of  Ryegate,  Vt. 
The  parish  included  a  portion  of  the  adjoining  town  of  Barnet.  During 
the  forty  j-ears  of  successful  ministry  he  was  an  efficient  promoter  of 
schools,  and  was  pres.  of  the  trustees  of  Peacham  Academy.  He  ra. 
1856  Margaret  Sophia  Neilson,  dau.  of  John  and  Mary  (Finlay)  Neilson 
of  Ryegate,  Vt.     He  d.  March  12,  1884. 

2.  William  Johnstone  Beattie,  son  of  James  Milligan  \  b.  in  Rye- 
gate, Vt.,  Sept.  6,  1865.  m.  May  29,  1890,  Elizabeth  Arnold,  dau.  of 
Charles  M.  Tuttle  (See),  b.  in  L.  July  27,  1866.     Unitarian.    Graduated 

Beck  —  Bedell.  47 

from  L.  High  School,  1884.  Attended  St.  Johnsbuiy  Academy,  1885. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  since  May,  1889.  Received  his  academical  educa- 
tion at  St.  Johnsbur}',  Vt.,  and  then  spent  four  years  in  Bellevue  Hos- 
pital Medical  College,  N.  Y.  City.  Ph^'sician.  Republican.  Board  of 
Health,  1891.  Representative,' 1899-1900.  K.  P. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Makgaret,  b.  Jan.  18,  1891. 
ii.     Barbara,  b.  Dec.  28,  1897. 


1.  James  W.  Beck,  b.  in  London,  Eng.,  Jan.  3,  1857.  m.  Jan.  22, 
1878,  Caroline  Ivia,  dau.  of  Andrew  Lafrance,  b.  in  Durham,  P.  Q., 
May  6,  1860.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893.     Farmer. 


i.  Charles  Benson,  b.  Canada,  Sept.  1,  1879. 

ii.  James  William,  b.  Dec.  11,  1884. 

iii.  Ernest  Edward,  b.  March  3,  1886. 

iv.  Stella  Pearl,  b.  Nov.  4,  1890. 

v.  Susan  E.,  b.  L.  Aug.  12,  1894. 


1.  Charles  Warren  Bedell,  son  of  Timoth}-  and  grandson  of 
Cyrus,  b.  in  Bath,  May  23,  1839.  m.  Aug.  29,  1855,  Mary  Evaline, 
dau.  of  Human  Pennock,  b.  Feb.  1,  1843,  d.  April  16,  1896.'  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  1868.  Farmer.  Republican.  Selectman,  1889.  J.  P. 
Master  White  Mt.  Grange,  1889-90-1.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 

No  ch. 


2.  Thomas  Judson  Bedell,  son  of  Abram,  b.  in  Gardiner,  Me., 
July  80,  1834.  m.  Oct.  16,  1855,  Amanda,  dau.  of  Ransome  Hicks,  b. 
June,  1838.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  the  time  since  1882.  Farmer. 
Baptist.    Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Jefferson,  — 

1.     Susie  E.,  b.  Feb.  6, 1857.     m.  Sept.  2,  1876,  Willie  Lucas,  res.  Lancaster. 

3.  ii.     Lewis  E.,  b.  Aug.  30,  1860. 

4.  iii.     Arthur  J.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1867. 

3.  Lewis  E.  Bedell,  son  of  Thomas  Judson^,  b.  in  Jetferson,  Aug. 
30,  1860.  m.  Jan.  5,  1887,  Jennie  M.,  dau.  of  Amos  K.  Chase,  b.  in 
L.  April  26,  1868.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Keeps  liverv  stable. 
Republican.     J.  P.     K.  P. 


i.     Vina  D.,  b.  L.  March  3,  1888. 

4.  Arthur  J.  Bedell,  son  of  Thomas  Judson  ^,  b.  in  Jefferson,  Nov. 
5,  1867.  m.  Oct.  10,  1887,  Bertha,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Williams,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  June  10,  1871.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.'    Painter.     K.  P. 


i.     Nina,  b.  L.  Jan.  10,  1889. 

48  Bedell  —  Beehe. 


5.  Curtis  Bedell  son  of  William,  b.  in  Bath,  May  30,  1843.  m. 
Dec.  19,  1863,  Caroline  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Heniy  G.  Bruce,  b.  in 
Peacham,  Vt,  Aug.  8,  1847.  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1867. 
Farmer.  Republican.  Co.  C,  15th  N.  H.  Regt.  Corp.  Co.  H,  1st  N. 
H.  H.  Art.     G.  A.  R. 


i.     Florence  Elizabeth,  b.  Bath,  April  28,  1865.     m.  first,  Nov.  2.3,  1883, 
Archie  Sunsbur}'.      Divorced,     m.  second,  Noble  Patterson  (See). 

6.  ii.     Carlos  Kenrt,  b.  Bath,  May  1,  1866. 

iii.     LuLA  Emma,  b.  L.  Sept  9,  1871.     m.  John  W.  Farr,  Jr.  (See). 

iv.     Martha  Sophia,  b.  Bath,  Aug.  3,  1873.     m.  Clias.  P.  Barnutn  (See). 

6.  Carlos  Henry  Bedell,  son  of  Curtis  ^  b.  in  Bath,  May  1,  1866. 
m.  Oct.  16,  1890,  Myrtle  May,  dau.  of  Albert  George,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  10, 
1873.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1867.     Farmer.     Republican. 


i.     Verne  Ellsworth,  b.  L.  Oct.  11,  1892. 
ii.     Carlos  H.,  b.  L.  July  4,  1897. 


1.  George  Beebe,  son  of  Richard,  b.  in  Bacomb,  Somersetshire, 
Eng.,  June  9,  1828.  m.  first,  Dec.  7,  1853,  Minerva  J.,  dau.  of 
John  Hunt,  b.  in  Gilford,  Jan.  4,  1836.  d.  in  Chichester,  March  18, 
1871.  m.  second,  Feb.  10,  1874,  Ardelle  O.,  dau.  of  Charles  C.  Knapp 
(See),  b.  in  Lisbon  in  1849,  who  m.  second,  Samuel  J.  Mead.  Meth- 
odist and  missionary  in  Melange,  South  Africa.  Mr.  Beebe  res.  in 
L.  from  1872  to  1874  as  pastor  of  M.  E.  Church.  He  came  to  America 
in  1839,  studied  medicine  and  practised  in  Brooklyn.  Served  as  soldier 
in  the  Mexican  War,  and  as  warrant  surgeon  in  tlie  War  of  the  Rebel- 
lion. At  the  close  of  the  war  he  gave  up  the  practice  of  medicine  and 
entered  into  mission  work  on  the  Isles  of  Shoals.  In  1867  he  joined 
the  N.  H.  Conference,  and  having  been  ordained  an  elder,  he  was  ex- 
cused from  the  usual  course  of  study  and  was  assigned  to  the  Isles  of 
Shoals  for  two  years.  Representative,  1866-7-8-9.  In  1870  he  was 
assigned  to  Chichester  ;  in  1872  to  L.  ;  1874  to  Lisbon  ;  1876  to  Bethle- 
hem, where  he  d.  March  10,  1877.     Republican. 


i.     Minerva  Deborah,  b.  Mt.  Morris,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  27, 1854.     m.  Wilber  F. 

Robins  (See). 
ii.     Mitty,  b.  Gosport,  July  18,  1856,  d.  Newcastle,  June  23,  1863. 
iii.     Millie,  b.  Gosport,  June  27,  1859,  d.  Newcastle,  June  12,  1863. 
iv.     Jessie,  b.  Gosport,  Aug.  o,  1861,  d.  Newcastle,  Marcli  30,  1863. 
V.     William  A.,  b.  Gosport,  Jan.  8,  1864.     unni.,  res.  L.     Glover. 
vi.     Martha,  b.  Newcastle,  Feb.  23,  1866.     m.  1,  1873,  Ashter  D.  Ross, 

res.  Fitchbiirg,  Mass. 
vii.     G.  Richard,  b.  Concord,  .Jan.  21,  1868.    res.  N.  Y.  City.     Printer, 
viii.     George,  b.  Chicliester,  Dec.  7,  1869,  d.  Chicliester,  Oct.  25,  1871. 

Belanger  —  Belknap  —  Belloivs.  49 


1.  Charles  Belanger,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Canada,  Jan.  15,  1860. 
m.  Caroline,  dau.  of  John  Coyer,  b.  in  Canada,  Sept.  17,  1849,  Roman 
Catholic.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.     Farmer.     Roman  CathoUc. 


i.  Edward,  b.  Canada,  March  17,  1876. 

ii.  Peter,  b.  Canada,  Sept.  30,  1880. 

iii.  Jennie,  b.  L.  Aug.  9,  1882. 

iv.  Maud,  b.  L.  Oct.  9,  1886. 

V.  Louise,  b.  L.  Feb.  28,  1887. 

vi.  Maggie,  b.  L.  May  11,  1890. 

vii.  Levi,  b.  L.  Nov.  15,  1892. 


1.    George  Belknap,  b.  in  Danville,  Canada,  about  1847.     m.  Jennie 
L.,  dau.  of  Noah  W.  Ranlett  (See),  b.  in  L.  Oct.  11,  1849.     Methodist. 
He  res.  in  L.  only  a  short  time.     d.  in  Denver,  Col.,  about  1881.     Black- 
smith.    Democrat.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 

i.     Annie  D.,  b.  Betlilehem,  July  30,  1870,  d.  L.  April  26, 1874. 
ii.     Catherine  M.,  b.  L.  Aug.  13,  1874.      m.  Robert  Plyrapton  Peckett 


1.  John  Bellows,  b.  in  England,  1623,  embarked  in  the  "  Hope- 
well," of  London,  William  Burdock,  master,  for  New  England,  April  6, 
1635.  He  resided  in  Concord  and  Marlborough,  Mass.  He  m.  May 
9, 1655,  Mary  Wood,  dau.  of  John  Wood.  They  had  ten  children.  He 
d.  in  Marlborough,  1683,  his  will  being  dated  June  19  and  proved  Oct. 
2  of  that  year.     She  d.  Sept.  16,  1707. 

2.  Benjamin  Bellows,  youngest  child  of  John  and  Mary  (Wood) 
Bellows,  was  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Jan.  18,  1676/7.  He  m.  Jan.  5, 
1703/4,  Dorcas  (Cutler)  Willard,  widow  of  Henry  Willard,  son  of 
Major  Simon  Willard.  By  her  first  marriage  she  was  the  mother  of 
Col.  Josiah  Willard  of  Lunenburg,  and  later  of  Winchester.  Benjamin 
Bellows  resided  in  Lancaster  until  about  1728,  when  he  removed  to 
Lunenburg,  where  he  d.  March  19,  1750.  She  d.  Sept.  8,  1747.  They 
were  parents  of  one  son  and  three  daughters. 

3.  CoL.  Benjamin  Bellows,  only  son  of  Benjamin  "^^  was  born  in 
Lancaster,  Mass.,  May  26,  1712.  His  name  is  boldly  written  in  the 
annals  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  where  he  lived  until  about  1752,  when  he 
removed  to  Walpole,  N.  H.,  and  is  justly  called  the  founder  of  the  town. 
He  d.  July  10,  1777.  (See  Bellows  Genealogy,  by  Thomas  Bellows 
Peck.)  He  m.  Oct.  7,  1735,  Abigail  Stearns,  b.  Watertown,  Mass., 
June,  1708,  dau.  of  John  and  Abigail  (Fiske)  Stearns,  and  a  sister  of 
Rev.  David  Stearns  of  Lunenburg;  she  d.  Nov.  9,  1757.  He  m.  sec- 
ond, April  21,  1758,  Mary  (Hubbard)  Jennison,  b.  April  12,  1725,  dau. 
of  Major  Jonathan  and  Rebecca  (Brown)  Hubbard,  and  widow  of  John 

VOL.  II.  —  4 

60  Bellows. 

Jennison.  She  was  a  sister  of  the  wife  of  Rev.  David  Stearns,  and 
also  a  sister  of  the  wives  of  Col.  Joseph  Blanchard  and  Col.  Josiah 
Willard.    She  d.  Feb.  21,  1794. 

4.  Col.  Joseph  Bellows,  son  of  Col.  Benjamin  ^  and  Abigail 
(Stearns)  Bellows,  was  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Maj'  26,  1744.  He  returned 
to  Lunenburg,  1762,  and  was  a  prominent  resident  of  that  town  about 
twenty  years.  He  d.  in  Langdon,  N.  H.,  Ma}'  22,  1817.  He  ra.  Oct. 
3,  1764,  Lois  Whitney,  b.  1744,  dau.  of  Salmon  and  Sarah  Whitney  of 
Littleton,  Mass.     She  d.  in  Walpole,  March  26,  1834. 

5.  Major,  Joseph  Bellows,  fifth  of  the  fourteen  children  of  Col. 
Joseph*,  was  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Nov.  3,  1770.  In  early  life  he  settled  in 
Walpole,  where  he  was  an  active,  useful  citizen.  About  1812  he  re- 
moved to  Rockingham,  Vt.  He  d.  March  22,  1821.  He  m.  Jan.  7, 
1794,  Deborah  Wiight,  who  d.  Sept.  9,  1802.  He  m.  second,  Jan.  2, 
1803,  Mary  Adams,  b.  July  17,  1774,  dau.  of  Rev.  Zabdiel  and  Eliza- 
beth (Stearns)  Adams.     She  d.  May  26,  1859. 

Ch.  by  w.  Deborah,  — 

i.  ii.  and  ill.  d.  young, 
iv.     George,  b.   April  24,   1799,  grad.  Dart.   Med.  School,  1826.     After  a 

brief  practice  of  his  profession,  he  d.  Hartford,  Vt.,  Jan.  15,  1830. 
V.     Eliza,  b.  Sept.  13,  1801.     ni.  Calvin  Ains worth  (See). 

Ch.  by  w.  Mary,  — 

6.     vi.     Henry  Adams,  b.  Oct.  25,  1803. 

vii.     Mary  Stearns,  b.  Oct.  26,  1808,  d.  Sept.  15,  1809. 

viii.     Frances  Ann,  b.  April  18,  1813.     Teacher,     d.  Dec.  22,  18.36,  L.,  at 
the  home  of  her  brother.  Judge  Bellows. 
7.       ix.     William  Joseph,  b.  Rockingham,  Vt.,  July  3,  1817. 

6.  Henry  Adams  Bellows,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  in  Walpole  Oct.  25, 
1803.  He  attended  the  public  schools  of  Walpole  and  the  Academy  at 
Windsor,  Vt.,  and  studied  law  with  Hon.  William  C.  Bradley  of  West- 
minster, Vt.  He  was  admitted  to  the  bar  1826.  He  began  the  practice 
of  his  profession  in  Walpole,  but  removed,  1828,  to  this  town,  where 
he  resided  until  1850,  when  he  removed  to  Concord.  He  was  the  senior 
meml)er  of  the  law  firm  of  Henry  A.  and  William  J.  Bellows,  Littleton, 
1848  to  1850,  and  of  Henry  A.  and  A.  Herbert  Bellows,  Concord,  1853 
to  1859.  He  was  appointed  Associate  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court. 
Sept.  23,  1859,  and  Chief  Justice,  Oct.  1,  1869,  succeeding  Judge  Per- 
ley.  He  was  moderator,  Littleton,  1829,  1835  to  1838  ;  Whig  candi- 
date for  Congress,  1847.  He  represented  Littleton  in  the  legislature, 
1839,  and  Concord,  1856  and  1857,  serving  as  chairman  of  the  Com- 
mittee on  the  Judiciarv.  He  received  from  Dartmouth  College  the 
degree  of  A.M.,  1859,  "'and  of  LL.D.,  1869.  Unitarian.  Whig.  Re- 
publican. His  published  works  include  :  Opinions  in  N.  H,  Reports, 
Vols.  XXXIX.  to  LIII.  ;  Briefs  in  Supreme  Court,  Vol.  V.  of  printed 
Reports  to  Vol.  XXXI.  inc.  ("  Memorial  Sermon  at  Concord  "  by 
Rev.  Henry  W.  Bellows,  D.D. ;  "  Bellows  Genealogy,"  by  Thomas  Bel- 
lows Peck  ;  "  Narratives  and  Traditions  of  the  Bellows  Family,"  by 
Emilj'  R.  Barnes;  "  History  of  Walpole,"  b\'  George  Aldrich  ;  "  Ap- 
pleton's  Cyclopasdia  of  American  Biography  ;  "  "  Bench  and  Bar  of 
New  Hampshire,"  by  Charles  H.  Bell ;  "  Sketch,"  by  James  R.  Jackson, 

Belloivs.  51 

Grafton  Co.  "Gazetteer;"  "Address,"  b}'  Jeremiah  Smith,  Grafton  & 
Coos  Bar  Association,  Vol.  I. ;  "  Reminiscences,"  by  Arthur  Liver- 
more,  Grafton  &  Coos  Bar  Association,  Vol.  III.) 

Mr.  Bellows  m.  June  16,  1836,  Catharine  Walle}-  Bellows,  b.  July  I, 
1815,  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Rebecca  (Sparhawk)  Bellows.  She  d.  in  Lit- 
tleton, June  24,  1848. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     JosiAH,  b.  June  5,   1837.     m.   Dec.  22,  1867,   Helen   Ann    Brown.     In 
1865   he    received   an    appointment   in   the    Treasury    Department, 
Washington,    D.   C,  and  has  acceptably  filled   the    position    to   the 
present  time, 
ii.     Stella  Louisa,  b.  Oct.  8,  18-39.     m.  Charles  P.  Sanborn  (See). 
iii.     Frances  Ann,  b.  Nov.  15,  1811.     m.  Charles  P.  Sanborn  (See), 
iv.     Henry  Adams,  b.  Sept.  27,  1843,  d.  L.  March  17,  1848. 
8.        V.     John  Adams,  b.  May  27,  1848. 

7.  William  Joskph  Bellows,  son  of  Joseph  ^,  b.  in  Rockingham,  Vt., 
July  3,  1817.  m.  Aug.  12,  1847,  Caroline  Ivah,  dau.  of  Sampson  Bul- 
lard  (See),  b.  in  Concord,  April  9,  1821.  Unitarian,  d.  in  L.  July  22, 
1890.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1831.  He  commenced  studying  law  with 
his  brother,  Henry  A.,  in  1842,  was  admitted  to  the  bar  at  Haverhill  in 
1845,  practised  iii  firm  of  Henry  A.  &  William  J.  Bellows,  from  1848 
to  1850  ;  then  alone  until  1854  ;  then  with  John  Farr  until  1860,  when 
he  retired'from  legal  practice.  He  was  appointed  Postmaster  of  L.  in 
1861,  and  held  the  office  until  1868.  He  then  entered  the  hardware  firm 
of  H.  L.  Tilton  &  Co.,  where  he  remained  until  1870.  In  1870  the  firm 
of  Bellows  Bros.  &  Co.  was  formed  and  continued  to  1873,  when  it  was 
changed  to  Bellows  &  Son,  and  is  now  doing  business.  Other  posi- 
tions he  lias  held  in  L.  are  :  Member  of  Board  Education,  Union  Dist, 
1868-9  &  1879  to  1887  inc. ;  Prest.  of  Board  from  1880  to  1887  inc.  ; 
Editor  "People's  Journal"  from  June  28,  1861,  to  June  4,^1864; 
Brigade  Quartermaster  with  rank  of  Major,  under  Gen.  E.  O.  Kenney, 
and  Brigade  Inspector  under  Gen.  Hutchins.  J.  P.  State.  Unitarian. 
Whig  and  Republican.  (Biography  by  James  R.  Jackson,  in  Grafton 
Co.  ''Gazetteer,"  p.  108.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Mary-  Adams  Patterson,  b.  Jan.  12,  1849.     unm.,  res.  L. 
9.      ii.     William  Henry,  b.  Aug.  5,  18.52. 
10.     iii.     George  Sampson,  b.  Oct.  2-5,  1855. 

8.  John  Adams  Bellows,  son  of  Henry  Adams  ^  b.  in  L.  May  27, 
1848.  m.  Nov.  6,  1878,  Isabel,  dau.  of  Charles  S.  Francis,  b.  N.  Y. 
City,  Jan.  25,  1853.  He  was  educated  in  Concord  public  schools,  the 
preparatory  school  of  Antioch  College,  and  grad.  from  Dart.  Coll.  in 
1870.  He  commenced  studying  theology  with  Rev.  George  S.  Merriam 
of  Springfield,  Conn.,  in  1870,  and  was  ordained  at  Waterville,  Me., 
June  6,  1878,  as  a  Unitarian  minister.  He  was  settled  in  Waterville, 
Me.,  May,  1878,  and  remained  there  until  Nov.  1883,  when  he  was  in- 
stalled as  pastor  of  the  Second  Unitarian  Church  of  Portland,  Me.  He 
is  now  teacher  of  a  school  for  girls  in  Boston.  Among  his  literary 
works  published  are  essays  and  sermons  in  the  "  Unitarian  Review," 
and  in  Portland  and  Waterville  (Me.)  papers  ;  articles  in  "  Merry's 
Museum,"  "Little  Corporal,"  "Youth's  Companion,"  and  other  chil- 
dren's magazines  between  1860  and  1870  ;  wrote  constantly  for  the 

62  Bellows  —  Bemis. 

"  Dartmontli  "  while  in  College,  and  was  editor  during  a  part  of  the 
senior  year ;  from  1872  to  1876  was  literar3'  editor  of  "  The  Lib- 
eral Christian."  For  a  j'ear  or  two  he  was  chairman  of  the  Unitarian 
Missionar}-  Committee  for  Me.,  and  was  one  of  the  Superintending 
School  Committee  for  Waterville,  Me.,  about  a  3'ear  and  a  half.  In 
Coll.  he  was  a  member  of  the  Tri  Kappa  Society. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Henry  Adams,  b.  Portland,  Me.,  Sept.  22,  1885. 

9.  William  Henrt  Bellows,  son  of  William  Joseph  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug. 
5,  1852.  m.  Dec.  9,  1880,  Lucia  Emma,  dau.  of  Jedediah  Miller  Bald- 
win (See),  b.  Stratford,  April  21,  1858,  Baptist.  He  has  res.  here  all 
his  life.  Merchant.  He  is  member  of  the  firms  Bellows  &  Son  and  the 
Littleton  View  Co.  Republican.  Universalist.  Deputy  Sheriff,  1876- 
7-8.  Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  Dist.,  1890  to  1896  inc. 
Treas.  L.  Musical  Assn.,  1878  to  1883  inc.  Director  L.  National  Bank, 
1892  to  date.  Director  L.  Shoe  Co.  since  1898.  Representative, 
1897-8.  J.  P.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.  St.  Gerard 
Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 

Ch.  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edith  Marion,  b.  May  28,  1884. 
ii.     Harold  Arthur,  b.  June  20,  1890. 
Hi.     Raymond  A.,  b.  June  3,  1898. 

10.  George  Sampson  Bellows,  son  of  William  Joseph  ^  b.  in  L. 
Oct.  25,  1855.  m.  Nov.  15,  1880,  Esther  Augusta  Young,  b.  in  L. 
Dec.  1,  1855,  dau.  of  Cyrus  Young  (See).  He  d.  in  L.  Aug.  7,  1900. 
Since  1883  he  conducted,  in  partnership  with  his  brother  William 
Henry,  the  Littleton  View  Company',  and  was  interested  in  the  firm  of 
Bellows  &  Son.     Unitarian.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L. ,  — 

i.     Carrie  Louise,  b.  Dec.  19,  1881. 


1.  Henry  Bemis,  son  of  John  and  Hannah  (Warren)  Bemis,  was  b. 
in  Weston,  Mass.,  Jan.  28,  1750/51.  He  removed  to  Nelson  in  1773. 
He  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  and  wounded  in  the  battle  of  Lexington  ;  was 
also  in  the  battle  of  Bunker  Hill  as  a  private  in  Capt.  Jeremiah  Stiles' 
Co.,  Col.  Paul  Sargeant's  Regt.  (Mass.)  ;  also  private  Capt.  Joseph 
Parker's  Co.,  Col.  Enoch  Hale's  Regt.,  Ticonderoga  expedition;  also 
private  Capt.  .James  Lewis'  Co.,  Col.  Enoch  Hale's  Regt.,  R.  I.  expedi- 
tion. In  1788  he  came  to  L.  from  Nelson.  He  m.  Susannah  Nurse, 
b.  Dec.  26,  1749,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Nurse*  (See).  She  d.  in  L.  Oct.  20, 
1843.  He  kept  a  tavern  in  North  L.,  where  he  d.  June  24,  1833. 

i.     Susanna,  b.  Nelson,  Feb.  24,  1774.     ni.  Joseph  Wheat  Morse  (See). 

John,  b.  Nelson,  Jan.  12,  1776. 

Zenas  Le  Bourreau,  b.  Nelson,  April  18,  1779. 

Daniel,  b.  Nelson,  July  19,  1782. 

Polly,  b.  Nelson,  Sept.  7,  1785.     ni.  John  Hunter. 

Benjamin,  b.  Charlestovvn,  June  23,  1788. 

Nabby,  b.  L.  April  2,  1791.     m.  Nov.  18,  1810,  Howard  Wheeler. 

RoxANA,  b.  L.  April  21,  1794.     m.  Alvin  Stowe  (See). 












Bemis.  53 

2.  John  Bkmis,  son  of  Henry  \  b.  in  Nelson,  Jan.  12,  1776.  m.  May 
27,  1798,  Polly  Hudson.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1788  until  he  d.  about 
1811.  Farmer.  He  was  lost  while  hunting  for  a  bear  that  had  been 
caught  in  a  trap,  and  the  third  day  after  was  found  in  an  exhausted 
condition  near  Alder  Brook.  He  started  on  the  hunt  Oct.  9,  1804. 
He  never  full}'  recovered,  and  d.  some  seven  years  later.  (See  Hist. 
Bethlehem,  bv  Rev.  S.  Bolles,  pp.  77  to  86.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  LuciNDA,  b.  Sept.  9,  1798. 

ii.  Susanna,  b.  July  6,  1801.     in.  Ezra  Brooks  (See). 

iii.  John,  res.  L. 

6.  iv.  Isaac,  b.  June  30,  1808.     m.  Silena  Hadley  and  Lydia  Whipple  (See). 

3.  Zexas  Le  Bourreau  Bemis,  son  of  Henry  ^,  b.  in  Nelson,  April 
18,  1779.  m.  first,  Sally  Symonds,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  28,  1808.  m.  second, 
Feb.  12,    1809,  Milhe  Wheeler.      He  res.  in  L.  from  1788  to  1818. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sally,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ltdia,  b.  May  23,  1800.     m.  Ezra  Gates  -  (See). 

ii.  Polly,  b.  Oct.  20,  1801. 

iii.  Prudence  Hubbard,  b.  Feb.  28,  1803. 

iv.  Harris  Nurse,  b.  Oct.  21,  1804. 

V.  Ealph  Symonds,  b.  Sept.  26,  1806. 

4.  Daniel  Bemis,  son  of  Henry  ^,  b.  in  Nelson,  July  19,  1782.  m. 
in  1802, -Charlotte  Shearman,  d.  Clear  Creek,  N.  Y.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1788  to  1841.  Farmer.  Whig.  Lived  on  first  place  north  of  ceme- 
ter}'  at  No.  Littleton. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Henry,  b.  June  16,  1803,  d.  L.  about  1825. 

ii.  Hiram,  b.  Nov.  27,  1804,  d.  L.  about  1825. 

iii.  Louisa,  b.  Nov.  7,  1806,  d.  L.  about  1826. 

iv.  Annis,  d.  about  1825. 

V.  Ash,  d.  Clear  Creek,  N.  Y. 

vi.  JoTHAM  S.     m.  Susan  W.  Farr,  d.  Clear  Creek,  N.  Y.     Farmer.     App. 
Lieut.  5th  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  April  8,  1839. 

vii.       BiGELOW. 

viii.     Mary  Ann.     ni.  1830,  Horace  White,     in.  second,  David  Kelley,  Clear 

Creek,  N.  Y.,  farmer. 
ix.     Ruth.     m.  March  15,  1830,  -John  Morris,  d.  Clear  Creek,  N.  Y. 

5.  Benjamin  Bemis,  son  of  Henry  ^,  b.  in  Charlestown,  June  23, 
1788.  m.  1807,  Esther  Ballou,  d.  in  111.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1788 
until  he  d.,  Sept.  17,  1847.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

7.  i.    James  Ballou,  b.  March  31,  1808. 

ii.     Laura,  b.  Feb.  1810,  d.  L.  April  2,  1812. 
iii.     Sanford  Madison,  b.  Dec.  28,  1811,  d.  L.  Aug.  21,  1813. 
iv.     Laura,  b.  Jan.  1814,  d.  L.  Aug.  21,  1815. 

V.     Benjamin  Franklin,  b.  April  17,  1816.    m.  Eluthera  Woods,  res.  Rye- 
gate,  Vt.     Farmer, 
vi.     Francis  Wyman,  b.  Dec.  2,  1823.     ni.  June  7,  1848,  Sarah  Farr,  d.  III. 

Farmer.     She  d.  1886. 
vii.     Brigham  Pike,  b.  May  13,  1829,  d.  111.     Farmer. 

6.  Isaac  Bemis,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  June  30,  1808.  m.  first, 
April  14,  1831,  Selena  Hadley,  b.  June  15,  1811,  d.  in  L.  April  9,  1846. 
m.  second,  April  22,   1848,   Lydia  Whipple,  b.  March  3,   1800,  d.  L. 

54  Bemis. 

May  18,    1874.     He   res.  in    L.  all   his   life,    and  d.    Jan.    14,    1878. 
Laborer.     Free  Baptist.     Republican. 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Selena,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Caroline  P.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1832.     m.  Warren  L.  Bartlett  (See). 
ii.     Mary  M.,  b.  Dec.  30,  1833.     m.  Oct.  30,  1857,  John  S.  Perkins,  res. 

Holderness,  farmer, 
iii.     Elvira  J.,  b.  Jan.  8,  1837.     m.  Aug.  22,  1891,  Hosea  F.  Hawkins,  res. 

Meredith,  farmer, 
iv.     Laura  A.,  b.  June  3,  1840.     m.  July  7,  1861,  Beniah  D.  Plaisted,  res. 

Meredith,  merchant. 
V.     Olive  A.,  b.  Nov.  16,  1842,  d.  L.  March  4,  1849. 
vi.     Olive  E.,  b.  1843,  d.  Mereditli,  March  4,  1849. 
8.     vii.     George  Myron,  b.  Aug.  29,  1844. 

7.  James  Ballou  Bemis,  son  of  Benjamin^,  b.  in  L.  March  31,  1808. 
pub.  April  1,  1828,  Rebeccah  F.,  dau.  of  Daniel  Elliott,  b.  in  Lancaster 
about  1808,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  1829.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1830. 
Farmer,     d.  in  111. 


i.     Benjamin,  b.  L.  July  25,  1829. 

8.  George  Myron  Bemis,  son  of  Isaac  ^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  29,  1844. 
ra.  June  24,  1870,  Aseneth  Viola,  dau.  of  Francis  Theron  Pennock,  b. 
Lisbon,  March  23,  1852  ;  she  m.  second,  Calvin  Thayer,  and  res.  in 
Easton,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1876.  Farmer. 
Free  Baptist.     Republican.     Date  and  place  of  death  not  known. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Carrie  Bell,  b.  May  14,  1871,  d.  Stratford,  Sept.  6,  1885. 
ii.     Edward  Lawrence,  b.  Nov.  18,  1873. 
iii.     Eva  May,  b.  May  21,  1876.     m.  William  H.  Bartlett  (See). 


9.  Lyman  Bemis,  son  of  Reuben,  b.  in  Springfield,  Vt.,in  1803.  m. 
first,  Ann  Coan,  d.  in  Lisbon  in  1841.  m.  second,  in  1847,  Betsey 
Little,  b.  in  Lvman,  d.  in  L.  in  1853.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1864, 
d.  in  Benton,  Dec.  8,  1878. 


i.  Reuben,  d.  in  1864. 

ii.  John,  d.  when  3  years  old. 

iii.  George,  d.  Dec.  11,  1885. 

iv.  Martha,  d.  July  2,  1865. 

V.  Lyman,  b.   1840,  d.  Jan.   18,  1887.     Served   three   years   in   War   of 

10.  vi.  Moses  Peter,  b.  Lisbon,  Aug.  30,  1841. 

10.  MosES  Peter  Bemis,  son  of  Lyman  ^,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Aug.  30, 
1841.  m.  March  26,  1865,  Ann  S.,  dau.  of  Joseph  Hutchins,  b.  in 
Benton,  Oct.  22,  1848,  d.  in  Haverhill,  July  29,  1891.  Baptist.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1859.  Farmer.  Republican.  Second  Lieut. 
Co.  G,  6th  N.  H.  Inf.,  rising  from  the  ranks,  res.  Haverhill.  (Book 
of  Biog.  Grafton  Co.,  p.  307.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  Haverhill,  — 

i.     Eugene  Wilber,  b.  Haverhill,  March  27,  1866.    m.  Oct.  13,  1889,  Susie 
Blake,  res.  Haverhill.     Farmer.     They  have  one  son,  b.  Aug.  7,  1892. 
ii.     LiLLiE  Bell,  b.  June  19,  1871.     m.  Marcli  26,  1888,  A.  C.  Hall,  res. 
Harney,  111.,  merchant. 

Bent  —  Berkley.  55 


1.  Thomas  Bent,  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.  m.  Mary  Stone.  He  d.  in 
Sudbury,  Mass. 

2.  Jason'Bent,  son  of  Tliomas  \  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  in  1734.  m. 
Aug.  17,  1775,  Anna,  dan.  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Clough  Glover, 
b.  in  Dorchester,  Mass.,  Aug.  3,  1749,  d.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Nov.  10, 
1837.     He  d.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Oct.  1,  1786. 

3.  Thomas  Bent,  son  of  Jason  ^,  b.  in  Sudburj-,  Mass.,  Sept.  4, 
1776.  m.  Jan.  29,  1807,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Dea.  Jonathan  Patch  of  Stow, 
Mass.     He  d.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  March  28,  1848. 

4.  Jonathan  P.  Bent,  son  of  Thomas  ^,  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Feb. 
26,  1817.  m.  April  29,  1845,  Clarissa  A.,  dau.  of  Elisha  and  Clarissa 
Parks  Smith.     He  d.  in  Maynard,  Mass.,  Jan.  9,  1892. 

5.  John  Glover  Bent,  son  of  Jonathan  P.*,  b.  in  Stow,  Mass., 
Aug.  24,  1861.  m.  July  26,  1893,  Isabella  Stearns,  dau.  of  Henry  C. 
Redington  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  12,  1862.  Cong.  Educated  in  L.  and 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Academy.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893.  Treas- 
urer L.  Shoe  Co.  from  Aug.  1895  to  Sept.  1899.     Republican. 


i.     Henry  Redington,  b.  L.  March  26,  1896. 


1.  Robert  Berkley,  b.  in  Scotland  in  1754,  came  to  America  in 
1772,  and  res.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  five  3-ears.  He  enlisted  in  1777,  and 
served  five  years  ;  res.  two  or  three  years  in  Conn.,  and  then  removed 
to  Bath,  where  he  res.  the  remainder  of  his  life.  He  fell  from  a  bridge 
in  Lisbon  and  was  killed,  Sept.  29,  1804.  He  m.  Rhoda  Way,  b.  Aug. 
25,  1758,  d.  April  7,  1841. 

2.  William  Berkley,  son  of  Robert\  b.  in  Bath,  June  5,  1783.  m. 
first,  Sarah,  dau.  of  John  Morrill,  b.  in  Boscawen,  May  26,  1788,  d.  in 
Lyman,  April  29,  1857.  m.  second,  in  1858,  Elvira,  dau.  of  Jason 
Bidwell  (See) ,  b.  in  L.  May  10,  1809,  d.  in  Lisbon,  March  18,  1866.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1817  until  1835.  Eariner  and  local  Methodist  preacher, 
d.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  21,  1869. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sarah, — 

i.     Samuel  W.,  b.  Lyman,  Oct.  11,  1807.     m.  Sept.  6,  1832,  Caroline  W.  Ely. 
Merchant.     Both  d.  of  cholera  in   Livingston  Co.,  Ky.     He  d.  June 
18,  1833.     She  d.  June  17,  1833. 
ii.     John  M.,  b.  Lyman,  March  1,  1809,  d.  L.  Dec.  IG,  1830. 
iii.     Henry  M.,  b.  Lyman,  March  25,  1811,  d.  Lyman,  Nov.  29,  1812. 
iv.     Horace,  b.  Lyman,  July  29,  1813,  d.  Beloit,  Wis.,  Oct.  5,  1841. 
V.     Elizabeth  C,  b.  Lyman,  May  5,  1816.     m.  Benjamin  Page  (See). 
vi.     Sarah  M.,  b.  L.  June  6,  1820.     m.  Dec.  1,  1846,  Francis  Brown.     She 

d.  Hyde  Park,  Mass.,  April  30,  1881. 
vii.     Ellen  M.,  b.  L.  Dec.  15,  1823.      m.  Dec.  18,  1845,  William  B.  Palmer. 
He  d.  Lyman,  July  2, 1871.     She  d.  Lisbon,  Nov.  23,  1875. 

3.  viii.     William,  b.  L.  May  3,  1826. 

ix.     Belinda,  b.  L.  Aug.  1,  1828.     m.  Jan.  24,  1848,  John  Bishop.     He  d. 
May  17, 1890.     She  d.  April  13,  1881. 

56  Berkley  —  Berman  —  Bero. 

3.  William  Berkley,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in  L.  May  3,  1826.  m. 
Feb.  13,  1844,  Sarah  Walker,  dan.  of  David  Richardson  (See),  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Aug.  1,  1827.  She  d.  May  18,  1899.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth, 
and  from  1868  until  he  d.,  July  8,  1896.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lisbon, — 

i.     Francis  E.,  b.   March  30,    1847.     m.  July  4,  1867,  Eliza  A.  Jackman. 

Farmer.     He  d.  Lisbon,  Nov.  6,  1877.     Francis  had  one  child,  Carl 

E.,  b.  Lisbon,  May  31,  1872,  m.  March  15, 1894,Josepliine   L.  Tyrrell. 

ii.     Mary  Ella,  b.  Dec.  29,  1851.     m.  Nov.  29,  1876,  Benjamin  G.  01m- 

stead,  res.  Laconia,  carpenter, 
iii.     Mattik  E.,  b.  July   22,  1861.     m.  Jan.   17,   1885,  George  Morris,  me- 
chanic.    She  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  7,  1889. 


1.  Aaron  Berman,  son  of  Morris,  b.  in  Germany,  April  14,  1860. 
m.  July  7,  1887,  Catherine  M.,  dau.  of  Newton  S.  Cooley  (See),  b.  in 
Fairlee,  Vt.,  in  1866,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893. 
Salesman.     Methodist.     Republican. 


i.     Mildred,  b.  Auburn,  Me.,  May  3,  1888. 


1.  Oliver  Berg,  son  of  Ira,  b.  in  Canada,  Sept.  21,  1826.     m.  Mary 

,  b.  in  Canada  in  1837.     He  res.  in  L.  1869  until  he  d.,  April  14, 

1884.    Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Henry,  b.  Canada,  1854. 

ii.  Oliver,  b.  L.  1858. 

iii.  LoRiNDA,  b.  L.  1860. 

iv.  Josephine,  b.  L.  1862. 

V.  David,  b.  L.  1864. 

2.  vi.  Ira,  b.  L.  July  9,  1868. 
vii.  Alma,  b.  L.  1869. 

viii.     Malvina,  b.  L.  1870. 

2.  Ira  Bero,  son  of  Oliver \  b.  in  L.  July  9,  1868.  m.  Nov.  5, 
1889,  Nina,  dau.  of  Ashley  Astell,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  5,  18^7, 
Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  from  1892  to  1895.  Far- 
mer.    Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Mattie  Jane,  b.  Lyman,  June  1,  1891. 


3.  Louis  Bero,   b.  in  Westbury,   Canada,  in  1804.      m.  first, 

Damon,  b.  in  Canada,  m.  second,  Margaret  Plant,  b.  in  Canada,  d.  in 
L.,  Roman  Catholic.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1856  until  he  d.  in  April, 
1888.     Shoemaker.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 


i.  Margaret,  b.  Canada,     m.  Edward  Quessey  (See). 

ii.  Leavis,  b.  Canada,     m.  Ellen  French. 

iii.  Ira,  b.  Canada,  April  10,  1840. 

iv.  George,  b.  Canada,     m.  Selena  Raney,  res.  Salem,  Mass. 

V.  Chester  J.,  b.  Barnston,  P.  Q.,  Feb.  22,  1848. 

vi.  John.    m.  Dora  Chase.     Hotel  clerk,     d.  in  Concord, 

vii.  Fred  Leo,  b.  L.  Dec.  11,  1858. 

Bero  —  Berry.  57 

(The  children  of  Louis  Bero  discarded  the  name  Bero  and  as- 
sumed that  of  Byron.) 

4.  Ira  Byron,  son  of  Louis  ^  b.  in  Canada,  April  10,  1840.  m.  Feb. 
1867,  Rilla,  dau.  of  jSapoleon  Reine}-,  b.  in  Canada,  Feb.  3,  1840, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1851.  Laborer.  Roman 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.     Delia,  b.  June  3,  1870.     m.  Dec.   3,   1891,  Fred  Clark,  laborer,  res. 

ii.     Mary,  b.  July  13,  1874. 
iii.     Eugene,  b.  Feb.  5,  1876. 
iv.     Clara,  b.  July  16,  1877. 
V.     Walter,  b.  Feb.  10,  1879. 

5.  Che.ster  J.  Byron,  son  of  Louis  ^,  b.  in  Barnston.  P.  Q.,  Feb.  22, 
1848.  m.  first,  Feb.  1869,  Mary  E.,  dau.  of  Jerry  Smith,  b.  in  Concord 
in  1850,  d.  in  Concord,  Oct.  1871.  m.  second,  Oct.  4,  1873,  Mary  A., 
dau.  of  Owen  Twomev,  b.  in  Concord,  Oct.  17,  1853.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1853  to  1866.  Railroad  conductor.  Co.  E,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary  E., — 

i.     Mary  E.,  b.  Concord,  Oct.  18,  1871.     m.'Oct.  22,  1893,  Ernest  A.  Mar- 
shall, res.  Chelsea,  Mass.,  painter. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary  A., — 

ii.  John  E.,  b.  Concord,  Dec.  4,  1874.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

iii.  Margaret  L.,  b.  Concord,  Jan.  19,  1876. 

iv.  Helen  M.,  b.  Concord,  Jan.  14,  1878,  d.  Feb.  27,  1881. 

V.  C.  Paul,  Concord,  Dec.  6,  1879,  d.  Aug.  20,  1880. 

vi.  J.  William,  b.  Concord,  Sept.  8,  1882. 

vii.  Christella  M.,  b.  Concord,  Nov.  13,  1884,  d.  Nov.  30,  1887. 

viii.  Franci.s  W.,  b.  Concord,  Nov.  28,  1886.  d.  Dec.  28,  1887. 

ix.  Chester  L.,  b.  Weare,  Feb.  3,  1893. 

6.  Fred  Leo  Byron,  son  of  Louis^,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  11,  1858.  m. 
Sept.  15,  1890,  Nellie  L..  dau.  of  David  Boyle,  b.  in  Waterville,  Me., 
May  12,  1859.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Painter.     Democrat. 

No  ch. 


1.  Charles  Sumner  Berry,  son  of  George  R.,  b.  in  Brookfield, 
Sept.  2,  1855.  m.  April  30,  1879,  Hannah  Gertler,  dau.  of  Lewis 
Haggerty,  b.  in  Parkeville,  Pa.,  Nov.  1,  1856.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1880.    Carpenter.    Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Elsie  Mae,  b.  L.  Feb.  27,  1883. 

2.  Fred  Williams  Berry,  son  of  George  R.,  b.  in  Lisbon,  March 
7,  1858.  m.  April  30,  1885,  Elizabeth  Albina,  dau.  of  Samuel  John- 
son Briggs,  b.  in  Lower  Island,  Canada,  July  13,  1858.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1878.     Farmer.     Methodist.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Walter  George,  b.  Aug.  8,  1890. 
ii.    Elizabeth  M.,  b.  Jan  7,  1895. 

58  <  Bickford  —  Bidwell. 


1.  Thomas  Bickford  was  born  in  Northumberland  in  1796.  m.  first, 
June  2,  1817,  Annis  M. ,  dau.  of  Joseph  W.  Morse  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Nov.  7,  1798,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  2,  1845.  m.  second,  Feb.  11,  1846,  Louisa, 
dau.  of  Elisha  Brown,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  2,  1809,  d.  in  Water- 
ford,  Vt.,  May  8,  1890,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1817  to  1872. 
Farmer.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1827-8-9-30-1-6-7-43-8-53.  J.  P. 
Cong.     d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  31,  1877. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Annis,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Horatio  N.,  b.  Dec.  15,  1817.     m.  Aug.  18,  1844,  Adaline  Nutting,    res. 

Holyoke,  Mass.     Painter, 
ii.     J.  W.  M.,  b.  May  9,  1820,  d.  L.  Oct.  16, 1822. 
iii.     Ruth  0.,  b.  May  8,  1822,  d.  L.  July  13,  1823. 

iv.     Olivia  R.,  b.  July  7,  1824.    ni.  Oct   17,  1850,  James  Grisiin,  res.  Prairie 
Du  Sac,  Wis.,  retired  farmer. 
V,     Joseph  M.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1827.      m.  Feb.  25, 1867,  Mary  Hensley.      Grad. 

Dart.  Coll.,  1855.     Merchant,     d.  Lavaca,  Texas,  Feb.  23, 1896. 
vi.     Susan  A.,  b.  Aug.  3, 1829.     m.  Oct.  14,  1863,  George  Putney,     res.  Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
vii.     Jane  E.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1832.     m.  Sept.  21,  1853,  Newell  S  Martin.     Coach- 
man.    Last  res.  Weymouth,  Mass.      He  d.  in  1874.     She  d.  Oct.  12, 
viii.     Martha  A.,  b.  May  12,  1835.     m.  Nov.  4, 1855,  Truman  N.  Gray.    Sales- 
man.    She  d.  Arlington,  Mass.,  Jan.  3, 1894. 
2.     ix.     Thomas,  b.  Sept.  3,  1838. 

X.    James,  b.  Nov.  25,  1842,  d.  L.  Dec.  4,  1842. 

xi.     Edwin  E.,  b.  April  25,  1848,  d.  L.  March  9,  1882. 

2.  Thomas  Bickford,  son  of  Thomas  %  b.  in  L.  Sept.  3,  1838.  m. 
Juh'  4,  1860,  Ann  P^liza,  dau.  of  Leonard  Elms,  b.  in  Derby,  Vt. ,  Jan. 
4,  1837.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth,  and  since  1875.  Farmer.  Democrat. 
Enl.  in  1st  Vt.  Battery,  trans.  2d  Vt.  Battery,  trans.  1st  Vt.  H,  Art. 
Private.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Jennie  Elms,  b.  Ashland,  June  9,  1861.     m.  Clark   B.Williams  (See). 
ii.     George  Hall,  b.  Landaff,  May  1,  1867,  d.  Cambridgeport,  Mass.,  Aug. 

13, 1872. 
iii.     Clarence  H.,  b.  LandaflF,  Feb.  17, 1871,  d.  Cambridgeport,  Mass.,  March 

27,  1891. 
iv.     Carl  Leonard,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  4, 1874.    unm.,  res.  L     Farmer. 
V.     Mary  Bell,  b.  L.  June  17,  1877. 


3.  John  William  Bickford,  son  of  Ephraim,  b.  in  Dover,  Aug.  20, 
1832.  m.  Nov.  30,  1861,  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of  Robert  Streeter,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  July  16,  1838.  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1859  until  he 
d.,  Jan.  31,  1892.  Teamster.  Republican.  3d  Vt.  Inf.  Private. 
G.  A  R. 

No  ch. 


1.  Nathaniel  Bidwell,  b.  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  in  1750.  m.  first, 
Jan.  30,  1772,  Martha,  dau.  of  Samuel  Bixby,  b.  in  Hartford,  Conn., 
d.  Oct.  26,  1785.  He  m.  a  second  time,  but  name  not  known.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1805  until  he  d.,  April,  1812.     Farmer. 

Bidwell.  59 

Cb.,  by  w.  Martha,  — 

i.  Infant,  b.  Hartford,  Conn.,  Oct  18,  1773,  d.  young. 

ii.  Thankful,  b.  Lebanon,  (?)  April  21,  1775. 

iii.  MiAMA,  b.  Lebanon,  ("?)  Sept.  2-5,  1776. 

iv.  Mabel  Lomis,  b.  Lebanon,  (?)  May  1,  1778. 

2.  V.  Jasper,  b.  Lebanon,  Dee.  6, 1779. 

3.  vi.     Jason,  b.  Lebanon,  March  3,  1782. 

vii.     Martha,  b.  Lebanon,  June  1,  1785.     in.  Isaac  Stearns   (See). 

Ch.,  by  second  w.,  — 

viii.    Jemima,  b.  Lebanon,     m.  Abijah  Allen  (See), 
ix.     Philena,  b.  Lebanon,  Nov.  1791.     m.  Asa  Annis  (See). 
X.     Bela,  b.  Lebanon. 

2.  Jasper  Bidwell,  son  of  Nathaniel  \  b.  Dec.  6,  1779.  m.  Nov. 
17,  1803,  Patience,  dau.  of  Matthew  Peck,  b.  in  Grafton,  d.  in  L.  IMarch, 
1852,     He  res.  in  L.  from  1804  until  he  d.  in  1823.     Farmer. 

No  ch. 

3.  Jason  Bidwell,  son  of  NathanieP,  b.  March  3,  1782.  m.  Oct. 
15,  1807,  Sally,  dau.  of  Matthew  Peck,  b.  in  Grafton,  Oct.  26,  1782, 
d.  in  Franconia,  Sept.  1860.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1808  to  1824.  Farmer, 
d.  in  Manchester,  April  26,  1859. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Alpha,  b.  L.  May  12, 1808,  d.  May  20,  1808. 

ii.     Elvira,  b.  L.  May  10,  1809.     m.  William  Berkley  (See). 

4.  iii.     Simon  S.,  b.  L.  Feb.  6,  1811. 

iv.     Olive,  b.  L.  May  23,  1813.      m.  Dec.  25,  1843,  Robert  Shepard,  farmer. 

She  d.  Canterbury,  Dec.  1880. 
V.     Asahel,  b.  L.  July  26,  1815.     m.  Oct.  12,  1840,  Harriet  Garnsey.    Brick 

mason.     He  d.  Neenah,  Wis.,  June,  1868. 
vi.     George,  b.  L.  Marcli  13,  1818.     res.  New  Boston.     Cabinet-maker. 
vii.     John  Nelson,  b.  Dec.  21,  1820.      m.  first,  May  19,  1845,  Maria  N.  Hib- 
bard,  d.  April  4,   1865.      m.  second,  July    15,  1869,  Mary   J.   Mason. 
Scale-maker,     res.  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
viii.     SoPHKOxiA,  b.  Landaff,  Aug.  6,182.3.     m.  Sept.  11,  1848,  Eri  Richard- 
son, pattern-maker,  res.  Sterling,  Mass. 
ix.     Jasper,  b.  Landaff,  Dec.  3,  1826,  d.  Landaff,  Feb.  13,  1827. 
X.     Martha  Ann,  b.  Landaff,  June  12,  1828.     m.  March  7,  1854,  George  H. 

Foster,  belt-maker,  res.  Worcester,  Mass. 
xi.     JAN.SON  A.,  b.  Landaff,  Dec.  17,  1830.      m.  Nov.  18,  1858,  Harriet  N. 
Simmons.     Civil  and  mechanical  engineer,     res.  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

4.  SiMOx  S.  Bidwell,  son  of  Jason  ^,  b.  in  L.  Feb.  6,  1811.  m.  first, 
July  28,  1839,  Elizabeth  McC.  Buswell,  b.  in  New  Boston,  Dec.  9,  1815, 
d.  Boscawen,  March  16,  1860.  m.  second.  May  5,  1861,  Sarah  E. 
Marsh,  b.  in  Gloucester,  Mass.,  d.  in  Hampstead.  She  m.  second, 
Robert  Eaton.  Simon  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1855.  Wool  dyer  and 
dresser,     d.  Wilton,  April  28,  1866. 


i.     Edward  Prebble,  b.  Whitefield,  April  24,  1840,  d.  same  day. 

ii.     Cyrus  Buswell,  b.    Whitefield,   June   13,    1842.     m.    Aug.    22,  1880, 
Emma  L.  Nyman.     Watchman,     res.  Goffstown. 

iii.     Irene  Sophronia,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  9,1844.     res. New  Boston. 

iv.     George  Franklin,  b.L.  Feb.  19,  1847.      Shoemaker.      He  d.  Goffs- 
town, Sept  23,  1878.     Co.  E,  7th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 

V.     Charles  Jasper,  b.  L.  March  31,  1850.     Mason.    He  d.  Nashua,  March 
15,  1892. 

vi.     Simon  Leslie,  b.  L.  May  16,  1852.      m.  Dec.  4,  1879,  Mary  J.  Harvell. 

Foreman  railroad  construction,     res.  Mansfield.  Mass. 
vii.     Ella  Elizabeth,  b.  L.  Mov.  14,  1854.      She  d.  New  Boston,  April  18, 

60  Bingham. 


1.  Thomas  Bingham  was  admitted  to  membership  in  the  "■  Cutler's 
Company"  of  Sheffield,  Eng.,  Dec.  21,  1614,  as  a  master  cutler,  as 
shown  by  records  still  in  existence.  The  use  of  the  trade  mark  [T.  B.] 
was  also  then  granted  him.     He  m.  Mary 

2.  Thomas  Bingham,  son  of  Thomas  \  m.  July  6,  1631,  in  Sheffield, 
Eng.,  Anna  Stenton,  as  per  records  in  Parish  Church  of  St.  Peter  and 
Holy  Trinity.     Thomas^  was  the  sixth  of  seven  children. 

3.  Thomas  Bingham,  son  of  Thomas ^,  baptized  in  Sheffield,  Eng., 
June  5,  1642.  m.  Dec.  12,  1666,  Maiy,  dau.  of  Lieut.  Jonathan  Rudd  (?) 
of  Saybrook,  Conn.,  b.  in  1648,  d.  Aug.  4,  1726.  She  is  supposed  to 
have  been  the  bride  of  "  Bride  brook."  He  was  one  of  the  first  landed 
proprietors  of  Norwich,  Conn.,  the  deed  of  his  lot  bearing  date  of  April, 
1660,  and  was  made  free  of  that  town  by  the  Gen.  Court  in  1671,  and 
moved  to  Windham,  now  Windham  Green,  Conn.,  where  he  can  be 
traced  for  thirty  years  as  Sergt.,  Selectman,  and  Deacon  of  the  church. 
He  was  on  the  first  list  of  approved  inhabitants  of  Windham  in  1693. 
He  d.  in  Windham,  Conn.,  Jan.  16,  1730. 

4.  Abel  Bingham,  son  of  Thomas^,  b.  June  25,  1669.  m.  EUzabeth 
.     He  res.  in  Stratford  and  Windham,  Conn. 

5.  Jonathan  Bingham,  son  of  Abel*,  b.  in  Windham,  Conn.,  Aug. 
17,  1712.  m.  first.  May  9,  1734,  Marv  Abbe,  d.  March  4,  1735.  m. 
second,  Jan.  17,  1736,  Widow  Sarah  Vinton.     He  d.  Feb.  16,  1800. 

6.  Jonathan  Bingham,  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  b.  in  Conn.,  Feb.  20, 1735, 
d.  about  1813.  He  m.  in  Mansfield,  Conn.,  formerly  a  part  of  Windham, 
April  12,  1764,  Elizabeth  Warner.  He  was  a  Deacon,  and  is  buried  on 
Benjamin  Cummings'  farm  in  Cornish. 

7.  Elisha  Warner  Bingham,  son  of  Jonathan  ®,  b.  in  1765.     m. 

Perrv,  d.  in  1844,  aged  77  years.     He  d.  in  Concord,  Vt,  March 

30,  1802.  " 

8.  Warner  Bingham,  son  of  Elisha  Warner '',  b.  in  Cornish,  April 
10,  1789.  m.  first,  in  1814,  Lucy,  dau.  of  John  Wheeler"  (See),  b. 
in  Chesterfield,  Oct.  1,  1794,  d.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Oct.  23,  1839.  m. 
second,  in  1840,  Laura  H.,  dau.  of  John  Rankin  (See),  b.  in  Danville, 
Vt.,  Feb  20,  1809,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  June  15,  1878.  He  never  res.  in 
L.  Farmer.  State  Senator,  Vt,  1842.  Assistant  Judge,  Essex  Co., 
1844.     d.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  12,  1872. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Lucy,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  — 

i.     John,  b.  Aug.  1815.     m.  1847.     Farmer,     d.  Wis.,  Dec.  1848. 
ii.     Lorenzo,  b.  Jan.  1818.     m.l854, Joslvn.    iVIerchant.   He  d.  Water- 
ford,  Vt.,  April,  1856.     Slie  d.  1865  or  1866. 

9.  iii.     Harry,  b.  March  30,  1821. 

iv.     LucT  Ann,  b.  March  27,  1823.     m.  1842,  Stephen  S.  Hill,  planter,  res. 
Pacific  Grove,  Cal. 

10.  V.     George  Azro,  b.  April  25,  1826. 

11.  vi.     Edward  Franklin,  b.  Aug.  13,  1828. 

vii.     Edith,  b.  July,  1831.      m.  Jan.  1851,  Ira  H.  Ballou,  merchant.      She  d. 
Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  1886. 

Bingham,  61 

Ch.,  by  w.  Laura,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., — 

12.  viii.     Horatio  H.,  b.  1841. 

ix.     Lauka,  b.  Dec.  2,  1845.     m.  John  Edward  Daily  (See). 

13.  X.     James  Warner,  b.  Feb.  9,  1849. 

9.  Harry  Bingham,  son  of  "Warner**,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  March  30, 
1821.  unm.  He  was  educated  in  the  common  schools  of  Concord,  Vt., 
and  fitted  for  Coll.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Academy.  He  grad.  from  Dart.  Coll. 
and  commenced  the  study  of  law  with  Hon.  Hany  Hibbard,  in  Bath, 
in  1843.  Dart.  Coll.  gave  him  the  degree  of  LL.D.  in  1880.  He  was 
admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Lancaster  in  1846,  and  at  once  commenced  the 
practice  of  law  in  L.,  where  he  has  since  res.  The  law  firms  he  has 
been  a  member  of  are  H.  &  G.  A.  Bingham,  1852  to  1859  :  Woods  & 
Binghams,  1859  to  1862  ;  H.  &  G.  A.  Bingham,  1862  to  1870  ;  Bing- 
ham &  Mitchell  1874  to  1879  ;  Bingham,  :\Iitchell  (J.  M.)  &  Batch- 
ellor,  July  1,  1879,  to  July  1,  1882  ;  Bingham,  Mitchells.  &  Batchellor 
(J.  M.  M.,  A.  S.  B.,  and  W.  H.  M.),  July  1,  1882,  to  Jan.  1,  1885, 
Bingham,  Mitchell.  &  Batchellor  (H.  B.,  A.^S.  B.,  and  W.  H.  M.),  Jan. 
1,  1885.  In  1881,  upon  the  removal  of  J.  M.  Mitchell  to  Concord,  the 
firm  of  Bingham  &  Mitchell  (J.  M.  M.)  was  established  at  that  place, 
and  both  firms  have  been  continued  from  the  dates  above  named  to  the 
present  time,  although  Mr.  Bingham  has  been  less  active  in  his  law  busi- 
ness in  his  later  years,  having  given  his  time  and  attention  more  and  more 
largely  to  recreation,  travel,  and  literature.  In  his  legislative  service, 
covering  a  longer  number  of  terms  than  any  of  his  contemporaries  in  this 
State,  he  often  participated  in  debate  with  carefully  prepared  arguments, 
and  not  unfrequently  contributed  formal  reports,  einbod3ing  tlie  results 
of  careful  research  and  reasoning.  These  ma\'  be  consulted  in  official 
and  newspaper  reports  of  the  Legislatures.  Mr.  Bingham's  briefs  in 
cases  argued  in  the  law  terms  of  the  Supreme  Court  are  contained 
in  every  volume  of  the  N.  H.  Reports  from  the  twentieth  —  fift}-  vol- 
umes —  published  and  unpublished.  Many  of  his  legal  arguments 
have  been  published  in  full  in  newspapers  and  pamphlets.  His  ad- 
dresses and  essa3's  on  more  general  topics  are  numerous,  some  of  the 
more  important  titles  being:  "A  Fourth  of  Jul}'  Address,"  1853, 
"  Ammonoosuc  Reporter;  "  "  Addresses  as  Prest.  of  Democratic  State 
Conventions,"  Jan.  5,  1870,  Sept.  11,  1872,  Jan.  9.  1878,  May  20,  1896  ; 
"The  Great  Black  Republican  Bear  Fight,"  "White  Mountain  Re- 
public,'" Dec.  3,  1869;  "Centennial  Addres.s/'  L.,  July  4,  1876; 
"Memorial  Dav  Address,"  L.,  May,  1880;  "Andrew  S.  Woods," 
LL.D.,  Memorial  Address  at  Dart.  "ColL,  June  23,  1880;  "Certain 
Conditions  and  Tendencies  that  imperil  the  Integrity  and  Independ- 
ence of  the  Judiciary,"  address  before  the  G.  &  C.  Bar  Association, 
Lancaster,  1882;  "  The  Political  Situation,"  "  Daily  Union,"  Feb.  14, 
1883  ;  closing  argument  in  favor  of  the  "  Atherton  Bill"  and  in  oppo- 
sition to  the  "  Hazen  Bill"  before  the  Railroad  Committee,  Concord, 
Aug.  10,  1887  ;  "  The  Life  and  Democracy  of  John  H.  George,"  ad- 
dress before  the  Granite  State  Club,  Manchester,  June. 27,  1888  ;  "The 
Issues  at  Stake,"  article  in  repl}-  to  Sen.  "William  E.  Chandler,  "  Riv- 
erside Magazine,"  1890,  Vol.  I.  p.  7;  "Gilman  Marston,"  address 
before  the  G.  &  C.  Bar  Association.  "Woodsville,  Jan.  30,  1891  ;  "  Na- 
thaniel W.  Westgate,"  address  before  the  same  association  at  the  same 
place  and  date  ;  "  William  S.  Ladd,"  address  before  the  same  associa- 

62  jBingham. 

tion,  Plymouth,  Jan.  29,  1892;  "The  Muniments  of  Constitutional 
Liberty,"  address  before  the  same  association,  Berlin,  Jan.  2G,  1894  ; 
"Progress  in  Asiatic  Civilization  and  its  Significance  for  the  Western 
World,"  address  before  the  same  association,  L.,  Feb.  14,  1895  ;  "The 
Rights  and  Responsibilities  of  the  United  States  in  reference  to  the 
International  Relations  of  the  Great  Powers  of  P^urope  and  the  Lesser 
Repubhcs  of  America,"  address  before  Marshall  Sanders  Post,  G.  A.  R., 
L.,  Dec.  26,  1895  ;  "  The  Welfare  of  the  Republic  the  Supreme  Law," 
acidress  before  the  G.  &  C.  Bar  Association,  Lancaster,  Jan.  31,  1896  ; 
"  The  Present  Duty  of  the  Democracy,"  address  at  a  Ratification  Meet- 
ing of  the  National  Democracy,  Manchester,  Oct.  6,  1896  ;  "  The 
Relations  of  Woman  to  the  Progressive  Civilization  of  the  Age,"  ad- 
dress before  the  G.  &  C.  Bar  Association,  Pl^-mouth,  Jan.  29,  1897  ; 
"  The  Influence  of  Religion  on  Human  Progress,'"'  annual  address  be- 
fore the  N.  H.  Historical  Society,  Concord,  June  8,  1897;  "The 
Annexation  of  Hawaii:  A  Right  and  a  Duty,"  1897.  Democrat. 
Quartermaster,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  1849  ;  Aide-de-camp  on  Bri- 
gade Staff  of  Gen.  E.  O.  Kenne^-,  1851.  Representative,  1861-2-3-4- 
5-8-71-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-80-1-2-9-90-1-2,  and  was  candidate  for 
Speaker  in  1862.  Senator,  Grafton  District,  1883  to  1887.  Member 
of  Constitutional  Convention,  1876.  Member  of  the  Judiciar}'  Com- 
mittee in  all  the  terms  of  his  legislative  service,  and  Chairman  in  1871 
and  4,  years  of  Democratic  supremacy.  U.  S.  Treasury  Agent,  1867. 
Democratic  candidate  for  Congress,  1865  and  7,  and  for  U.  S.  Senator, 
1870-2-9-83-5-7-9.  He  was  named  for  Chief  Justice  in  1874  by  Gov. 
Weston,  but  a  division  in  the  Council  defeated  him.  He  was  tendered 
the  appointment  of  Associate  Justice  by  Gov.  Head  in  1880,  but  de- 
clined. Delegate  to  Philadelphia  Peace  Convention,  1866.  Delegate 
to  Democratic  National  Conventions,  1872-80-84-92,  and  was  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Committee  on  Resolutions  at  each  of  those  Conventions  ; 
he  also  acted  as  proxy  for  Hon.  Josiah  IVIinot  at  the  Convention  in 
1868  ;  member  of  the  Democratic  National  Committee  for  N.  H.,  1868 
to  1872.  In  1864  and  1888  he  was  Democratic  candidate  for  elector, 
and  in  1896  was  candidate  for  elector  for  the  National  Democracy. 
Prest.  of  Democratic  State  Conventions,  1870-2-8-96.  Director,  Con- 
cord &  Montreal  Railroad.  Director,  Boston,  Concord,  &  Montreal 
Railroad,  1886-7-8.  Prest.  of  Grafton  &  Coos  Bar  Association  since 
1893.  Near  the  close  of  a  century  which  his  labor  had  adorned,  sur- 
rounded by  friends  whose  love  and  esteem  were  his  rich  reward,  he  d. 
at  his  home  in  Littleton,  Sept.  12,  1900.  (Biographies  (6),  "Granite 
Monthly,"  Vol.  V.  p.  277,  by  H.  H.  Metcalf ;  "  Child's  Grafton  County 
Gazetteer,"  p.  106,  by  James  R.  Jackson;  "New  Hampshire  Men," 
p.  214,  by  Albert  S.  Batchellor  ;  "The  New  p:ngland  States,"  published 
by  D.  H.  Kurd  &  Co.,  Boston,  p.  2322,  by  Harry  M.  Morse  ;  "  Cyclo- 
pedia of  American  Biographies,"  Boston,  1897,  Vol.  L  p.  297;  "Men 
of  Progress,  New  Hampshire,"  Boston,  1898,  p.  166.) 

10.  George  Azro  Bingham,  son  of  Warner  ^  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
April  25,  1826.  m.  first,  Nov.  2,  1852,  Louise  Smith,  b.  in  Newbur}', 
Vt.,  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Sept.  6,  1856.  ra.  second,  Jan.  6,  1859,  Eliza 
Isabella,  dau.  of  Andrew  Salter  Woods  (See),  b.  in  Bath,  Nov.  1,  1830, 
d.  in  L.  May  6,  1893.  Episcopal.  He  was  educated  in  the  common 
schools  of  Concord,  Vt.,  and  the  High  Schools  and  Academies  of  Lyn- 

Bingham.  63 

don,  Dauville,  Concord,  Waterford,  and  St.  Johnsbur}-,  Vt.  He  com- 
menced the  study  of  law  in  Feb.  1849,  with  Hon.  Thomas  Bartlett,  Jr., 
of  L3ndon,  Vt.,  and  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Danville,  Vt.,  Dec.  1, 
1848.  For  a  short  time  he  was  in  Burlington,  Iowa,  then  returned  to 
Lyndon,  Vt.,  in  June,  1849,  and  remained  three  years,  the  first  two  as 
a  member  of  the  firm  of  Bartlett  &  Bingham,  the  other  the  firm  was 
Bartlett,  Bingham,  &  Roberts.  In  July,  1852,  he  came  to  L.,  where  he 
has  since  res.,  except  three  3'eai's  in  Bath,  and  formed  a  partnership 
with  his  brother  Harry,  under  the  firm  name  of  H.  &  G.  A.  Bingham, 
which  continued  until  1859,  when  Andrew  S-  and  Edward  Woods  (See) 
joined  the  firm,  and  it  became  Woods  &  Binghams.  This  firm  con- 
tinued until  1862,  Andrew  S.Woods  and  George  A.  Bingham,  res.  in 
Bath,  and  the  other  two  in  L.  In  1862  the  partnership  expired,  and 
the  firm  of  H.  &  G.  A.  Bingham  was  re-establislied,  and  continued 
until  1870  ;  both,  however,  occupied  the  same  offices  until  1874.  From 
1874  until  July  26,  1876,  he  had  no  partner,  but  A.  S.  Batchellor  was 
associated  with  him,  first,  as  a  law  student,  and  after  March,  1875,  as 
an  attorney  and  assistant  in  his  employ.  He  was  then  appointed  Asso- 
ciate Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court,  which  position  he  held  until  Oct.  1, 
1880,  when  he  resigned,  and  Jan.  1,  1881,  formed  a  partnership  with 
Edgar  Aldrich  (See),  which  continued  until  Ma}'  1,  1882,  when  Daniel '' 
C.  Remich  (See)  became  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Bingham,  Aldrich, 
&  Remich,  which  terminated  Dec.  26,  1884,  when  he  was  reappointed 
Associate  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court.  March  17,  1891,  he  again 
resigned,  ttnd  formed  a  partnership  with  his  son,  George  Hutchins 
Bingham,  under  the  firm  name  of  Bingham  &  Bingham,  which  continued 
until  he  d.  Jan.  22,  1895.  His  published  works  comprise  law  briefs  in 
causes  pending  in  Vt.,  N.  H.,  and  Maine,  and  the  U.  S.  Supreme  Court 
at  Washington,  also  opinions  in  the  N.  H.  Supreme  Court  Reports 
given  in  Vols.  58-9-60  and  63.  Episcopal.  Democrat.  Representa- 
tive, 1875-6.  State  Senator,  12th  Dist.,  1864-5.  Supt.  of  Schools. 
Prest.  Board  of  Education,  Union  Dist.,  1875  to  1879  inc.,  member, 
1874,  1880  to  1885  inc.  Trustee  State  Normal  School,  1871-7.  Prest. 
L.  Musical  Assn.,  1881-2.  Delegate  to  Democratic  National  Convention 
(Charleston  and  Baltimore),  1860,  and  Secretary  of  Baltimore  Conven- 
tion. He  was  a  member  of  the  Douglas  wing  of  the  party.  Moder- 
ator, 1863.  Democratic  Candidate  for  Congress  (3d  District),  1880. 
Director  L.  Savings  Bank,  1871-2-3-4-8-9  ;  Prest.  1881  to  1895.  Di- 
rector L.  National  Bank,  1871  to  1895.  J.  P.  State.  ("  N.  H.  Men," 
Biog.  by  J.  R.  Jackson,  "Child's  Gazetteer  for  Gratton  Co.,"  G.  &  C. 
Bar.  Ass.  Proc,  1896  ;  also  by  George  N.  Dale,  id.,  1897.) 
Ch.,  b}-  w.  Louise, — 

14.  i.     Tracy  Perry,  b.  L.  Dec.  7,  1854. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Eliza,  all  but  Andrew  b.  in  L., — 

15.  ii.     Andrew  Woods,  b.  Bath,  Sept.  24,  1861. 

16.  iii.     George  Hutchins,  b.  Aug.  19,  1864. 

iv.     Helen  Eliza,  b.  Aug.  17,  1871.    unm.,  res.  L.     Grad.  Smith  Coll.  1894. 
V.     Katherine,  b.  Oct.  17,   1873.     Grad.  Smith  Coll.  1895.     ni.  Sept.  28, 
1898,  F.  T.  Walsh,  son  of  Thomas  ;  res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

11.    Edvtard  Franklin  Bingham,  son  of  Warner  *,   b.  in  Concord, 
Vt.,  Aug.    13,   1828.     m.  Nov.  21,   1850,   Susannah  F.  Gunning,  b.  in 

64  Bingham. 

Chillicothe,  Ohio,  Jan.  1828,  dan.  of  James  Gunning.     She  d.  at  Port 
Chautauqua,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  2,   1886  ;  he  m.  second,  Aug.  8,  1888,  Lin 
C.  (Caperton)   Patton,  b.   in   Union,  W.  Va.,  June   22,    1842,  dau.  of 
U.   S.    Senator   Allen  T.   Caperton,   and    widow  of  Judge   James  F. 
Patton.     He   was  educated  at  the  public  schools,  at  Peacham,   Vt , 
Academy,    and    at    Marietta,    Ohio,    College,    but   did    not   graduate. 
He  read  for  his   profession   with  Judge  Joseph  Miller  at  Chilicothe, 
Ohio,  with  his  brother  Harry  Bingham  at  Littleton  from  May,  1848, 
to  Sept.  1849.     He  returned  to  Ohio  and  studied  with  Judge  Miller 
until    he   was    admitted  to  the   Bar  in   Georgetown,   Ohio,    May   21, 
1850.     Immediately  he  opened  a  law  office  at  McArthur,  the  county- 
seat  of  the  then    new  county  of  Vinton,    where  he  remained   in  an 
active  and   successful    practice    eleven   years.      During   a   portion  of 
this  period  he  was  a  member  of  the  law  firms  of  Hewett  &  Bingham 
and   Bingham    &   Hamilton.      In  November  of  the   first  3'ear  of  his 
practice  a  vacancy  occurred   in   the  office  of  Prosecuting  Attorney, 
and  he  was  complimented  with  the  appointment,  and  was  re-elected  in 
18.51  and  1853.     He  represented  Vinton  and  Jackson  Counties  in  the 
House  of  Representatives  (Democrat),  1856,  1857,  and  refused  a  re- 
election.    In  1858  he  was  a  candidate  on  the  Democratic  ticket  for 
Judge  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas  for  the  Judicial  District,  and  with 
the  remainder  of  the  ticket  he  was  defeated.     He, was  a  delegate  from 
the    Eleventh   Congressional   District   to   the    memorable   Democratic 
National  Convention  of  1860,  held  at  Charleston,  S.  C,  and  by  ad- 
journment  at   Baltimore,    Md.       The    activity    of    the   young   lawyer 
surpassed  the   growth  of  the  new  county  in  which  he  labored.     He 
sought  a  more  extended  field  for  the  practice  of  his  profession.     In 
1861    he  removed  to  Columbus,  Ohio.     From  1863  to  1868  he  was  a 
member  of  the  Board  of  Education  of  Columbus,  and  from  1867  to  1871 
the  Solicitor  of  the  city.     In  1868  he  was  an  efficient  chairman  of  the 
State  Democratic  Executive  Committee,  and   was  again  a  delegate  to 
the  Democratic  National  Convention  at  St.  Louis  in  1876.     In  his  pro- 
fessional labors  at  Columbus  he  was  successively  a  member  of  the  law 
firms  of  Bingham  &  Hewett,  Wilson  &  Bingham,  Bingham  &  McGuffy, 
and  Bingham  &  Smith.     These  were  years  of  professional  activity  and 
reward,  and  his  promotion  to  the  bench  was   not  long  deferred.     In 
April,  1873,  he  was  elected  without  opposition  Judge  of  the  Court  of 
Common  Pleas  for  the  Fifth  Judicial  I)istrict,  and  by  re-election  was 
continued  on  the  bench  of  that  court  until  1887,  when  he  was  appointed 
by  President  Cleveland  Chief  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  the  Dis- 
trict of  Columbia,  which  position   he   holds   at  the   present  time.     His 
published  works  of  greater  moment-  are  his  opinions  appearing  in  the 
Reports  of  the  court  over  which  he  presides. 
Ch.,  by  w.  Susannah, — 

i.     Lucy,  b.  McArthur,  Ohio,  1852,  d.  McArthur,  Ohio,  April,  1854. 
ii.     Delia,  b.  McArtliur,  Ohio,  July,  18.34.    m.  William  H.  Mitcliell  (See), 
iii.     Edith,  b.  McArthur,  Ohio,  May  1,  1859.     m.  Dec.  14,  1898,  William 

.Jacks,  attorney,     res.  Pacific  Grove,  Cal. 
iv.     Edward  Todd,  b.  Columbus,  Ohio,  June  17,  1861.    m.  Sept.  1890,  Stella 

Miles,  res.  Columbus,  Ohio.     Manufacturer. 
V.     Harry,  b.  Columbus,  Ohio,  March,  1864.     unm.     He  was  a  student  in 
Ohio  State  University  two  years.     He  res.  L.,  1884-9,  reading  law 
with  Bingham,  Mitchell,  &  Batchellor,  admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Con- 

Bingham.  65 

cord,  July  10,  1887,  and  was  in  practice  here  two  years.  In  1889  he 
returned  to  his  native  State,  and  was  Assist.  Prosecuting  Attorney, 
Franklin  Co.,  two  years.  He  is  now  Assist.  U.  S.  Attorney  for  the 
District  of  Columbia,  residing  in  Washington,  D.  C.  During  tlie  war 
with  Spain  lie  was  Captain  Seventh  U.  S.  Volunteer  Infantry,  mus- 
tered June  -20,  1808,  discharged  Feb.  28,  1900. 

12.  Horatio  H.  Bingham,  son  of  Warner  ^  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  in 
1841.     ra.  July  4,  1862,  Sophia  P.  Mullen.     He  res.  in  Bingham,  111. 

Ch, — 

1.     LiLLiE  J.,  b.  xMarch  30, 1863.    m.  Aug.  1884,  W.  R.  Prater.    He  d.  May 

19,  1893. 
ii.     John  Warner,  b.  July  31,  1869.     ra.  Nov.  28,  1895,  Alice  M.  Weeks, 
iii.     Franklin  H.,  b.  July  8,  1872,  d.  March  28,  1873. 
iv.     Edith  Florence,  b.  Nov.  4,  1873.     unm.,  res.  Bingham,  111. 

13.  James  Warner  Bingham,  son  of  Warner  ^  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
Feb.  9,  1849.  m.  Jan.  1,  1878,  Sarah  R.,  dau.  of  James  Warden,  b. 
in  Peachara,  Vt.,  July  1,  1860.     He  res.  in  Concord,  Vt. 

Ch,  — 

i.     Harry  W.,  b.  Peacham,  Vt.,  April  8,  1881,  d.  Peacham,  Vt.,  Aug.  24, 

14.  Tracy  Perry  Bingham,  son  of  George  Azro  ^°,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  7, 
1854.  m.  Nov.  6,  1880,  Alice  A.,  dau.  of  Moses  N.  Howland,  b.  in 
Easton,  May  17,  1858.     He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1879.     Farmer, 

Ch, — 

i.     LoDiSE  Woods,  b.  Peacham,  Vt.,  Jan.  10,  1882. 
ii.    Tract  Willard,  b.  Peachana,  Vt.,  July  14,  1888. 

15.  Andrew  Woods  Bingham,  son  of  George  Azro  ^°,  b.  in  Bath, 
Sept.  24,  1861.  m.  Oct.  17,  1888,  Corinda  Anna,  dau.  of  James  Cun- 
ningham, b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  1,  1859.  Episcopal.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  since  1862.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Postmaster,  Feb.  22,  1887, 
to  1891,  and  March  1,  1895,  to  1899.  Board  of  Health,  1891.  Treas. 
L.  Driving  Park  Association,  1889.     J.  P.  State. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,— 

i.     George,  b.  June  17,  1891,  d.  L.  same  day. 
ii.     Andrew  Woods,  b.  June  19,  1893. 
iii.     James  Cunningham,  b.  Sept.  30,  1895. 

16.  George  Hutchins  Bingham,  son  of  George  Azro  ^'',  b.  in  L. 
Aug.  19,  1864.  m.  Oct.  29,  1891,  Cordelia  Pearmain,  dau.  of  Sylves- 
ter Baxter  Hinckley,  b.  in  Chelsea,  Mass.,  Jan.  20,  1866.  He  was 
educated  in  L.  High  School,  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Academy,  and  grad. 
from  Dart.  Coll.  in  1887.  He  studied  law  with  his  father,  and  attended 
Harvard  Law  School,  grad.  in  1891.  He  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in 
Concord,  Aug.  1891,  and  at  once  entered  into  partnership  with  his 
father  under  the  firm  name  of  Bingham  &  Bingham,  which  continued 
until  the  death  of  his  father,  Jan.  22,  1895.  Soon  after  he  formed  a 
partnership  with  Hon.  D.  A.  Taggart,  and  continues  in  active  practice 
in  Manchester,  where  he  now  resides.  Episcopal.  Democrat.  J.  P. 


Elizabeth  Hinckley,  b.  Chelsea,  Mass.,  July  22,  1892. 
George  Hutchins,  b.  L.  Jan.  0,  1895. 
Cordelia  Pra^main,  b.  L.  July  26,  1896. 

VOL.  II.  —  o 

66  Bingham  —  Bishop. 

17.  Tracy  Bingham,  son  of  Elisha  Warner  '.  m.  Hannah  Kent,  d. 
in  Allegan,  Mich.  He  res.  most  of  his  life  in  Woodstock  and  Windsor, 
Vt.     Representative  from  Woodstock,  1836.     d.  in  Allegan,  Mich. 

18.  WiLLARD  Bingham,  son  of  Tracy",  b.  in  Woodstock,  Vt.,  in 
1827.  m.  March  4,  1851,  Sarah  Eliza,  dan.  of  James  Adams  Furber 
(See),  b.  in  Woodstock,  Vt.,  April  28,  1834,  d.  in  Allegan,  Mich., 
March  15,  1891.     He  d.  in  Allegan,  Mich.,  May  13,  1876. 

19.  Charles  Flynn  Bingham,  son  of  Willard  ^^  b.  in  Windsor, 
Mich.,  Nov.  16,  1858.  m.  Jan.  3,  1884,  Hattie  Maud,  dau.  of  Wil- 
liam K.  and  Mary  (Meserve)  Quimby,  b.  in  Wliitefield,  Oct.  15,  1863. 
Free  Baptist.  He  lias  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Undertaker.  Repub- 
lican. A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge;  Master,  1889-90.  K.  T.,  St. 
Gerard  Com.     E.  C,  1897.     No  children. 


1.  Nathaniel  Bishop,  b.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  8,  1798.  m. 
first,  May  18,  1825,  Olive,  dau.  of  Timothy  Ide,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt. , 
March  30,  1803,  d.  in  L.  July  26,  1845.  m.  second,  Abigail  Free- 
man, b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1835  until  he  d.,  Aug. 
7,  1883.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1859-60.  J.  P.  A.  F. 
and  A.  M. 


2.        i.     Horace  A.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  2.3,  1828. 

ii.     Olive,  b.    Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.   3,  1829.      m.   Thomas  J.  Ward,  res. 

Danville,  Vt.,  farmer, 
iii.     Ellen  Ide,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  2,  1834.     m.  Lendall  Bishop,  res. 

St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
iv.     Willard  Ide,  b.  L.  July  20,  1836. 
V.     Emma,  b.  L.  Nov.  5,  1842.    m.  Ferdinand  Shattuck,  res.  Wheelock,  Vt. 

2.  Horace  A.  Bishop,  son  of  Nathaniel  \  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb. 
23,  1828.  m.  first,  April  15,  1851,  Sarah  A.  Brown,  d.  in  Newbury, 
Vt.  m.  second,  Dec.  24,  1854,  Martha  E.,  dau.  of  Eben  Jones,  b.  in 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  14,  1833,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1835 
until  1849,  and  from  1861  until  he  d.,  March  9,  1891.  During  the  time 
he  yv2i^  away  from  L.  he  was  a  boot  and  shoe  raauufr.  After  returning 
to  L.  in  1861,  he  engaged  in  the  poultry  business,  and  when  he  d.  was 
the  largest  poultry  and  egg  dealer  in  Northern  N.  H.     Cong.     J.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Newbuiy,  Vt, — 

3.  i.     Edward  Everett,  b.  Oct.  18,  1859. 
ii.     S.  LiLLiA,  b.  July  5,  1861. 

3.  Edward  Everett  Bishop,  son  of  Horace  A.^,  b.  in  Newbuiy,  Vt., 
Oct.  IS,  1859.  m.  May  11,  1885,  Carrie  M.,  dau.  of  John  P.  Miner,  b. 
in  Lyman,  June  4,  1859.  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1861  until 
1889,  when  he  moved  to  Bethlehem,  where  he  now  res.  Farmer.  Dem- 
ocrat. Selectman,  1895-6-7.  Representative,  1897.  Member  State 
Board  of  Agriculture  since  1897.    Cong.    St.  Johnsbuxy  Academy,  1876. 


i.  Edward  Horace,  b.  L.  Oct.  1889. 

ii.  Harry  John,  b.  Bethlehem,  July,  1891. 

iii.  Willie  Rossell,  b.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  1893. 

iv.  Charles  Alonzo,  b.  Bethlehem,   Feb.  1896. 

Bishop.  67 


4.  Samuel  Bishop,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  21,  1776.  m.  Feb.  15,  1802, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Nathan  Caswell  ^  (See),  b.  in  L.  April  27,  1786,  d. 
in  Landaff.  Marcli  6,  1874,  He  res.  in  Landaff,  where  he  d.  Sept.  27, 
1858.     Farmer. 

Ch., — 

i.    JosiAH,  b.  Jan.  1,  1804,  d.  Dec.  29,  1820. 
ii.     SoPHROxiA,  b.  July  6,  1805,  d.  Oct.  6,  1805. 
iii.     Evelina,  b.  June  30,  1806.     m.  Jabez  Willey,  farmer.     She  d.  Feb.  6, 

iv.     Leon-ard,  b.  April  17,  1808.     m.  first,  Elizabeth  Webber,     m.  second, 

Sarah  Ann  Abbott.     Farmer.     He  d.  in  Libby  Prison  in  1862. 
V.     Hannah,  b.  Sept.  11,  1809.     m.  Seldon  Willey.     She  d.  March  24,  1887. 
vi.     Jane,  b.  Nov.  17, 1811.     m.  William  Williamson.     She  d.  June  30,  1848. 

5.  vii.     Russell  Moore,  b.  Lisbon,  May  27,  1813. 

viii.     John,  b.  April  6,  1815.     m.  Adeline  Richardson.     Soldier  in  Rebellion, 
d.  Mempliis,  Tenn.,  Aug.  23,  1862. 
ix.     Betsey,  b.  Dec.  27, 1816.     m.  William  Thornton.      She  d.  May  6,  1853. 
X.     Melvina  S.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1818.     m.  William  Weld.     She  d.  Sept.  30, 

xi.     Franklin,  b.  May  23,1820.     m.  Jane  Brill.     He  d.  Feb.  16,  1852. 
xii.     Maria   W.,  b.  May  17, 1822.     unm.,  d.  Sept.  30,  1842. 
xiii.     Diana,  b.  April  22, 1824.     m.  Charles  C.  Tyler. 

xiv.     Sarah  A.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1825.      m.  George  Kendall.      She  d.  June  18, 1847. 
XV.     Martin,  b.  Dec.  22,  1827.     unm.,  d.  Jan.  10,  1852. 
xvi.     RuFUS,  b.  Dec.  10,  1829.     d.  Nov.  17,  1834. 

5.  Russell  Moore  Bishop,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  in  Lisbon,  May  27, 
1813.  m.  April  3,  1837,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Thomas  Hunt,  b,  in  Bath, 
Dec.  31,  1819,  d.  in  L.  May  9.  1888.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1869  until 
he  d.  June  18,  1876.     Stone-mason  and  contractor. 


6.  i.     Henry  Diksmore,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  5,  1838. 

ii.     Eleanora  F.,  b.   Landaff,  July  24,  1842.     m.  Nov.  22,  1877,   Bradley 

Thomas,  stable-keeper.     He  d.  Nov.  16,  1885. 
iii.     Cassius  M.  C,  b.  Bath,  March  28, 1849.     m.  Oct.  8,1873,  Anna  Packer. 

d.  Gorham,  Dec.  20,  1879.     Jeweller.     Slie  d.  Feb.  20,  1881. 
iv.     Herman  T.,  b.  Bath,  Feb.  18,  1853.     m.  in  1875,  Adda  Haskell.     He  d. 

Puebla,  Col.,  March  28,  1888.     Druggist. 
V.     Herbert  T.,  b.  Bath,   Feb.   18,  1853.     unm.     He  d.  Worcester,  Mass. 
June  2,  1875.     Book-keeper. 

6.  Henry  Dinsmore  Bishop,  son  of  Russell  Moore  ^  b.  in  Lyman, 
Aug.  15,  1838.  ra.  first,  Jan.  3,  1860,  Zilpha,  dau.  of  Hosea  Howland, 
b.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  12,  1841,  d.  in  L.  July  16,  1879.  m.  second,  Elizabeth 
J.,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  C.  Stevens,  b.  in  Topsham,  Vt.,  May  24,  1835. 
He  lias  res.  in  L.  since  1877.  Stone-mason  and  contractor.  Republi- 
can. Co.  B,  5th  N.  H.  Inf.  G.  A.  R.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge.     K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Zilpha,  b.  in  Lisbon, — 

1.     Ida  Amanda,  b.  March  18,  1862.     m.  Robert  Moore  (See). 

ii.     Lottie  Louise,  b.  March  20,  1872.     m.  Wilfred  O.  Smith   (See). 
iii.     Laura  M.,  b.  Jan.  9,  1874.     m.  July  22,  1893,  Carl  8.  Bixby,  clerk,  res. 

Haverhill,  Mass. 
iv.     Cassie  May,  b.  July  10,  1876.     m.  Fred  H.  Merrill  (See). 

68  Blake  —  Blakslee  —  Blandin. 


1.  William  IIakrison  Blake,  son  of  Harrison,  b.  in  Landaff,  Aug. 
20,  1842.  m.  Nov.  7,  1865,  Elizabeth  H.,  dau.  of  James  Callioun,  b.  in 
L.  Sept.  16,  1844.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Clerk.  Republi- 
can. Co.  G,  nth  N.  H.  Inf.,  Co.  H,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.,  Sergt.  G.  A.  R. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 


1.     Florence,  b.  Lisbon,  Dec.  22,  1866,  d.  Lyman,  June  12,  1869. 

ii.     Maud  Clementine,  b.  Lyman,   April  27,  1870.      m.  Marshall  Albert 

Eaton  (See), 
iii.     James  Calhoun,  b.  Biggs,  Cal.,  June  6,  1878. 

2.  Myron  Levi  Blake,  son  of  Harrison,  b.  in  Landaff,  Oct.  29,  1856. 
m.  Oct.  1,  1891,  Elsie  Bell,  dau.  of  Charles  H.  Hojt,  b.  in  Haverhill, 
Nov,  25,  1867.      He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.     Laborer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Katmond  R.,  b.  Sept.  10,  1892,  d.  L.  Feb.  5,  1893. 
ii.     Roy  Born,  b.  Sept.  14,  1893. 
iii.     Gut  H.,  b.  July  4,  1897,  d.  L.  Nov.  20,  1897. 


1.  Moses  Blakslee,  sou  of  John,  b.  in  Dalton,  June  8,  1808.  m. 
May  29,  1838,  Mary  Emeline,  dau.  of  Parker  Cushman  (See),  b.  in  L. 
in  1811,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  14,  1894.  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  until 
bed.,  June  18,  1877.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.     Elvira  E.,  b.  Dalton,  Jan.  10, 1840.     m.  April  10,  1855,  James  Sayres, 

carpenter,  res.  Concord,  Vt. 
ii.     Climena,  b.  L.  June  29,  1843.     m.  Milo  C.  Pollard  (See), 
iii.     Eliza   R.,  b.   Canada  West,  April  30,  1850.    m.  Feb.  4,  1879,  Loren 
Ricker,  farmer,  res.  L. 


1.  Lyman  Blandin,  son  of  Jonathan,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Jan.  14,  1794. 
m.  June  20,  1825,  Dolly,  dau.  of  Levi  Bean,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Aug. 
20,  1799,  d.  in  L.  Marcli  29,  1888,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1866  until  he  d.  Dec.  4,  1887.     Farmer.    Free  Baptist.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Willard,  b.  Sept.  22, 1826.     m.  Mary  Pierce,  d.  July   18,  1857.      Was 

killed  by  lightning  at  Flume  House.     Hotel  clerk, 
ii.     Mary  Caroline,  b.  Dec.  17,  1827.      m.  John    Pierce,  Jr.  (See  John 

Pierce),  lumber  manufr.,  res.  Bethlehem.     She  d.  May  20,  1896. 
iii.     Relief  B.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1829,  d.  Bethlehem,  1846. 
iv.     Eliza  K.,  b.  March  19,  1831.     m.  Dennis  Wheeler  (See). 
V.     John  B.,  b.  Feb.  14,  1833.     m.  first,  Emeline  Balch.     m.  second,  Lucy 

Balch.    res.  Lancaster.     Farmer, 
vi.     Sarah  Louisa,  b.  Aug.  14,  1836.     m.  Otis  G.  Hale  (See). 

Blodgett  —  Bond  —  Bonney.  69 


1.  Cyrus  Robins  Blodgett,  son  of  Howard,  b.  in  Stewartstown, 
Oct.  26,  1841.  m.  July  9,  1866,  Angeline,  dau.  of  Edmund  Cook,  b.  in 
Campton,  Nov.  23,  1838.  She  d.  Oct.  11,  1898.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1884.  Farmer.  Republican.  Co.  H,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Capt. 
U.  S.  C.  T.     G.  A.  R. 


i.     Clara.   Susan,  b.  Campton,  May  14,  1867.      Assistant,  Hampton  Insti- 

tutp  Va. 
ii.     Ella  ISlAOMr,  b.  Bloomfield,  Vt.,  June  17,  1871.     m.  Oct.  25,  1894,  Her- 
bert E.  W.  Chutter,  salesman,  res.  Boston,  Mass. 
iii.     Sarah  Bell,  b.  Bloomfield,  Vt,  March  1,  1873.      Nurse.     Grad.  Mass. 

Gen.  Hospital, 
iv.     Herbert  Ralph,  b  Bloomfield,  Vt.,  Oct.  25,  1874.     ni.  April  18,  1900, 

Catlielena  V.  Hoffman  (See). 
V.     Martha  Cook,  b.  Bloomfield,  Vt.,  June  15,  1877. 

vi.     William  Edmund,  b,  Bloomfield,  Vt.,  Feb.  2,  1880.     Student,  Worces- 
ter Polytechnic  Institute,  1903. 


1.  John  Bond,  m.  Abigail  Young.  He  moved  from  Gilmanton  to 
Hanover  in  1801,  where  he  d. 

2.  John  Bond  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Jan.  15,  1793.  m. 
Nov.  18,  1818,  Comfort  Everett.     He  d.  in  Dalton,  April  21,  1875. 

3.  LuciiLS  Bond,  son  of  John  ',  b.  in  Haverhill,  May  5,  1821.  m. 
Laura  Ballou.     res.  in  Dalton  most  of  his  life.     d.  in  L.  Feb.  9,  1891. 

4.  Frank  Pierce  Bond,  son  of  Lucius  ^  b.  in  Dalton,  April  18, 
1855.  m.  Jan.  1,  1878,  Emma  Lucinda,  dau.  of  Edward  P.  Cushman, 
b.  in  Dalton,  Feb.  25,  1856,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885. 
Merchant.  Democrat.  Town  Clerk,  Dalton,  1877  to  1883  inc.  Rep- 
resentative from  Dalton,  1885-6.  Selectman,  1894-1900  inc.  Director 
L.  Savings  Bank.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard 
Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R.     (Book  of  Biog.  Grafton  Co.,  p.  408.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Bernard  Quincy,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  19,  1878.     Student  Dart.  Coll.  1901. 


1.  Thomas  Bonney,  emigrant  ancestor,  b.  1604,  from  Dover,  Eng- 
land, was  a  resident  of  Duxbury,  Mass.,  as  early  as  1634.  He  m. 
Mary  Terry,  m.  second  Mary  Hunt.  His  will  is  dated  Jan.  2,  1688/9, 
and  proved  May  1,  1693. 

2.  James  Bonnet,  son  of  Thomas  \  m.  June  14,  1695,  Abigail 
Bishop,  b.  Oct.  30,  1659,  dau.  Dep.  Gov.  James  Bishop  of  Conn.  She 
d.  April  12,  1714.  He  m.  second,  Dec.  12,  1714,  Mary,  perhaps 
Mary  Hudson.     He  lived  in  Pembroke,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  1722. 

70  Bonney. 

3.  Job  Bonney,  son  of  James "-,  b.  in  Pembroke,  Mass.  bapt.  April 
26,  1713.     m.  May  9,  1733,  Ruth  Bisbee.     They  had  twelve  children. 

4.  Benjamin  Bonney,  son  of  Job,  settled  in  Chesterfield,  Mass. 
Member  of  the  Mass.  Legislature,  a  captain  in  the  Revolution,  and 
is  credited  with  several  terms  of  service.  He  m.  April  3,  1759,  Silence 
White.     Thirteen  children. 

5.  Peter  Bonney,  son  of  Benjamin*,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Mass.,  Ma}^ 
1,  1773.  m.  Lydia  West,  who  d.  in  1799.  He  m.  second,  April  3, 
1800,  Eleanor  Savage,  b.  Middleton,  Conn.,  Nov.  16,  1781,  dau.  of 
Stephen  Savage  (See).  He  lived  in  Charlestown  from  1793  to  1800, 
when  he  removed  to  this  town.  An  active  and  respected  citizen. 
Farmer  and  tanner.  Whig.  Representative,  1810.  Selectman,  1803. 
Moderator,  1810-1814.  Treasurer,  1809-1812.  Deputy  sheriff,  1804- 
1808.     J.  P. 

Ch.  bj-  w.  Lydia,  b.  in  Charlestown,  — 
i.     Wales,  b.  June  26,  1799. 

Ch.  by  w.  pjleanor,  b.  in  L. ,  — 

ii.     Emily,  b.  May  30,  1801.     ni.  Josiah  Kilburn  (See). 

6.  hi.     Benjamin  W.,  b.  Feb.  2,  1803. 

iv.     Elvira,  b.  March  14,  1805.     m.  Sewell  Brackett  (See). 

V.     Almeria,  b.  Sept.  9, 1807.     m.  Dean  Conant  (See). 

vi.     Franklin  Riley,  b.  Dec.  26,  1810.     unm.     Lawyer,     d.  New  Orleans, 

La.,  about  1840. 
vii.  Elizabeth  Maria,  b.  Oct.  12,  1815.  m.  first,  W.  R.  B.  Wills,  lawyer, 
d.  New  Orleans,  La.  m.  second, Parlcer ;  m.  tliird,  Henry  Gor- 
don Walton,  lawyer,  d.  San  FrancLsco,  Cal.  Teacher,  and  author  of 
"  Sandwich  Islands  as  They  Are."  She  d.  San  Francisco,  April  20, 
1892.  Ch,,  by  W.  R.  B.  Wills  :  Mariana  Alley,  b.  New  Orleans,  La., 
1843,  teacher,  res.  San  Francisco,  Cal.  West  Bonney,  b.  New  Orleans, 
La.,  1845.     (L.  Cen.,  p.  283.) 

7.  viii.     Alfred  Tike,  b.  Aug.  29,  1820. 

ix.     Ellen,  b.  April  2,  1825.     m.  Oliver  S.  St.  John  (See). 

6.  Benjamin  West  Bonney,  son  of  Peter  \  b.  in  L.  Feb.  2,  1803. 
m.  April,  1848,  Adriana,  dau.  of  Sylvanus  Rapalje,  b.  in  N.  Y.  City  in 
1826  or  7,  d.  in  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  in  1891.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth, 
grad.  from  Dart.  Coll.  Class  of  1824,  taught  the  Peacham  (Vt.)  Acad- 
emy a  few  mouths,  and  then  entered  upon  the  study  of  law  with  Hon. 
Stephen  Webster  Marston  of  Newburyport,  Mass.  He  afterward  studied 
with  Gen.  Jacob  Rutsen  Van  Rensselaer  at  Clarence,  N.  Y.,  and  Hon. 
Jonas  Piatt  of  N.  Y.  City.  He  commenced  practice  in  N.  Y.  City  in 
1829  and  continued  until  he  became  a  Judge  of  the  Supreme  Judicial 
Court  of  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1860.  In  1858  Dart.  Coil,  conferred  upon  him 
the  degree  of  LL.D,  and  he  was  one  of  the  board  of  trustees  of  that  in- 
stitution from  1865  to  1868.  He  d.  in  N.  Y.  City,  Aug.  18,  1868.  (See 
L.  Cen.,  pp.  130-1.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  N.  Y.  City,  — 

i.     Eleanor,  b.  March  2,  1849.     ra.,  1869,  Edward  F.  Brown,  lawver,  res. 

N.  Y.  City. 
ii.     Adriana   Rapalje,   b.   April    30,   1850.     m.,  1870  or  71,  Dr.    Weber, 

physician,  res.  Berlin,  Germany, 
iii.     Benjamin   West,  res.  Fishkill,  N.  Y. 

iv.     Susan  Rapalje,  ni.  Lieut.  Scholtzteasteir,  Army,  res.  Berlin,  Germany. 
V.     Alfred,  res.  Fishkill,  N.  Y.     Farmer, 
vi.     Jeromas  R.     Civil  engineer, 
vii.     Ella. 

Bonney  —  Bostwich  —  Boutivell  —  Bolles.  71 

7.  Alfred  Pike  Bonney,  son  of  Peter  \  b.  in  L.  Aug.  29,  1820. 
m.  Nov.  1,  1843,  Emily,  dan.  of  William  Buck,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
March  .5,  1825.  She  now  res.  in  Monroe.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth 
until  1842.     Merchant,     d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  March  31,  1857. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  — 

i.  Franklin  West,  b.  Sept.  9,  1844,  d.  1868. 

ii.  Mary  E.,  b.  Dec.  4,  1845,  res.  Monroe, 

iii.  Isabel,  b.  Oct.  17,  1849. 

iv.  Alfred  Dean,  b.  .July  9,  1851.     m.  Jan.  27,  1886,  Anna  Wilkinson. 

V.  Emily  1.,  b.  Feb.  27,  1853.     m.  June  15,  1882,  Frank  Amy,  res.  Monroe, 

vi.  Peter  Irving,  b.   April  24,   1856.     lu.  Oct.  17,  1881,  Kate  Davenport, 
res.  Boston,  Mass. 


1.  Seymour  Admeb  Bostwick,  son  of  Julius  Clark,  b.  in  Peru, 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  19,  1835.  m.  April  11,  18.54,  Mary  Esther,  dau.  of  Allen 
P.  Peabody,  b.  in  Meredith,  Aug.  18,  1835,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1894.     Machinist.     Unitarian.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

1.     Perley,  b.  Laconia,  1856.     m.  Alice  Osgood,  res.  L.  . 
ii.     Lena  A.,  b.    Maynard,   Mass.,    1862.     m.   .Joseph  E.    Walcott,  res.   L. 

iii.     Charles  S.,  b.  Chelsea,  Mass.,  1880. 


1.  Frank  Boutwell,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Lancaster,  July  5,  18.37. 
m.  Nov.  8,  1877,  Cynthia,  dau.  of  Henr}-  Bruce,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt, 
April  15,  1842,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1844  until  he  d.,  Sept.  1, 
1883.     Farmer.     Republican.     Co.  E,  14th  N.  H.  Inf. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Frank,  b.  July  6,  1878. 
ii.     Charles,  b.  Oct.  3,  1882. 


1.  Obed  Bolles,  son  of  John  and  Mere}*  (Randall)  Bolles,  b.  in 
Richmond,  June  12,  1782.  m.  April  15,  1798,  Sela  Goss  :  m.  second, 
Dec.  27,  1803,  Waitstill  Aldrich,  b.  in  Richmond,  March  11,  1782, 
dau.  of  Nathan  and  Martha  (Jillson)  Aldrich.  He  removed  to  Beth- 
lehem about  1805.  d.  in  Dalton,  Jul}'  23,  1864.  His  wife  d.  in  Dalton, 
March  22,  1848. 

2.  Nathan  Bolles,  son  of  Obed  \  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Maj'  23,  1813. 
m.  Oct.  26,  1837,  Fanny  Day,  dau.  of  Willard  Streeter  (See),  b.  Feb. 
9,  1818,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  21,  1882.  She  m.  second,  George 
Parker  of  Concord,  Vt.  Nathan  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1850.  Farmer, 
d.  in  Bethlehem,  .June  4,  1875. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Willard  Streeter,  b.  Dalton,  Jan.  24,  18.3(t,  d.  Dalton,  Feb.  26, 1846. 
ii.     Charles  Manson,  b.  Dalton,  July  3,  1841,  d.  Dalton,  March  11,  1846. 
iii.     Charles  Willard,    b.  L.    Aug.  24,  1847.     unm.     Lawyer,     d.  N.  Y. 

City,  July  5,  1891. 
iv.     Cortes  Hibbard,  b.  L.  Aug.  12, 1850. 

72  Bolles  —  Bowles. 

3.  James,  son  of  Obed%  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  3,  1824.  m. 
Dec.  26,  1847,  Lovisa  F.,  dau.  of  Simeon  BoUes,  b.  in  Winchester,  Oct. 
15,  1827.    Baptist.    He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886.     Farmer.    Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Dalton,  — 

i.     Arletta   E.,   b.  March   7,  1854.     m.   Dec.  25,   1872,  Dr.    Charles  E. 

Kowell,  physician,  res.  Stamford,  Ct. 
ii.     Orrin  James,  b.  Feb.  27,  1857,  d.  Dalton,  Aug.  80,  1864. 

4.  Cortes  Hibbard  Bolles,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  12, 
1850.  m.  June  29,  1878,  Lizzie  Minerva,  dau.  of  Curtis  Whitcomb 
(See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Jan.  28,  1859.  She  m.  second,  Andrew  J. 
Sellingham  (See).  Cortes  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life,  where  he  d. 
Nov.  24,  1890.     Lumber  manufr.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Blanche  Minerva,  b.   Lisbon,  Sept.  11,  1879.     m.  Frank  W.  Elliott 

ii.     Grace  Ella,  b.  L.  Oct.  19,  1881.     ni.  Dec.  4,  1899,  Arthur  D.  Merrill. 
iii.     Charles  Orvillb,  b.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  6,  1884. 
iv.     Roger  Forrest,  b.  L.  Nov.  18,  1887. 


5.  George  Cogswell  Bowles,  son  of  Chandler,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Feb. 
11,  1833.  m.  first,  March  13,  1856,  Emily,  dau.  of  Uriah  Oakes,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Oct.  20,  1835,  d.  in  Lisbon,  Jan.  11, 1886,  Advent,  m.  second, 
Dec.  31,  1888,  Maria  Patten,  dau.  of  Peter  Hardy,  b,  in  Hampstead, 
Jan.  27,  1839,  Advent.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  June,  1892.  Advent 
clergyman.  Educated  in  district  and  select  schools  of  Lisbon.  Or- 
dained at  Alton  Bay  in  1876.  He  has  been  located  at  Sugar  Hill  (Lis- 
bon), Messina,  N.  Y.,  and  has  supplied  at  Franconia,  Whitefield,  St. 
Johnsbury,  and  Littleton.  A  member  of  the  State  Ministerial  Cora,  for 
several  years.     He  taught  school  in  Lisbon  in  1854-5. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ethel  M.,  b.   Lisbon,  May  11,   1870.     m.   April  29,  1896,  Horace  K. 
Miller,  glover,  res.  L. 


6.  Frank  Eugene  Bowles,  son  of  Almond,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  13,  1856. 
m.  Nov.  10,  1880,  Fenella,  dau.  of  Obed  B.  Quimby  (See),  b.  in  Lis- 
bon, March  12, 1858.  Advent.  He  res.  in  L.  in  3-outh,  and  since  1879. 
Furniture  merchant.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     DuLCiE  EuDELL,  b.  Feb.  2,  1890. 
ii.     Emily  Almina,  b.  July  18,  1893. 


7.  Caleb  AYells  Bowles,  son  of  Jesse,  b.  in  Lisbon.  Dec.  22,  1809. 
m.  first,  in  1832,  Martha,  dau.  of  Abel  Goodnow,  b.  in  Grafton,  Vt.,  in 
1807,  d.  in  Bethlehem.  May  26,  1858.  m.  second,  Oct.  3,  1858,  Sally 
Oakes,  dau.  of  Joseph  Bai-rett,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  18,  1815,  Cong. 

Boides  —  Boivmnn.  73 

He  res.  iu  L.  from  1881  until  he  cI,  Feb.  8,  1882.    Farmer.    Free  Bap- 
tist.    Democrat. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Martha,  — 

i.     Henry  H.,  b.  Lisbon,  1833.    unrn.,  res.  Lisbon.    One  of  proprs.  of  Sun- 
set Hill  House, 
ii.     Mary  M.,  b.  Lisbon,   1836.      m.  1857,  Leander  B.  Moulton.     Farmer. 
He  d.  Lisbon,  1891. 
iii.     Lyman  E.,  b.  Lisbon,  1838.     m.  1865,  Julia  Leland.      Insurance  agent. 

He  d.  Newtown,  Pa.,  Sept.  14,  1872. 
iv.     Martha   I\I.,  b.  Lisbon,  1843,  res.  Lisbon. 

V.     Augusta  S.,   b.  Betblebeni,   1848.      m.  1870,  Joseph  K.  Ball.     Snath 
raanufr.     She  d.  Athens,  Vt,  July  20,  1877. 


1.  Nathaniel  Bowman,  a  native  of  England,  was  one  of  the  early 
proprietors  of  Watertown,  Mass.  If  he  did  not  emigrate  with  Win- 
throp  and  Saltonstall,  he  became  a  resident  previous  to  1637.  He 
early  removed  to  Cambridge  Farms,  now  Lexington.  His  wife  Anna 
is  not  named  in  his  will  dated  Oct.  21,  1679.  It  is  probable  she  was 
deceased  at  that  date.     He  died  Jan.  2,  1681/2. 

2.  Francis  Bowman,  son  of  NathanieP,  born  1630,  was  admitted 
freeman  1652.  He  resided  in  Cambridge  Farms,  where  he  died  Dec.  16, 
1687.  He  m.  Sept.  26,  1661,  Martha  Sherman,  b.  Feb.  21,  1641,  dau. 
of  John  and  Martha  (Porter)  Sherman  of  Watertown. 

3.  Francis  Bowman,  son  of  Francis^,  b.  in  Lexington,  Sept.  14; 
1662.  m.  June  26,  1684,  Lydia  Stone,  b.  Nov.  25,  1665,  dau.  of  Dea. 
Samuel  and  Sarah  (Stearns)  Stone;  he  m.  second,  Ruth  Angier,  dau. 
of  Rev.  Samuel  and  Hannah  (Oakes)  Angier.  Hannah  Oakes  was  a 
dau.  of  Rev.  Urian  Oakes,  Pres.  Harvard  Universit}-.  He  was  among 
the  most  prominent  men  of  Lexington.  He  was  selectman  many 
years,  representative  six  vears,  and  a  royal  magistrate.  He  d.  Dec. 
23,  1744.     His  widow  Ruth  d.  July  23,  1754. 

4.  John  Bowtvian,  son  of  Francis  ®,  b.  in  Lexington,  1689.  ra.  Mary 
Stone,  b.  Sept.  26,  1692,  dau.  of  John  and  Rachel  (Shepherd)  Stone 
of  Lexington.  He  d.  in  Lexington,  April  30,  1726  ;  she  d.  June  28, 

5.  Jonas  Bowman,  son  of  John*,  b.  in  Lexington,  Feb.  3,  1717.  m. 
May  19,  1739,  Abigail  Russell.  He  owned  the  Covenant  1739,  and  the 
births  of  three  children  are  recorded  in  Lexington. 

6.  Jonas  Bowman,  son  of  Jonas  ^,  b.  in  Lexington,  July  19,  1739. 
He  m.  May  18,  1758,  Susannah  Gregory,  and  removed  to  Henniker  in 
the  autumn  of  1763,  being  the  fifth  settler  in  the  town.  His  wife  d. 
Sept.  25.  1800  ;  he  m.  second.  Prudence  (Hardy)  Rice,  widow  of  Elijah 
Rice  of  Henniker.  He  was  a  lieutenant  and  a  captain  in  the  Revolu- 
tionary army  and  did  good  service.  In  town  affairs  he  was  a  con- 
spicuous character  (See  History  of  Henniker.)  He  d.  March  29,  1807. 
Of  his  twelve  children,  Jonathan  and  Walter  removed  to  Littleton. 

7.  Jonathan  Bowman,  son  of  Jonas  ^,  b.  in  Henniker,  Nov.  23, 
1764.     ra.  May  13,  1788,  Anna,  dau.  of  Jonathan   Conner,   b.  July  9, 

74  Bowman. 

1771,  d.  in  L.  May  14,   1836.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1802  until  he  d., 
Sept.  10,  1842.     Farmer.     Selectman,  1808. 
Ch.,  — 

9.      i.     Jonas,  b.  Henniker,  Dec.  9,  1788. 

10.  ii.     John,  b.  Henniker,  Oct.  17,  1790. 

11.  iii.     Ira.  b.  Henniker,  June  9,  1793. 

iv.     Benjamin,  b.  Henniker,  April  9, 1795.    m.  Jan.  27, 1817,  Alice  Wlieelock. 

He  (1.  Coventry,  Vt,  Sept.  5,  1852. 
V.     Anna,  b.  Henniker,  April  6, 1798.     m.  Aaron  S.  Wheelock  (See). 

12.  vi.     WiLLARD,  b.  Henniker,  July  4,  1800. 

vii.     David,  b.  Henniker,  Jan.  28,  1802,  d.  L.  Aug.  13,  1821.    Killed  in  raising 
Lower  Waterford  Bridge. 

13.  viii.     Abijah,  b.  L.  July  21,  1804. 

ix.     LivoNA,  b.  L.  Aug.  20,  1806,  d.  March  6,  1838. 
X.     Oliver,  b.  L.  Aug.  17,  1808,  d.  L.  April  11, 1830. 
xi.     Susanna,  b.  L.  Jan.  10,  1812,  d.  L.  Jan.  18,  1812. 

8.  Walter  Bowman,  son  of  Jonas®,  b.  in  Henniker,  May  31,  1782. 
m.  Hannah  Rice,  b.  March  18,  1775,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Sarah  (Childs) 
Rice  of  Henniker,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  19,  1846.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1803  un- 
til he  d.,  March  16,  1840.     Farmer. 


i.  Hannah  R.,  b.  1800.     m.  Simeon  Remick  (See). 

ii.  Walter.      m.  Martha  Hall,  res.  Newport,  Vt.      Ensign  11th  Co.,  32d 

Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Aug.  23,  1824.      Vacated  April  3,  1826. 

iii.  Daniel,     m.  Hetty  Cass, 

iv.  Baxter,  res.  Toledo,  Ohio. 

V.  Zadock.     m.  Elizabeth  Morrill,  res.  Toledo,  Ohio. 

14.  vi.  Royal,  b.  L. 

vii.     James  Wallace,  res.  Elmira,  N.  Y. 
viii.     CozBi.     ni.  Joseph  Farr,  res.  Coventry,  Vt. 
ix.     Harriet,     m.  Alfred  Wright,  res.  Manchester. 

9.  Jonas  Bowman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  in  Henniker,  Dec.  9,  1788. 
pub.  Feb.  26,  1811,  Lois,  dau.  of  Thomas  Carter,  b.  in  L.,  d.  in  L. 
Mai-ch  31,  1880.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1802  until  he  d.,  March  10,  1843. 


15.  i.     Jonas,  b.  Lyman,  Jan.  28, 1811. 

ii.     Lois,  b.  1819.     m.  Carter  Evans,  merchant.     Last  res.  Audubon,  Iowa. 

10.  John  Bowman,  son  of  Jonathan '^j  b.  in  Henniker,  Oct.  17,  1790. 
m.  Nov.  14,  1816,  Lovisa,  dau.  of  John  Gile  (See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  9, 
1800,  Cong.  d.  in  L.  Sept.  6, 1877.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1802  until  he  d., 
June  25,  1861.     Lumber  manufr.     Methodist.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Abigail  Gile,  b.  May  4,  1H17.     m.  William  Condon  (See). 

16.  ii.     Curtis  Coe,  b.  Nov.  14,  1818. 

17.  iii.     Isaac  Wheeler,  b.  Nov.  26,  1820. 

iv.     Augusta  Ann,  b.  Dec.  81,  1822.     ra.  Nov.  12,  1845,  Benjamin  B.  Jones. 

Last  res.  Greenfield,  Ohio. 
V.     Alfred,  b.  July  20, 1825.     m.  Dec.  30,  1847,  Susan  Cleveland.     Ensign 
5th  Co.,  32d  Regt.,  N.  H.  Militia,  1844.     Co.  I,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.     He 
d.  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  June  9,  1889.    She  d.  L.  April  9,  1849,  gravestone, 
vi.     Juliett,  b.  Feb.  22,  1827.      m.  Robert  Carpenter,  editor  of  "  City  and 

Country,"  Nyack,  N.  Y. 
vii.     Hannah  Oliva,  b.  July  16,1829.     m.  Franklin  G.  Wetherell  (See), 
viii.     William  G.,  b.  July  12,  1831.     m.  Sarah ,  res.  Vancouver,  B.  C. 

18.  ix.     George,  b.  Aug.  3,  1833. 

Bowman.  75 

X.     Caroline,  b.  Nov.  8,  1835.     m.  first,  Nov.  20,  1861,  Edward  L.  Corneil- 
son,  steward,      d.  Nyack,  N.  Y.,  1877.      m.  second,  William  Cargill, 
policeman,     d.  Dec.  2,  1888.     She  d.  Nyack,  N.  Y.,  April  4,  1889. 
xi.     Sarah  J.,  b.  Feb.  25,  1838.     unm.,  d.  L.  Oct.  29,  1855. 

19.  xii.     Albert  Harry,  b.  April  15,  1840. 

xiii.     Helen,  b.  Feb.  20,  1842.     m.  Charles  F  Everett  (See). 
xiv.     Drusella  E.,  b.  April  26,  1845.      m.  Oct.  2,  1865.  John  Charles  Shay, 
painter.     She  d.  L.  June  27,  1882.  "  ■ 

11.  Ira  Bowman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  in  L.  June  9,  1793.  pub. 
April  25,  1820,  Judith,  dau.  of  Daniel  Carter  (See),  b.  in  L.  in  1800. 
She  d.  in  L.  Jan.  8,  1847.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1835.  d.  in 
Ljman,  Dec.  28,  1846.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     David,  b.  1821.     m.  Hannah  Parker.     Co.  G,   11th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private. 

d.  April  17,  1863. 
ii.     Jemima,     m.  Luther  Hoskins,  farmer,     res.  Stratford, 
iii.     Lovisa.     m.  James  Warner  Curtis,  farmer.     Last  res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
iv.     Ira,  b.  July  16,  1831,  d.  Newark,  N.  J.,  Oct.  6,  1862.     Co.  D,  13tli  Regt. 
Mass.  Vols.     Wounded  at  Antietam. 
V.     Lucretia.     m. Cooper. 

20.  vi.     John,  b.  May  30,  1835. 

12.  WiLLARD  Bowman,  son  of  Jonathan  '' ,  b.  in  Henniker,  July  4, 
1800.  m.  Jan.  2,  1828,  Triphena,  dau.  of  Joseph  Abbott,  b.  in  Charles- 
town,  March  27,  1803,  d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Oct.  10,  1867.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1802  until  he  d.,  Feb.  28,  1860.     Farmer.     Selectman,  1841. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     William,  b.  Nov.  6,  1828.     m.  March  6,  1856,  Drusilla  Richards,     res. 

Atchison,  Kas.     Miller, 
ii.     Eleanor  M.,  b.  Aug.  31,  1830.      m.  Nov.  9,  1852,  Amos  H.  Silver,  ma- 
chinist.    He  d.  Dec.  10,  1863.     She  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  29,  1863. 

iii.     Oliver,  b.  Jan.  1832,  d.  L.  Aug.  2,  1838. 

iv.  .  Harvey  A.,  b.Feb.  1835,  d.  L.  Aug.  5,  1838. 

V.     Sophia  A.,  b.  July  21,  1837.     m.  George  W.  Ferguson  (See). 

vi.  Henry  A.,  b.  May  11,  1839.  m.  April,  1868,  Luella  M.  Daniels.  Painter. 
Co.  G,  2d  N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  Hed.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  23,  1892. 
She  d.  Oct.  1,  1887. 

vii.     Edwin   C,  b.  Anril  25,  1842.     m.  Aug.  20,  1862,  Irena  H.  Richardson. 
Hotel-keeper.  '  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Sergt.      G.  A.  R.      res.  Water- 
ford, Vt. 
viii.     Franklin  A.,  b.  June  2,  1845.     Killed  in  battle  of  the  Wilderness,  June, 
1865.     Co.  A,  11th  xMass.  Inf.  Private,     res.  L. 

13.  Abijah  BOWMA.N,  son  of  Jonathan'',  b.  in  L.  July  21,  1804.  m. 
Jan.  3,  1833,  Maria,  dau.  of  Jonas-  Lewis,  b.  in  L.  March  23,  1812, 
d.  in  L.  April  10,  1844.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life  and  d.  June  27,  1876. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Mary  Jane,  b.  Nov.  17,  1833.     m.  Horace  Shute  (See). 

ii.  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  29,  1838.     ni.  James  A.  Williams  (See). 

21.  iii.  William  Burns,  b.  May  9,  1840. 
iv.  Helen,  b.  Sept.  9,  1842,  d.  Ashland. 

V.  Martha  P.,  b.  April  3, 1844.  m.  Sept.  1,  1860,  Martin  Burt,  res.  Lunen- 
burg, Vt.     She  was  legally  adopted  by  Anson  Ale.xander  (See). 

14.  Royal  Bowman,  son  of  Walter  ^  b.  in  L.  m.  first,  March  23, 
1837,  Chestina,  dau.  of  Theodore  Dyke,  b.  in  Lyman,  April  1,  1821,  d. 
in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  16,  1859.     m.  second,  in  1865,  Orpha  Adams. 

76  Bowman. 

He  res.  in  L.  in  youtli  and  in  1835-6-57.     Farmer,    d.  in  Newport,  Vt., 
Sept.  27,  1871.  ' 

Ch.,  by  w.  Cliestina,  b.  in  Lyman,  — 

i.     Clarissa,  b.  June  24,  1839.     m.  1855,  James  D.  White,  farmer.     Slie  d. 

St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  1879. 
ii.     Baxter,  b.  June  2,  1841.     m.  Feb.  11,  1866,  AntentiaC.  Kilby.  Farmpr. 

res.  Newport,  Vt.     Co.  I,  3d  Vt.  Inf.  Private, 
iii.     Acelia.     m.  1865,  William  Ellis,  macliinist,  res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
iv.     Alphonso  B.,d.  1872.     Farmer. 
V.     Martha  H.,  b.  March  14,  1850,  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  March  28,  1864. 

15.  Jonas  Bowman,  son  of  Jonas  ^,  b.  in  Lyman,  Jan.  28,  1811. 
pub.  July  4,  1840,  Mary,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Carter,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt. , 
in  1819,  d.  in  L.  Marciri7,  1885,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1848  until 
he  d.,  March,  1888.     Farmer.     Cong. 


22.  i.     LoREN,  b.  Peacham,  Vt.,  June  3,  1841. 

ii.     Christie,  b.  L.  Nov.  13,  1848.     m.  Aug.  1871,  Ira  Locke,  piano-maker, 
res.  Leominster,  Mass. 

16.  Curtis  Coe  Bowman,  son  of  John  ^°,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  14,  1818. 
m.  Jan.  13,  1847,  LaAdna  Bigelow,  dau.  of  George  Witherell,  b.  Hart- 
land,  Vt.,  Jan.  13,  1824,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  and  d.  Feb. 
23,  1877.  Lumber-dealer  and  merchant.  Republican.  Deput}'  sheriff, 
1864  to  1869  inc.     Fire  ward,  1845-6.     J.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

!.     Florence  Sybil,  b.  Aug.  30,  1849.     m.  Charles  A.  Farr  (See), 
ii.     Edward  Curtis,  b.  March  27,  1850,  d.  July  4,  1856. 
iii.     Eugene,  b.  March,  1853,  d.  L.  Aug.  29,  1853. 
iv.     Ellen  Louise,  b.  March,  1853,  d.  L.  Sept.  29,  1853. 
V.     Blanche,  b.  July  30,  1869,  res.  L.     grad.  Smith  Coll.  1891.     Teacher, 
Littleton  Public  schools,  1  year:  Kockford  Coll.,  111.,  4  years;  Chel- 
sea, Mass.,  High  School,  2  years,     m.  Sept.  12,  1899,  Edward  Good- 
rich Watkins.     res.  Gardner,  Mass. 

17.  Isaac  Wheeler  Bowman,  son  of  John  ^'',  b.  in  L.  Nov.  26, 
1820.  m.  May  4,  1845,  Palmira,  dau.  of  John  Coleman,  b.  in  Tufton- 
boro,  Sept.  24,  1828,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 


i.     Emma  Augusta,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Aug.  20, 1848,  d.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec. 

5,  1849. 
ii.     Erwin  Coleman,  b.  L.  Sept.  22,  1850.     m.  first,  Lizzie  Fay.     m.  sec- 
ond, 1893,  Lydia  Henderson,    res.  Boston,  Mass.    Fireman  in  Boston 
Fire  Dept. 
iii.     William  Gile,  b.  L.  May  1,  1852.     Engineer,     res.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 

23.  iv.     John  Isaac,  b.  L.  March  28,  1857. 

V.     Jennie  Elmira,  b.  L.  Jan.  5,  1860.     m.  Sept.  30,  1890,  Parlin  Leonard 

Barrows,  clerk  in  Faneuil  Market,  Boston,  Mass. 
vi.     Carrie  Venette,  b.  L.  April  28,  1868.     m.  Newell  Mudgett  (See). 

18.  George  Bowman,  son  of  John  ^°,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  3,  1833.  m. 
Nov.  1,  1865,  Maria,  dau.  of  Arza  P^astman  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  16, 
1842,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  Hfe,  and  d.  May  8,  1892.  Farmer. 
Cong.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Harry  Eastman,  b.  L.  Jan.  12,  1879,  d.  L.  June  12,  1895. 

Bowman  —  Brackett.  77 

19.  Albert  Harry  Bowman,  sou  of  John  ^°,  b.  in  L.  April  15,  1840. 
m.  Aug.  8,  1861,  Mary,  dau.  of  David  Bean  (See),  b.  in  Bethleliera, 
Aug.  31,  1843,  Episcopal.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Sergt.  Co.  I, 
1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.  G.  A.  R.  Chief  Police,  1866-8-9-76-7-8-83- 
4-7.  Board  of  Health,  1882.  Drum  major  Saranac  Band.  Democrat. 
No  ch. 

20.  Joan  Bowman,  son  of  Ira",  b.  in  L.  May  30,  1835.  m.  first, 
Martha,  dau.  of  Philip  Mason,  b.  in  Monroe,  d.  in  Monroe,  April  26, 
1865.  ra.  second,  March  9,  1869,  Alma,  dau.  of  Reuben  Flanders,  b. 
in  Wheelock,  Vt. ,  June  15,  1835.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth,  and  from 
1873  until  he  d..  May  15,  1882.  Farmer.  Republican.  Co.  K,  15th 
Vt.  Inf.     Private. 


i.     Ida  J.,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  July  1,  1866.     m.  Jan.  8,  1886,  Frank  Dolbee, 
res.  Stratford,  farmer. 

21.  William  Burns  Bowman,   son  of  Abijah  '^,  b.  in  L.    Ma}'  9, 

1840.  m.  June  8,  1870,  Ella,  dau.  of  John  Colby  Quimby  (See),  b. 
in  L.  March  9,  1848,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edwin  John,  b.  July  22,  1872,  d.  L.  Sept.  21,  1895. 
ii.     Minnie  Jane,  b.  April  17,  1881. 
iii.     Fred  Ralph,  b.  Dec.  15,  1887. 

22.  LoREN  Bowman,  son  of  Jonas  ",  b.   in  Peacham,  Vt.,  June  3, 

1841.  m.  Dec.  8,  1881,  Melissa,  dau.  of  Samuel  Brock,  b.  in  Barnet, 
Vt.,  Feb.  14,  1852,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1848.  Farmer. 

23.  John  Isaac  Bowman,  son  of  Isaac  Wheeler  ^'',  b.  in  L.  March 
28,  1857.  m.  May  2,  1882,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Henry  Barr,  b.  in 
Boston,  Mass.,  April  10,  1859.  Episcopal.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1895.     Painter.     Republican. 


i.     Walter  Isaac,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  July  10,  1885,  d.  L.  May  9,  1887. 
ii.     Ida  May,  b.  L.  April  27,  1887. 


1.  William  Brackett,  son  of  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  Brackett,  was 
born  in  Dedham,  Mass.,  May  7,  1762.  He  m.  Nov.  22,  1784,  Anna 
Lauchlen,  b.  Dec.  26,  1765,  bapt.  in  Dedham,  Feb.  2,  1766,  dau.  of 
Samuel  and  Sarah  (Haws)  Lauchlen  of  Dedham.  He  removed  to 
Sudbury,  Mass. 

2.  William  Brackett,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  Sudbur}-,  Mass.,  Oct. 
9,  1785.  m.  Feb.  10,  1810,  Lorana,  dau.  of  Hector  (?)  Campbell,  b.  in 
Chester,  Mass.,  June  12,  1791,  d.  L.  May  11,  1874,  Cong.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1799  until  he  d.,  Dec.  7,  1859.  Mercliant.  Cong.  Federalist 
until  Jackson  campaign,  when  he  changed  to  Democrat  because  of 
the  Masonic  issue.     He  was  a  devoted  Mason,  a  member  of  Morning 

78  Brackett. 

Dawn  and  Burns  Lodges,  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  Town  Clerk,  1814  to 
1826  inc.  Selectman,  1817.  Fire  ward,  1842-4-5.  Representative, 

Cb.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

6.  i.     William  Campbell,  b.  Oct.  1,  1812. 

ii.     Cephas,  b.  Jan.  '20,  1816.    res.  L.     Stage  propr.     Brig.  Quartermaster, 
6th  Brig,  "id  Div.,  N.  H.  Militia,  1836.     App.  1st  Lieut.  Governor's 
Horse  Guards,  4th  Co.     He  d.  unm.  L.  May  3,  1899. 
iii.     Laura,  b.  Jan.  11,  1819.     m.  Timothy  Havnes  (See). 

7.  iv.     Charles  W.,  b.  June  8,  1822. 

V.     George  S.,  b.  May  29,  1828,  d.  L.  June  19,  1828. 
vi.     Caroline  Adelia,  b.  Nov.  4,  1831.     m.  Henry  Lowell  Tilton  (See). 

3.  Aaron  Brackett,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Aug. 
12,  1797.  m.  March  4,  1824,  Mar}-,  dau.  of  Abram  Hews,  b.  in  Wes- 
ton, Mass.,  Nov.  8,  1802,  d.  in  Concord,  May  9,  1875,  Cong.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1820  until  he  d.,  Jan.  11,  1868.  Merchant.  Cong.  Re- 
publican. Town  Clerk,  1827-8-52-8.  Representative,  1841-2.  Fire 
ward,  1830  to  1841  inc.,  and  clerk  of  same,  1841.  Brigade  Quarter- 
master, 6th  Brig.,  2d  Div.,  N.  H.  -Militia,  1821.  A.  F.  and  A.  M. 
Morning  Dawn,  and  first  secretary  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Martha  A.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1825.     m.  March  31,  1847,  J.  Smith  Ross,  physi- 
cian.    He  d.  Great  Falls,  Nov.  1877. 
ii.     George  H.,  b.  March  3,  1832,  d.  L.  Sept.  29,  1832. 
iii.     Susan  H.,  b.  Sept.  4,  1839.     m.  Allen  J.  Church  (See). 

4.  Sewell  Brackett,  son  of  William  %  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass.,  Oct. 
9,  1799.  ni.  Aug.  4,  1825.  Elvira,  dau.  of  Peter  Bonney  (See),  b.  in 
L.  March  14,  1805,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1832  to  1844,  and  d. 
about  1876.     Cong.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn. 


i.     William  Henry,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  June  6,  1826,  d.  Waterford,  Vt., 

Sept.  18,  1826. 
ii.     William  Henry,  b.   Waterford,  Vt.,  July  8,  1827.     m.  Jane  E.  Fish. 

Bank  cashier,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 
iii.     Sewell,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.     ra.  Carrie  Richardson, 
iv.     Franklin  Bonney,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.     m.  Lucy  Brown,     res.  Boston, 

V.     Dean  Conant,  d.  1847.     Killed  while  coasting. 
vi.     Mary  Ann  Baldwin,  b.  L.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

5.  Samuel  G.  Brackett,  son  of  William  ',  b.  in  Sudbury,  Mass., 
Sept.  10,  1802.  m.  Jan.  1,  1827,  Amanda,  dau.  of  Rev.  Drury  Fair- 
bank  (See),  b.  in  Plymouth,  March  8,  1803,  d.  in  Waltham,  Mass., 
March,  1862.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1840,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Dec. 
14,  1859.     Merchant. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Mart  Ann,  b.  Landaff,  Jan.  30, 1828.    m.  Feb.  17,  1853,  Fayette  Jewett, 

physician  (See), 
ii.     Samuel  Augustus,  b.  Barnet,  Vt,  Dec.  19,  1829.     m.  Feb.  19,  1856, 

Ruble  N.  Robbins.     Merchant,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 
iii.     EIlmore  Fairbank,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  26,  1839.    m.  first,  April  7, 

1860,  Harriet  M.  ChamberUn,  d.  July  27,  1870.     m.  second,  Oct.  1, 

1889,  Frances  H.  Page.     res.  Boston.     Dentist. 

6.  William  Campbell  Brackett,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  1, 
1812.     m.  Jan.  18,  1842,  Julia  A.,  dau.  of  Samuel  Ross,  b.  in  Bath, 

Brackett.  79 

Feb.  9,  1817.     Her  first  husband  was  George  Hutchins.     She  m.  third, 
Col.  CjTus  Eastman  (See).     William  C.  res.   in  L.  all  his  life,  and  d. 
Feb.  14,  1863.     Merchant.     J.  P. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

8.  1.     William  Ross,  b.  Nov.  24,  1842. 

9.  ii.     Edwakd  Dudley,  b.  Nov.  6,  1845. 

ill.     Horace,  b.  May  8,  1848,  d.  L.  June,  1849. 
10.      iv.     Harvey  Smith,  b.  Dec.  22,  1852. 

7.  Charles  White  Brackett,  son  of  William^,  b.  in  L.  June  8, 
1822.  m.  first,  Nov.  18,  1846,  Lucretia,  dau.  of  Otis  Batchelder  (See), 
b.  in  Bedford,  March  12,  1827,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  20,  1879.  m.  second, 
May  21,  1889,  Sarah  J.,  dau.  of  Richard  T.  Sullivan,  b.  in  Lisbon 
in  1858,  Roman  Catholic.  She  m.  second,  George  L.  Danforth  (See). 
Charles  W.  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  except  five  vears,  and  d.  here  Jan.  1, 
1891.     Merchant.     Republican.     Town  Clerk,  1859-60. 

Ch.  b}'  w.  Lucretia,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Anna  Lauchlen,  b.  Dec.  24,  1849.     unm.,  res.  L. 

ii.     Clara  Labaree,  b.  Nov.  15,  1851,  d.  L.  Nov.  16,  185-3. 
iii.     Carrie  Adelia,  b.  Feb.  4,  185o.     m.  Henry  Merrill  (See). 
iv.     Harry  Batchelder,  b.  Sept.  25, 1866.     m.  Nov.  1891,  Clara  Gertrude 
Jenkins.     Clerk  in  real-estate  office,  res.  Everett,  Mass. 

8.  William  Ross  Brackett,  son  of  William  Campbell^,  b.  in  L. 
Nov.  24,  1842.  m.  May  13,  1868,  Ella  Eliza,  dau.  of  Wilbur  C. 
Stearns,  b.  in  Worcester,  Vt.,  Dec.  15,  1849.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth 
until  1864,  and  since  1895.  Railroad  official.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 

Ch.,  b.  in  Plymouth,  — 

i.     Bessie  Stearns,  b.  Aug.  3,  1874,  d.  Aug.  24,  1874. 
ii.     William  Cephas,  b.  March  15,  1876,  d.  May  25, 1876. 
iii.     Lucy  Stearns,  b.  June  23^  1879. 

9.  Edward  Dudley  Brackett,  son  of  William  Campbell^,  b.  in  L. 
Nov.  6,  1845.  m.  Jan.  7,  1869,  Georgianna  Alice,  dau.'  of  James 
Munroe  Hadley  (See),  b.  in  Rumney,  March  13,  1846.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  birth  to  1864,  now  res.  in  Kansas  City,  Mo.     Merchant. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Kate   Ross,   b.  Emporia,  Kas.,  Jan.  1,  1873,  d.  Irving,  Kas.,  Oct.  31, 

ii.     Georgianna  May,  b.  Topeka,  Kas.,  June  15,  1877.     Grad.  Smith  Coll., 


10.  Harvey  Smith  Brackett,  son  of  William  Campbell  ^,  b.  in  L. 
Dec.  22,  1852.  m.  Jan.  31,  1883,  Annie  Stewart,  dau.  of  Franklin 
Bonney  Brackett,  son  of  Sewell  *,  b.  in  Fall  River,  Mass.,  Aug.  21, 
1854.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1867,  now  res.  in  Portsmouth. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  — 

i.     Ross  Dudley,  b.  Sept.  17,  1886. 
ii.     William  Franklin,  b.  Aug.  11,  1888. 

80  Brennan  —  Brickett  —  Bridge. 


1.  John  Brennan,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Ireland  in  1837.  m.  April 
16,  1861,  Mary  Ann,  dan.  of  Patrick  Dooley,  b.  in  Quebec,  Dec.  25, 
1832,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884.  Section  hand. 
Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  b.  in  St.  Agatha,  Can.,  — 

i.     James,  b.  Feb.  16,  186-3.     m.  Aug.  .3,  1890,  Annie  Burns,     res.  Carroll. 

Section  foreman, 
ii.     Annie  G.,  b.  May  12,  1865.     m.  Patrick  Good  (See). 


1.  Abram  Brickett,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  moved  to  Newbur}-,  Vt., 
about  1788,  where  he  had  three  sons,  John,  Abram,  and  Edmund.  He 
m.  Sarah  Kelley- 

2.  John  Brickett,  son  of  Abram  \  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  March  19, 
1780.  m.  March  30,  1813,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Tarrant  Putnam.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1835  to  1852.  Farmer  and  pearlash  manufr.  d.  in 
Newbury,  Vt.,  May  7,  1853. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  — 

3.  i.     Harry,  b.  Feb.  1,  1818. 
ii.     Eunice,  b.  1820,  d.  1820. 

iii.     Sarah  Ann,  b.  1822.     ra.  Sept.  18,  1844,  John  Underwood,  carpenter. 

d.  Bradford,  Vt.,  Feb.  6,  1871. 
iv.     Eunice  .Jane,  b.  1826,  d  Jan.  9,  1846. 

3.  Harry  Brickett,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  Feb.  1,  1818. 
m.  Aug.  18,  1846,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Capt.  Joseph  and  Phebe  (Gage)  Cutter, 
b.  in  Jaffrey,  Dec.  20,  1820.  He  res.  in  L.  a  few  3'ears  prior  to  1852. 
He  was  educated  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  and  Haverhill  Academies,  and  grad. 
Dart.  Coll.  in  1840  ;  studied  medicine  in  Dart.  Med.  Coll.  Taught 
Jaffrey  and  Francestown  Academies,  1840  to  1850 ;  Brown  Latin 
School,  Newburyport,  Mass.,  1850  to  1852  ;  Merrimack  Normal  School, 
1852  to  1856.  Was  ordained  Cong,  clergyman  at  Manchester,  Jan.  28, 
1858.  Pastor  at  Hillsboro  Bridge,  1857  to  1865  ;  Geneseo,  111.,  1865  to 
1872  ;  East  Lake  George,  N.  Y.,  1872  to  1876  ;  Hillsboro  Bridge,  1876 
to  1882  ;  Thetford,  Vt.,  1882  to  1890.  He  afterward  res.  in  Hooksett 
until  he  d.,  Dec.  17,  1891. 

i.     Joseph  Cutter,  b.  Francestown,  June  26,  1847,  d.  Nov.  25,  1851. 

ii.     Ellen  Josephine,  b.  Francestown,  Sept.  2,  1850.     m.  Sept.  17,  1889, 

Orient  J.  Prescott,  res.  Hooksett. 
iii.     Harry  Le  Roy,  b.  Nevvbur3'port,  Mass.,  Sept.  14, 1852.    m.  Aug.  5, 1885, 

Amelia  Herring.     Clergyman,     res.  Marion,  Mass. 
iv.     Julia  Eliza,  b.  Hillsboro  Bridge,  .luly  28,  1859,  d.  Dec.  28,  1876. 
V.     Mary  Isabel,  b.  Hillsboro  Bridge,  July  21,  1862.     m.  June  14,  1887, 
Charles  S.  Wilraot,  res.  Thetford,  Vt. 


1.  John  D.  Bridge,  son  of  Henry  M.,  b.  in  Warwick,  Mass.,  Aug. 
23,  1859.  m.  Sept.  18,  1888,  Angle  Belle,  dau.  of  Porter  B.  Watson 
(See),  b.  in  Salisbury,  Nov.  17, 1862.     He  res.  in  L.  from  May  6,  1887, 

Bridge  —  Briggs  —  Broclie.  81 

to  Sept.  6,  1889,  during  which  time  he  was  editor  and  proprietor  of  the 
Littleton   "Journal."     He  is  now  editor  and  proprietor  of  the  Coos 
Count}'  "Democrat/'  Lancaster. 

i.     Harold  Watson,  b.  Lancaster,  Jan.  24,  1891. 


1.  Thomas  Briggs,  son  of  Rev.  Joel,  b.  in  Stoughton,  Mass.,  Jan. 
14,  1789.  m.  May  14,  1817,  Lovina,  dau.  of  Moses  Carter*  (See), 
New  Hampton,  June,  1796,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  16,  1852,  Free  Baptist.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1812  until  he  d.,  March  10,  1838.  Farmer.  Free  Bap- 
tist.    Dea.     Whig. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Lovina,  b.  July  11,  1820.     m.  John  Foster  (See). 

ii.  Thomas,  b.  June  4,  1822,  d.  L.  June  6,  1822. 

iii.  Mart,  b.  March  19,  1825,  d.  L.  March  20,  1825. 

iv.  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  15,  1827,  d.  L.  Jan.  16,  1827. 

V.  Moses,  b.  Dec.  4,  1828,  d.  L.  Dec.  23,  1828. 

vi.  Avert,  b.  Jan.  10,  1834,  d.  L.  Jan.  10,  18-34. 

2.  Joel  Briggs,  son  of  Rev.  Joel,  b.  in  Stoughton,  Mass.,  Juh'  6, 
178.5.  m.  Mehitable  Ide,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1812 
to  1831.  Appointed  Col.  of  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  June  29,  1827; 
vacated  June  12,  1832. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Avert  S.,  pub.  May  26,  1834,  Eleanor  W.  Mason,  d.  in  Canton, 
Mass.  Appointed  Paymaster  32d  liegt.  N.  H.  Militia,  June  12, 
1830;  vacated  Feb.  23,  1831. 

ii.     Angeline.     m.  Crane,  res.  Stougliton,  Mass.     - 

iii.     Mehitable.     m. Wiswall,  res.  Canton,  Mass. 

iv.     Margaret. 
V.     Elizabeth. 


1.  Peter  Brodie,  son  of  Peter,  b.  in  Johnston,  Scotland,  Sept.  16, 
1820.  m.  Dec.  31,  1845,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Allen,  b.  in  Johnston, 
Scotland,  Nov.  25,  1825,  d.  in' Groveland,  Mass.,  May  29,  1881.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1849  to  1878,  when  he  removed  to  Groveland,  Mass. 
Finisher  in  woollen  mill.  Democrat.  Presbyterian,  d.  in  North 
Andover,  Mass.,  Feb.  16,  1895. 


i.  Peter,  b.  Johnston,  Scotland,  April  16,  1847.  m.  Aug.  26,  1869,  Emma 
iSIorgerron.     Wool-sorter,  res.  Groveland,  Mass. 

ii.  John,  b.  Jolinston,  Scotland,  Jan.  21,  1849,  res.  Lawrence,  Mass. 
Dresser  in  woollen  mill. 

iii.     William,  b.  L.  Nov.  25,  1851.    m.  Feb.  28, 1874,  Kate  Allen.    Overseer 
in  woollen  mill,  res.  North  Andover,  Mass. 

iv.     Robert,  b.  L.  Aug.  10,  1853.     Dresser  in  woollen  mill.     d.  North  An- 
dover, Mass.,  Aug.  22,  1887. 
V.     Jane,  b.  L.  March  20,  1855.     m.  July  3,  1878,  David  Lucy,  merchant, 
res.  Haverliill,  Mass. 

vi.  Nettie,  b.  L.  April  1-3,  1857.  m.  May  21,  1884,  Frank  Hubbard,  car- 
penter, res.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

vii.     Mart,  b.  L.  Feb.  8,  1859,  d.  L.  Nov.  5,  1859. 

VOL.  II.  —  6 

82  Bi'odie  —  Bronson. 

viii.     Justin,  b.  L.  June  1,  18G0.     Finisher  in  woollen  mill.     d.  Haverhill, 

Mass.,  Oct.  12,  189G. 
ix.     Calvin,  b.  L.  Feb.  15, 1862.     m.  Aug.  17,  1880,  Jennie  Cook.     Weaver, 

res.  Frovidence,  R.  I. 
X.     Maky,  b.  ]j.  Dec.  25,  1865.     m.  May  29,  1885,  Frank  Foot,  shoemaker, 

res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 
xi.     Wallace,  b.  L.  July  21, 1867,  d.  Aug.  8, 1867. 
xii.     Grant,  b.  L.  Nov.  8,  1868,  d.  Nov.  25,  1868. 


1.  Jonathan  Bronson,  from  Sonthington,  Conn.,  was  one  of  the  first 
settlers  of  Laudatf.     Hed.  in  Landaff  about  1820. 

2.  Jonathan  Bronson,  son  of  Jonathan^,  b.  in  Sonthington,  Conn., 
April  27,  1776.  ni.  Hannah  Marston,  b.  Dec.  4,  1784.  Representa- 
tive for  Landafi;  1829-30-1-2-3-4-5.     res.  and  d.  in  Landaff". 


3.  i.     Joel,  b.  Landaff,  Nov.  16,  1802. 
ii.     Olive,  b.  April  29,  1804. 

iii.  Ira,  b.  Sept.  1805. 

iv.  Orrin,  b.  Oct.  10,  1807. 

V.  Sarah,  b.  May  22,  1809. 

vi.  Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  18,  1810. 

vii.  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  18,  1812. 

viii.  Marv,  b.  Oct.  10,  1816. 

3.  Joel  Bronsox,  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  b.  in  Landaff,  Nov.  16,  1802. 
m.  first,  Oct.  9,  1828,  Ruth,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Jerusha  (8now)  Hale, 
b.  ill  Bethlehem,  Sept.  20,  1806,  d.  in  L.  April  2,  1875.  m.  second, 
Sept.  8,  1875,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Isaac  Smith  (See),  b.  in  Browning- 
ton,  Vt.,  Oct.  21,  "l808,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  11,  1893,  Cong.  She  m.  first. 
Rev.  Stephen  Howard  Cutler,  June  14,  1831,  avIio  d.  Ma}'  22,  1834.  m. 
second,  Stillman  Batchellor  (See).  Joel  res.  in  Landaff  until  1840, 
then  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  until  1868,  since  then  in  L.,  where  he  d.  Aug.  11, 
1894.  Farmer.  Free  Baptist.  Jackson  Democrat,  afterward  Repub- 
lican, but  voted  for  Cleveland. 

Ch.,  ~ 

i.  Olive,  b.  Fasten,  Nov.  24,  1829,  d.  May  24,  1832. 

ii.  Son,  b.  Easton,  May  17,  1833,  d.  in  infancy, 

iii.  Sarah,  b.  Easton,  April  12,  1834.     m.  HoUis  M.  Parker  (See). 

iv.  Son,  b.  Easton,  July  27,  1837,  d.  in  infancy. 

V.  Ellen,  b.  Easton,  April  4,  1839.     m.  William  C.  Knapp  (See). 

vi.  JoicL  A.,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Feb.  2S,  1812.     Co.  B,  139th  III.  Inf.    Private. 

d.  July  12,  1868. 

vii.  LtJELL^  A.,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  June  6,  1845,  d.  L.  Aug  30,  1872. 

viii.  Louise  E.,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Oct.  3,  1847.     m.  Ira  Parker  (See). 

4.  William  Elisha  Bronson,  son  of  Jonathan,  sixth  son  of  Jona- 
than ^  b.  in  Hardwick,  Vt.,  April  13,  1859.  m.  Feb.  6,  1879,  Mattie 
Susan,  dau.  of  David  Moflfett  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jul}-  9,  1859,  Episco- 
pal.    He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1878.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Daisy  Louise,  b.  Dec.  18,  1879. 

ii.  William  Moffett,  b.  March  15,  1891. 

iii.  Winnie  Alice,  b.  May  26,  1893. 

iv.  Philip,  b.  Sept.  28,  1895. 

Brooks.  83 


1.  Ezra  Brooks,  son  of  Jonas,  b.  in  Alstead,  March  15,  1800.  m. 
first,  Marcli  21,  1821,  Susan,  dau.  of  John  Bemis  (See),  b.  in  L.  July 
6,  1801,  d.  in  Bethlehem  in  1830.  m.  second,  July,  1831,  Sophronia, 
dau.  of  Luther  Esterbrooks,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  April  24,  1807,  d.  in 
L.  April  3,  1872,  Cong.  m.  third,  Jan.  19,  1875,  Ruth  W.  Briggs,  b. 
in  Lyman,  March,  1806,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  8,  187G,  Free  Baptist.  Her  first 
husband  was  Oliver  F.  Nurse  (See),  second.  Rev.  John  Norris,  d.  Aug. 
15,  1870.  Ezra  res.  in  L.  from  1865  until  he  d.,  Nov.  8,  1890.  Farmer. 
Cong,  deacon.     Republican. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Susan,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Simeon,  b.  April  20.  182:1,  d.  Bethlehem,  June,  1844. 
ii.     Charles,  b.  Dec.  10,  1827,  d.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  May  20,  \^Q?>. 
iii.     Laura,  b.  Sept.  4,  1830.     m.  George  B.  Farnum,  res.  Cambridgeport, 
Mass.,  carpenter. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sophronia,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

iv.     Harriet  Eliza,  b.  Sept.  21,  1833.     m.  Augustus  R.  Barton  (See). 
V.     Luther,  b.  Aug.  28,  1835.     m.  Zilpha  Thayer,    res.  St.  Johnsbury,   Vt. 

vi.     Phineas,  b.  June  15,  1837,  d.  Bethlehem,  May  2,  18.38. 
vii.     Henry,  b.  Jan.  12,  18-39,  d.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  (3,  1841. 
viii.     Emeliza,  b.  Nov.  15,  1841.     m.  Warren  VV.  Lovejov  (See). 
ix.     George  W.,  b.  March  9,  1844,  d.  Bethlehem,  July  2^  1860. 
X.     Clarinda,  b.   June    12,    1846.     m.   Marcli   4,    1869,  John    P.  Farmer, 

banker.     She  d.  Franklin,  Mass.,  March  4,  1876. 
xi.     Ezra  C,  b.  Nov.  6,  1848,  m.  Jan.  16,  1875,  Hattie  Lewis,  res.  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt.     Tailor.     She  d.  Feb.  3,  1899. 


2.  Horace  Brooks,  son  of  Luke,  b.  in  Franconia,  Ma3'  23,  1814.  ra. 
Dec.  21,  1853,  Cynthia  Spencer,  dau.  of  Alanson  Noble,  b.  in  Castleton, 
Vt.,  May  11,  1826,  Cong.  She  has  res.  in  L.  in3'outh,  and  since  March, 
1892.  He  never  res.  in  L.,  d.  in  Franconia,  Feb.  25,  1889.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Franconia,  — 

1.     Homer,  b.  Aug.  1,  1855,  m.  July  13,  1881,  Minna  P.  Needham.     Physi- 
cian,    d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  April  4,  1898. 
ii.     Henrietta,  b.  April  11,  1857,  d.  March  4,  1864. 
iii.     Alice,  b.  Sept.  13,  1858,  d.  March  11,  1864. 
iv.     Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  13, 1860.     m.  Dec.  24, 1889,  Elwin  C.  Nelson,  farmer, 

res.  Franconia. 
V.     Mattie  Hale,  b.  May  28,  1869,  d.  Jan.  28,  1872. 


3.  TCmerson  Brooks,  son  of  Ira  and  Rebecca  (Wilder)  Brooks,  b.  in 
Westminster,  Mass.,  Sept.  27,  1830.  m.  June  7,  1864,  Mada  M.,  dau. 
of  Lyman  Townsend,  b.  in  Morgan,  Vt.,  Aug.  22,  1840.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1887.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Charles  L.,  b.  IJindge,  Oct.  17,  1868,  res.  L. 

ii.  Waldo  E.,  b.  Rindge,  July  27,  1870,  res.  Templeton,  Mass. 

iii.  Prescott  J.,  b.  Brighton,  Vt.,  June  12,  1872,  d.  L.  June  1,  1891. 

iv.  Alva  I  ,  b.  Brighton,  Vt.,  Sept.  8,  1874.     res.  L. 

v.  Fred  A.,  b.  Sutton,  Vt.,  Sept.  7,  1878,  d.  Sutton,  Vt.,  Sept.  12,  1880. 

84  Brooks  —  Brotvn. 


4.    Charles  Henry  Brooks,  son  of  John  D.,  b.  in  Lisbon,  June  29, 
1866.     m.  Nov.  7,  1888,  Edna  Muy,  dau.  of  William  Virtue,  b.  in  Dur- 
ham, P.  Q.,  Nov.  29,  1871,  Protestant.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891. 
Laborer.     Protestant.      Republican. 

i.     Raymond  Trexnie,  b.  Lisbon,  Jan.  14,  1889. 
ii.     Gertie  Lenora,  b.  L.  July  13,  1891. 


5.   Alfred  Brooks,  son  of  Louis,  b.  in  Canada,  Feb.  16,  1847.     m. 
Dec.  28,  1871,  Mary  Ellen,  dau.  of  William  Parkinson,  b.  in  Andover, 
Mass.,  March  10,  1853,  Roman  Catholic.    He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1868. 
Glover.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 
Ch.,  — 

i.    Louis  Joseph,  b.  L.  May  25,  1876. 
ii.     William  Martin,  b.  Andover,  Mass.,  April  2,  1878. 
iii.     Annie,  b.  L.  Feb.  18,  1882. 


1.  George  Pinkham  Brown,  son  of  Nathaniel,  b.  in  Woodstock, 
Sept.  13,  1820.  ra.  July  15,  1843,  Diana  Whipple,  dau.  of  Timothy 
Glover,  b.  in  Woodstock,  May  28,  1823,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1861  to  1862.  Farmer.  Co".  B,  6th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private,  d.  in 
Colebrook,  May,  1895. 


i.     Miranda  Aldrich,  b.  Lisbon,  Dec.  11,  184o.     m.  .Jan.  1863,  Sylvester 

York,  farmer,  res.  Betlileiiem. 
ii.     Martha    Whipple,  b.   Landaff,  Feb.  .3,  1845.     m.  William  A.  Crane 

iii      Franklin,  b.  Landaff,  March  27,  1846,  d.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  11,  1855. 
iv.     George  E.,  b.  Landaff,  April,  1848,  d.  Washington,  D.  C,  July  10,  1864. 

Co.  G,  59th  Mass.  Inf.     Private. 
V.     Mart,  b.  Landaff,  May  23,  1850.     m.  Allen  Crane,  res.  Bethlehem, 
vi.     Lorenzo  Ivrt,  b.  Benton,  Jan.  28,  1854. 
vii.     Frank  Caleb,  b.  Landaff,  July  29,  1860. 
viii.     Ida  May,  b.   Franconia,  May  13,  1861,  m.  Elec  F.  Hall,  photographer, 

res.  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
ix.     Ada  D.,  b.  Bethlehem,  March,  1863,  d.  L.  Oct.  20,  1884. 
X.     Clarence  E.,  b.  Bethlehem,  Nov.  27,  1868,  m.  Bertha .    Ice  peddler. 

d.  Waltham,  Mass.,  1895. 

2.  Lorenzo  Ivry  Brown,  son  of  George  Pinkham^,  b.  in  Benton, 
Jan.  28,  1854.  m.  Dec.  26,  1874,  Julia  L.,  dau.  of  Orrin  H.  Streeter 
(See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Dec.  28,  1857.  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1881.     Clerk.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     WiNFRED  0.,  b.  Bethlehem,  Dec.  15,  1879.    Studied  Bowdoin  Coll.  Med. 

ii.    Forrest  E.,  b.  L.  June  5,  1884. 
iii.    Earle  L.,  b.  L.  Oct.  31,  1887. 

Broivn.  85 

3.  Frank  Caleb  Brown,  son  of  George  Pinkham  \  b.  in  Landaff, 
July  29,  1860.  m.  first,  Dec.  1884,  Susie,  dau.  of  Lindsey  Whltcomb, 
b.  Aug.  14,  1863,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  July  iQ,  1890.  m.  second,  May  28, 
1894,  Carrie  M.,  dau.  of  Fred  Cannon,  b.  in  Waltham,  Mass.,  March 
25,  1871.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1894.     Mill  hand.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b}-  \v.  Susie, — 

i.     Myrtie  Ida,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  14,  1885. 


4.  Erastus  Brown,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Chelmsford,  Mass.,  Oct.  21, 
1802.  m.  Oct.  22,  1826,  Annie,  dau.  of  John  Winship,  b.  in  Lexing- 
ton, Mass.,  March  10,  1807,  d.  in  Milford,  May  22,  1874.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1837  to  1845.  Shoemaker,  d.  in  Milford,  Oct.  27,  1854. 
(Acts  of  Antislavery  Apostles,  pp.  292-3-4-5-6.) 

^  Ch.,  — 

i.     Henry  Erastds,  b.  Westford,  Mass.,  Juh'  7,  1827.     m.  Hannah  Rand. 

Blacksmith  and  soldier,    d.  in  service  in  New  Orleans,  La ,  Sept.  4, 

ii.     Calista  Ann,  b.  Cliarlestown,  Mass.,  1829.     m.  Nov.  11,  1847,  Isaiah 

Hutchinson,  farmer.     He  d.  April  21,  1884.    She  d.  Milford,  June  13, 

iii.     Thomas  Winship,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  March  15, 1831.    ni.  Nov.  24, 1850, 

Mary  .Jane  Uussell.     Shoe-dealer,     res.  Maiden,  Mass. 
iv.     Edwin  C.  L.,  b.  Cambridge,  Mass.,   April  22,  1833.     ni.  Jan.  1,  1862, 

Elizabeth   Lincoln  Rowe.     Unitarian  clergyman,     d.  Pomona,  Cal., 

Jan.  21,  1892. 
V.     Orrin  Lee,  b.  Plymouth,  Dec.  28,  183G.     m.  Oct.  24,  1861,  Matilda  A. 

Moodv.     Artist  and  fresco  painter,    d.  Maiden,  Mass.,  Dec.  17,  1874. 
vi.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  L.  May  16,  1839.     m.  first,  Sept.  11,  1860,  E.  H. 

Davis,  physician.     He  d.  Manchester,  July  22,  1875.     ni.  second,  Oct. 

8,  1878,  Joseph  W.  Fellows,  lawyer,  res.  Manchester. 


5.  Henry  Brown,  son  of  William,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  2,  1837.  m.  Feb. 
5,  1866,  E^sther,  dau.  of  James  Sizen,  b.  in  England,  Feb.  11,  1845. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Truckman.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Ernest  H.,  b.  March  23,  1869,  m.  July,  1890,  Carrie  Bailey.     Musician. 

res.  Spokane,  Wash, 
ii.     Edith  M.,  b.  Aug.  18,  1876.    m.  July  18,  1893,  Noel  D.  Thomas,  laborer, 

res.  L. 
iii.     George  W.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1880.     m.  Oct.  15,  1898,  Lucy  V.  Dodge. 


6.  James  Brown,  son  of  Francis,  b.  in  St.  Jobnsbury,  Vt.,  April  11, 
1860.  m.  Sept.  27,  1882,  Mary,  dau.  of  Peter  Duffee  (See),  b.  in  St. 
Jobnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  12,  1857,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
most  of  the  time  since  1880.     Miller.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 

K.  r. 


John  Peter,  b.  L.  April  21,  1883. 

Katie,  b.  L.  Feb.  28,  1885. 

Mary,  b.  Lisbon,  Jan.  8,  1888. 

Harold,  b.  L.  May  8,  1891,  d.  L.  June  9,  1892. 

Nellie,  b.  L.  June  8,  1893. 

86  Broion  —  Bryant. 


7.  Charles  Brown,  son  of  Bartholomew,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  14, 
1863.  m.  Sept.  21,  1886,  Jennie,  dan.  of  James  Thom,  b.  in  Canada, 
Jan.  18,  1867.  Protestant.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1890.  Millman. 
Republican.     No  children. 


8.  Edward  .Josiah  Brown,  son  of  Dr.  Tra,  b.  in  Burke,  Vt.,  Jan. 
14,  1851.  nnm.  He  was  educated  in  Kimball  Union  Academy-,  Meri- 
den,  and  Dart.  Coll.,  from  which  lie  grad.  in  1874.  He  took  three 
courses  of  med.  lectures  in  the  University  of  the  City  of  N.  Y.,  and 
Dart.  Med.  School;  grad.  from  the  latter,  Oct.  29,  1878.  He  com- 
menced practice,  regular  scliool,  in  L.  Feb.  1879,  where  he  remained 
until  May,  1880.  He  has  since  res.  as  follows:  Flaverhill,  1880  to 
1882  ;  Minneapolis,  IMinn.,  since  1882.  He  belongs  to  the  Moosilauke 
and  Hennepin  Co.,  Minn.,  Med.  Societies;  Society  of  Physicians  and 
Surgeons  of  Minneapolis,  Minn.  (Treas.  of  the  last  two)  ;  Minnesota 
Med.  State  Society,  and  was  a  member  of  the  American  Med.  Associ- 
ation in  1882.  He  was  appointed,  June  30,  1884,  to  the  chair  of  Pre- 
ventive Medicine  and  Hygiene  in  the  Minneapolis  Coll.  of  Physicians 
And  Sui'geons.     Cong. 


9.  AYiLLiAM  W.  Brown,  son  of  William  .J.,  and  grandson  of  Charles, 
b.  in  Bremen,  Me.,  July  28,  18.59.  m.  July  24,  1883,  Abbie  T.  Grin- 
nell,  dau.  of  John  and  Ehnira  Grinnell  of  Union,  Me.  He  is  a  jeweller 
in  L.     I.  0.  O.  ¥.  ;  A.  O.  U.  W.     Republican.     Methodist. 


i.     EuTH  Edna,  b.  Nov.  25,  1887. 


1.  George  Net-SOn  Bryant,  b.  in  New  Boston,  May  21,  1824.  m. 
May  16,  1851,  Ann  Maria  George,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.",  May  16,  1829. 
He  was  educated  in  Newbury-,  Vt.,  Seminary,  and  was  ordained  a 
Methodist  minister.  He  has  been  stationed  as  follows :  Stark  and 
Milan,  1849;  Monroe,  1850;  Unity  and  Acworth,  1851  ;  Gilmanton, 
1852-3;  Tuftonboro  and  Wolfeboro.  1854;  Marlow,  185-5-6;  L. , 
1857-8;  Lisbon,  1859-60;  Lancaster,  1861-2;  Bristol,  1863;  Hins- 
dale, 1864;  Lebanon,  1865-6;  Canaan,  1867;  Newfields,  1868;  Green- 
land, 1869-70;  Sandwich  Center,  1871-2-3;  P:ast  Canaan,  1874-5; 
Hillsboro  Bridge,  1876-7  ;  Haverhill  and  Piermont,  1878-9  ;  Haverhill, 
1880;  North  Ciiarlestown  and  West  Unity,  1881-2-3;  Moultonboro, 
1884-5-6  ;  without  charge,  1887-92,  preaching  a  portion  of  the  time 
in  Bi-ookline.     Since  1892  he  has  res.  in  Newbury,  Vt. 


i.     Arthur  P.,  b.  Newfields,  1868. 

Buclianayi  —  Buck  —  Buckley.  87 


1.  Collins  McDonald  Buchanan,  son  of  Alexander,  b.  in  Danville, 
Castle  Bar,  P.  Q.,  Jan.  11,  1838.  m.  Aug.  18,  1862,  Sarah  Gotham, 
dau.  of  Levi  Frank  Ranlett  (See),  b.  in  Lancaster,  Jul}'  27,  1831.  She 
m.  first,  Cyrus  Willis  (See).  Collins  M.  res.  in  L.  from  1864  to  1870. 
Hotel-keeper :  Plvmouth,  1874  to  1881  ;  Campton  Village,  1881  to 
1884  ;  Laconia,  1884  to  1887  ;  North  Woodstock,  1887  to  1890  ;  Man- 
chester, 1890  to  Feb.  1891.  Dep.  sheriff,  Grafton  Co.,  1874-5,  and 
1879  to  1883.  Sheriff,  Grafton  Co.,  1883-4.  Democrat,  d.  in  Man- 
chester, Feb.  6,  1891.     No  children. 


1.  Reuben  Buck,  b.  in  Conn.,  res.  in  Hillsborough. 

2.  Walter  Buck,  son  of  Reuben  \  b.  in  Hillsborough,  Dee.  23, 
1771.  m.  Feb.  26,  1795,  Martha  Green  of  Hillsborough.  He  res.  in 
Waterford,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  April  25,  1847. 

3.  Horace  P)UCK,  son  of  Walter^,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  22, 
1803.  m.  April  17,  1825,  Polly,  dau.  of  Jolin  Caswell,  the  second  male 
child  b.  in  L.  (See).  She  was  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  4,  1807. 
Baptist,  d.  in  L.  March  15,  1894.  He  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life. 
Hotel-keeper  and  tailor.  Baptist.  Democrat.  Representative,  1855. 
Selectman,  1858.  J.  P.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn  and  Burns 
Lodge,     d.  in  L.  Oct.  27,  1873. 


i.     Amanda  Knights,  b.  Hanover,  Dec.  12,  1841.     m.  Frank  Curtis  Albee 


4.  Frank  Henry  Buck,  son  of  Oscar,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  8,  1856.  ni. 
April  12,  1888,  Matilda,  dau.  of  Lewis  Strong,  b.  in  Canada,  JMarcli 
19,  1867.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Laborer.     Republican. 

Ch. ,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Grace  Maud,  b.  Dec.  29,  1888. 
ii.     Georgia  May,  b.  Ang.  12,  1891. 


1.  Edward  Buckley,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Lancashire,  England. 
Feb.  20,  1825.  m.  Jan.  9,  1860,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  McCall.  1). 
in  Glasgow,  Scotland,  June  14,  1833.  iMethodist.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1863.     Boarding-house  keeper.     Democrat. 


i.  Jennette,  b.  Andover,  Mass.,  June  4,  1861,  <1.  L.  Nov.  2.  1864. 

ii.  Hannah,  b   L.  Ocr.  9,  1863      m.  William  Cummings  (See). 

2.      iii.  Will  Parkinson,  b.  L.  Feb.  22,  1865. 

iv.  Charles   Wehster,  b.   L.  July  16,  1866.     m.  Jan.  27,  1894,  Mary  A. 

Moore,  res.  St.  Albans,  Vt.     Printer. 

V.  Bell,  b.  L.  July  5,  1868.     m.  John  Ferguson  (See). 

vi.  Alice,  b.  L.  Sept.  2,  1870,  d.  L.  Feb.  2,' 1874. 

vii.  Archie  Lenway,  b.  L.  April  8,  1873.     unm.     res.  L. 

88  Buckley  —  Bughee. 

2.  Will  Parkinson  Buckley,  son  of  Edward  \  b.  in  L.  Feb.  22, 
1865.  ni.  July  25,  1891,  Elizabeth  Frances,  dau.  of  George  K.  Drew 
(See).  He  has  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1890.  He  was  educated  in 
L.  High  School  and  Dart.  Coll.,  grad.  1887.  Commenced  stud3'ing 
law  with  Bingham,  Mitchell,  &  Batchellor  in  1886,  and  was  admitted 
to  the  Bar  at  Con(;ord,  July  25,  1890.  Located  at  Lancaster,  where 
he  is  now  a  member  of  the  law  firm  of  Drew,  Jordan,  and  Buckley. 
Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  School  Dist.,  1887-8-9.  J.  P. 
Notary  public.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lancaster,  — 

i.     Clyde  Drew,  b.  June  1,  1892. 
ii.     Alice,  b.  Aus.  16,  1894. 


'1.  Edward  Bugbke,  b.  in  Flngland,  about  1594,  came  to  America 
from  Ipswich,  England,  in  ship  "Francis,"  in  1634,  and  settled  in 
Roxbury,  Mass.,  where  he  d.,  Jan.  26,  1669.  His  wife's  name 
was  Rebecca. 

2.  Joseph  Bugbee,  son  of  Edward^,  b.  in  Roxbury,  Mass.,  June 
6,  1640.  m.  Experience,  dau.  of  Andrew  Pitcher  of  Dorchester,  Mass. 
Joseph  moved  to  Woodstock,  Conn.,  in  1686,  and  d.  in  1729. 

3.  JosiAH  Bugbee,  eighth  child  of  Joseph  ",  b.  in  Roxbur\',  Mass., 
Nov.  2,  1684.     m.  Sarah .     He  d.  in  Woodstock,  Conn. 

4.  JosiAH  Bugbee,  eldest  son  of  Josiah  ^,  b.  in  Woodstock,  Conn., 
Dec.  23,  1708.     m.  Polly cena  Arnold,  who  came  from  England. 

5.  Amos  Bugbee,  sixth  son  of  Josiah  *,  b.  in  Ashford,  Conn.,  Nov. 
3,  1749.  m.  March  21,  1782,  Martha  Woodward,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Conn., 
Aug.  3,  1757,  d.  Jan.  8,  1847.    He  d.  in  Ashford,  Conn.,  Feb.  15,  1804. 

6.  Ralph  Bugbee,  eighth  child  of  Amos  ^,  b.  in  Ashford,  Conn.,  Feb. 
9,  1796.  in.  Oct.  4,  1820,  Vera  Goss,  b.  Aug.  16,  1798.  He  was  a 
ph^-sician  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  Jan.  11,  1881. 

7.  Ralph  Bugbee,  son  of  Ralph  ^  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  20,  1821. 
m.  first,  Phebe  Jane,  dau.  of  Laban  Tifft  (See),  b.  in  L.  Mav  21,  1824,  d. 
in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Oct.  12,  1846.  m.  second,  Nov.  18,^  1847,  Mary 
Barker,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  d.  in  Franconia,  Nov.  16,  1855.  m.  third, 
Nov.  14,  1856,  Jennett  Cutler,  dau.  of  Stillman  Batchellor  (See),  b.  in 
Bethlehem,  April  19.  1836,  Cong.,  d.  in  N.  Y.  City,  July  8,  1897.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1857  until  he  d.,  July  26,  1893.  He  was  educated 
in  the  common  and  high  schools  of  Waterford,  Vt.,  Lyndon,  Vt., 
Academy,  and  attended  medical  college,  two  terms  at  Woodstock, 
Vt.,  and  two  at  Castleton,  Vt.,  grad.  at  Castleton,  Oct.  1845.  He 
studied  with  his  father  and  commenced  practice  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
in  1844,  during  the  erysipelas  scourge,  continuing  there  until  1853, 
when  he  moved  to  Franconia,  where  he  practised  three  years.  He 
then  established  himself  in  L.,  where  he  practised  the  remainder  of  his 
life.     He  belonged  to  the  regular  school,  and  to  the  White  Mt.  Medical 

Mrs.  Jenxett  C.  Bugbee. 



/PUBLIC    LieSARv' 

j^Astor,  Lenox  and  Tiidefi 



Bughee  —  Bullard.  89 

Societ}-,  Caledonia,  Vt.,  Medical  Society,  and  Vt.  State    Medical    So- 
ciety.    Repul^lican.     Cong.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
Ch.,  hy  w.  MaiT,  — 
8.       i.     George  Ralph,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  7,  1849. 

Cb.,  by  w.  Jennette,  — 

ii.     Mary,  b.  L.  Sept  12,  18G0.     grad.  Boston  School  of  Oratory,  1886.     m. 
Oct.  29,  1891,  Israel  0.  Blake,  ice-dealer,     res.  N.  Y.  City. 

8.  George  Ralph  Bugbee,  son  of  Ralph  \  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb. 
7,  1849.  m.  Dec.  31,  1881,  Emma  E.,  dau.  of  Hardy  Lindsey,  b.  in 
Whitefield,  Feb.  17,  1859.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  to  1873  ;  was  edu- 
cated in  the  common  schools  of  L.  and  Franconia,  and  Newbury,  Vt.,  and 
Tilton  Seminaries.  He  then  attended  the  Medical  Department  of  Mich. 
University  and  Dart.  Medical  Coll.,  grad.  from  the  latter  in  1872.  He 
then  practised  medicine  in  L.  one  3'ear,  then  removed  to  Whitefield,  and 
later  to  Wausau,  Wis.,  where  he  now  res.  He  belongs  to  the  regular 


GwENDOLiNE  Barker,  b.  Whitefield,  Oct.  17,  1883. 
Abel  Ralph,  b.  Wliitefield,  Oct.  27,  1887. 
Leigh  Frank,  b.  Waiisau,  Wis.,  Oct.  12,  1889. 
MtJRAL  EvELVN,  b.  Wausau,  Wis.,  Sept.  16,  1891. 
George  Ralph,  b.  Wausau,  Wis.,  May  12,  1894. 


1.  George  Bullard,  b.  in  England,  1608,  settled  in  W^atertown, 
Mass.,  and  was  admitted  freeman,  1641.  The  mother  of  his  children 
was  Beatrice,  but  no  record  of  the  marriage  is  found.  He  ra.  second, 
Mary  Maplehead.  Late  in  life  he  removed  to  Watertovvn  Farms,  later 
known  as  Weston,  where  he  d.  Jan.  14,  1688/9. 

2.  Jonathan  Bullard,  son  of  George  ^,  b.  Jul}--  12,  1647.  m.  Dec. 
9,  1669,  Hester  Morse,  b.  March  7,  1645/6,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Hester 
(Pierce)  Morse  of  Watertown. 

3  Jonathan  Bullard,  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  b.  Dec.  25,  1672,  h\  wife 
Anna  had  eleven  children.  Only  ten  children  are  named  in  Bond's 
"  Watertown,"  but  it  is  certain  that  Joseph  was  a  brotlier  of  Ebenezer 
Bullard  of  New  Ipswich.  Jonathan  d.  Sept.  14,  1719,  and  his  widow 
ra.  May  24,  1727,  Edward  Harrington,  son  of  Abraham,  of  Watertown. 

4.  Joseph  Bullard,  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  was  born  in  Weston,  Jan. 
16,  1717/8.  He  m.  March  22,  1754,  Sarah  Proctor.  He  lived  with  his 
brother  Elienezer  in  New  Ipswich  until  his  marriage,  and  about  1760 
removed  to  Mason,  where  he  d.  March  3,  1792. 

5.  Silas  Bullard,  son  of  Joseph  *,  b.  in  New  Ipswicli,  April  2,  1755. 
m.  July  1,  1782,  Avis  Keyes.  He  resided  in  Mason,  where  he  d.  May 
15,  1835.     Fourteen  children. 

6.  vSampson  Bullard,  son  of  Silas  ^,  b.  in  Mason,  Oct.  24,  1784.  m. 
Nov.  8,  1818,  Ivah,  dau.  of  P:noch  Patterson,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  June 
5,  1798,  d.  in  L.  July  16,  1854,  Unitarian.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to 

90  Bunker  —  Burgin. 

1858.     Merchant  and  banker.     Unitarian.    Wliig.    d.  in  Boston,  Mass., 
July  19,  1858. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Concord,  — 

i.     Enoch  Patterson,  b.  Sept.  1(3,  1819.     m.  June  29,  1859,  Laura  Curtis. 

Mercliant.     res.  N.  Y.  City, 
ii.     Caroline  Ivah,  b.  April  9,  1821,  m.  William  Joseph  Bellows  (See), 
iii.     George  Henry,  b.  Sept.  6,  1823,(1.  Concord,  May  17,  1810. 


1.  George  Henry  Bunker,  son  of  Cliarles  Sinclair,  b.  in  N.  Y, 
City,  Dec.  30,  183(3.  m.  Nov.  26,  1860,  Dolly  Priest,  dan.  of  Isaac 
Jones  Qnimby,  b.  in  Franconia,  Jnne  15,  1835.  She  d.  April  8,  1889. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1864.     Blacksmith.     Democrat. 

ClK,  — 

i.     Fred  Mason,  b.  L.   April  18,  1868.     unm.,  res.  L.     A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
Burns  Lodge.     K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 


2.  Cyrus  Edwin  Bunker,  son  of  Abraham,  b.  in  Barnstead,  Feb.  25, 
1823,  d.  in  Bethleliom,  July  8,  1894;  m.  first.  May  25,  1847,  Susan 
Conover;  she  d.  in  Bethlehem,  1873  ;  m.  second,  June  29,  1876,  Mary 
R.  Lovering,  b.  June  16,  1839,  dau.  of  Joseph  Lovering  ;  slie  has  res. 
in  L.  since  1895. 

Cli.,  by  w.  Susan,  — 

i.     Lerot  Edwin,  b.  Laconia,  April  11,  1848.     m.  Julia  Secor ;  m.  second, 

Bessie  L.  Barton,     res.  New  York  Q\tj. 
ii.     Ella  Maria,  b.  Bethlehem,  Nov.  22,  1852,  d.  young. 
iii.     Anna  Eliza,  b.  Bethlehem,  July  8,  1854.     m.  1875,  John  Ash. 
iv.     Carrie  Eveline,  b.  Bethlehem,  June  20,  1858.     m.  Asa  H.  Nickerson, 
physician.  Central  Fall,  R.  I. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,  — 

V.    George  Cyrus,  b.  Bethlehem,  May  26,  1881.     res.  L.     Student  Wor- 
cester Tech.  1903. 


1.  John  Burgin,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Lancaster,  Jan.  16,  1820. 
m.  Delia  Ann,  dau.  of  Albert  Milieu,  b.  in  Bath,  Feb.  8,  1832.  He 
has  res.  In  L.  since  1865.  Stone-mason.  Republican.  Co.  G,  11th 
N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R.  Postmaster,  Pattenville,  appointed 
July  19,  1890;  reappointed  in  1894. 


i.     George  Francis,  b.  Lyman,  Oct.  1,  1851,  d.  Lyman,  April  3,  1863. 
ii.     John    Irving,   b.    Maidstone,    Vt.,    Dec.    7,    1854.     m.    July    5,    1886, 

Josepiiine  Clough.     Carpenter,      res.  Lisbon, 
iii.     Edward  Smith,  b.  Nortliumberland,  Oct.  9,  1858.      Farmer.      res.  Co- 

hasset,  Minn. 
iv.     Harriet  Elvira,  b.  Bath,  Dec.  7,  1862.     m.  John  Erwin  Weeks  (See). 
V.     Samuel  Albert,  b.  L.  Aug.  12,  1866,  d.   Wells  River,  Vt.,  :\Iay   10, 
1891.     Clerk. 

2.  vi.     William,  b.  L.  Oct.  ?>,  1868. 

vii.     Andrew  Gordon,  b.  L.  March  25,  1871.     Clerk, 
viii.     Anna  Elvina,  b.  L.  Jan.  19,  1874. 

Burgin  —  Burley  —  Burnham.  91 

2.  William  Burgin,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  L.  Oct.  3,  1868.  m.  Sept. 
5,  1887,  Kate,  clan,  of  Jaraes  McElieady,  b.  in  Canada,  April  18,  1869, 
Roman  Catliolic.  He  res.  in  L.  in  3'outli  and  since  1887.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Mertie  Inez,  b.  July  19,  1888. 
ii.     James  Edward,  b.  Nov.  16,  1890. 


1.  Giles  Burley,  res.  in  Ipswich,  Mass.  (See  "  Barley  Family  "  in 
State  Library.) 

2.  James  Burley,  son  of  Giles  \  b.  Feb.  10,  1659.  m.  May  25, 
1685  (?),  Rebecca,  dan.  of  Thomas  Stacy.  She  d.  Oct.  21,  1686."  He 
m.  second,  Elizabeth .     He  d.  in  Exeter  about  1721. 

3.  William  Burley,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  Ipswich,  Mass.,  Feb.  27, 
1693.     Was  in  Newmarket  in  1746. 

4.  William  Burley,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in   1721.     m.  Olive  . 

He  res.  in  Stratham  in  1746,  and  signed  his  name  '■  Burley."     He  d.  in 
Candia,  June  18,  1801. 

5.  Wheeler  Burleigh  Burley,  son  of  William^,  b.  in  Stratham, 
Sept.  19,  1749.  ni.  Nanc}'  Leavitt.  He  was  a  blacksmith  and  Rev.  sol- 
dier, moving  to  Gilmanton  about  1800,  where  he  d.  March,  1834. 

6.  Benjamin  Leavitt  Burley,  son  of  Wheeler  ^,  b.  in  Stratham, 
July  16,  1781.  m.  Hannah  Bean  Pulsifer,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  June  17, 
1782,  d.  Sept.  2,  1845.     He  d.  Oct.  31,  1838.     Blacksmitli  and  farmer. 

7.  William  Burley,  son  of  Benjamin  Leavitt®,  b.  in  Gilmanton, 
Nov.  22,  1804.  m.  Sept.  10,  1830,  Huldah  Weymouth  Bean,  b.  Aug. 
26,  1807.     He  was  a  farmer,  i*es.  in  L. 

8.  George  Washington  Burley,  son  of  William",  b.  INIay  2,  1832. 
m.  April,  1856,  Mary  Ann  Baker.     He  res.  in  Bethlehem. 

9.  Frank  Pierce  Burleigh,  son  of  George  "Washington  ^,  b.  in  Betli- 
lehem,  Dec.  1,  1856.  m.  July  14,  1878,  Sarah  Jane,  dan.  of  Orange 
Hatcli  (See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct.  28,  1858,  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  since  1880.     Clerk.     Democrat.     I.  O.  O.  F.     No  ch. 


1.  Elisha  Burnham,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct.  26,  1807. 
m.  June  6,  1838,  Laura  Baxter,  dau.  of  James  Dow  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug. 
18,  1817,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  5,  1886,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life. 
Carpenter.  Democrat.  Representative,  1845.  Appointed  Capt.  5th 
Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  II.  Militia,  Dec.  21,  1836,  vacated  Marcli  17,  1889; 
also  Capt.  1st  Co.  Lt.  Inf.  N.  H.  Militia,  June  24,  1839,  vacated  March 
4,  1841.     d.  in  L.  March  20,  1884. 

92  Burnham. 

Cli.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

3.  i.     Cyrus  Eastman,  b.  Dec.  2G,  1838. 

ii.     Elbhiuge  C,  b.  July  24,  1840,  d.  L.  Feb.  5,  1842. 

4.  iii.     Henry  Baxter,  b.  Feb.  6,  1842. 

iv.     Ella   Fow,  b.  July  8,  1845,  d.  L.July  6,  1847. 

V.     Frank   Elmer,  b.  July  10,  1847.     ra.  Oct.  1, 1897,  Clara  E.  West  (See). 

res.  L.     Co.  1),  1st  Vt.  Cav.     Private.     G.  A.  R. 
vi.     Charles  Julius,  b.  Jan.  31,  1850,  d.  L.  Sept.  7,  1865. 
vii.     Stella  Laura,  b.  June  18,  1853,  unm.,  res.  Providence,  R.  I. 

5.  viii.     Edward  Elisha,  b.  Oct.  11, 1855. 

ix.     Alice  Louise,  b.  July  23,  1857,  d.  L.  Dec.  27,1862. 

2.  Joseph  Burnham,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  June  6,  1806. 
m.  first,  al»out  1828,  Mary  Kimball,  dan.  of  One  Snow,  b.  in  Bethle- 
hem in  1805,  d.  in  L.  Oct  27,  1844,  Baptist,  m.  second,  Dec.  1844, 
Hope,  dan.  of  John  B.  Tvvombly,  b.  in  Alton,  Jan.  9,  1820.  Methodist. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1841  until  he  d.,  Jan.  13,  1866.  Stone-mason. 
Selectman,  1858.     Republican.     She  d.  in  L,  Feb.  8,  1899. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Caroline  L.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Nov.  1, 1829.      m.  Benjamin  W.  Kilburn 

ii.     Samuel,  b.  Bethlehem,  June,  1831.      m.  about  1852,  Amoretta  Ladd. 

Clerk.     He  d.  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Nov.    12,   1854.     She    m.   second, 

Daniel  Crane,  res.  Bethlehem, 
iii.     William   W.,  b.   Bethlehem,  April   6,  1839,  d.  Roanoke  Island,  N.  C, 

April  6,  1862,  Co.  B,  6th  Kegt.  N.  H.  Inf. 
iv.     George,  b.  L.  May,    1841,   killed  Morris  Island,   S.  C,  Aug.  26,  186-3, 

Co.  H,3d  Regt.  N.  H.  Inf. 
V.     Harry  S.,  b.  L.  Nov.  25,  1856.    m.  June  1,  1887,  Louvia  Morse.  Painter. 

res.    L.      Divorced.      I.  0.  O.  F.     Soldier,  War  with   Spain.     N.  H. 


3.  Cyrus  Eastman  Burnham,  son  of  Elisha  \  b.  in  L.  Dec.  26,  1838. 
m.  June  29,  1865,  Eliza  Ann,  dau.  of  Josiah  Bailey,  b.  in  Brovvnington, 
Vt.,  April  9,  1842.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Painter.  Demo- 
crat. 3d  Regt.;  Co.  A,  17th  Regt.;  Co.  I,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.     Charles  Egbert,  b.  March  27, 1866.     m.  June  3, 1889,  Flora  Cochrane. 

Teacher  vocal  music,     res.  Lakevvood,  N.  J. 
ii.     Merton  Elisha,  b.   Sept.  15,  1868.     m.  Lizzie  Webster.     He  d.  La- 

conia,  Jan.  2,  1897. 
iii.     George  Cyrus,  b.   May   3,  1873.     ni.  Oct.  5,  1898,  Myrtle  E.  Powers 
(See),     res.  L. 

4.  Henry  Baxter  Burnham,  son  of  Elisha\  b.  in  L.  Feb.  6,  1842. 
m.  Sept.  5,  1865,  Edna  Jane,  dau.  of  LcyI  Ward  Cobleigh,  b.  in  L. 
Oct.  4,  1846.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Carpenter  and  mechanic, 
member  of  the  firm  of  Fitzgerald  &  Burnham.  Democrat.  Co.  D. 
13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Musician.  Com.  G.  A.  R.,  1885.  A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Winfred  Ernest,  b.  March  18,  1867.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

ii.  Henry   Ward,  b.  Oct.  21,  1869,  d.  L.  Aug.  4,  1870. 

iii.  Addie  Louise,  b.  Dec.  25,  1^71."  m.  Arthur  Whittaker  (See). 

iv.  Arthur  Eugene,  b.  Nov.  25,  1873,  d.  L.  May  8,  1875. 

v.  Robert  Leslie,  b.  July  3,  1876. 

Burnham  —  Burns.  93 

5.  Edward  Elisha  Burnham,  son  of  Elisha  ^,  h.  in  L.Oct.  11,  1855. 
m.  April  28,  1883,  Annie  Belle,  dan.  of  John  Tunnej,  b.  in  Addison, 
Vt.,  Aug.  18,  1856.  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Clerk.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Edward  James,  b.  Feb.  10.  1886. 
ii.     Alice  May,  b.  Dec.  14,  1888. 
iii.     John-  E.,  b.  June  G,  1894. 


6.  Moses  Pillsbury  Burnham,  son  of  Ezekiel,  b.  in  Epsom,  June  8, 
1819.  m.  Nov.  4,  1846,  Mary,  dau.  of  Hezekiah  Tibbetts,  b.  in  Wolf- 
boro,  May  27,  1825.  She  d.  Jan.  9,  1898.  He  res.  in  L.  since  1855. 
He  d.  Aug.  29,  1899.    Farmer.    Selectman,  1889.    Democrat.     No  ch. 


7.  Franklin  James  Burnham,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Norwich,  Yt., 
Dec.  31,  1842.  m.  June  17,  1873,  Harriet  Frances,  dau.  of  Charles 
Laughton,  b.  in  Valley  Cartier,  P.  Q.,  June  15,  1842.  He  res.  in  L. 
during  the  school  year  of  1869-70,  principal  of  Littleton  High  School. 
He  fitted  for  college  at  Kimball  Union  Acadeni}-  and  grad.  Dart.  Coll. 
Class  of  1869.  Grad.  from  Law  Department  of  Chicago  University  in 
1871,  and  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Cliicago,  May  22,  1871,  and 
practised  there  a  short  time,  then  removed  to  Glyndon,  Minn.,  and 
practised  until  1875,  then  to  ]Moorhead,  ]\Iinn.,  where  he  is  still  in 
practice.  Edited  "Clay  Co.  Advocate,"  1877  to  1880;  Co.  Attorney, 
Clay  Co.,  Minn.,  1877  to  1881  ;  Commissioner  U.  S.  Circuit  Court  for 
Minn.,  1878  to  1882;  Snpt.  Schools,  Clay  Co.,  1873  to  1875;  Brest. 
First  National  Bank  of  Moorhead  since  1882.  Law  firms  connected 
with  :  Burnham  &  Willard,  Chicago,  Aug.  to  Oct.,  1871  ;  Burnham  & 
Nettleton,  Glyndon,  Minn.,  1873  ;  Burnham  &  Gould,  Moorhead, 
Minn.,  Jan.  1,  1879,  to  Jan.  1,  1882  ;  Burnham,  Heywood  &  Gould, 
Jan.  1882  to  Ma}-,  1882,  when  it  was  broken  up  by  the  death  of  Mr. 
Heywood  (George  W.  H.,  Dartmouth,  1869),  and  the  retirement  of  Mr. 
Gould  ;  Burnham,  Mills  &  Tillotson,  Jan.  1883.  He  d.  Moorhead, 
April  17,  1898.     First  Lieut.  Co.  E,  9th  N.  H.  Inf.     Presbyterian. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Bessie  Amelia,  b.  Glyndon,  Minn,  June  4, 1874.    res.  Moorhead,  Minn. 

Asst.  Principal  High  Scliool. 
ii.     James  Herbert,  b.  Moorhead,  Minn  ,  Sept.  30,  1875. 
iii.     Frank  Heyavood,  b.  Moorhead,  Minn.,  March  9,  1878. 
iv.     Oscar  Robinson,  b.  Moorhead,  Minn.,  May  29,  1880. 


The  first  record  obtainable  of  the  Burns  family  is  of  Thomas  Burn, 
who  owned  property  in  Corntown,  Co.  Sterling,  Scotland,  by  Crown 
charter,  in  1538.  This  property  descended  to  John  Burn.  In  1783 
the  name  was  first  spelled  Burns,  in  the  Glasgow  directory.  (The 
several  Burns  families  treated  are  related.) 

94  Burns. 

1.  John  Burn's,  b.  in  Co.  of  Donegal,  Ireland,  June,  1711,  was  of 
Scotch  descent  and  came  to  America  from  Londonderry,  Ireland,  m. 
his  first  w.  in.  Boston,  Mass.,  who  d.  about  one  year  later.  He  moved 
to  Bedford  and  m.  second,  Ann  McQuesten  of  Litchfield,  Mass.,  b.  in 
Co.  Tyrone,  Ireland,  June,  1720.     Ten  ch. 

2.  Robert  Burns,  son  of  John  \  m.  Mollie  Smitli. 

3.  William  Burns,  son  of  Robert^,  b.  in  Merrimack  April  15,  1783, 
pub.  Jul}-  11,  1808,  Mary,  dan.  of  Lieut.  John  Patterson,  b.  Aug.  1783, 
d.  in  L.  Feb.  7,  1873.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1806  until  he  d. ,  Sept.  28, 
1868.  Grad.  from  Dart.  Medical  Coll.,  1826.  One  of  the  founders  and 
Prest.  of  White  Mt.  Medical  Society,  1830  to  1834:.  He  was  one  of  the 
first  board  of  School  Inspectors  (1809),  lieing  similar  to  the  Sup. 
School  Com.  later  established  ;  member  Morning  Dawn  Lodge,  and 
charter  member  of  Burns  Lodge,  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  which  was  named 
in  his  honor.  Town  Clerk,  1811-12-13.  Surgeon,  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,  1818.  Fire  ward,  1831.  No  ch.  (L.  Cen.,  pp.  150-1; 
Grafton  Co.  Gazetteer,  p.  477.) 


4.  Tpiojias  Burns,  b.  in  Scotland,  and  is  supposed  to  have  emigrated 
to  Ireland,  to  take  advantage  of  the  "  Crown  Grants."  m.  Margaret 
Leslie,  dau.  of  Lord  Newark. 

5.  George  Burns,  son  of  Thomas  *,  b.  in  Ireland,  in  1696,  emigrated 
to  America  and  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  and  was  one  of  tlie  Committee  of 
Safet}-  in  1778.  He  was  Town  Treasurer  in  1746,  and  held  many  town 
offices,  m.  Martha  Glover,  b.  in  1713,  d.  in  Hudson,  Feb.  11,  1811. 
He  res.  in  Hudson,  where  he  d.  in  1783. 

6.  George  Burns,  son  of  George  ^  b.  in  Hudson,  Feb.  5,  1743.  m. 
Nov.  1,  1770,  Anna  Adams,  a  descendant  of  the  Conn.  Champions. 
She  was  b.  on  the  way  coming  from  Scotland  to  America.  He  was  a 
Rev.  soldier,  d.  in  Rumne}'  in  1815. 

7.  Robert  Burns,  son  of  George^,  b.  in  Hudson,  Dec.  12,  1792. 
111.  first,  Nov.  6,  1816,  Mary  Merrill,  d.  in  Plymouth,  Sept.  15,  1849. 
m.  second,  Almira  Cox,  b.  in  Holderness,  Sept.  21,  1818,  d.  in  Ply- 
mouth, March  7,  1855.  He  never  resided  in  L.  Physician,  d.  in 
Plymouth,  June  26,  1866. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,— 

i.     Susan,  b.  Warren,  July  4,  1817.     m.  Oct.  17,  1830,  Mark  R.  Woodbury, 
pliysician.     He  d.  Wliitefield,  about  1892.     She  d.  Wliitefield,  Oct  10, 
S.      ii.     William,  b.  Hebron,  April  25,  1821. 

iii.     Maky  E.,  b.  Hebron,  1825.     m.  May  10,  1860,  James  W.  Weeks,  farmer. 
She  d.  Feb.  2,  1878,  in  Lancaster. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Almira,  — 

iv.     Annie  S..  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  21,  1852,     m.  Henry  H.  Porter  (See). 
9.      V.     lloBERT,  b.  Plymouth,  Aug.  30,  1854.. 

Burns.  95 

8.  William  Burns,  son  of  Robert'',  b.  in  Hebron,  April  25,  1821. 
rn.  April  25,  1843,  Clementine  E.,  dau.  of  Capt.  Lyman  Hayes,  b.  in 
Orford.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1843  to  1846.  He  was  educated  at  Nevv 
Hampton  and  Dart.  Coll.,  from  vvbich  he  graduated  in  1841,  studied  law 
with  Judge  Leonard  "Wilcox  of  Orford,  and  attended  Harvard  Law 
School.  He  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Grafton  Co.  in  1843,  and  prac- 
tised in  L.  from  1843  to  1846.  He  then  went  to  Lancaster,  where  he 
practised  for  38  years.  He  was  Solicitor  for  Coos  Co.  from  1848 
to  1853  b}-  appointment  ;  State  Senator  for  1857-8  ;  delegate  to  the 
last  Constitutional  Convention,  from  Lancaster :  delegate  to  Demo- 
cratic ^National  Convention,  1860 ;  Aid  to  Gen.  Jared  "Williams, 
1847-8.  He  was  a  member  of  the  law  firm  of  Burns  &  Fletcher 
from  1849  to  1866  ;  Burns  &  Heywood,  1868  to  1876.  Unitarian. 
Democrat.  Mason.  I.  O.  O.  F.  He  d.  in  Plymouth,  April  2,  1885. 
No  children.  (L.  Cen.,  p.  128  ;  1  G.  &  C.  Bar  Ass.,  p.  20y.  Biog.  by 
H.  O.  Kent.) 

9.  Robert  Burns,  son  of  Robert ',  b.  Plymouth,  Nov.  21,  1854.  m. 
May  1,  1883,  Caroline  Sargeant,  a  grad.  Vassar  Coll.,  dau.  of  Cyrus  and 
Sarah  J.  (Emerson)  Sargeant  of  Plymouth.  He  is  a  physician  and  was 
in  active  practice  in  Plvmouth  until  1898.  He  was  appointed  Assistant 
Surgeon  3d  Regt.  N.  H.  N.  G.  1889,  Surgeon  1894.  In  May,  1898,  he 
was  appointed  Surgeon  of  the  First  N.  H.  Volunteers  in  the  war  wilii 
Spain.  He  resigned  in  Oct.  1898,  to  accept  an  appointment  of  Surgeon 
U.  S.  "\"ols.  He  is  now  serving,  with  rank  of  Major,  in  the  U.  S.  Army 
in  the  Philippine  Islands.     They  have  several  children. 


10.  Nathan  Burns,  son  of  Samuel  S.,  b.  in  Madison,  Me.,  Aug.  20, 
1821.  m.  Nov.  25,  1848,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Cleaves,  b,  in  Kennebunk, 
Me.,  Jan.  22,  1819.  She  d.  in  L.  Oct.  11,  1898.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1860  until  he  d.,  Mav  17,  1894.  Laborer.  Methodist.  RepubUcan. 
Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R.  A.  F.  and  A.  :\1.,  Burns 


i.     RuEL  "Weston,  b.  Madison,  Me.,  June  24,  1849,  d.  L.  March  7,  1882. 
ii.     Esther  Elizabeth,  b.  Anson,  Me.,  April  8,  1851.     m.  Nov.  10,  1888, 

Calvin  Perkins,  farmer,     res.  Asbestos,  P.  Q. 
ill.     Susan,  b.  Saco,  Me.,  June  1,  1853.     m.  Nov.  11,  1878,  Slierared  Clay, 

glover      res.  Somerville,  Mass.     She  d.  L.  Jan.  20,  1889. 
iv.    Joseph  Ellis,  b.  Madison,  Me.,  June  11,  1855.    unra.,  res.  L.     I.O.  0.  F., 

N.  G. 
V.     Mary,  b.  Madison,  Me.,  April  12,  1857,  d.  L.  April  19,  1893. 
vi.     Sarah,  b.  Madison,  Me.,  April  7, 1859.     m.  Frank  Henry  Oilman  (See), 
vii.     Clara,  b.  L.,  June  28,  1861,  d.  L.  Sept.  15,  1881. 


11.  John  Burns,  b.  in  1725,  res.  New  Boston;  soldier  in  Colonial 
wars.  Rev.  soldier.  Private,  Capt.  Gordon  Hutchins'  Co.,  Col.  John 
Stark's  Regt.     Enlisted  May  4,  1775,  and  was  in  battle  of  Bunker  Hill. 

96  Burns  —  Burt. 

12.  John  Burns,  son  of  John  ",  b.  in  New  Boston  in  1755.  m.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Dea.  Tiiomas  Smith,  b.  Dec.  26,  1752,  d.  in  Whitefield,  Jan.  4, 
1826.  He  res.  in  Whitefield,  where  he  d.  in  1852.  Rev.  soldier. 
Private,  Capt.  Gordon  Hiitchins'  Co.,  Col.  John  Stark's  Regt.  He  was 
in  the  battles  of  Bunker  Hill,  Bennington,  and  expedition  to  Quebec, 
also  was  soldier  in  the  war  of  1812-15.     Whig. 

13.  David  Burns,  son  of  John  ^'-,  b.  in  New  Boston,  July  31,  1782. 
m.  Snsannah,  dau.  of  Thomas  Knights,  b.  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  March 
28,  1789,  d.  in  Whitefield,  Nov.  1875.  He  and  his  father  were  the  first 
settlers  in  Whitefield  and  built  the  first  house  and  first  roads  in  town. 
Capt.  in  State  Militia.     Democrat,     d.  in  Whitefield,  April  30,  1864. 

14.  Calvin  White  Burns,  son  of  David  ^^,  b.  in  Whitefield,  March 
4,  1811.  m.  first,  Aug.  8,  1838,  Mary  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Samuel  Prince, 
b.  in  Royalton,  Vt.,  P'eb.  1,  1821,  d.  in  Whitefield,  June  15,  1855.  m. 
second,  in  1885,  Elvira  C,  dau.  of  Russell  Noyes,  b.  in  Landaff,  April, 
1829.  He  res.  in  Whitefield  until  1872,  then  in  Lancaster  until  he  d., 
April  20,  1897.  Lumber  manufr.  Republican.  Capt.  in  State  Militia. 
Ch.  by  "W.  Maiy,  Charles  E. ;  Samuel  A.  ;  Ellen  M.  ;  Eliza  J.,  m. 
Samuel  C.  Sawyer  (See).     Ch.  by  vv.  Elvira,  Minnie  C.  ;  Wilber  F. 


1.  Daniel  Burt,  b.  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  in  1760.  m.  Lydia  San- 
ders, d.  in  Franconia,  in  1838.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1798  a  few  years, 
and  then  moved  to  Franconia,  where  he  d.  in  1815. 


2.  i.     Daniel,  b.  Leominster,  Mass.,  Oct.  11, 1795. 

ii.     William,  b.  Franconia,  1800.     ni. Foss.     Farmer.      He  d.  Fran- 
conia, 1880.     She  d.  1882. 
iii.     Stephen,  b.  Franconia,   1805.     m. Merrill.      Farmer.     He    d.   Co- 
lumbia, 1886.     She  d.  1880. 
iv.     Lydia,  b.  Franconia.     m. Babcock.     res.  N.  Y. 

2.  Daniel  Burt,  son  of  DanieP.  b.  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  Oct.  11, 
1795.  m.  in  1818,  F)unice,  dau.  of  Simeon  Lovejoy,  b.  in  Hebron, 
March  30,  1801,  d.  in  Bethlehem  in  1866,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1847  to  1859.  Farmer.  Free  Baptist.  Democrat,  d.  in  Beth- 
lehem, Nov.  20,  1866. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Franconia,  — 

i.     Simeon  L.,  b.  Nov.  11,  1820.     m.  1847,  Adeline  Young.     Farmer,     res. 

ii.     Lois,  b.  Jan.  1822.     m.  Charles  Kendall,  farmer.     He  d.  Nov.  19,  1876. 

She  d.  Franconia,  May  13,  1883. 
iii.    Mary,  b.  Maj'  20,  1824.     m.  June  1,  1844,  E.  G.  Woodman,  policeman. 

He  d.  Manchester,  April  12,  1886. 
iv.     Myra,  b.  Feb.  20,  1826.     m.  N.  M.  Reynolds.     She  d.  Maine,  March  4, 

3.  v.     Clark  Colby,  b.  May  16,  1835. 

vi.     Martin,  b.  May  0,  1838.     m.  Sept.   1,  1860,  Martha  P.  Alexander,  n(fe 

Bowman.     (See  Anson  Alexander.)     res.  Lunenburg,  Vt. 
vii.     Martha,  b.  May  9,  1838.     m.  Orange  W.  Hatch  (See), 
viii.     Mahna,  b.   Nov.  25,  1845.    m.  Sept.   7,   1862,  Francis  F.  Falmer.     res. 
Norwood,  Mass. 

Burt.  97 

3.  Clark  Colby  Burt,  son  of  Daniel  ^  b.  in  P^ranconia,  May  16, 
1835.  m.  Oct.  27,  1855,  Maria,  dau.  of  Moses  B.  Hatch,  b.  in  L."'Nov. 
20,  1837,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1858.  Farmer. 
Free  Baptist.     Democrat. 


i.     Warren  E.,  b.  L.  .June  6,  1858.     m.  Feb.  1885,  Vesta  D.  Boyce.     Far- 
mer,    res.  Bethlehem, 
ii.     Myra,  b.  Bethlehem,  iMarch  17,  1861.     m.  Eli  B.  Wallace  (See). 


4.  Simeon  Burt,  son  of  Pliineas  and  Sarah  (Bush)  Btirt,  b.  in 
Groton,  Mass.,  Feb.  15,  1748/9.  m.  1774,  Mary  Clark,  b.  Lancaster, 
Mass.,  Jan.  26,  1748/9,  dau.  of  Mattliew  and  EHzabeth  Clarlc.  He 
lived  in  Groton,  Lancaster,  and  Lunenburg  in  Mass. ,  and  in  JaflVe}' 
and  Bethlehem  in  N.  H.  In  1776  he  served  from  Julj^  to  December  in 
Capt.  Samuel  Sawyer's  Co.  in  Col.  Jona.  Smith's  Regt.  in  New  York. 
He  d.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  14,  1819  ;  she  d.  Jan.  7,  1838. 

Matthew  Clark  was  one  of  the  Scotch-Irish  emigrants  who  settled  in 
Worcester,  and  on  the  dispersion  of  the  community  he  removed  to  Lan- 
caster, where  he  d.  Julv  9,  1760. 


i.  Mart,  b.  Groton,  Mass.,  Aug.  21,  1775.  m.  1796,  Oliver  Sawyer,  far- 
mer.    She  d.  L.  April  20,  1859. 

ii.  Elizabeth,  b.  Lancaster,  Mass.,  Oct.  21,  1777.  m.  Hubbard  Oliver, 
tailor.     She  d.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  28,  ]848. 

iii.     Sarah,  b.  Lancaster,  Mass.,  Nov.  6,  1779.     m.  Timothy  Green  (See). 

iv.  Dolly,  b.  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Dec.  14, 1781.  m.  William  Sawyer*  (Sue), 
farmer.     She  d.  Bethlehem,  April  17,  1844. 

5.  V.     Levi,  b.  Jatfrey,  Jan.  27,  1784. 

vi.  Lydia,  b.  Jaffrey,  Feb.  27,  1786.  m.  Willis  Wilder,  farmer.  She  d.  L. 
Jan.  31,  1850. 

6.  vii.     Simeon,  b.  Jaffrey,  Sept.  28,  1788.     m.  Mary  Wilder. 

7.  viii.    John,  b.  Jaffrey,  Nov.  11,  1791.     m.  Mary  Batchellor  (See). 

5.  Levi  Burt,  son  of  Simeon,  b.  in  Jaffrey,  Jan.  27,  1784.  m.  about 
1812,  Lucretia  Kelso,  b.  in  Chester,  Mass.,  July  3,  1792,  d.  in  L.  Feb. 
18,  1873.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1812  until  he  d.,  Feb.  5,  1861.  Farmer. 
Selectman,  1825-6. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Eliza  Oliver,  b.  Feb.  1,  1814,  d.  L.  April  13,  1869. 
ii.     Hugh  Kelso,  b.  Oct.  15,  1815.     ni.  March  11,  1846,  Elizabeth  L.  Pin- 

gree.     Merchant.     He  d.  L.  April  29,  1848.     She  d.  March  31,  1851. 
iii.     Lydia  Wilder,  b.  Jan.  8,  1818.     m.  Edmund^  Burt  (See). 

6.  Simeon  Burt,  son  of  Simeon'*,  b.  in  Jaffrey,  Sept.  28,  1788.  m. 
first,  Dec.  14,  1815,  Maiy  Wilder,  d.  in  L,  nL  second,  Charlotte 
Louise  Kennan,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1823  until  he  d.,  Jan. 
5,  1855.  Farmer.  Whig.  Appointed  Lieut.  5th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,  June  9,  1817  ;  resigned,  April  24,  1820. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Charlotte  Mary,  b.  May  16,  1844. 
ii.     Florence  Selina. 
iii.     George. 
iv.     Frank  Fuller, 
vol.  ii.  —  7 

98  Burt  —  Burton  —  Buswell. 

7.  John  Burt,  son  of  Simeon*,  b.  in  JaflVe}',  Nov.  11,  1791.  m. 
Jane  11,  1818,  Maiy,  dau.  of  Isaac  Batchellor,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Match 
31,  1797.  She  m.  second,  John  T.  Nelson  (vSee).  He  never  res.  in  L. 
Farmer.  Ensign  in  2d  Co.  32d  Regt.  Light  Infantry,  1820.  Appointed 
Paymaster  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Feb.  23,  1821  ;  vacated,  June  11, 
1821.     d.  in  Bethlehem,  July  27,  1827. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

8.       i.     John,  b.  June  14,  1819. 

ii.     Nehemiah,  b.  Sept.  0,  1821,  d.  Bethlehem,  March  20,  1823. 

iii.     Bktsey  B.,  b.  June  12,  1825.     m.  Stearns.     She  d.  Aug.  2'.1,  1861. 

8.  John  Burt,  son  of  John'',  b.  in  Bethlehem,  June  14,  1819.  m. 
Oct.  12,  1853,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Joshua  Dunn,  b.  in  Jay,  Me.,  Aug.  31, 
1813,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  2,  1896,  Metliodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1849  until 
he  d.  Oct.  16,  1868.     Merchant.     Democrat.     No  ch. 


9.  Edmund  Burt,  b.  Nov.  1803.  m.  Jan.  10,  1855,  Lydia  Wilder, 
dau.  of  Levi  Burt  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  8,  1818,  d.  in  L.  June  8,  1884, 
Cong.  She  res.  in  L.  in  \-outh,  and  from  1874  to  1884.  He  never  res. 
in  L.    Clergyman,     d.  in  Gilead,  Me.,  July  14,  1864.     No  ch. 


1.  Augustus  Rogers  Burton,  son  of  Jedediah,  b.  in  Guildhall,  Vt., 
Feb.  19,  1826.  m.  Jan.  25,  1855,  Harriet  Eliza,  dau.  of  Ezra  Brooks 
(See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  21,  1833,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1866  until  he  d..  May  26,  1900.  Painter  and  grainer.  Cong.  Prohibi- 
tion. Member  School  Board,  Union  District,  1876-7-8-9-80-1-4-5-6. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Hattie  Emma,  b.  L.  Oct.  20,  1862.     ni.  Nov.  26,  1885,  Harry  Y.  Emery, 
shoe  raanufr.,  res.  Lynn,  Mass. 

2.  Lorenzo  Dow  Burton,  son  of  Jedediah,  b.  in  Guildhall,  Vt., 
April  1,  1832.  m.  in  1862,  Ann  Mary,  dau.  of  Amos  Rowell  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Oct.  4,  1830.  She  m.  first,  Simeon  Russell,  Methodist.  Lorenzo 
res.  in  L.  from  1883  until  he  d.,  Nov.  30,  1892.  Painter.  Methodist. 


i.     WiLi.iE  Amos,   b.  Bethlehem,  June  22,    1809.     unm.     Farmer,     res. 



1.  Clark  Stevens  Buswell,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Barton,  Vt.,  Dec. 
22,  1829.  m.  April  24,  1861,  Lucena  Marion,  dau.  of  Marlin  Downer, 
b.  Lebanon,  March  15,  1838,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1890. 
Insurance  agent.     Methodist.     Prohibition. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Henry  Clark,  b.  Craftsbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  28,  1862.     res.  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
ii.     Marion  Emily,  b.  Marshfield,  Vt.,  April  14,  1864.     res.  L. 
iii.     Ada  Makia,  b.  Norwich,  Vt.,  June  12,  1868.     res.  L. 
iv.     Clara  Lucena,  b.  Windsor,  Vt.,  Dec.  6,  1874.     res.  L.     Grad.   Boston 
Univ.,  19U0. 

Buzzell  —  Caldivell  —  Calhoun.  99 


1.  Henry  Buzzell,  b.  in  Thetford,  Vt.,  Nov.  14,  1831.  in.  first, 
June,  1862,  Marion,  dau.  of  William  H.  Harris,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  in 
1845,  d.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Sept.  17,  1869.  m.  second,  Nov.  24,  1888. 
Einma  Etta,  dau.  of  Moses  Coyer,  b.  in  Westport,  N.  Y.,  April  26, 
1864,  Advent.  He  has  i-es.  in  L.  since  1892.  Farmer.  Advent. 

Ch.,  In'  w.  Marion,  — 

i.     Arthur  H.,  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  July  4,1865.     m.  1890,  Florence  Howard. 

Stone-cutter,     res.  Barre,  Vt. 
ii.     Ella  M.,  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  May  29,  1866.     m.  1882,  Clark  Steere,  far- 
mer,    res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
iii.     Herbert  P.,  b.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  May  7,  1869.    m.  1891.     Printer,     res. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Emma,  — 

iv.     Mart  P.,  b.  Ferrisburg,  Vt.,  June  28,  1889.     res.  L. 

V.     Henry  Coyer,  b.  Ferrisburg,  Vt.,  Jan.  .30,  1892.     res.  L. 


2.  Edward  Buzzell,  son  of  George,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  6,  1860.  m.  Nov. 
12,  1891,  Lucy,dau.  of  William  Clark,  b.  in  Canada,  Jan.  31,  1872.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Laborer. 


i.     Fred,  b.  L.  Jan.  8,  1895. 
ii.     ,  b.  L.  Nov.  30,  1897. 


1.  Arthur  Hallett  Caldwell,  son  of  J.  Albert  Henry  and  Frances 
A.  (Hallett)  Caldwell,  b.  in  Ipswich,  Mass.,  Aug.  29,  1855.  He  is  a 
descendant  in  the  eighth  generation  of  John  and  Sarah  (Dillingham) 
Caldwell,  earh'  residents  of  Ipswich.  The  generations  are :  John  \ 
John  ^,  John  ^,  John  *,  Ebenezer  ^,  Eben  ^,  Albert  Henry  ^  Arthur  Hal- 
lett *.  He  m.  Feb.  20,  1889,  Carrie  C.  Ellison,  b.  in  Charlestown,  Mass., 
Feb.  14,  1857,  dau.  of  Andrew  Ellison.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893. 


i.     Francis  Sweetser,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  Feb.  20,  1890. 
ii.     William  Sharswood  Ellison,  b.  Everett,  Mass.,  May  11,  1892. 


1.  James  Calhoun  was  one  of  the  Scotch-Irish  emigrants  to  New 
Hampshire.  In  the  old  country-  he  was  a  linen  draper,  and  after  emi- 
gration a  farmer  in  Lyman.  His  children  were  Solomon,  Rebecca, 
James,  Isaac,  Sally,  Mary,  and  David. 

2.  James  Calhoun,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  Lyman,  April  29,  1799, 
m.  May  26,  1829,  Philena  Robins,  dau.  of  Joseph  (See),  d.  May  28, 


100  Calhoun  —  Callahan. 

1879.      He  removed  from  Lyman  to  L.,  1839.  and  to  Lisbon,   1871. 
He  d.  Sept.  8,  1879.     Farmer.     Whig  and  Abolitionist. 
Ch., — 

3.        i.     Isaac,  b.  Lyman,  May  10,  1832. 

ii.     Sarah  Jane,  b.  Lyman,  Feb.  10,  1834.     m.  George  W.  Cowen  (See), 
iii.     Lydia  U.,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  10,  1835,  d.  L.  Oct.  28,  185v3. 
iv.     Clementina  H.,  b.  L.  April  28,  1837.      m.  Sept.  17,  1890,  Sabm  Ash, 
farmer.     He  d.  Santa  Rosa,  Cal.,  Dec.  30,  1892. 
V.     Mary  R.,  b.  L.  May  25,  1839.     m.  April  18,  1868,  Isaac  E.  Young,  far- 
mer.    He  d.  Santa  Rosa,  Cal.,  Feb.  25,  1889. 
vi.     LuELLA  C.,b.  L.  Aug.  27,  1842.     m.  Dwiglit  C.  Parker  (See), 
vii.     Eliz.\beth,  b.  L.  Sept.  16,  1844.     m.  William  H.  Blake  (See). 

3.  Isaac  Calhoun,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  Lyman,  May  10,  1832. 
m.  first,  Sept.  11,  1867,  Lvdiaette,  dan.  of  Leonard  Hildreth  (See), 
b.  in  Lisbon,  Jan.  10,  1847,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  10,  1884,  Free  Baptist, 
ni.  second,  April  20,  1886,  Flora,  dan.  of  Prescott  Yonng,  b.  in  Lisbon, 
Jan.  8,  1846.  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1868.  Farmer,  and  an 
active  factor  in  many  bnsiness  enterprises  of  the  town.  Republican. 
Selectman,  1881-2-3.  Representative,  1889-90.  Supervisor,  1884. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  He  d.  in  L.,  March  23,  1900.  (Book 
of  Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  158.) 


i.     Alice,  b.  Storm  Lake,  Iowa,  June  4,  1881.     (Adopted  child.) 


1.  Daniel  Callahan,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Co.  Cork,  Ireland,  in 
1807.  m.  in  1840,  Mary,  dan.  of  Jerome  Canty,  b.  in  Co.  Cork,  Ire- 
land, in  1810,  d.  in  Longview,  Texas,  March  14,  1885.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1848  until  he  d.  in  1870.     Laborer. 

Ch.,  all  but  James,  b.  in  L.,  — 

3.       i.  James  A.,  b.  Co.  Cork,  Ireland,  Jan.  5,  1841. 

ii.  William,  b.  1848.     unm.,  d.  Leadville,  Col.,  1880. 

iii.  Horace,  b.  1850.     unm.,  d.  Longview,  Texas,  1884. 

iv.  Henry,  b.  1860,  d.  L.  1861. 

2.  James  Callahan,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Antrim,  Ireland,  about 
1824.  m.  Jan.  1859,  Nancy,  dan.  of  Timothy  Holland,  b.  in  Ireland, 
about  1824,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  23,  1894,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1859.     Laborer.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Hannah,  b.  L.  Dec.  1859.     m.  Harry  A.  J.  Strain  (See). 

3.  James  A.  Callahan,  son  of  DanieP,  b.  in  Co.  Cork,  Ireland, 
Jan.  5,  1841.  m.  Aug.  21,  1882,  Catharine,  dan.  of  John  Kenne}',  b. 
in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  9,  1857.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1848  to 
1869.  Hotel-keeper.  Democi-at.  Deputj'  Sheriff,  Grafton  Co.  Pri- 
vate Co.  H,  3d  N.  H.  Inf 


i.  Mary  Ellen,  b.  Longview,  Texas,  June  12,  1883. 

ii.  Ellen,  b.  Longview,  Texas,  Jan.  29,  1885. 

iii.  Catherine  Agnes,  b.  L.  July  10,  1886. 

iv.  James  Daniel,  b.  Marshall,  Texas,  Oct.  21,  1888. 

V.  Annie  Maud,  b.  Marshall,  Texas.'Oct.  6,  1890. 

vi.  John  Henry,  b.  Wichita  Falls,  Texas,  Nov.  15,  1895. 

Callahan  —  Campbell  —  Carhee  —  Carhonneau.  101 


4.  Dennis  Callahan,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Ireland,  April  1,  1844. 
m.  June  12,  1862,  Mar}-,  dau.  of  Daniel  Long,  b.  in  Ireland,  Nov.  23, 
1839,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888.  Laborer.  Ro- 
man Catholic.     Democrat. 


i.  James,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  April  16,  1864,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  15,  1875. 

ii.  Jeremiah,  b.  Bethleliem,  Nov.  27,  1866.     res.  L. 

iii.  JosiE,  b.  Bethlehem,  July  25,  1869,  d.  L.  Jan.  7,  1896. 

iv.  Mary,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  29,  1874.     res.  L.,  unm. 


1.  'Joseph  David  Campbell,  son  of  Archibald,  b.  Sydney,  N.  S., 
Mar.  13,  1857.  m.  Aug.  5,  1890,  Mary  J.  Wills,  b.  Groveton,  Feb. 
20,  1869,  dau.  of  Israel  Wills.  He  is  a  merchant  tailor,  and  has  res. 
in  L.  since  April  1,  1897.  Congregationalist.  Republican.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge;  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard's  Comity. 


1.     Margaret  M.,  b.  Plymouth,  May  2,  1891. 


1.  Baxter  Richard  Carbee,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt., 
July  6,  1848.  m.  March  31,  1868,  Martha  Bowker,  dau.  of  John  Webb, 
b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  July  13,  1852,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1886.     Painter.     Methodist.     Republican. 


i.     Clara  Irene,  b.  Lunenburg,   Vt.,  Jan.  21,  1869.      m.    April  17,  1890, 

John  M.  H.  Haskins,  printer,     res.  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 
ii.     LuLA  Mat  Bell,  b.  Whitefield,  Sept.  21,  1878. 
iii.     RoLLO  Oscar,  b.  Stark,  Nov.  7,  1881. 
iy.     Ray  Harland,  b.  Stark,  Oct.  5,  1883. 


1.    William  G.  Carbonneau,   son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  Sept.  29, 
1848.     m.  Aug.  17,  1868,  Leocndie,  dau.  of  John  Beauleau,  b.  in  Que- 
bec, March  12,  1848,  Roman  Catholic.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1877. 
Carpenter.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 

i.     Archie,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  15,  1869. 
ii.     Jennie,  b.  L.  July  16,  1871. 
iii.     Willie  Fuank,  b.  Canada,  May  12,  1873. 
iv.     Eduie,  b.  Canada,  May  2,  1876. 
V.     Bertha,  b.  in  Canada,  June  27,  1878. 
vi.     Oliver,  b.  L,  Mav  14,  1882. 
vii.    John,  b.  L.  Dec.  24,  1883. 
viii.     LiLLiE,  b.  L.  Marcli  4,  1885. 
ix.     Lewis,  b.  L.  Nov.  5,  1888. 
X.     Mal-d,  b.  L.  Sept.  1,  1889. 

102  Cardinal  —  Carey  —  Carleton. 


1.  Peter  Cardinal,  son  of  Peter,  b.  in  St.  Hyacinth,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  17, 
1842.  m.  Nov.  29,  1867,  Kate,  dau.  of  James  M.  Ricliardson  (See), 
b.  Lisbon,  Aug.  15,  1849.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1867.  Lumber 
manufr.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

2.  i.     Melville  Horace,  b.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  27,  1868. 

ii.     MiNNETTE  E.,  b.  L.  Aug.  30,  1869.     m.  June  7,  1893,  Joseph  C.  Seely. 

Laborer,     res.  L. 
iii.     OscAK  B.,  b.  L.  June  4,  1878,  d.  May  19,  1887. 

2.  Melville  Horace  Cardinal,  son  of  Peter  \  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Aug. 
27,  1868.  m.  July  25,  1893,  Emma  Druzella,  dau.  of  William  B.  Smith, 
b.  in  Dalton,  May  13,  1872,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Lumber  manufr.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Edward  C,  b.  Nov.  12,  1894. 


1.  Chester  E.  Carky,  son  of  Olivet  S.,  b.  in  Lempster,  March  11, 
1840.  m.  first,  Dec.  29,  1865,  Emily  L.,  dau.  of  Roswell  Prouty,  b.  in 
Newport,  Vt.,  Nov.  9,  1843.  m.  second,  April  8,  1883,  Julia  A.,  dau. 
of  John  McDonald,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  15,  1848,  d.  in  Hanover, 
March  10,  1887.  He  came  to  L.  Sept.  1867,  and  established  the 
"  White  Mountain  Republic,"  which  he  conducted  until  Sept.  1871, 
when  lie  moved  awa}',  having  sold  his  paper  to  Henry  H.  Metcalf. 
He  was  engaged  in  the  printing  business  for  thirt}"  3'ears.  He  d.  in 
Hanover,  Sept.  25,  1896.  Democrat.  Universalist.  J.  P.  State.  He 
is  a  lineal  descendant  of  Sir  Robert  Carey  of  Scotland.  His  great- 
grandfather was  Gen.  William  Carey  of  the  N.  H.  Militia. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ethel,  b.  Hillsboro',  Jan.  10,  1885. 


This  lineage  is  from  the  records  in  the  old  Coll.  of  Heraldry-, 
London,  Eng.  ;  Co.  Histories,  especially  that  of  Surrey  Co.,  Eng.  ; 
from  a  family  record,  sent  bv  the'  late  Lord  Dorchester  to  Rev.  Hiram 
Carleton,  East  Sandwich,  Mass.,  an  American  authorit}' ;  Colonial 
Records  of  Mass.,  and  the  town  and  church  records  of  Rowlej*,  Ha- 
verhill, and  Bradford,  Mass.  ;  the  New  Eng.  Historic  Genealogical 
Society  ;  the  Essex  Institute  ;  from  family  records,  deeds,  wills,  and 
cemetery  inscriptions.  The  histor}',  character,  and  social  position 
have  been  obtained  from  Parliamentar}'  records,  records  of  real  estate 
conve_yances,  and  records  contained  in  State  papers,  especiall}'  treaties 
with  foreign  nations.  The  family  arms  are  those  held  by  the  Carle- 
tons  of  Lincoln  and  Oxfordshire,  Eng.,  and  are  as  follows  :  — 

Arms,  Argent  on  a  bend  sable,  three  mascles  of  the  field. 

Crest,  Out  of  a  Ducal  coronet,  or  an  unicorn's  head  sable  ;  the  horn 
twisted  of  the  first  and  second. 

MoTTO,  J)fon  ad per?iicie)7i. 

I  tie 


Carleton.  103 

[These  arms  must  not  be  confounded  with  those  of  the  present 
House  of  Dorchester,  which  sprang  from  the  Carletons  of  Fermaugh, 
Ireland,  and  originated  with  Sir  Guy  Carleton.  That  line  is  from 
John  i«.J 

The  name  Carleton  is  from  the  Saxon  ceoH  (signifying  husband- 
man) and  ton,  a  town.  The  Carleton  family  is  a  unit.  Tiie  name  de 
Carleton  was  originally  a  title  of  lordship. 

1.  Baldwin  de  Carleton  of  Carleton,  near  Penrith,  Cumberland, 
Eng.  Time  of  the  Norman  Conquest,  battle  of  Hastings,  Oct.  14, 

2.  Jeffry  de  Carleton. 

3.  Eduard  de  Carleton. 

4.  Henry  de  Carleton. 

5.  Gilbert  de  Carleton.     m.  a  dau.  of  Fitzwilliam. 

6.  William  de  Carleton,  one  of  the  justices  of  Eng.  ;  Counsellor 
to  Edward  (tlie  King's  son,  and  Lieut,  while  his  father  Pklward  I.  was 
absent  in  foreign  wars),  on  a  commission  to  reconcile  the  King  and  his 
barons  ;  also  Cliancellor  of  the  Exchequer.  He  Avas  intercessor  with 
the  King  for  the  Earl  of  Norfolk  and  Hartford.  Presumal)ly  active  in 
systematizing  tlie  Judiciary  of  Eng.  m.  Helena,  dau.  of  Geoffrey  de 
Stain  ton. 

7.  Adam  de  Carleton.     m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Adam  de  Newton. 

8.  Adam  de  Carleton.  m.  Sibella,  supposed  to  have  been  a 

9.  John  de  Carleton,  LL.D.  Conspicuous  as  a  commissioner, 
with  the  chief  dignitaries  of  Eng.,  in  making  a  treaty  with  Flanders. 

10.  Henry  de  Carleton  of  Co.  Lincoln,  13th  Ricliard  IL  m. 

11.  Sir  Thomas  de  Carleton. 

12.  Sir  Walter  de  Carleton.     m.  dau.  of  Feildman. 

13.  Thomas  Carleton  of  Sutton  Co.,  Lincoln,  m.  dau.  of  Skerne, 
of  Co.  Lincoln. 

14.  John  Carleton  of  Sutton  and  Walton-upon-Thames,  d.  in 
1458.     m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Skipwith. 

15.  John  Carleton.     m.  Alice,  dau.  of  Gerrard  Daniel. 

16.  John  Carleton,  lived  in  1500.  m.  Joyce,  dau.  of  John  Wel- 
beck,  bv  iMargaret  Culpepper,  and  cousin  to  Queen  Catharine,  w.  of 
Henry  VIII. 

17.  Edward  Carleton,  fifth  son  of  John  ^^  settled  in  East  Clau- 
don,  Surrej',  in  1571  ;  ancestor  of  the  Carletons  of  London,  Surrej', 
Arundel,  and  America,     m.  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Geoi-ge  Bigley. 

18.  Erasmus  Carleton,  a  citizen  and  mercer  of  St.  Bartholo- 
mew's, London,  Eng.     m.  Elizabeth. 

19.  Edward  Carleton,  second  son  of  Erasmus  ^^,  b.  in  Eng.  in 
1^05.  m.  Eleanor  Denton.  (The  name  Denton  was  originally  Garth, 
of  old  Roman  origin.)  Edward  was  the  first  Carleton  to  settle  in 
America,  and  the  common  ancestor  of  the  Carletons  of  this  countr}'. 
liev.  Ezekiel  Rogers  and  twent}'  families  acquired  by  grant  and  pur- 
chase a  strip  of  land  between  Newbury  and  Ipswich,  Mass.,  and  made 
a  settlement  in  1638-9.  This  was  first  called  Rogers's  Plantation,  and 
afterwards  Rowle}'.  Next  after  the  minister,  Edward  was  the  largest 
landownei',  and  was  made  a  freeman  in  1642.     He   was  a  man  of  dis- 

104  Carleton. 

tinction,  as  a  member  of  the  Gen.  Court,  find  as  a  Trial  Justice,  until 
his  return  to  Eng.  in  1650-1.     He  d.  about  1661. 

20.       i.  John,  b.  in  Eng.  Umr~ 

ii.  Edward,  b.  Aug.  28,  1639.     (First  birtli  in  Rowley.) 

iii.  Mary,  b.  April  2,  1642. 

iv.  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  20,  1644. 

20.  John  Carleton,  son  of  Edward  ^^,  b.  in  Eng.  in  1480.  ra.  Han- 
nah, dan.  of  Joseph  and  Mar}-  (Malinson)  Jewett,  b.  in  Eng.  June  15, 
1640.  (Joseph  was  a  son  of  Edward  Jewett  of  Bradford  in  the  West 
Riding  of  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  where  he  was  baptized,  Dec.  31,  1609.  m. 
Mary  Malinson,  Oct.  1,  1634.)  Mrs.  Carleton  was  transacting  business 
with  her  sons,  after  the  death  of  her  husband,  as  late  as  1695.  John 
was  the  principal  man  of  Haverliill,  Mass.,  while  he  lived.  He  had,  as 
a  3'oung  man,  the  honorary  title  of  Mr.,  which  was  afterwards  ex- 
changed for  Lieut.     He  d.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Jan.  22,  1668. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     John,  b.  1^5^.     m.  Hannah  Osgood.  * 

ii.     Joseph,  b.  M>ir(;h  21,  1662-3.     ni.  Abigail  Osgood. 

21.  iii.     Edward,  b.  March  22,  1664. 

iv.     Thomas,  b.  Sept.  9,  1667.     ni.  Elizabeth . 

21.  Edward  Carletox,  son  of  John  -°,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass..  March 
22,  1664.  m.  Elizabeth  Kimball.  He  res.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and 
later  in  Bradford,  Mass.     He  was  killed  bv  an  Indian  in  1711. 


i.  Edward,  b.  Feb.  20,  1690-1. 
ii.  Benjamin,  b.  April  2-3,  1693. 
iii.     Nehemiah,  b.  April  15,  1695. 

22.  iv.     Aaron,  b.  June  12,  1697. 
V.     Elizabeth,  b.  1699. 

vi.  Nathaniel,  res.  in  Bradford,  Mass.    m.  1721,  Abigail  Dane  of  Andover, 


vii.  Abner,  b.  Dec.  2,  1701,  d.  Jan.  8,  1702. 

viii.  Ebenezer,  b.  Dec.  22,  1704. 

ix.  Mehitable,  b.  March  8,  1707. 

X.  Hannah,     m.  David  Jacquith,  Nov.  9,  1722. 

xi.  Abigail. 

22.  Aaron  Carleton,  son  of  Edward  "S  b.  June  12,  1697.     m.  first. 

Prudence .     m.    second,   Priscilla.     He   res.    in  Haverhill,    Mass. 

[Last  on  the  list  of  heirs;    seventh  son?.    Rev.  Hiram  C] 

Ch.,  b\'  w.  Prudence, — 

i.  Prudence  (so  transcribed  from  i-ecords  by  Charles  Coffin,  Esq.     Rev. 
Hiram  Carleton  contends  for  the  name  Elizabeth. 

2.3.       ii.  Aaron,  b.  Nov.  29,  1737. 

iii.  Sarah,  b.  Dec.  26,  1739.  ■ 

iv.  William,  b.  May  4,  1742. 

v.  Phineas,  b.  May  10,  1745. 

vi.  Amos,  b.  Nov.  9,  1747. 

vii.  Edward,  b.  Feb.  17,  1754.  • 

viii.  Hannah,  b.  May  28,  1757. 

23.  Aaron  Carleton,  son  of  Aaron  -^,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass  ,  Nov. 
29,  1737.  m.  Jan.  26,  1769,  Mehitable  Chadwick,  d,  April  4,  1809. 
He  moved  to  Haverhill,  Mass.,  in  1772,  d.  Nov.  4,  1827. 


i.     Aaron,  b.  Dec.  18,  1769.     m.  Sarah  Merrill.     (Five  children.) 

24.  ii.     Edmund,  b.  May  13,  1772. 

iii.     Amos,  res.  in  Haverhill,  Canada,  and  Ohio,  where  he  d.     m.  Miss  Porter. 
(Twelve  children.) 

^>^-     ^       0  Cut^^yG^l^-K^ 

Carleton.  105 

24.  Edmund  Carleton,  son  of  Aaron '^^,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  May 
13,  1772.  m.  Jan.  25,  1797,  Joanna,  dau.  of  Peter  and  Kel)ecca 
(Hazelton)  Coffin,  b.  April  11,  1773,  d.  Sept.  3,  1847.  Edmund,  with 
the  family,  moved  to  Haverhill,  Mass.,  soon  after  his  birth.  He  taught 
school  in  Boscawen  in  1792;  studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Jacob  Kit- 
tredge  of  Dover,  wlio  certified  to  three  year.s' study,  Aug.  17,  1795,  and 
the  same  year  was  moderator  of  town  meeting  in  Dover.  He  moved  to 
Haverhill  in  1795,  and  began  the  practice  of  medicine,  where  he  con- 
tinued forty-three  years,  and  became  a  noted  physician.  He  grad. 
from  the  medical  school  of  Dart.  Coll.,  Aug.  22,  1804,  and  became  an 
honorary  member  of  Dart.  Medical  Society,  Nov.  25,  1819.  Cong. 
Dea.  Bank  director.  First  Prest.  of  the  Haverhill  Antislavery 
Society,     d.  Nov.  2,  1838. 

Ch.,  — 

25.     i.     Edmund,  b.  Haverhill,  Oct.  29,  1797. 

ii.     Kebecca,  b.  Aug.  27,  1799,  d.  April  28,  1803. 
iii.     Peter,  b.  Nov.  13,  1801.     m.  first,  Elizabeth  Kilburn.     (Two  children.) 

m.  second,  Sarah  Ann  Wilder.     (No  children.)     He  d.  Aug.  7,  1856. 
iv.     Chakles,  b.  March  31,  1804.     m.  first,  Marinda  Bell.     (Five  children.) 
•    ra.  second,  Mrs.  Marinda  (Fox)  Hammond.     (One  child.)     He  d.  Dec. 
1, 1857. 
V,     Rebecca,  b.  July  11,  1806.     m.  Jotham  Clark  Cutler.     She  d.  L.  May 

23,  1884. 
vi.     Arthur,  b.  Feb.  16,  1810.     m    Sarah  Ann  Atherton.     (No  children.) 
vii.     Abigail,  b.  Jan.  6,  1812,  d.  Feb.  9,  1817. 

viii.     Joanna,  b.  April  6,  1814.     m.  William  Wilder.     (Two  children.) 
ix.     Abigail,  b.  Aug.  26,  1817,  d.  May  7,  1819. 

25.  Edmund  Carleton,  son  of  Edmund  ■^^  b.  in  Haverhill,  Oct.  29, 
1797.  m.  Nov.  30,  1836,  Mra-v  Kilburn,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Hannah 
(Kilburn)  Coffin,  b.  in  Boscawen,  Nov.  12,  1812,  d.  in  L.  March  19, 
1880.  (Coffin  Genealogy  in  Hist,  of  Boscawen  and  Webster.)  Edmund 
d.  in  L.  March  11,  1882.      (See  narrative  —  chapter  on  Lawyers.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Mary,  b.  Sept.  12,  1837,  d.  July  9,  1862. 

26.  ii.     Edmund,  b.  Dec.  11,  1839. 

iii.     Sarah,  b.  Oct.  16,  1842,  d.  Aug.  27,  1874. 

27.  iv.     Thomas,  b.  Nov.  28,  1844. 

V.     Anna,  b.  April  18,  1847,  d.  Nov.  30, 1874. 
vi.     Frances,  b.  Oct.  12,  1849,  d.  June  3,  1873. 

28.  vii.     Alfred,  b.  June  15,  1853. 

26.  Edmund  Carleton,  son  of  Edmund  ^^,  b.  Dec.  11,  1839.  m, 
Jan.  1,  1873,  Marv  P^mma,  dau.  of  Asa  Ames  and  Lucyette  (Cham- 
pion) Potter,  b.  in  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  28,  1852.  (Potter  Genealogy, 
by  Charles  Edward  Potter,  Boston,  1888.)  Edmund  is  a  physician,  res. 
in  N.  Y.  Citv.      (See  narrative  —  chapter  on  Phvsicians.) 


i.     Spencer,  b.  Oct.  14,  1873  ;  prepared  for  Coll.  at  the  Berkeley  School ; 
grad.  with  honor  from  Columbia  Coll.  School  of  Arts,  189i.     Study- 
ing medicine  (1895). 
ii.     Maky,  b.  July  10,  1875,  d.  Jan.  21,  1876. 
iii.     Mabel,  b.  Oct.  31,  1876.  d.  March  19,  1878. 
iv.     Bertha,  b.  April  11,  1880,  preparing  for  Coll.  (1895). 

27.  Thomas  Carleton,  son  of  Edmund  25,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  28,  1844. 
m.  first,  Carrie  M.  Allen,     m.  second,  in  1881,  Addie,  dau.  of  David 

106  Carleton  —  Carpe'yiter. 

Stone,  b.  in  Wateitown,  Mass.,  Baptist.  Thomas  res.  in  L.  from 
birth  to  1866,  and  from  1872  to  1889.  Real-estate  agent.  Cong.  Re- 
pul)Iican.     res.  Mount  Auburn,  Mass.     No  cli. 

28.  Alfred  Carleton,  son  of  Edmund  ^^,  b.  in  L.  June  15,  1853.  m. 
June  25,  1879,  Arabelle  George,  dau.  of  George  Henry  Webb,  b.  in 
Fallsburg,  Ohio.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1877.  Express  agent, 
res.  Toledo,  Ohio. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Toledo,  Ohio,  — 

i.  Mary  Belle,  b.  July  5,  1880. 

ii.  Harry  Webb,  b.  Nov.  8,  1881. 

iii.  Charles  Alfred,  b.  July  5, 1883. 

iv.  Guy  Clifton,  b.  Oct.  15,  1888. 


1.  William  Carpenter,  b.  1576,  progenitor  of  the  Rehoboth  familv, 
brother  of  Richard  Carpenter,  progenitor  of  the  Providence  family,  lived 
in  London,  but  when  he  sailed  for  New  England,  1638,  he  was  registered 
at  Southampton  as  of  Wlierwell.     He  returned  to  England. 

2.  William  Carpenter,  son  of  William  \  b.  1605,  with  wife  Abigail 
and  three  children  came  to  New  England  1638.  Lived  in  Weymouth 
and  Rehoboth.     He  was  a  captain,     d.  Feb.  7,  1659. 

3.  William  Carpenter,  son  of  William^,  b.  in  England,  1631  or  2. 
m.  Oct.  5,  1651,  Priscilla  Bennett.  She  d.  Oct.  20,  1663.  m.  second, 
Dec.  10,  1663,  Miriam  Searles.  Town  clerk.  Dea.  Deputy  to  the 
General  Court  of  Plymouth.  He  d.  in  Relioboth,  Jan.  26,  1703.  His 
widow  d.  May  1,  1722. 

4.  Noah  Carpenter,  son  of  William  ",  b.  in  Rehobotli,  March  28, 
1672.  Settled  in  Attleborough.  Town  clerk.  Proprietors'  clerk. 
He  m.  Dec.  3,  1700,  Sarah  Johnson,  b.  April  4,  1677,  dau.  of  Matthew 
Johnson  of  Wcjburn.  She  d.  Sept.  29,  1726.  He  m.  second,  May  22, 
1727,  Rutli  (FoUett)  Talbott,  dau.  of  Abraham  and  Rutli  (Foster) 
Follett,  and  widow  of  Abraham  Talbott.  She  d.  Jan.  10,  1745.  He 
m.  third,  1745,  Tabitha  Bisho[),  widow  of  William  Bishop.  She  d. 
June  7,  1753.     He  d.  April,   1756. 

5.  Isaiah  Carpenter,  son  of  Noah*,  b.  Feb.  7,  1714/15.  m.  Sept. 
12,  1734,  Althea  (Titus)  Titus,  b.  May  29,  1714,  dau.  of  Joseph  Titus 
and  widow  of  John  Titus.  He  lived  in  Attleborough  and  in  Sutton, 
Mass.     He  was  killed  by  a  falling  tree,  March  23,  1744. 

6.  Jonah  Carpenter,  son  of  Lsaiah^  b.  in  Sutton,  1744.  m.  in 
Thompson,  Conn.,  Nov.  23,  1769,  Berviah  Whitmore  of  Killingly, 
Conn.,  dau.  of  Isaac  Whitmore.  He  d.  Ashford,  Conn.,  Jan.  31,  1805. 
She  d.  Aug.  29,  1834. 

7.  Jonah  Carpenter,  son  of  Jonah ^,  b.  Ashford,  Conn.,  Oct.  4, 
1777.  He  removed  soon  after  1800  to  AVaterford,  Vt.  Town  clerk. 
Representative.  Dea.  He  m.  Hannah  Rice,  dau.  of  Obadiah  Rice.  He 
d.  1867. 

Carpenter.  107 

8.  Erasmus  Ikvin  Carpenter,  son  of  Jonah'',  b.  Waterford,  Vt., 
April  29,  1808.  Grad.  University  of  Vermont,  1837,  Andover  Tiieo. 
Seminar}-,  1841.  He  was  ordained  and  installed  over  the  Congrega- 
tional Cliurch  in  tliis  town  1842,  and  was  continued  in  a  successful 
pastorate  until  1857.  Thence  to  Barre,  Vt.,  where  he  labored  ten  years. 
From  1867  to  1869  he  was  acting  pastor  at  Berlin,  and  the  following 
four  3-ears  he  was  Secretary  and  agent  of  the  Vermont  Bible  Society. 
He  was  acting  pastor  in  Swanzey  three  3ears.  He  d.  Feb.  10,  1877. 
He  m.  Sept.  28,  1846,  Harriet  Stebbins,  b.  Dec.  14,  1814,  dau.  of 
James  and  Grace  (Warrener)  Stebbins  of  Belchertown,  Mass.  She  d. 
Oct.  26,  1876. 

Ch.,  b.  inL.,— 

1.     Harriet  Elvira,  b.  Jan.  10,  1848.     She  is  a  successful  and  accom- 
plished teacher,  and  i)rincipal  of  prosperous  institutions  of  learning  in 
Vermont,  New  York,  and  Pennsylvania.     She  is  now  principal  aud 
superintendent  of  a  popular  scliool  at  Bowling  Green,  Ky. 
it.     Irvin,  b.  Dec.  16,  1850.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

iii.     Mart  France.s,  b.  April  28,  1853.     m.  Aug.  26, 1879,  Alfred  Paschal, 
editor  and  publisher,     res.  Doylestown,  Pa. 

9.  Isaiah  Carpenter,  son  of  Jonah®,  and  brother  of  Jonah'',  b,  in 
Ashford,  Conn.,  June  29,  1783.  ra.  April  21,  1808,  Caroline  Bugbee, 
b.  Dec.  27,  1785,  dau.  of  Amos  and  Martha  (Woodward)  Bugbee^ 
(See).  He  removed  1808  to  Waterford,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  July  6,  1871. 
She  d.  Aug.  2,  1865. 

10.  Alonzo  Philetds  Carpenter,  son  of  Isaiah  ^,  b.  in  Waterford, 
Vt.,  Jan.  28,  1829.  Williams  College,  1849.  He  studied  law  with 
Andrew  S.  Woods  and  with  Ira  and  S.  H.  Goodall  of  Bath,  and  was 
admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Haverhill,  April  20,  1853.  He  practised  his  pro- 
fession, continuousl}'  residing  in  Bath  until  he  was  appointed  to  the 
bench,  when  he  removed  to  Concord.  He  was  Solicitor  of  Grafton 
County  1863  to  1873.  In  professional  work  he  was  associated  from 
1853  to  1856  with  Ira  Goodall,  and  in  the  later  years  of  his  practice  his 
son  Philip  was  professionally  associated  for  a  short  time.  Sept.  1,  1881, 
he  was  appointed  by  Gov.  Bell  Associate  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court, 
and  April  1,  1896,  Le  was  appointed  by  Gov.  Busiel  Chief  Justice,  suc- 
ceeding Judge  Doe.  As  a  lawyer  he  adorned  the  profession,  and  as  a 
judge  he  contributed  much  to  make  the  years  of  his  service  an  epoch  in 
the  judicial  history  of  the  State.  He  received  the  degree  of  LL.D.  from 
AVilliams  College  in  1889,  and  from  Dartmouth  College  in  1896.  He 
m.  Nov.  2,  1853,  Julia  Rosanna  Goodall,  b.  April  14,  1833,  dau.  of  Ira 
•ind  Hannah  Child  (Hutchins)  Goodall  of  Bath.  She  d.  Oct.  11,  1899. 
He  d.  May  21,  1898. 

Ch.,  b.'in  Bath, — 

i.  LiLLiAX,  b.  July  22,  1854.  ni.  Nov.  14,  1877,  Frank  Sherwin  Streeter, 
b.  Charleston,  Vt.,  Aug.  5,  1853,  son  of  Daniel  and  Julia  (\yiieeler) 
Streeter.  Mrs.  Streeter  is  a  member  of  the  State  Board  of  Ciiarities 
and  Correction,  succeeding  her  honored  mother;  a  trustee  of  the 
Margaret  Pillsbury  Hospital,  and  prominent  in  the  benevolent  and 
social  organizations  of  tlie  city  of  Concord  and  the  State.  Mr.  Streeter 
grad.  Dart.  Coll.  1874.  He  read  law  with  Judge  Carpenter  and  was 
admitted  to  tlie  Bar  in  1877.  He  res.  in  Concord,  and  is  in  active 
practice  in  the  State  and  United  States  Courts.     Trustee  Dart.  Coll. 

108  Carpenter. 

ii.     Philip,  b.  March  9,   1856.     m.  Sept.  3,  1880,  Fanny   Hallock   Rouse. 

Dart.  Coll.  1877.     Ivawycr.     res.  Citv  of  New  York, 
iii.     Francis  Henry,  b.  Dec!  4,  1800.     d.  Feb.  10,  18G1. 
iv.     Arthur  Hutchins,  b.  Sept.  13,  1862.    m.  April  18,  18>-9,  Annie  Kelley. 

Lawyer,     d.  Chicago,  111.,  June  22,  1892. 
V.     Edith,  b.  Dec.  26,  1863.     m.  Oct.  18,  1886,  Bond  Valentine  Thomas. 

res.  Oroville,  Cal. 
\i.     Helen,  b.  July  5,  1866.     unm.     res.  Concord. 

11.  John  Carpenter,  son  of  William  ^  and  Piiscilla  (Bennett)  Car- 
penter, b.  in  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  Oct.  19,  1652.  m.  Sarah  Readaway. 
About  1690  he  removed  to  Woodstock,  Conn.  He  m.  second,  May  14, 
1704,  Sarah  (Fuller)  Day,  b.  May  7,  1659,  dan.  of  Thomas  Fuller  and 
widow  of  Ralph  Da}'  of  Dedham,  Mass.  He  served  in  King  Philip's 
war  and  Narragansett  Expedition. 

12.  Eltphalet  Carpenter,  son  of  Jolni  ^\  b.  Aug.  17,  1679.  His 
wife  was  Rebecca.  He  m.  second,  Oct.  31,  1731,  Abigail  Bacon.  He 
lived  in  Woodstock,  Conn. 

13.  Eliphalet  Carpenter,  son  of  Eliphalet  ^■•^,  b.  in  Woodstock, 
Conn.,  Feb,  21,  1709.     m.  April  22,  1720,  Mary  Bacon. 

14.  Ebenezer  Carpenter,  son  of  Eliphalet  -^^  b.  in  Woodstock,  Conn. , 
April  22,  1745.  ro.  Prudence  Carter,  b.  April  10,  1742,  dan.  of  Samuel 
and  Jemima  (Houghton)  Carter  of  Lancaster,  Mass.  He  was  a  farmer 
in  Keene,  N.  H.  Rev.  Soldier.  He  d.  in  Keene,  Aug.  28,  1833..  His 
wife  d.  July  8,  1828. 

15.  Obadiah  Carpenter,  son  of  Ebenezer^*,  b.  in  Keene,  N.  H.,  July 
8,  1783.  m.  Sept.  21,  1808,  Nancy  Morse,  dau.  of  Joseph  Wheat 
Morse  (See).  He  lived  in  L.  from"'l808  until  he  d.,  Sept.  15,  1860. 
Fai'mer.     Democrat.     His  widow  d.  in  L.  April  13,  1871. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.     Isaac,  b.  Feb.  27,  1809.     d.  Aug.  26,  1833. 
ii.     WiLLARD,  b.  Aug.  10,  1810.     d.  June  10,  1875.     Fell  from  Waterford 

iii.     Clarissa  IVL.  b.  July  31,  1812.     m.  Benjamin  Dyke  (See). 

16.  iv.     George  Washington,  b.  Jan.  19,  1815. 

V.     Samuel,  b.  May  29,  1818.     d.  Sept.  1,  1821. 
vi.     Charity  H.,  b.  Dec.  20,  1819.     m.  Benjamin  Nurse,     m.  second,  Nov.  4, 

1861,  Sydney  Jorden  of  Columbia.     Siie  d.  May  1,  1878. 
vii.     Caroline,  b.  Aug.  11,  1820.     d.  Oct.  1.3,  1822. 

viii.     Enoch,  b.  Oct.  17,  1822.     m.    Sept.  2,  1855,   Sarah  Goodall.     Lived  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  Jan.  27,  1875. 
ix.     Lyman,  b.  Nov.  24,  1824.     d.  Dec.  15,  1824. 

17.  X.     Albert,  b.  June  8,  1828. 

xi.     Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  8,  1831.     m.  Adeline  Jorden.     Farmer.     Co.  F.  2nd 

N.  II.  Inf.     d.  Point  Lookout,  Va.,  Feb.  4,  1864. 
xii.     Mary  P.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1834.     m.  Nov.   26,   1857,  Nelson   Rowland   of 

16.  George  Washington  Carpenter,  son  of  Obadiah  ^^,  b.  in  L. 
Jan.  19,  1815.  m.  Nov.  24,  1838,  Marv  Hildreth,  b.  in  St.  Albans,  Vt., 
Jan.  25,  1818,  dau.  of  p:iias  Hildreth.  She  d.  Oct.  24,  1884.  m. 
second,  March  10,  1886,  Lucy  (Mason)  Quint.  He  res.  in  L.  until  1848, 
when  he  removed  to  Dalton.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.     Caroline  A.,  b.  L.  Nov.  9,  1839.    m.  George  L.  Richardson,  machinist, 
res.  L.     Three  children. 

Carpenter.  109 

ii.     George,  b.  L.  April  7,  1841.     m.  March  5,  1867,  Pliehe  Jane  Clark. 

Farmer,     res.  Dalton. 
iii.     Laura  A.,  b.  L.  Dec.  18,  1842.     m.  Bradford  Kinne  (See). 

18.  iv.     Charles  Tuttle,  b.  L.  March  12,  184-5. 

19.  V.     James  Morse,  b.  Dalton,  Jan.  3,  1847. 

vi.     Robert  Eames,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  12,  1848.     m.  1874,  Lillie  G.  Wood- 
ward,    ni.  second.  Bertha  Whipple,     res.  LandafF. 
vii.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  18, 1850.     ni.  Bradford  Kinne  (See), 
viii.     Hexrt  W.,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  12,  1853.     d.  July  19,  1855. 
ix.     Frank  Gilbert,  b.  Dalton,  May  14,  1855.     m.  April  25,  1876,  Alma 
P.  Wallace.     She  d.  Aug.  20,  1882.    m.  second,  April  19,  1888,  Nellie 
Belle  Rand.     Farmer,     res.  Dalton. 
X.     Lydia  Jane,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  9,  1856.     m.  Olin  J.  Mooney  (See). 
xi.     Eliza  Abby,  b.   Dalton,  July  11,  1858.     m.  Aug.  12,  1875,  John  T. 

Girder.     She  d.  Dalton,  April  19,  1876. 
xii.     Henry  W.,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  28,  1859.     d.  May  6,  1863. 

17.  Albert  Carpenter,  son  of  Obadiah  ^^,  b.  in  L.  June  8,  1828. 
m.  Nov.  23,  1853,  Sarah  E.,  dau.  of  William  Baker,  b.  in  Keene,  Dec. 
13,  1834.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Democrat. 
Co.  D,  13th  X.  H.  Inf.     Private.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch., — 

i.  Jennie,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  2,  18.54.     res.L. 

ii.  Josephine,  b.  Dalton,  Jan.  17,  1858.     m.  Hallon  H.  Millen  (See), 

iii.  William  Henry,  b.  Dalton,  Oct.  12,  1859.     m.  Oct.  5,  1887,  Gertrude 

Aldrich.     Farmer,     res.  Lunenburg,  Vt. 

iv.  Edward  Albert,  b.  Dalton,  Sept.  2,  1868,  d.  L.  March  17,  1883. 

V.  Franklin  Moffett,  b  L.  Aug.  3,  1871.     res.  L. 

20.  pi.  Frederick  Augustus,  b.  L.  Sept.  2,  1868. 
vii.  George  Alden,  b.  L.  Aug.  3,  1875.    res.  L. 

18.  Charles  Tuttle  Carpenter,  son  of  George  Washington  ^^,  b. 
in  L.  March  12,  1845.  m.  March  12,  1868,  Philena  Hubbard,  dau.  of 
Samuel  Hurlbutt,  b.  in  Dalton,  Sept.  30,  1845.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     LoRENA  Hurlbutt,  b.  March  8,  1872.     m.  Willie  H.  Goodell  (See). 

21.  ii.     Charles  Elwin,  b.  Sept.  9,  1873. 

19.  James  Morse  Carpenter,  son  of  George  Washington  ^"j  b-  in 
Dalton,  Jan.  3,  1847.  m.  Aug.  18,  1878,  Lovrena  L.,  dau.  of  Chester 
J.  Willey,  b.  in  Rovalton,  Vt.,  June  3,  1863.  He  has  res.  in  L.  in 
youth  and  after  1892.     He  d.  June  20,  1899.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Henry  Chester,  b.  L.  May  24,  1881. 

20.  Frederick  Augustus  Carpenter,  son  of  Albert  ^'^,  b.  in  L, 
Sept.  2,  1868.  m.  June  8,  1887,  Kate,  dau.  of  Francis  Fitzgerald,  b. 
in  L.  March  22,  1869,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  17,  1893,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Charles  Edward,  b  Nov.  13,  1887. 
ii.     Harlan  B.,  b.  May  25,  1890. 

21.  Charles  Elwin  Carpenter,  son  of  Charles  Tuttle  ^^  b.  in  L. 
Sept.  9,  1873.  m.  Oct.  25,  1893,  Hattie  M.,  dau.  of  Samuel  D.  Astell 
(See),  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  1,  1877.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his 
life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.     Charles  Samuel,  b.  L.  April  9,  1895. 

110  Carpenter  —  Carr — Carter. 


22.    Henry  Carpenter,  son  of  Julius,  b.  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  April 
9,  1869.     ni.  April  22,  1889,  Georgeanna,  dau.  of  Nelson  Le  Clair,  b. 
in  Canada,  Ma}'  18,  1870,  Roman  Catholic.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1892.     Tanner.     Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 
Ch.,  all  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Eva,  b.  Feb.  7,  1893. 
ii.     Leon,  b.  August  2,  1895. 


1.  Charles  A.  Carr,  son  of  Robert,  b.  in  Laconia,  Jan.  2,  1852. 
m.  Feb.  19,  1877,  Jennie  L.,  dau.  of  Davnd  Knapp,  b.  in  L.,  June  18, 
1859,  d.  in  L.,  May  23,  1897,  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1881.     F'armer.     Republican. 


i.     Feed,  b.  L.  Sept.  27,  1879.     (Adopted.) 


2.  Edwin  Willis  Carr,  son  of  Arnold,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Feb. 
26,  1867.  m.  Aug.  4,  1890,  Cora  Ma}-,  dau.  of  Loren  Augustus  Plant 
(See),  b  in  L.,  June  23,  1872.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888.    Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,— 

i.     Mildred  Augusta,  b.  May  15,  1891. 
ii.     Gradon  Arnold,  b.  April  21,  1893. 


1.  John  Carter,  b.  June  8,  1688,  was  a  son  of  John  and  Martha 
Carter  of  Salisbury,  Mass.,  and  grandson  of  Thomas  and  Mar}'  Carter. 
He  m.  April  25,  1711,  Judith  Bagley,  b.  Nov.  13,  1690,  dau.  of  Orlando 
and  Sarah  Wright  Bagley.     He  was  residing  in  Salisbury  in  1718. 

2.  Thomas  Carter,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  Salisbury,  Oct.  29,  1713. 
m.  Mary  Webster,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Mary  (Greeley)  Webster.  They 
removed  to  South  Hampton. 

3.  Moses  Carter,  son  of  Thomas  ^,  b.  in  Kingston,  Oct.  2,  1739. 
m.  Anna,  dau.  of  Eliphalet  and  Mary  (Peaslee)  Hoyt.  He  never  res. 
in  L.     Farmer,     d.  in  New  Hampton,  May  7,  1831. 

Moses,  b.  Kingston,  April  1,  1767. 
Eliphalet,  b.  Kingston. 
Thomas,  b.  Kingston,  1770. 
Daniel,  b.  Kingston,  March  6,  1773. 
V.     Ebenezer.     m.  Abigail  Sanborn. 
vi.     Philip,     m.  first,   Aug.   18,  1808,  Mercy   Swain,     m.   second,  Rachel 

Swain,     res.  Ilardwick,  Vt. 
vii.     Levi.    m.  first,  July  9,  1812,  Polly  Mason,  d.  Oct.  15,  1841.    m.  second, 
Melinda  Dow,  d.  Oct.  1,   1854.      m.  third,   Sept.   13,   1855,  Mary  P. 
Mason.     He  d.  June  16,  1885. 
viii.     Mary,  b.  New  Hampton,     m.  John  Huse  (See). 
ix.     Sally,     m.  Natlianiel  Pearson,  farmer,  res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
X.     Nancy,     unm. 
xi.     Miriam,     m. Blake,  drover,  res.  Derby,  Vt. 










Carter.  Ill 

It  is  said  tliat  there  were  thirteen  children  ;  we  have  no  record  of  the 
other  two. 

4.  Moses  Carter,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  in  Kingston,  April  1,  1767. 
m.  Hannah  Fuller.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1803  until  he  d.,  May  22,  1835. 


9.  i.  Nathan,  b.  Sanbornton,  about  1793. 

ii.  LoviNA,  b.  June,  1796.     m.  Thomas  Briggs  (See). 

iii.  Mary,  b.  New  Hampton,  May  16,  1798.     m.  Joseph  Shute  (See). 

10.  iv.  Moses,  b.  Sanbornton,  May  18,  1800. 

V.     Lydia,  b.  L.  1803.     m.  Michael  M.  Shute  (See), 
vi.     Hannah,  b.  L.     unm. 

11.  vii.     Ebenezer,  b.  L.  April  29,  1812. 

5.  Eliphalet  Carter,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  in  Kingston,  pub.  first, 
Aug.  2,  1818,  Abigail  Wiggins,  d.  in  L.  m.  second,  Abigail  Sanborn, 
d.  in  Lyman.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1795  to  1829.     Farmer,     d.  in  L. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Nancy,  b.  Nov.  28,  1797. 

ii.     Jeremiah  Marston.  b.  Feb.  2,  1799.      m.  March  18,  1824,  Diantlia 
Moffett.     Farmer.     He  d.  Dalton,  Jane  6,  187.3.     She  d.  Oct.  17, 1875. 

iii.     Eliphalet,  b.  March  3,  1800.     m. Adams,     res.  Derby,  Vt. 

iv.     Sally,  b.  Aug.  31, 1801.     m.  Jan.  8,  1824,  Israel  S.  Philbrook. 
V.     Moses,  b.  April  11,  1805. 

vi.     Philip,  b.  March  3,  1806.     m.  Lucinda  Ciiamberlain.     res.  Concord, 
vii.     John,  b.  Aug.  12,   1809.     Farmer,     res.  Lancaster.     Appointed  Lieut. 
11th  Co.  32  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Feb.  23, 1831 ;  removed  by  Legislative 
address,  1832. 

viii.     Hannah,  b.  Dec.  15,  1810.     m. Smith,  farmer,  res.  Lyman. 

ix.     Chase,     m. Chaaiberlain,  farmer,  res.  Carroll. 

X.     Wiggins,  went  to  sea  before  he  was  21,  and  was  never  heard  from. 

6.  Thomas  Carter,  son  of  Moses*,  b.  in  Kingston  in  1770.  m. 
Sarah  Gordon,  b.  in  1772,  d.  July  19,  1855.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1798 
to  1818.     Farmer,     d.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Feb.  22,  1847. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

12.  i.     Thomas,  b.  .Jan.  1794. 

ii.     Lois,  pub.  Feb.  26,  1811,  Jonas  Bowman  (See). 

13.  iii.     Eliphalet  G. 

iv.     Sarah,  pub.  March  9,  1820,  Amasa  Knapp  (See). 

14.  V.     Enoch,  m.  Mary  Carter. 

vi.     Miriam,  b.  March  15,  1810.     m.  Feb.  15,  1838,  John  J.  Brown,  farmer. 
He  d.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  about  1870.     She  d.  Newbury,  Vt ,  Dec  8,  1895. 

15.  vii.     Stephen,  m.  Susan  Pike. 

viii.     LoviSA,  m.  March  1.3,  1844,  Bele  S.  Dewey,  farmer.     She  d.  Peacham, 
Vt.,  1896. 

ix.     Levi,  m. Palmer. 

X.     William,  unm.,  d.  March  14,  1828. 

xi.     Abigail,  b.  1807.     m.  Feb.  5,  1824,  Israel  Underwood.     Slie  d.  Nov.  4, 

7.  Daniel  Carter,  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  in  Kingston,  March  6,  1773. 
m.  first,  Jemima,  dau.  of  Caleb  Huntoon  (See),  b.  in  Unity,  March  9, 
1776,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  29,  1821.  m.  second,  Dec.  12,  1822,  Nancy,  dau. 
of  Caleb  Huntoon,  b.  in  Unity  in  1790,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  2,  1872.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  about  1790  until  he  d.,  Sept.  26,  1861.  Farmer.  Methodist. 
Democrat.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 

112  Carter. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Judith,  m.  Ira  Bowman  (See). 

ii.  Daniel,  b.  Feb.  7,  1803,  d.  L.  Oct.  17,  1835. 

iii.  LoviCA,  rn.  Thomas  Carter  (See). 

iv.  Horace,  b.  1814,  d.  Aug.  21,  1825. 

V.  Washington  H.,  m.  Susan  Kniglit.   Farmer.    Capt.  lltli  Co.  32d  Regt. 

N..H.  Militia,  1842.     He  d.  Ills.,  1852. 

vi.  Infant,  d.  young. 

16.  vii.  George,  b.  Oct  29,  1825. 

17.  viii.     Curtis  Parks,  b.  Sept.  27,  1829. 

8.  Ebenezer  Carter,  son  of  Moses  ^  m.  Abigail,  dau.  of  Zadock 
Sanborn,  b.  in  New  Hampton,  d.  in  Lj'inan.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1800 
to  1846.     Farmer,     d.  in  Lj-man. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Abigail,  m.  May  27,  1832,  Chelsea  Hildreth,  machinist.     She  d.  Tliet- 
ford,  Vt.,  Dec.  1861. 

18.  ii.     Shepard,  b.  1817. 

iii.  Cynthia,  m.  April  10,  1834,  Caleb  H.  Jackman,  farmer,     res.  Lisbon, 

iv.  Phebe  Jane,  b.  Jan.  21,  1821.     m.  Archibald  Fulford  (See). 

V.  Jemima,  m.  Doutjlas  Parker,  farmer,     res.  Lyman, 

vi.  Ebenezer,  ni.  Almira  Stickney. 

9.  Nathan  Carter,  son  of  Moses  *,  b.  in  Sanbornton  about  1793, 
pub.  Nov.  1,  1824,  Talitha  C  Stevens,  b.  April  7,  1794,  d.  L.  Aug.  20, 
1855.     He  probably  lived  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  inL.,— 

19.  i.     Thomas  Jefferson,  b.  April  1,  1826. 

10.  jNIgses  Carter,  son  of  Moses*,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  May  18, 1800. 
m.  Lois,  dau.  of  Ezra  Foster  (See),  b.  July  4,  1813,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  26, 
1882,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L  most  of  his  life.  Farmer.  Methodist. 
Republican,     d.  in  L.  May  3,  1883. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edson,  d.  in  infancy. 

ii.     Chester  H.,  b.  June,  1843.     m.  Nov.  20,  1866.  Harriet  B.  Little.     Far- 
mer.    He  d.  L.  Jan.  14,  1882. 
iii-     Mary  Shute,  b.  Oct.  11,  1844.     m.  Albert  M.  Fuller  (See). 

20.  iv.     Mykon,  b.  Sept.  28,  1845. 

11.  Ebenezer  Carter,  son  of  Moses*,  b.  in  L.  April  29,  1812.  m. 
first,  Druzilla,  dau.  of  Phineas  Parker,  b.  in  L.,  d.  in  Great  Falls,  in 
1848,  Methodist,  m.  second,  Mary  Edgerly,  b.  in  Great  Falls,  Metho- 
dist, m.  third,  April  6,  1850,  Lydia  Maynard,  b.  in  Fitchburg,  Mass., 
in  1813,  d.  in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  in  1877,  Methodist,  He  res.  in  L.  from 
birth  to  1847.  Carpenter.  Methodist.  Republican,  d.  in  Fitchburg, 
Mass.,  June  6,  1886. 


21.  i.     Ellkry  Hibbard,  b.  L.  April  9,  1842. 

22.  ii.     Alba  Briggs,  b.  L.  Sept.  1,  1844. 

iii.     Emery  P.,  b.  Great  Falls.     Farmer,     res.  Minn. 

iv.      Sadie   A.,   b.   Great  Falls,      m.   Dr.   Sylvester,  farmer,     res.  Natick, 

V.     Clara  G.,  b.  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  April  16, 1852.     m.  April  30, 1872,  Burn- 
ham  Remick,  carpenter,     res.  Cliftondale,  Mass. 

12.  Thomas  Carter,  son  of  Thomas®,  b.  in  L.  Jan,  1794.  ra.  April 
4,  1822,  Lovica,  dau.  of  Daniel  Carter  (See),  b.  in  L,  in  1801,  d.  in  L. 

Carter.  113 

March  8,  1841.     He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1849.      Farmer,     d.  in 
London,  Vt.,  June  28,  1881. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Daniel,  b.  May,  1824,  d.  L.  Sept.  2,  182.5. 
ii.     Amasa,  b.  1827.      m.  Eliza  Ross.      Divinity  student.      He  d.  Concord, 

Oet.  21,  1851. 
iii.     Jaxe,  b.  June,  1831,  d.  L.  March  11,  1849. 

13.  Eliphalet  Gr.  Carter,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  in  L.  about  1805. 
m.  Dec.  22,  1831,  Anna,  dan.  of  Isaac  Parker  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  14, 
1810,  d.  in  L.  :\rarch  19,  1893,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  f rom  birth  to  1840. 
Farmer.     Republican.     Cong.     d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  1891. 


i.     MiNDWELL  Ann,  b.  L.  May  23, 1833.     m.  Sept.  7, 1852,  Abel  G.  Bugbee, 

physician.     She  d.  Derby,  Vt.,  Sept.  1,  1870. 
ii.     Eliza  C,  b.  L.,  April,  1837.     ni.  John  C.  Goodenough  (See), 
iii.     Gertrude,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  1857,  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May,  1868. 

14.  P^NOCH  Carter,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  in  L.  m.  Sept.  1830,  Mary 
Carter.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1835,  when  he  moved  to  Peacham, 
Vt.     Methodist.     Farmer,     d.  in  Chelsea,  Mass. 


23.  i.     Truman,  b.  L.  Aug.  10,  1832. 
ii.     Horace,  b.  L. 

iii.     Laura. 

15.  Stephen  Carter,  son  of  Thomas  ^,  b.  in  L.  m.  Susan,  dau.  of 
Daniel  Pike,  b.  in .  Waterford,  Vt.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1858. 
Farmer.     Democrat.     Selectman,  1855.     d.  Carmel,  Me. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Austin,  b.  L.,  d.  Waterville,  Me.     Station  agent. 

16.  George  Carter,  son  of  DanieF,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  29,  1825.  m.  Dec. 
21,  1858,  Mary  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Joseph  Merrill,  b.  in  Bath,  Oct.  23, 
1837,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.,  wiiere  he  d.,  March  23,  1898.  Farmer. 
Democrat.  Representative,  1876.  Postmaster,  West  L.,  appointed 
May  27,  1857  ;  discontinued,  Dec.  20,  1864. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Laurie  Annie,  b.  May  9,  1861.     m.  Nov.  1888,  Dennis  Phillips.    Clerk. 

res.  Manchester, 
ii.     Flora  Maria,  b.  Dec.  12,  1862.     ni.  Leroy  D.  Richardson  (See), 
iii.     Lillian  Blanche,  b.  June  24,  1865,  d.  L.  Nov.  16,  1884. 
iv.     Harvey  George,  b.  Marcli  19,  1870,  d.  L.  Sept.  7,  1872. 
V.     Arthur  Mbrrill,  b.  Sept.  7,  1873.     m.  May  31,  1900,  Elizabeth  L., 
dau.  of  B.  A.  Veasy  of  Stark. 

17.  Curtis  Parks  Carter,  son  of  DanieF,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  27,  1829. 
m.  Feb.  22,  1860,  Isadore  Dorothy,  dau.  of  Trueworthy  L.  Parker 
(See),  b.  in  L.,  April  25,  1844.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Nellie,  b.  Dec.  1,  186-3.     m.  Nov.  29,    1882,   Alphonso  Page,  farmer. 
Siie  <1.  Lisbon,  Aug.  12,  1885. 

24.  ii.     Fred,  b.  Feb.  21,  1866. 

iii.     Hattie  I ,  b.  April  19,  1870.     m.  Feb.  19, 1889,  Elmer  Jackman,  farmer. 

res.  Lisbon, 
iv.     Maurice,  b.  Feb.  27,  1878. 

VOL.  II.  —  8 

11-4  Carter. 

18.  Shepard  Carter,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  in  L.  in  1817.  m.  Sa- 
brina  Amey,  b.  in  1837.     Her  first  luisband  was  Hibbard  Barrett.    8tie 

m.  third, Diclvinson.     Slie  m.  a  fourtli  time,  name   not  known. 

Shepard  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  from  1818  until  he  d.,  Jan.  25,  1884. 


i.     Eleric, b.  Lyman,  1859.     in.  1881,  Alice  Adair.     Farmer,     res.  Water- 
ford,  Vt. 
ii.     Ruth,  b.  1867.     ni.  Elmer  Goss,  farmer,     res.  L. 

iii.     Ida,  m. Jewett,  farmer,     res.  L. 


19.  Thomas  Jefferson  Carter,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  L.  April  1, 
1826.  m.  July  17,  1849,  Cordelia,  dau.  of  John  Dodge,  b.  in  Lyman, 
Nov.  20,  1829,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  29,  1882.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1874.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.,  b.  March  1,  1850.     m.  Allen  Foster  (See). 
ii.     SopHRONiA,  b.  Sept.  14,  1851.     m.  first,  Sept.  20, 1872,  Chester  Eastman. 

m.  second,  Nov.  23,  1890,  .James  House,  farmer,     res.  Lyman, 
iii.     Embline  M.,  b.  Sept.  27,  1855,  d.  L.  Sept.  30,  1858. 
25.     iv.     Otho  S.,  b.  Sept.  15,  1859. 

V.     Emma  M.,  b.  Jan.  20,  1862.     m.  Aug.  23,  188.3,  Richard  Leslie,  engineer. 

res.  Lisbon, 
vi.     Lucia  L.,  b.  April  22,  1860.    m.  June  30,  1887,  Uriah  D.  Wilkins,  driver. 

res.  Lisbon, 
vii.     WiLBER  E.,  b.  July  3,  1872.     ra.  Oct  29,  1895,  Etta  Richards.     Works 
in  hotel,     res.  Lisbon. 

20.  Myron  Carter,  son  of  Moses  ^°,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  28,  1845.  m. 
March  26,  1868,  Mary  Jennette,  dau.  of  Colwell  Little  (See),  b.  in 
L.  April  21,  1846.     He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Vandia  I^ois,  b.  Oct.  7,  1869.     m.  Oct.  26, 1887,  Sam  G.  Jesseman,  car- 
penter.    He  d.  1896. 
ii.     Arthur  W.,  b.  Dec.  9,  1871. 

21.  Ellery  Hibbard  Carter,  son  of  Ebenezer",  b.  in  L.  April  9, 
1842.  m.  Dec.  19,  1863,  Martha  Ann,  dau.  of  Rodolphus  Chandler 
(See),  b.  in  Stanbridge,  P.  Q.,  Oct.  27,  1840,  Metliodist.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  all  his  life  except  eight  years.  Painter.  Prohibition.  Co.  A, 
11th  Vt.  Inf.  and  Co.  1,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Arty.     Corporal. 

Ch.,  — 

1.     Alice  Eldred,  b.  L.  Dec.  30,  1865.     m.  June  24, 1896,  S.  Everett  Rich- 
ardson, hotel  clerk,  res.  N.  Y.  City.     She  d.  June  18,  1900. 
ii.     Grace  May,  b.  Derry,  March  4,  1877. 

22.  Alba  Briggs  Carter,  son  of  Ebenezer  ",  b.  in  L.  Sept.  1,  1844. 
m.  Aug.  1,  1864,  Eliza  A.,  dau.  of  Osman  Carr,  b.  in  Landaff",  Sept. 
17,  1846.  He  res.  in  L.  from  .birth  to  LS65.  He  served  in  the  war  of 
the  Rebellion  as  Private  in  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.,  was  converted  at  a 
Methodist  camp  meeting  in  Bath  in  1868.  He  began  to  hold  meetings 
in  this  vicinity,  and  was  ordained  deacon  h\  Bishop  Haven,  and  elder 
by  Bishop  Peck.  He  joined  the  N.  H.  Conference,  on  probation,  in 
1873,  and  was  assigned  to  Deny,  where  he  remained  until  1875.  Other 
charges  were:  Milton  Mills,  1876-8;  Hampton,  1879-80;  Raymond, 
1881-2  ;  Great  Falls,  1883-4.     He  d.  in  Great  Falls,  April  9,  f885. 

Carter  —  CasivelL  115 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ita  Bell,  b.  Lyman,  July  11,  1866.     m.  Sept.  1,  1887,  George  E.  Hart, 
ii.     Bertha  Ella,  b.  Lyman,  May  27,  1871,  d.  Nov.  2,  1872. 
iii.     Alva  Peaul,  b.  Natick,  Mass.,  June  21,  1885. 

23.  Truman  Carter,  son  of  Enoch ^*,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  10,  1832.  m. 
Jul}'  12,  1857,  Elliza,  clau.  of  Thomas  Judd,  b.  in  Hampshire,  Eng.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  183.5,  and  1865-6.  He  was  educated  in  New- 
bur}',  Vt. ,  Seminary,  and  the  Bibhcal  Theological  Institute  in  Concord, 
where  he  grad.  in  1860.  He  was  ordained  by  Bishop  Simpson  in  1860, 
and  the  same  year  was  admitted  into  the  jST.  H.  Methodist  Conference. 
He  supplied  in  Bow  while  pursuing  his  studies.  His  appointments  were  : 
Rumney,  1857-8  ;  Whitefield  and  Jefferson,  1859-60  ;  Jefferson,  1861- 
4;  Littleton,  1865-6;  Lisbon,  1867-8;  Lawrence,  1869-70;  Nashua, 
1871-2  ;  Colebrook,  1873-5  ;  Laconia,  1876-7.  In  1878  he  took  a  su- 
pernumerary station,  and  resided  nearly  twenty  years  in  Kansas.  In 
1896  he  returned  to  the  East,  and  d.  at  Ipswich,  Mass.,  May  19.  1898. 


i.     Charles  E.,  b.  Bow,  June  2,  1858. 

24.  Fred  Carter,  son  of  Curtis  Parks  ^^,  b.  in  L.  Feb.  21,  1866. 
in.  Jan.  5,  1888,  Nellie,  dan.  of  Julius  Smith,  b.  in  Lyman,  June  9, 
1867.     He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1894.     Farmer.    Democrat.     No  ch. 

25.  Otho  Stevexs  Carter,  son  of  Thomas  Jefferson  ^^,  b.  in  L. 
Sept.  15,  1859.  m.  Jan.  22,  1884,  Eva  Lue,  dau.  of  Jacob  Kent  Dun- 
bar (See),  b.  in  L.  Oct.  27,  1867.  Fie  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  since 
1882.     Farmer.     Prohibition. 


i.     Stephen  Ray,  b.  L.  April  14,  1894. 


1.  David  Caswell,  who  lived  in  Taunton,  Mass.,   1658,  is  said  to 
be  the  ancestor  of  the  Littleton  families. 

2.  Nathan  Caswell,  sou  of  David,  settled  in  Conn. 

3.  Nathan  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan-,  b.  in  Norwich,  Conn.,  1740. 
hi.  1761,  Hannah  Bingham,  b.  in  Norwich  in  1742.  He  was  the  first 
settler  of  this  town,  arriving  here  in  April,  1770  (  F«fc  Historical  Chap- 
ters). After  his  marriage  he  lived  in  Hebron,  Conn.,  and  in  Orford 
from  1765. to  1770.  In  the  Revolution  he  served  in  Capt.  Young's  Co. 
Bedel's  Regt.  Feb.  to  June,  1776  ;  Capt.  Jeremiah  Fames'  Co.  of  Scouts, 
July,  1776,  to  April,  1777  ;  Capt.  Richardson's  Co.  Bedel's  Regt.,  11  mos. 
and  22  days,  beginning  in  April,  1778.  July  10,  1779,  he  was  chosen 
captain  foi-  the  defence  of  the  northern  frontier  ;  town  clerk,  1788,  1791  ; 
selectman,  1788  to  1791  inclusive;  moderator,  1790,  1791;  treasurer,. 
1791.     He  removed,  1803,  to  Canada,  and  d.  at  Compton,  P.  Q.,  1824. 


4.  i.     Nathax,  b.  Hebron,  Conn.,  May  1,  1762. 

5.  ii.     OziAS,  b.  Hebron,  Conn  ,  Jan.  17,  17*34. 

iii.     Ezra,  b.  Orford,  Sept.  23,  17(56,  removed  to  Stanstead,  P.  Q. 










116  Caswell. 

Andrew,  b.  Orford,  July  20,  1768. 
Apthorp,  b.  L.  April  12,  1770. 
John,  b.  L.  June  20,  1772. 

Hannah,  b.  L.  June  10,  1774.     m.  Samuel  Larned,  Jr.  (See). 
Jedediaii,  b.  L.  July  24,  1776. 
ix.     Charlotte,  b.  L.  April  20,  1778.     d.  same  day,  tbe  first  death  in  this 

X.     Anna,  b.  Nortliumberland,  June  8, 1779.     m.  1795,  pub.  Nov.  13,  Luther 
Pike,  a  farmer  of  VVaterford,  Vt. 

10.  xi.     Daniel,  b.  L.  Jan.  30,  1781. 

xii.     Lydia,  b   Au^.  31,  1783.    ni.  1801,  pub.  Feb.  27,  Sheffield  Partridge.    He 

res.  in  L.  1800  to  1812.     Selectman,  1803.     Settled  in  Ohio, 
xiii.     Elizabeth,  b.  L.,  April  27,  1886.    m.  Feb.  15,  1802,  Samuel  Bishop  (See), 
xiv.     Alice,  b.  L.  Jan.  2,  1790.     m.  1810,  Samuel  Pierce  (See). 

4.  Nathan  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan  ^  b.  Hebron,  Conn.,  Ma}-  1, 
1762.  m.  in  Lancaster,  Nov.  1,  1785,  Lois  Eames,  dau.  of  Capt.  Jere- 
niiali  Eanies  of  Nortlunnberlantl  (See).  They  vvere  divorced  ahont  five 
years  later.     He  m.  second,  Eunice  Rich  of  Maidstone,  Vt.     She  d.  by 

accident  several  years  later.     He  m.  third,  Bishop.     He  remained 

a  resident  of  this  town  until  1792.  Several  3"ears  later  he  settled  in 
Canada,  and  d.  at  Brompton,  P.  Q. ,  1844,  or  tlie  following  year.  In 
the  Revolution  he  is  credited  with  service  in  Sei'geant  James  Blake's 
detachment  of  scouts  raised  for  the  defence  of  the  frontier  ;  from  April 
13  to  Nov.  30,  1782.  He  had  fourteen  children.  The  records  preserve 
the  date  of  the  birth  and  an  incomplete  record  of  the  first  born,  and 
tradition  spares  only  the  names  of  the  others. 


11.  i.     Seth,  b.  March  15,  1792. 
ii.     MooDiE,  lived  in  Minn. 

iii.  Carlos,  lived  in  Minn, 

iv.  Eunice,  lived  in  Minn. 

V.  Nathan,  lived  in  Brompton,  P.  Q. 

vi.  Sally,  lived  in  Melbourne,  P.  Q. 

Vii.  Silence. 

viii.  Wellington,  lived  in  Brompton,  P.  Q. 

ix.  Leonard,  lived  in  111. 

X.  Sophia,  lived  in  Brompton,  P.  Q. 

xi.  Abigail. 

xii.  Nelson. 

xiii.  Amanda,  lived  in  Compton,  P.  Q. 

xiv.  Andrew,  went  to  Cal.  and  later  to  Europe. 

5.  OziAS  Caswell,  b.  in  Hebron,  Conn.,  Jan.  17,  1764,  was  a  private  , 
in  Capt.  Luther  Richardson's  Co.,  Col.  Bedel's  Regt.,  9  mos.  and  23  days 
from  June  8,  1778.  He  m.  1783,  Sally  Bartlett,  and  soon  after  settled 
in  Concord,  Vt.,  and  later  in  Canada,  living  in  Brompton  and  Windsor, 
P.  Q.  In  old  age  he  lived  a  short  time  with  his  sister,  Mrs.  Samuel 
Bishop  of  Landaff.     He  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  about  1850. 


12.  i.     Nathaniel  Bingham,  b.  March,  1784. 
ii.     MooDiE,  b.  1785.     res.  Montpelier,  Vt. 

6.  Andrew  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  July  20,  1768.     m.  first, 

Stanley,     m.  second,  Martha  Ilurlburt,  d.  in  Haverhill,  June  24, 


Ch.,  by  first  w.,  — 

i.     Seth.     res.  Stanstead,  P.  Q. 
ii.     Son.     Went  to  Sandwich  Islands, 
iii.     Son.     Went  to  Sandwich  Islands. 

Casivell.  117 

Ch.,  by  Martha,  — 

iv.     Sarah,    iii. Rice. 

V.     William.     Went  to  Sandwich  Islands, 
vi.     Makgaket.     111.  SHnuiel  Adams. 

vii.     Ldcinda,  b.  June  24,  17U9.     in.  first,  Jolin  Keni.son.      m.  second,  Wil- 
liam Clifford,  who  d.  about  1856.     She  d.  Haverhill,  Aug.  U,  1874. 
viii.     Hannah,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  Nov.  "28, 1807.     m.  Jan.  15. 1827,  Peter  Faram. 
He  d.  Sept.  20,  1880.     She  d.  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  25,  1892. 

7.  Apthorp  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan  ^,  b.  in  L.  April  12,  1770.  m. 
June  24,  1792,  Amarilla  Holden  of  Charlestown,  d.  in  P^aton,  P.  Q. 
He  was  the  first  ch.  b.  in  h.  res.  in  L.  until  1792.  Farmer.  She  d. 
in  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  15,  1850.     He  d.  Feb.  15,  1858. 


i.     RoxET.     111. Farwell.     res.  111. 

ii.     Clarissa,     ni.  Hazeltine.     res.  Eaton,  P.  Q. 

iii.     Bingham,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  1796.     m.  Sally  Chase,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.     res. 

Eaton,  P.  Q. 
iv.     Asaph,  b.  Concord,   Vt.,  1798.     m.  about  1825,  Lois  Chase,  sister  of 

V.     Hannah,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  1799.     m. Wadleigii.     res.  111. 

vi.     Erastus  H  ,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1801. 

vii.     Caroline,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1803.     m.  Eben  Abbott,     res.  Ont. 
viii.     Lyndolph,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1805.     m.  Betsey  Smith,     res.  Eaton,  P.  Q. 
ix.     Apthorp,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1807.     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
X.     SoPHRONiA,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1809.     m.  S.  Nason  Smith,     res.  Cal. 
xi.     Sabrina,  b.  Eaton,  P.  Q.,  1809.     unin.     (Sabrina  and  Sophronia  were 
twins,  —  deaf  and  dumb.) 

8.  John  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  L.  June  20,  1772.  m. 
Polly,  dau.  of  Nathan  Pike,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.  He  res.  in  L.  in 
youth.     Farmer,     d.  in  AVaterford,  Vt.     Four  daughters. 

9.  Jedediah  Caswell,,  son  of  Nathan  3,  b.  in  L.  Jul^y  24,  1776.  m. 
Ruth  Bishop,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  15,  1777,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  He 
res.  in  L.  in  youth.  Farmer.  Whig.  Methodist,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.,  Feb.  1866. 


13.  i.     Ira,  b.  Lisbon,  Aug.  14,  1796. 

ii.     Stephen,  b.  Lisbon,  July  17,  1798.     res.  Brompton,  P.  Q. 
iii.     Ruth,  b.  Lisbon,  Julv  13,  1800.     m.  Clark  Dexter.     She  d.  Lisbon,  Jan. 

•23,  1864. 
iv.     Chester,  b.   Lisbon,  July   16,  1802.      m.  Belinda   Blanchard.      He  d. 

Orford,  1878. 
V.     Daniel,  b.  Lisbon,  July  28,  1804.     m.  Luna  Cobleigh.     He  d.  Dec.  11, 

14.  vi.     John,  b.  Brompton,  P.  Q.,  Sept.  20,  1806. 

vii.     Elmika,  b.  P.  Q,  Nov.  17,  1808.     m. Aldrich.     She  d.  Jan.  1848. 

viii.     Hiram,  b.  Bronii)ton,  P.  Q.,  Jan.  31,  1812.      m.  Mary  Chapman,     res. 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
ix.     Nancy,  b.  Brompton,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  3,  1814.      m.  Ei)hraim   Corey.      She 

res.  Penacook. 
X.     George  M.,  b.  Lisbon,  Feb.  10,  1820.      m.  Harriet  Hanson.     Locomo- 
tive engineer.     He  d   Salem,,  Sept.  21,  1876.     She  d.  May  29, 
1890.     2d  Lieut.  Co.  B,  lltii  N.  H   Inf. 
xi.     Laura  P.,  b.  Lisbon,  Feb.  7,  1824.     unm.     d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  1894. 

10.  Daniel  Ca.swell,  son  of  Nathan  ^,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  30,  1781.  m. 
in  1804  or  1805,  Mehitable,  dau.  of  Thomas  Huston,  b.  in  AVilliams- 
town,  Mass.,  Feb.,  1783,  d.  in  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt,  May  22,  1873.  He 
res.  in  L.  in  youth.     Farmer,     d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  June  3,  1868. 

118  Casivell. 


i.     DiADAMA.     m.  Lyndal  Liverbon,  fanner,     res.  Newport,  Vt. 
ii.     Solomon,  b.  Bronipton,  1'.  (,).,  A\x^.  8,  1808.     m.  Oct.  19,   1831,  Susan 
Britt.     Farmer.     She  d.  Nortlifield  Farms,  Mass.,  May  ol,  1866. 
iii.     Almond,     m.  Esther  Strickland.     Farmer.     He  d.  Gill,  Wasii.,  about 

iv.     Erastu.s,  unm.     d.  Cuba,  about  1856. 

V.     Laura,     m.  Warren  Britt,  farmer.     He  d.  Mass.      She  d.  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt. 
vi.      Sabrina,  b.  Bronipton,   P.  Q.     m.  Otis  Hallett,  farmer.      Siie  d.  St. 

Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  22,  1885. 
vii.     Catherine,     m.  Hiram  Goram,  farmer,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
viii.    William,  b.  Windsor,  P.  Q  ,  Jan.  22,  1822.    ni.  Amelia  Owen.   Farmer. 
Hed.  Cal.,  Aiiti.  27,  1887. 
15.        ix.     Jedediah,  b.  Windsor,  V.  Q.,  Sept.  25,  1824. 
X.     Caroline,  unm.     res.  Newport,  Vt. 

11.  Seth  Caswell,  son  of  Nathan  ^,  b.  in  L.  March  15,  1792.  m. 
IMarv  Venan,  b.  in  Wlieelock,  Vt.,  Oct.  7,  1800.  He  res.  in.L.  from 
l)irth  to  1820.     d.  in  1871. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  — 

i.  Harvet  L.,  b.  March  28,  1820. 

ii.  Wilder  P.,  b.  Jan.  9,  1822. 

iii.  Alonzo  F.,  b.  March  7,  1824.     m.  Martlia  Ladd. 

iv.  Alma  L.,  b.  Feb.  9,  1826.     m.  Joel  Bishop. 

V.  Lydia  L.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1828.     m.  Lucius  Paul, 

vi.  Horatio  G.,  b.  Dec.  17,  1829.     m.  Eda  T.  Shattuck. 

vii.  Franklin,  b.  Oct.  17,  1831. 

viii.  George  R.,  b.  May  26,  1833.     m.  Mary  Hackett. 

ix.  Lodema,  b.  April  26,  1835.     m.  Joel  Nutter. 

X.  Henry  H.,  b.  Oct.  17,  1838. 

xi.  Ellen  A.,  b.  June  21,  1843,  d.  March  22,  1846. 

12.  Nathaniel  Bingham  Caswell,  son  of  Ozias^,  b.  March,  1784. 
ni.  about  1811,  Lydia,  dan.  of  Joseph  Holbrook,  d.  in  Windsor,  P.  Q., 
.Tuly  31,  1880.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Boatman  and  hunter,  d.  in 
Windsor,  P.  Q.,  Jan.  1868. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Windsor,  P.  Q., — 

i.  Mary  Ann.     res.  Windsor,  P.  Q. 

ii.  Frederick,     res.  Windsor,  P.  Q. 

iii.  Khoda.     m. Paquin.     res.  Barnston,  P.  Q. 

iv.  Franklin,     res.  S.  C. 

V.  Julia,     m. Gardner,     res.  Windsor,  P.  Q. 

vi.  Michael  Bartlett,  b.  June  28,  1814.      m.  July  9,    1839,  Susan  A. 

Miller.     Policeman.     He  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Julv  17,  1874. 

vii.  Bingham,  b.  1820.     m.  Ellen  Crossan.     He  d.  Windsor,  P.  Q.,  1884. 

viii.  Sarah  Ann.     in. Stevens,     res.  Island  Pond,  Vt. 

ix.  Emily,     m.  Stevens,     res.  Brompton,  P.  Q. 

X.  Henry. 

13.  Ira  Caswell,  son  of  Jedediah^,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Aug.  14.  179G. 
m.  first,  Dec.  13,  1823,  Syrene  Adams,  b.  in  Dublin,  April  1,  1801,  d. 
in  L.  April  13,  1841.  ni.  second,  in  1843,  Mercy  Gates,  b.  in  Peters- 
ham, Sept.  14,  1796,  d.  in  L.  May  16,  1866.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1818 
nntil  1872.  Farmer.  Methodist.  Democrat.  Ajipointed  Capt.  5th 
Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  June  21,  1827;  vacated  Dec.  19,  1827. 
d.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  July  29,  1874. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Syrene,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.    Ira  Oscar,  b.  May  30,  1824.     m.  Nov.  9,  1851,  Mary  J.  Hobbs.     Loco- 
motive engineer.     He  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  4,  1890. 
16.       ii.    Alba  Sawyer,  b.  May  20,  1827. 

•  Caswell  —  Cate  —  Gayer.  119 

iii.    Jedediah,  b.  March  20,  1830.     d.  L.  Aug.  3,  1831. 

iv.    Ar.DEN  Y.,  b.  Atie.  19,  1831.     m.  Mary  Damon.    Railroad  ticket  agent. 

He  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Jan.  24,  1894. 
V.    Clark  Rix,  b.  April  5,  1885.    m.  Aug.,  1862,  Lizzie  S.  Swan.    Railroad 

agent,    d.  Keene,  Jan.  14,  1897.    Cli.,  Grace  Seaver,  b.  Lowell,  Mass., 

June  13,  1870. 

14.  John  Caswell,  son  of  Jedediah®,  b.  in  Brompton,  P.  Q.,  Sept. 
26,  1S06.  m.  first,  Louisa,  daii.  of  Walter  Buck,  b.  in  Waterford,  Yt., 
d.  in  1864.  m.  second,  in  1866,  Caroline,  dan.  of  Dr.  Richard  F.  Row- 
ell,  d.  in  Washington,  D.  C.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Farmer  and  mer- 
chant. Universalist.  Republican.  Postmaster,  d.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
March  16,  1876.     No  ch. 

15.  Jedediah  Caswell,  son  of  Daniel  ^'^,  b.  in  Windsor,  P.  Q.,  Sept. 
25,  1824.  m.  Oct.  25,  1849,  Cordelia,  dau.  of  Joseph  Felch,  b.  in 
Waterford,  Vt.,  Oct.  14,  1826.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Farmer,  d.  in 
Barton,  Vt.,  May  11,  1873. 


i.'    Warren  J.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Oct.  8,  1850.     m.  Aug.  22,  1871,  Joanna 

Quinn.     Railroad  employee.     He  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Dec.  6,  1893. 

ii.     George  B.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  22, 1853.  m.  1874,  Phenie  Houghton. 

Railroad  emploj'ee.     res.  in  Mass. 
iii.     Emma  A.,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  July  12,  1858.    Professional  nurse,     d. 

Barton,  Vt.,  July  6,  1882. 
iv.     Minnie  A.,  b.  Sutton,  Vt.,  Oct.  7,  1861.    in.  Dec.  26, 1882,  Clarence  W. 
Brown,  railroad  engineer.     He  d.  Acton,  Mass.,  Sept.  15,  1889. 
17.       V.     Willie  Gorham,  b.  Sutton,  Vt.,  Oct.  8.  1865. 

16.  Alba  Sawyer  Caswell,  son  of  Ira  ^^  b.  in  L.  May  20,  1827. 
m.  Nov.  19,  1855,  Lois,  dau.  of  Charles  Fay  Gregory,  b.  in  Whitelield, 
June  10,  1836.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1849.  Farmer.  LTniver- 
salist.     Democrat,     d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  25,  1889. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt,  — 

i.     Charles  Alba,  b.  June  14,  1862.    m.  Dec.  18,  1888,  Ida  M.  Richardson. 

Farmer,     res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
ii.     Anna  Mabel,  b.  Nov.  24,  1864.      m.  Nov.  11,  1885,  Joseph   Edward 

Harris,  bank  cashier,     res.  Oakland,  Me. 

17.  AViLLiE  G.  Caswell,  son  of  Jedediah  ^'^,  b.  in  Sutton,  Vt.,  Oct. 
8,  1865.  m.  Dec.  27,  1887,  Maiy,  dau.  of  John  King,  b.  in  Craftsburv, 
Vt.,  Oct.  26,  1857.  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  Aug.  1888  to  Jan.  1893. 
Printer.     Cong.     Republican.     No  ch. 


1.  Calvix  French  Cate,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Allenstown,  April 
30,  1813.  m.  Dec.  31,  1840,  Caroline  E.,  dau.  of  Luther  Thompson 
(See),  b.  in  L.  in  1810,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  27,  1884.  Cong.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1828  until  he  d.,  May  25,  1895.  Lumber  manufr. 
Representative,  1859-60.     Fire  ward,  1841-3.     No  ch. 


1.  Medrick  Cater,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  1,  1847.  m. 
June  16,  1884,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Frank  Joslyn,  b.  in  Canada,  Aug.  5,  1864, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1875.  Tanner.  Roman 
Catholic.     Republican. 

120  Cayer— Chaffee. 

Cli.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Medrick,  b.  Marcli  21,  1885. 

ii.  Victor,  b.  Oct.  25,  1886. 

iii.  Eugene,  b.  July  12,  1888. 

iv.  Mabel,  b.  Jan.  20,  1890. 

V.  Amanda,  b.  July  11,  1892. 


1.  Louis  Cayer,  son  of  Eli,  b.  in  Kinsley,  Canada,  March  22,  1848. 
ra.  June  23.  1878,  Kate,  dau.  of  Patrick  Shea,  b.  in  Bath,  Feb.  12,  1856, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1871.  Shoe-dealer.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat.     He  d.  June  1,  1900. 

Ch.,  b,  in  L.,  — 

i.  Millie,  b.  May  12,  1879. 
ii.  Jdlia,  b.  April  14,  1885. 
iii.     Marguerite,  b.  Dee.  11,  1889. 


1.  Asa  Chaffee,  res.  in  L.  from  1798  to  1817.  Came  from  Chester- 
field,    m.  Nancy  Worden,  dau.  of  Nathan  Worden. 


2.  i.     Hiram,  b.  Chesterfield,  Jan.  28,  1798. 
ii.     Sallt,  b.  L.  July  28,  1799. 

iii.     Asa,  b.  L.  Feb.  25,  1801. 

2.  Hiram  Chaffee,  son  of  Asa^  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Jan.  28,  1798. 
m.  Jan.  4,  1818,  Betsey,  dau.  of  Ziba  Wright  (See),  b.  in  L.  April  4, 
1800,  d.  in  L.  April  14,  1868.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1798  until  he  d.,  May 
2,  1878.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Alpha  W.,  b.  Nov.  1820.    m.  about  1810,  Moses  Hawkins,  oyster-tlealer. 

She  d.  L.  Aug.  2,  1847. 
ii.     Lucy  Miller,  b.   1822.     m.   Edwin   Richardson,   iron-dealer.     He    d. 

Waterford,  Vt.,  1890. 

3.  iii.     Orison  Worden,  b.  Sept.  17,  1825. 

iv.     Emily,  b.  1827.    m.  George  W.  Penno,  carpenter,    res.  Providence,  R.  I. 
V.     Olive,  b.   1829.     m.    V.   H.  Rider,  foundryman.     He  d.  Lynn,  Mass., 
May  1,  1894. 

3.  Okison  Worden  Chaffee,  son  of  Hiram",  b.  in  L.  Sept.  17, 
1825.  m.  July  4,  1850,  Celista,  dau.  of  John  Moulton  (See),  b.  in 
Lyman,  Aug.  27,  1831.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life  except  one  ^^ear. 
Farmer.  Protestant.  Democrat.  Capt.  11th  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,   1852-3. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Hattie,  b.  Aug.  8,   1852.     m.  Nov.  28,  1872,  Robert  Clough,  farmer. 
She  d.  in  L.  Jan.  9,  1875. 

4.  ii.     Sewell  Miller,  b.  June  11,  1858. 
iii.     Ralph,  b.  Dec.  1866,  d.  Dec.  1867. 

Chaffee  —  Chamberlain  —  Chamherlin  —  Chandler.         121 

4.  Sewell  Miller  Chaffee,  son  of  Orison  Worden  ^,  b.  in  L.  June 
11,  1858.  m.  Nov.  17,  1882,  Emma  Elizabeth,  dan.  of  Robert  Clough, 
b.  in  L.  Feb.  11,  1861.  Unitarian.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  liis  life.  Farmer. 


i.     Onia  Orisox,  b.  L.  July  8,  1883. 


1.  Horace  E.,  son  of  John  p:.,  b.  in  Newlnirv,  Vt.,  Nov.  30,  1834. 
m.  March  31,  1880,  Nellie  M.,  dau.of  Perley  Putnam,  b.  in  Gilford,  now 
Laconia,  June,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  to  1864,  during  which  time 
he  was  railroad  station  agent.  He  was  Supt.  Concord  R.  R.  Jan.  1871 
to  Dec.  1890,  and  was  Supt.  Northern  Div.  B.  &  M.  R.  R.  1890-9,  resid- 
ing at  Concord.  Charter  member  Burns  Lodge,  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  second 
W.  M.  ;  K.  T.  A.  A.  S.  R.  32°.     No  ch.     (L.  Cen.,  pp.  89-267-8.) 


2.    Dudley  Chamberlain,  m.  Sally .    He  res.  in  L.  from  1813  to 

1853.     Farmer. 

i.     LuciNDA.     m.  March  3,  1806,  Philip  Carter,  son  of  Eliphalet  (See), 

ii.     Ahigail,  b.  1812.     m.  Eri  Coin  (See). 

iii.     Sally,  b.  L.     m. Bunnell,  laborer. 

iv.     Walter,  b.  L. 


3.  Adrastus  R.  Chamberlin,  b.  in  L.  m.  in  1823,  Luev,  dau.  of 
John  White,  b.  in  Bowdoinham,  Me.,  Nov.  29,  1804,  d.  in  Richmond, 
Me.,  March  4,  1876.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth.  Ph3sician.  d.  in  Canton, 
Me.,  July  10,  1842. 


i.     Adrastus  D.,  b.  Bath.  Me.,  Nov.  8,  1825,  d.  June  10,  1828. 

ii.     Granville  Sharp,  b.  Bath,  Me.,  April  18,  1827,  d.  June  7,  1828. 

iii.  D.  W.  C,  b.  Richmond,  Me.,  March  12, 1829  m.  1857,  Mary  E.  Thomp- 
son.    Physician,     lie  d.  Richmond,  Me.,  Oct.  1870. 

iv.  Mary  L.,  b.  Riclimond,  Me.,  Dec.  16,  1831.  m.  Nov.  2, 1852,  Joseph  A. 
Southard,  sea-captain.     He  d.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  13,  1865. 


1.    RcDOLPHUs  Chandler,  b.  in  Enfield,  P.  Q.,  Oct.  29,  1800 
Dec.  7,  1822,  Tabatha  Dorcas  Wells,  b.  in  Hatley,  P.  Q.,  Sept.  5, 

1800.     m. 

„„..  ., .„ „ , ..,  ..^.,  _.,..„,  1803, 

d.  in  L.  Jan.  26,  1886.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  until  he  d.,  May  20, 
1864.     Carpenter. 

122  Chandler. 


2.  i.     John  Darius,  b.  Hatley,  P.  Q.,  Feb.  6,  1824. 

ii.     LoniSA  L.,   b.  Colebrook,   Feb.  6,  1825.     unm.,  d.  Georgeville,  P.  Q., 
June  12,  184G. 
iii.     Er.iZA  M.,  b.    Colebrook,  Jan.  8,   1829.     m.  Robert  Smith,     res.  Stan- 
stead,  P.  Q. 
iv.     CvNTHiA    0.,  b.   Colebrook,  May  2,   1830.     m.  William  Remick.     res. 

3.  V.     William   Henry,  b.  Hereford,  P.  Q.,  Dec.  7,  1834. 

vi.     Charles  E  ,  b.  Ascot,   P.  Q.,  Feb.  "9,  1836,  d.  Bridgeport,  Iowa,  April 

22,  1863. 
vii.     Julia  II.,  b.  Compton,  P.  Q„  Jan   22, 1833.    in.  Shadracli  Remick  (See). 
viii.     Martha  Ann,  b.  Stanbridge,  P.  Q.,  Oct.  27,  1840.     m.  EUery  H.  Carter 
ix.     Susan  Ellen,  b.  Dunham,  P.  Q ,  May  19,  1842.     m.  Riley  S.  Simpson 

4.  X.     James  Bradon,  b.  Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  March  9,  1844. 

2.  John  Darius  Chandler,  son  of  Rudolphus  ^,  b.  in  Hatle}'^  P.  Q., 
Feb.  6,  1824.  m.  Nov.  8,  1848,  Pliebe  Jane,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Saw- 
yer (See),  b.  in  L.  June  4,  1821,  d.  in  L.  Marcli  12,  1893,  Cong.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  since  1846.  Carpenter.  Cong.  Democrat.  J.  P.  Co. 
D,  13th  Regt.  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Austin,  b.  Nov.  1853,  d.  L.  March,  1861. 
ii.     EsTELLA  Adelma,  b.  April  27,  1859.     m.  Alvali  William  Bean  (See). 

5.  iii.     Clarence  Bertram,  b.  Nov.  26,  1856. 

3.  William  Hknry  Chandler,  son  of  Rudolphus  ^,  b.  in  Hereford, 
P.  Q.,  Dec.  7,  1834.  m.  Oct.  29,  1852,  Mary  Adeline,  dau.  of  John 
Fuller  (See),  b.  in  L.  Feb.  24,  1835.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  until  he 
d.,  March  10,  1882.  Mechanic.  Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge.     K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com. 


i.     Charles  Fred,  b.  L.  Nov.  29,  1860.     m.  Sept,  21,  1881,  Annie  M.  Hop- 
kins.    She  d.  L.  March  27,  189(5.     He  res.  Manchester,  book-keeper. 

4.  James  Bradon  Chandler,  son  of  Rudolphus^,  b.  in  Stanstead, 
P.  Q.,  March  9,  1844.  ra.  Oct.  27,  1866,  Lavinia,  dau.  of  Jonathan 
Noyes,  b.  in  Easton,  June  27,  1848.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1847. 
Furniture  dealer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

6.  i.     Walter  Emery,  b.  Aug.  10,  1867. 

ii.     Edwin  William,  b.   May  2,  1870.     m.  Oct.  17,  1899,  Susie  W.  Smith, 
iii.     Clara  Maud,  b.  May  18,  1878. 

5.  Clarence  Bertram  Chandler,  son  of  John  Darius  ^,  b.  in  L. 
Nov.  26,  1856.  m.  March  12,  1890,  Nellie  Cordelia,  dau.  of  Isaac  B. 
Hoit,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  22,  1864.  Slie  d.  March  30,  1898  ;  he  m. 
second,  Lizzie  Iiigerson.  He  has  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  since  1868. 
Carpenter.     Democrat.     No  ch. 

6.  Walter  Emery  Chandler,  son  of  James  Bradon*,  b.  in  L.  Aug. 
10,  1867.  m.  June  19,  1893,  Eva  E.,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Lewis,  b.  in 
Dalton,  March  8,  1865,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  He  d. 
Nov.  14,  1899.  Foreman  in  glove  factory.  Democrat.  I.  O.  O.  F. 
No  ch. 

Charlton.  123 


1.  Robert  Charlton,  son  of  Robert  and  Isabella  (Rntherfonl),  b. 
in  Hex  am  shire,  Eng.,  in  1754.  in.  Kezia  Powers,  b.  in  1763,  d.  in  L. 
Sept.  30.  1833,  Cong.  He  came  to  America  from  New  Castle-on-the- 
Tyne,  Eng.,  and  res.  in  L.  from  1781  nntil  he  d.,  Nov.  22,  1843.  Far- 
mer, school  teacher,  and  surveyor.  Cong.  Deacon.  Selectman,  1791- 
4_6-180fi-10.  Town  clerk,  1787-9-90-2-4-5-6-7-1806-10.  Moder- 
ator, 1806.     Treasurer,  1797.      (L.  Cen.,  pp.  67-209-10-19.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.  i.     John,  b.  Nov.  20,  1790. 

ii.     Rebeccah,  b.  !\[ay  9,  1792,  pub.  April  26,  1813,  Lyman   Hibbard,  car- 
penter,    res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
iii.     Maria,  b.  June  2-t,  1794.     ni.  Solomon  Wbiting  (See), 
iv.     Isabel,  b.  Julv  8,  1796      m.  Nathan  Huse  (See). 

3.  .  V.     Walter,  b.  May  19,  1799.     m.  Mindwell  Moulton  (See). 

vi.     Mary,  b.  May  19,  1799.     m.  Jasper  Howard  (See). 
vii.     William,  b.  June  19,  1801,  d.  L.  March  13,  1804. 

2.  John  Charlton,  son  of  Robert  ^  b.  in  L.  Nov.  20,  1790.  pub. 
Sept.  16,  1822,  Experience,  dan.  of  Perle}-  Mason,  b.  in  1797,  d.  in 
L.  Feb.  12,  1856,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Se- 
lectman, 1835-6-7.     Whig.     d.  in  L.  Oct.  7,  1844. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

4.        i.     John  Mason,  b.  An^.  16,  182-3. 

ii.     William  Hale,  b.  Oct.  16,  1838,  d.  L.  Marcli,  1882. 

3.  Walter  Charlton,  son  of  Robert  S  b.  in  L.  May  19,  1799.  m. 
in  1827.  Mindwell,  dau.  of  Job  Moulton,  b.  in  Lyman,  March  18,  1801, 
d.  ,in  Lowell,  Mass.,  April  7,  1875.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  about 
1834,  when  he  removed  to  Ja}-,  Vt.  He  afterward  res.  in  Hanover  and 
Claremont,  and  d.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  April  19,  1875.  Farmer.  A.  F. 
and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn. 


5.       i.     Edwin  Azro,  b.  L.  Sept.  29,  1828; 

ii.     Anna  Amelia,  b.  L.  Marcli  12,  1831.     m.  March  5,  1808,  Hiram  Long, 

real  estate,     res.  Marceline,  Mo. 
iii.     Ellen  Vestina,  b.  L.  1832  (?),  d.  L.  in  infancy, 
iv.     Almira  Sanborn,  b.  Jay,  Vt.,  June  14,  1834.     m.  Jan.  5,  1860,  Austin 

W.  Gee.     res.  Mnnchester. 
V.     Martha  Augusta,  b.  Jay,  Vt.,  July  15,  1837.    m.  Feb.  13, 18G1,  Horatio 

H.  Rodliff.     res.  Cliehnsford,  Mass. 
vi.     Walter  Leroy,  b.  Jay,  Vt.,  April  28, 1840,  d.  Claremont,  Nov.  14, 1848. 

4.  John  Mason  Charlton,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  16,  1823. 
in.  March  23,  1846,  Betsey,  dau.  of  James  Moffet  (See),  b.  in  L.  July 
6,  1824,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Aug.  27,  1896.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life  and 
d.  Nov.  18,  1880.  Farmer.  Republican.  Representative,  1848-9. 
J.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Robert  Henry,  b.  May  31,  1848.     m.  Oct.  15, 1877,  Martha  Walbridge. 

Farmer,     res.  Ferndale,  Cal. 
ii.     Hale  Mason,  b.  Aug.  9,  1851,  d.  L.  Sept.  12,  1855. 

iii.     George   W.,  b.  Nov.  20,  18G1.     m.  Aug.  20,  1889,  Minnie  Clark.     Ex- 
pressman,    res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 
iv.     Elizabeth  Jane,  b.  Jan.  21,  1854.     m.  Sept.  19,  1874,  Warren  Merrill, 
railway  postal  clerk,     res.  Lancaster. 

124  Charlton — Chase. 

5.  Edwin  Azro  Charlton,  son  of  Walter  ^  b.  in  L.  Sept.  29.  1828. 
m.  March  20,  1862,  Helen  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Alfred  Holmes,  b.  July  8, 
1836.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1834.  Teacher  and  journalist. 
Grad.  Dartmouth  Coll.,  1854.  He  taught  Haverhill  and  Gilmanton 
Academies  several  years  ;  was  head  of  Lockport,  N.  Y.  Union  School, 
four  3'ears  ;  principal  of  Schenectadj',  N.  Y.  Union  School,  and  after- 
wards superintendent.  He  has  pub.  a  work  on  his  native  State,  "New 
Hampshire  as  it  Is,"  and  other  works,  particularly  on  the  sul)ject  of  ed- 
ucation. He  was  a  journalist  at  Broudhead,  Wis.,  from  1879  until  he 
d.,  Nov.  14,  1896.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     Cong.     Republican. 


i.     Walter  Holmes,   b.   SclienectaJy,  N.  Y.,    Jan.  4,  18G6,  d.  Lockport, 
N.  Y.,  Sept.  10,  1875. 
ii.     Winifred  Holmes,  b.  Platteville,  Wis.,  May  13,  1874.     res.  Broadhead, 


1.  Amos  K.  Chase,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Bath,  Feb.  2,  1825.  m. 
Oct.  9,  1852,  Emma  S.,  dau.  of  John  Smith,  b.  in  Bath,  April,  1834. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  to  1893.     Laborer.     Advent.     Republican. 


Emma,  b.  Lisbon,  Sept.  30,  1855.     in.  Elbridjje  Young  (See). 

Fred  L.,  b.  L.  Jan.  14,  1858.  m.  Aug.  10,  1885,  Ida  B.  Gotliam.  Rail- 
road conductor,     res.  Concord. 

Harry  J.,  b.  L.  March,  1801.  m.  Jan.  1,  1883,  Mertie  CoUiston.  Black- 
sniitli.     res.  Johnstown,  N.  Y. 

Will  E.,  b.  L.  1865.  m.  July  18,  1887,  Hannah  Clark.  Mechanic,  res. 

Jennie  M.,  b.  L.  April  26,  1868.     m.  Lewis  E.  Bedell  (See). 


2.  Thomas  Henry  Benton  Chase,  son  of  Daniel  P..  bt  in  Claremont. 
Dec.  20,  1829.  ni.  April  28,  1850,  Laura  A.,  dau.  of  Chester  Cleve- 
land, b.  in  Tunbridge,  Vt.,  April  2,  1823.  Episcopal.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1871  until  he  d.,  Oct.  28,  1883.  Printer.  Democrat.  72d  N.  Y. 
Inf.,  mus.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     IsADORE  Laura,  b.  Manchester,  June  16,  1851.      m    Ira  W.  Yan  Ness 

ii.     Daniel  Fazio  De  Leon,  b.  Randolph,  Yt.,  April  5,  1853.      m.  first, 

Eliza  Worden,  d.  April  4, 1888.    m.  second.  Bertha  Childs.    Salesman. 

res.  Worcester,  Mass. 

3.  iii.     Chester  Phelps,  b.  Port  Jervis,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  3,  1855. 

3.  Chester  Phelps  Chase,  son  of  Thomas  Henry  Benton  \  b.  in 
Port  Jervis,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  3,  1855.  m.  Jan.  8,  1883,  Helen  I.,  dau.  of 
Zelotes  Stevens  (See),  b.  in  Concord,  Jan.  19,  1853,  Methodist.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1872  to  1896.  Glover.  Episcopal.  Democrat.  Capt. 
S.  of  v.,  1894.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com., 
Em.  Comdr.,  1894.     A.  A.  S.  R.  32°. 


i.     Lawrence  Carlisle,  b.  L.  Aug.  8,  1884. 









Cheney.  125 


1.  Henry  Pallister  Cheney,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Luneuhurg,  Vt., 
in  1808.  m.  in  1835,  Eliza  Parks-Curtis,  dau.  of  p]lihu  Sargent  (See), 
b.  in  L.  May  16,  1811,  d.  in  Betlilehem,  Feb.  8,  1884.  She  res.  in  L. 
from  birth  to  1835.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Farmer,  d.  in  Bethlehem, 
Feb.  13,  1872. 


1.     De    Witt    Clinton,  b.  Lunenburg,   Vt.,  1835.'     m.  Philena    Bowles. 

Carpenter,     d.  L.  Nov.  22,  1889. 
ii.     George    Silas,   b.    Lunenburg,   Vt.,  1837.      m.    1857,   Julia   Oilman. 

Farmer,     res.  Bethlehem, 
iii.     John  S.,  b.  Lunenburg,   Vt.,  1839.     m.  1872,  Sarah  Gale.     Machinist. 

He  d.  Warren,  1874. 
iv.     Julia,  b.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  1841,  d.  1842. 
James  Eames,  b.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  10,  1842. 
Henry  Elihu,  b.  Bethlehem,  Nov.  14,  1843. 
Charles  Y.,  b.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  1,  1846. 
Fred,  b.  Bethlehem,  May  20,  1849. 
ix.     Frank  Pierce,  b.  Bethlehem,  Oct.  12,  1853.     ra.  Nov.  15,  1886,  Lauris- 
tine  I.  Forrest.     Farmer,     res.  Bethlehem. 

2.  James  Eames  Cheney,  son  of  Henry  Pallister  ^.  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Oct.  16,  1842.  m.  Oct.  27,  1878,  Elizabeth  B.,  dau.  of  Azariah  Wil- 
liams, b.  in  Bath,  Oct.  21,  1855.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879.  Mason. 


i.  John  Alrert,  b.  L.  Aug.  16,  1870. 

ii.  James  Morris,  b.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  10,  1881. 

iii.  Harvey  Edgene,  b.  L.  June  20,  1883. 

iv.  Florence  P^liza,  b.  Betlilehem,  Nov.  11,  1885. 

V.  George  Cephas,  b.  L.  May  10,  1889. 

3.  Henry  P^lihu  Cheney,  son  of  Henry  Pallister  ^,  b.  in  Lunenburg, 
Vt.,  Nov.  14,  1843.  m.  first,  May,  1874,  Selina  Locke.  Divorced, 
m.  second,  Sept.  11,  1895,  Mary  J.,  dau.  of  Edward  Bentley,  b.  in 
England  in  1864.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1874.  Carpenter.  Demo- 

Ch. ,  by  w.  Selina,  — 

i.     Mattie,  b.  L.  March  23,  1875.      m.  Dec.  26,  1897,  George  H.  Libbey. 
res.  L. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,—  ^ 

ii.     Edward  Henry,  b.  L.  July  1,  1896. 

4.  Charles  Y.  Cheney,  son  of  Henry  Pallister  \  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Jan.  1,  1846.  m.  Dec.  4,  1869,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Richard  Smearage,  b.  in 
Lemington,  Vt.,  Oct.  29,  1846,  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1877.  Car- 
penter.    Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem, — 

i.     Julia  Anna,  b.  Dec.  1,  1870.     m.  Henry  F.  Langdon  (See), 
ii.     Harry  Ward,  b.  Oct.  8,  1873. 

5.  Fred  Cheney,  son  of  Henry  Pallister^,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Ma}'  20, 
1849.  m.  Nov.  16,  1871,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Richard  Smearage,  b.  in 
Lemington,  Vt.,  Oct.  24,  1845.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1869.  Painter. 
Democrat.     No  ch. 

1 26  Clwate  —  Clioquette  —  Church  —  Churchill. 


1.  Frank  Emerson  Choate,  son  of  William  P.  and  Martha  Bailey 
Choate  of  Warner  and  Bradford,  grandson  of  John  T.  and  Hannah 
Pearson  Choate  of  Hopkinton,  b.  in  Bradford,  Jnne  15,  1854.  ni.  July 
23,  1879,  Emma  L.  Cressy,  b.  Bradford,  June  9,  1859,  dau.  of  Warren 
G.  and  Clementine  (Seavey)  Cressy.  They  resided  in  Bradford  until 
1898,  when  they  removed  to  L.     Merchant. 


1.  John  Choquette,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  Jan.  26,  1845.  m. 
May  9,  1869,  Millie,  dau.  of  Abram  Provouchee,  b.  in  Canada,  June  7, 
1851,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1866.  Farmer.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.  i.     Henry,  b.  June  1,  1870. 

ii.     Abkam,  b.  Jan.  7,  1873.     m.  Dec.  1*8,  1891,  Nettie  Somers.     Farmer, 
res.  L. 
iii.     Clara  1).,  b.  April  9,  1875.      m.  Jan.  26,  1895,  Lutlier  Leroy  Towne. 
res.  L. 

2.  Henry  Croquette,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  June  1,  1870.  ra.  May 
21,  1894,  Julia,  dau.  of  Joseph  Greenwood  (See),  b.  in  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.,  Sept.  15,  1876.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Glover. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Hilda  Louise,  b.  L.  April  7,  1895. 


1.  Allen  Jacob  Church,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
April  2,  1840.  m.  Jan.  21,  1868,  Susan  Hews,  dau.  of  Aaron  Brackett 
(See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  4,  18o9,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1866. 
Glover.     Cong.     Republican.     No  cii. 


1.  Henry  Herbert  Churchill,  son  of  Thomas  Lindsey  and  Sarah 
(Abby)  Churchill,  grandson  of  Jolm  Tash  Churchill,  b.  Brookfield, 
Sept.  2,  1853.  m.  June  30,  1880,  Flora  G.  Jack.  He  commenced  the 
study  of  theology  in  1879,  and  has  devoted  several  3'ears  to  evangelistic 
work.  He  was  ordained  in  the  Advent  Christian  faith  at  Alton  Bay, 
1891,  and  was  located  at  Newbur3-port,  Mass.,  from  April,  1891,  to 
Oct.  1892,  and  Jan.  1895,  to  March",  1896;  Bath,  Me.,  from  June,  1896, 
to  April,  1898  ;  Littleton,  May,  1898,  to  1900,  and  is  now  in  the  minis- 
tr}'  at  Lawrence,  Mass. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Amy  P. 
ii.     H.  Leon. 
iii.     Chester  L. 

CJmtter  — Clark.  127 


1.  Frederick  George  Chutter,  son  of  George,  b.  in  Chard,  England, 
Sept.  12,  1857.  m.  Oct.  19,  1887,  Caroline  Clark,  dau.  of  Hon.  Eben 
Cutler,  b.  in  Newton,  Mass,  Sept.  19,  1862,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1887,  was  educated  in  Phillips  Academy,  Andover,  Mass.,  Coburn 
Classical  Institute,  Waterville,  Me.,  and  Colby  University,  Me.,  and 
took  a  special  course  in  Oxford  Universit}',  England.  He  studied  the- 
ology in  Andover  Theological  Seminary,  and  Presbyterian  Coll.,  Edin- 
burgh, Scotland,  grad.  from  Andover  in  1887,  and  was  ordained  in  L. 
in  1887.  Cong.  He  preached  during  his  fitting  course  in  various 
places  in  Maine  and  N.  H.,  commencing  when  nineteen  years  old,  and 
continuing  without  a  break  until  he  closed  his  pastorate  in  L.  for  a  two- 
years'  trip  in  Europe  for  stud}'  and  travel.  He  returned  in  1893,  and 
received  a  call  to  Pawtucket  church,  Lowell,  Mass.,  and  to  Taconia, 
Wash.,  but  owing  to  a  severe  head  trouble,  on  the  advice  of  special- 
ists, he  decided  to  leave  the  ministry  for  a  time.  He  has  since  been 
engaged  in  the  dry  goods  business  in  L.  Member  Board  of  Education, 
Union  District,  1888-9-90,  95  to  date.  Pres.  Board  of  Trustees  L. 
Public  Library,  author  of  Lectures  on  Travels  in  Holv  Land. 

Ch.,  —        ■ 

i,     Mildred  Caroline,  b.  Oxford,  England,  Aug.  29,  1892. 
ii.     Reginald  Frederick,  b.  L.  Aug.  28,  1893. 

2.  Herbert  Eli  Walter  Chutter,  son  of  George,  and  brother  of 
Frederick  George  \  b.  in  Somerset,  Eng.,  Feb,  28,  1870.  m.  Oct.  25, 
1894,  Ella  Naomi  Blodgett,  b.  Bloorafield,  Vt.,  June  17,  1871,  dau.  of 
Cyrus  R.  Blodgett.     He  is  a  diy  goods  merchant  in  this  town. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  — 

i.   Marion  Florence,  b.  July  30,  1895. 
ii.    George  Albert,  b.  April  19,  1897. 
iii.    Robert  Wellington,  b.  July  14,  1898. 


1.  Nathaniel  Clark,  b.  in  1044:,  res.  and  d.  in  Newbury,  Mass., 
Aug.  25,  1690.  He  m.  Nov.  23,  1663,  Ehzabeth  Somerby,  b.  Nov.  1, 
1646.  Her  father  was  third  son  of  Richard  Somerby  of  Little  Bytham, 
Lincolnshire,  where  his  family  had  been  eminently  respectable  for  many 
generations.     Her  mother  was  of  Huguenot  origin. 

2.  Henry  Clark,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  b.  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  July  5, 
1073.  m.  first,  Nov.  7,  1695,  P^lizabeth,  dau.  of  Stephen  Greenleaf,  a 
Capt.  and  prominent  citizen  of  Newbury,  Mass.  m.  second,  Mary 
Pierce.     Henry  res.  and  d.  in  Greenland,  June  9,  1749. 

3.  Henry  Clark,  son  of  Henry  ^,  b.  in  Greenland,  April  23,  1717; 
admitted  to  church,  1740;  moved  to  Candia,  1763.  m.  first,  Kezia 
Brickett.     m.  second,  Catherine  Bean.     m.  third,  Abigail  Adams. 

4.  Samuel  Clark,  son  of  Henry  ^  born  in  Greenland,  May  18, 
1746.  m.  July  4,  1764,  Mary,  dau.  of  Peter  Folsom,  b.  Aug.  31, 1744, 
d.  Jan.  14,  1814.  Tliey  had  twelve  children,  Enoch  being  the  second. 
Samuel  d.  April  15,  1821. 

128  Clark. 

5.  Enoch  Clark,  son  of  Samuel*,  b.  in  Gilmantoti,  in  1765.  m. 
April  1,  1795,  Joanna  Dudley,  b.  in  Gilraanton,  Nov.  1774,  d.  Nov. 
1850.     He  d.  in  L.  March,  1834. 


i.  Kezia,  b.  1798,  d.  1825. 

ii.  Mary  F.,  b.  1800,  d.  1856. 

iii.  Martha  G.,  b.  1803,  d.  18G2. 

iv.  Enoch,  b.  1805,  d.  1862. 

V.  Catherine,  b.  1808,  d.  1855. 

6.  vi.  John  Dudley,  b.  1810. 

vii.     Joanna  Jane,  b.  1815,  d.  1874. 

6.  John  Dudley  Clark,  son  of  Enochs  b.  in  Gihiiantou  in  1810. 
m.  Oct.  25,  1838,  Elizabeth  Stevens,  b.  Jan.  12,  1808.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1831  until  he  d.,  March  24,  1855,  and  was  the  only  son  of  P^noch 
who  left  issue.  Farmer.  P^nsign  5thCo.  32d  Regt.  N  H.  Militia,  April 
8,  1839;  vacated,  Feb.  18,  1841. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

7.  i.    John  A.,  b.  Oct.  18,  1839. 

8.  ii.     George  A.,  b.  Feb.  1841. 

iii.     Eliza  A.,  b.  Aug.  18,  1843.     m.  May  12,  1860,  Sumner  E.  Farr,  farmer. 

res.  Dalton. 
iv.     PiiEBB  .J.,  b.  1847.     m.  March  5,  1865,  George  Carpenter,  farmer,  res. 


7.  John  Augustine  Clark,  son  of  John  Dudley  *',  b.  in  L.  Oct.  18, 
1839.  m.  March  23,  1861,  Eliza  Jane,  dan.  of  Benoni  Clough,  b.  in 
Bath,  May  13,  1841,  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Demo- 
crat.     Supervisor,  1890  to  1894. 


9.  i.     John  Webster,  b.  L.  Aug.  29,  1864. 

8.  George  Arthur  Clark,  son  of  Jolin  Dudley  ®,  b.  in  L.  Feb. 
1841.  m.  first,  Aug.  2,  1863,  Olivia  M.  Dudley,  b.  April  24,  1844,  d. 
L.  April  24,  1873.  m.  second,  July  4,  1875,  Mary  Linna,  dau.  of 
James  W.  Merrill  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  10,  1854,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  15,  1879. 
He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  and  d.  Aug.  1880. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Kate. 
ii.     Jennie. 

9.  John  Webster  Clark,  son  of  John  Augustine  '',  b.  in  L.  Aug.  29, 
1864.  m.  Nov.  17,  1885,  Martha,  dau.  of  Rinaldo  Dodge  (See),  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Jul}-  2,  1862.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 
Democrat.  (Genealogy  of  the  Descendants  of  Nathaniel  Clarke  of 
Newbur}',  Mass.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Jennie  Maria,  b.  Jan.  24,  1887. 
ii.     Homer  Adgustine,  b.  Dec.  26,  1889. 


10.  Damon  Young  Clark,  son  of  Uriah  Smith,  b.  in  Bath,  March 
24,  1827.  m.  April  3,  1848,  Almena,  dau.  of  Stephen  Ambrose  Elast- 
man,  b.  in  Lyman,  Oct.  30,  1827,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1843. 
Cong.  Stage-driver  many  years  and  later  a  farmer ;  he  d.  May  20, 
1900.     No  ch. 

Clark.  129 


11.  William  Clark,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Bedford,  England,  Sept. 
6,  1825.  ni.  first,  Aug.  1863,  Rosa,  dau.  of  Ambroise  Valine,  b.  in 
Canada  in  1846,  d.  in  Carroll,  March  18,  1881.  m.  second,  Dec.  8, 
1822,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  P'rancis  Lamott,  b.  in  Canada,  Nov.  15,  1840. 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879.  Farmer.  Served  two 
years  in  33d  N.  Y.  Inf. 


i.  Eliza,  b.  Canada,  June  17,  1866.     ni.  Jan.  1884,  George  McFadden. 

ii.  Ldcy,  b.  Canada,  Jan.  31,  1872.     m.  Edward  Buswell  (See). 

iii.  William,  b.  Canada,  Dec.  19,  1874.     res.  L. 

iv.  Mary,  b.  Canada,  June  17, 1877.     ni.  Nov.  16,  1893,  Henry  Xeal.     res.  L. 

V.  Annie,  b.  Carroll,  May  15,  1880,  d.  L.  Sept.  17,  1893. 


13.  WiLBER  Parker  Clark,  son  of  Veranus,  b.  in  Franconia,  Dec. 
13,  1868.  m.  June  19,  1888,  Carrie  Eunice,  dau.  of  Curtis  Whitcomb 
(See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  18,  1866.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891. 
Laborer.     Republican.     No  ch. 


13.  Nathaniel  George  Clark,  son  of  Dr.  Charles,  b.  in  Calais,  Vt., 
Jan.  18,  1825.  m.  first,  Aug.  Id,  1854,  Mary  Bowland,  dau.  of  Hon. 
Hezekiah  H.  Reed*  of  Montpelier,  Vt,  b.  Sept.  4,  1826,  died  in  Orange 
Springs,  Fla.,  Feb.  11,  1859.  m.  second.  May  8,  1861,  Elizabeth  Sar- 
gent, dau.  of  Isaac  R.  Worcester  (See),  b.  in  Newark,  N.  J.,  Sept.  6, 
1836.  He  prepared  for  coll.  in  the  Washington  Co.  Grammar  School, 
Montpelier,  Vt.,  and  grad.  from  the  University-  of  Vt.  in  1845  ;  taught 
the  Academ}'  in  Keene,  1845  to  1847;  Montpelier  Academ}',  1847-8; 
attended  Andover  and  Auburn  Theological  Seminaries,  and  grad. 
from  the  latter  in  1852 ;  then  studied  in  German}',  under  Profs. 
Mtiller  and  Tholuck  in  the  University  of  Halle  ;  was  Prof,  of  Eng.  Lit- 
erature and  Latin  at  Burlington,  Vt.,  University,  1852  to  1863,  and  of 
Eng.  Literature,  Logic,  and  Rhetoric  at  Union  Colleoe,  Schenectady, 
N.  Y.,  1863  to  1865;  Foreign  Sec.  of  A.  B.  C.  F.  M.,  1865  to  1894. 
He  received  the  degree  of  D.D.  from  Union  Coll.  in  1865,  and  of  LL.D. 
from  the  University  of  Vt.  in  1875  ;  he  was  also  elected  a  member  of 
the  Victoria  Institute,  a  philosophical  society  in  Eng.,  in  1888  or  9.  He 
was  ordained  to  the  ministiy  in  Burlington,  Vt.,  Oct.  1857.  While 
teaching  in  Union  Coll.  he  published  a  text-book  on  the  Elements  of  the 
Eng.  Language,  and  was  writing  another  when  elected  Sec.  of  the  Amer- 
ican Board.     He  d.  in  Roxbury,  Mass.,  Jan.  3,  1896. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Elizabeth, — 

i.  Mary  Reed,  b.  Burlington,  Vt.,  May  12,  1862.  ra.  Dec.  2,  1884,  Henry 
B.  Reed,  shoe  manufr.  res.  South  Weymouth,  Mass.  Ch..  Heleu 
Ainswortli,  b.  Nov.  22,  1885;  Theodore  Worcester,  b.  June  25,  1887; 
Josiali  Fogg,  b.  March  2,  1889;  Nathaniel  Clark,  b.  May  14,  1891; 
Charles  Sumner,  b.  May  12,  1891. 

VOL.  II.  —  9 

130  Clarke— Clay. 

ii.     Charles  Worcester,  b.  Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  23,  1863.     d.  March 

31,  1891. 
iii.     Cr.ARA.  BoYDEN,b.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  May  29,  1869.     m.  June   17,  1891, 
James   W.  Rollins,  Jr.,  civil  engineer,      res.  Roxljury,    Mass.     Cli., 
Elizabeth  Sargent,  b.  June  14,  1892  ;  Wingate,  b.  Sept.  17,  1894. 


14.  Albert  Warrex  Clarke,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Jul}-  25, 
1828.  m.  April  7,  1852,  Philenda  G.,  dan.  of  Samuel  Wille}",  b.  in  Lyn- 
don, Vt,  April  9,  1828,  d.  in  Brockton,  Mass.,  May  26,  1894.  He  res.  in 
L.  about  ten  months  in  1856,  and  from  1864  until  he  d.,  March  27,  1867. 
He  was  educated  in  Lyndon  Acadeni}',  and  studied  medicine  with  Drs. 
Sanborn  and  Newell  in  Lyndon,  Vt.  Grad.  Dartmouth  Med.  Coll. 
and  commenced  practice  in  Woburn,  Mass.,  where  he  continued  six 
\-ears.  He  then  joined  the  35th  Mass.  Inf.  as  Asst.  Surgeon,  with  t!ie 
rank  of  Major,  and  served  through  the  war.  In  1864  he  commenced 
practice  in  L.,  which  he  continued  until  he  d.  He  was  of  the  regular 
school.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     (L.  Cen.,  pp.  157-8.) 


15.  i.     Israel  James,  b.  Woburn,  Mass.,  May  22, 1860. 

16.  ii.     George  Albert,  b.  L.  1864. 

iii.     Eva  Mary,  b.  L.  Aug.  1866,  singer,     m.  1898,  F.  H.  Garman. 

15.  Israel  James  Clarke,  son  of  Albert  Warren  ^*,  b.  in  "Woburn, 
Mass.,  May  22,  1860.  ra.  May  22,  1889,  Nellie  Etta  Pearson,  dau.  of 
John  A.  and  Helen  -M.  Pearson.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1864  until  he 
entered  Brockton  High  School.  In  1878  he  commenced  the  study  of 
medicine  in  Brockton,  Mass.,  and  attended  the  University  Med.  Coll., 
N.  Y.  Cit\-,  where  he  grad.  in  1883.  He  commenced  practice,  regular 
school,  the  same  3'ear  in  Ashland,  Mass.,  where  he  remained  three 
years  ;  Woburn,  Mass.,  eight  months  ;  Haverhill,  Mass.,  since  Jan.  1887. 
He  belongs  to  the  Mass.  Med.  Society  and  the  Haverhill  Med.  Club, 
and  has  been  attending  surgeon  of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  City  Hospital 
since  1889.     A.  V.  and  A.  M. 

Ch.,—      ' 

1.     Clifton  Albert,  b.  June  7,  1890. 

16.  George  Albert  Clarke,  son  of  Albert  AVarren  ",  b.  in  L.  1864. 
Artist.  Resides  in  Boston,  Mass.  m.  Nov.  14,  1888,  Mabel  Louise 
Pearson,  dau   of  John  A.  and  Helen  M.  Pearson.     No  ch. 


1.  Samuel  Clay,  b.  in  1760.    m.  Elizabeth .    He  res.  in  L.  from 

1815  until  he  d..  May  26,  1840.  Farmer.  Rev.  soldier.  Served  as  a 
recruit  forN.  H.  Regt.  of  the  Continental  line  from  July  1  to  Dec.  16, 
1780.  The  same  name  appears  on  the  roll  of  Capt.  Ezekiel  Worthen's 
Co.,  Col.  Stephen  Peabody's  Regt.,  for  service  in  R.  I.,  serving  from 
April  20,  1778,  to  Jan.  4,  1779.  The  same  name  also  appears  on  a 
petition  signed  b}-  members  of  the  force  which  constituted  the  garrison 
of  Fort  Washington  in  N.  H.  under  Capt.  Titus  Salter. 


i.     Russell  M.,  b.  1806,  d.  L.  Nov.  17,  1829. 

Claij  —  Cleashy.  131 


2.  William  Clay,  b.  in  Wilmot.  m.  Esther,  dau.  of  Robert  Barber, 
the  first  female  child  b.  in  Salisbury.     He  d.  in  Andover. 

3.  William  Clay,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  Wilmot.  m.  Betsey*  Long. 
He  res.  in  Andover,  d.  in  Plymouth. 

4.  HoKACE  Sanborn  Clay,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  Salisbury,  Dec.  14, 

1819.  m.  Dec.  12,  1841,  Mary  Ann  Sawj'er.  He  res.  in  Andover, 
where  he  d.,  Dec.  28,  1869. 

5.  Chahles  Leonidas  Clay,  son  of  Horace  Sanborn  ^,  b.  in  Andover, 
Oct.  9,  1844.  m.  first,  Nov.  28,  1873,  Stella  Louise,  dau.  of  Henry  C. 
Redington  (See),  b.  in  L.  Feb.  8,  1848,  d.  in  L.  May  24,  1888,  Cong, 
m.  second,  Nov.  19,  1892,  Emma,  dau.  of  George  C.  Lancaster,  b.  in 
Northwood,  Aug.  6,  1854,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1881  to  1895. 
He  was  educated  in  Colbj'  Academy,  New  London,  and  Colby  Uni- 
versity, Waterville,  Me.,  where  he  grad.  in  1868.  He  taught  in 
various  places  until  he  came  to  L.  Glove  manufr.  while  in  L.  Cong. 
Deacon.  Prohibition  Democrat.  J.  P.  State.  Member  Board  of  Edu- 
cation, Union  District,  1886-95.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.     A.  A.  S.  R.  32°. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Stella,  — 

i.     Padl  Redin-gton,   b.    L.    Feb.  16,  1875.     Dart.    Coll.,    1897 ;    Boston 

University  Sciiool  of  Law,  1900. 
ii.     RcTH  Stowell,  b.  L.  Aug.  8,  1877. 
iii.     Grace  Ely,  b.  Watertown,  Mass.,  Feb.  25,  1880. 
iv.     Star  Sawyer,  b.  L.  Oct.  18,  1884,  d.  Aug.  19,  1886. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Emma,  — 

V.     Charles  Lancaster,  b.  Harvard,  Mass.,  Dec.  6,  1896. 

6.  Sam  J.  Clay,  son  of  Horace  Sanborn  *,  b.  in  Andover,  ]\ray  9, 
1856.  m.  Feb.  26,  1882,  Caro  Taylor,  dau.  of  Lucius  S.  Gordon,  b.  in 
New  Hampton,  Sept.  23,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1884  to  1890. 
Merchant,  now  farmer. 


i.     Gordon  M.,  b.  Andover,  April  25,  1883. 
ii.     Rachel  P.,  b.  New  Hampton,  Jan.  10,  1892. 
iii.     Caro  Pansey,  b.  Manchester,  Sept.  2,  1893. 


1.  Samuel  Cleasby,  son  of  Tilly  H.,  b.  in   Danville,  Vt.,  Nov.  5, 

1820.  m.  Jan.  16,  1842,  Alice,  dau.  of  Robert  Nelson,  b.  in  Monroe, 
Oct.  12,  1819,  d.  in  L.  June  28,  1887,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1843  until  he  d.,  July  10,  1877.     Farmer.     Methodist.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.  i.     George  Washington,  b.  Oct.  18,  1843. 

ii.     Ellen  Angehne,  b.  Dec.  13,  1845,  res.  Stamford,  Conn. 

3.  iii.     David  Nelson,  b.  Nov.  29,  1847. 

iv.     Arthur,  b.  Oct.  30,  1850,  d.  in  infancy. 
V.     Robert  A  ,  b.  Feb.  4,  1852,  d.  in  infancy. 

4.  vi.     Wilfred,  b.  May  25,  1855. 

vii.    John  F.,  b.   Sept.  30,  1857.     m.  Mattie  Andrews.     Mechanic,     res. 
Watertown,  Conn. 

132  Cleashy  —  Cleveland  —  Clogston. 

2.  Georgk  Washington  Cleasby,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  in  L.  Oct.  18, 
1843.  m.  first,  May  22,  1868,  Juliette,  dau.  of  Samuel  Smith  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Jan.  4,  1846,  d.  in  L.  April  10,  1880,  Methodist,  m.  second, 
Feb.  22,  1886,  Clara  Dunn,  dau.  of  Jacob  Bishop,  b.  in  Franconia,  in 
1860,  divorced,  Methodist,  m.  third,  Oct.  22,  1891,  Ida,  dau.  of 
Willis  Gould,  b.  Aug.  1867.  He  has.  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Ice-dealer. 
Republican.  Commander  G.  A.  R.,  1890.  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf. 


i.     Walter  Raymond,  b.  L.  Sept.  7,  1872,  ice-dealer,  res.  L.     unm. 

3.  David  Nelson  Cleasby,  son  of  Samuel  \  b.  in  L.  Nov.  29,  1847. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1875,  Winnie  S.,  dau.  of  Milo  Persons,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
in  18r)8,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  24,  1888.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  Ufe.  Nurse. 


i.     Alice  L.,  b.  Bath,  Oct.  1876,  d.  L.  Jan.  3,  1888. 
ii.     Ernest  M.,  b.  L.  Sept.  20,  1879. 
iii.     Evelyn  B.,  b.  Feb.  5,  1884. 

4.  Wilfred  Cleasby,  son  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  in  L.  May  25,  1855.  m. 
April  12,  1879,  Clara  E.,  dau.  of  Otis  Mooney,  b.  in  Dalton.  June  17, 
1862,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  until  1898,  removed  to  Waterford, 
Vt.     Now  postmaster.     Glover.     Methodist.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Howard  Wilfred,  b.  L.  Aug.  25,  1892. 


1.  Moses  Cleveland,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Bridgewater,  July  9,  1803. 
m.  June  17,  1824,  Marv,  dau.  of  Thomas  Hunt,  b.  in  Bath,  Jan.  12, 
1804,  d.  in  L.  April  26,"  1872.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1836  until  he  d., 
July  25,  1880.     Mason.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bath,— 

i.     Sarah  Jane,  b.  Oct.  3,  1824.     m.  Joshua  B.  Shaw  (See). 

ii.     Susan,  b.  July  12,  1827.     m.  Dec.  30,  1847,  Alfred  Bowman.     He  d. 

Stanstead,  P.  Q.,  June  9,  1889.     Slie  d.  Bath,  April  9,  1849. 
iii.     Mary,  b.  May  21,  18.32,  d.  L.  March  16,  1842. 
iv.    John,  b.  March  6,  1834,  d.  L.  June  20,  1856. 


1.  Andrew  Jackson  Clogston,  son  of  Jonathan  L.,  b.  in  Manches- 
ter, Nov.  23,  1845.  m.  May  1,  1882,  Helen  Mar,  dau.  of  Albert  L. 
Lewis  (See),  b.  in  L.  April  20,  1846.  She  m.  first,  John  Hazen 
Williams  (See).  Andrew  res.  in  L.  from  1880  to  1893.  Carriage- 
maker.  Republican.  Co.  G,  10th  Vt.  Inf.  Lieut.  Now  res.  in  Pomona, 


i.     Carl  Andrew,  b.  L.  Feb.  24,  1883. 

Closson  —  Clough.  133 


1.  Charles  Closson,  son  of  Alfred,  b.  in  Tunbridge,  Yt.,  Jul}'  4, 
1810.  m.  Mav  28,  1832,  Sophronia,  dau.  of  Titus  Farr  (See),  b.  in  'L. 
Sept.  21,  1812,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  6,  1886,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1860 
until  he  d.,  Feb.  24,  1893.  Farmer.  Cong.  Democrat.  Co.  I,  1st 
N.  H.  H.  Art.    Private.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Laura  Ann,  b.  Lancaster,  Dec.  10,  1833.     m.  Hollon  H.  Millen  (See). 
ii.     Charles  Alfred,  b.  Granbj',  Vt.,  March  15,  1835,  d.  Burke,  Vt.,  July 

14,  1854. 
iii.     John  Calvin,  b.  Canada,  March  25,  1836.     m.  March  31,  1862,  Emma 
Hannuni.     Farmer  and  mechanic.     He  d.  Hannibal,  N.  Y.,  July  13, 
iv.     Mart  Ann,  b.  Granbv,  Vt.,  March  15,  1838.     m.  Sept.  5,  1865,  Morrill 

Eix,  artist.     She  d.  Dalton,  Feb.  11,  1866. 
T.     Elanson  F.,  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  July  6,  1840,  d.  May  11, 1863.    Co.  D,  13th 

N.  H.  Inf.     Private,     d.  of  wounds  received, 
vi.     Abigail  F„  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  Sept.  9,  1841,  d.  Oct.  23,  1842. 
vii.     Edward  P.,  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  Feb.  29,  1844,  d.  L.  May  17,  1891. 
viii.     George  A.,  b.  Burke,  Vt.,  May  8,  1845.     m.  1869,  Elmira  Jones.    Stone- 

2.  ix.     Francis  A.,  b.  Buvke,  Vt.,  July  7,  1849,  d.  L.  Oct.  29,  1896. 

X.     Nancy  A.,  b.  Burke,  Vt,.  Sept.  13,  1851.     m.  1878,  Henry  Rowland, 

farmer.     She  d.  Betlileliem,  June  1,  1888. 
xi.     Charles,  b.  Burke,  Vt.,  July  28,  1854,  d.  Dec.  9,  1892. 

2.  Francis  A.  Closson,  son  of  Charles  \  b.  in  Burke,  Vt.,  Jul}-  7, 
1849.  m.  May  11,  1883,  Leafy  Blood,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  in  1850. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1860  until  he  d.,  Oct.  29,  1896.     Farmer. 


1.     Mtra  L.,  b.  Bethlehem.     Adopted. 


1.  Robert  Clough,  son  of  Zacheus,  b.  in  Lyman,  April  29,  1807. 
ra.  March  24,  1834,  Mary  E.,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Hadlock,  b.  in  jMonroe, 
Julv  30,  1821,  d.  in  L.  July  7,  1883.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1848  until  he 
d.,  Nov.  6,  1878. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Samuel  Johnson,  b.  Lyman,  April  22,  1837.  m.  Sept.  25,  1865,  Myra 
A.  Aldrich.    Farmer,    res.  Lisbon.     Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.    Private. 

ii.  Nancy  Elmira,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  3,  1839.  m.  Aug.  2,  1860,  Edward 
Lathrop,  laborer,     res.  L.     She  d.  Feb.  18,  1873. 

2.  iii.     Daniel  Modlton,  b.  Lyman,  June  26,  1841. 

iv.     Melissa,  b.  Lyman,  Oct.  14,  1843.     m.  Charles  Henry  Fuller  (See). 

V.  Robert  Alvanus,  b.  Lyman,  Oct.  7,  1845.  m.  first,  Nov.  28,  1872, 
Hattie  W.  Chaffee,  m.  second,  Dec.  18,  1879,  Delia  M.  Santy.  Far- 
mer,    res.  Lisbon. 

vi.     Eliza  Lorilla,  b.  Lyman,  Feb.  25,  1848.     m.  Loren  Bagley  (See). 
vii.     Lois  Josephine,  b.  L.  April  7,  1851.     m.  first,  1870,  Frank  Swett.     m. 

second,  July  5,  1886,  Irviii  Burgin.     Carpenter,     res.  Lisbon. 
viii.     Alverton,  b.  L.  April  7,  1853.     m.  Aug.  10, 1878,  Celia  Streeter.     Far- 
mer,    res.  L. 

ix.  Benjamin  Hubbard,  b.  L.  Sept.  11,  1855.  m.  Dec.  24,  1884,  Nellie 
Howland.     Mill  hand.     res.  Lisbon. 

X.     Emma  Elizabeth,  b.  L.  Feb.  11,  1860.     m.  Sewell  Chaffee  (See). 

134  Clough. 

2.  Daniel  Moulton  Clough,  son  of  Eobert\  b.  in  Lyman,  June  26, 
1841.  m.  Feb.  22,  18GG,  Ellen  Mere}-,  dau.  of  George  Spooner,  b.  in 
Brandon,  Vt.,  Oct.  16,  1849.  He  res.  in  L.  in  3outli  and  since  1887. 
Barber.  Democrat.  Co.  D,  13tli  N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R. 
I.  O.  O.  F.,  Lafayette  Lodge,     d.  in  Lincoln,  Sept.  10,  1897. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Charles  Chauncey,  b.  Lisbon,  Pec.  28,  1867.    m.  June  1, 1892,  Emma 
Flicks.     Printer.     K.  P.     res.  L.     Slie  d.  L.  July  15,  1892. 

3.  ii.     Frank  Loren,  b.  L.  Nov.  15,  1869. 

3.  Frank  Loren  Clough,  son  of  Daniel  Moulton  ^  b.  in  L.  Nov.  15, 
1869.  m.  June  10,  1891,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Alson  W.  Latlirop  (See), 
b.  in  Colebrook,  Sept.  4,  1871.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  since  1885. 
Book-keeper.     Republican.     I.  O.  O.  F.     No  ch. 


4.  William  Clough,  then  of  Salem,  was  a  soldier  in  Capt.  Jesse 
Page's  compaii}'.  Col.  Abraham  Drake's  regiment,  raised,  1777,  to  re- 
inforce the  army  near  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  and  the  following  3'ear  he 
served  in  Capt.  Jesse  Page's  compan}-.  Col.  Jacob  Gale's  regiment,  in 
the  expedition  to  Rhode  Island.    About  1784  he  removed  to  Lyman. 

5.  Jeremiah  Clough,  son  of  William,  m.  Fanny  Abbot,  b.  Dec. 
20,  1787,  dau.  of  Josiah  and  Ruth  (Bod well)  Abbot  of  Bath.  He  lived 
in  Landatf  and  Haverhill. 

6.  Jason  Clough,  son  of  Jeremiah  ^,  b.  in  Lyman,  Feb.  15,  1811.  m. 
Aug.  26,  1844,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Aaron  Beede,  b.  in  Strafford,  Vt.,  Feb. 
13,^1821,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1869.  Stage-driver,  d. 
Somerville,  Mass.,  May  16,  1893. 

Ch.,  — 

7.  i      Henry  Arthur,  b.  Hanover,  Nov.  3,  1847. 

ii.     Edward  Harris,  b.  Hanover,  Nov.  13,  1848,  d.  Hanover,  Oct.  27, 1849. 

8.  iii.     Wii.LARD  Loren,  b.  Hanover,  Aug.  6,  1850. 

iv.     Clara  Elizabeth,  b.  L.  Aug.  4,  1854.     m.  Nov.  25,  1879,  Fredericlc 

Lowell  Davis,  photographer,     res.  Somerville,  Mass. 
v.     George  Washington,  b.  L.  Janr  6,  1861.    Salesman,    res.  Chicago,  III. 

7.  Henry  Arthur  Clough,  son  of  Jason  ^  b.  in  Hanover,  Nov.  3, 
1847.  m.  March  25,  1878,  May  Isabel,  dau.  of  William  Greyson,  b.  in 
Taunton,  JNIass.,  Nov.  1,  1847.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1866. 
Steward.     Co.  L,  1st  N.  H.  Cav.     Private. 


i.     Henry  Arthur,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  March  14,  1879. 

8.  WiLLARD  Loren  Clough,  son  of  Jason  ®,  b.  in  Hanover,  Aug.  6, 
1850.  m.  Dec.  7,  1875,  Hetty  Lauraett  Fifield,  adopted  dau.  of  Moses 
Lang,  b.  in  Bath,  June  7,  1851.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1867. 

Ch.,  — 

Mildred  Helen,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  13,  1877,  d.  Somerville,  Mass., 

Dec.  15,  1877. 
Grace  Elizabeth,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  26,  1878. 
MiLO  Houghton,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  17,  1881. 
Leon  Abbott,  b.  Somerville,  Mass.,  Sept.  10,  1884. 
Clara  Belle,  b.  Somerville,  Mass.,  May  11,  1886,  d.  Somerville,  Mass., 

June  20,  1886. 
Paula  Lang,  b.  Somerville,  Mass.,  June  3,  1889. 

Cohh—Cohleigh.  135 


1.  Simeon  Cobb,  b.  in  Taunton,  Mass.,  Rev.  soldier,  minute-man, 
and  took  [)art  in  battles  of  Lexington,  Bunker  Hill,  and  expeditions  to 
R.  I.  After  the  war  he  settled  in  St.  Johnsburv,  Vt.,  then  a  wilderness, 
and  built  a  log  house.      The  farm  still  remains  in  the  famil}'. 

2.  Elkanah  Cobb,  son  of  Simeon  ^,  res.  and  d.  in  St.  Johnsburj-,  Vt. 

3.  Harrison  Simeon  Cobb,  son  of  Elkanah  ^,  b.  in  St.  Johnsburv, 
Vt.,  June  7,  1812.  m.  Feb.  21,  1842,  Ann  Maria,  dau.  of  Vespasian 
Wheeler  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  13,  1815.  She  res.  in  L.  until  1842,  and 
since  1855.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Farmer,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbur}-,  Vt., 
May  1,  1854. 

Ch.,  b.  in  St.  Johnsburj',  Vt.,  — 

i.  Lydia  a.,  b.  June  5,  1844.     unm.,  res.  L. 

ii.  Ellex  M.,  b.  Au^.  12,  1846.     unm.,  res.  L. 

iii.  Cakkilla  E.,  b.  Sept.  16,  1851.     unm.,  d.  L.  Sept.  24,  1875. 

iv.  Martha  J.,  b.  April  24,  1854.     unm.,  d.  L.  May  12, 1898. 


1.  John  Cobleigh,  b.  1753.  m.  Deborah  Harris,  b.  1754,  dau.  of 
Al)ner  Harris  of  Woodstock,  Conn.,  and  after  1777  of  Chesterfield. 
He  was  probably  a  son  of  Jonathan  Cobleigh,  who  resided  in  New 
Braintree,  Mass.,  1749  to  1763,  and  subsequently  in  Cliesterfield,  and 
a  descendant  of  John  Cobleigh,  an  earl}'  resident  of  Swanzey,  Mass. 
John  Cobleigh  d.  in  Chesterfield,  June  8,  1825,  aged  72  ;  his  widow  d. 
March  13,  1836,  aged  82.  His  descendants  have  been  numerously  and 
honorablv  represented  in  this  town. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  — 

2.  i.     John,  b.  April  10,  1776. 

ii.     Polly,  b.  March  11,  1778. 

3.  iii.     Levi  Ward,  b.  Feb.  13,  1780. 

iv.     Samson,  b.  Feb.  15,  1782.      m.  1806,  Abigail  Smitl),  dau.  of  Amos  and 

Abigail  (Farr)  Smith  of  Chesterfield.     Settled  in  Sutton,  Vt. 
V.     Lydia,  b.  June  19,  1784.     m.  Noah  Farr  (See). 

vi.  Deborah  Mercy,  b.  Oct.  13,  1786.  m.  1804,  Amos  Farr,  son  of  Wil- 
liam and  Lydia  (Trowbridge)  Farr  of  Chesterfield.  Siied.  soon  after 

vii.  Abner  Harris,  b.  Nov.  18,  1788.  m.  Abigail  Herrick,  dau.  of  Shadrach 
and  Abigail  (Stoddard)  Herrick  of  Chesterfield,     res.  in  Sutton,  Vt. 

4.  viii.     Erastus,  b.  Feb.  17.  1791. 

ix.     Joshua,  b.  May  7,  1793. 

X.     Jonathan,  b.  July  — ,  1795.     m.  1818,  Harriet  Hastings,  dau.  of  Oliver 

and  Susanna))  (Barrett)  Hastings,  of  Chesterfield,    res.  in  Chesterfield, 

where  he  d.,  April  22,  1859. 

2.  John  Cobleigh,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Chesterfield,  April  10,  1776. 
ra.  in  1795,  Polly  Stanford,  b.  in  1775,  d.  June  29,  1840.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1799  to  1820.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     John,  b.  Chesterfield,  Nov.  20,  1795. 
ii.     Katherine,  b.  Chesterfield,  July  16,  1797. 
iii.     Deborah,  b.  L.  Aug.  2,  1799. 

136  Cohleigh. 

\y.  Polly,  b.  L.  July  13,  1800. 

V.  Lydia,  b.  L.  July  19,  1802.     m.  May  11,  1826,  Douglas  Dexter, 

vi.  Alvah,  b.  L.  April  19,  1804. 

vii.  Laobicka,  b.  L.  Jan.  28,  1806. 

viii.  Mary,  b.  L.  June  8,  1807. 

ix.  Reuben  Boyce,  b.  L.  Feb.  10,  1809. 

X.  Betsey  Stanford,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1810. 

xi.  Emeline  Harris,  b.  L.  Sept.  20,  1812.     m.  Lewis  L.  Merrill  (See). 

5.  xii.  Nelson  Ebenezer,  b.  L.  Nov.  24,  1814. 

3.  Levi  Ward  Cobleigh,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Feb.  13, 
1780.  m.  Polly  Sargent,  b.  Nov.  21,  1781,  d.  in  Lisbon,  June  21,  1842. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1800  to  1810.  Farmer,  lumberman,  hotel-keeper, 
d.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  11,  1852. 

Ch., — 

i.     Levi  Ward,  b.  L.  May  13,  1800,  d.  L.  Nov.  13,  1807. 
ii.     Polly,  1).  L.  Nov.  14,  1802.    m.  Chester  French,  farmer.    She  d.  Brattle- 

boro',  Vt.,  Aug.  14,  1840. 
iii.     Clarissa,  b.  L.  Dec.  14,  1803.     ni.  Leonard  Elms.     She  d.  Lisbon,  April 
14,  1888. 

6.  iv.     Willard,  b.  L.  Nov.  20,  1806. 

v.     Windsor,  b.   L.  March  28,   1808.     m.   first,  Laura  Maria  Young,     m. 
second,  Mary  Ann  Morse.      Hotel-keeper.      He  d.  Waltham,  Mass., 
April  18,  1878. 
vi.     Caroline,  b.  Haverhill,  Feb.  6,  1810,  d.  July  22,  1828. 
vii.     Maria,  b.  Jan.  14,  1812.     m.  John  Little,  farmer.    She  d.  Warren,  Feb. 

12,  1837. 
viii.     Luna,  m.  first,  Daniel  Caswell,     m.  second,  Reuben  Pike,  farmer,    res. 
Lyndon,  Vt. 
ix.     Eliza,  b.  Feb.  7,  1814.     m.   Chester  French,  farmer.     She  d.  Brattle- 
boro',  Vt.,  April  9,  1872. 

7.  X.     Levi  Ward,  b.  March  7,  1816. 

xi.     Cyrene  J.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1818,  d.  March  15,  1818. 
xii.     Jane  C,  b.  Oct.  15,   1819.     m.  Darwin  Richardson,  physician.     She  d. 

Salt  Lake  City,  Utah,  April  17,  1892. 
xiii.     George  W.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1822.     m.  first,  Nov.  1846,  Caroline  Hatch,     m. 

second,  Sept.  9,  1862,  Lomira  P.  Symonds.     Farmer,  res.  Lisbon, 
xiv.     Margaret,  b.  March  10,  1825.     m.  Savory  Gordon.     He  d.  1893.     She 

d.  Landaff,  Oct.  14,  1867. 

4.  Erastus  Cobleigh,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Feb.  17,  1791. 
m.  Hannah,  dau.  of  John  and  Olive  (Colburn)  Da}-.  She  m.  second,  in 
1824,  Lyman  Powers.  He  lived  in  Chesterfield,  where  he  d.,  July  3, 

Ch., — 

i.     Royal  E.,  b.  Oct.  1,  1813. 

8.  ii.     Marshall  Day,  b.  Chesterfield,  Jan.  21,  1817. 

iii.     Hannah  C,  b.  March  7,  1819.     m.  Levi  B.  Dodge  (See). 

5.  Nelson  Ebenezer  Cobleigh,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  24, 
1814.  m.  Aug.  1,  1844,  Charlotte  Marie  Simmons,  b.  in  Springfield, 
Mass.,  d.  in  Athens,  Tenn.,  Oct.  12,  1893.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth,  and 
in  1838  commenced  his  studies  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  Academy.  He  grad. 
from  Wesle3'an  University  in  1843,  with  first  honors  of  his  class.  In 
1844  he  joined  the  New  England  M.  E.  Conference  and  was  stationed 
at  Wilbraham,  Mass.  His  other  charges  were  Blanford,  1845  ;  Blan- 
ford  Center,  184G  ;  Thorndike  Village,  1847-8;  Park  St.,  Worcester, 
1849-50  ;  North  Russell  St.,  Boston,  1851-2  ;  Church  St.,  Boston,  1853. 
He  was  then  appointed  Professor  of  Ancient  Languages  in  McKendree 
College,  Lebanon,  111.      In  1854-7  he  occupied  a  similar  position  in 

Cohleigh.  137 

Lawrence  University,  Appleton,  'Wis.  From  1858  to  1863  he  was 
Prest.  of  McKendree  Coll.  In  1859  was  made  D.  D.  b}'  Lawrence 
Universit}-.  P^rom  1863-6,  editor  "  Zion's  Herald,"  Boston,  Mass. 
From  1867  to  1872,  Prest.  of  East  Tenn.  Wesleyan  University,  Athens, 
Tenn.,  and  in  1872  was  made  LL.D.  bj'  that  institution.  From  1872  to 
1874,  he  was  editor  of  the  Methodist  "  AdA'ocate,"  Atlanta,  Ga.  He 
was  delegate  to  the  M.  E.  General  Conference  in  1864  and  1872.  The 
principal  printed  articles  from  his  pen  are  :  "  Final  Destruction  of  the 
Earth  by  Fire,"  —  Meth.  Quart.  Rev.,  xxxix.  1857,  pp.  612-25.  "  The 
Uses  of  Ambition,"  —  an  address  while  Prest.  of  McKendree  Coll. 
"  Southern  Reconstruction,"  —  Meth.  Quart.  Rev.,  iii.  1870,  pp.  379- 
397.  "  Church  Property  Question  in  the  South,"  —  Meth.  Quart.  Rev., 
liii.  1871,  pp.  614-641.  He  d.  in  Athens,  Ga.,  Feb.  1,  1874. 

i.  Nelson  Simmons,  b.  Wilbraliam,  Mass  ,  June  29,  1845.  ni.  June  29, 
1869,  Martlia  Abbie  Rice,  b.  March  23,  1844,  dau.  of  Cliarles  Brooks 
Rice,  of  Boston,  Mass.  City  editor  "  Daily  Leader,"  Cleveland,  Oliio, 
1869-90 ;  and  is  now  foreign  editor  "  New  York  World."  res.  Brook- 
lyn. Two  of  their  five  children  are  living,  Nellie  S.,  b.  Cleveland,  O., 
Oct.  13,  1872,  and  Henry  R.,  b.  Cleveland,  O.,  March  7,  1880. 
9.  ii.     Edward  Augustus,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  5,  1849. 

iii.  Charlotte  Theodora,  b.  Athens,  Tenn  ,  Dec  13,  1871.  m.  Dec.  25, 
1893,  Franklyn  A.  Peake,  both  professors  in  U.  S.  Grant  University, 
Chattanooga,  Tenn. 

6.  WiLLARD  CoBLEiGH,  SOU  of  Lcvi  Ward '',  b.  in  L.  Nov.  20,  1806. 
m.  Betsey,  dau.  of  Max  Hazelton,  b.  in  Bath  in  1811,  d.  in  L.  Jan. 
12,  1880,  INIethodist.  He  res.  in  L.  in  infancy'  and  from  1840  until  he 
d.,  Feb.  4,  1861.  Hotel-keeper.  Selectman,  1845.  Fire  ward,  1841- 
2.  J.  P.  With  his  brother,  Levi  Ward,  proprietor  of  the  Union 
House  man}'  years.     No  ch. 

7.  Levi  Ward  Cobleigh,  son  of  Levi  Ward  ^,  b.  in  L.  ^larch  7,  1816. 
m.  Mav  1.  1839,  Adeline,  dau.  of  Simeon  Hill,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Dec.  9,"  1816,  d.  in  L.  March  2,  1881.  He  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life, 
where  he  d..  Jan.  18,  1854.  Railroad  conductor  and  hotel-keeper.  In 
company  with  his  brother  Willard  proprietor  of  the  Union  House  man}- 
years.  Democrat.  Appointed  Quartermaster  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia, 
Sept.  4,  1844.     I.  O.  O.  F. 


i.     Adeline  Louise,  b.  L.  April  24,  1841.     m.  Oct.  10,  1874,  Robert  W. 

Millen,  express  agent.     Hed.  Boston,  Mass  ,  Nov.  19,  1878. 
ii.     Levi  Ward,  b.  Lisbon,  June  11,  1844.    m.  Josephine  Fitzgerald.    Co.L, 
N.  H.  Batt.,  1st  N.  E.  Cav.,  and  Co.  L,  1st  N.  H.  Cav.    Private,    d.  L. 
Dec.  21,  1874. 
iii.     Ednah  Jane,  b.  L.  Oct.  4,  1846.     m.  Henry  B,  Burnham  (See). 
iv.     Willard  S.,  b.  L.  May  6,  1850,  d.  L.  March  26,  1880. 

8.  Marshall  Day  Cobleigh,  son  of  Erastus*,  b.  in  Chesterfield, 
Jan.  21,  1817.  m.  Feb.  5,  1838,  Phinisa,  dau.  of  Noah  Farr  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Jan.  1,  1819,  d.  in  L.  March  9,  1886,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1833  until  he  d.,  July  20,  1868.  Farmer.  Cong.  Deacon.  Whig  and 
Republican.  Selectman,  1851-2.  Deputv  Sheriff,  1858  to  1863  inc. 
J.  P.  State.     Capt.  11th  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N."^H.  Militia,  1843  to  1845  inc. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

10.  i.     AsHBEL  Wheeler,  b.  May  30,  18-39. 

ii.     Charlotte  Hannah,  b.  Nov.  28,  1841.     m.  Charles  Frank  Lewis  (See). 

11.  iii.     Nelson  Farr,  b.  Oct.  11,  1844. 

iv.     Lizzie,  b.  May  6,  1848.    m.  July  1,  1868,  Royal  M.  Cole  (See). 

138  Cohleigh — Cohurn. 

9.  Edward  Augustus  Cobleigh,  son  of  Nelson  Ebenezer  ^,  b.  in 
Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  5,  1849.  m.  in  1869,  Mary  E.  Hornshy.  He  was 
educated  in  Boston,  Mass.,  public  schools,  McKendree  Coll.,  Lebanon, 
111.,  and  East  Tenn.  Wesleyan  University,  Athens,  Tenn.,  wliere  he 
commenced  the  study  of  medicine  in  1871,  with  Dr.  W.  W.  Alexander. 
He  attended  two  courses  of  lectures  in  Atlanta  Med.  Coll.  and  grad. 
March,  1872.  He  has  practised  in  Atlanta,  Ga.,  Cleveland,  and 
Warren,  Ohio;  Athens,  Tenn.,  12  3'ears  ;  since  then  in  Chattanooga, 
Tenn.  He  belongs  to  tlie  Tenn.  State  Med.  Society  and  the  Tri-State 
Med.  Societ}'  of  Ga.,  Ala.,  and  Tenn.  Prof,  of  Practice  of  Medicine, 
Dermatology,  and  Clinical  Medicine  in  Chattanooga  Med.  Coll.  since 
its  organization  as  the  Medical  Department  of  Grant  University,  and 
Dean  of  the  Coll.  Facultj-. 


i.     Nelson  Eugene,  res.  Chattanooga,  Tenn 
ii.     Clarence  Auonsxcs,  res.  Cliattanooara,  Tenn. 
iii.     Mamie  Violetta,  res.  Chattanooga,  Tenn. 

10.  AsHBEL  Wheeler  Cobleigh,  son  of  Marshall  Day  ®,  b.  in  L. 
May  30,  1839.  m.  Nov.  27,  1862,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Alexander  Mont- 
gomery, b.  in  DroUes,  Ireland,  Jan.  1,  1836,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life,  and  d.  Jan.  24,  1894.     Farmer.     Cong.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

12.        i.  Marshall  Day,  b.  Dec.  17,  1864. 

ii.  Lizzie,  b.  Oct.  24,  1868.     m.  George  Henry  Lewis  (See). 

iii.  Anna  Blakeley,  b  Nov.  2,  1869.     Teaclier.     res.  L. 

iv.  Charles  Montgomery,  b.  Feb.  17,  1872.     Farmer,     res.  Cal. 

11.  Nelson  Farr  Cobleigh,  son  of  Marshall  Day  ^  b.  in  L.  Oct.  11, 
1844.  m.  Sept.  1,  1870,  Elvira,  dau.  of  Solomon  Cole.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  birth  until  1869,  and  d.  in  Walla  Walla,  Wash.,  Nov.  26,  1887. 
He  was  educated  in  L.  common  schools,  Kimball  Union  Academy, 
Meriden,  grad.  in  1864.  He  grad.  from  Amherst  Coll.  in  1868,  studied 
theology  at  Union  Seminary,  N.  Y.  City,  and  was  ordained  in  Marsh- 
field,  Vt.,  Aug.  16,  1871.  Cong.  He  preached  in  Marshfield  from 
1870  to  1877^  Mclndoes,  Vt.,  and  Monroe,  1877  to  1882;  Walla 
Walla,  Wash.,  as  located  preacher,  1882  and  1883,  and  from  1883  until 
death  as  general  missionary  for  Eastern  Wash,  and  Oregon.  He  was 
Supt.  of  Schools  in  Marshfield,  Vt.,  in  1875  and  1876.     No  ch. 

12.  Marshall  Day  Cobleigh,  son  of  Aslibel  Wheeler  ",  b.  in  L. 
Dec.  17,  1864.  m.  April  30,  1890,  Alice  Jane  Aldrieh,  b.  in  Lyman, 
Jan.  10,  1863,  dau.  of  Horace  Aldrieh  (See).  He  is  a  lawyer,  admitted 
to  the  Bar  March  7,  1899,  appointed  associate  justice  police  court,  which 
he  declined;  census  enumerator,  1900;  supervisor,  1894-9.  Cong. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Gerald  Frederick,  b.  L.  Dec.  19,  1893. 


1.  Asa  Coburn,  son  of  Robert,  b.  in  Wheelock,  Vt.,  March  7.  1811. 
m.  Sept.  23,  1833,  Hannah,  dau.  of  John  Carlton,  b.  in  Bartlett,  Feb.  23, 
1812,  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  May  27,  1897.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1855  to 

Coburn.  139 

1892.     Harness-maker.      Cong.      Republican.      Delegate  to  Constitu- 
tional Convention,  1889.     d.  in  Hartford,  Vt.,  Jan.  28,  1893. 

i.  Sarah  J.,  b.  Warner,  Sept.  1,  1838.  m.  first,  1860,  Isaac  Kingsbury,  d. 
Andersonville,  Ga.  m.  second,  1867,  Wilbur  A.  Clark,  harness- 
maker,     res.  Flandreau,  So.  Dak. 

2.  ii.     George  C,  b.  Warner,  March  6,  1840. 

iii.     Frances,  b.  Warner,  Sept.  15,  1843,  d.  L.  Nov.  7,  1863. 
iv.     Abby  M.,  b.  Warner,  Nov.  10, 1845.    m.  1876,  Paul  W.  Kribs,  carpenter, 
res.  Portland,  Oregon. 

3.  V.     Charles  R.,  b.  Warner,  July  10,  1848. 

4.  vi.     John  B.,  b.  Suncook,  May  11,  1851. 

vii.     Clara  J.,  b.  Suncook,  Feb.  18,  1853.     ni.  Feb.  17,  1876,  Sebastian  S. 

Lovejoy,  lumber-dealer,     res.  .Janesville,  Wis. 
viii.     Ida  M.,  b.  L.  April  13,  1856.     m.  1883,  W.  P.  Davis,  railroad  employee, 
res.  Boston,  Mass. 

2.  George  C.  Coburn,  son  of  Asa^,  b.  in  Warner,  March  6,,  1840. 
m.  March  6,  1879,  Nettie,  dau.  of  Jethro  Aldrich,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Jan.  28, 
1848.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1855  to  1886.  Harness-maker.  Fire  ward, 
1876.  Original  three-months  man,  Co.  G,  2d  N.  H.  Inf.  1st  N.  H. 
Cav.     Private.     G.  A.  R.     d.  in  Lisbon,  June  10,  1891. 


i.     Infant  Son,  b.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  8,  1880,  d.  Aug.  8,  1880. 
ii.     Ida  May,  b.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  17,  1883. 
iii.    Ethel  M.,  b.  L.  Oct.  7,  1885. 

3.  Charles  R.  Coburn,  son  of  Asa  \  b.  in  Warner,  July  10,  1848. 
m.  Sept.  10,  1868,  Elfrcda,  dau.  of  Reuben  Hall,  b.  in  Groton,  May  25, 
1846.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  his  life.  Harness-maker.  Republi- 
can. Fire  ward,  1887-8-9-90.  Deputy  sheriff,  1893  to  1897  inc.  Co. 
D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Corp.  Enlisted  Aug.  6,  1862  ;  he  was  probably  the 
youngest  soldier  from  L.,  if  not  from  the  State,  who  carried  a  gun  three 
years.     G.  A.  R.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     He  d.  in  L.  Nov.  16,  1898. 


5.  i.     Alfred  Wyman,  b.  L.  Aug.  24,  1869. 

ii.     Lillian,  b.  Canaan,  Aug.  13,  1871.     unm.,  res.  L. 
iii.    Eva,  b.  Canaan,  Nov.  7,  1373.     unm.,  res.  L. 

4.  John  B.  Coburn,  son  of  Asa\  b.  in  Suncook,  May  11,  1851. 
m.  Feb.  17,  1873,  Hattie  F.,  dau.  of  James  Doten,  b.  in  Canaan,  Oct.  7, 
1852.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1855  to  1871,  and  1876  to  1878.  Druggist. 
d.  in  Colebrook,  Sept.  20,  1885.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Canaan,  — 

i.  Blanche  M.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1876. 
ii.  Harry  R.,  b.  April  10,  1882. 
iii.     Elizabeth  M.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1885. 

5.  Alfred  Wyman  Coburn,  son  of  Charles  R.^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  24, 
1869.  m.  June  20,  1893,  Cynthia  K.,  dau.  of  Frank  G.  Nutting,  b.  in 
Bakersfield,  Vt.,  Jan.  26,  1869.  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all 
his  life.  Clerk.  Republican.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T., 
St.  Gerard  Com. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Wyman  M.,  b.  May  20,  1804,  d.  L.  Sept.  12,  1894. 
ii.     Hazel  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  11,  1895. 

140  Cochrane  —  Cofran  —  Colburn. 


1.  Lorenzo  Darwin  Cochrane,  son  of  John  and  Sarah  (Cole) 
Cochrane  and  grandson  of  Daniel  Cochrane,  b.  in  Saline,  Mich.,  Nov. 
27,  1854.  m.  Nov.  14,  1884,  Cora,  dau.  of  George  Sexton,  b.  in  Sher- 
wood, Mich.,  June  25,  1861.  She  was  educated  in  Union  City  schools, 
Mich.,  and  tauglit  in  the  public  scliools  of  Midi,  from  1879  to  1884, 
coinmcnccd  the  study  of  theology  in  1885,  attending  the  Meadville, 
Pa.,  Theological  School,  froni  which  she  grad.  in  1888.  She  was  or- 
dained in  Bath,  Sept.  25,  1890,  where  she  preached  until  the  fall  of 
1892.  Since  then  she  has  assisted  her  husband  in  his  work  in  Maine. 
(See  below.)  Lorenzo  was  educated  in  Mich,  public  schools,  Albion, 
Midi.  Coll.  and  Mich.  University,  teaching  meanwhile  to  pay  for  his 
schooling.  He  afterward  went  to  Meadville,  Pa.,  Theological  School, 
where  he  grad.  in  1888,  and  immediately  became  pastor  of  the  Uni- 
tarian Church  in  L.,  where  he  remained  until  the  fall  of  1892,  when  he 
resigned  to  begin  a  larger  work  in  Ellsworth,  Me.,  and  Frenchman's 
Ba}-,  assisted  by  his  w.  In  1895  they  made  their  headquarters  at  Bar 
Harbor,  Me.,  so  as  to  be  near  the  "  Liberal  Christian  Church  of  Bar 
Harbor,"  which  they  planted  while  at  S^lls worth,  Me.,  in  1893.  Pastor 
at  Perry,  Iowa,  1896  to  1898,  and  began  a  pastorate  at  East  Lexing- 
ton, Mass.,  1898.  His  most  important  literary  work  is  an  essay  entitled, 
"  The  Revelation  of  God  in  Nature,"  which,  together  with  those  writ- 
ten by  six  other  Unitarian  ministers,  constitute  the  book,  "In  Spirit 
and  in  Truth." 

Ch.,  — 

i.     KiNGSLEY,  b.  L.  Nov.  20,  1888. 


1.  Frank  Adino  Cofran,  son  of  James  H.,  b.  in  Northfield,  Feb. 
11,  1853.  m.  June  1,  1876,  Martha  Culbertson,  dau.  of  William  Gra- 
ham, b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Sept.  8,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1876  to 
1881.  Hotel  manager.  Presidential  Elector,  1888.  Republican.  J.  P. 
State.  Notary  public.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  d.  in  Whitefield,  Aug. 
15,  1896.     No  ch. 


1.  Charles  Merritt  Colburn,  son  of  Simeon  D.  and  Fann}-  (Holton) 
Colburn,  b.  in  Bath,  July  2,  1842.  m.  Feb.  1861,  Esther  Ann  Parker, 
b.  in  Lisbon,  May  14,  1841,  dau.  of  James  Parker.  He  is  engaged  in 
insurance,  coming  to  L.  in  1899.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  The  American 
generations  of  his  lineage  :  Nathaniel  ^,  Joseph  ^,  Joseph  *,  Joseph  *, 
Simeon  ^,  all  of  Dedham,  Mass. ;  Simeon  D.®  of  Clai'emont  and  Bath, 
Charles  Merritt.'' 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Harriet  E  ,  b.  Springfield,  Mass.,  June  21,  1862.    ni.  Aug.  1890,  George 

VV.  Sanderson,  Prof.  Ripon  College,  Ripon,  Wis. 
ii.     Hakry  W.,  b.  Derby,  Vt.,  May,  1869,  d.  March,  1870. 

Colby.  141 


1.  Anthony  Colby,  an  English  emigrant,  was  in  Boston,  1630.  He 
ra.  1632,  Susannah  Sargent.  He  was  freeman,  1634,  of  Ipswich,  Mass., 
1637,  and  later  a  resident  of  Salisbur}-,  Mass.,  being  a  grantee  in  the 
division  of  lands,  1640  and  1643.  In  1647  he  sold  his  estate  in  SaUs- 
bury  and  moved  across  the  river  to  Amesbury,  where  he  d.,  Feb.  11, 
1660/61  ;     his  widow,  Susannah,  m.  William  Whitridge. 

2.  Isaac  Colby,  fifth  child  of  Anthony  \  b.  July  6,  1640.  He  was 
of  Salisbury,  1663,  of  Amesbury,  1667,  and  later  of  Haverhill  and 
Rowley.  He  d.  1684.  His  widow,  Martha,  d.  in  Amesbury,  July  13, 
1730.  Hoyt,  in  "  Old  Families  of  Salisbury  and  Amesbury,"  asserts 
that  Isaac  Colby  married  Martha  Jewett,  a  sister  of  Dea.  Ezekiel 

3.  Anthony  Colby,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  Jan.  24,  1669/70.  m.  Oct.  23, 
1701,  Mary  Currier,  b.  Haverhill,  Jan.  28,  1675,  dau.  of  Samuel  and 
Mary  (Hardy)  Currier.  She  d.  April  8,  1719  ;  he  m.  second,  Dec.  4, 
1721,  Elizabeth  West,  who  d.  June  25,  1738.  He  res.  in  Haverhill  and 
was  living  1734. 

4.  Isaac  Colby,  son  of  Anthony  ^,  b.  Marcli  23,  1711/12.  m.  April  25, 
1734,  Sarah  Davis,  b.  June  4,  1714,  dau.  of  William  and  Mary  (Kelley) 
Davis  ;  shed.  June  3,  1755  ;  he  m.  second,  April,  1757,  Hannah  Colb}'. 
He  lived  in  Haverhill,  where  ten  children  by  w.  Sarah  were  born. 

6.  Benjamin  Colby,  son  of  Isaac*,  b.  July  14,  1750.  m.  Oct.  19, 
1773,  Elizabeth  Hunkins ;  she  d.  Nov.  22,  1806  ;  he  m.  second,  Sarah 
(Eastman)  Carter,  b.  Concord,  Aug.  4,  1757,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Eliza- 
beth (Kimball)  Eastman,  and  widow  of  Jacob  Carter  of  Concord.  He 
lived  in  Sanbornton,  where  he  d.,  Nov.  9,  1816. 

6.  Benjamin  Colby,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  in  Sanbornton,  Jul}'  5, 
1778.  m.  Jan.  11,  1804,  Polly  Woodman,  b.  April  23,  1784,  dau.  of 
Rev.  Josei)h  Woodman.  He  was  a  school-teacher  thirty-four  consecu- 
tive years,  and  was  known  as  Master  Colb}'.  He  d.  Feb.  6,  1856  ;  his 
widow  d.  June  14,  1861. 

7.  Ethan  Colby,  son  of  Benjamin  ®,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  Aug.  29,  1810. 
ra.  March  29,  1843,  Mary  Chamberlain,  b.  April  6,  1819,  dau.  of  Ed- 
mund Chamberlain  of  Colebrook.  He  res.  in.  L.  from  1836  to  1838, 
member  of  mercantile  firm,  Colb}-  &  Eastman.  Subsequently  he  lived 
in  Colebrook.  Representative,  1861.  Executive  Councillor,  5th  Dist., 
1862.     He  d.  March  2,  1895. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Colebrook,  — 

i.     Edward  Chamberlain,  b.  April  30,  1844,  farmer,     d.  Dec.  18,  1886. 
ii.     Charles,  b.  Kov.  21,  1848.     m.  Jan.  22,  1872,  Sarah  A.  Dudley.    Mer- 

cnaiit.     res.  Colebrook. 
iii.     Sarah,  b.   May  10,   1852.     m.  Nov.  28,  1872,  Melrose  V.  Knight,  mer- 
chant,    res.  Colebrook. 

8.  William  Colby,  son  of  Benjamin^,  b.  March  20,  1782.  m.  first, 
Jan.  19,  1802,  Betse}-,  dau.  of  John  Lane,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  Nov.  1, 
1781,  d.  Jan.  13,  1832.     m.  second,  Feb.  22,  1833,  Polly,  dau.  of  John 

142  Colby  — Cole. 

Lane,  b.  in  Sanbornton,   Feb.  25,  1785,  d.  in  L.,  April  15,  1862.     He 
res.  in  L.  from  1852  unLil  be  d.,  April  18,  1858.     Supt.  iron  fonndr}'. 
Cli.,  by  w.  Betse}',  b.  in  Sanborn  ton,  — 

i.  John  Calvin,  b.  Oct.  7,  1803.  m.  first,  Jan.  .31,  1827,  Susan  D.  Morrell, 
(1.  July  30,  1837.  m.  second,  Jan.  1,  1845,  Lydia  A.  Wilder.  Tliysi- 
cian.     He  d.  Franconia,  Dec.  8,  1852. 

ii.     Mary  Lane,  b.  March  3, 180(5.     ni.  Abiel  Eastman  (See). 

iii.     Catherine  C,  b.'Feb.  8,  1808.     m.  Hiram  B.  Smith  (See). 


9.  Willis  Huston  Colby,  son  of  Jobn  F.,  b.  in  Bangor,  Me.,  April 
20,  1869.  ra.  May  27,  1893,  Hallie  M.,  dau.  of  Nelson  Parker  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Oct.  28,  1876.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1891  to  1893,  and  since 
1895.  Publisher  of  "  Republic  Journal"  from  1891  to  1893.  Repub- 
lican.    No  ch. 


1.  Royal  Mp:kriman  Cole,  son  of  Solomon,  b.  in  Stark,  Feb.  12, 
1839.  m.  July  1,  1868,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Marshall  Day  Cobleigh^  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Ma}'  6,  1818,  Cong.  She  was  educated  in  Kimball  Union 
Academy  and  Mt.  Hoh'oke  Seminar}-,  and  taught  in  L.  and  Lancaster 
in  1864-5.  After  marriage  slie  went  with  her  husband  to  Turkey  as 
a  missionary,  and  has  since  res.  there.  She  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1868.  He  was  educated  in  Kimball  Union  Acadeni}',  Amherst  Coll., 
from  which  he  grad.  in  1866,  and  Princeton,  N.  J.,  and  Bangor,  Me., 
Theological  Seminaries.  He  was  ordained  as  a  Cong,  clergyman  in 
Bangor,  Me.,  Aug.  1,  1868,  and  at  once  went  with  his  wife  to  Turli;ey, 
where  he  has  labored  as  a  missionary  since.  Tiiey  were  located  iu 
Erzroum  and  Erzingan  until  1884,  and  since  'that  time  in  Bitlis,  Tur- 
key. During  this  time  the}'  have  made  two  brief  visits  to  the  U.  S. 
During  tlie  Russian  siege  of  Erzroum  in  1877  the}'  lost  tliree  of  their 
children  by  tlie  pestilence.  In  1896,  Mr.  Cole  not  only  carried  on  his 
missionary  labors,  but  acted  as  distributor  of  the  relief  furnished  the 
destitute  Armenians.  His  published  works  are  reports  to  the  Ameri- 
can Board  publications,  and  correspondence  in  the  "N.  Y.  Tribune," 
"  N.  Y.  Independent,"  "Boston  Journal,"  "  Congregationalist,"  and 
other  leading  papers.  In  1896  Mrs.  Cole  took  the  four  youngest  chil- 
dren to  Oberlin,  Ohio,  to  be  educated. 


i.     Alice  Elvira,  b.  Erzroum,  Turkey,  Dec.  23,  1869,  d.  Erzroum,  Turkey, 

July  31,  1870. 
ii.     Frederick  Williams,  b.  Erzroum,  Turkey,  April  6,  1872.     Teacher. 

res.  N.  Y.  City. 
iii.     Albert  Royal,  b.  Erzroum,  Turkey,  Dec.  23,  187.3,  d.  Nov.  24,  1877. 
iv.     Charles  Wesley,  b.  L.  July  15,  1876,  d.  Oct.  16,  1877. 
V.     Edwin  Royal,  b.  Erzroum,  Turkey,  Feb.  11,  1878,  d.  July  6, 1878. 
vi.     Nelson  Frank,  b.  Erzroum,  Turkey,  June  8,  1880. 
vii.     Nellie  Alice,  b.  Erzingan,  Turkey,  Dec.  8,  1882. 
viii.     Alice  Huldah,  b.  Bitlis,  Turkey,  April  4,  1885. 
ix.     Mary  Lizzie,  b.  Bitlis,  Turkey,  July  1,  1886. 

X.     Royal  Hollis,  b.  Bitlis,  Turkey,  July  17,  1888,  d.  Bitlis,  Turkey,  Oct. 
18,  1888. 

Conant  —  Condon  —  Cooley.  143 


1.  Dean  Conant,  son  of  Clark  and  vSall}'  (Dean)  Conant,  b.  in 
Windsor,  Vt.,  in  1800.  m.  Oct.  24,  1825,  Almeria.  dan.  of  Peter  Bon- 
ney  (See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  9,  1807,  and  res.  in  L.  until  1825,  and  from 
1836  to  1848,  d.  in  Thetford,  Vt.,  Nov.  13,  1874.  He  res.  in  L.  a  short 
time  before  marriage.     Merchant,     d.  in  Charlestown,  May  13,  1835. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Charlestown, — 

i.     Ellen  Hunt,  b.  Sept.  20,  1826.     m.  Ezra  C.  Worcester  (See), 
ii.     Catherine  Dean,  h.  May  1,  1832.     m.  Sept.   19,  186(3,  J.  H.  Lindsey, 
farmer,     res.  Nortliford,  Conn. 


1.  "William  Condon,  b.  in  Nova  Scotia,  in  181G.  m.  March  10,  1844, 
Abigail  Gile,  dau.  of  John  Bowman  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  4,  1817,  d.  in 
L.  June  29,  1880.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  to  1861.  Lumber-dealer. 
d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  15,  1865.     No  ch. 


1.  William  Forbes  Cooley,  son  of  Dwight  Henrj-  and  Agnes 
Douglas  (Forbes)  Coole}',  grandson  of  Henry  A.  Cooley,  b.  in  New 
York  City,  Feb.  4,  1857.  grad.  Universit}'  of  New  York,  1878,  and  of 
Union  Theological  Seminary,  1884,  ordained  at  Plj'mouth  (Congrega- 
tional) Church,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y''.,  July  11,  1884.  He  has  labored  in  the 
ministry  at  Bingham  and  Lehi,  Utah,  1882-3  ;  Lehi,  Utah,  1884-5  ; 
North  Branch,  Minn.,  1885-6;  Seward,  111.,  1886-9;  F:irahurst,  HI., 
1889-90;  Short  Hills,  N.  J.,  1890-2;  Chatham,  N.  J.,  1892-7;  and 
in  Littleton  since  July,  1898.  His  published  works  include  articles 
contributed  to  the  religious  press  and  ''  Emmanuel,  the  Story  of  the 
Messiah,"  published  by  Dodd,  Mead  &  Co.,  1889.  Mr.  Cooley^m.  July 
30,  1884,  Phebe  Scudder  Corey,  b.  Westfield,  N.  J.,  Oct.  1854,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  and  Caroline  C.  Corey. 

Ch., — 

i.     Helen  Forbes,  b.  Jan.  13,  1886. 
ii.     Dwight,  b.  May  30,  1887. 


2.  Newton  Spencer  Cooley,  son  of  Jonah,  b.  in  Chelsea,  Vt,  Aug. 
14,  1822.  m.  first,  May  1,  1846,  Catherine  Rourk,  b.  in  Halifax,  N.  S., 
in  1834,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  23,  1878,  Methodist,  m.  second,  Feb.  15,  1879, 
Elzina,  dau.  of  Harland  Keyes,  b.  in  Whitefield  in  1830.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1866  until  he  d.,  Aug.  27,  1895.  Mason.  Democrat.  U.  S. 
Navy.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Catherine,  — 

i.     Newton,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  10.  1854,  d.  Fairlee,  Vt.,  July,  1858. 
ii.     Walter,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  12,  1856,  d.  Fairlee,  Vt.,  Sept.  5,  1861. 

iii.     Newton    Walter,  b.    Fairlee,   Vt.,  April  5,  1862.     ni. Williams. 

Mason,     res.  St.  Augustine,  Fla. 
iv.     Catherine  M.,  b.  Fairlee,  Vt.,  May  1,  1866.     m.  Aaron  Berman  (See). 

144  Cooper — Copeland. 


1.  James  M.  W.  Cooper,  son  of  J.  W.  and  Mary  Newman  (Murrell) 
Cooper,  b.  in  Norwich,  England,  Sept.  27,  1871.  His  parents  came  to 
America,  and  settled  in  Bajonne,  N.  J.,  1888.  He  m.  Nov.  29,  1894, 
Lenora  Frances  Perry,  dau.  of  Edward  Robbins  and  Maria  Freeman 
(Nickerson)  Perry.  From  1889  to  1891  he  was  assistant  editor  of 
"  White  Mountain  Echo,"  and  special  correspondent  of  New  York  and 
Boston  papers.  He  was  a  clerk  in  hotels  four  years,  and  iu  May,  1897, 
assumed  management  of  "Republic-Journal,"  residing  in  L.  In  Jul}', 
1900,  he  was  appointed  chief  clerk  of  the  Bureau  of  Labor,  and  re- 
moved to  Concord. 


1.  Lawrence  Copeland,  the  American  pioneer  of  this  family,  settled 
in  Braintree,  Mass.  The  records  make  the  somewhat  indefinite  state- 
ment that  he  was  b.  in  the  "  Reign  of  our  Gracious  Sovereign,  Queen 
Elizabeth."  He  m.  Oct.  12,  1651,  Lidia  Townsend,  the  ceremony  be- 
ing performed  by  Rev.  Mr.  Hibbins,  of  Boston.  She  d.  Jan.  8,  1688. 
He  d.  Jan.  30,  1699,  one  hundred  years  old.  John  Farmer  lends  his 
authority  to  the  claim  that  he  lived  one  hundred  and  ten  years.  Mar- 
shall's Diary,  however,  mentions  his  burial,  and  says  he  d.  at  the 
age  of  one  hundred  years,  and  his  epitaph  confirms  the  entry  in  the 

2.  William  Copeland,  third  son  of  Lawrence  \  b.  Sept.  15,  1656, 
probably  in  Braintree,  Mass.  m.  April  13,  1694,  Mary,  dau.  of  John 
and  Ruth  (Alden)  Bass,  and  widow  of  Christopher  Webb.  Ruth  was 
the  third  dau.  of  Hon.  John  Alden,  who  was  one  of  tlie  Mayflower  Co., 
1620.     William  d.  in  1716. 

3.  Benjamin  Copeland,  seventh  child  of  William  ^,  b.  in  Braintree, 
Mass.,  Oct.  5,  1708,  res.  in  Braintree  and  Norton,  m.  Nov.  21,  1734, 
Sarah,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Sarah  (Thompson)  Allen,  b.  April  15, 

4.  Moses  Copeland,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  in  Norton,  Mass.,  Nov. 
16,  1745.  m.  Sept.  25,  1766,  by  Rev.  Joseph  Palmer,  of  Norton, 
Hannah  Stone.  They  res.  in  Mansfield,  Mass.  He  d.  Sept.  24,  1840. 
She  d.  Sept.  21,  1838. 

5.  Amasa  Copeland,  son  of  Moses  *,  b.  in  Mansfield,  Mass.,  June  6, 
1774.  m.  Nov.  25  (28?),  1799,  Fannv,  dau.  of  Micah  Allen.  She  d. 
Dec.  6,  1853.     Amasa  d.  in  Mansfiekl",  May  18,  1867. 

6.  Allen  Amasa  Copeland,  son  of  Amasa  ^  b.  in  Middletown,  Vt., 
Oct.  11,  1808.  ra.  June  26,  1835,  Marv  Ann  Kittredge,  b.  in  Dracut, 
Mass,,  May  4,  1814,  d.  in  L.  April  1,  1895,  Cong.  He  d.  in  Mansfield, 
Mass.,  Nov.  6,  1881.      Cong. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    EuwAUD  Arthur,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  6,  18oG.      Co.  K,  1st  N.  M. 

ii.     Georgk  Nelsox,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Midi.,  July  31,  1838.     m.  March  12, 18(38, 
Mary  Hentley.     Co.  F,  5tith  111.  Inf. 

Copeland  —  Copp  —  Corey  —  Corning.  145 

iii.     William  Henry,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Midi.,  May  3,  1840;  killed  at  Antietam, 

Sept.  17,  1862.    Co.  A,  6th  Wis.  Inf. 
iv.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Mich.,  June  20,  1842,  d.  Sept.  14,  1848. 
V.     Frederick  Allen,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Mich.,  July  14, 1845.     ni.  Oct.  15,  1874, 

Cora  M.  Rodolf.     Co.  F,  3d  Wis.  Cav. 
vi.     Francis  Greenough,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Mich.,  April  19,  1847,  d.  Sept.  25, 

vii.     John  Payson,  b.  Ypsilanti,  Mich.,  April  1,  1849,  d.  Aug.  13,  1850. 
viii.     Addison,  b.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Dec.  11,  1851,  d.  Feb.  27,  1854. 
ix.    Lucius  Day,  b.  Battle  Creek,  Mich.,  Aug.  21,  1853.     m.  Sept.  8,  1880, 
Rose  G.  Osborn. 
X.     Harriet  Ann,  b.  Almena,  Mich.     m.  Albert  S.  Batchellor  (See). 
xi.     Willis  Eugene,  b.  Almena,  Mich. 


1.   Jeremiah  B.  Copp,  son  of  Ha3'es  B.,  b.  in  Martin's  Grant,  Sept. 
7,  1832.     m.  Jan.  10,  1858,  Susan  Gray,   dau.  of  John  Rogers,   b.   in 
Jackson,  Sept.  2,  1827,  Cong.     He  has  res.   in  L.  since  1860.     Car- 
penter.     Cong.     Democrat. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Marcella  May,  b.  in  Gorham,  June  24, 1859.     m.  John  W.  Fuller  (See). 

ii.     Susie,  b.  L.  April  29,  1862.     m,  March,  1882,  Albert  J.  Hoyt,  carpenter. 

He  d.  L.  Aug.  18,  1887.     m.  second,  June  26,  1899,  Joseph  L.  Gray, 

res.  L. 

iii.     Charles  Batchellor,  b.  L.  Dec.  26,  1869.    m.  Dec.  1889,  Ehzabeth 

Flynn.     Stenographer,     res.  N.  Y.  City.     d.  Oct.  3,  1900. 


1.  Geoege  Gordon  Corey,  son  of  James  Kimball,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  15, 
1849.  m.  Nov.  9,  1873,  Addie  J.,  dau.  of  David  Millen  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Sept.  3,  1850,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 
Methodist.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ida  Belle,  b.  May  18,  1877,  d.  L.  June  26,  1891. 

ii.  Hattie  Jane,  b.  Jan.  19,  1879. 

iii.  Alice  May,  b.  Oct.  14,  1885. 

iv.  Henry  George,  b.  Jan.  2, 


2.  Harry  Hibbard  Corey,  son  of  Harve}-  D.  and  Ellen  (Hatch) 
Core}',  grandson  of  Jonathan  and  Caroline  R.  (Bishop)  Core}',  b.  in 
Lvman,  Oct.  25,  1861.  m.  May  26,  1888,  Claribel  Qnimby,  b.  May  25, 
1865,  dau.  of  Kimball  H.  and  Mary  R.  (Woolson)  Quimby  of  Lisbon. 
He  came  to  L.  in  1898.     Chief  of  Police.    Free  Baptist.     Republican. 


1.     Marion  Woolson,  b.  New  York  City,  April  23,  1894. 


1.    .John  Corning,  a  descendant  of  the  Corning  famil}'  of  Beverl}', 
Mass.,  came  to  New  Hampshire  about  1750.     The  lineage  is  John*, 
Samuel^,  Samuel",  Samuel  ^    He  lived  in  the  part  of  the  original  town 
vol.  II.  — 10 

1 46  Corning  —  Goty  —  Coiven. 

of  Windham  which  was  annexed  to  Salem,  1752.     He  signed  the  Asso- 
ciation Test  in  Salem,  1776. 

2.  Samuel  Corning,  son  of  John  ^,  b,  in  Salem,  Oct.  1,  1768.  m. 
Aug.  17,  1793,  Mary  Cochran,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Sarah  (Duncan) 
Cochran  of  Litchfield.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  militia.  He  d.  in 
Litchfield,  July  12,  1836. 

3.  Nathaniel  Cornixg,  sou  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  July  17,  1804.  m.  Ai)ri] 
7,  1831,  Mary  McMurphy,  b.  in  Londonderry,  1804,  dau.  of  Alexander 
and  Sarali  (Duncan)  McMurphy.  She  was  a  graduate  of  Adams' Female 
Seminary  and  one  of  a  committee  of  young  ladies  to  welcome  Gen. 
Lafayette  passing  through  Londonderry  on  his  journey  from  Portsmouth 
to  Concord.  He  was  a  farmer  and  a  merchant,  and  was  also  engaged 
in  boating  on  the  Merrimack  River  before  the  building  of  the  Concord 
railroad.     He  d.  Aug.  14,  1869.     His  widow  d.  April  1,  1893. 

4.  Benjamin  Henry  Cokxing,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  b.  in  Litchfield, 
Julv  15,  1835.  m.  July  1,  1854,  Martha  A.  Massure,  b.  in  Dalton,  July 
6,  1836,  d.  in  L.  March  15,  1897.  He  m.  second,  June  7,  1899,  Alice 
(Tultle)  MoflTett,  dau.  of  Charles  M.  Tuttle,  M.  D.  (See),  and  widow  of 
Frank  Tiflft  Moffett,  M.  D.  (See).  He  res.  in  Northumberland  several 
years ;  was  postmaster  at  Groveton  under  Lincoln,  sheriff  of  Coos 
County,  1866  to  1871.  Removing  to  this  town,  he  was  sheriff  of  Grafton 
Countv,  1884  to  1889.  Deputy  sheriff,  1889  to  1893.  Superintendent 
White  Mountain  Division  B.  G.  &  M.  R.  R.,  1880  to  1884.  Referee  in 
Bankruptcy  for  dist.,  including  Grafton  and  Coos  Counties,  since  1898. 
Pres.  L.  Water  and  Electric  Light  Co.,  1887-88.  Moderator,  1890-4, 
96-8.  Pres.  L.  Musical  Association,  1886.  Pres.  L.  Driving  Park 
Association,  several  years.  J.  P.  State.  General  business;  insurance. 
Episcopal.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Nortluimberland,  — 

i.  Nellie  Adelaide,  b.  Feb.  16,  1856.  m.  May  29,  1877,  Charles  W. 
Mclntire,  farmer,  res.  Betlileheni. 

ii.  Hahuy  Granville,  b.  Sept.  30,  1860.  m.  Nov.  17,  1891,  Effie  Robin- 
son.    Lawyer.     He  d.  N.  Y.  City,  Nov.  15,  1895. 

COTY.     COTE. 

1.    Arthur  Coty,  son  of  Achan,  b.  in   Canada,  Oct.  15,  1849.     m. 
Sept.   18,  1877,  Ellen,  dau.  of  John   Defosse,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  May 
15,  1859,  Roman  Catholic.     He  has  res.  in  L.   since  1878.     Tanner. 
Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Fred,  b,  July  7,  1878. 

ii.     Flora,  b.  Dec.  9,  1884. 

iii.     Clara,  b.  Jan.  28,  1888. 

iv.     Mary,  b.  Sept.  1,  18!I0. 

V.     LoiE,  b.  Nov.  24,  1895. 


1.  George  Washington  Cowen,  son  of  Rev.  Charles,  b.  in  Lyman, 
Sei)t.  9,  1841.  m.  Sept.  9,  1863,  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of  James  Caliioun 
(See),  b.  in  Lyman,  Feb.  10,  1836,  Methodist.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since 

Coiven  —  Coiving  —  Cram  —  Cramer  —  Crane.  147 

1879,     Janitor.     Methodist.     Republican.     A.   F.   and  A.   M.,   Burns 

i.     Bektha  Sarah,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  26,  1871.     m.  George  Everell  Hcnrv 


1,  Charles  Wesley  Cowing,  son  of  Wesle}-,  b.  in  Bath,  March  29, 
1847.  m.  May  29,  1877,  Helen  M  ,  dau.  of  Reuben  Mclutire  (See),  b. 
in  Lisbon,  Feb.  17,  1835,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  6,  1891.  He  res.  in  L.  since 
1870.     Farmer.     Democrat.     Co.  K,  6th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private.     No  ch. 


1.  Alberto  Jerome  Cram,  son  of  George  Samuel,  b.  in  Meredith, 
May  1,  1852.  m.  Ellen  E.,  dau.  of  Harry  E.  Bruce,  b.  in  Monroe,  Aug. 
13,  1851.  She  m.  first,  Henry  H.  Parker  (See).  Alberto  res.  in  L.  from 
1876  to  1895.  Livery  stable  supt.  Fire  ward,  1883  to  1890  inc. 
1.  O.  O.  F.     No  ch. 


1.  Thomas  Edmund  Cramer,  son  of  Wilson  and  Amanda  (Griffith) 
Cramer,  grandson  of  Wilson  Cramer,  b.  Johnstown,  Pa.,  Oct.  4,  1864, 
grad.  Wesleyan  University,  1890,  Boston  University  School  of  Theo- 
logy, 1894,  ordained  deacon  (Methodist)  bj-  Bishop  Hurst,  April  10, 
1892,  elder  by  Bishop  P'owler,  April  5.  1896.  He  was  assistant  pastor 
St.  John's  M.  E.  Church,  South  Boston,  1892-4,  and  has  received 
appointments  :  Hillsborough  Bridge,  1894 ;  Hillsborough  Bridge  and 
East  During,  1895-7  ;  Somersworth,  1897-9,  and  Littleton,  1900.  Pie 
m.  Sept.  5,  1894,  Jennie  C.  Love. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Martha,  b.  Hillsborough,  Jan.  5,  1896. 


1.  William  Alden  Crane,  son  of  Hosea,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Aug.  29, 
1837.  m.  Jan.  13,  1866,  Martha  W.,  dau.  of  George  P.  Brown,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Feb.  3,  1845,  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1872.  Carpen- 
ter. Republican.  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R.  A.  F. 
and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 


2.  i.     LoTHER  Joseph,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  28,  1806. 

2.  Luther  Joseph  Crane,  son  of  William  Alden  ^,  b  in  Bethlehem, 
Sept.  28,  1866.  m.  Dec.  3,  1887,  Mamie  J.,  dau.  of  John  Woodward 
(See),  b.  in  Berlin,  Aug.  1,  1869.  He  res.  in  L.  since  1872.  Car- 
penter.    Republican.     K.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Leta,  b.  May  29,  1888. 
■  ii.     LiLE,  b.  June  23,  1892. 

148  Crawford  —  Crooks. 


1.  Thomas  Astle  Crawford,  son  of  James  A.,  b.  in  Canada,  JNIarch 
8,  1854.  111.  Sept.  24,  1877,  Jane,  dau.  of  Thomas  Jenkins,  b.  in 
Canada,  Oct.  28,  1852,  Presbyterian.  He  res.  in  L.  since  1884.  d. 
Nov.  16,  1898.     Laborer. 


i.  Duncan  Blue,  b.  Canada,  July  15,  1878. 

ii.  Mary  Jane,  b.  Canada,  Dec.  19,  1880. 

iii.  Jennette  Rebecca,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Sept.  5,  1882. 

iv.  Thomas  Astle,  b.  Willoughby,  Vt,  Jan.  15,  1885. 

V.  Walter  Alb.xander,  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  3,  1887. 

vL.  Harry  Ellsworth,  b.  L.  Feb.  10,  1891. 

vii.  Almer  Nancy  E.,  b.  L.  March  20,  1896. 


1.  Henry  Crooks  was  b.  in  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  March  15,  1754.  He 
was  a  son  of  John  and  Mar)-  (Drnry)  Crooks  and  a  descendant  of 
the  Scotch-Irish  emigrants  who  settled  in  Hopkinton  about  1720.  Tlie 
name  has  been  prominent  in  the  civil  and  the  business  affairs  of 
the  town.  He  was  a  soklier  in  the  Revolution,  and  before  the  close  of 
the  war  he  m.  Elizabeth  Barrett,  b.  in  Hopkinton,  Oct.  30,  1761,  dau. 
of  Thornton  Barrett  (See),  and  settled  in  Winchendon,  Mass.  He  came 
to  this  town  in  1812,  and  in  1830  removed  to  Coaticook,  P.  Q.,  where 
he  d.,  1846. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  — 

i.  Nancy,  b.  June  16,  1781.     m.  Abijah  Baker,     res.  Kirkland,  Ohio, 

ii.  Henry,  b.  June  28,  1783,  d.  about  1802. 

iii.  Hannah,  b.  March  12,  1786.     m.  Luther  Hoskins  (See). 

iv.  Polly,  b.  June  29,  1789.     m.  Simeon  Dodge  (See). 

2.  V.  Thornton,  b.  May  12,  1792. 

vi.     Elizabeth,  b.  May  31,   1794.     m.    William   Clough ;  m.  second, 

Bailey  ;  m.  third,  David  Bean ;  ni.  fourth, Bly.    res.  Charlestown, 


vii.     Abigail,  b.  May  2,  1797,  d.  July  11,  1798. 

3.  viii.     John,  b.  April  22,  1799. 

2.  Thornton  Crooks,  sou  of  Henry  \  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass., 
Ma}'  12,  1792.  m.  Nov.  25,  1813,  Martha,  dau.  of  Matthew  Peck,  b.  in 
Grafton,  Sept.  11,  1791,  d.  in  Bhick  Earth,  Wis.,  Oct.  8,  1854.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1813  to  1832.  Farmer,  d.  in  Coaticook,  P.  Q.,  March 
30,  1837. 

Ch.,  — 

Henry  C,  b.  L.  Aug.  1,  1814.  m.  first,  1838,  Mary  Keatch,  d.  1856;  m. 
second,  Mary  Lees.    Farmer.    He  d.  Black  Eartii,  Wis.,  Feb.  14,  1889. 

Thornton,  b.  L,  Jan.  15,  1816.  m.  1850.  d.  Black  Earth,  Wis.,  March  23, 
1866.     Farmer. 

Hesterann  R.,  b.  L.  Dec.  30,  1817.  m.  1836,  David  W.  Brainard,  far- 
mer.    He  d.  1886.     Shed.  Black  Earth,  Wis.,  1895. 

Martha  Jane,  b.  L.  July  18,  1829.  m.  July  16,  185-3,  Dennis  F.  Snow, 
farmer.     He  d.  Coaticook,  P.  Q.,  Feb.  17,  1882. 

Olive,  b  Canada,  Veh.  7,  1832.  ni.  first,  1855,  Stephen  C.  Peck.  He 
d.  1861.    m.  second,  Oct.  23,  1805,  A.  D.  Bisbee,  res.  Black  Earth, Wis. 

Crooks  —  Crosby  —  Crouch  —  Cudworth.  149 

3.  John  Crooks,  son  of  Heniy  ^,  b.  in  AVincliendon,  Mass.,  April 
22,  1799.  ra.  Jan.  1,  1823,  Betsey  Bullard,  d.  in  1855.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1823  to  1831.     Farmer,  d.  in  Wisconsin,  about  1870. 


i.     Nelson,  b.  L.     in.  Caroline  Cliesley.     res.  Black  Earth,  Wis. 


1.  William  Sage  Crosby,  b.  in  Roxbury,  Mass.,  in  1849.  unm. 
He  was  educated  in  tlie  Roxbnry,  Mass.,  High  School,  and  grad.  from 
Harvard  Medical  School  in  1874.  He  located  in  practice,  regular  school, 
in  Boston,  Mass.,  but  soon  moved  to  L.,  where  he  practised  but  a  short 
time  before  he  d.,  April  5,  1875. 


1.  John  Crouch,  son  of  John  and  Luc}'  (Willard),  b.  in  Chester- 
field, April,  1806.  m.  about  1830,  Sarah,  dau.  of  William  Sawyer,  b. 
in  Bethlehem  in  1810,  d.  in  Lisbon,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
18G1  to  1874,  d.  in  Lisbon.     Farmer.     Free  Baptist.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     William,  b.  Bethlehem,  March  6,  1832.     m.  Joanna  Baker.     Farmer. 

d.  Dalton,  1884. 
ii.     Jane  B.,  b.  Bethlehem,  April,  1834.    m.  first,  Johnson  Quimby.     m. 

second, Pennock,  farmer,     res.  Haverhill. 

iii.     Calvin,  b.  Bethlehem,  1836,  d.  young, 
iv.     Dorothy,  b.  Bethlehem,  d.  young. 

V.     Sarah,  b.  Bethlehem,  1840.     m.  Daniel  Titus,  carpenter,     res.  White- 
2.     vi.     Calvin  Parker,  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  5,  1844. 

vii.     Dorothy,  b.  Bethlehem,  March,  1846.     res.  Kaverhill. 
viii.     Relief,  b.  Dalton,  1848.     res.  Coaticook,  P.  Q. 

ix.     Elmah,  b.  Dalton,  May  13,  1850.     m.  Dr. Davis,  res.  Coaticook, 

P.  Q. 

2.  Calvin  Parker  Crouch,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  5, 
1844.  m.  Aug.  13,  1873,  Kate  Maria,  dau.  of  Horace  Shuts  (See),  b. 
in  L,  Jan.  11,  1855.  He  res.  in  L.  since  1865.  He  d.  in  L.  April  27, 
1900.     Farmer.     Republican.     Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Corp.     G.  A.  R. 


i.     Bektha  Mary,  b.  May  8.   1874.     m.  Oct.  1,  1895,    Nelson  T.  Rivers, 
res.  L.     She  d.  May  l8,  1899. 


1.  Ezekiel  Cudworth,  b.  in  Greenfield,  March  14,  1784.  m.  Lydia, 
dau.  of  Moses  Lewis,  b.  in  Lyndeboro',  Feb.  17,  1783,  d.  Jan.  5,  1869. 
He  settled  in  Marlboro'  about  1817.  Blacksmith.  Removed  to  Rindge 
about  1843,  where  he  d.,  Sept  15,  1866. 

2.  Ezekiel  Cudworth,  son  of  Ezekiel  \  b.  in  Marlboro',  Aug.  8, 
1820.  m.  April  3,  1844,  Achsah  Ann,  dau.  of  Reuben  Tarbell  (See),  b. 
Jan.  23,  1826,  d.  L.  May  8,  1889.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1872  until  he  d. , 

150  ^Cudworth  —  Ouinmings  —  Curl. 

May   14,  1887.     In  Rindge  was  Selectman  three  years  and  held  other 
local  offices.     (Hist.  Marlboro',  pp.  456-7.)    (Hist.  Rindge,  pp.  494-5.) 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Eliza  Ann,  b.  'Rindge,  1849,  d.  in  infancy, 
ii.     Ella  A.,  b.  Rindge,  Oct.  1,  1852.     m.  George  S.  Prince  (See). 
iii.     Cakrie  M.,  b.  Marlboro',  July  28, 1854.     unni. 
3.      iv.     Charles  Marshall,  b.  Marlboro,'  July  28,  18-54.     unm. 

V.     Emma  T.,  b.  Rindge,  Feb.  7,  1857.    m.  Artliur  W.  Welcb,  carpenter,    res. 

vi.     Sarah  D.,  b.  Rindge,  1860,  d.  Rindge,  1863. 
vii.     Elsie   A.,  b.  Rindge,  Feb.  23,  1866.     m.  Edward  F.  Flood,  barber,  res. 

Mclndoes  Falls,  Vt. 
viii.     Beatrice  D.,  b.  Rindge,  Aug.  26,  1869.    m.  Irving  E.  Eldridge,  farmer, 
res.  L. 

3.  Charles  Mar.shall  Cudworth,  sou  of  Ezekiel^  b.  in  Marlboro', 
July  28,  1854.  m.  Dec.  22,  1875,  Mary  Emma,  dan.  of  Josiah  Forbes, 
b.  in  Nova  Scotia,  May  18,  1857,  Christian  Science.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1874.  Carpenter.  Republican.  Cong.  Appointed  Postmaster 
of  Willowdale,  April  28,  1882.  A.  F.  and  A.  M., 'Burns  Lodge.  K. 
T.,  St.  Gerard  Comd'y. 


j.     Frank  Ezekiel,  b.  L.  Sept.  7,  1878.     Student  Dart.  Coll.,  1901. 
ii.     Charles  Eddy,  b.  Lisbon,  April  7,  1886. 
iii.     Ellen  Achsah,  b.  Lisbon,  Sept.  29, 1889. 


1.  James  Meigs  Cummings,  b.  in  Newark,  Vt.,  April  16,  1844.  ra. 
Dec.  31,  1865,  Ellen,  dan.  of  Nathan  Applebee '^  (See),  b.  in  L.  in  1845, 
d.  in  Methuen,  Mass.,  April,  1893.  She  m.  second,  John  E.  Dustin. 
James  res.  in  L.  in  1863  and  1877.  Supt.  of  lumber  mill.  d.  in.  Beth- 
leliem,  April  9,  1877.  Democrat.  Co.  I,  15th  Vt.  Inf.  and  Co.  I,  1st 
N.  H.  H.  Art.     Sergt.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Willie  R.,  b.  L.  Oct.  5,  1866,  d.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Sept.  23,  1888. 


2.  William  J.  Cummings,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Ottawa,  Ontario,  Jul\' 
],  1856.  m.  June  10,  1878,  Annette,  dau.  of  Edward  Buckley  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Oct.  9,  1863.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1878.  Glover.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch., — 

i.  Edward  John,  b.  L.  Aug.  13,  1881.     Student  Dart.  Coll.,  1904. 

ii.  Bessie  Moffett,  b.  L.  May  31,  1883. 

iii.  Alice  May,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  11,  1886. 

iv.  Charles,  b.  Betldeliem,  Dec.  25,  1880. 

V.  Will  Dawson,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1895. 


1.  George  Mitchell  Curl,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Elkhart,  Ind.,  Oct.  6, 
1848.  m.  Sept.  1875,  H.  A.,  dau.  of  Matthew  Whipple,  b.  in  Concord, 
Vt.,  Aug.  29,  1850.     He  was  educated  in  the  Elkhart,  Ind.,  and  Des 

Cwl  —  Currier.  151 

Moines,  Iowa,  schools,  and  later  attended  Carmel  Coll.,  Mt.  Veiuon, 
Iowa.  In  1872  lie  was  received  into  the  Northwest  Iowa  Methodist 
Conference  on  trial,  and  into  full  connection  in  1874.  He  was  trans- 
ferretl  to  the  N.  H.  Conference  in  1881,  and  served  the  following 
charges  :  Antrim,  1881  ;  L.,  1882  to  188-1  ;  Claremont,  1885  to  1887  ; 
Somersvvorth,  1888 ;  Vt.  Conference,  8t.  Johnslmr}',  1889  to  1891  ; 
Concord,  Baker  Memorial,  1892  to  1896.  Presiding  PLlder,  Concord 
District.  1896,  Manchester  District,  1900.  44th  Iowa  Inf.  Private. 

i.     Alpha  Royal,  b.  Cliarlestown,  Sept.  1,  1877. 
ii.     Chahlls  Matthew,  b.  Antrim,  May  6,  1880. 
iii.     Mekvix  James,  b.  L.  June  16,  ]88o. 


1.  John  Currier,  son  of  Steplien,  b.  in  Walden,  Vt.,  July  2.3,  1805. 
m.  first,  June  17,  1830,  Martlia  Foster,  m.  second,  June  14,  1854, 
Mary  L.  Howard,  m.  third,  Oct.  19,  1864,  Mrs.  Sarah  M.  Wheeler. 
He  was  educated  in  the  district  schools  of  Walden,  Vt.,  and  the 
Peacham,  Vt.,  Grammar  School.  He  was  licensed  to  preach  May,  1830, 
in  Cabot,  Vt.  In  1832  he  was  ordained  a  Metiiodist  deacon  in  Lyndon, 
Vt.,  and  in  1834  an  elder,  in  Windsor,  Vt.  His  ministiy  has  been  as 
follows  :  London  and  St.  Johnsburv,  Vt.,  Circuit,  1830-1  ;  Peacham, 
Vt..  1832  ;  Montpelier.  Vt.,  1833  ;  Danville,  Vt.,  1834-5  ;  Chelsea,  Vt., 
1836-7;  Rochester,  Vt.,  1838-9;  Barre,  Vt.,  1840-1;  Northfield,  Vt., 
1842-3;  superannuated,  1844-5;  Presiding  elder  in  Montpelier,  Vt., 
District,  1846  to  1850,  res.  in  Northfield  and  Barre,  Vt.  ;  Presiding 
Elder  in  Danville,  Vt.,  District,  res.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  1850  to  1854; 
Lebanon,  1854-5;  Sanbornton  Bridge  (Tilton),  1856-7;  Newport, 
1858-9;  Manchester,  1860;  Bristol,  1861-2;  Sandwich,  1863-4; 
Salem  (Pleasant  Street),  1865-6;  East  SaHsbury,  Mass.,  1867-8-9; 
L.,  1870-1  ;  North  Haverhill,  1872-3-4  ;  supernumerar}-,  res.  North 
Haverhill,  1875  to  1883  ;  superannuated,  res.  Montpelier,  Vt.,  1884  to 
1891,  when  he  d.  in  Manchester,  while  visiting  a  sister,  April  25,  1891. 
Agent  Vt.  Bil)le  Society,  1845.  Delegate  to  the  Methodist  Gen.  Con- 
ference in  Pittsburg,  Pa.,  1848.  Chaplain  of  the  N.  H.  Legislature, 
1874.  .Superintendent  of  schools,  Sanbornton  Bridge,  Newport,  Bristol, 
and  Haverhill,  while  located  in  those  towns.  Ensign  two  years  and 
Lieut,  three  years  in  a  militia  co.  in  Walden,  Vt.  Chaplain  6th  Regt., 
1st  Brigade,  "4th  Div.  Vt.  Militia,  1837.  (Conference  Minutes,  1892,  p. 


i.     Martha  F.,  deceased, 
ii.     John-  W .,  deceased, 
iii.     Ellen  \V.,  m.  P.  H.  Hinkley.     res.  Montpelier,  Vt. 


2.  HiRAM  Ellery  Currier,  son  of  John  and  grandson  of  Sylvanus, 
b.  in  Bath,  May  18,  1846.  m.  March  9,  1873,  Alzina  Adeline,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  B.  Tavlor,  b.  in    Lisbon,  Dec.  13,   1850.     Pres.  W.  R.  C, 

152  Currier  —  Curtis  —  CvsMng. 

1885-6.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1875.  Painter.  Republican.  Co.  G, 
lltli  N.  H.  Inf.  Com.  G.  A.  R.,  1896.  C.  P.,  L.  Encampment,  I.  O. 
O.  F.,  also  N.  G.     K.  P. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Carl  Taylor,  b.  Lisbon,  Feb.  23,  1875. 
ii.     Susan  Emeline,  b.  L.  Sept.  15,  1877. 

iii.     Mabel  Elzina,  b.  L.  Feb.  9,  1880.     ni.  Nov.  22,  1899,  Lawrence  K. 
Spofford.     res.  L. 


1.  Ephraim  Curtis,  b.  in  S«fnttrbnrg,  Mass.,  in  1771.  m.  Elizabeth 
Roby,  b.  in  Smithburg,  Mass.,  in  lo63,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  3,  1826.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1795  to  1825,  most  of  the  time.  He  d.  in  L.  Feb.  4,  1825. 
Merchant.     (Grafton  Co.  Gazetteer,  p.  473.    L.  Cen.,  237,  243,  250.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Elizabeth  Swan,  b.  Aug.  8,  1810,  d.  L.  May  15,  1813. 

2.  ii.     KoswELL  H.,  b.  L.  1812. 

2.  RoswELL  H.  Curtis,  son  of  Ephraim  \  b.  in  L.  in  1812.  m.  Nov. 
22,  1860,  Pollen  E.,  dan.  of  Jasper  Hale,  b.  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  in 
1840.     He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  and  d.  Dec.  16,  1873.     No  ch. 


3.  Freeman  B.  Curtis,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Stratford,  June  19, 
1830.  m.  July  7,  1860,  Ellen,  dau.  of  Simeon  Bass.,  b.  in  Lancaster, 
April  15,  1848,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  14,  1891,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1884  until  he  d.,  April  21,  1891.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Stratford, — 

i.     Nellie  M.,  b.  June  4,  1862.      ni.  March  .30,  1887,  Byron  R.   Smitli, 

farmer,     res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
ii.     Lillian,  b.  Dec.  3,  1866.     ni.  Albert  J.  Ricliardson  (See). 

4.  iii.     Herbert  F.,  b.  May  16,  1870. 
iv.     Mabel,  b.  Dec.  23,  1878. 

4.  Herbert  F.  Curtis,  son  of  Freeman  B.^,  b.  in  Stratford,  May  16, 
1870.  m.  April  20,  1894,  Sadie,  dau.  of  John  Duff,  b.  in  Lyndon,'  Vt., 
in  1874.    He  res.  in  L.  from  1884  until  he  d.,  April  24,  1896.    Laborer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Herbert  Frank,  b.  L.  May  22,  1896. 


1.  Charles  Vincent  Cushing,  son  of  Anthony,  b.  in  Walden,  Vt., 
Jan.  25,  1846.  m.  in  1871,  Hannah  Hall,  b.  in  Canada  in  1851.  d.  in 
Concord  in  1871.  m.  second,  Jan.  27,  1880,  Marv  Ellen,  dau.  of  Peter 
C3T,  b.  in  Canada,  Oct.  8,  1856,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1891.     Farmer.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 

Cushing — Cushman.  153 


i.  Myra   Anna.  b.  Concorrl,  Aug.  14,   1872.      m.  Nov.  4,    1890,   James 

Kelley,  laborer,     res.  Betlileliem. 

ii.  Mary  Hannah,  b.  Concord,  Dec.  12,  1880. 

iii.  Henry  John,  b.  Concord,  Jan.  18,  1884. 

iv.  William  Mitchell,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  30,  1885. 

V.  Emily  Pauline,  b.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  10,  1888. 

vi.  Charles  Alfred,  b.  Betiilehera,  June  3,  1890. 

vii.  Eliza  Matilda,  b.  L.  Feb.  4,  1891. 

viii.  George  D.,  b.  L.  Jan.  26,  1894. 


1.  Robert  Cushmax,  h.  in  Eng.,  1580-5.  (See  Jonathan  Smith-"; 
Cushman  Genealogy  ;  Biography  in  Appleton's  Encyclopaedia.) 

2.  Thomas  Cushman,  son  of  Robert  \  b.  in  Eng..  Feb.  1608.  ra. 
Mary,  dau.  of  Isaac  AUerton.  Slie,  with  her  father,  came  over  in  the 
"  Mayflower,"  and  she  was  the  last  survivor  of  the  '-Mayflower"  pas- 
sengers.    Thomas  d.  Dec.  11,  1691. 

3.  Thomas  Cushman,  son  of  Thomas  2,  b.  in  Plymouth,  Mass.,  Sept. 
16,  1637.  m.  first.  Nov.  17,  1664,  Ruth  Howland,  dau.  of  John  How- 
land,     m.  second,  Oct.  16,  1679,  Abigail  Fuller.     He  d.  Aug.  23,  1726. 

4.  Robert  Cushman,  son  of  Thomas  ^  1).  Oct.  4,    1664.     ra.   first, 

Persis .    m.  second,  Feb.  1744-5,  Prudence  Sherman.    He  d.  Sept. 

7,  1757. 

5.  Joshua  Cushman,  son  of  Robert*,  b.  Oct.  14,  1708.  m.  first, 
Jan.  2,  1733,  Mary  Soule.  m.  second,  March  5,  1752,  Deborah  Ford. 
Joshua  came  from  Lebanon,  Conn.,  and  settled  in  Duxbury,  Mass.  He 
d.  in  Marshfield,  Mass.,  March  25,  1764. 

6.  Paul  Cushman,  son  of  Joshua  ^  b.  in  1741.  m.  Anna  Parker, 
who  d.  in  Dalton  in  1822.  He  emigrated  to  Charlestown  before  the 
Rev.  war,  and  was  the  first  blacksmith  in  town.  He  went  to  Canada 
during  some  of  tlie  Indian  wars,  with  an  expedition  to  bring  back  cap- 
tives. He  res.  in  L.  and  Barnet,  Vt.,  until  1796,  then  went  to  Bath, 
where  he  d.,  Feb.  1808. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Joshua,  b.    Charlestown,    176G.       m.    Keziah    Dailey.      Farmer,     res. 
Villanovia,  N.  Y. 

8.  ii.     Clakk,  b.  Ciiarlestown,  Oct.  8,  1769. 

9.  iii.     Paul,  b.  Plymouth,  Oct.  4,  1771. 

10.    iv.     Parker,  b.  Charlestown,  Jan.  3.  1773. 

V.     Ezra,  b.  Ciiarlestown,  June  7,  1775,  d.  in  infancy. 

vi.     Anna,  b.  Charlestown,  Feb.  15,  1777.     m.   Alpheus  Nichols.     She  d. 
Guildhall,  Vt.,  1839. 
vii.     Mary,  b.  Charlestown,  July  5,  1780.     m.  Ezra  Nichols.     She  d.  Middle- 
sex, Vt.,  1848. 
viii.     Dorothy,  b.  Charlestown,  Jan.  2,   1782.      m.   Silas  Harvey.     She  d. 
Barnet,  Vt.,  March,  1841. 
ix.     Ezra,  b.  Charlestown,  March  20, 1784.    m.  Catherine  Putnam.    Farmer. 

res.  Middlesex,  Vt. 
X.     Eusebia,  b.  Charlestown,  Vt.,  March  1,  1786.     m.  May  10,  1803,  Solo- 
mon Smith,     res.  Batli. 

154:  Cushnan. 

7.  Sdule  Cushman,  son  of  Joshua^,  I),  probtibly  in  Diixbnrv,  Mass., 
March  11,  1749.  m.  first.  Lydia,  dau.  of  Ephraiin  Kempton.  ni. 
second,  Thankful,  dau.  of  Natlian  Uehmo,  b.  Feb.  8,  1757,  d.  Water- 
ford,  Vt.,  March  28,  1814.  He  res.  in  L.  from  about  1791  until  he  d., 
Nov.  15,  1795.     Came  to  L.  from  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Lydia, — 

i.     Thomas,  b.  New  Bedford,   Mass.     Master  mariner  and  merchant,     d. 
Baltimore,  Md.,  1815. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Thankful,  — 

ii.     Delano,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Jan.  30,  1776.     m.  Feb.  7,  1799,  Lydia 

Stevens.     He  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  20,  1K34. 
iii.     Lydia,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Dec.   11,  1777.     Pub.   Nov.  30,  179G, 

William  Hobart.     re.s.  York,  N.  Y. 
iv.     Sarah,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  June  30,  1780.     m.  Nov.  1796,  Stephen 

Hadley,  res.  Barnet,  Vt, 
V.     Esther,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Jan.  13,  1783.     unm.,  d.  Nov.  25,  1838. 
vi.     Rosanna,  b.  New  Bedford.  xMass.,  Feb.  23,  1785.     m.  Dec.  1805,  Cyrus 

Smith,  res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
vii.     John,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Aug.  23,  1787.     m.  1809,  Alice  Ilolbrook. 

res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
viii.     Thankful,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Marcli  11,  1790,  d.  Aug.  10,  1835. 
i.x.     Socle,  b.  L.  Aug.  19, 1792.    m.  July  6,  1817,  Esther  Headrick.    res.  Baf- 

ford,  C.  E. 
X.     Cynthia,  b.  L.  Oct.  11,  1794.     m.  Asa  Parker,     res.  Waterford,  Vt. 

8.  Clark  Cush.\ian,  son  of  Paul  ®,  b.  in  Charlestown,  Oct.  8,  17G9. 
m.  first,  Feb.  3,  1794,  Katherine,  b.' Oct.  6,  1774,  dau.  of  Elijah  and 
Mary  (Willard)  Grout  of  Charlestown,  d.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  March  8, 
1837.  m.  second,  Sarah  Hadley.  He  probabl}'  never  res.  in.  L. 
Farmer,     d.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Sept.  20,  1851. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Sally,  b.  Nov.  14, 1794.    m.  Dec.  3,  1816,  Solomon  Stevens,    res.  Barnet, 

ii.     Theophilus,  b.  March  20,  1796.     m.  Matilda  Holden.     Merchant.     He 

d.  Hardwick,  Vt.,  1852. 
iii.     Xerxes  H.,  b.  Sept.  19,  1798.     m.  Jane  B.  Dinkens.    Editor  and  lawyer. 

He  d.  Yorkville,  S.  C,  Jan.  29,  1828. 
iv.     Ira  H.,  b.  May  16,  1799.     m.  April  26,  1830,  Mary  Macorde.     Lawyer. 

He  d.  Geneva,  Ala  ,  Jan.  26,  1848. 
v.     Ralph,  b.  Nov.  18,  1800.     m.  Oct.  25,  1832,  Esther  Rebecca  Brashear. 

Lawyer,     res.  Marksville,  La. 
vi.     Mary,  b.  Oct.  8, 1802.     m.  July,  1825,  Lucius  Kimball.     She  d.  July  16, 

vii.     GusTAVus  Grout,  b.  Nov.  6,    1804.     m.    May,   1828,  Mary  Elizabeth 

Haddock.     Lawyer,     res.  Bangor,  Me. 
viii.     Willard   S.,  b.  July  12,  1806.     m.  1841,  Eliza  Bingham,     res.  Bayou 

Chicot,  La. 
ix.     Louisa,  b.  June  2,  1808.     m.  Nov.  1850,  Joses  Nelson. 
X.     William,  b.  July  16,  1811.     m.  first,  Jan,  1836,  Saraii  Ramsey,  d.  June, 

1837.     m.  second,  Lydia  Walbridge.     Farmer.     He  d.  June  5,  1847. 
xi.     Lewis,  b.  May  16,  1814,  d.  Oct.  6,  1815. 
xii.     Sophia,  b.  Oct.  12, 1816.    m.  Samuel  Remick  (See),     res.  Hardwick,  Vt. 

9.  Paul  Cushman,  son  of  Paul  ^  b.  in  Plymouth,  Oct.  4,  1771.  m. 
first,  about  1793,  Rebecca  Glidden.  dau.  of  Richard  Glidden,  b.  in 
Charlestown  in  1772,  d.  June  16,  1820.  m.  second,  Lucinda  Oakes, 
(widow),  b.  Bethlehem,  d.  March  16,  1851.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1793 
to  180U.      Farmer  and  hotel-keeper. 

Cushman.  155 


i.     Winr.ARD  GuDDK^.b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Aug.  24,  1792.     m.  Frances  Bellows 
Wilson.     Farmer,     res.  Daltoii. 

11.  i.     Elisha,  b.  L.  Oct.  16,  1794. 

10.  Parker  Cushman,  son  of  Paul ",  b.  in  Charlestown,  Jan.  3,  1773. 
m.  Dec.  31,  1795,  Grace,  dau.  of  Richard  GUdden,  b.  Unity,  April  3, 
1777,  d.  L.  Feb.  26,  1843.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1797  until  he  d.,  June 
4,  1872.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Horace,  b.  March  28,  1797,  d.  L.  Sept.  29,  1800. 

ii.     Eliza,  b.  July  28,  1799.     m.  May  29,  1827,  Cornelius  Judevine.     res. 
Concord,  Vt. 

12.  iii.     Horace,  b.  Jan.  24,  1802. 

iv.     Rehecca,  b.  Sept.  2o,  1803.     m.  John  Pierce  (See). 
V.     liicHARD,  b.  Feb,  3,  180B,  d.  L.  Feb.  21),  1822. 
vi.     Mary  Emehne,  b.  Oct.  1811.     m.  Moses  Blakeslee  (See). 
vii.     Elvira  Willson,  b.  Feb.   11,  1814       in.  William    Deiiison    Hurlbutt 

viii.     Laura,  b.  Oct.  10,  1815,  d.  L.  Sept.  18,  1818. 

11.  Elisha.  Cushman,  sonof  PauP,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  16,  1794.  m.  first, 
Viney  Moore,  d.  Sept.  1818.  m.  second,  Harriet  Whitcher.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1794  to  1800.     Stone-mason.     Removed  to  Dalton. 


i.     Edward  Paul.     m.  May,  1850,  Lucinda  Somers.     Stone-mason,     res. 

ii.     Horace,     m.  Melinda  Somers.     Machinist,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
iii.     Louisa  White,     unm. 
iv.     Almira  Ann.     unm. 

12.  Horace  Cushman,  son  of  Parker^",  b.  in  L.  Jan.  24,  1802.  m. 
first,  March  23,  1826,  Abigail  H.,  dau.  of  Major  Edward  Oakes,  b. 
in  Bethlehem,  d.  in  L.  April  9,  1829.  m.  second,  Sept.  15,  1829, 
Phebe,  dau.  of  James  Williams,  b.  in  L.  May  4,  1804,  Cong.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1802  to  1837.  Farmer.  Republican.  Appointed  Capt.  5th 
Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Dec.  22,  1827  ;  vacated,  March  28,  1832. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Abigail,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Richard  Paul,  b.  Jan,  6,  1827.     Leather-dealer,     res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 
ii.     Edward  Parker,  b.  April,  1829,  d.  L.  April  27,  1829. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Phebe,  — 

iii.  Edward  Franklin,  b.  L.  June  4,  1830.     Clerk,  res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 

iv.  Eliza  ABBY.b.  L.  Aug.  20,  1831. 

V.  Charles  Merrill,  b.   L.  June  28,  1834,  d.  Oct.  22,  1883.     Co.  I,  1st 

N.  H.  H.  Art.    Private. 

vi.  Mart  Emma,  b.  L.  April  8,  1836.     m.  James  L.  Harriman  (See), 

vii.  Cornelia  Judevine,  b.  Lancaster,  Oct.  13,  1839. 

viii.  James  Henry,  b.  Dalton,  July  24,  1843,  d.  L.  March  8, 1846. 

ix.  George  Washington,  b.  Dalton,  Feb.  24, 1844,  d.  L.  March  15,  1846. 

13.  Lewis  Putnam  Cushman,  son  of  Ezra  and  grandson  of  Paul", 
b.  in  Middlesex,  Vt.,  Nov.  22,  1824.  m.  Nov.  12,  1849,  Clarissa  A. 
Newell,  b.  in  Winchester  in  1826.  He  united  with  the  church  in  Mid- 
dlesex, Vt.,  in  1843,  was  educated  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  Seminary  and  Con- 
cord Theological  School,  and  was  soon  after  licensed  to  preach.  He 
joined  tlie  Methodist  Conference  in  1849  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  and  was  or- 
dained deacon  by  Bishop  Janes  in  1851  ;  Elder  by  Bishop  Waugh  in 

1 56  Cushman. 

1853.  His  ministry  has  been  as  follows  :  Derby,  Holland.  Morgan,  and 
Charleston  circuit, 'l  849  ;  Walden,  Vt.,  1850-1;  Guildhall,  Vt.,  circuit, 
1852;  Marshfield,  Vt.,  1853-4;  Bristol,  1855-6;  Lancaster,  1857-8; 
L.  1859-60:  Landaff,  1861-2;  Bethlehem  and  Whiteheld,  1863-4-5; 
Shelburn,  Vt.,  1866;  Franklin,  Vt.,  1867;  Rochester,  1868-9-70; 
Lawrence,  Mass.  (Garden  Street),  1871-2-3;  Tilton,  1874;  Nashua 
(Chestnut  Street),  1875-6-7;  Fishersville,  1878.  In  1879  he  was 
transferred  to  Texas,  and  was  Presiding  Elder  in  Texas  and  La.,  and 
part  of  the  time  editor  of  the  "  Southwestern  Christian  Advocate,"  until 
1885,  when  he  returned  to  Mass.,  and  has  since  been  filling  important 
appointments  in  that  circuit.  Rep.  from  Landaff,  1862. 

i.  Clara  Maria,  b.  Walden,  Vt.,  1851.     Missionary  to  China, 

ii.  JcLiA  Kate,  b.  Marshfield,  Vt.,  1853,  d.  1870. 

iii.  Hattie  Jane,  b.  Lancaster,  1858,  d.  1868. 

iv.  Lewis  Newell,  b.  Bethlehem,  1865. 

V.  Frank   Putnam,  b.  Shelburn,  Vt.,  1867. 

14.  Elkanah  Cushman,  son  of  Thomas  "^  b.  June  1,  1651.  m.  first, 
Feb.  16,  1676/7,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  James  Cole,  Jr.,  d.  Jan.  4,  1681/2. 
m.  second,  March  2,  1682  3,  Martha,  dau.  of  Jacob  Cook,  b.  March 
16,  1659/60,  d.  Sept.  17,  1722.  He  was  Representative  and  Deacon. 
Res.  in  Plj-mpton,  Mass.,  where  he  d.,  Sept.  4,  1727. 

15.  Allerton  Cusiiman,  son  of  Elkanah  ^*,  b.  Nov.  21,  1683.  m. 
first,  Jan.  11,  1710/11,  Mary  Buck,  d.  Oct.  15,  1725.  m.  second,  Sept. 
5,  1726,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Geo.  Sampson,  d.  April  17,  1744.  He  d. 
Jan.  9,  1730/1. 

16.  Allerton  Cushman,  son  of  Allerton  ^^,  b.  Dec.  16,  1712.  ni. 
first,  Jan.  30,  1734/5,  Alethea  Soule,  b.  Jan.  7,  1714,  d.  March  3, 
1747/8.     m.  second,  Deborah ,  d.  Dec.  1,  1751. 

17.  Ephraim  Cushman,  son  of  Allerton  ^^  b.  in  Duxburj',  Mass.,  Feb. 
14,  1742/3.  m.  Dec.  20,  1764,  Sarah  Column,  b.  Coventrv,  Conn., 
March  5,  1745.     He  d.  Lisbon,  April  27,  1832. 

18.  Ebenezer  Cushman,  son  of  Ephraim  ^'',  b.  in  Coventrv,  Conn., 
June  24,  1787.  m.  Sept.  4,  1813,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Moses  P^mery,  b.  in 
Dover,  June  24,  1791,  d.  in  Lisbon,  Feb.  24,  1864.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1817  to  1824.     Clothier,     d.  in  Lisbon,  April  16,  1866. 


i.     Mary    Webster,    b.    Lisbon,  June,   1814.      m.  June  4,   1834,  J.   W. 

Mowry,  clergyman.     She  d.  Guildford,  Vt.,  Feb.  14,  1848. 
ii.     Francis  Asbort,  b.  Lisbon,  April  22,  1816.      m.  Dec.  1,1841,  Harriet 

N.   Smart,  d.  Feb.   10,   1885.     m.  second,  Feb.  22,  1886,  Mrs.  K.  K. 

Leverett.     Manufr.     Councillor,  1877.     res.  Plymouth, 
iii.     Moses   Emery,  b.  L.  Dec.   15,  1818.     ni.  Sept.  15,  1845,  Rebecca  P. 

Hale.     Broker,     res.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
iv.     Abigail,  b.  L.  July  8,  1822.      m.  March,  1842,  Elnathan  Searles,   me- 
chanic.    She  d.  Nashua,  May  16,  1843. 
V.     Fanny,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  22,  1827.     unm.     d.  Lisbon,  Aug. 

12,  1875. 
vi.     Rebekah  Palmer,  b.  Lisbon,  March  23,  1830.     unm.     d.  Lisbon,  June 

4,  1881. 
vii.     Charles  Wesley,  b.  Wentworth,  Maj'  11,  1834.     m.  Sarah  Sanborn, 

teacher.     He  d.  Grinnell,  Inwa,  Feb.  1877. 
viii.     George  Franklin,  b.   Wentworth,  June  17,  1837.     m.  Luella  Parker. 

Manufr.     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

Oushman  —  Cutler.  157 

19.  Isaiah  Cushman,  son  of  AUerton  ^^  b.  in  Plympton,  Mass.,  Feb. 
2.  1730/1.  m.  Nov.  1,  1753,  Sarah,  dan.  of  Andrew  Ring,  and  descend- 
ant of  Capt.  Miles  .Standish,  b.  Sept.  2,  1737,  d.  Brookfield,  Mass., 
June  22,  1809.  He  was  selectman  and  assessor  in  Brookfield,  and 
member  of  the  church,  d.  in  Upper  Canada,  near  Fort  George,  Nov. 
2,  1818. 

20.  Isaiah  Cushmax,  son  of  Isaiah  ^^  b.  Feb.  6,  1757.  m.  Sept.  14, 
1778,  Sarah,  dau.  of  William  Ripley,  b.  Sept.  23,  1757,  d.  March  22, 
1844,  He  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  enlisted  in  1775,  and  served  through  the 
war.     Teacher  and  deacon,     d.  Jan.  8,  1841. 

21.  Levi  Cushiian,  son  of  Isaiah '^°,  b.  Nov.  9,  1778.  m.  first,  in 
1802,  Margaret  Ford,  d.  Aug.  28,  1804.  m.  second,  Nov.  1807,  Betsey 
Thompson,  b.  May  26,  1787. 

22.  Thaddeus  Thompson  Cushman,  son  of  Levi^\  b.  in  Sumner, 
Me.,  June  26,  1821.  m.  Dec.  4,  1848,  Lucretia  Williams,  dau.  of 
Samuel  Gates,  Jr.,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Nov.  24,  1823,  d.  in  Lunen- 
burg, Vt.,  Aug.  22,  1850.  He  res.  in  L.  from  March  1,  1868,  to  fall  of 
1870,  and  practised  medicine.  He  commenced  the  study  of  medicine 
in  May,  1840,  and  took  his  degree  in  Bowdoin  Med.  Coll.  in  1844,  and 
soon  after  commenced  practice  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  where  he  continued 
until  he  moved  to  L.  He  moved  from  L.  to  Randolph,  Mass.,  wheie 
his  only  child  i-es.,  and  there  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  White  Mountain,  Vt.,  and  Mass.  Med.  Societies,  and  was 
president  of  the  former  in  1865  and  1866,  and  a  councillor  of  the  Mass. 
Societ}'.  After  moving  to  Randolph,  Mass.,  he  was  a  trustee  of  the 
Stetson  High  School  twelve  vears  and  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Edu- 
cation. He  d.  in  Randolph, "Feb.  6,  1896.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  North 
Star.     Charter  Member  of  St.  Gerard  Comd^-.,  K.  T.    (L.  Cen.,  p.  163.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Katherixe  Elizabeth,  b.  Lunenbursj,  Vt.,  .Jan.  29,  1850.    m.  Nov.  29, 
1870,  Gottlieb  T.  Breitling,  niercliant  tailor,     res.  Randolph,  Mass. 


1.  Stephen  Howard  Cutler,  b.  in  Montpelier,  Vt.,  Nov.  1,  1802. 
tn.  June  14,  1831,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Mercy  (Priest)  Smith 
(See),  b.  in  Brownington,  Vt.,  Oct.  21,  1808.  She  m.  second,  Stillman 
Batchellor  (See),  m.  third,  Joel  Bronson  (See).  Stephen  Howard  was 
educated  in  Montpelier,  Vt.,  joined  the  M.  E.  Church  in  1819,  and  was 
licensed  to  preach  Jan.  1827.  He  joined  the  itinerant  ministry  in  June, 
1828,  and  was  stationed  successively  in  Craftsbury  Circuit,  1827  ;  Troy, 
1828  ;  Barton,  1829  ;  Craftsbury,  1830  ;  Cabot,  1831-2  ;  his  last  ap- 
pointment being  in  Barre,  Vt.,  1833,  where  he  d.,  May  22,  1834.  (Gen. 
Minutes,  M.  E.  Church,  vol.  2,  p.  283.) 


i.     Lucy  Emeline,  b.  Craftsbury,  Vt.,  ^[ay  22,  18o2,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept. 

11,  18:36. 
ii.     Laura  Amanda,  b.   Barre,  Vt.,   April  8,   1831,   d.   Barre,  Vt.,  Aug.  9, 

1 58  Dailey  —  Da  isy  —  Dalton. 


1.  John  Edward  Dailey,  son  of  Martin,  b.  in  Quebec,  Jan.  1,  1847. 
m.  Nov.  26,  1868,  Laura  Rankin,  dau.  of  Warner  Bingluun  (See),  b.  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  Dec.  2,  1845.     He  never  res.  in  L.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Abbey  Ellis,  b.  Dec.  14,  1870,  d.  Sept.  14,  1875. 
ii.     Edith  Celia,  b.  Feb.  1879,  d.  Dee.  1879. 
iii.     Clara  Bingham,  b.  March  14,  1883. 

DAISY.      DIZY. 

1.  Edvtard  Daisy,  son  of  Josepli  Hibert,  b.  in  Canada,  Nov.  6, 
1846.  m.  Sept.  25,  1866,  Addie,  dau.  of  Joseph  Correau,  b.  in  Canada, 
Sept.  8,  1886,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885.  Farmer. 
Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Joseph  Edward,  b.  Canada,  June  8,  1875. 

ii.  Flora  Dinah,  b.  Canada,  July  14,  1877. 

iii.  Annie  Minnie,  b.  Somersworth,  Feb.  1,  1879. 

iv.  George  Alfred,  b.  Somersworth,  Oct.  5,  1883. 


2.  John  Daisy,  son  of  Albert,  b.  in  Canada,  Ma3%  1854.  m.  Jan.  27, 
1873,  Anna,  dau.  of  Roger  Longchamps,  b.  in  Quebec,  Dec.  26,  1856, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886.  Glover.  Roman 

Ch.,  b.  in  Sherbrooke,  P.  Q.,  — 

i.     George,  b.  Sept.  14,  1882. 
ii.     Ida,  b.  Feb.  18,  1885. 


1.  Napoleon  Bertrand  Dalton,  son  of  Nathan,  b.  in  Readfield,  Me., 
Feb.  22,  1837.  m.  first,  Nov.  28,  1859,  Susan  Maria,  dan.  of  John 
Palmer,  b.  in  Cornville,  Me.,  Nov.  14,  1839,  d.  in  Deering,  Me.,  Jan. 
27,  1885.  m.  second,  Dec.  2,  1886,  Emma  Louise,  dau.  of  James 
Knapp,  b.  Lisbon,  Nov.  14,  1847.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886. 
Travelling  salesman.     Republican.     L  O.  O.  F. 


i.  Helen  Maria,  b.  Waterville,  Me.,  May  30, 1861.  m.  Aug.  1885,  0.  0. 
Howard,  Junr.,  mining,     res.  Denver,  Col. 

ii.  Melvin  Palmer,  b.  Deering,  Me.,  May  19,  1864.  m.  1890,  Mary  Has- 
kell.    Mining,     res.  Denver,  Col. 

iii.  Charles  Bertrand,  b.  Deering,  Me.,  May  9,  1868.  ra.  1899,  Josephine 
Lamson.     Electrician,     res.  Deering,  Me. 

iv.     Edward  Tuket,  b.  Deering,  Me.,  Aug.  9,  1877. 

Dame  —  Danfortli  —  Daniel  —  Davis.  159 


1.  Daxa  Paul  Dame,  son  of  William  F.,  b.  in  Tnftonboro',  Aug.  31, 
1857.  m.  Dec.  2,  1880,  Bessie  T.,  dau.  of  William  Slattery,  b.  in  Rol- 
linsford,  Jiih'  3,  1859.  He  grad.  from  Dover  High  School  in  1876,  and 
Dart.  Coll,  in  1880.  He  taught  in  Vershire,  Vt.,  Gonic,  Principal 
Bristol,  Vt.,  Academy,  New  Salem,  Mass.,  Academy,  Lincoln,  Mass., 
High  School;  came  to  L.  Jan.  1882,  as  principal  of  L.  High  School, 
and  occupied  that  position  until  he  resigned  in  1892.  He  went  from 
L.  to  Webster,  Mass.,  as  Principal  of  High  School  and  Supt.  of  Schools. 
Supt.  of  Schools  in  Greenfield,  Mass.,  1898.  Now  Supt.  of  Schools 
Mattapan,  Mass.  Cor.  Secretary  L.  Musical  Association,  1889-90-1-2. 
A.  F.  and  A.  U. 


i.     Florence  May,  b.  Dover,  Sept.  2,  1882. 
ii.     Elizabeth  Dana,  b.  L.  Sept.  7,  1888. 


1.  George  L.  Danforth,  son  of  Edward  K.,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt., 
Dec.  16,  1846..  m.  first,  in  1867,  Julia  Angle,  dau.  of  Tolman  Fifield, 
1).  in  Claremont  about  1849.  Divorced,  m.  second,  Feb.  27,  1892, 
Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of  Richard  T.  Sullivan,  and  widow  of  Charles  W. 
Brackett  (See),  b.  in  Lisbon,  Sept.  17,  1857,  Roman  Catholic.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  1892  to  1895.     Travelling  agent.     Democrat.     J.  P.  State. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Julia,  — 

i.     Ida  Belle,  b.  Lebanon,  Oct.  17,  1870.     m.  George  U.  L.  Leavitt,  P.  O. 
clerk,     res.  Lebanon. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sarah, — 

ii.    Jessie  Agnes,  b.  L.  Jan.  17,  1894. 


1.  Edward  Daniel,  son  of  Edward,  b.  in  Canada  in  1848.  m.  Nov. 
18,  1878,  Vina,  dau.  of  Joseph  Salway,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  24,  1847, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888,  Laborer.  Roman 


i.  Joseph,  b.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Dec.  25,  1879,  d.  Jan.  15,  1880. 

ii.  Newell,  b.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1880,  d.  Jan.  3,  1880. 

iii.  Claka,  b.  Haverhill,  Dec.  24,  188-3,  d.  Julj-  4,  1888. 

iv.  Peter,  b.  Laconia,  Feb.  14,  1885. 

V.  Emma,  b.  Candia,  April  14,  1886. 

vi.  Kosa,  b.  Laconia,  Dec.  4,  1887. 

vii.  Clara,  b.  L.  April  3,  1891. 

viii.  Caroline  Ellen,  b.  L.  Feb.  27,  1894. 


L  William  Davis,  b.  in  Gibraltar,  Spain,  in  18.39.  m.  1868,  Sarah 
jNIorris  of  Lexington,  Mich.  He  res.  in  L.  1858  to  1864,  and  during 
the  time  he  published  the  "  People's  Journal  "  about  a  year.    He  served  in 

160  Davis  —  Day. 

3(1  N.  H.  Inf.,  from  1801  promoted  to  Second  Lieutenant,  and  discharged 
for  disability,  Sept.  4,  1864.    He  d.  in  Lexington,  Mich.,  Jan.  31,  1874. 
She  m.  second,  I.  C.  Wheeler,  a  lawyer  of  Lexington,  Mich.   (Hist.  3d 
Regt.  Granite  Monthly,  vol.  16,  p.  174). 
Ch.,  — 

i.     William  E.,  b.  Lexington,  Mich.,  about  1872. 


2.    John  Smith  Davis,  son  of  Daniel  L.,  b.  in  Lakeport,  Oct.  1837. 

m.  first, Pickering,     m.  second.  May,   1861,  Melissa  M.,  dau.  of 

Jonathan  J.  Lovejoy  (See),  1).  in  L.  July  31,  1843,  d.  in  L.  May  28, 
1888,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1862  until  he  d.,  March  7,  1885. 
Shoemaker.  Cong.  Republican.  Co.  I,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.  Private. 
I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Melissa.  — 

i.  Carrie,  b.  Lakeport,  May  6,  1862,  d.  L.  Aug.  18.  1862. 

ii.  Charlie  F.,  b.  L.,  Sept.  18b4,  d.  L.  «ept.  22,  1865. 

iii.  Infant  Son,  b.  L.  Sept.  2,  1868,  d.  L.  Sept.  23,  1868. 

iv.  Nellie  Abbie,  b.  L.  Dec.  8,  1873.     ni.  Edward  M.  Eisher  (See). 


3.  Edgar  Foster  Davis,  son  of  Frederick,  b.  Machias,  Me.,  April 
17,  1851.  m.  June  25,  1874,  Elmira  S.,  dau.  of  Samuel  H.  Talbot,  b. 
Machias,  Me.,  Feb.  4,  1850,  E^piscopal.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  March, 
1894.  He  was  educated  in  Washington  Academ}',  Machias,  Me.,  and 
Bowdoin  College,  commenced  the  study  of  theology  in  1876,  and 
attended  Yale  Divinit}'  School.  He  was  ordained,  Cong.,  in  Perry. 
Me.,  where  he  was  located  one  3'ear,  1878-9.  Other  Cong,  charges 
were:  St.  Stephen,  N.  B.,  1879' to  81;  Gardiner,  Me.,  1881  to  83; 
Hamilton,  Mass.,  1883  to  88;  Wolfboro',  1888  to  89.  He  was  a 
teacher  and  preacher  in  Penn.  State  Coll.,  1889  to  94,  and  editor 
"Boston  Sunday  Courier,"  1893.  He  was  admitted  to  the  priest- 
hood of  the  Episcopal  Church  in  1895,  and  was  Rector  of  All  Saints' 
Church  in  L.  1895  to  1899.  I.  O.  O.  F.  Delta  Kappa  Epsilon.  Sons 
of  American  Revolution,  Me. 

Ch., — 

1.     Grace  Hammond,  b.  Macliias,  Me.,  Feb.  17,  1878.     Boston  University 

Design,  1899. 
ii.     Clara  Louise,  b.  St.  Steplien,  N.  B.,  Nov.,  13,  1879. 


1.  Comfort  Day,  of  Bristol  County,  Mass.,  was  a  soldier  in  the 
Revolution,  serving  in  Col.  George  Williams'  Regt.  He  settled  in 
Chesterfield  about  1793,  coming  there  from  Mass.  He  m.  Velonia 
Paine,  who  d.  Dec.  1822.     (Hist,  of  Chesterfield,  p.  280.) 

2.  Comfort  Day,  son  of  Comfort  \  b.  Nov.  1775.  m.  1796,  Betsey, 
dau.  of  Zuriel  Albee  (See),  b.  July,  1779,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  25,  1860.    He 



res.  in  L.  from  1802  until  he  d.,  Jul}'  22,  1855.  Farmer.  Represen- 
tative, 1830-1.  Selectman,  1825-6-7-8-9.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

3.         i.  Allen,  b.  July  10,  1810. 

ii.  Amanda,  ni.  July  20,  1837,  Philander  Farr  (See). 

iii.  Olive,  m.  May  18,  1831,  Moses  Hill. 

iv.  Fanny,  ni.  June  22,  1826,  Solomon  H.  Emery. 

V.  Polly,  m.  Moses  Jackman. 

■       vi.  Chastina,  b.  March,  1820,  d.  L.  April  26,  1813. 

3.  Allen  Day,  son  of  Comfort  ^  b.  in  L.  July  10, 1810.  m.  Feb.  26, 
1835,  Luc}',  dan.  of  Ezra  Chandler,  b.  in  Concord,  Aug.  17,  1815, 
Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1864.  Farmer.  Cong.  Deacon. 
Democrat.  Representative,  1850-1.  Selectman,  1856-7.  Treasurer, 
1845  and  1857.  J.  P.  Appointed  Capt.  11th  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,  March  5,  1834  ;  vacated,  April  21,  1835.  d.  in  Brattleboro', 
Vt.,  March  12,  1869. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Holland  Hibbard,  b.  Aug.  9,  18-38,  d.  March  24,  1839. 

ii.  Angeline,  b.  Oct.  5,  1840.  m.  first,  Oct.  4,  1861,  James  S.  Kent,  car- 
penter ;  2(1  U.  S.  Sharpshooters;  killed  at  battle  of  Gettysburg, 
July  4,  1863.  m.  second,  Nov.  26,  1867,  Willis  Bemis,  express  agent. 
He  d.  Brattleboro',  Vt.,  June  18,  1889. 

iii.  Ezra  Alonzo,  b.  June  21,  1845.  m.  May  19,  1868,  Louise  M.  Nelson. 
Shoe-dealer,     res.  Worcester,  Mass. 

iv.  Edith  Augusta,  b.  May  14,  1850.  m.  Nov.  29, 1870,  John  A.  Buffum, 
farmer,  res.  Monroe. 

V.  Allen  Erasmus,  b.  Oct.  9,  1855.  m.  Aug.  20,  1878,  Belle  McDonald. 
Tailor,     res.  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 


4.  Oliver  P.  Day,  son  of  Stephen,  b.  in  Cornish,  Me.,  Nov.  14, 
1810.  m.  Ma}-  29,  1830,  Abigail,  dau.  of  John  Watson,  b.  in  Limerick, 
Me.,  June  9,  1813.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1836  to  1839,  and  from  1857  to 
1868.  Farmer.  Co.  H,  2d  N.  H.  Inf.  Private,  d.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
April  18,  1883. 

Ch., — 

i.     Morrill  C,  b.  Cornish,  Me.,  Dec.  15,  1831.     m.  1852,  Jane  Staples. 

Farmer.     He  d.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  24,  1885.     She  d.  Auj?.,  1887. 
ii.     David,  b.  Limerick,  Me.,  March  18, 1833,  d.  May  24,  1837. 
iii.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Denmark,  Me.,  May  8,  1835,  d.  May  24.  1837. 
iv.     Charles  B.,  b.  L.  March  6,   1837.     m.  1858,  Mary   Buttertield.     He  d. 

Nov.  1879,  Lowell,  Mass. 
v.     Laura  Ann,  b.  Dalton,  Oct.  9,  1839.     m.  Dec.  1857,  Ira  W.  Bemis,  rail- 
road conductor,     d.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  1881. 
Ransom  S.,  b.  Dalton,  May  22,  1841. 
Carlos  P.,  b.  Dalton,  May  2,  1843. 

LuciNDA  J.,  b.  Dalton,  Jan.  16,  1845.     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
Andrew  J.,  b.  Carroll,  Sept.  9,  1847,  d.  Nov.  27,  1865. 

5.  Ransom  S.  Day,  son  of  Oliver  P.^  b.  in  Dalton,  May  22,  1841. 
m.  Jan.  3,  1866,  Lydia  V.,  dau.  of  Philip  Keach,  b.  St.  Johnsburv,  \'t., 
March  2,  1840.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  to  1866.  Farmer.  'Co.  C, 
loth  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 

vol.  II. 11 







162  Bay  —  Dean  —  Be  Fosse  —  Delany. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Fred  T^.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Feb.  13,  1867,  d.  Sept.  7,  1868. 

ii.  P:dward  p.,  b.  St.  Jolinsbiiry,  Vt.,  Nov.  23,  1868. 

iii.  Harley  W.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  20,  1873. 

iv.  Harry  C,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.  April  20,  1873. 

6.  Carlos  P.  Day,  son  of  Oliver  P.*,  b.  in  Dalton,  May  2,  1843.  m. 
first,  May  29,  1866,  Ellen  C,  dau.  of  Levi  B.  Dodge  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Dec.  12,  1845,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  19,  1886,  m.  second,  in  1887,  Marguerite 
A.,  dau.  of  John  Daley,  b.  in  Lancaster,  in  1864.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1877  to  1890.  Merchant  tailor.  Representative  from  Berlin,  1897-8. 
Colonel  on  Staff  of  Gov.  Rollins,  1899-1900. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Marguerite,  — 

i.     Carl,  b.  L.  June  18,  1889. 


1.    Charles  Fr.^ncis  Dean,  son  of  Charles  Rollin,  b.  in  Lonsboro', 
Ala.,  Oct.  30,  1853.     m.  Dec.  31,  1875,  Isabella,  dau.  of  John  Merrill 
(See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  13,  1847.     She  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1875.     He 
never  res.  in  L. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Marttx  Merrill,  b.  Brooklj'n,  N.  Y.,,Jii]y  27,  1876. 
ii.     Charlks  Merrill,  b.  Roselle,  N.  J.,  Jan.  20,  1878. 
iii.     Henry  Merrill,  b.  Koselle,  N.  J.,  Jan.  14,  1881. 
iv.     Agnes  Laurie,  b.  Roselle,  N.  J.,  Oct.  18,  1883. 
V.     Rollin  Colegrove,  b.  Roselle,  N.  J.,  Oct.  20,  1885. 


1.    Daniel  De  Fosse,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Nov.  16,  1853. 
m.  Oct.  31,  1874,  Margaret,  dau.  of  William  Seelc}',  b.  in  Canada,  Dec. 
19,    1856,    Episcopal.      He   has    res.    in   L.    since    1862.      Teamster. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Nelson  Phileas,  b.  L.  May  4,  1876. 
ii.     Florence  Mabel,  b.  Bethlehem,  April  28,  1878,  d.  Bethlehem,  April 

27,  1882. 
iii.     George  William,  b.  Carroll,  Sept.  2,  1880. 
iv.     Edith  Mabel,  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  19,  1885,  d.  L.  Aug.  2,  1885. 


1.    Lawrence  Delany,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Richmond,  P.  Q.,  in  1848. 
m.  March  16,  1873,  Ellen,  dau.  of  Louis  Lavac,  b.  in  Ciinada,  in  1854, 
Roman    Catholic.      He    has  res.  in  L.  since    1884.      Carriage-maker. 
Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     John  Lawrence,  b.  Glover,  Vt.,  Dec.  29, 1873. 
ii.     William  George,  b.  Barton,  Vt.,  Nov.  16,  1876.     He  was  a  soldier  in 

War  with  Spain, 
iii.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Lisbon,  April  9,  1878. 
iv.     Ellen  Theresa,  b.  L.  Oct.  31,  1889. 

Benison.  163 


The  following  lineage  is  taken  from  •'  A  Record  of  the  Descendants 
of  Capt.  Geoi'ge  Denison,  of  Stonington,  Conn.  Prepared  by  John 
Denison  Baldwin  and  William  Clift."  —  1881, 

1.    William  Denison,  b.  in  England  abont  1586.    m.  Margaret . 

John  Eliot,  the  Indian  missionary,  seems  to  have  been  a  tutor  in  his 
famil}'.     He  d.  in  Roxbnrj-,  Mass.,  Jan.  25,  1653. 

2.  George  Denison,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  England  in  1618.  m. 
Ann  Borodell.  "  He  had  no  equal  in  any  of  the  colonies  for  conducting 
a  war  against  the  Indians,  excepting  perhaps  Capt.  John  Mason,  a 
greater  and  more  brilliant  soldier  than  Miles  Standish."  He  d.  in 
Hartford,  Conn.,  Oct.  23,  1694. 

3.  John  Denison,  son  of  George  ^,  b.  July  14,  1646.  m.  Nov.  26, 
1667,  Phebe  Laj-.     He  d.  in  Stonington,  Conn.,  in  1698. 

4.  William  Denison,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  North  Stonington,  Conn., 
April  7,  1677.  m.  in  1698,  Mary  Avery.  He  d.  in  North  Stonington, 
Conn.,  Jan.  30,  1730. 

5.  Avery  Denison,  son  of  William  *,  b.  in  North  Stonington,  Conn., 
in  1712.  m.  Jan.  31,  1734,  Thankful  Williams.  He  d.  in  North  Ston- 
ington, Conn.,  April  3,  1775. 

6.  Elisha  Denison,  son  of  Avery  ^  b.  in  North  Stonington,  Conn., 
Nov.  3,  1734.  m.  Feb.  23,  1758,  Keturah  Minor.  He  d.  in  Ludlow, 
Vt,  May  6,  1809. 

7.  Isaac  Denison,  son  of  Elisha  ®,  b.  in  Stonington,  Conn.,  April  23, 
1778.  ra.  Oct.  21,  1798,  Electa  Newell.  He  d.  in  Norwa}-,  Me.,  Jan. 
9,  1867. 

8.  Lucius  Denison,  son  of  Isaac ',  b.  in  Burke,  Vt,  July  27,  1803. 
m.  Nov.  24,  1827,  Catherine  Bemis.     He  d.  in  Norway,  Me.,  June  26, 


9.  W^iLLiAM  Barbour  Denison,  son  of  Lucius  ^  b.  in  Burke,  Vt, 
April  20,  1833.  m.  first,  April  20,  1858,  Lucy  Marie,  dau.  of  Oliver 
Kendall,  b.  in  Woodstock,  Vt.,  March  17,  1834,  d.  in  Boston,  Mass., 
Feb.  15,  1860.  ra.  second,  Feb.  23,  1862,  Elvira  Parker,  dau.  of  Ohver 
Kendall,  b.  in  Woodstock,  Vt.,  Jan.  28,  1837.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1871-2. 
First  Cashier  L.  Nat.  Bank.     Now  Pres.  .Atlantic  Bank,  Boston,  Mass. 

Ch.,  bj-  w.  Luc3',  — 

i.     Lucy  Caroline,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  3,  1860,  d.  Aug.  28,  1860. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Elvira,  — 

ii.     William  Kendall,  b.  Irasburg,  Vt.,  May  17, 1869.     res.  Newton,  Mass., 

iii.     Grace  Mart,  b.  L.  Dec.  12,  1872.     res.  Newton,  Mass. 

164  Dickson  —  Dixon —  Dodge. 


1.  Harry  Dickson,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Groveton,  Dec.  7,  1866. 
m.  Sept.  20,  1887,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Henry  Allard,  b.  in  Montpelier,  Vt., 
April  30,  1869,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884.  Glover. 
Roman  Catholic.     Republican.     No  ch. 


1.  William  Henry  Dixon,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Belchertown,  Mass., 
May  10,  1855.  m.  Oct.  1891,  Carrie  Bell  lone,  dan.  of  Silas  Avery  Miner 
(See),  b.  in  Manchester,  Feb.  24,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881. 
Farmer.     Republican.     No  ch. 


1.  William  Dodge,  settled  in  Salem,  now  Beverl3%  Mass.,  in  1629, 
freeman  in  1637.  He  was  a  Selectman,  and  frequently  employed  in 
town  and  church  affairs.     He  was  living  in  1685. 

2.  William  DodCxE,  son  of  William  \  b.  Sept.  19,  1640,  was  repre- 
sentative, 1690,  and  prominent  in  local  affairs.  In  1675  he  served 
against  the  Narragansetts,  and  was  distinguished  for  courage  and  skill. 
He  is  complimented  bj'  Hubbard  in  "Indian  Wars."  He  m.  Mary 
(Conant)  Balch,  dau.  of  Roger  and  Sarah  (Horton)  Conant,  and  widow 
of  John  Balch.  m.  second,  Maj'  26,  1685,  Joanna  (Hale)  Larkin,  dau. 
of  Robert  Hale,  of  Charlestown,  Mass.,  and  widow  of  Jolui  Larkin  ;  she 
d.  Aug.  18,  1694.  He  m.  third,  1698,  Mary  Creatty,  widow  of  Andrew 
Creatty.     He  d.  1720. 

3.  Robert  Dodge,  son  of  William  -  and  wife  Joanna,  b.  in  Beverh', 
Oct.  9,  1686,  was  a  prosperous  farmer  of  Beverly.  He  m.  1709,  Lydia 
"Woodbur}',  b.  1690,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Elizabeth  (Herrick)  Woodbury. 
He  d.  Jan.  1,  1764. 

4.  William  Dodge,  son  of  Robert^  b.  1731.  m.  Nov.  14,  1752, 
Mary  Baker,  she  d.  1761.  m.  second,  Aug.  1,  1764,  Mary  Trask,  who  d. 
April  25,  1812.  He  was  a  joiner  and  cabinet-maker  of  North  Beverl}'. 
A  deacon  of  the  second  church.     He  d.  about  1812. 

5.  Simeon  Dodge,  son  of  William*,  b.  March  26,  1755.  He  was  in 
service  in  1775,  and  in  Col.  Benj.  Tupper's  regiment  from  Feb.  13, 
1777,  to  Feb.  13,  1780.  He  m.  Dec.  31,  1780,  Mary  Balch,  b.  May  20, 
1755,  dau.  of  Joshua  and  Joanna  (Williams)  Balch,  of  Beverly,  Mass., 
and  two  years  later  settled  in  Francestown,  where  he  d.,  Dec.  25,  1827. 
His  wife  d.  Dec.  23,  1823.     Ten  children. 

6.  Simeon  Dodge,  son  of  Simeon  ^,  b.  Dec.  13,  178L  He  removed 
from  Francestown  to  L.  earl}'  in  the  century.  He  was  a  farmer.  He 
m.  Martha  Fairfield,  b.  Nov.  28,  1781.  She  d.  Dec.  3,  1815.  He  m. 
second,  1816,  pub,  Feb.  18,  Polly  Crooks,  dau.  of  Henry  Crooks  (See) ; 



she  d.  Dec.  21,  1854.    He  d.  March  18,  1868.     He  was  a  brother  of 
William  and  Baker  Dodge  of  Whitefield. 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Martha,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Louisa,  b.  June  11,  1805.  m.  1828,  Stephen  Skinner.  She  d.  Metamora, 
111.,  1886. 

ii.  Mary,  b.  Jan.  1.3,  1807.  m.  Feb.  20,  1832,  Harris  Wliiting,  b.  New 
Boston,  Nov.  23,  1805,  son  of  Gerry  and  Abigail  (Starrett)  Whiting. 
He  d.  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  Sept.  26,  1817.  Seven  children.  Three 
daughters  iiave  achieved  distinction  in  literature.  The  mother  d. 
Milford,  Kan.,  Jan.  2,  1870. 

iii.  Eunice,  b.  Feb.  7,  1809.  m.  1834,  Samuel  Belding,  a  merchant  in 
Swanzey  and  woollen  manufacturer  of  .Johnson,  Vt.  She  d.  1842, 
leaving  two  sons:  (1)  George  VV.,  b.  April  25,  1837,  secretary  legation 
at  Paris,  1862-3,  subsequently  a  merchant  and  banker  in  London. 
He  d.  while  on  business  in  New  York  City,  June  21,  1868.  (2) 
Delavan  S.,  b.  Oct.  11,  1838.     res.  in  Swanzey. 

iv.  Frances  Curtis  Shedd,  b.  Nov.  5,  1810.  m.  Oct.  2,  1832,  Willard 
Everett,  b.  in  l^edhain,  Mass.,  April  8,  1785,  son  of  Eleazer  and  Lucy 
(Battle)  Everett.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Francestown,  removed,  1844, 
to  Metamora,  111.,  where  he  d.,  April  9,  1872.     She  d.  March  9,  1870. 

V.  Martha  P.,  b.  March  1,  1813.  m.  1833,  Nelson  White,  res.  Dalton. 
He  d.  18-56. 

vi.  Simeon,  b.  July  18,  1815.  m.  April  8,  1840,  Almira  Moulton,  b.  1816, 
dau.  of  David  and  Sally  (Knapp)  Moulton  of  Lyman.  He  was  a 
farmer,     res.  Lisbon,  where  he  d.,  Feb.  8,  1895.     Four  children. 

Ch,,  by  w.  Poll}',  b.  in  L.,  — 

vii.     William  C,  b.  May  15,  1817.     ra.  Mary  Senter.      Removed  to  Mich., 

where  he  d.,  1883. 
viii.     Luther  H.,  b.  Nov.  24,  1818.     m.  Welthy  Senter.     Removed  to  Wis- 
consin, where  he  d.,  1891. 
ix.     Betsey,  b.  Jan.  23,  1820.     m.  William  H.  H.  Millen  (See). 

7.  X.     Levi  Baker,  b.  July  22,  1822. 

7.  Levi  Baker  Dodge,  son  of  Simeon  ^  b.  in  L.  July  22,  1822.  m. 
Sept.  24,  1844,  Hannah  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Erastus  Cobleigh  (See),  b. 
in  Chesterfield,  March  7,  1819.  He  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Far- 
mer. Cong.  Republican.  J.  P.  State.  Ensign  ilth  Co.,  32d  Regt. 
N.  H.  Militia,  1844-5.     d.  in  L.  Oct.  8,  1896. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ellen  Charlotte,  b.  L.  Dec.  12,  1845.     m.  Carlos  P.Day  (See). 

8.  ii.     Marshall  Cobleigh,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Sept.  5,  1850. 

8.  Marshall  Cobleigh  Dodge,  son  of  Levi  Baker'',  b.  in  Lyndon, 
Vt..  Sept.  5,  1850.  m.  Jan.  2,  1879,  Martha  Anna,  dau.  of  Midas 
King,  b.  in  Landaff,  Feb.  14,  1852,  Methodist.  He  has.  res.  in  L. 
since  1865.  Farmer.  Cong.  Republican.  Clerk  School  Jioard,  1886- 
95  inc.     Member  School  Board,  1896.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Ellen  Martha,  b.  Dec.  18,  1879. 
ii.     Alice  Francelia,  b.  Feb.  14,  1883. 
iii.     Kate  Elsie,  b.  Dec.  5,  1886. 


9.  RiNALDO  Dodge,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Lyman,  Jan.  14,  1820.  m. 
Nov.  16,  1848,  Nancy  Maria,  dau.  of  David  Gilman,  b.  in  Lisbon,  June 
19,  1823.  He  res.  in  L.  since  1861.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Co.  I,  1st 
N.  H.  H.  Art.     Private.     G.  A.  R.     He  d.  Aug.  14,  1899. 

166  Dodge. 

Ch.., — 

i.     Isaac  Foster,  b.  Lisbon,  Oct.  2,  1849. 

ii.     Elmira  Oilman,  b.  Lisbon,  March  15,  1853.     m.  Foster  Wbiting  (See), 
iii.     Mauyette,  b.  Lisbon,  June  9,  1855.    m.  Dec.  31,  1874,  Asbury  F.  Jack- 
man,  laborer,  res.  Orosvenor. 
iv.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Lisbon,  July  3,  1859.     m.  John  W.  Clark  (See). 
V,     Oeorgk  B.  McClellan,  b.  L.  July  14,  18G3.     Farmer,     res.  L. 
vi.     Bell  Ahbie,  b.  L.  March  5,  1865.     m.  Nov.  0,  1887,  Charles  Mullen, 

laborer,  res.  Haverhill, 
vit.     Fred  Arthur,  b.  L.  Nov.  6,  18G8. 

10.  Isaac  Foster  Dodgk,  son  of  Rinaldo^,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Oct.  2, 
184.9.  m.  Julia,  dan.  of  Chester  Carter,  b.  in  Lyman,  in  1863.  He 
lias  res.  in  L.  since  18G1.     Farmer. 


i.     Earl  L,  b.  L.  Oct.  25,  1895. 
ii.     Tearl,  b.  L.  April  12,  1897. 

11.  Isaac  Foster  Dodge,  son  of  James  and  grandson  of  Jolni, 
b.  in  Lyman,  Dec.  2,  1833.  m.  Sept.  28,  1862,  Abbie,  dau.  of  Caleb 
Huntoon  Jackinan,  b.  in  Lisbon,  April  17,  1842.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1868.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private. 
G.  A.  R.     No.  ch. 


12.  Harvey  Leander  Dodge,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Eden,  Vt.,  Jan. 
15,  1847.  m.  Aug.  17,  1875,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  John  Henry  Adair, 
b.  in  Canada,  Aug.  25,  1851.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1868.  Laborer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Gertrude  Mabel,  b.  Dalton,  Sept.  26,  1872.     m.  July  3,   1891,  David 
Adams,  blacksmith,  res.  Concord,  Vt. 

ii.  Florence  Etta,  b.  L.,  March  8,  1876,  d.  Nov.  27,  1877. 

iii.  Blanche  Esther,  b.  L.  Dec.  2,  1878. 

iv.  Ann  Eliza,  b.  L.  July  27,  1882. 

V.  Mary  Sarintha,  b.  Dec.  29,  1886. 

vi.  Grace  Luella,  b.  Oct.  7,  1889. 

vii.  Florence  Elizabeth,  b.  June  28,  1892. 

13;  Clarence  Leroy  Dodge,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Hyde  Park,  Vt., 
March  19,  1852.  m.  Oct.  12,  1876,  Lucy  Elfreda,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
Fisk,  b.  in  Dalton,  May  10,  1860.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1861.  Far- 
mer.    Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Effie  Josephine,  b.  Aug.  16,  1877.     m.  April  15,  1893,  James  Parris, 
farmer,  res.  L. 

ii.  Carrie  Goldie,  b.  Aug.  28,  1880. 

iii.  Lucy    Victoria,  b.  May  14,  1882.     m.  Geo.  W.  Brown  (See). 

iv.  Jessie  Frances,  b.  June  16,  1884. 

V.  Clarence  Leroy,  b.  May  10,  1887. 

vi.  Benjamin  Harrison,  b.  March  16,  1889. 

14.  HEPaJEUT  Dodge,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Hyde  Park,  Vt.,  Jan.  6, 
1863.  m.  Oct.  1883,  Bertha,  dau.  of  Roswell  Dickerson,  b.  in  Platts- 
burg,  N.  Y.,  July  1,  1869.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891.  Farmer. 


i.     Ernest,  b.  Lisbon,  Feb.  9,  1887. 
ii.     Irena,  b.  L.  June  28,  1890. 

Dodge  —  Donaghy  —  i>'  Ooge  —  Douglass.  167 


15.  Olcott  Theodore  Dodge,  son  of  Theodore  A  ,  b.  in  Montpelier, 
Vt,  June  3,  1851.  m.  July  20,  1875,  Martha  Charlotte,  dau.  of  John 
Cawstick,  b.  in  Waterloo,  C.  E.,  July  20,  1855.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1887.     Upholsterer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Montpelier,  Vt., — 

i.     Alice  Maud,  b.  April  24,  1876. 
ii.     LorxiE  May,  b.  Jan.  23,  1878. 
iii.     Hattie  Frances,  b.  Oct.  7,  1880,  d.  Aug.  2, 1889. 


1.  Noble  Donaghy,  son  of  Noble,  h.  in  Halifax,  Canada,  March  1, 
1846.  m.  Sept.  16,  1876,  Nellie  May,  dau.  of  Joseph  F.  Chandler,  b. 
in  Bath,  Aug.  26,  1850,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879. 
Truckman.     Methodist.     Prohibition.     No  ch. 


1.  Martix  Luther  D'Ooge,  son  of  Leonard,  b.  in  Zounemaire,  the 
Netherlands,  July  17,  1839.  m.  July  31,  1873,  Mary,  dau.  of  Isaac  R. 
"Worcester  (See),  b.  in  Leicester,  Mass.,  March  3,  1849.  He  grad. 
from  the  University  of  Leipzig  in  1872,  receiving  the  degree  of  Ph.D., 
and  in  1889  received  the  honorarv  degree  of  LL.D.  from  the  University 
of  Mich.  He  was  director  of  the  American  School  of  Classical  Studies 
in  Athens,  in  1886-7,  and  is  editor  of  an  edition  of  Demosthenes  de 
Corona,  and  of  The  Antigone  of  Sophocles.  He  is  an  ordained  Cong, 
minister,  and  is  Prof,  of  Greek  in  Mich.  University. 


The  ancestry  of  that  branch  of  the  Douglass  family  which  res.  in  L. 
is  by  no  means  complete.  From  the  best  information  obtainable  the 
first  American  ancestor  was,  — 

1.  AViLLiAM  Douglass,  who  became  engn^ed  in  au  insurrection  and 
fled  from  Scotland  to  Boston,  Mass.,  in  1745,  w^as  a  son  or  bro,  of 
Archibald,  20th  Lord  Douglass.  He  became  a  shipowner  in  Portland, 
Me,  where  he  d.  in  1779,  leaving  two  sons,  James,  — captain,  lost  at 
sea,  —  and  Samuel. 

2.  Samuel  Douglass  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  but  what  organization  he 
was  identified  with  it  has  been  impossible  to  ascertain.  A  Capt.  Sam- 
uel Douglass  from  Townsend,  Mass.,  commanded  a  co.  in  Col.  James 
Prescott's  Regt.,  but  whether  it  is  the  same  Samuel  that  res.  in  L.  or 
not,  cannot  be  positively  stated,  but  there  are  reasons  for  believing 
that  the  two  were  identical.  Townsend  records  show  that  Capt.  Samuel 
of  Slip  Town,  N.  H.  (now  Temple),  m.  :\Iay  29,  1764,  Molly,  dau.  of 
John  and  Sarah  (Farrar)  Conant  of  Tpwnsead,  Mass.,  and  had  two  ch. 

168  Douglass  —  Dow. 

bora  there, — John,  b,  July  1,17G5;  Samuel,  b.  Aug.  22,  1767.  He 
was  a  resident  of  Temple,  1777.  The  Samuel  who  res.  in  L.  had  three 
sons,  —  Samuel,  Simeon,  and  John,  —  but  tradition  says  John  was  the 
youngest,  and  b}'  a  second  w.,  which,  if  true,  would  prove  that  the  two 
Samuels  were  not  identical.  It  is  probable  that  tradition  is  wrong ; 
that  John  was  the  oldest  son,  and  that  Capt.  Samuel  was  the  Samuel 
who  res.  in  L.  with  his  son  John,  and  d.  in  L.  about  1816. 

3.  John  Douglass,  son  of  Samuel^,  m.  Lydia,  dau.  of  Obadiah 
Morse  (See),  b.  in  Methuen,  Mass.,  d.  in  Lowell,  Mass.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1805  to  1844.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1823-4.  d.  in  Lowell,  Mass., 
in  1863. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Hannah  D.,  m.  Andrew  Blood,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
5.      ii.     Wtf.LiAM   Burns,  b.  Dec.  25,  1818. 

iii.     Maky  D,b.  Aug.  1-3,  1821.     m.  Jan.  10,   1841,  Stephen  D.  Hale.     res. 

Lowell,  Mass. 
iv.     Adeline,  m.  Daniel  Batchelder.     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
V.     John,  res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

4.  Samuel  Douglass,  son  of  Samuel  ^     m.  Sarah .     He  res.  in 

L.  from  1803  to  1813.     Farmer,     d.  in  Wilton.     Baptist  deacon. 


i.   'Louisa,  b.  Lyman,  Feb.  10,  1794. 
ii.     Joanna,  b.  Lyman,  April  15,  1795. 

iii.     Darius,  b.  Brookline,  Aug.  3,  1797.     d.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich, 
iv.     Pamelia,  b.  Brookline,  Aug.  3,  1799. 

V.     Erastus,  b.  Lyman,   Dec.  28,  1801.     m.  first,  Oct.  18,  1827,  Susannah 
Gibbs  Brown,     m.  second,  Oct.  30,  1862,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann  Edwards. 
He  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Jan.  25,  18G9. 
vi.     RoswELL,  b.  L.  May  21,  1804.     d.  Hillsdale,  Mich, 
vii.     Seaver. 

5.  William  Burns  Douglass,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  25,  1818. 
ra.  Feb,  15,  1841,  Hannah  Y.,  dau.  of  Uriah  Smith  Clark,  b.  in  Bath, 
Oct.  31,  1821.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1848.  Railroad  conductor, 
d.  in  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  Nov.  21,  18-90. 


1.     William  V.,  b.  L.,  Dec.  1, 1845.    m.  April  11. 1872,  CaroUne  S.  Schmitz. 

Dealer  in  real  estate,     res.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 
ii.     Curtis   C,   b.   Plymouth,   Nov.   3,    1847.      in.    Ella   Ames.     Railroad 

iii.     Douglass  Burns,  b.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  Nov.  24, 1879.    res.  Fort  Wayne, 


1.  Jamrs  Dow,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Stoddard,  Aug.  3,  1792.  m. 
Oct.  29,  1811,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Luther  Thompson  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  6, 
1790,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  1874.  He  res.  in  L.  from  about  1810  until  bed., 
July  2,  1876.  Carpenter.  Democrat.  Served  in  War  of  1812  as  a 
lifer.  Elnlisted  April  12,  1814,  and  served  until  March  24,  1815,  when 
he  was  discharged  on  account  of  wounds.  Was  in  battles  of  Chippewa, 
Bridgew.ater,  and  Fort  Erie. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Naomi  Hi;ws,  b.  Jan.  9,  1813.     m.  David  Page  Sanborn  (See). 

2.  ii.     Luther  Thompson,  b.  Jan.  25,  1816. 

iii.     Laura  Brackett,  b.  Aug.  18,  1817.     m.  Elisha  Burnham  (See). 

Dow.  169 

iv.     Lydia,  b.  March  19,  1819,  d.  L.  Oct.  26,  1821. 

V.     Mary  T.,  b.  Dec.  8,  1820.     m.  Nov.  30,  184G,  Franklin  I.  Gouch.     Tool 

inanufr.     res.  Fouglikeepsie,  N.  Y. 
vi.     Susan  Hines,  b.  Nov.  1,  1822.     m.  EUery  D.  Dunn  (See). 
vii.     Lydia,  b.  July  26,  1824,  d.  L.  June  16,  1846. 
viii.     Carolin-e  G.,  b.  March  20,  1826.     m.  Jan.  1851,  Thomas  Nichols.     She 

d.  Aug.  24,  1853. 
ix.     Seraphina   Larned,  b.  June  8,  1828.     m.  Oct.  24,  1853,  Hezekiah  H. 

Noyes.     She  d.  Oct.  10,  1854. 
X.     Ann  Amanda,  b.  Nov.  6,  1829,  d.  L.  April  20,  1832. 

3.  xi.     James,  b.  Aug.  8,  1831. 

xii.     Catherine  Balch,  b.  Feb.  27,  1833.     m.  Albert  H.  Quimby  (See). 

2.  Luther  Thompson  Dow,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  L.  Jun.  25,  1816. 
m.  Mav  15,  1843,  Elvira  Bonney,  dan.  of  Solomon  Fitch  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Ang.  30,  1822,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  26,"  1893,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Sash  and  blind  maniifr.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  Director  L. 
Savings  Bank,  1871  to  7  inc.     He  d.  Feb.  21,  1898. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

4.  i.     Arthur  Flanders,  b.  July  14,  1849. 

5.  ii.     Robert  Morrison,  b.  March  16,  1856. 

3.  James  Dow,  son  of  James  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  8,  1831.  m.  first,  Dec. 
28,  1853,  Emih'  Bonney,  dau.  of  Josiali  Kilburn  (See),  b.  in  L.Oct.  17, 
1833,  divorced"  m.  second,  Oct.  28,  1878,  Ellen  Melissa,  dau.  of  Philo 
Scott  Hatch  (See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  6,  1849,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
all  his  life.     Carpenter.     Methodist.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edith  May,  b.  July  14,  1880,  d.  L.  Sept.  5, 1880. 
ii.     Ada  Florence,  b.  Dec.  26,  1881. 
iii.     Leslie  James,  b.  April  2-5,  1885. 

4.  Arthur  Flanders  Dow,  son  of  Luther  Thompson  ^,  b.  in  L.  Jul}' 
14,  1849.  m.  first,  Oct.  30,  1872,  Mary  AUein,  dau.  of  Elisha  .Johnson, 
b.  Feb.  10,  1850,  d.  in  L.  May  27,  1878.  m.  second,  Emma  Euphemia, 
dau.  of  Alexander  McLean,  b.  in  Shipton,  P.  Q.,  July  30,  1859,  Cong. 
He  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Supervisor, 
1882.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  d. 
L.  July  30,  1893. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Emma,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Annie  Elvira,  b.  Oct.  27,  1881. 
ii.     Mary  Louise,  b.  Oct.  7,  1883. 
iii.     Robert  McLean,  b.  Nov.  24,  1891. 

5.  Robert  Morrison  Dow,  son  of  Luther  Thompson  ^,  b.  in  L.  March 
16,  1850.  m.  Nov.  20,  1877,  Ella  Mabel,  dan.  of  George  F.  Woodward 
(See),  b.  in  Douglas,  Mass.,  April  23,  1858,  Unitarian.  He  res.  in  L. 
all  his  life,  and  d.  Nov.  4,  1890.  Merchant.  Democrat.  I.  O.  O.  F., 
N.  G. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     George  Luther,  b.  Dec.  8,  1878. 


6.  Moses  Dow,  res.  in  Haverliill,  was  Register  of  Probate  34  years  ; 
Judge  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas;  Councillor;  Major-Gen.  of 
Militia  ;    Prest.  of  State  Senate,  and  elected  member  of  Congress  by 

170  Boiv. 

the   N.   H.  Assembly.     He  came  from  Haverhill,   Mass.     m.   Phebe 

Ch.,  — 

i.     IMosES,  grad.  Dart.  Coll.     Register  of  Probate. 
7.         ii.     Joseph  Emerson,  b.  Haverliill,  1777. 

iii.     Phere,  m.  first,  Joseph  Elliott,  member  of  Congress,    res.  Brattleboro', 
Vt.     m.  second,  Moses  Johnson. 

7.  Joseph  Emerson  Dow,  son  of  Moses  ^,  b.  in  Haverhill,  1777. 
Dart.  Coll.,  1799.  He  read  for  his  profession  with  his  father,  and  was 
admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Haverhill,  Sept.  term,  1802,  and  in  Caledonia 
Coiintv,  Vt. ,  1803.  He  practised  a  few  years  in  Haverhill,  and  removed 
to  Littleton,  1807,  being  the  first  lawyer  in  this  town.  In  1811  he 
removed  to  Franconia,  where  he  res.  until  1830,  holding  office,  and 
being  useful  in  town  affairs.  He  lived  a  few  years  in  Thornton,  but 
returned  in  1847  to  Franconia,  where  he  d.,  Aug.  25,  1857.  He  m.  Abi- 
gail B.  Arnold,  b.  March  12,  1780,  dan.  of  Jonathan  Arnold  (See). 
She  d.  in  Franconia,  1824 ;  he  m.  second,  Nancy  Bagley  of  Thornton. 
Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  (L.  Cen.  p.  127.  Grafton  Co.  Gazetteer, 
p.  99.     G.  and  C.  Bar  Ass'n,  vol.  2,  p.  416.) 


i.     Catherine,  b.  L.,  d.  hi  infancy. 

ii.     James  Barber,  b.  L.  May  5,  1807.     m.  Mary  McBirney.     Printer  and 
publisher.     He  d.  Boston,  Mass.,  1877. 

8.  iii.     Moses  Arnold,  b.  L.  May  20,  1810. 

iv.     George   Burrill,  b.  Lincohi,  July    5,  1812.      m.    Hannah   Emerson. 

Hatter.     He  d.  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Oct.,  1880. 
V.    Charles   Marsh,   b.  Lincoln,  June  6,   1816.     Harness-maker.     He  d. 
Boston,  Mass.,  1841. 

8.  Moses  Arnold  Dow,  son  of  Joseph  Emerson'^,  b.  in  L.  May  20, 
1810.  m.  Oct.  20,  1836,  Elizabeth  T.  Houghton,  b.  Boston,  Mass., 
July  7,  1811.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1813,  when  he  moved  to 
Franconia  with  his  parents,  where  he  remained  until  fourteen,  when  he 
went  to  Haverhill  to  learn  the  printer's  trade  and  attend  the  academy. 
When  seventeen  he  left  his  employer  and  returned  to  Franconia  for  a 
short  time.  After  another  3-ear  at  the  trade  he  went  to  Boston,  and 
soon  started  in  the  publishing  business  for  himself.  Before  he  was 
thirt}'  years  old  he  had  founded  nine  periodicals,  all  of  them  failures. 
He  then  worked  as  compositor  some  six  months  on  the  "  Boston  Trav- 
eller," and  during  that  time  formulated  and  established  the  "  Waverly 
Magazine,"  which  he  started  in  1850  with  less  than  five  dollars  of  his 
own.  At  first  it  was  published  at  a  heavy  loss,  but  the  circulation 
gradually  increased,  until  at  its  best  it  paid  a  net  income  of  $150,000 
a  year.  *^Mr.  Dow  remembered  the  place  of  his  birth  by  giving  the  fine 
clock  on  our  school  building,  and  of  his  youth  by  endowing  Dow  Acad- 
emy in  Franconia.  He  d.  June  22,  1886.  (Childs'  Grafton  Co.  Gaz., 
pp.  271-2-3). 

Ch., — 

Mary,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  22,  1844.     m.  Sept.   27,  1870,  G.  R.  W. 

Scott,  clergyman,     res.  Leominster,  Mass. 
Emma,  b.  Andover,  Mass.,  Oct.  15,  1816.     m.  Oct.  7,  1870,  Leonard  T. 

Cutter,  merchant,     res.,  Boston,  Mass. 

Dow  —  Drew.  171 


9.  James  Dow,  h.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Sept.  23,  1780,  Had  two  sons, 
Samuel  and  Amos  H, 

10.  Samuel  Dow,  son  of  James  ^,  b,  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Aug.  27,  1803. 
m.  Oct.  1,  1829,  Jennette  Kingsley,  b.  Dec.  9,  1803,  d,  Dec.  12,  1846. 
He  d.  in  Greensboro',  Vt.,  April  9,  1871. 

11.  William  Kingsley  Dow,  son  of  Samuel  ^°,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Oct. 
13,  1830.  m.  Huldah  ^laria,  dan.  of  Alden  Farnswortli,  b.  ^lay  6, 
1828,  d.  in  Clinton,  Wis.,  Nov,  7,  1875.  He  was  a  merchant  and  travel- 
ling salesman,     d.  in  Lincoln,  Neb.,  Mav  17,  1877.     Democrat. 


i.     William  K.,  b.  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  May  3,  1860.   m.  March  2, 1890,  Minnie 

Glover.     (Divorced.)     Printer,     res  L. 

14.      ii.     Dexter  D.,  b.  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  20,  1863.     unm.     Lawyer  and  clerk 

of  Court  for  Graf  ton  Co.     (Book  of  Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  285.) 

iii.     Jennie  A.,  b  Chicago,  111.,  Oct.  9,  1866.     m.  John  Harry  Henry  (See). 

12.  Samuel  H.  Dow,  son  of  SamueP",  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt,  April  13, 
1840.  m.  Oct.  4,  1875,  Mandana,  dau.  of  Carter  Himtoon  (See),  and 
widow  of  Milo  E.  Fulford,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  11,  1847.  He  has  res,  in  L, 
since  1873.  Merchant,  Republican.  Co.  D,  4tli  Vt.  Inf.  Private. 
G.  A.  R.     No  ch. 

13.  Amos  Dow,  son  of  Samuel  ^°,  b,  in  Greensboro',  Vt.,  Feb.  28, 
1846.  m,  April  4,  1882,  Maiy  Jane,  dau.  of  Carter  Huntoon,  b.  in  L. 
July  21,  1840.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1878.  Farmer.  Republican. 
Co.  F,  4th  Vt.  Inf.     Private.     No  ch.     G.  A.  R. 

14.  Dexter  D.  Dow,  son  of  William  Kingsley  ^\  b.  Buffalo,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  20,  1863.  unm.  He  attended  St,  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Academy  three 
years,  and  grad.  Dart.  Coll.,  1889.  He  read  law  with  Bingham,  Mitchell 
&  Batchellor,  and  was  admitted  to  the  Bar,  1892.  In  January,  1893, 
he  was  appointed  Clerk  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Grafton  Count}',  wliich 
influenced  a  removal  to  Woodsville,  where  he  has  continued  to  reside, 
meantime,  however,  owuing  a  homestead  and  maintaining  a  legal  domi- 
cile at  L.  He  is  a  trustee  of  the  Woodsville  Public  Library,  a  director 
of  the  Woodsville  Loan  and  Banking  Companj'.  Democrat.  K.  P., 
A.  F.  and  A,  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  A.  A. 
S.  R.,  32^ 


1.  William  Drew,  b.  in  England,  l627.  Came  a  youth  to.  New 
England  and  settled  at  Dover.  He  lived  in  the  section  called  03'ster 
River,  and  now  Durham.  He  d.  1669.  ,  His  wife  Sarah  survived  him 
and  m.  second,  William  Follett. 

2.  John  Drew,  son  of  William  S  b.  1650.  d.  Oct.  27,  1723.  He 
was  a  cooper  and  farmer  and  dealer  in  lands.  He  was  buried  upon 
his  farm  in  Dover,  and  the  gravestone  is  still  legible.  The  name  of 
his  first  wife  was  Sarah.  He  m.  second,  1720,  Rebecca  Cook.  She  m, 
second,  about  1725,  Samuel  Starbird. 

172  Dreiv  —  Drolien  —  Buffy. 

3.  Lemuel  Drew,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  Ma}'  26,  1722 ;  was  a  farmer  at 
Back  River  in  Dover,     m.  Anna  Bunker.     He  d.  1673. 

4.  Andrew  Drew,  son  of  Lemuel^,  b.  Dover,  March  25,  1758.  m. 
Joanna  Hodgdon.  He  was  a  soldier  in  Drowne's  Co.,  Peabody's  Regt., 
R.  I.  Service,  1778,  and  was  a  pensioner.  At  the  close  of  the  war  he 
settled  in  Brookfield. 

5.  Lemuel  Drew,  son  of  Andrew  *,  b.  in  Brookfield,  Feb.  16,  1803. 
d.  in  Dover,  1879.  res.  Newmarket  and  Durham.  He  m.  1824,  L3dia 
H.  Twombly,  b.  1806,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Abby  (Nute)  Twomblyof 
Durham.     S"he  d.  March  10,  1854. 

6.  George  Kittredge  Drew,  son  of  Lemuel  ^,  b.  in  Newmarket, 
March  11,  1828.  m.  1851,  Luc}' A.  French,  res.  Newmarket,  and  after 
1858  Dover.  His  dau.  Lydia  Ann,  b.  Newmarket,  Dec.  30,  1854,  m. 
James  R.  Jackson  (See)  ;  dau.  Lizzie  Frances,  b.  Sept.  11,  1862,  m. 
Will  P.  Buckley  (See). 


7.  Alfred  E.  Drew,  son  of  Aaron,  b.  in  Fairfax,  Vt.,  Sept.  14, 
1841.  m.  July  17,  1867,  Anna  E.  Atwood.  He  was  educated  in  the 
Vt.  Conference  Seminary,  Newbury,  Vt.,  and  in  1864  commenced  the 
study  of  theology  in  the  Concord  Biblical  Institute,  from  which  he  grad. 
June  14,  1866.  He  was  ordained  a  Methodist  minister  at  the  N.  H. 
Conference,  Lisbon,  in  1869.  His  ministry  so  far  as  attainable  has 
been  as  follows  :  L.,  1867  and  8  ;  Bristol,  1869  and  70  ;  Concord,  1871- 
2-3  ;  Haverhill,  Mass.  (Grace  Church),  1874-5-6  ;  Lawrence,  Mass. 
(Garden  Street  Church),  1877-8-9;  Manchester  (St.  Paul's  Church), 
1880-1-2  ;  New  Bedford,  Mass.  (Pleasant  Street  Church),  1883-4-5. 
He  is  not  now  connected  with  any  Conference,  but  is  engaged  in  busi- 
ness in  N.  H.  and  Florida,  preaching  a  part  of  the  time. 

Ch., — 

i.     Katie  A. 


1.  Edward  Drohen,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Dec.  20,  1858. 
m.  March  19,  1885,  Clara  E.,  dau.  of  Samuel  Mann,  b.  in  Foxboro', 
Mass.,  Aug.  19,  1855.    He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888.    Clerk.    Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Edward  Forrest,  b.  Bethleliem,  Jan.  18,  1887. 

ii.  Flossie  Evelyn,  b.  L.  July  19,  1888. 

iii.  Ernest  Fay,  b.  L.  Nov.  18,  1889. 

iv.  Ida  Annis,  b.  L.  April  22,  1895. 


1.    Peter  Duffy,    b.   in  Canada,     m.  Nov.   29,  1854,  Ann,  dau.  of 
Patrick  Glynn,  b.  in  Ireland  in  1828,  Roman  Catholic.     He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1859.     Laborer.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Mary,  b.  St.  .Tohnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  12,  1857.     m.  James  Brown  (See), 
ii.     Rhoda,  b.  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt.,  June  10,  1858.     m.  Jolin  Reagan  (See), 
iii.    Jennie,  b.  L.  Aug.  25,  1869. 

Dunbar.  173 


1.  Jacob  Kent  Dunbar,  son  of  David  (who  was  b.  in  Scotland),  b. 
in  Danville,  Vt.,  Jan.  25,  1799.  m.  Electa,  dan.  of  S.vlvanns  Currier, 
b.  in  1817,  d.  L.  March  9,  1886.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1842  until  he  d., 
April  28,  1890.     Republican. 


2.  i.     Jacob  Kent,  b.  Bath,  March  1,  1831. 

ii.    Julia   Mandane,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  1838.     m.  Francis  H.  Smith 

iii.     Lucia  Maria,  b.  Lisbon,  July,  1840. 
iv.     Charles  Edwin,  b.  L.  July,  1846.     unm.,  res.  L.     Farmer. 

2.  Jacob  Kent  Dunbar,  son  of  Jacob  Kent^,  b.  in  Bath,  March  1, 
1831.  ni.  first,  Oct.  24,  1855,  Amanda  M.,  dau.  of  Solomon  Lewis 
(See),  b.  in  L.  March  7,  1836,  d.  Aug.  9,  1858.  m.  second,  Sept.  13, 
1859,  Helen  Mar,  dau.  of  Luther  Hitchcock,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Feb. 
27,  1835.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1842.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Select- 
man, 1867-8-75-6-7-8. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Amanda,  b.  in  L., — 

i.     Mary  Electa,  b.  Oct.  4,  1856.     m.  Oct.  20,  1875,  Fred  Fulford,  miller, 
res.  Lisbon. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Helen,  b.  in  L.,  — 

ii.     Amanda,  b.  June  6,  1863,  d.  L.  Aug.  29,  1866. 
iii.     Eva  Lue,  b.  Oct.  27,  1867.     m.  Otho  S.  Carter  (See), 
iv.     Luther  Kent,  b.  Sept.  17,  1879. 


3.  John  C.  Dunbar,  son  of  David,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  in  1787.  m. 
first,  Sally  S.,  dau.  of  Seth  Ford,  b.  in  Piermont,  Sept.  17,  1784,  d.  New- 
burv,  Vt.,  March  2,  1852.  m.  second,  Sarah  Bacon,  b.  in  Dalton,  in 
1810,  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  27,  1868.     He  d.  in  L.  Feb.  11,  1870. 


i.    Lillias  M.,b.  Jan.  8,  1812.     m.  Feb.  25,  1833,  Luther  W.  Hitchcock. 
He  d.  Worcester,  Mass.,  May  30,  1861.     She  d.  Cabot,  Vt.,  May,  1894. 
ii.     Mary,  ni.  Samuel  Stalbird,  tailor, 
iii.     David,  d.  j'oung. 
iv.     Emma,  d.  young. 

v.     LucRETiA  M  ,  m.  Albert  Lovejoy,  painter.      He  d.  L.  Aug.  20,  1886. 
She  d.  L.  Nov.  6,  1866. 
4.     vi.     Henry  E.,  b.  Peacham,  Vt.,  Oct.  13,  1827. 

4.  Henry  E.  Dunbar,  son  of  John  C.l  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Oct.  13, 
1827.  m.  Jan.  1,  1851,  Mary  R.,  dau.  of  Charles  George,  b.  in  New- 
bury, Vt.,  Dec.  13,  1831.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1868  to  1873.  Painter. 
Republican.  Co.  E,  3d  Vt.  Inf.  Corporal.  Co.  A,  Mass.  H.  Art.  Pri- 
vate,    d.  Maiden.  Mass.,  March  2,  1889. 


1.  ♦Mart  Ella,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  25,  1851.     m.  July  12,  1874,  John  H. 

Webb,  rubber  boot  maker,  res.  Maiden,  Mass. 
ii.     Lizzie  Emma,  b.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  2-3,  1856.     m.  June  3, 1874,  Frank- 
lin I.  Welch,  architect,  res.  Maiden,  Alass. 
iii.     William  Albert,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  March  18, 1864.     m.  July  17,  1886, 
Minnie  M.  Canfield.     Watchmaker,     res.  Maiden,  Mass. 

174  Dunn  —  Dunton. 


1.  Ellery  Davis,  son  of  Joshua,  b.  in  Wilton,  Me.,  Oct.  12,  1822. 
m.  May  24,  18-iG,  Susan  Hines,  dau.  of  James  Dow  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Nov.  1,  1822.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1853.  Carpenter  and  builder. 
Democrat.  Representative,  1871-2.  Fire  ward,  1873-4-5-6-7-8-9- 
81-3.  Appointed  Capt.  5th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  May  1, 
1852,  held  until  repeal  of  the  law.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.     He  d.  May  26,  1898. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edwin  F.,  b.  May  31,  1847,  d.  L.  Sept.  5,  1849. 
ii.     IIknry,  I).  Au!?.  6,  1849,  d.  L.  Sept.  20,  1849. 

iii.  AuDiK  Marv,  b.  Dec.  1, 1850.  m.  first,  March  11, 1874,  Clarence  Smith ; 
divorced,  in.  second,  March  24, 1893,  Walter  J.  Bartlett,  marketman, 
res.  Worcester,  Mass. 


2.  Albert  N.  Ddnn,  son  of  Josiah,  b.  in  Andover,  Me.,  Aug.  12, 
1842.  m.  Nov.  28,  1863,  Edna,  dau.  of  Merrick  Russell,  b.  in  Bethle- 
hem, July  17,  1852.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1864  to  1884  with  the  exception 
of  three  years.  Farmer.  Republican.  Co.  K,  29th  Me.  Inf.  G.  A.  R. 
d.  in  Bethlehem,  April  4,  1887.     She  d.  in  L.  Sept.  12,  1889. 


i.  Arthur  Herbert,  b.  Whitefield,  Aug.  27,  1869. 

ii.  Adah  Belle,  b.  Whitefield,  Feb.  17,  1871,  d.  L.  March  29,  1892. 

iii.  Freeman  Stephen,  b.  L.  Oct.  4,  1875. 

iv.  Harry  Chester,  b.  L.  Aug.  3,  1883. 


1.    Ebexezer  Duntox,  res.  in  L.  from  1806  to  1825.     Farmer,     ra. 

Mehitable . 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Luther,  b.  Hereford,  P.  Q.,  Aug.  11,  1803.     m.  Jan.  3,  1827,  Isabel 

ii.     Polly,  b.  L.  Oct.  1,  1806.     pub.  .July  14,  1821,  Robert  S.  Harrington, 
iii.     Calvin,  b.  L.  Feb.  5,  1809. 


2.  Reuben  Ddnton,  b.  in  L.  m.  Sarah  Houston,  b.  Lunenburg, 
Vt.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1822  to  1826  and  in  1837.     Farmer. 


3.  i.     James  T.,  b.  Granby,  Vt.,  1831. 

ii.     George  W.,  b.  L.  1837,  d.  Nov.  1,  1863.     Co.  K,  8th  Vt.  Inf.     Private. 

3.  James  T.  Dunton,  son  of  Reuben",  b.  in  Granby,  Vt.,  in  1831. 
m.  Nov.  1,  1860,  Ruth  Ann,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Nurse,  b.  in  L.  in  1842. 
He  res.  in  L.  in  1860  and  1861.     No  ch. 

Durgin  —  Dyke.  175 


1.  McKenzie  Tucker  Durgin,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  Jan. 
13,  1800.  m.  Sept.  18,  1823,  Betse}'  Folsom,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  San- 
born, b.  in  Sanbornton,  Jan.  2,  1799,  d.  in  L.  June  27,  1875.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1826  until  he  d.,  Feb.  26,  1868.  Farmer.  Selectman, 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Lydia,  b.  1824.     m.  1843,  William  Smith,  laborer.     He  d.  Enfield,  1881. 
ii.     Mary  S.,  b.  1828.     m.  Aug.  6,  1848,  George  W.  Bus  well,  stone-mason. 

He  d.  1868.     She  d.  Irasburg,  Vt.,  Aug.  26,  1881. 
iii.    Martha,  b.  April  2,  1835.     m.  William  C.  Nurse  (See). 


1.  Jonathan  Dyke,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Charlestown  in  1780. 
m.  Clarissa  Sweat,  b.  in  Unity  in  1780,  d.  in  Dalton  in  1861.  He  d. 
in  L.  in  1855.     Shoemaker. 

Ch.,  — 

2.  i.     Bex-jamin,  b.  Cavendish,  Vt.,  Sept.  1802. 
ii.     Ojiri,  m.  Hannaii  Kintrick.     Farmer. 

iii.  Adeline  Maria,  b.  Springfield,  July  6,  1808.     m.  William  Fisk  (See). 

iv.  Emeline,  m.  Luke  Bowles,  farmer. 

V.  Caroline,  m.  Edward  Sumner,  blacksmith, 

vi.  William,  m.  Charlotte  Fisk.     Carpenter, 

vii.  Mary,  m.  William  Miller,  farmer, 

viii.  Sally,  m.  Joseph  Palmer,  butcher. 

2.  Bbxjamin  Dyke,  son  of  Jonathan',  b.  in  Cavendish,  Vt.,  Sept. 
1802.  m.  first,  Aug.  1830,  Clarissa  M.,  dau.  of  Obediah  Carpenter 
(See),  b.  in  L.  July  31,  1812,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  14,  1844.  m.  second, 
Feb.  7,  1847,  Diana  E.,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Snow,  b.  in  Dalton.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1830  to  1834.  Shoemaker,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  about 

Ch.,  by  w.  Clarissa,  — 

i.     Taylor  B.,  b.  Dalton,  Oct.  3,  1881.     m.  Oct.  3,  1855,  Emily  Johnson. 
Slioemaker.     res.  Plymouth. 

3.  ii.    Joseph,  b.  L.  Jan.  29,  1833. 

iii.     Sarah  Melissa,  b.  L.  Jan.  29,  1835.    m.  1858,  Albert  C.  Davis,  carpen- 
ter,    res.  Worcester,  Mass. 
iv.     Albion,  b.  L.  1837.     m.  1865,  Sarah  Mitchell.    Hotel-keeper,    res.  Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
V.     Harry,  b.  L.  1839.     m.  1862,  Elizabeth  Getchel.    res.  Lyme, 
vi.     Nathan,  saddler. 

vii.     Henry  N.,  b.  L.  1842.     m.  Elizabeth  Tucker.     Farmer,     res.  Manches- 
ter.    Co.  E,  1st  Mass.  H.  Art. 
viii.     Clarissa,  b.  L.  1844.    m.  1863,  William  Minard. 

3.  Joseph  Dyke,  son  of  Benjamin  ^  b.  in  L.  Jan.  29,  1833.  ni. 
July  8,  1863,  Sophia,  dau.  of  Reuben  Mclntive  (See),  b.  in  Lisbon, 
May  30,  1838,  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 
Universalist.     Democrat.     No  ch. 

176  Eames. 


1.  Robert  Eames,  b}'  tradition  an  emigrant  from  Boxford,  England, 
m.  about  1660,  Rebecca  Blake,  b.  in  Gloucester,  Mass.,  1641,  dau.  of 
George  and  Dorothy  Blake.  He  settled  in  Boxford,  Mass.,  where  he 
d.  July  22,  1693.  Rebecca  his  wife  was  tried  and  condemned  as  a 
witch  in  1692,  She  was  reprieved  in  March,  1693,  and  d.  in  Boxford, 
May  8,  1721. 

2.  Nathan  Eames,  youngest  of  the  eight  children  of  Robert  \  b. 
Nov.  19,  1685.  m.  before  1710,  Mary  Kimltall.  May  2,  1731,  Nathan 
Eames,  his  wife,  a  son  Jeremiah,  and  a  daughter  Mehitable  were  bap- 
tized at  Bradford,  Mass.     He  d.  Jan.  11,  1765  ;  she  d.  July  17,  1765. 

3.  Jeremiah  Eames,  son  of  Nathan -,  b.  1707.  m.  April  2,  1734, 
Sarah  Kimball.  They  res.  in  Boxford,  Mass.,  where  their  six  children 
were  born.  He  d.  Jul}'  5,  1744.  She  m.  second,  Sept.  3,  1745,  Joseph 

4.  Jeremiah  Eames,  eldest  of  the  six  children  of  Jeremiah  ^,  b.  in 
Boxford,  May  17,  1735.  He  m.  about  1760,  Susannah  Peabody,  b. 
Feb.  18,  1738/9,  dan.  of  Thomas  and  Ruth  (Osgood)  Peabody  of  Box- 
ford. He  removed  from  Boxford  to  Northumberland  in  1774  or  pre- 
viously, and  through  life  was  prominent  in  town  affairs  and  a  conspicuous 
character  upon  tlie  northern  frontier  in  troublous  times.  He  was  a 
selectman  twenty  or  more  \'ears,  representative,  1780-1-2,-8-9-90- 
1800.  He  was  appointed  Justice  of  the  Peace  by  the  Senate  and 
House,  1781,  and  subsequently  by  the  Executive  under  the  State  Con- 
stitution. In  1785  he  was  appointed  Special  Justice  of  the  Inferior 
Court  of  Common  Pleas  for  the  count}"  of  Grafton.  In  mililar}'  as  in 
civil  affairs  he  was  a  leader  among  men.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  ser- 
vice, was  commander  of  the  garrison  located  in  the  vicinity,  and  at  all 
times  the  trusted  agent  of  the  State  government  in  the  welfare  and  the 
defence  of  the  frontier.  He  d.  April  22,  1817.  His  widow  d.  Sept.  16, 
1817.     They  had  three  sons  and  three  daughters. 

5.  Jeremiah  Eames,  eldest  son  of  Capt.  Jeremiah  *,  was  b.  in  Box- 
ford, Mass.,  June  30,  1762.  In  1797  he  settled  in  Stewartstown,  where 
he  d.,  1827.  He  was  a  farmer,  land  surveyor,  hotel-keeper,  and  promi- 
nent in  municipal  affairs.  During  the  Revolution  he  was  a  soldier  in 
companies  on  the  frontier  commanded  by  his  father.  Thomas,  second 
son,  is  named  below.  Seth,  the  youngest  son  of  Capt.  Jeremiah  ■•^,  was 
born  in  Northumberland,  Oct.  21,  1781,  and  resided  upon  the  home- 
stead.    He  was  a  selectman,  treasurer,  and  town  clerk  many  Aears. 

6.  Thomas  Eames,  son  of  Jeremiah*,  b.  Boxford,  Mass.,  Sept.  12, 
1765.  Boxford  records  give  the  date  of  birth  Sept.  20,  but  family  rec- 
ords Sept.  12.  He  was  a  farmer,  inn-holder,  and  a  noted  hunter.  He 
practically  controlled  the  fur  trade  of  the  upper  division  of  the  Connec- 
ticut valley.  He  m.  Betsey  Strong  of  Northumberland,  b.  1766,  d.  Aug. 
28,  1822.     He  d.  Feb.  6,  1832. 

7.  Thomas  Eames,  son  of  Thomas  %  m.  Sarah  Hutchins  of  Bath. 
He  d.  in  Northumberland,  1854. 

Uames  —  Eastman.  I'll 

8.  James  Hutchins  Eames,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt., 
June  14,  1820.  m.  1846,  Abigail  Bailey,  clau.  of  George  Little  (See). 
He  was  a  grocer  and  hotel-keeper.  He  res.  in  L.  1846-50,  proprietor 
Granite  Hotel.  He  was  aide-de-camp  to  Brig.-Gen.  Dui-gin,  6th  Brig. 
2d  Div.  N.  H.  Militia,  1842-3.  He  d.  Denver,  Col.,  Feb.  12,  1883. 
His  wife  d.  Lock  Haven,  Pa.,  1852. 

Ch., — 

i.  Jennie,  b.  L.  1847.  m.  1867,  Charles  Lerchen.  Divorced.  Ch.,  Charles 
W.,  b.  1868;  George  M.,  b.  1872;  Frank  H.,  b.  1875. 

9.  George  Byron  Eames,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Newbur}-,  Vt.,  April 
9,  1826.  m.  Feb.  5,  1856,  Mary  C.,  dau.  of  Amos  Saunders,  b.  Green 
Bay,  Wis.,  Jan.  1,  1837.  He  res.  L.  from  1842  to  1849;  now  in 
Denver,  Col.     Painter  and  grocer. 


i.  James  Amos,  b.  Big  River,  Wis.,  April  6,  1857.  m.  Dec.  19,  1883, 
p]nima  A.  Shurtleff.  He  d.  Burlington,  Iowa,  May  16,  1884.  Rail- 
road employee. 

ii.  Sarah  H.,  b.  Big  River,  Wis.,  March  21, 1859.  m.  April  21,  1891,  John 
F.  Ensign,  railroad  engineer,  res.  Denver,  Col. 

iii.  Geokge  Morton,  b.  Big  River,  Wis.,  May  21,  1861.  m.  Oct.  30,  1884, 
Mary  I.  Wade.     Editor,     res.  Aledo,  111. 

iv.  Frederic  Byron,  b.  Denver,  Col.,  May  19,  1864.  m.  Feb.  25,  1892, 
Florence  N.  Watson.     Printer,     res.  Denver,  Col. 

V.  Charles  Haynes,  b.  Fort  Scott,  Kan.,  Oct.  17,  1868.  m.  Oct.  26,  1894, 
Emma  L.  DoUins.     res.  Denver,  Col.     Railroad  employee. 


1.  Roger  Eastman,  emigrant  ancestor  of  a  numerous  family,  b.  about 
1612,  came  to  America  in  the  "  Confidence,"  and  settled  at  Salisbury, 
Mass.  He  was  a  grantee  of  lands,  1640  and  1643.  He  d.  Dec.  16, 
1694.     Sarah,  his  widow,  d.  March  11,  1697/8. 

2.  Thomas  Eastman,  fourth  of  the  eight  sons  of  Roger  \  b.  in  Salis- 
bury, Nov.  11,  1646,  m.  Jan.  20,  1679/80,  Deborah  Corliss,  b.  June  6, 
1655,  dau.  of  George  and  Joanna  (Davis)  Corliss  of  Haverhill,  Mass. 
He  removed  to  Haverhill,  served  in  King  Philip's  War,  and  d.  April  29, 

3.  Jonathan  Eastman,  only  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  Jan.  8,  1680/81. 
m.  April  8,  1701,  Hannah  Green.  He  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and 
Concord.  In  1697  a  guardian  was  appointed  on  estate  of  "Jonathan 
Eastman,  son  of  Thomas  Eastman,  deceased,  and  of  Deborah  his  wife 
in  captivit}-." 

4.  William  Eastman,  seventh  child  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  in  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  Oct.  3,  1715.  ra.  Dec.  14,  1738,  Ruth  Chase.  She  d.  Jan.  22, 
1742.  ra.  second,  April  19,  1748,  Rebecca  Jewett.  He  lived  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  Hampstead,  Haverhill,  and  Bath.  He  d.  in  Bath,  Nov. 
30,  1790.  Rebecca,  his  widow,  d.  in  Bath,  Jan.  26,  1806,  aged  84 

5.  Jonathan  Eastman,  son  of  William*,  b.  in  1759.  m.  Pliebe 
Leach,  b.  in  1769,  d.  Feb.  23,  1852.  He  came  to  town  in  1787,  being 
nduced  by  the  proprietors  to  build  a  saw  and  grist  mill  on  Rankin 

VOL.  II  — 12 

178  Eastman. 

Brook  at  Pattenville,  receiving  for  the  same  the  farm  now  known  as 
the  Stccre  place.  This  was  the  first  mill  worthy  tlie  name  built  in  town. 
Rev.  soldier.  Served  in  Capt.  Joseph  Hutchins'  and  Capt.  Samuel 
Young's  Cos.,  also  is  credited  with  two  months  and  one  day  in  Capt. 
Thomas  Simpson's  Co.  of  Rangers,  d.  L.  July  5,  1829.  (Childs' 
Grafton  Co.  Gazetteer,  p.  4G6,  L.  Cen.,  pp.  233-235.) 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Jonathan,  b.  Jan.  28,  1788.     pub.  Jan.  24,  1811,  Roxanna  Gourdon. 
Farn)er.     res.  Lyman.     Lieut,  llth  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Aug. 
14,  1818;  vacated,  Aug.  22,  1824. 
ii.    LticiNDA,  b.  Jan.  30,  1789.     rn.  Dec.  10,  1810,  Samuel  Gleason. 
ill.     Almira,  b.  July  15,  1791.     m.  April  11,  1811,  Jolin  Stanford. 
iv.     Elizabeth,  b.  April  22,  1793.     ni.  Dec.  25,  1823,  Joseph  Chase. 
V.     Calvin,  b.  April  22,  1796,  d.  L.  Sept.  27,  1799. 

6.  vi.     Simeon,  b.  April  11,  1798. 
vii.    Lewis,  b.  Sept.  22,  1803. 

viii.     Rebecca,  b.  July  6,  1806.     m.  March  7, 1827,  Washington  Goldthwait. 
ix.    Laura,  b.  April  5,  1809. 

7.  X.     Arza,  b.  Aug.  3,  1812. 

6.  Simeon  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  L.  April  11,  1798.  m. 
Nov.  29,  1822,  Serviah,  dan.  of  John  Huse  (See).  She  d.  March  7, 
1873.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1886.  Farmer  and  miller.  Ap- 
pointed Capt.  llth  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Sept.  13,  1828.  d. 
Lyman,  Jan.  24,  1889. 

7.  Arza  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  3,  1812.  m. 
May  30,  1839,  Maria,  dan.  of  Abel  Winch,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Sept.  27, 
1814,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  5,  1893,  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  hfe.  Far- 
mer.    Republican,     d.  in  L.  Dec.  5,  1884. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Charles  Bradford,  b.  Nov.  4,  1840.     m.  first,  Aug.  10,  1870,  Clara 
Rowell.      m.  second,  Laura  George,      m.  third,  Mary  Sturgis.      Car- 
penter,    res.  Andover,  Mass. 
ii.     Maria,  b.  Aug.  16,  1842.     m.  Georee  Bowman  (See). 
iii.     WiLLARD,  b.  Sept.  25,  1844,  d.  L.  July  6,  1877. 

8.  iv.     Lewis,  b.  Nov.  3,  1847. 

V.     Ira  Arza,  b.  June  16,  1851.     m.  April,  1873,  Orissa  Clough.      Keeps 
boarding-house,     res.  Andover,  Mass. 

8.  Lewis  Eastman,  son  of  Arza '^,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  3,  1847.  m.  May 
27,  1878,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Robert  Moore  (See),  b.  in  Ireland,  Feb. 
25,  1853,  Episcopal.  He  has  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1895,  except  two 
jears.     Farmer.    Republican. 


i.  William  Albert,  b.  Lyman,  May  4,  1879. 

ii.  Frederick  Eugene,  b.  Lyman,  July  28,  1880. 

iii.  Emma  May,  b.  L.  May  1,  1888. 

9.  Stephen  Eastman,  son  of  William*,  b.  in  Concord,  m.  Lj'dia 
Ford  of  Dracut,  Mass.  He  was  a  farmer,  res.  in  Lyman,  where  he  d. 
in  1844. 

10.  Stephen  Ambrose  Eastman,  son  of  Stephen  ^,  b.  in  Lj'man. 
m.  Dec.  1826,  Lavina  H.,  dau.  of  John  and  Lydia  (Clement)  Gile.  He 
was  a  Methodist  clergyman,     res.  in  L3'man. 

11.  Francis  Ambrose  Eastman,  son  of  Stephen  Ambrose  ^°,  b.  in  L. 
April  3,  1833.     m.  Sept.  3,  1861,  Jane  Eliza  Gertrude,  dau.  of  S.  L. 

Eastman.  179 

Barrett,  b.  in  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  22,  1840.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
birtli  until  1854.  He  was  educated  in  tlie  common  schools  of  L.  and 
learned  the  printer's  trade  in  the  offices  of  the  "  Granite  vState  Whig," 
Lebanon,  and  "  Caledonian,"  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  In  1852,  by  the  aid 
of  friends,  he  was  enabled  to  start  the  "  Annnonoosuc  Reporter,"  tiie 
first  paper  published  in  L.  This  he  continued  until  1854,  when  he  sold 
out  and  worked  for  a  time  on  the  "N.  H.  Patriot."  He  then  went 
west,  and  most  of  the  time  since  has  been  engaged  in  journalism  on 
prominent  papers.  He  is  an  able  writer,  and  is  now  on  the  staff  of  the 
"Chicago  Chronicle."  He  was  postmaster  of  Chicago  for  four  years 
under  Prest.  Grant,  State  senator.  111.,  and  has  held  many  other  offices 
of  importance  (L.  Cen.,  pp.  103  109). 
Ch.,  b.  in  Chicago,  — 

i.     William  B.,  b.  Dec.  30,  1863,  d.  July  30,  1864. 

ii.     Barrett,  b.  Jan.  25,  1869.     m.  Dec.  6,  1895,  Sophonisba  Grayson  Har- 
rison.    Journalist,     res.  Chicago. 
ill.     Margaret  S.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1882. 

12.  Obediah  Eastmax,  son  of  William  *,  and  brother  of  Jonathan  ^ 
b.  in  Hampstead,  Jan.  26,  1747,  m.  Feb.  8,  1774,  Elizabeth  Searle,  b. 
in  Hollis,  July  16,  1748,  dau.  of  William  and  Hannah  (Dinsmoor) 
Searle.  The  date  of  her  death  cannot  be  stated.  He  m.  second  (name 
not  known),  b.  in  1749,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  30,  1830.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1829  until  he  d.,  Nov.  14,  1836.  Rev.  soldier.  Private,  Capt.  Hutchins' 
Co.,  Aug.  18  to  Sept.  10,  1777,  against  Burgoyne ;  private,  Capt. 
Samuel  Young's  Co.,  Bedel's  Regt.,  Dec.  15,  1777,  and  from  Feb. 
28,  1778,  expedition  against  Canada.  He  was  credited  to  Bath,  where 
he  res.  until  he  moved  to  L. 


i.     Rebecca,  b.  Bath,  Sept.  23,  1786.     m.   March  3,  1802,  Nathaniel  Rix 

13.  Philip  Eastman,  son  of  Roger  ^,  b.  in  Salisbuiy,  Mass.,  Dec.  20, 
1644.  By  a  first  marriage  one  dau.  survived.  He  m.  second,  Aug.  22, 
1678,  Marj-  (Barnard)  Morse,  b.  in  Salisburj',  Sept.  22,  1645,  dau.  of 
Thomas  and  Fllenor  Barnard,  and  widow  of  Anthony  Morse.  He 
served  in  King  Philip's  War,  1676  ;  lived  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  until 
about   1695,  when  he  removed  to  Woodstock,  Conn.     He  d.  1714. 

14.  Philip  Eastman,  son  of  Philip  ^^,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Aug. 
18,  1684.  m.  Oct.  20,  1715,  Mary  Eastman,  his  cousin,  b.  INfarch  29, 
1690,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Elizabeth  (Hudson)  p]astman.  He  res.  in 
Ashford,  Conn.  He  was  a  lieutenant,  a  justice  of  the  peace,  and  in 
1732  and  later  3'ears  die  was  a  representative  in  the  Connecticut 

15.  Jonathan  Eastman,  son  of  Philip",  b.  in  Ashford,  Conn.,  June 
3,  1724.  m.  Elizabeth  Perse,  and  lived  in  Connecticut  some  years. 
With  his  brother  Samuel  he  removed  to  Walpole,  and  was  there  a  few 
A'ears  preceding  and  during  the  Revolution.  (See  State  Papers,  Vol. 
XHL,  p.  607).     He  subsequently  lived  in  Northfield  and  in  EnQcld. 

16.  Jonathan  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^,  b.  April  28,  1774.  m. 
Sally  Heath,  b.  in  P^psora,  Feb.  3,  1773,  d.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  May  16, 

180  Eastman. 

1837.     He  never  res.  in  L.  any  length  of  time.     Carpenter  and  builder. 
d.  in  L.  Sept  4,  1858. 

17.  i.     Abial,  b.  Nortlifield,  July  14,  1800.     d.  March  25,  1885. 

ii.     Susan  H.,b.  Danville,  Vt.,  Sept.  27, 1802.     m.  Tliaddeus  Thayer.     She 
d.  Dec.  11,  1879. 

18.  ili.     Ebenezer,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  June  15,  1804.     d.  Aug.  24,  1853. 

iv.    Malinda,  b.  Danville,  Vt,  Dec.  5. 1806.     m.  Joseph  Mathewson,  farmer. 

She  d.  Nov.  5,  1882. 
V.     Cyros,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  Oct.  10,  1807,  d.  Danville,  Vt.,  March  21, 1813. 
vi.     Mason  K.,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  June  15,  1809,  d.  Kansas,  Nov.  27,  1857. 
vii.     Sarah,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  June  15,  1811.     ni.  Wilhani  Weeks,  farmer. 

She  d.  L.  Aug.  15,  1893. 

19.  viii.     Cyrus,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  March  15,  1814. 

20.  ix.     Franklin  J.,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  June  10,  1818.     d.  April  8,  1893. 

17.  Abial  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^  b.  in  Northfield,  July  14, 
1800.  m.  Nov.  24,  1825,  Mary  Lane,  dau.  of  William  Colby  (See),  b. 
in  Sanbornton,  March  3,  1806,  d.  in  Northampton,  Mass.,  Sept.  18, 
1881,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1825  to  1828,  and  1853  to  1867.  Car- 
penter and  builder.    Cong.   d.  in  Northampton,  Mass.,  March  25,  1885. 


i.     Emilie  E.,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  July  16,  1828.     ra.  May  21,  1857,  Osmore 
O.  Roberts,  physician,     res.  Northampton,  Mass. 

18.  Ebenezer  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^  b.  in  Danville,  Vt., 
June  15,  1804.  m.  July,  1828,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Abel  Morrill,  b.  in  Dan- 
ville, Vt.,  June  23,  1807,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  5,  1872.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1842  until  he  d.,  Aug.  24,  1853.  Merchant.  Delegate  to  Constitutional 
Convention,  1850.     J.  P.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,— 

i.  Edwin  J.,  b.  May  12,  1829.  d.  Danville,  Vt.,  July  20,  1833. 

ii.  Charles  W.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1831,  d.  Danville,  Vt.,  Aug.  26,  1834. 

iii.  Sarah  Maria,  b.  Dec.  8,  18-35.     m.  Josiah  Prescott  Stinchfield  (See). 

iv.  Martha  Amelia,  b.  March  6,  1842.     unm.,  res.  L.     d.  Aug.  12,  1898. 

19.  Cyrus  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ^^  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  March 
15,  1814.  m.  first,  Nov.  28,  1838,  Susan  French,  dau.  of  Joseph  Tilton 
(See),  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  Nov.  20,  1813,  d.  L.  Jan.  20,  1866,  Cong. 
m.  second.  May  13,  1867,  Julia  A.,  dau.  of  Samuel  Ross,  b.  in  Lisbon, 
Feb.  9,  1817,  Cong.  She  m.  first,  George  Hutchins  ;  m.  second,  Wil- 
liam C.  Brackett  (See).  Cyrus  res.  in  L.  from  1836  until  he  d.,  March 
31,  1896.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Councillor,  1859.  Representative, 
1871-2.  Delegate  Constitutional  Convention,  1876.  Supervisor,  1880- 
1.  Fire  ward,  1888-9-42-3-4-5-6-8-9.  Postmaster,  July  24,  1845- 
4  years,  and  May  17,  1853-4  years.  Member  Board  of  Education, 
Union  District,  1868-71  inc.  J.  P.  State.  Appointed  Capt.  1st  Co. 
Light  Inf.  N.  H.  Militia,  June  24,  1839.  Col.  c;2d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia, 
June  20,  1844  ;  vacated,  May  29,  1848.  Capt.  Governor's  Home  Guards. 
Vice-Prest.  L.  National  Bank,  1890  to  1896  ;  Director,  1871  to  1890. 
Vice-Prest.  L.  Savings  Bank,  1871  to  1881.     (Biog.  Grafton  Co.) 

Ch.,  by  w.  Susan,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.    Lucia  Waitt,  b.  Dec.  28,  1839.     m.  Harvey  P.  Ross  (See). 

21.  ii.     Charles  Franklin,  b.  Oct.  1,  1841. 

iii.    Martha  Ann,  b.  Sept.  9,  1843.     m.  Lorenzo  C.  Kenney  (See). 
iv.    Laura  Balch,  b.  July  10,  1845.     unm.,  res.  L. 

Eastman.  181 

20.  Franklin  Jonathan  Eastman,  son  of  Jonathan  ",  b.  in  Danville, 
Vt.,  June  10,  1818.  m.  Lima  H.,  dau.  of  Socrates  Tuttle,  b.  in  1821. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  to  1870  except  a  few  years  in  Barnet,  Vt. 
Merchant.  Democrat.  Moderator,  1853.  Representative,  1863-4. 
J.  P.  Treasuier,  Northfield,  1873  to  8,  except  1876.  Representative, 
Northfield,  1868.  Fire  ward,  Northfield,  1875-6-7-8,  85-6-7.  d.  in 
Tilton,  April  8,  1893. 


i.     Frank  Tdttle,  b.  L.  Sept ,  1842,  d.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Oct.  24,  1848. 
ii.     Alice  Mdrrav,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1845,  d.  L.  Feb.  17,  1856. 
iii.     Lima  J.,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1847.     m.  George  H.  Ellis,  ice-dealer,     res. 

Newton,  Mass. 
iv.     Edward  Dana,  b.  Barnet,  Vt..  May,  1849,  d.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Sept.  23, 1850. 
V.     Edward  F.,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1851.  d.  L.  May  9,  1863. 
vi.     Mart  Adelia,  b.  L.  April  16, 1858.     m.  Joshua  P.  Dennis,     res.  Tilton. 
vii.     Kate,  b.  L.  18-56.     m.  Harvey  Weeks.     She  d.  N.  J.  1886. 
viii.     Elma  Geneive,  b.  L.  1859.     m.  Dec.  27,  1881,  Charles  E.  Tilton,  capi- 
talist,    res.  Tilton. 
ix.     George,  b.  L.,  deceased. 

21.  CiiARLES  Franklin  Eastman,  son  of  C3TUS  ^®,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  1, 
1841.  m.  first,  Sept.  15,  1875,  Mary  Ida,  dau.  of  Richard  Taft  (See), 
b.  in  Lincoln,  Oct.  3,  1850,  d.  L.  April  19,  1887.  m.  second,  Mary 
Rebecca,  dau.  of  John  D.  Colby,  b.  in  Manchester,  April  9,  1857,  Cong. 
She  d.  in  Boston,  May  9,  1899.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Mer- 
chant. Democrat.  Selectman,  1890-1-2-3.  Representative,  1893-4. 
Notarv  public.  J.  P.  State.  Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  Dis- 
trict, i8'82  to  94  inc.,  and  Treasurer,  1885  to  1900.  Chairman  Execu- 
tive Committee  L.  Musical  Association,  1896.  Commissioner  Littleton 
Highway  Precinct,  1891-2.  Commissioner  L.  Village  District,  1893- 
4-5.  Prest.  L.  Savings  Bank,  1895  to  1900,  Vice-Prest.,  1890-1-2-3- 
4,  and  Director  from  1884  to  1900  inc.  Director  L.  National  Bank, 
1888-1900  inc.  Master  Burns  Lodge,  1892-3.  Eminent  Com.  St. 
Gerard  Com.,  1895-6.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 

Ch.,  bj'  w.  Mary  Ida,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Richard  Taft,  b.  Jan.  2,  1881. 
ii.     Ida  Taft,  b.  Dec.  28,  1886. 


22.  George  W.  Eastman,  b.  in  Concord,  Aug.  27,  1832.  m.  Jan. 
28,  1854,  Lois  Baker,  dau.  of  James  Elliott,  b.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 
March  5,  1835.  She  m.  second,  Wilbur  C.  Stearns.  George  W.  res. 
in  L.  from  1860  to  1872.    Railroad  conductor,    d.  in  Compton,  Jan.  19, 



Arthur  E.,  b.  L.  July  5,  1861.  m.  Nov.  10,  1885,  Nellie  D.  Eastman. 
Conductor,     res.  Warren.  .    ^   „     .  ,    ^         , 

Kate  G.,  b.  L.  July  22,  1864.  m.  May  30, 1889,  Ednc  0.  Smith,  travel- 
ling salesman.     He  d.  Plymouth,  April  28,  1893.  ,     ^  ,,    , 

Georgianna,  b.  L.  April  4, 1867.  m.  April  16, 1889,  Charles  C.  Mathew- 
son,  dentist,     res.  Mereditli. 

Georgietta,  b.  L.  April  4,  1867,  d.  July  23,  1869. 

Susan,  b.  Plymouth,  Jan.  4,  1874,  d.  Aug.  5,  1876. 

182  Eastman. 


23.  Myron  Bowles  Eastman,  son  of  Caleb,  b.  in  Whitefield,  July  30, 
1833.  m.  Nov.  27,  1858,  Caroline  Ellen,  dau.  of  David  Richardson,  2d, 
b.  in  Lisbon,  April  28,  1834.  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1876 
until  he  d.,  Julv  24,  1889.     Laborer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

24.  i.     John  Eaton,  b.  Whitefield,  June  9,  1859. 

ii.     Georgk  Washington,  b.  Whitefield,  Feb.  12,  1861,  d.  Lisbon,  Feb.  13, 

iii.     Georgianna  Mabel,  b.  Whitefield,  July  24,  1866.    m.  Oct.  23,  1885, 

Julius  C.  Morrill,  hostler,  res.  Plymouth. 
iv.     Alice  Priscilla,  b.  Whitefield,  March  21,  1869.     unm.,  res.  L. 
V.     Charles  Manson,  b.  Lisbon,  April  20,  1875.     m.  Jan.  1,  1896,  Nettie 
M.  Lang.     res.  Manchester. 

24.  John  Eaton  Eastman,  son  of  Myron  Bowles  ^3,  b.  in  Whitefield, 
June  9,  1859.  m.  July  22,  1880,  Lydiaetta,  dau.  of  Zuriel  A.  Richard- 
son (See),  b.  in  Lisbon,  June  22,  1860.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1876. 
Painter.     Democrat.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Leslie  Howard,  b.  Dec.  20,  1881. 
ii.     Ida  May,  b.  March  18,  1885. 
iii.     RuFus  M.,  b.  Jan.  28,  1895. 


25.  Baknaud  Douglass  Eastman,  son  of  John  Langdon,  b.  in  Con- 
way, Feb.  5,  1836.  m.  Oct.  12,  1865,  Caroline  Warner,  dau.  of  George 
Warner  Ely  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  13,  1836,  where  she  res.  until  1844. 
He  never  res.  in  L.     Supt.  of  State  Insane  Asylum,  Topeka,  Kan. 


i.    Mary  Stearns,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  25,  1868.     d.  Worcester, 

Mass.,  June  4,  1875. 
ii.     Philip,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  Sept.  25,  1875.     res.  Topeka,  Kan. 
iii.     Margaret,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  Aug.  27,  1877,  d.  Topeka,  Kan.,  June 
23,  1886. 


26.  Larnard  L.  Eastman,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Canaan,  March  12, 
1813.  m.  April  3,  1839,  Lucy  A.,  dau.  of  Henry  Currier  of  Enfield. 
He  was  educated  in  the  common  schools,  and  was  ordained  a  Metho- 
dist deacon  in  Newmarket,  May  12,  1850;  elder  in  Nashua,  June  13, 
1852.  'His  ministry  has  been  as  follows  :  Alexandria,  1848-9  ;  War- 
ren, 1850-1;  Lancaster,  1852-3;  L.,  1854-5 ;  Winchester,  1856-7; 
Ravmond,  1858-9  ;  Amesbury,  Mass.,  1860-1  ;  Peterboro',  1862-3  ; 
Suiiapee,  1864-5;  Methuen,  Mass.,  1866-7-8;  Warren,  1870;  Moul- 
tonboro',  1871-2  ;  Kingston,  1873  ;  Londonderry,  part  of  1874  ;  Grove- 
ton,  part  of  1875  and  all  of  1876.  Since  1876  he  has  been  on  the 
superannuated  list,  with  liome  in  Methuen,  Mass.  For  many  3'ears  he 
was  a  trustee  of  the  N.  H.  Conference  Seminary.     He  d.  Dec.  31,  1897. 

Eastman  —  Eaton.  183 


i.    James  Henry. 
ii.     Mary  Ann,  in. McFadden. 


27.  John  Carter  Eastman,  soa  of  Jacob  C.  and  Susan  R.  East- 
man, b.  in  Loudon,  May  22,  1863.  The  lineage  is:  Roger  S  Philip  '", 
Ebenezer^  Moses  *,  DaVid  ^,  John^  Jacob  C,  John  C.»  He  m.  Oct. 
20,  1891,  Mary  E.  Buckley,  b.  Dec.  17,  1864.  He  is  station  agent  of 
the  B.  &  M.  R.  R. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lancaster,  — 

i.     Clinton  Walker,  b.  June  16,  1896. 
ii.     Roger,  b.  May  11,  1898. 


1.  Ebenezer  Eaton,  b.  June  10,  1765.  m.  Sept.  13,  1792,  Ruth 
Hutchins.     He  res.  in  Lisbon,  where  he  d.,  April  22,  1843. 

2.  Mitchell  Hutchins  Eaton,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^  b.  in  Landaff, 
April  19,  1800.  m.  March  21, 1833,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Eastman, 
b.  in  Canada,  Jan.  22, 1798,  d.  in  L.  June  20,  1881.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1868  until  he  d.,  June  1,  1886.     Republican. 

Ch,,  b.  in  Landaff,  — 

3.       i.     Charles,  b.  June  9,  1834. 

ii.     Ann,  b.  July  14,  1837,  d.  Landaff,  Feb.  5,  1838. 
iii.     Julia  Ann,  b.  Jan.  11,  1839,  d.  Lisbon,  May  10,  1862. 

3.  Charles  Eaton,  son  of  Mitchell  Hutchins  ^,  b.  in  Landaff,  June 
9,  1834.  m.  Jan.  1,  1863,  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of  Heniy  Green*  (See), 
b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Dec.  16,  1837,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1868. 
Lumber  manufr.  Republican.  Fire  ward,  1881.  J.  P.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     Postmaster,  1899. 


i.     Julia  Anne,  b.  Lisbon,  April  19,  1864. 
ii.     Myra  Green,  b.  Lisbon,  March  16,  1866. 

iii.  Hahky  Mitchell,  b.  L.  Feb.  20,  1869.  ni.  Feb.  21,  1898,  Cora  Bell 
Hopkins.  Grad.  Dart.  Coll.  1890.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  82°  A.  A.  S.  R.  Census  Enumerator,  1900. 
Assist.  P.  M.,  1899. 
iv.  Charles  Francis,  b.  L.  July  17,  1874.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
A.  A.  S.  R.  32°. 


4.  Henry  Allston  Eaton,  son  of  Stephen,  b.  in  Sutton,  Vt.,  Dec. 
8,  1856.  m.  Oct.  25,  1881,  Alice  Maria,  dau.  of  Josiah  Mason  Ladd 
(See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Nov.  6,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879. 
Bobbin  manufr.  Republican.  Fire  ward,  1890-1.  Commissioner  L. 
Village  District,  1894-5-6.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T., 
St.  Gerard  Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R.     L  O.  O.  F. 


i.     George   Howard,  b.  L.  April  1,  1885. 
ii.     Stephen  L.,  b.  L.,  July  13,  1899. 

184  Eaton  —  Edmands. 

5.  Albert  Samuel  Eaton,  son  of  Cyrus,  b.  in  Brownington,  Vt., 
in  1823.  m.  in  1845,  Amy  Mercy,  dan.  of  Isaac  Smith  (See),  b.  in 
Brownington,  Vt.,  Dec.  21,  1824.  Slie  res.  in  L.  from  1888  to  1895. 
Kept  livery  stable,     d.  Boston,  Mass.,  May  14,  1886. 


i.  Clara  Sophronia,  b.  Barton,  Vt. 

ii.  Emma   M.,  b.  Barton,  Vt.     m.  Cliarles  W.  Stetson. 

iii.  Belle  Floiia,  b.  Barton,  Vt.     m.  George  W.  Anderson. 

iv.  Frank  Pierce,  b.  Barton,  Vt. 

V.  Marv  Ellks,  b.  Barton,  Vt.    m.  Frank  E.  Richardson, 

vi.  Albert,  b.  Barton,  Vt. 

vii.  William  Rcfus,  b.  Barton,  Vt.     m.  Julia  Reynolds. 

6.  viii.  Marshall  Albert,  b.  Brownington,  Vt.,  June  15,  1862. 

ix.     Harry  Fraxk,  b.  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 
X.     Georgianna,  b.  Cambridgeport,  Mass.     (The  last  two  are  twins.) 

6.  Marshall  Albert  Eaton,  son  of  Albert  Samuel^,  b.  in  Brown- 
ington, Vt.,  June  15,  1862.  m.  April  17,  1890,  Maud  Clementine,  dau. 
of  William  Harrison  Blake  (See),  b.  in  Lyman,  April  27,  1870.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  since  1888.     Book-keeper.     Democrat.     No  ch. 


7.    James  Eaton,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Deering  in  1791.     ra.  in  1813, 
Olive,  dau.  of  Thomas  Wilson,  b.  in  Deering  in   1792,  d.  in  Antrim  in 
1861.     He  res.  in   L.  most  of  the  time  from  1823  to  1827.     Farmer, 
d.  in  Antrim  in  1860. 

i.     Rebecca,  b.  Bethlehem,  1814.     m.  Amos  Hemphill.     She  d.  1872. 
ii.     Hiram,  b.  Bethlehem,  1816,  d.  1852. 

iii.  LuciNDA,  b.  Bethlehem,  1818.  m.  Clinton  French.  She  d.  1848. 
iv.  RoxANSA,  b.  Betlilehem,  1820.  m.  Sewell  Skinner.  She  d.  1840. 
V.    Jamks   W.,   b.  L.   1823.     m.  1845,  Mary  C.  Caldwell.    Laborer,     res. 

Antrim.     Co.  B,  13th  N.  H.  Inf. 
vi.    LuciTTA,  b.  Deering,  1824.     ra.  Henry  Delano.     Siie  d.  1871. 
vii.    Joseph,  b.  L.  1825,  d.  1852. 
viii.    ]Melissa,  b.  L.  1827.     m.  John  Sampson.     She  d.  1872. 


1.  Aaron  Lorenzo  Edmands,  son  of  Charles  Wallace,  b.  in  Dalton, 
Dec.  20,  1847.  m.  March  26,  1879,  Florence  Lavinia,  dau.  of  Thomas 
P.  Holbrook,  b.  in  Leamington,  Vt.,  Sept.  25,  1851.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1880.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Olive  Edith,  b.  April  6,  1880. 
ii.     Edgar  Leroy,  b.  April  7, 1890. 

2.  John  Edmands.  son  of  Charles  Wallace,  b.  in  Dalton,  Nov.  19, 
1852.  m.  July  9,  1876,  Etta,  dau.  of  John  Titus,  b.  in  Colebrook,  July 
4,  1861.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Carl  Wesley,  b.  July  20,  1888. 

ii.  LouvA  Drusella,  b  June  15,  1890. 

iii.  John  Earl,  b.  Nov.  11,  1891. 

iv.  Infant  Daughter,  b.  July  10, 1893. 

Edson  —  Elhins.  185 


1.  Timothy  Alden  Edson,  b.  in  1770.  m.  Betsej',  dau.  of  Samuel 
Wetherbee  (See),  b.  in  1781,  cl.  in  L.  May  31,  1856.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1824  until  he  d.,  Feb.  11,  1854.  He  formerly  res.  in  Haverhill, 
where  he  was  Selectman,  1807  ;  Sheriff  Grafton  Co.,  1813  to  1818. 
In  L.  he  was  Moderator,  1826-7.  J.  P.  (Hist,  of  Haverhill,  pp. 

Ch.,  — 

2.  i.     Samdel  Alden,  b.  Haverhill,  Oct.  5,  1815. 

ii.     Carolina  Betsey,  b.  L.,  Sept.  13,  1824.     m.  Joseph  L.  Gibb  (See). 

2.  Samuel  Alden  Edson,  son  of  Timothy  Alden  ^,  b.  in  Haverhill, 
Oct.  5,  1815.  m.  Nov.  5,  1844,  Hannali  M.,  dau.  of  Thomas  Varney, 
b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  July  22,  1820,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1824 
until  he  d.,  July  16,  1878.  Clerk.  Democrat.  J.  P.  Representative, 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Sue  Carolina,  b.  Dec.  16,  1849.     m.  Charles  G.  Morrison  (See). 

3.  ii.     Geokge  Alden,  b.  Sept.  15,  1851. 

3.  George  Alden  Edson,  son  of  Samuel  Alden-,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  15, 
1851.  m.  Oct.  11,  1876,  Clara  M.,  dau.  of  J.  B.  Longley,  b.  in  Chelms- 
ford, Mass.,  Aug.  19,  1856.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Merchant. 
Democrat.     Town  treasurer,  1886  and  1890  to  1896  inc. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Bessie  Mat,  b.  Sept.  21,  1878. 

ii.     Harold  Alden,  b.  Oct.  17,  1882.      Student  Boston  Univ.  1904. 


1.  Ezra.  Bliss  Elkins,  son  of  Phineas  N.,  b.  in  Lisbon,  May  20, 
1812.  m.  Arvilla  R.,  dau.  of  Stephen  Richardson,  b.  in  Lisbon,  March 
10,  1818.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1866  until  he  d.,  Aug.  7,  1895.  Truck- 
man.    Democrat.     I.  O.  0.  F. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lisbon,  — 

i.     Mart  Walker,  b.  Sept.  26,  1833.     ra.  Alexander  Mclntire  (See). 
ii.     Martha  Maria,  b.  Nov.  18,  1835.   m.  first,  Horace  French,   m.  second, 

Dexter  H.  French  (See). 
iii.     Julia  Cook,  b.  Aug.  21,  1838.     m.  George  L.  Russell  (See), 
iv.     Joanna  Quimby,  b.  July  8,  1840.     ni.  James  H.  Smalley  (See). 
v.     Deucie  Caroline,  b.  Aug.  13,  1843.     m.  J.  Henry  Clark,  hotel-keeper. 

res.  Bethlehem, 
vi.     Frank  K.,  b.  Dec.  16,  1845,  d.  Lisbon,  March,  1852. 
vii.     Ann  Eliza  R.,  b.  Dec.  12,  1847,  d.  Lisbon,  March,  1852. 
viii      Jenny  Lind,  b.  Sept.  13,  1850,  d.  Lisbon,  March,  1852. 
ix.     Frank  P.,  b.  April  11,  1853,  d.  L.  1870. 
X.     Emma  Arvilla,  b.  April  3,  1855.    m.  Henry  T.  Goold  (See). 

2.  xi.     Harry  Bliss,  b.  March  5,  1857. 

xii.     Abbie  E.,  b.  May  31, 1860.     m.  Edwin  Henry  Gould  (See). 

2.  Harry  Bliss  Elkins,  son  of  Ezra  Bliss  S  b.  in  Lisbon,  March  5, 
1857.     m.  Dec.  25,  1880,  Annie  Bell,  dau.  of  Andrew  J.  Dean,  b.  in 

186  Mkins  —  Elliott. 

Belfast,   Me.,  June  2,  1860.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1866.     Painter. 
Prohibilion.     Methodist. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Maud  Dean,  b.  Aug.  20,  1882. 
ii.     Eaul  Bliss,  b.  Nov.  14,  1887. 


1.  John  G.  Elliott,  b.  March  19,  1813.  m.  about  1838,  Hannah  J. 
Griffin,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  March  28,  1818.  She  res.  in  L.  from  1858 
until  she  d.,  Aug.  7,  1864,  Cong.  He  never  res.  in  L.,  d.  in  Lunenburg, 
Vt.,  June  20,  1858.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  — 

i.     John  G.,  b.  Feb.  20,  1830,  d.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  March  5,  1839. 
ii.     Sarah  J.,  b.  Jan.  2,  1840.     m.  George  Drown,  laborer,  res.  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt. 
iii.     Margaret,  b.  April  27,  1842.      m.  Frank  Goodwin,  policeman,     res. 

Lowell,  Mass. 
iv.     Eliza,  b.  March  20,  1844,  d.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  12,  1840. 
V.     James  Griffin,  b.  June  11,  1845.     m.  Emma  Hill.     Electrician,     res. 
Lunenburg,  Vt. 

2.  vi.     John  G.,  b.  April  7,  1847. 

vii.     Susan  Maria,  b.  Marcli  3,  1850,  d.  L.  Sept.  3,  1874. 
viii.     Eliza  A.,  b.  June  26,  1852.     m.  Theodore  Blaisdell,  machinist.     He  d. 
Lowell,  Mass.,  Feb.  15,  1885. 
ix.     Hannah  Esther,  b.  Dec.  11,  1854.     m.  Charles  Sibley,  laborer,     res. 

Aniesbury,  Mass. 
X.     Henry  A.,  b.  May  30,  1856,  d.  Feb.  9,  1885. 

2.  John  G.  Elliott,  son  of  John  G.\  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  7, 
1847.  m.  Dec.  31,  1873,  Stella  Bertha,  dau.  of  Elanson  Farr  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Ma}-  27,  1855,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1857.  Farmer. 
Republican.     Supervisor,  1888-94-5. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Rennie  Charles,  b.  Dec.  14,  1876.     m.  March  24,  1897,  Wilma  G. 
Harris  (See). 

ii.     Millie  Hannah,  b.  Nov.  1,  1882. 

iii.     Ada  Maria,  b.  Jan.  9,  1885. 

iv.     Margarette  E.,  b.  June  12,  1896. 


3.  Warren  Elliott,  son  of  Daniel,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Feb.  18, 
1820.  m.  May,  1840,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  John  Hunter  (See),  b.  L.  in 
1824,  Advent.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1875  until  he  d.,  March  9,  1894. 
Laborer.     Advent.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

Rebecca,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  10,  1842.     m.  George  W.  Morse  (See). 
Marv,  b.  L.  May  24,  1844.     m.  1868,  Charles  Parker,  laborer.     She  d. 

Wliitefield,  Nov.  7,  1870, 
William  R.,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  5,  1846. 

Susan,  b.  Dalton,  Nov.  10,  1847.     m.  Russell  George  (See). 
Sumner,  b.  Dalton,  July  18,  1850. 
Emma,  b.  Dec.  1,  1853.     m.  William  B.  Smith  (See). 

Elliott.  187 

4.  William  R.  Elliott,  son  of  Warren  ^  b.  in  Dalton,  Nov.  5,  1846. 
m.  Feb.  26,  1866,  Amelia  Maria,  dau.  of  David  Brown,  b.  in  Canada, 
June  24,  1852.  Advent.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Katie,  b.  Dalton,  Oct.  12,  1869.     in.  Edwin  Tibbetts  (See), 

ii.  Willie  R.,  b.  Dalton.  Feb.  10,  1872. 

iii.  David  R.,  b.  L.  Oct.  12,  1874. 

iv.  George  R.,  b.  Dalton,  July  18,  1887. 

5.  Sumner  Elliott,  son  of  Warren  ^,  b.  in  Dalton,  Juh-  18,  1850. 
m.  Nov.  25,  1868,  M^ra,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Streeter,  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
May  8,  1855.     Advent.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1871.     Farmer. 


i.     Willie,  b.  Dalton,  July   17,   1871.      m.   Aug.   1888,  Rosa  Lambert. 
Laborer,     res.  L. 

II.  Harrv   B.,  b.   Dalton,  July   11,  1873.     m.  Oct.  2,  1893,  Ida  White. 

Laborer,     res.  Concord,  Vt. 

III.  Frank  W.,  b.  L.  Oct.  25,  1876.     m.  June  20,  1898,  Blanche  N.  BoUes 


iv..  Mary  Ida,  b.  L.  March  6,  1879. 

V.  Grace  B.,  b.  L.  Feb.  20,  1882. 

vl.  Myra  Elva,  b.  L.  April  25,  1886. 

vil.  Flossie  Lillian,  b.  L.  Oct.  8,  1887. 

viii.  Maud,  b.  L.  Oct.  17,  1890. 

ix.  Bessie  Ethel,  b.  L.  Nov.  25,  1892. 


6.  Benjamin  Foster  Elliott,  son  of  Daniel,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt., 
July  6,  1826.  m.  Sept.  18,  1850,  Jane,  dau.  of  Aaron  Edmunds,  b.  in 
Dalton,  April  9,  1823,  Universalist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  the  time 
since  1832.  Farmer.  Universalist.  Republican.  Ensign  5th  Co.  32d 
Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Mav,  1849.  Co.  E,  14th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private. 
G.  A.  R.     He  d.  in  L.  Sept.  30,  1900. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Dalton,  — 

i.     Sarah  J.,  b.  Dec.  1853.     m.  Dec.  31,  1873,  Alvin  Grimes,  farmer,  res. 

II.  Emma  M.,  b.  April  15,  1857.     m.  1883,  Fred  C.  Carr,  mechanic.     She  d. 

St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Feb.  7,  1891. 

III.  Annette,  b.   1858.     m.  Oct.  17,  1875,  Frank  Hudson,  mechanic,  res. 

St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
iv.     Edgar  F.,  b.  1860.     m.  Aug.  9,  1890,  Hattle  Vance,    res.  Danville,  Vt. 


7.  Charles  Amos  Elliott,  son  of  Charles  Franklin  Elliott,  M.D.,  b. 
in  Somersworth,  Aug.  10,  1835.  He  began  the  study  of  medicine  with 
his  father,  completing  a  course  of  study  at  Bowdoin  and  Dartmouth 
medical  schools.  He  served  three  years  during  the  Civil  War  as  assis- 
tant surgeon.  He  practised  his  profession  in  Lebanon,  Me.,  and  later 
was  associated  with  his  father  in  Somersworth  until  failing  health  de- 
manded his  retirement  from  active  work.  He  d.  March  7,  1891.  He 
m.  April  12,  1872,  Hannah  Abbie  Hayes,  b.  Lebanon,  Me.,  March  25, 
1852,  dau.  of  Cyrus  W.  Hayes.     She  m.  second,  Albert  F.  Nute  (See). 

188  Elliott  —  Elmer  —  Ely. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Hattie  Thorn,  b.  Aug.  5,  1875,  d.  April  19,  1891. 
ii.     Charles  Hayes,  b.  April  18,  1882, 
iii.     Arthur  William,  b.  Jan.  7,  1884. 


1.  Sidney  Aliza  Elmer,  son  of  Orrin,  b.  in  Elmore,  Vt.,  Jan.  29, 
1826.  m.  Sept.  3,  1857,  Almira,  dau.  of  David  Hodge,  b.  in  Colebrook, 
Nov.  15,  1832,  Advent.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891.  Glover. 
Advent.     Republican.     Co.  H,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.    Private. 


i.     Alice  Valentine,  b.  Stewartstown,  Feb.  14,  1859.    unm.,  res.  L. 


1.  Isaac  H.  Ely,  from  Hadley,  Mass.,  or  vicinit}',  settled  in  Charles- 
town  during  the  Revolution.  He  served  in  the  siege  of  Boston  8 
months,  1775,  in  Col.  Jonathan  Ward's  regiment  (Mass.).  During  the 
conflict  between  the  New  Hampshire  and  Vermont  authorities,  he  was 
appointed  jailer  at  Charlestown,  1781,  and  was  in  office  when  Col. 
Enoch  Hale,  the  Sheriff  of  Cheshire  County,  was  confined  in  the  jail  by 
the  Vermont  officials.  His  wife  Hannah  d.  Oct.  5,  1790.  He  m.  sec- 
ond, Nov.  9,  1800,  Relief  Stone.  Four  ch.  by  first  and  one  by  second 
marriage.     (Hist.  Charlestown,  p.  333.) 

2.  Guy  Ely,  son  of  Isaac  H.\  b.  in  1783.  pub.  first,  Aug.  31,  1807, 
Nancy  Wetherbee,  b.  in  1785,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  June  22,  1847, 
Cong.  m.  second,  Merinda,  dau.  of  Stephen  Hassam,  b.  in  Charles- 
town, d.  in  Delhi,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  15,  1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1809  to 
1847.  Blacksmith.  Cong.  Whig.  Selectman,  1810-11-12.  Moder- 
ator, 1813-19-20-1-2-4-5.  Representative,  1813-14-16-17-18.  Dep- 
utv  sheriff,  1813  to  1818.  Fire  ward,  1829-30-2-4-5-8.  Postmaster, 
appointed  May  29,  1841.  Capt.  5th  Co.,  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  1814. 
J.  P.     d.  Concord,  Vt.,  Sept.  29,  1853. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Nancy,  — 

3.  i.     George  Warner,  b.  Charlestown,  June  12,  1808. 

ii.     Caroline  W.,  b.  L.  June  14,  1811.     m.  Samuel  W.  Berkley  (See  Wil- 
liam Berkley  ^). 
iii.^  Hannah,  b.  L.  Oct.  2.3,  1816,  d.  L.  Dec.  2,  1816. 

3.  George  Warner  Ely,  son  of  Guy  ^,  b.  in  Charlestown,  June  12, 
1808.  m.  June  5,  1832,  Mary  Stearns,  dau.  of  Thomas  Redington 
(See),  d.  in  1874.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1809  to  1844.  Merchant  and 
scythe  manufr.  Cong.  Selectman,  1838.  Representative,  1840. 
Fire  ward,  1844.  J.  P.  d.  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  Sept.  6,  1876. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Charles  Redington,  b.  L.  July  4,  1833.    Foundry,    res.  Northfield,  Vt. 
ii.     Caroline  Warner,  b.  L.  Jan.  13,  1830.     m.  Barnard  Douglass  East- 
man (See). 
iii.     George  Benjamin,  b.  L.    res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
iv.     Henry  Guy,  b.  L.     res.  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt. 

V.     William  Henderson,  b.  L.    res.  Hoosic  Falls,  N.  Y.    Merchant, 
vi.    Frederick  Leverett,  b.   St.  Johnsbury,   Vt.     res.   Montpelier,  Vt. 
Bank  cashier. 

(Three  infants  that  d.  3'oung  are  not  named.) 

Emerson  —  Emery  —  English.  189 


1.  Joseph  C.  Emerson,  b.  Canterbury,  1820,  a  Methodist  clergj-man. 
He  enlisted  in  tlie  7th  N.  H.  Inf.  as  chaplain,  d.  in  Fernandina,  Fla.  ; 
drowned,  Feb.  3,  1877.  His  w.  was  Cioelia  Simpkins,  b.  in  Eng.  She 
d.  in  Jacksonville,  Fla.,  leaving  two  daughters  and  a  son. 

2.  Arthur  William  Emerson,  son  of  Joseph  C.\  b.  in  Sunapee, 
Jan.  28,  1860.  m.  April  10,  1888,  Mabel  Cross,  dau.  of  William  F. 
Da}-,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  Oct.  21,  1863.  Editor  Republican  Jour- 
nal. He  res.  in  L.  from  1893  to  1898.  Is  now  private  secretar\^  of 
D.  B.  Plummer,  Lakewood,  N.  J.  Cong.  Republican.  (Book  of 
Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  177.) 


i.  Paul  Arthur,  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  Dec.  7,  1889. 

ii.  CiCELiA  Day,  b.  Bellows  Falls,  Vt,  Sept.  18,  1891. 

iii.  Dorothy,  b.  L.  March  26,  1895. 

iv.  Kenneth  William  Joseph,  b.  L.  Sept.  14,  1896. 


1.  Ira  Emery,  son  of  Ira,  b.  in  Industry,  Me.,  Jan.  5,  1823.  m. 
first.  May  12,  1852,  Sophia  A.  Backus,  d.  July  29,  1879.  ra.  second, 
October  10,  1881,  Mattie  M.  Coffin.  He  was  educated  in  the  schools 
of  Industry,  Me.,  and  was  licensed  by  the  Baptists  to  preach,  when  he 
attended  Bangor,  Me.,  Theological  Seminary  for  about  one  year.  He 
was  ordained  as  a  Free-Will  Baptist  clergyman  in  Industry,  Me.,  Sept. 
1867,  and  preached  in  Richmond,  Me.,  two  years;  Deerfield,  five  years 
to  May,  1876  ;  L.,  two  years  to  June,  1878  ;  Lewiston,  Me.,  as  supply, 
to  Jan.,  1880;  Wolfboro',  to  Jan.  28,  1883;  Brunswick,  Me.,  to  Jan. 
1,  1885.  He  then  withdrew  from  the  Free  Baptists  and  united  with 
the  Baptists,  and  was  located  in  China,  Me.,  to  April,  1888  ;  Chatham, 
Mass.,  to  Oct.,  1890;  Meredith,  Oct.,  1890,'until  he  d.,  Nov.  6,  1892. 
Member  of  Board  of  Trustees  of  Maine  State  Baptist  Convention. 
School  Supervisor  in  Industry,  Me.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Sophia,  — ■ 

i.     John  Backus,  b  Industry,  Me.,  May  20,  1853.     m.  July  1,  1879,  Maria 

L.  Tutt.     Slioe-cutter.     res.  Lvnn,  Mass. 
ii.     Harry  Young,  b.  Industry,  Me.,  Oct.  6,  1861.    m.  Nov.  26,  :885,  Hattie 
E.   Burton.      (See  Augustus  R.  Burton.)     Shoemanufr.     res.  Lynn, 
iii.     Charles,  d.  in  infancy. 
iv.     Willie,  d.  in  infancy. 


1.  David  English,  b.  in  Eng.  in  1661.  m.  May  27,  1688,  Eliza- 
beth Arnold.     He  d.  in  Eng.,  Sept.  6,  1704.     Five  ch. 

2.  Richard  English,  son  of  David  ^  b.  in  Eng.,  June  6,  1690.  m. 
Feb.  17,  1712,  Mary  Hinksman  of  Newport,  R.  I.  He  emigrated  to 
America  in  1710,  in  the  brig  "  Swallow,"  and  landed  in  Newport,  R.  I. 
d.  March,  1776.     One  ch. 

1 90  English  —  Eudy  —  Everett. 

3.  John  English,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  Aug.,  1713.  m.  Nov.  9, 
1737,  Abigail  Newcomb,  cl.  Jan.  28,  1785.     He  d.  Oct.  18,  1758. 

4.  Abkl  English,  son  of  John  ^  b.  July  4,  1753.  m.  May  15,  1777, 
Anne  Calkins,  of  Nova  Scotia,  b.  in  1758,  d.  March  16,  1854. 

5.  John  English,  son  of  Abel  *,  b.  March  18,  1788.  m.  Mar}-,  dau. 
of  Benjamin  Carey,  of  Hartland,  Vt. 

6.  John  Waldron  English,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Waitsfield,  Vt., 
June  13,  1824.  ni.  first,  March  27,  1850,  Mary  E.  Colby,  b.  in  Hen- 
niker,  Aug.  28,  1825,  d.  in  Hartland,  Vt,  Aug.  16,  1851.  m.  second, 
Julv  16,  1852,  Melissa,  dau.  of  Amos  Hubbard  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  7, 
1828,  Universalist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1861  until  he  d.,  May  23,  1891. 
Farmer.  Universalist.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1869  and  1873.  Super- 
visor, 1880-1-2-3.     J.  P.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Melissa,  — 

i.     Frank  Cart,  b.  Hartland,  Vt.,  Feb.  1,  1854,  d.  Woodstock,  Vt.,  .Jan.  b, 
7.       ii.     Fred  Hubbard,  b.  Woodstock,  Vt.,  Jan.  8,  1858. 

iii.    Edgene  Grant,  b.  L.  Dec.  10,  1865.    res.  Spokane,  Wash. 

7.  Fred  Hubbaro  English,  son  of  John  Waldron  ®,  b.  in  Wood- 
stock, Vt.,  Jan.  8,  1858.  m.  July  31,  1882,  Clarabel,  dau.  of  Edward 
B.  Richardson,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Nov.  10,  1859.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1864.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Member  Board  of  Health,  1892-3-4. 
Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  District,  1891  to  6  inc.  Sec.  L. 
Musical  Association,  1893-4-5.  Director  L.  Shoe  Co.  A.  F.  and  A. 
M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  Em.  Cora.  32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 
No  ch.      (Book  of  Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  142.) 


1.  William  David  Eudy,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  March 
15,  1841.  m.  Dec.  31,  1870,  Maria  Woodbury,  dau.  of  Marcus  Brown, 
b.  in  Bethlehem,  March  11,  1843.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1871.  Far- 
mer. Methodist.  Republican.  Co.  C,  15th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private. 
G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Mary  Grace,  b.  June  9,  1875. 
ii.     Leonard  Angelo,  b.  Jan.  4,  1879. 
iii.    Mabel,  b.  March  29,  1880,  d.  L.  May  4,  1880. 


1.  Nathaniel  H.  Everett,  b.  in  N.  H.  April  8,  1808.  m.  April  25, 
1841,  Marv  Johnson,  dau.  of  Isaac  Stearns  (See),  b.  in  L.  Nov.  27, 
1813,  d.  Jan.  11,  1890.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  to  1862.  Pedler. 
d.  in  Bath,  July  31,  1870. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.        i.     Charles  Franklin,  b.  April  25,  1841. 

ii.     Fred  H.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1844,  d.  L.  Feb.  28,  1857. 

iii.  Frank  H.,  b.  May  24,  1851.  m.  first,  Dec.  25,  1875,  Emma  F.  Farr,  d. 
Sept.  24,  1879.  m.  second,  Jan.  12, 1882,  Mary  G.  Simons,  res.  Brad- 
ford, Vt. 

iv.  Edwood  Nathaniel,  b.  Sept.  14,  1855.  m.  Oct.  12,  1875,  Mary  G. 
Elliott,    res.  Bath. 

Everett  —  Fairhanh,  191 

2.  Charles  Franklin  Everett,  son  of  Nathaniel  H.^  b.  in  L.  April 
25,  1841.  m.  first,  May,  1864,  Helen,  dau.  of  Jolin  Bowman  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Feb.  20,  1842,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  2,  1877.  m.  second,  Nov.  5,  1879, 
Isabel,  dan.  of  John  Noble,  b.  in  Kingsley  Falls,  P.  Q.,  in  1844.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  about  1880.  Machinist.  Republican.  Fire 
ward,  1876-7.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge,  d.  Norwich,  Conn., 
Jan.  1,  1888.     No  ch. 


1.  Jonathan  Fairbank,  with  his  wife,  Grace  Lee,  and  six  children, 
came  from  Somerl)}'  Parisli,  West  Riding,  County  of  Yorkshire,  Eng.,^ 
and  settled  in  Dedham,  Mass.,  about  1630.     He  d.  Dec.  5,  1668. 

2.  George  Fairbank,  second  son  of  Jonathan  ^,  settled  about  1657 
in  the  south  part  of  Sherburn,  now  Medway,  where  hed.,  Jan.  10, 1682. 
He  m.  Aug.  26,  1646,  Marj'  Adams,  who  d.  Aug.  1703. 

3.  Jonathan  Fairbank,  youngest  son  of  George  ^,  b.  May  1,  1662. 
His  w.  Sarah  d.  July  9,  1713.  He  ra,  second,  Anna.  He  was  a 
physician  in  Sherburn,  where  he  d.,  1719. 

4.  George  Fairbank,  eldest  son  of  Jonathan  ^  b.  April  14,  1685. 
m.  Dec.  24,  1707,  Lydia  Gay  of  Wrentham.  She  d.  1717.  He  m.  sec- 
ond, 1718,  Rachel  Drur}',  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Racliel  (Rice)  Drury  of 
Framingham.  He  m.  third,  Sarah,  who  d.  Jan.  26,  1748.  He  liA'ed 
in  Framingham  and  Holliston.     He  d.  1753. 

5.  Drury  Fairbank,  son  of  George*  and  Rachel  (Drurj')  Fairbank, 
b.  in  Holliston,  May  1,  1733.  m.  1758,  Deborah  Leland.  He  lived  in 
Holliston,  where  he  d.,  June  19,  1786. 

6.  Drury  Fairbank,  son  of  Drury  ^  b.  in  Holliston,  Mass.,  Oct.  13, 
1772.  m.  first,  May  25,  1800,  Lucretia  Rock  wood,  b.  in  Holliston, 
Mass.,  July  25,  1775,  d.  in  Plymouth,  Jan.  29,  1817.  m.  second,  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Francis  Worcester,  granddau.  of  Francis,  and  great-granddau. 
of  Francis*  (See),  b.  in  Plvmouth,  Sept.  28,  1789,  d.  in  L.  May  21, 
1856.  He  res.  in  L.  from  May  3,  1820,  until  he  d.,  Jan.  11,  1853.  He 
grad.  from  Brown  University  in  1797;  studied  theology  with  Dr.  Em- 
mons, of  Franklin,  Mass.,  and  was  ordained  pastor  of  the  Cong.  Church, 
Plymouth,  Jan.  8,  1800,  where  he  remained  until  March  18,  1818.  He 
was  engaged  in  Home  Mission  work  two  3'ears,  and  then  came  to  L. 
He  was  the  first  pastor  of  tlie  Cong,  church  of  L.,  being  installed  May 
3,  1820,  and  holding  that  position  until  March  16,  1836,  when  he  was 
dismissed  at  his  own  request.  Treasurer  and  clerk  of  L.,  1836-7-8- 

Ch.,  by  w.  Lucretia,  all  b.  in  Plymouth,  — 

i.     John  Milton,  b.  July  19,  1801.     m.  March  20,  1827,  Mehitable  Knapp. 
ii.     Amanda,  b.  March  8,  1803.     m.  Jan.  1,  1827,  Samuel  G.  Brackett,  mer- 
chant.    He  d.  St.  Jolmsbury,  Vt.,  Dec.  14,  1859.     Slie  d.  Waltham, 
Mass  ,  March,  1862. 
iii.     Drury,  b.  Mav  27,  1805,  d.  Dec.  4, 1810. 
iv.     Mary,  b.  March  31,  1807.    m.  Oct.  21,  1828,  John  Bacon.     She  d.  St. 

Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Sept.  28,  1840. 
V.     Timothy  Rockwood,  b.  April  15,  1809.    m.  first,  !=:ept.  22,  1840,  Cathe- 
rine Stevens,    m.  second,  Mary  Ann  Dowse,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

192  Fairhank  —  Farmer  —  Farr. 

vi.     LuCRETiA  Ann,  b.  May  15,  18U.     m.  Jan.  24,  1838,  Joseph  Armington 

Ide.     She  (1.  Newport,  Vt.,  Jan.  29,  1847. 
vii.     Druuy,  b.  Aug.  7, 1813.    m.  Jan.  26,  1845,  Susannah  C.  Owens,     res. 
rhila..  Pa. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sarah,  b.  in  Plymouth,  — 

viii.     Harriet  N.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1818.    m.  Jan.  16,  1844,  Oliver  T.  Brown. 


1.  Jerediah  Farmer,  son  of  Oliver,  b.  in  Fairlee,  Vt.,  Dec.  23, 
1798.  m.  Luissa,  dau.  of  Thornton  Barrett,  Jr.,  and  granddau.  of 
Thornton  and  Abigail  Barrett,  b.  in  Betlilehem,  May  10,  1804,  d.  in 
L.  Jan.  24,  1890.  He  res.  in  Bethleliem  until  1865,  when  he  removed 
to  this  town,  where  he  d.,  Aug.  15,  1871.    Farmer.    Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Betsey,  b.  1820.     m.  Horace  Whitcomb,  farmer,    res.  Bath. 

ii.  Melinda  H.,  b.  Oct.  1822.  m.  George  Woodrow,  farmer,  res.  Cole- 
brook.     She  d.  Jan.  19,  1855. 

iii.  Catherine  P.,  b.  1824.  m.  Oct.  1845,  Lucius  Chickering,  clergyman. 
He  d.  Weston,  Vt.,  Sept.  18,  1872. 

iv.     William  H.,  b.  June,  1826.     Farmer,     d.  Bethlehem,  March  2,  1859. 

V.  Mary  Ann,  b.  June,  1828.  m.  Caleb  Stevens,  merchant.  She  d.  Bethle- 
hem, Aug.  9,  1876. 

vi.     John,  b.  Sept.  1831,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  8,  1833. 
vii.     Ludame,  b.  1834,  d.  Bethleliem,  May  1,  1846. 

viii.    Lucy  E.,b.  Marcli,  1836.    m.  Darius  L.  Guernsey,  insurance  agent.    She 
d.  Concord,  June  15,  1861. 

ix.  Elvira  S.,  b.  June  6,  1838.  m.  Ambrose  Blandin,  farmer.  She  d. 
Bethlehem,  Dec.  7, 1890. 

X.  John  P.,  b.  1840.  m.  first,  March  4,  1869,  Clarinda  W.  Brooks.  She  d. 
Franklin,  Mass.,  March  4,  1876.  m.  second,  Jennie  M.  King.  Banker. 
res.  Sioux  Rapids,  Iowa. 

xi.     Sahah,  b.  Dec.  28,  1842.     m.  Noah  Farr  i9  (See). 

xii.    Dyer  J.,  b.  June,  1850.     unm.,  d.  New  Hampton,  May  26,  1873. 


Thomas  Farr,  probably  not  a  son  of  George  Farr,  was  an  earl}'^  resi- 
dent of  Lynn,  Mass.  His  sons  were  Stephen,  Jonathan,  Thomas,  and 

Stephen  Farr,  son  of  Thomas,  was  a  soldier  in  King  Philip's  War, 
and  was  present  when  his  commander,  Capt.  Nathaniel  Davenport,  was 
slain,  April  21,  1676.  He  m.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  May  25,  1674,  Mary 
Taylor,  b.  Feb.  19,  1649,  dau.  of  William  and  Mary  (Merriam)  Taylor 
of  Concord.  His  sons,  Ebenezer  and  Stephen,  were  b.  in  Concord.  His 
other  children,  John,  Samuel,  Mary,  and  Thomas,  were  probabl}'  b. 
in  Stow,  Mass.  The  children  and  grandchildren  were  distributed  in 
Stow,  Littleton,  and  Acton. 

Samuel  Farr,  son  of  Stephen,  m.  Hannah  Whitney,  dau.  of  Richard 
and  Elizabeth  (Sawtell)  Whitney  of  Stow,  and  Hannah  Farr  was  named 
in  the  will  of  her  father.  Their  children  were :  Samuel,  Daniel,  Jona- 
than, Abraham,  L3'diaj  Hannah,  Elizabeth,  and  Hepsibah. 

Farr.  193 

1.  Samuel  Farr,    son  of  Samuel,  is  the  ancestor  of   the   Littleton 

families  bearing  the  name.     He  m.  Abigail ,  and  settled  in  Stow, 

Mass.  He  sold  his  farm  in  Stow  by  a  deed  dated  17G1,  acknowledged 
1762.  and  removed  to  Chesterfield,  where  he  purchased,  March  30,  1764, 
lots  9  and  11  in  the  13th  range.  He  signed  the  Association  Test  1776, 
and  his  name  annually  appears  upon  the  tax  list  of  Chesterfield  until 
about  1790. 

2.  Ebenezer  Farr,  son  of  SamueP,  b.  in  Stow,  Mass.,  Aug.  18, 
1750.  m.  Feb.  6,  1777,  Mary  Titus,  b.  May  13,  1753  or  4,  dau.  of 
Joseph  and  Mary  (Haskins)  Titus.  He  was  a  minute-man,  and  was 
called  into  service  in  a  company  commanded  bj-  Lieut.  Oliver  Cobleigh 
in  the  summer  of  1777.  He  came  from  Chesterfield  to  Littleton  aljout 
1800,  and  d.  liere  Feb.  15,  1833.  '  His  widow  d.  Jan.  23,  1840. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  — 

.3.        i.     Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  26,  1778. 

4.  ii.     Noah,  b.  Dec.  8,  1779. 

iii.     Mary,  b.  March  15,  1782.     m.  Levi  Hildretli  (See). 

5.  iv.     Titus,  b.  July  9,  1784. 

6.  V.     Elijah,  b.  July  5,  1786. 

7.  vi.    Joseph,  b.  July  6, 1788. 

vji.     Benjamin,  b.  March  15,  179'. 

viii.     LociNDA,  b.  1793.     m.  Timothy  Nurse  (See). 

3.  Ebenezer  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer'^,  b.  in  Chesterfield.  Jan.  26, 
1778.  m.  in  1799,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Wheeler,  b.  in  Chesterfield, 
June  28,  1776,  d.  in  L.  March  2, 1848,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1806 
until  he  d.,  April,  1852.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Fannie,  b.  Chesterfield,  Jan.  12,  1800.    m.  Frank  Whitney,  farmer.    She 
d.    Nashua,  1872. 

8.  ii.     Haskell,  b.  Chesterfield,  Oct.  1803. 

iii.     LoviCA,  b.  Chesterfield,  1804.     m.  Samuel  Towne  (See), 
iv.     Ebenezer,  b.  L.  1806,  d.  1877.     Mason. 

9.  v.     Lorenzo,  b.  L.  1809. 

vi.  Eveline,  b.  L.  1809.     m.  Henry  Thomas  (See). 

vii.  Susan  W.,  b.  L.  1812.    m.  Jotham  S.  Bemis,  farmer.    She  d.  N.  Y.  1878. 

viii.  LociNDA,  b.  L.  1814.     pub.  Dec.  12, 1832,  Jesse  Mardene,  farmer.     She 
d.  L.  Feb.  1847. 

ix.  Sarah,  b.  L.  1816.     ra.  Francis  W.  Bemis,  farmer.     She  d.  L.  1866. 

10.  X.  Ephraim  W.,  b.  L.  Oct.  11,  1817. 

11.  xi.  Norman,  b.  L  Sept.  30,  1819. 

4.  Noah  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Dec.  8,  1779. 
m.  Jan.  25,  1803,  Lvdia,  dau.  of  John  Cobleigh,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  June 
14,  1784,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  8,  1856,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1803  until 
he  d.,  April  2,  1842.     Farmer.     Cong.     Deacon.     Whig. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

GiLMAN,  b.  Jan.  8,  1808. 

John,  b.  Mav  22,  1810. 

PHiLANDER,'b.  Feb.  21, 1812. 

Deborah  M.,  b.  Aug.  12,  1814,  d.  L.  Dec  5, 18.30. 

Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  21,  1816.     m.  Noah  Gile  (See).  -' 

PniNiSA,  b.  Jan.  1,  1819.     m.  Marshall  D.  Cobleigh  (See).": 

Nelson  Cobleigh,  b.  June  18,  1824. 

5.  TiTUS  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer-,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  July  9,  1784. 
ra,  in  1806,  Abigail  Whitney,  b.  in  Cliesterfield,  May  19,  1785,  d.  in  L. 

VOL.  II.  — 13 











194  Farr. 

April  5,  1862.     She  m.  second,  Joseph  Fan-  (See).     Titus  res.  in  L. 
from  1803  until  he  d.,  May  10,  1827,     P^irmer. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Mart,  b.  June  21,  1800,  d.  Jan.  25,  1890.     unm.,  d.  L. 

ii.  Louisa,  m.  Moses  Kix.     Slie  d.  Oct.  9,  1894. 

iii.  SopiiKONiA,  b.  Sept.  21,  1812.     m.  Charles  Closson  (See). 

iv.  Marilla,  b.  Aug.  21,  1814.     m.  Natlian  Applebce^  (See). 

16.  V.  Elanson,  b.  Feb.  19, 1810. 
vi.  KosiNA,  m.  Benjamin  Lowd. 

vii.     Ar,nA  A.,  pub.  Dec.  20,  1848,  Maria  Crosby,     res.  Metliuen,  Mass. 
A'iii.     SARAPHiNA.b.  1821.     m.  Feb.  5,  1840,  Ransona  Smith.     He  d.  Gorhani. 
ix.     Alfred,  b.  1824,  d.  Cal. 

6.  Elijah  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer-,  b.  in  Chesterfield  July  5,  1786. 
m.  Oct.  8,  1812,  Polly  Burnhaui.  lie  res.  in  L.  from  1806  until  he  d., 
July  29,  1846.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Olive,  b.  March  8,  1813,  d.  L.  May  1.  1818. 

ii.  Noah  Titds,  b.  July  19,  1814. 

iii.  Charles  Clark,  b.  Oct.  15,  1816. 

iv.  Amanda,  b.  Dec.  21,  1818.     pub.  Aug.  20,  1842,  George  H.  Palmer. 

17.  A^  Alpha  Burnham,  b.  March  22,  1821. 
vi.  Caroline  Robins,  b.  Oct.  15,  ]82o. 

vii.     Mart  Danfokth,  b.  May  21,  1826.     pub.  Aug.  31,  1846,  Samuel  W. 

7.  Joseph  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Jul}'  6,  1788. 
ra.  first,  May,  1816,  Betsey  Danforth,  b.  in  Templeton,  Mass.,  July  30, 
1788,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  16,  1833.  m.  second,  March,  1835,  Abigail  Whit- 
ne}',  widow  of  Titus  Farr  (See),  b.  in  Chesterfield,  May  19,  1785,  d. 
in  L.  Aprils,  1862.  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1803  until  he  d.,  March 
29,  1874.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Betsey,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Betset,  b.  Marcli  21,  1818.     m.  Douglas  Robins  (See), 
ii.     Adaline,  b.  May  16,  1820.     m.  Dec.  22,  1842,  Loomis  Wells,  farmer. 

He  d.  Sept.  24,  1890.     She  d.  Granby,  Vt.,  April  4,  1874. 
iii.     Ctrus  Danforth,  b.  April  22,  1823,  d.  L.  March  9,  1856. 

18.  iv.     John  Wilder,  b.  May  2(3,  1825. 

V.     Elmira  Green,  b.  March  12,  1828,  d.  L.  Dec.  12,  1829. 

8.  Haskell  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  1803.  m.  Betsey, 
dan.  of  Nathaniel  Hurlbutt,  b.  in  Dalton  in  1808,  d.  in  L.  in  1847.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1867.  Farmer,  d.  in  Taunton,  Mass.,  June, 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Eva  line,  d.  in  L. 

ii.  Betset  Jane,  d.  L.  1846. 

iii.  Louisa,  m.  Charles  Fisk,  farmer.     She  d.  Dalton,  Dec.  25,  1862. 

iv.  Alba,  b.  April  30,  1841.     Farmer,  d.  Dalton,  Oct.  1869. 

V.  Edmund  N.,  b.  July  29,  1842.     Mechanic,     res.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

vi.  Laura  J.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1845.     m.  Aug.  12,  1872,  Henry  F.  Walker,  pro- 
vision merchant.     She  d.  Taunton,  Mass.,  April  1,  1895. 

vii.  Elizabeth,  b.  1847.     res.  Dalton. 

9.  Lorenzo  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^,  b.  in  L.March  11,  1809.  m. 
Dec.  27,  1834,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Aaron  Edmunds,  b.  in  Dalton,  April  15, 
1814,  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  1891.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1839.     Farmer,     d.  in  Dalton,  Nov.  25,  1884. 

Farr.  195 

Ch.,  b.  in  Dalton,  — 

i.     Sumner,  b.  Marcli  18,  1839.     ni.  May  12,  18G9,  Ann  Clark.     Farmer. 

res.  Dalton. 
ii.     Laura,  b.  Aug.  18,  1840.     m.  Leonard  Bowker,  book-keeper.     He  d. 

Boston,  Mass.,  1894. 
iii.     Eliza  Ann,  b.  1842,  d.  young. 
iv.     Edwin,  b.  Dec.  14,  1845.     ra.  Ella  Wallace.     Physician,     res.  Boston, 

V.     Henry,  b.  1847,  d.  young, 
vi,     Sarah,  b.  1849,  d.  young. 

10.  Ephraiji  W.  Park,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^,  b.  in  L.Oct.  11,  1817.  in. 
March  20,  1840,  Lovina,  dau.  of  Jolin  Hunter  (See),  b.  in  L.  March, 
1820,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1840;  has  now  renewed 
his  residence  here.  Constable  and  collector.  Farmer.  Methodist. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M. 


i.     Charles  J.,  b.  L.  Dec.  3,  1840,  d.  Fair  Oaks,  Va.,  June  5,  1862.     5tli 

N.  H.  Inf. 
ii.     George   W.,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Dec.  12,  1853.     m.  first,  1875,  I.  Eva 

Moulton.     Siie  d.  1877.     m.  second,  1882,  Pauline  Duard.    He  d.  Rox- 

bury,  Mass.,  Dec.  25,  1883. 

11.  Norman  Farr,  son  of  Ebenezer^,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  30,  1819.  m. 
Nov.  23,  1847,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Hunter,  b.  in  L.  Nov.  22,  1828.  d. 
in  Dalton,  July  30,  1870.  He  res.  in  L.  in  3'outh,  and  from  1870  to 
1880.     Farmer.     Democrat,     d.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  20,  1887. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Dalton,  — 

i.  Elbridge,  b.  Jan.  31, 1850,  d.  Dalton,  Sept.  7,  1856. 

ii.  Curtis  T.,  b.  July  29,  1851.    m.  Jan.  1,  1881,  Mary  Lafrance.    Laborer. 

res.  Dalton.     Divorced, 

iii.  Mary,  b.  May  2,  1852     m.  March  27, 1874,  Lewis  Pyer,  laborer,    res.  L. 

iv.  John,  b.  July  27,  1855,  d.  Dalton,  Nov.  7,  1863. 

V.  Lizzie,  b.  May  2, 1857,  d.  Dalton,  Feb.  20,  1870. 

vi.  Sarah,  b.  March  9,  1860,  d.  Daltou,  Nov.  22,  1862. 

vii.  Laura,  b.  April  5,  1863,  d.  Dalton,  May,  1867. 

viii.  Alice,  b.  Oct.  10,  1867.     m.  Bernice  Pennock  (See). 

12.  Oilman  Farr,  son  of  Noah  ^  b.  in  L.  Jan.  8,  1808.  m.  April  6, 
1831,  Philena,  dau.  of  Abijah  Allen  (See),  b.  in  L.  Nov.  16,  1809,  d. 
in  L.  June  28,  1878,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Cong. 
Republican,     d.  in  L.  Dec.  25,  1869. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Lydia  CoBLEiGH,  b.  Feb.  21,  1833.     m.  Martin  W.  Hatch  (See). 

19.  ii.     NoAH,  b.  Dec.  10,  1837. 

iii.     Julia  Allen,  b.  April  28,  1838.     m.  March  20,  1861,  Benjamin  F.  Lane, 
farmer,  res.  Whitefield. 

20.  iv.     Theron  Allen,  h.  Dec.  28,  1839. 

V.     Almira  Allen,    b.  July  31,  1842.     m.  Nov.  5,  1864,  William  D.  Thomp- 
son, hotel-keeper,     res.  Bath, 
vi.     Philena  Allen,  b.  Jan.  8,  1849.     m.  Irving  Allison  Watson  (See). 

13.  John  Farr,  son  of  Noah  *,  b.  in  L.  May  22,  1810.  m.  first, 
March  5,  1833,  Tryphena,  dau.  of  Joseph  Morse''  (See),  b.  in  Haver- 
hill, Oct.  27,  1809,\l.  in  L.  April  27,  1851,  Cong.  m.  second.  May  18, 
1852,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Levi  Morrill,  and  widow  of  Zadock  Bowman, 
b.  in  Wliitefield,  Sept.  14,  1810,  d.  in  Nashua,  Aug.  3,  1861,  Cong, 
m.  third,  Oct.  8,  1862,  Emma  Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  Hall,  and  widow  of 
George  Storrs  Woolson  (See),  b.  in  Guildhall,  Vt.,  March  24,  1833, 
Cong.     He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  except  1847  and  8,  when  he  was  in 

196  Farr. 

Glover,  Vt.  He  wfis  educated  in  the  district  scIiooIp,  commenced  the 
study  of  law  with  William  J.  Bellows  and  C.  W.  Kand,  in  18rj2,  and 
was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Haverhill,  Sept.  1854.  He  practised  law  in 
L,  for  thirty  years.  Among  his  printed  articles  are  a  report  of  the 
Commission  to  consider  matters  relating  to  the  Winnepesaukee  Lake 
Cotton  and  Woollen  Manufacturing  Company,  1879,  and  historical 
articles  in  the  Littleton  "  Argus."  The  law  firms  he  was  connected 
with  were  :  Rand  &  Farr,  1853  to  4  ;  Bellows  «&  Farr,  1854  to  9  ;  John 
Farr  &  Son,  1867  to  73.  Cong.  Deacon.  Democrat,  Whig,  and  Re- 
publican. Selectman,  1840  and  1853.  Deputy  sheriff,  1840  to  1846  inc. 
Co.  Commissioner,  1862-68.  Member  Board  of  P^ducation,  Union 
District,  and  Treasurer,  1875  to  9  inc.  Lake  Commissioner,  1879. 
Member  of  Constitutional  Convention,  1876.  State  Delegate  to  Loyalist 
National  Convention,  Phila.,  1866.  Town  Treasurer,  1854.  Brest.  L. 
National  Bank,  1871  to  88,  and  Director  to  1891.  Brest.  L.  Savings 
Bank,  1871  to  80,  and  Director  to  1892.  Police  Justice,  Feb.  24,  1877, 
to  April  9,  1880.  J.'  P.  d.  in  L.  Oct.  12,  1892.  (Biog.  G.  and  C.  Bar 
Assn.,  Vol.  2,  p.  549.) 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Tryphena,  — 

i.     Cakoline  Ely,  b.  L.  Dec.  22,  1833,  d.  L.  Dec.  16,  1836. 

21.  ii.     Gkorge,  b.  L.  Feb.  12,  1836. 

ill.     Ellen  Mart,  b.  L.  April  21,  1837.     m.  Dec.  7,  1860,  James  A.  Page, 

res.  Haverhill, 
iv.     John,  b.  L.  Dec.  7,  1838.     unm.,  res.  Orlando,  Fla.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 

22.  V.     EvARTS  Worcester,  b.  L.  Oct.  10,  1840. 

vi.     Caroline,  b.  L.  March  19,  1843.     m.  Benjamin  Franklin  Page  (See). 

23.  vii.     Charles  Albert,  b.  Glover,  Vt.,  Feb.  5,  1848. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Emma,  — 

viii.     Stella  B.,  b.  L.  Feb.  12,  1865.     unm.,  res.  L. 

14.  Philander  Farr,  son  of  Noah^  b.  in  L.  Feb.  21,  1812.  m. 
first,  Julv  20,  1837,  Amanda,  dau.  of  Comfort  Day  (See),  b.  in 
Chesterfield  in  1815,  d.  in  L.  April  20,  1869.  m.  second,  March  29, 
1871,  Susan  F.,  dau.  of  Nathan  Morse,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt. ,  in  1819. 
He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Cong.  Republican.  Appointed 
Lieut.  11th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  April  9,  1838  ;  vacated  March 
17,  1839.     d.  in  L.  June  11,  1874. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L. ,  — 

i.     Persis,  b.  Feb.  17,  1840.     m.  James  W.  Eobins. 

ii.     Comfort  Day,  b.  June  23,  1846.     m.  Nov.  7,  1874,  Ella  C.  Bailey,   res. 
Detroit,  Mich. 

15.  Nelson  Cobleigh  F4.RR,  son  of  Noah*,  b.  in  L.  June  18,  1824. 
m.  first,  Aug.  24,  1845,  Augustia  A.  Smith,  b.  in  Lancaster,  Jan.  15, 
1826,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  June  25,  1858,  Cong.  m.  second,  Ma}^  1, 
1860,  Sophronia  L.,  dau.  of  Lorenzo  D.  Fisher  (See),  b.  in  Dalton, 
Oct.  27,  1831.  She  m.  first,  Jonathan  W.  Wallace,  m.  third,  George 
D,  Lewis  (See).  Cong.  Nelson  res.  in  L,  nearlv  all  his  life.  Mer- 
chant. Cong.  Deacon.  Republican.  Director  L.  National  Bank, 
1875-9  inc.  Director  L.  Savings  Bank,  1871-85.  J.  P.  A.  P\  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  He  d.  in  L.  March  7, 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sophronia,  — 

i.    Infant  Son,  b.  L.  Aug.  17,  1862.     d.  L.  Aug.  17,  1862. 

Farr.  197 

16.  Elanson  Farr,  son  of  Titus  5,  b.  Feb.  19,  1819.  m.  Oct.  21, 
1843,  Hannah  Clark,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Rix,  b.  in  Dalton,  Feb.  7,  1822. 
Methodist,  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Methodist.  Repub- 
lican,    d.  in  L.  April  15,  1886. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Gkorgb  W.,  b.  Sept.  18,  1846.     m.  Hattie  Deal.     He  d.  Sacramento, 
Cal.,  Au£T.  28,  1881. 
24.       ii.     Henry  Hiram,  b.  Feb.  24.  1849. 

iii.     Emily  W.,  b.  June  8,  1850.     m.  Aug.  15,  1874,  George  E.  Fuller,  car- 
penter, res.  Lawrence,  Mass. 
iv.     Charles  T.,  b.  Feb.  10, 1852,  d.  Methuen,  Mass.,  April  29,  1877. 
V.     EsTELLA  B  ,  b.  May  27,  1855.     m.  Jolin  G.  Elliott-  (See). 
vi.     Ada  M.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1859.     Clerk,     res.  Lawrence,  Mass. 

17.  Alpha  Burnham  Farr,  son  of  Elijah  s,  b.  in  L.  March  22,  1821, 
m.  Oct.  6,  1842,  Betsey  Melvin,  dau.  of  Peter  Blanchard,  b.  in  Groton, 
June  9,  1822.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1836.  For  three 
years  City  Marshal  of  Lowell,  Mass.  Adjutant  of  6th  Mass.  Inf.  Col. 
26th  Mass.  Inf.  After  the  war  was  in  the  Boston  Custom  House 
twelve  years,  d.  in  Rumney,  July  4,  1879.  (Granite  Monthly,  Feb. 
1894,  p.  75.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Kate,  b.  in  Groton,  Jan.  6,  1861.     m.  June  20,  1881,  Warren  G.  Chase, 
lumber  manufr.     res.  Plymouth.     (Adopted.) 

18.  John  Wilder  Farr,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  in  L.  May  26, 1825.  m. 
first,  Sept.  12,  1855,  Eliza  D.,  dau.  of  Samuel  Phelps,  b.  in  Grantham, 
Ont.,  July  24,  1838,  d.  in  L.  May  22,  1861.  m.  second,  Dec.  29,  1868, 
Alwilda  PoUina,  dau.  of  Erastus  Lane,  Jr.,  b.  in  Lancaster,  Dec.  29, 
1840,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life  except  ten  years,  from  1847 
to  1857.  Farmer.  Cong.  Republican.  Representative,  1895-6. 
Master  White  Mt.  Grange,  1883-4-5-92-3.  Member  of  the  Advisory 
Council  of  the  World's  Congress  Auxiliary  on  Farm  Culture  and  Cereal 
Industry,  also  a  member  of  the  World's  Agricultural  Congresses  con- 
vened at  Chicago  during  the  World's  Fair. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Eliza,  — 

1.     Marietta  Phelps,  b.  Grantham,  Ont.,  June  14,  1856.   m.  Nov.  26, 1880, 

Alba  A.  Glovier,  clergyman.     She  d.  Lisbon,  Dec.  1,  1882. 
ii.     Nellie  Eliza,  b.  L.  March  15,  1861.     unm.,  res.  L. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Alwilda,  b.  in  L.,  — 

iii.     Edward  Cyrus,  b.  April  23,  1865.     unm.     Farmer,     res.  Orange, 
iv.    Joseph  Erastus,  b.  Julv  27,  1867,  d.  L.  Feb.  15,  1869. 

V.     Almira  Lillian,  b.  May  26,  1871.    m. Spooner.    res.  Franconia. 

vi.    John  Wilder,  b.  July  20,  1875.     m.  May  6,  1899,  Luia  Emma  Bedell, 
dau.  of  Curtis  (See),     res.  L. 

19.  Noah  Farr,  son  of  Gilman  ^^  b.  in  L.  Dec.  10,  1837.  m.  first, 
Dec.  17,  1867,  Marv,  dau.  of  Gideon  Griggs  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  7, 
1834,  d.  in  L.  Mav  7,  1869,  Cong.  m.  second,  Nov.  8,  1870,  Sarah  A., 
dau.  of  Jedediah  Farmer  (See),  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Dec.  28,  1842,  Cong. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Republican.  Treasurer  Town 
School  Board,  1892-3-4.     Representative,  1899-1900. 

198  Farr. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sarah,  b.  in  L.,  — 

j.     Akthuu  Noah,  b.  Dec.  21,  1871.     m.  Nov.  2, 1897,  Georgie  M.  Rounse- 

val.     res.  L.     Farmer, 
ii.     Albert  Leroy,  b.  I\Iay  9,  1878. 

20.  Theron  Allen  Farr,  son  of  Gihiian  ^-,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  28,  1839. 
m.  Nov.  17,  1873,  Alice  Hale,  dau.  of  JNIarqnis  L.  Goold  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Feb.  8,  1848,  Cong.  He  lias  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Clerk.  Republican. 
Member  Board  of  Health,  1892-3-4.  Captain  Co.  G,  5th  N.  H.  Inf.  ; 
mustered  out  as  1st  Lieut.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Walter  Herbert,  b.  Oct.  20,  1874.     d.  L.  Nov.  4,  1898. 
ii.     Harry  Marquis,  b.  Nov.  18,  1878. 

21.  George  Farr,  son  of  John  ^^,  b.  in  L.  Feb.  12,  1836.  m.  Jan. 
11,  1871,  Eliza  Caroline,  dau.  of  James  Bovnton,  b.  in  Jefferson,  Me., 
Sept.  22,  1845,  Episcopal.  Prest.  Woman's  Relief  Corps,  1887-8. 
He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Hotel-keeper.  Republican.  Grad.  Dart. 
Coll.  1862.  Selectman,  1884-5.  Moderator,  1885  to  90,  and  1894-5. 
Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  District,  1868-9  and  1880  to  86 
inc. ;  and  Treasurer,  1880  to  84  inc.     Deputy  sheriff,   1870  to  77  inc. 

^Prest.  L.  Musical  Association,  1888-9.  Police  Justice,  April  9,  1880, 
'to  March  19,  1895.  Department  Commander  G.  A.  R.  for  N.  H.  1886. 
Commander  Marshal  Sanders  Post,  G.  A.  R.,  1882.  Delegate  to 
National  Encampment,  G.  A.  R.,  1884-5-6.  Director  L.  Savings 
Bank,  1889  to  95.  Prest.  N.  H.  Grange  Fair  Association,  1894.  Mas- 
ter of  Northern  N.  H.  Pomona  Grange,  1888  to  1892  inc.  Capt.  Co. 
I),  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  I.  O.  0.  F.,  N.  G. 
(N.  H.  Men).  He  d.  L.  March  19,  1895. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Grace  Emma,  b.  Dec.  3,  1871.     m.  Herbert  K.  Hallett  (See). 
ii.     Gertrude    Trtphena,  b.  Sept.    15,    1873.     m.  Jan.  6,  1890,  William 

Stewart  Kenney.     res.  L.     Hotel  clerk, 
iii.    Leslie  Boynton,  b.  Dec.  1,  1878.     Student  Dart.  Coll.  1902. 

22.  EvARTS  Worcester  Fakr,  son  of  John  *^,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  10,  1840. 
m.  May  19,  1861,  Ellen  Frances,  dau.  of  Augustus  Burpee,  b.  in  New 
Hampton,  Nov.  14,  1840,  Episcopal.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  He 
was  educated  in  L.  common  schools,  and  Thetford  Academy  ;  entered 
Dart.  Coll.  Class  of  1863,  and  attended  one  term.  P^nlisted  in  2d  Regt. 
N.  H.  Inf.,  and  was  made  Capt.  of  Co.  G  ;  lost  his  right  arm  in  battle 
of  Williamsburg,  Va. ;  was  promoted  to  Major  of  the  11th  Regt.,  and 
served  until  close  of  the  war.  He  commenced  the  study  of  law  in  1860 
with  his  father,  John  Farr,  and  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Lancaster, 
Jul3',  1867.  He  entered  into  partnership  with  his  father  under  the  firm 
name  of  John  Farr  &  Son,  where  he  remained  until  1873,  when  his 
father  retired.  He  remained  in  practice  in  L.  until  he  d.,  Nov.  30,  1880. 
He  was  Dept.-Assessor  1864  to  1869,  and  Assessor  of  Internal  Reve- 
nue, 1869  to  72  ;  Member  of  46th  Congress,  1879,  until  he  d.  Elected 
to  47th  Congress.  Councillor,  1876  ;  Solicitor  of  Grafton  Co.,  1873 
and  1876  to  9  ;  Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  District,  1871  to  4 
inc. ;  Prest.  L.  Musical  Association,  1878  to  80  inc. ;  first  Commander 
Marshal  Sanders  Post,  G.  A.  R.,  1879  ;  Delegate  to  Right  Worthy  Grand 

Farr  —  Ferguson  —  Finnigan.  199 

Lodge  Good  Templars,  1868;   Notary  Public;  J.  P.   State;    Republi- 
can ;  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     (Cong.  Memoir,  pub.  1881.) 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ida  Louise,  b.  April  26,  1863.  m  Jan.  30,  1884,  Edwin  Child  Miller, 
piano  nianufr,,  Wakefield,  Mass.  Mrs.  Miller  is  a  graduate  of  Wel- 
lesley.  She  was  the  founder  of  the  Society,  "  Daugliters  of  New 
Hampshire,"  and  is  now  president  of  the  organization.  She  is  a 
zealous  member  of  D.  A.  R.,  and  has  been  an  efficient  and  popular 
regent  of  the  organization.  Ch.,  Barbara,  b.  Boston,  Mass.,  Aug.  30, 
1885.  Henry  F.,  b.  Melrose,  Mass.,  Nov.  18,  1887. 
ii.     Herbert  Augustus,  b.  Oct.  30,  1865.    ra.  March  30,  1894,  Catherine 

Ellen  Clarke,  res.  Boston, 
iii.     Edith  May,  b.  Sept.  5,  1872,  d.  Wakefield,  Mass.,  June  11,  1891. 

23.  Charles  Albkrt  Farr,  son  of  Jolin  ^^,  b.  in  Glover,  Vt.,  Feb. 
5,  1848.  m.  Sept.  22,  1869,  Florence  Sybil,  dau.  of  Curtis  Coe  Bow- 
man (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  30,  1848,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  11,  1866,  Cong.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  since  1849.  Merchant.  Cong.  Deacon.  Republican. 
Knight  of  Honor.  Member  Board  of  J^ducation,  Union  District,  1873 
an(ri890.     Secretary  of  Law  and  Order  League,  1888  to  1892. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Helen  May,  b.  L.  Aug.  12,  1872     m.  Aug.  24,  1893,  Howard  M.  Ballou, 

24.  Hexry  Hiram  Farr,  son  of  Elanson  ^\  b.  in  L.  Feb.  24,  1849. 
m.  April  4,  1873,  Sarah  Marion,  dau.  of  Abner  Curtis,  b.  in  Paris,  Me., 
Oct.  27,  1855.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Glover.  Republican,  d.  in 
L.  May  5,  1894. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Bertha  Estella,  b.  July  26,  1874.   m.  Oct.  28, 189G,  Arthur  S.  Greene. 

res.  L. 
ii.     Charles,  b.  Nov.  14,  1875,  d.  L.  Dec.  5,  1875. 


1.  George  Washington  Ferguson,  b.  in  Lyman  (now  Monroe), 
Aug.  15,  1829.  in.  Sept.  19,  1865,  Sophia  A.,  dau.  of  Willard  Bowman 
(See),  b.  in  L.  July  21,  1837.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1865  until  he  d., 
March  6,  1869.  Farmer.  Lieut.  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 


2.  John  Ferguson,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Canada,  July  1,  1866.  m. 
June  15,  1893,  Bell,  dau.  of  Edward  Buckley  (See),  b.  in  L.  July  5, 
1868.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.     Glover.     Democrat.     No  ch. 


1.  Patrick  J.  Finnigan,  son  of  Michael,  b.  in  Co.  Westraethe,  Ire- 
land, March  20,  1843.  unm.  He  was  educated  in  Georgetown 
University,  D.  C,  and  completed  his  studies  at  Woodstock  Coll.,  Md., 
of  which  the  Jesuit  Fathers  were  the  instructors.  He  was  ordained  a 
Roman  Catholic  priest  at  Baltimore,  Md.,  and  has  had  charge  of  Roman 
Catholic  churches  as  follows:  Portland,  Me.  ;  Lebanon,  and  in  charge 
of  L.  and  Claremont,  1877  to  81;  Clareraont,  1881  to  date. 

200  Fisher  —  Fislc 


1.  Lorenzo  Dow  Fisher,  son  of  Thomas  G.,  b.  in  Alstead,  Oct.  8, 
1806.  m.  Nov.,  1830,  Eliza  B.,  dau.  of  Joel  Crandall,  b.  in  Dalton, 
March  30,  1808,  d.  in  L.  July  27,  1880,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1855  until  he  d.,  March  2G,  1872.     Chair  manufr.     Democrat. 

Cli.,  b.  in  Dalton,  — 

i.  SopHRONiA  L.,  b.  Oct.  27,  1831.  m.  first,  Jan.  15,  1853,  Jonathan  W. 
Wallace,  merchant.  He  d.  Arlington,  Mass.,  March  16.  1857.  m. 
second.  May  1,  1860,  Nelson  C.  Farr  (See),  merchant.  He  d.  L. 
March  7,  1884. 

2.  ii.     Aaron  Dow,  b.  Nov.  13,  1834. 

iii.     Eliza  Ann,  b.  Aug.  13,  1838,  d.  L.  June  16,  1857. 

iv.     Orrin  Martin,  b.  Sept.  12,  1842.     m.  Sept.  12,  1865,  Rose  N.  Young. 

Clerk,     res.  Rockland,  Mass. 
V.     RosETTA,  b.  July  6,  1850.     m.  Aug.  22,  1874,  Henry  H.  Lowell,  farmer. 

res.  Rockland,  Mass. 

2.  Aaron  Dow  Fisher,  son  of  Lorenzo  Dow  \  b.  in  Dalton,  Nov. 
13,  1834.  m.  Nov.  20,  1860,  Annette,  dau.  of  Nathan  Applebee  ^  (See), 
b.  in  L.  July  28,  1840,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1855.  Car- 
penter. Methodist.  Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
Commander  St.  Gerard  Com.,  1882-3. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Nellie  Eliza,  b.  Oct.  31,  18G1.    m.  Henry  W.  Quimby  (See). 
ii.     Carrie  Sophronia,  b.  Aug.  9,  1863.     in.  Sept.  17,  1890,  William  H. 

Graves,  policeman,     res.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
iii.     George  Frank,  b.  July  8,  1865.     Farmer,     unm  ,  res.  L. 

3.  iv.     Edward  Martin,  b.  April  14,  1870. 

3.  Edward  Martin  Fisher,  son  of  Aaron  Dow  -,  b.  in  L.  April  14, 
1870.  m.  Jan.  30,  1895,  Nellie  A.,  dau.  of  John  Smith  Davis  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Dec.  8,  1873,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Merchant. 
Democrat.     No  ch. 


4.  Henry  Jay  Fisher,  son  of  Edward  E.,  b.  in  N.  Y.  City,  May  7, 
1849.  m.  first,  Dec.  24,  1870,  Helen  Lovina,  dau.  of  John  Carlton 
Nurse  (See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  26,  1849,  d.  in  L.  June  11,  1892,  Metho- 
dist, m.  second,  Auu".  28,  1893,  Lizzie  Joanna,  dau.  of  Silas  Wheeler 
(See),  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  6,  1867.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1869  until  1896. 
Painter.  Republican.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  N.  G.,  Lafay- 
ette Lodge,  I.  O.  O.  F.     C.  P.  L.  Encampment. 

Ch.,  b\-  w.  Helen,  b.  in  L., — 

i.  Mary  Helen,  b.  Aug.  18,  1871,  d.  L.  Sept.  18,  1878. 

ii.  Eddie  Carlton,  b.  Dec.  2,  1877,  d.  L.  Sept.  25,  1878. 

iii.  Flossie  May,  b.  April  18,  1880. 

iv.  Henry  Carlton,  b.  Dec.  6,  1882. 


1.  William  Fisk,  b.  in  Stoddard,  N.  H.,  April  13,  1779.  ra.  first, 
Louise  Ashcroft,  b.  in  Vt.  m.  second,  Betsey  Taylor,  m.  third,  in 
1827,  Adaline  M.,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Dyke  (See),  b.  in  Springfield,  July 

Msk  —  Fitch.  201 

G,  1808.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1860  until  he  d.,  Aug.  5,  1879.     Private 
25th  Regt.   U.  S.  Inf.,   1812.     His  widow,  Adaline,  d.  L.  March  25, 

2.  i.     William,  b.  Cavendish,  Vt.,  Feb.  15,  1824. 

ii.     Charles,  b.  Dalton,  1826.     m.  first,  Louisa  Farr.     m.  second,  Lovisa 

Stearns.     Farmer,     res.  Cal. 
iii.     Benjamin,  b.   Dalton,   1828.     m.   Emily   Smith.     Farmer.     He  d.  L. 

Marcli  10,  1899.     She  d.  Feb.  1884. 
iv.     Lucy  Ann,  b.  Dalton,  1833.     m.  George  W.  Fuller  (See). 
V,     Simeon,  b.   Dalton,   1836.     ra.  Laura  Gage.     Farmer.     She  d.  Dalton, 

Nov.  17,  1894. 
vi.     Fanny  Emma,    b.    Dalton,    1842.     m.    William    Hunt,   mill-hand.     res. 

vii.     Richard,  b.  Dalton,  1845. 

3.  viii.     Kylan  E.,  b.  Dalton,  May  7,  1845. 

4.  ix.     Burt  Henry,  b.  L.  March  24,  1848. 

X.     Eugene,  b.  Dalton,  1849,  d.  18-59. 
xi.     George,  b.  L.  1853.     m.  Ida  Johnson.     Farmer,     res.  Hanover. 

2.  William  Fisk,  son  of  William  \  b.  in  Cavendish,  Vt.,  Feb.  15, 
1824.  m.  Jane  E.,  dau.  of  Erastus  Gage,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  d.  in  L. 
March,  1883.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1866  until  about  1878.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Jennie,  b.  Lyme,  d.  young. 

ii.     Leona,  b.  Lyme,    March  4,   1854      m.   Nov.  25,  1875,   William  Rose- 
brooks,     res.  Carroll. 

5.  iii.     Henry  William,  b.  L.  Dec.  10,  185-5. 

iv.     Jennie,  b.  Lyme,  Jan.  28,  1858.     m.  Frank  Whitcomb.     res.  Dalton. 

3.  Rylan  E.  Fisk,  son  of  William  \  b.  in  Dalton,  Ma}'  7,  1845.  m. 
July  18,  1881,  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Palmer,  b.  in  Hanover,  Oct.  1, 
1845.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1875  until  he  d.,  Jan.  20,  1892.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Harry  B.,  b.  L.  Oct.  19,  1884. 

4.  Burt  Henry  Fisk,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in.  L.  March  24,  1848. 
m,  Jan.  19,  1887,  Delia  Lydia,  dau.  of  Jessie  Leavenworth  Rowe  (See), 
b.  in  Parton,  Canada,  May  20,  1866.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Farmer.     Democrat. 

5.  Henry  William  Fisk,  son  of  William  ^  b.  in  L.  Dec.  10,  1855. 
m.  Oct.  21,  1876,  Ivah  Bell,  dau.  of  Augustince  C.  Gaskill  (See),  b.  in 
Bath,  Nov.  24,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Truckman. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Blanche    May,  b.  July    9,  1877.     m.  Nov.  2G,  1896,  Henry  Ellsworth 

Richardson,  bank  cashier,  res.  L- 

ii.     Nina  Fay,  b.  Feb.  21, 1880.  m.  March  20, 1899,  Clarence  S.  B.  Walker, 
res.  L. 


1.    Zachery  Fitch,  the  emigrant  ancestor,  was  admitted  freeman  in 

Lynn,  Mass.,  Sept.  7,  1638.     m.  Mary .     He  moved  about  1644  to 

that  part  of  Reading  now  Wakefield,  Mas.s.,  and  lived  on  Fitch  Lane, 

202  Fitch. 

Fitch  Hill,  so-called,  being  a  part  of  his  homestead.  He  was  made  dea- 
con in  l«Uo,  and  held  the  office  until  he  d.,  June  9,  1682.  Selectman, 

2.  Samuel  Fitch,  son  of  ZachciT\  b.  March  6,  1645,  res.  in  Read- 
ing, Mass.  m.  first,  April  23,  1673,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Job  Lane,  d.  Oct. 
2,  1679.     m.  second,  July  2d,  1681,  Rebecca  Merriam. 

3.  Samuel  Fixcn,  son  of  Samuel'^  and  Sarah  (Lane),  b.  Ma}-  4, 
1674.  m.  first,  March  20,  1695,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Sarah 
(Wyman)  Walker,  d.  Nov.  26,  1716.  m.  second,  Eunice  Taylor,  d. 
Aug.  27,  1767,  aged  91  3'ears.  He  inherited  a  fourth  of  the  Winthrop 
farm  in  Billerica,  but  now  in  Bedford,  Mass.,  from  his  grandfather 
Job  Lane,  and  lived  on  it  until  he  d.,  April  4,  1742.  He  was  the  first 
town  clerk  and  one  of  the  first  Board  of  Selectmen  of  Bedford. 

4.  Jeuemiah  Fitch,  son  of  SaraueP,  and  Elizabeth  (Walker),  m. 
Feb.  3,  1735/6,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  and  Catherine  (Whiting)  Lane, 
b.  Oct.  14,  1716.     He  res.  in  Bedford,  Mass. 

5.  MosES  Fitch,  son  of  Jeremiah*,  b.  March  3,  1755.  m.  Nov.  14, 
1782,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Capt.  Edward  and  Lucy  (W3-man)  Stearns,  and 
the  sixth  in  descent  from  Isaac  Stearns,  who  came  from  Eng.  in  the 
same  ship  as  G-ov.  Winthrop,  in  1630,  and  settled  in  Watertown,  Mass. 
He  was  admitted  "  Freeman"  in  1631,  the  earliest  date  of  any  such 
admission.  He  d.  June  19,  1671.  Rachel  was  b.  Nov.  3,  1758,  d. 
May  23,  1817.  Moses  was  in  the  battle  of  Concord,  April  19,  1775, 
and  the  next  da}'  entered  the  Continental  Army  and  served  until  the 
battle  of  White  Plains,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  1776,  when  a  part  of  his  shoulder- 
blade  was  shot  awav.  Cong.  Deacon  of  Bedford,  Mass.,  June  10, 
1805.     d.  in  Bedford",  Mass.,  Oct.  12,  1825. 

6.  Solomon  Fitch,  eldest  son  of  Moses  ^  b.  in  Bedford,  Mass., 
Nov.  8,  1783.  m.  Jan.  7,  1808,  Susannah,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Mary 
(Parks)  Fuller,  b.  in  Charlestown,  July  30,  1788,  d.  in  L.  July  30,  1870. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  Jan.  7,  1808,  until  he  d.,  Nov.  18,  1870.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Elijah,  b.  June  30,  1809,  d.  Nov.  22,  1809. 

7.  ii.     Elijah,  b.  Dec.  19,  1810. 

iii.     Twin  Bovs,  b.  May  29,  1813,  d.  June  10,  1813. 

iv.  Leonard  Fuller,  b.  May  10,  1815.  m.  Feb.  16,  1840,  Hannah  Gil- 
christ.    Ice-dealer.     He  d.  Rockland  Lake,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1886. 

V.  Susan,  b.  June  13,  1817.  m.  Dec.  22,  1842,  Charles  R.,  son  of  William 
Morrison  of  Bath,  lawyer.  Judge  Circuit  Court.  Compiler  of  Mor- 
rison's Digest  and  other  valuable  law-books.  Adjutant  11th  N.  H.  Inf. 
res.  in  Concord.  He  d.  Sept.  15,  1893.  Shed.  Feb.  20,  1900.  (Hist. 
11th  N.  H  Vols.  pp.  6,  29,  31.  Bar  Association  Proceedings,  p.  546. 
Hist.  Morrison  Family,  p.  361.) 

vi.     Louisa  Clark,  b.  July  18,  1820,  d.  May  15,  1839. 
rii.     Elvira  Bonney,  b.  Aug.  30,  1822.     m.  Luther  T.  Dow  (See). 
viii.     Amanda  Malvina,  b.  Jan.  14,  1825.     m.  June  2,  1847,  Peter  Stephens, 
justice.     She  d.  Nyack,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  4,  1892. 

ix.  Austin  Taylor,  b.  Aug.  8,  1827.  m.  June  12,  1853,  Sarah  Casque. 
Ice-dealer,     res.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

8.  X.     Charles  Henry,  b.  Sept.  11,  1829. 

Fitcli.  203 

7.  Elijah  Fitch,  sou  of  Solomon  ^  b.  in  L.  Dec.  19,  1810.  m.  Dec. 
10,  1840,  Linda,  dau.  of  Josepli  Quimby,  b.  in  Lisbon,  July  27,  1805,  d. 
in  L.  Julv  8,  1880.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  P'arraer.  Republican, 
d.  in  L.  July  6,  1887. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Louisa,   b.   1841.     m.   April   6,  1876,  Charles  J.  King,  Signal  Service 
officer.     He  d.  Newport,  Vt.,  Aug.  11,  1882.     She  d.  L.  July  8,  1887. 
9.      ii.     Frank,  b.  Aug.  17,  1845. 

8.  Charles  Hevry  Fitch,  son  of  Solomon  ®,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  11,  1829. 
ni.  Dec.  10,  1856,  Emily,  dau.  of  John  D.  Youmans,  b.  in  Rockland  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  19,  1832,  Methodist.  She  d.  Feb.  20,  1897.  He  res.  in 
L.  in  youth  and  since  1866.     Farmer.     Republican. 


L     Stella  A.,  b.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  June  14,  18G2.     res.  L. 
ii.     Edwakd    Charles,   b.   L.    March    20,    18G'J.     ni.  June  4,  1893,   Millie 
Genung.     Ice-dealer,     res.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

9.  Frank  Fitch,  son  of  Elijah  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  17,  1845.  m.  Nov. 
13,  1869,  Julia  E.,  dau.  of  Noah  Willey,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  March 
31,  1852.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Sdsie  E.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1873.     m.  Fred  Williams,    res.  L. 
ii.     George  E.,  b.  July  24,  1889. 

10.  John  Fitch,  son  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  in  Billcrica,  now  Bedford,  Mass., 
Feb.  12,  1707/8.  m.  Susannah,  dau.  of  Simon  and  Hannah  (Benjamin) 
Gates  of  Stow.  She  d.  Dec.  24,  1748.  m.  second,  Feb.  15,  1750/1, 
Elizabeth  Bowers,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Esther  Bowers,  and  widow  of 
David  I'ierce  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1710.  In  his  honor 
Fitchburg,  Mass.,  was  named.  He  d.  in  Ashb}',  Mass.,  April  8,  1795. 
She  d.  in  Harvard,  Mass.,  Jan.  20,  1780.  (See  John  Fitch  address  b}' 
Hon.  Ezra  S.  Stearns.) 

11.  Paul  Fitch,  son  of  John^^  b.  Jan.  4,  1741,2.  m.  in  1767, 
Marj',  dau.  of  Abraham  and  Hannah  (Farley)  Jaquith  of  Billerica, 
Mass.,  b.  June  26,  1747,  d.  in  Jaffrej',  Feb.  18,  1800.  ra.  second,  Jan. 
7,  1802,  Joanna  Rice,  widow  of  Samuel  Walker  of  Rindge.  Paul  was 
a  Rev.  soldier,  res.  in  Lancaster,  Mass.,  and  Rindge,  Peterborough, 
Jaffre}-,  and  Marlborough.     He  d.  in  Marlborough,  May  2,  1818. 

Susan  Fitch,  the  eighth  of  the  nine  children  of  Paul  ^\  and  Mary, 
was  b.  in  Jaffrey,  Oct.  2,  1789.  m.  first,  Aug.  7,  1808,  David  Blood 
of  Jaffrey.  He  was  killed  in  a  mill,  May  2,  1813.  m.  second,  April  3, 
1815,  Joseph,  son  of  Joseph  and  Martha  (Clark)  Tolman,  b.  March  8, 
1789.  She  d.  in  Hinsdale,  June  29,  1875.  Three  children  by  David 
Blood  and  eight  bj'  Joseph  Tolman. 

Aliiira  Blood,  eldest  child  of  David  Blood  and  Susan  Fitch,  was  b. 
March  5,  1810.     m.  Alden  Moffett  (See). 

Martha  Louise  Tolman,  youngest  child  of  Joseph  Tolman  and 
Susan  Fitch,  was  b.  May  13,  "l832.  ni.  June  23,  1849,  David  Moffett 

204  Fitzgerald. 


1.  Danikl  Fitzgerald,  b.  in  Gilnianton  in  17G5.  ni.  Nanc}',  dau. 
of  Samuel  Clark,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  July,  1768,  d.  in  L.  April  26,  1840. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  as  earl>'  as  1817  until  he  d.,  April  30,  1822.  Far- 
mer.    Democrat.     Rev.  soldier. 

Ch.,  — 

2.       i.  Michael,  b.  Gilmanton. 

8.       ii.  Daniel,  b.  Gilmanton,  Jan.  2,  1791. 

iii.  Polly  C.,  b.  Gilmanton,  April  4,  1798.     m.  Oliver  Nurse  (See). 

iv.  Susan,  b.  Gilmanton.     m.  May  29,  1823,  Josiali  Sawyer,     res.  Tilton. 

4.  V.  Samuel,  b.  Gilmanton  about  1807. 

5.  vi.  Peter,  b.  L. 

2.  Michael  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Daniel  \  b.  in  Gilmanton.  pub. 
Feb.  12,  1814,  Olive  Kissick,  b.  in  Limerick,  Me.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1808  until  1825.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1818-19-20-2. 
Appointed  Lieut.  2d  Co.  Light  Inf.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  Sept.  10, 
1817;  vacated,  Oct.  30,  1823.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn. 


i.  Olive,  b.  June  13,  1816.     ni.  Ezra  Fowler,     res.  Dalton. 

ii.  Emily  Bonney,  b.  Sept.  23,  1817. 

iii.  Randolph  Augustus,  b.  May  17,  1819,  res.  Metliuen,  Mass. 

iv.  George  Little,  b.  May  28,  1822. 

V.  Charlotte,  res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

vi.  Mary,  res.  Lawrence,  Mass. 

3.  Daniel  Fitzgerald,  son  of  DanieP,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Jan.  2, 
1791.  m.  Dec.  20,  1813,  Lucv,  dau.  of  John  Nurse  (See),  b.  in  L. 
March  17,  1795,  d.  in  Minn.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1813  to  about  1850. 
Farmer.    Democrat,     d.  in  Minn.  1869. 


6.  i.     John,  b.  Gilmanton. 

ii  Nancy,  b.  L.     m.  March  15,  1838,  Henry  Wallace,     res.  Minn, 

iii.  Jemima,  b.  L.     m.  1839,  Alonzo  Atwood.     res.  Minn, 

iv.  Arethusa,  b.  L.     m.  first.   May  22,  1889,  Horace  Greenough.     m.  sec- 
ond, Ezra  Atwood.     res.  Minn. 

V.  Jonathan,  b.  L.     m.  Jane  Atwood.     res.  Minn, 

vi.  Susan,  b.  L.     m.  Martin  Lattimer. 

vii.  Mary,  b.  L.     ni.  Samuel  Hoit.     res.  Warren, 

viii.  Eliza  Ann,  b.  L.     m.  Henry  Rice.     res.  Brookfield. 

ix.  Timothy,  b.  L. 

X.  Elizabeth,  b.  L.  1836.     m.  George  MuUiken  (See). 

xi.  Samuel,  b.  L. 

4.  Samuel  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Daniel  \  b.  in  Gilnianton  about  1807. 
m.  Aug.  4,  1824,  Anna  Stratton,  b.  in  Bethlehem  in  1804,  d.  in  Gilman- 
ton in  1846.  He  res.  in  L.  from  as  earl_y  as  1817,  until  he  d.,  April, 
1837.  He  was  a  dealer  in  timber  lands  and  suddenly  disappeared. 
His  clothes  were  found  in  Thornton  with  knife  and  bullet  holes  in 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Samuel,  b.  Oct.  8,  1825,  d.  same  day. 
ii.     Anna,  b.  Oct.  8,  1825,  d.  L.  Oct.  16,  1825. 

iii.     RuFUS,  b.  June  8,    1827.     m.  first,   Helen  Conner,     m.  second,   Sarah 
Marsh,     m.  third,  Sarah  Earned.     Belt  manufr.     res.  Nashua. 

7.  iv.     Ai,b.  Jan.  22,  1829. 

V.    Mary,  m.  J.  B.  Hill.    res.  Streator,  111. 
vi.     Albert  L.,  b.  Dec.  28,  1833.     m.  Feb.  11,  1855,  Elvira  P.  Dearborn,  b. 
April   19,   18.36,  dau.  of   William  S.  Dearborn.     Shoemaker.     He  d. 
Sanbornton,  Feb.  7,  1864.     Co.  D,  4th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 

Fitzgerald.  205 

5.  Peter  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Daniel  ^,  b.  in  L.  m.  first,  Mav  24, 
1832,  Jerusha,  dan.  of  James  Webster  (See),  b.  in  L.  March  16,  1806, 
d.  in  Monroe,  Aug.  15,  1847.  m.  second,  about  1849,  Loanda  Nettle- 
ton,  b.  in  Boseawen.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1837.  Farmer. 
Republican.     Free  Baptist,     d.  in  Cheshire,  Ohio. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Jekusha,  b.  L.,  d.  L.  Oct.  9,  1834. 

ii.     Helen  M.,  b.  L.     Artist,     d.  Cheshire,  Ohio. 

iii.     Sarah  A.,  b.  Monroe,     m.  M.  M.  Buckbee,  farmer,     res.  Kansas. 

iv.     Juliette,   b.  Monroe.      ra.  Uewey,   painter.      She  d.   Cheshire, 


6.  John  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Daniel  ^,  b.  in  Gilmanton.  m.  April  22, 
1834,  Luc3'  C.  Drake,  b.  in  Lyman,  d.  in  L.  about  1886.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  infancy  until  he  d.,  about  1886.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

8.  i.     Theodocius  Drake,  b.  Jan.  6,  1836. 

ii.     Mart  Delphine,  b.  Nov.  2,  1837.     ra.  John  "Wesley  Palmer  (See). 

9.  iii.     Francis  West,  b.  April  25,  1840. 

iv.  Josephine,  b.  1847.  Levi  Ward  Cobleigh.  Co.  L,  N.  H.  Batt.,  1st  N.  E. 
Cav.,  and  Co  L,  1st  N.  H.  Cav.  Private,  d.  L.  Dec.  21,  1874.  ra. 
second,  George  W.  Blair,     res.  Pembroke. 

7.  Ai  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Samuel  ^,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  22,  1829.  m.  June 
2,  1883,  Martiia  Harvey,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Carroll,  b.  in  Waterville, 
Vt.,  about  1853,  Roman  Catholic.  She  d.  L.  May  10,  1899.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Manufacturer  of  doors,  sash,  and  blinds.  Demo- 
crat. Representative,  1887-8.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T., 
St.  Gerard  Com.     32°  A.  A.  S.  R.     I.  O.  0.  F.,  N.  G.     No  ch. 

8.  THEODOcros  Drake  Fitzgerald,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  6, 
1836.  m.  first,  Jan.  30,  1860,  Sarah  A.,  dau.  of  Oliver  Nurse  (See),  b. 
in  L,  March  9,  1833,  d.  in  L.  April  9,  1886.  She  m.  first,  Jonathan 
Coron.  m.  second,  Aug.  25,  1887,  Helen,  dau.  of  Brooks  Palmer,  b.  in 
Lowell,  Mass.,  March  31,  1846,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  22,  1890.  She  ra.  first, 
James  Kimball,  m.  third,  Luc}',  dau.  of  John  Cleaves,  b.  in  Smithfield, 
Me.,  in  1831.  Theodocius  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Stone-mason. 
Democrat.     No  ch. 

9.  Francis  West  Fitzgerald,  son  of  John  ®,  b.  in  L.  April  25,  1840. 
ra.  Harriet  .J.,  dau.  of  John  Woodward,  b.  in  Dalton,  Dec.  5,  1837,  Free 
Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Stone-raason.  Republican.  Co. 
D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private.     G.  A.  R.     d.  in  L.  April  1,  1892. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.  Nellie  H.,  b.  Nov.  29,  1860,  d.  L.  March  27,  1875. 

ii.  Francis  Willie,  b.  March  12,  1867,  d.  L.  Feb.  20,  1868. 

iii.  Harvey,  b.  Feb.  12,  1868,  d.  L.  Feb.  12, 1868. 

iv.  Kate  Mat,  b.  March  22,  1869.     m.  Frederick  A.  Carpenter  (See). 

10.  V.  Bertie,  b.  Oct.  28,  1873. 

vi.     Christina  Bell,  b.  Aug.  8,  1876.     ra.  Harley  Rivers  (See). 

10.  Bertie  Fitzgerald,  son  of  Francis  West^  b.  in  L.  Oct.  28, 
1873.  m.  Dec.  23,  1891,  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Maynard,  b.  in  Magog, 
P.  Q.,  June  17,  1874.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Glover. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Arthur  Morris,  b.  Feb.  24,  1895. 

20G  Flanders  —  Fletcher  —  Flint. 


1.  Xathaniel  Flanders,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Dorchester,  Nov.  17, 
1818.  m.  April  4,  1846,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Archibald  McMurpliy,  b. 
ill  Wentworth,  Sept.  13,  1820,  d.  in  L.  June  12,  1894.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1842  until  he  d.,  June  28,  1897.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Select- 
man, 1877. 

Ch., — 

i.     Waltkr  p.,  b.  L.  Marc-h  22,  1850.     m.  Nov.  25,  1880,  Ella  H.  Remick. 

Glover.     He  d.  L.  March  ti,  1885. 
ii.     Emma  C,  b.  Bethlehem,  Nov.  11,  1852.     unm.,  res.  L. 
2.      iii.     George  L.,  b.  L.  May  28,  1861. 

2.  George  Leslie  Flakders,  son  of  Nathaniel  S  b.  in  L.  May  28, 
1861.  m.  May  20,  1884,  Alice  Isabel,  dau.  of  Abijah  Allen  ^  (See),  b. 
in  L.  March  31,  1860.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer.  Dem- 
ocrat. Representative,  1893-4.  Member  Town  School  Board,  1892- 


i.     Ray  Walter,  b.  L.  April  8,  1891. 
ii.     Mary  Adaline,  b.  L.  April  26,  1899. 


1.  Thomas  Marshall  Fletcher,  son  of  Lucian  M.,  b.  in  Mcdford, 
Mass.,  Jan.  10,  1840.  m.  Aug.  18,  1866,  Mary  E.,  dau.  of  Moses  S. 
Webber,  b.  in  Rumney,  Sept.  2,  1848.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881. 
Lumber  snpt.  Universalist.  Republican.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge.  E.  C,  St.  Gerard  Cora.  K.  T.,  1891-2.  33°  A.  A.  S.  R. 
Master  L.  Chapter  Rose  Croix,  1896.  Commander,  G.  A.  R.,  1886. 
Co.  C,  39th  Mass.  Inf.  Private. 
Ch., — 

i.     Helen  Clarissa,  b.  Rumney,  Oct.  29,  1868,  d.  Jan.  21,  1869. 
ii.     Maria  Ellen,  b.  Rumney,  Oct.  29,  1870,  d.  same  day. 
iii.     Lucian  Maynard,  b.  Wentworth,  May  15,  1873,  d.  Sept.  12,  188-3. 


1.  Thomas  Flint,  b.  in  Matlock,  Derbyshire,  Eng.,  in  1603,  came 
to  America  and  was  one  of  the  six  who  first  settled  in  Concord,  Mass., 

in  1638.     He  m.  Abigail ,  who  d.  Dec.  18,  1689,  aged  82  years. 

He  was  a  wealthy  and  prominent  man,  and  represented  the  town  from 
1638  to  41.  He  was  a  devoted  Christian,  d.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Oct. 
8,  1653. 

2.  .John  Flint,  son  of  Thomas  S  probably  b.  in  Concord,  Mass., 
was  styled  Captain,  m.  Nov.  12,  1667,  Mary  Oakes,  sister  of  Urian 
Oakes,  Prest.  of  Harvard  Coll.,  and  dau.  of  Edward  Oakes  of  Concord, 
Mass.  He  was  Town  Clerk  of  Concord  from  1680  to  87,  and  Repre- 
sentative, 1678-80-2.     He  d.  Dec.  5,  1687.     She  d.  June  9,  1690. 

3.  Thomas  Flint,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Jan.  16, 
1682/3.  m.  Jan.  15,  1717,8,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Rachel  (Poul- 
ter)  Brown.     He  d.  April  1,  1755. 

Flint  —  Fogg  —  Foss.  207 

4.  John  Flint,  son  of  Thomas^,  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  May  23, 
1731.  m.  April  24,  1759,  Mary,  dan.  of  John  and  Anna  (Wheeler) 
Bateman.     He  d.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Dec.  22,  1773. 

5.  Joel  Flint,  son  of  John^  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  May  6,  1762. 
m.  abj^iit  1785,  Silence,  dan.  of  John  Brooks,  of  Lincoln,  Mass.  He  d. 
in  Stoddard,  Dec.  29,  1826. 

6.  Henry  Harrison  Flint,  son  of  Joel  ^,b.  in  Stoddard,  Oct.  10, 
1812.  m.  June  4,  1835,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Mercy  (Abbot) 
Bartlett,  of  Hancock.  After  marriage  he  emigrated  to  Shrewsbur}-, 
Mass.,  where  he  d.,  Sept.  10,  1886. 

7.  Elbridge  Flint,  son  of  Henry  Harrison  '',  b.  in  Shrewsbury', 
Mass.,  Nov.  9,  1845.  m.  Sept.  9,  1868,  Mary  Eaton,  dau.  of  Rufus 
Fuller,  b.  in  Burlington,  Vt.,  May  21,  1849,  ^Methodist.  The  great- 
grandfather of  Thomas  Fuller  came  over  in  the  "•  Mayflower."  El- 
bridge has  res.  in  L.  since  1866.  Jewelry  merchant.  Democrat. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  I.  O.  O.  F.,  Lafayette  Lodge  and  L. 


i.     Rufus  Fred,  b.  L.  May  21,  1873,  d.  L.  Aug.  16,  1873. 


1.  John  Albion  Fogg,  son  of  Ai  S.,  b.  in  Gray,  Me.,  April  25,  1849. 
m.  Oct.  26,  1875,  Carrie  Luvia,  dau.  of  James  C.  Rowell  (See),  b.  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  Ma}-  6,  1855.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.  Carpenter. 
Republican.     Fire  ward,  1889-90-1.     K.  P. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     James  Herbert,  b.  Sept.  19,  1889. 
ii.     Albion  Rowell,  b.  June  14,  1891. 

2.  Edgar  Osgood  Fogg,  son  of  Ai  S.,  b.  in  Gray,  Me.,  Dec.  5,  1863. 
m.  May  30,  1887,  Alice,  dau.  of  Donald  Madison,  b.  in  Independence, 
Iowa,  Feb.  22,  1868.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884.  Carpenter.  Re- 
publican.    I.  O.  O.  F.     No.  ch. 


1.  Arthur  Foss,  son  of  Stephen,  b.  in  Thornton,  Jan.  12,  1839. 
m.  Sept.  19,  1866,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Merrick  Russell,  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
July  21,  1849,  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Laborer. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Henry,  b.  Canada,  April  9,  1869. 

ii.  Alfred,  b.  Thornton,  Feb.  5,  1870. 

ill.  Walter,  b.  Thornton,  April  14,  1875. 

iv.  Raymond,  b.  L.  Nov.  22,  1888. 

208  Foster. 


1.  Ezra  Foster,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  in  1762.  m.  about  1791, 
Abigail  Garland,  b.  in  Jefferson,  formerly  Dartmouth,  in  1777,  d.  in 
L.  April  13,  1859.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1824  until  he  d.,  Feb.  22^  1856. 
Farmer.  Rev.  soldier  and  pensioner.  Private,  Capt.  Samuel  Fay's 
Co.,  Lieut.  Col.  Webb's  Regt.,  enlisted  Sept.  12,  1781,  for  3  months, 
also  enlisted  in  Capt.  John  Tuell's  Co.,  June  14,  1782,  for  three  years. 
(Mass.  Rev.  Rolls.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Marv,  b.  Jefferson,  1792.     ni.  July  3,   18G1,  Eliphalet  Mason,  farmer. 

res.  Lyman, 
ii.     Nancy,  b.  Jefferson,  1803.      m.  1880,  James  Dodge,  farmer.      She  d. 

Lyman,  June  16,  1892. 
iii.     George,  b.  Jefferson,  1806.     m.  1832,  Phyla  Hoskins.     Farmer,     res. 

2.  iv.     Isaac,  b.  Carroll,  Dec.  27,  1808. 

V.     Ezra,   b.  Jefferson,  1811.      m.   1835,  Milly  Hibbard.      Farmer,      res. 

vi.     Lois,  b.  Jefferson,  July  4,  1818.     m.  Moses  Carter  it'  (See). 

3.  vii.     John,  b.  Jefferson,  Oct.  27,  1815. 

viii.     Joseph,  b.  Lyman,  1818.     m.  1849,  Consaett  Briggs.     Farmer,     res.  L. 
ix.     Henry,  b.  Lyman,  1820.     m.  Smith.    Farmer,    res.  Dresden,  N.  Y. 

2.  Isaac  Foster,  son  of  Ezra^,  b.  in  Carroll,  Dec.  27,  1808.  m. 
about  1831,  Mary,  dau.  of  David  Dodge,  b.  in  Lyman,  May  25,  1807, 
d.  June  9,  1887.  He  res.  in  L.  from  about  1825  until  he  d.,  Jan. 
31,  1849.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Harriett,   b.    Dec.  16,    1837.     m.   Thaddeus    Hastings,   farmer,  res. 

ii.     Frank,  b.  Dec.  18,  1839.     ra.   1868,   Angeline  Kinne.     Butcher,     res. 


4.  iii.     Curtis,  b  Mar.  10, 1842. 

5.  iv.     Allen,  b.  Julj'  27,  1844. 

V.     Caroline,  b.    May  11,  1847.     m.  Sept.  8,  1870,  Herbert  B.  Mouiton, 
manuf'r.     Executive  Councillor,  1893-4.     res.  Lisbon. 

3.  John  Foster,  son  of  Ezra  \  b.  in  Jefferson,  Oct.  27,  1815.  m. 
Feb.  3,  1842,  Lavina,  dau.  of  Thomas  Briggs  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jul}'  11, 
1820,  d.  in  L.  March  22,  1897.  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1825 
until  he  d.,  March  16,  1883.     Farmer.     Democrat.     Selectman,  1870. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     MiLO  Thomas,  b.  Aug.  11,  1843.     m.  May,  1868,  Eliza  Sprague.     Far- 
mer.    He  d.  L.  Jan.  22,  1873. 

ii.     Edwin  Monroe,  b.  Nov.  9,  1848.     m.  May,  1876,  Minnie  Chase.     La- 
borer,    res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
iii.     Albert   Avery,  b.  July    25,  1851.      m.    Sept.  1875,   Annie   Ranger. 
Laborer,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

6.  iv.     Fred,  b.  May  28,  1855. 

V.     E.mily,  b.  Oct.  9,  1862,  d.  L.  June  30,  1863. 

vi.     Ellen,   b.   June  6,   1857.      m.   Feb.   22,    1893,   Stephen   Farnsworth, 

4.  Curtis  Foster,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  in  L.  March  10,  1842.  ra.  July 
3,  1866,  Helen  Jane,  dau.  of  Joseph  A.  Albee  ®  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan. 
12,  1846,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  21,  1895.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Farmer.     Democrat. 

Foster  —  Fournier.  209 

Cli.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Harvey  Joseph,  b.  July  3,  1874. 
ii.     Myrtie  May,  b.  Nov.  19,  1876. 
iii.     Alice  Maud,  b.  Oct.  19,  1881. 

5.  Allen  Foster,  son  of  Isaac  ^  b.  in  L.  July  27,  1844.  ni.  March 
29,  1873,  Angie,  dau.  of  Tiiomas  Jefferson  Carter  (See),  b.  in  L.  March 
1,  1850.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.     Herbert,  b.  L.  Sept.  26,  1878, 

6.  Fred  Foster,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  L.  Ma}'  28,  1855.  m.  March 
22,  1882,  Mary,  dau.  of  William  Liddell,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  26,  1854. 
Universalist.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Ferne  John,  b.  Dec.  30,  1882. 
ii.    Pearl  May,  b.  Sept.  26,  1885. 

7.  John  Luther  Foster,  son  of  George,  and  grandson  of  Ezra  \.  b. 
in  Lyman,  Sept.  15,  1837.  m.  Jan.  14,  1875,  Augusta  Lucinda,  dau. 
of  Grove  Sanders  Stevens  (See),  b.  in  Piermont,  July  31,  1841,  Cong. 
He  was  educated  in  Peacham,  Vt. ,  Academy  and  Dart.  Coll.,  from 
which  he  grad.  in  1864,  and  commenced  the  stud}'  of  law  in  1865  with 
Morrison,  Stanley  &  Clark,  Manchester.  He  was  admitted  to  the  Bar 
in  Nashua,  Oct.  1868,  and  practised  in  Manchester  two  years.  In  1874 
he  came  to  L.,  where  he  practised  until  1877,  when  he  moved  to  Lisbon, 
where  he  practised  until  he  d.,  Jan.  18,  1890.  Republican.  First 
Justice  L.  Police  Court,  appointed  Sept.  10,  1874;  resigned  in  1877. 
Member  Board  of  Education,  Union  District,  1876-7.  Member  and 
Prest.  of  Board  of  Education,  Lisbon;  Selectman  of  Lisbon;  Member 
of  Constitutional  Convention  for  Lisbon,  1889.  Clerk  to  Paymaster 
I.  B.  Dewey,  stationed  at  Hilton  Head,  S.  C. 

Ch.,  all  but  Grove,  b.  in  Lisbon,  — 

i.  Grove  H.,  b.  L.  Oct.  21,  1875. 

ii.  Helen  P.,  b.  April  11,  1877. 

iii.  John  L.,  b.  Sept.  5,  1878,  d.  Lisbon,  Oct.  24,  1881. 

iv.  Ray  S.,  b.  Oct.  5,  1880. 


1.  Peter  Fournier,  son  of  Nelson,  b.  in  Canada,  June  30,  1852, 
m.  Sept.  25,  1877,  Adele,  dau.  of  Michel  Roy,  b.  in  Canada,  May  24, 
1858,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.  Farmer.  Roman 

i.  Jedeou,  b.  Canada,  Aug.  12,  1878,  d.  L.  April  1,  1888. 

ii.  Omus,  b.  Canada,  July  17,  1880. 

iii.  Wilfred,  b.  L.  Sept.  15,  1882. 

iv.  Dolor,  b.  L.  Feb.  25,  1885. 

V.  Joseph,  b.  L.  May  12,  1888. 

vi.  Adele,  b.  L.  Aug.  21,  1889. 

vii.  Jedeou,  b.  L.  Aug.  6,  1892. 

viii.  Clara  Millie,  b.  L.  Sept.  23,  1895. 
vol.  II.  —  14 

210  French  —  Frost. 


1.  Di-:xTER  Ham  French,  son  of  Gould,  b.  in  Bath,  Sept.  29,  1831. 
ra.  Dec.  7,  18G5,  Martha  Maria,  dan.  of  Ezra  Bliss  Elkins  (See),  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Nov.  18,  1835,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  22,  1896,  Cong.  She  m.  first, 
Horace,  bro.  of  Dexter  Ham,  who  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.  Carriage- 
maker.     Repul)lican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bath,  — 

i.     Mary  Edith,  b.  March  18,  1807.     ni.  Edward  Benjamin  Lynch  (See). 
ii.     George  Gould,  b.  April  19,  1870,  d.  L.  Nov.  20,  1893. 


2.  Augustus  Josiah  French,  son  of  Dexter,  b.  in  Manchester,  Vt., 
Jan.  17,  1850.  m.  July  4,  1875,  Susan,  dau.  of  Loren  Plant  (See),  b. 
in  Canada,  April  27,  1846,  Methodist.  She  d.  L.  Jan.  5,  1899.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  since  April,  1893.  Carpenter.  Methodist.  Republican. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.     No  ch. 


3.  Oscar  F.  French,  son  of  Alma  M.,  b.  in  Pittsfleld,  March,  1843. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1863,  Matilda  A.,  dau.  of  Horace  Crandall,  b.  in  Dal  ton, 
Sept.  1,  1841.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1878.  Cong.  He  res.  in  L. 
about  one  year.  Barber.  Republican.  Co.  E,  7th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private, 
d.  in  L.  Dec.  12,  1878. 


i.     Mabel  Bell,  b.  Penacook,  March  26,  1871.    m.  James  H.  Oakes  (See). 


1.  Peres  Mason  Frost,  son  of  Rev.  Pinckney,  b.  in  Derby,  Vt.,  Oct. 
14,  1840.  m.  Sept.  4,  1873,  Mattie  J.,  dau.  of  Mark  Ball,  b.  in  Athens, 
Vt.,  Aug.  10,  1847.  He  was  educated  in  Springfield  Wesleyan  Semi- 
nary, Springfield,  Vt.,  commencing  the  stud}'  of  theology  in  1872,  and 
was  ordained  a  Methodist  Dea.  in  Bellows  Falls,  Vt.,  and  Elder  in 
Woodstock,  Vt.  He  has  been  located  in  the  ministry  as  follows  :  Vt. 
Conference,  Athens,  1872-3  ;  Proctorsville,  1874-5  ;  Putney,  1876-7  ; 
West  Fairlee,  1878-9-80;  Windsor,  1881-2-3;  N.  H.  Conference, 
Nashua,  1884;  Lebanon,  1885-6-7;  L.,  1888-9-90;  Wesley  Church, 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  1891-2-3;  Newport,  1894;  Supernumerary,  since 
1894.  d.  suddenly  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Nov.  6,  1899.  Supt.  of  Schools, 
Proctorsville,  Vt.,  two  years. 

Ch.,  — 

1.     Will  Mason,  b.  Proctorsville,  Vt.,  Oct.  22,  1874.     unm.     Dentist,     res. 

Haverhill,  Mass. 
ii.     Minnie  Elizabeth,  b.  Athens,  Vt.,  May  1, 1876,  d.  Putney,  Vt.,  March 

18,  1877. 

Frye  —  Fulford.  211 


1.  John  Frye,  settled  in  Royalston,  Mass  ,  d.  in  Concord,  Vt.  He 
ni.  Stockwell. 

2.  Joseph  Frye,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Royalston,  Mass.,  July  21,  1790. 
m.  Jan.  31,  1828,  Nancy  A.  Perkins.  He  d.  in  Waterford,  Vt. ,  Aug.  4, 

3.  Joseph  S.  Frye,  son  of  Joseph-,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Jul}-  3,  1835. 
m.  Jan.  13.  1858,  Emilie  H.,  dan.  of  Calvin  Brown,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
June  14,  1838.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1874  to  1889.  Merchant.  Demo- 
crat.    Fire  ward,  1882.     Now  res.  in  Spokane,  Wash. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  — 

i.  CouA.  WiNOVA,  b.  April  15,  1860.     m.  George  H.  Tilton  (See). 

ii.  DoLCENiA  Mason,  b.  Dec.  18,  1865.     ra.  Harry  VV.  Ranlett  (See). 

iii.  Susie  Brown,  b.  Sept.  7,  1867.     res.  Spokane,  Wasli. 

iv.  Austin  Paddleford,  b.  May  29,  1872.     res.  Spokane,  Wash. 

FRYE.  ^ 

4.  S6lon  Albert  Frye,  son  of  Albert  J.,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
Aug.  14,  1859.  m.  March  21,  1882,  Ida  May,  dau.  of  Henry  Guy 
Towne  (See),  b.  in  L.  July  4,  1865.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879. 
Carpenter.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Freeman  Solon,  b.  Oct.  30,  1883. 
ii.     Mabel  Alice,  b.  July  28,  1884. 


1.  Archibald  C.  Fulford,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  July  29, 
1821.  m.  first,  Phebe  Jane,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Carter^  (See),  b.  in  L. 
Jan.  21,  1821,  d.  Sept.  7,  1854.  m.  second,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Lee  Wil- 
liams, b.  in  Concord,  Vt.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1846  to  1876.  Farmer. 
Democrat,     d.  Dec.  2,  1886. 

Ch.,  by  TV.  Phebe,  b.  in  L. ,  — 

i.     Milo  E.,  b.  Feb.  9,  1846.    m.  Mandana  B.  Huntoon.     Laborer.     Co.  B, 

9th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private,     d.  L.  Oct.  3,  1867. 
ii.    Alvah  S.,  b.  July  15,  1848.     m.  July  6,  1869,  Hattie  L.  Smith,     res. 

Gardner,  Mass. 
iii.     Ida  A.,  b.  1852. 

2.  Eliphalet  Fulford,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  Dee.  9, 
1824.  m.  March  23,  1845,  Ruth  Brown,  dau.  of  Caleb  Parker  (See), 
b.  in  Chichester,  May  11,  1821.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1845,  and  a  large 
portion  of  the  time  thereafter  until  1883.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Select- 
man, 1871-2.     d.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  21,  1887. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Edwin,  b.  L.  Nov.  14,  1845.     m.  Nov.  28,  1866,  Ann   Hoag.     Farmer. 

Co.  A,  11th  Mass.  Inf.     Private,     res.  Barnet,  Vt. 
ii.     George,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  25,  1847.    ni.  June  12,  1873,  Mary  H.  Graham. 
Merchant.     She  d.  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  Oct.  12,  1882. 

212  Fulford  —  Fuller. 

iii.     Frank,  h.  L.Jan.  3,  1849.    m.  March  19,  1872,  Flora  Cusliman.     Far- 
mer,    lie  d.  Lancaster,  Nov.  14,  1882. 

iv.     Dan,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  22,  18-51.     m.  Dec.  28,  1881,  Mary  Wright.     Rail- 
road engineer,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
V.     Frki),  b.  Lyman,  Sept.  27,  1853.     m    Oct.  20,  1875,  Mary  E.  Dunbar. 
Miller,     res.  Lisbon. 

iv.     Ellen,  b.  L.  Jan.  27, 1859.   m.  Nov.  4,  1879,  Dan  Huse.    She  d.  L.  May 
19,  1888. 


1.  John  Tucker  Fuller,  son  of  Peter,  b.  in  Dalton,  Sept.  5,  1803. 
m.  Jan.  11,  1827,  Emeline,  dau.  of  Isaac  Prouty,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Nov. 
25,  1806,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  27,  1889.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1812  until  he  d., 
April  8,  1884.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     George  B.,  b.  June  22,  1829.     m.  Jan.  1861,  Martha  Streeter.    He  d.  L. 
Nov.  3,  1873.     She  d.  July  12,  1886. 

2.  ii.     Charles  Henry,  b.  March  5,  1830. 

iii.     Adeline,  b.  Feb.  24,  1834.     m.  William  H.  Chandler  (See). 

3.  iv.     Isaac,  b.  Nov.  27,  1836. 

V.     Martha,  b.  May  14,  1839.     m.  Nov.  21,  1860,  Richard  Dodge,  farmer, 
res.  Lyman. 

4.  vi.     Albert  M.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1842. 

vii.     William,  b.  Dec.  6, 1844.     res.  Lyman.     Carriage  manufr. 
viii.     Phebe,  b.  March  9,  1848.     m.  Feb.  7,  1871,  Milo  M.  Little,  laborer. 

5.  ix.     John  Westley,  b.  Oct.  6,  1853. 

2.  Charles  Henry  Fuller,  son  of  John  Tucker  S  b.  in  L.  March  5, 
1830.  m.  May  18,  1863,  Melissa,  dau.  of  Robert  Clough  (See),  b.  in 
Lyman,  Oct.  14,  1843,  d.  in  L.  July  4,  1895.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his 
life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

6.  i.     Charles  Clinton,  b.  Aug.  14,  1870. 
ii.     Edith  Bell,  b.  Dec.  14,  1879. 

3.  Isaac  Fuller,  son  of  John  Tucker^,  b.  in  L  Nov.  27,  1836.  m. 
Oct.  15,  1892,  Mabel,  dau.  of  Thomas  Green,  b.  in  Louisville,  Ky.,  in 
1861.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Carpenter.     Democrat.     No  ch. 

4.  Albert  M.  Fuller,  son  of  John  Tucker  S  b.  in  L.  Feb.  19,  1842. 
ra.  April  26,  1862,  Mary,  dau.  of  Moses  Carter"  (See),  b.  in  L.  Nov. 
12,  1843.     He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch., — 

i.    Florence,  b.  L.  Aug.  18,  1870.    m.  Myron  D.  Ash  (See). 

5.  John  Westley  Fuller,  son  of  John  Tucker  %  b.  in  L.  Oct.  6, 
1853.  m.  Jan.  23,  1884,  Marcella  Ma}',  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Copp  (See), 
b.  in  Gorham,  Jan.  24,  1859.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  hfe.  Farmer. 


i.     Warren  Ray,  b.  L.  Dec.  28,  1890. 

6.  Charles  Clinton  Fuller,  son  of  Charles  Henry  ^,  b.  in  L.  Aug. 
14,  1870.  m.  March  21,  1893,  NelUe,  dau.  of  John  Carrigan,  b.  in 
Canada,  March  24,  1869.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Box-maker. 
Democrat.     No  ch. 

Fuller.  213 


7.  Thomas  Fuller,  b.  May  13,  1787.  m.  first,  Jan.  15,  1809, 
MaiT,  dau.  of  Sanborn  Cla}-,  b.  June  6,  1788,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  19,  1829, 
Methodist,  m.  second,  Sept.  10,  1829,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Sanborn  Cla}', 
b.  July  15,  1793,  d.  in  Dalton,  April  10,  1881,  Methodist.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1812  until  he  d.,  March  11,  1778.  Brick-maker.  Methodist. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,  — 

i.  Luther  W.,  b.  Lancaster,  Oct.  1,  1810,  d.  Dec.  15,  1840. 

ii.  Edward  R.,  b.  L.  Aug:.  7,  1812. 

iii.  Chase  C,  b.  L.  Nov.  '2,  1814. 

iv.  RoBiE  C,  b.  L.  Jan.  2,  1817,  d.  May  15,  1847. 

V.  Lydia  Jane,  b.  L.  Marcli  2,  1820,  d.  Aug.  26,  1827. 

vi.  LoviNA  G.,  b.  L.  May  22,  1823,  d.  Jan.  31,  1855. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Lydia,  b.  in  L.,  — 

vii.     Mary  Jane,  b.  May,  1830,  d.  May,  1830. 

8.  viii.     George  Washington,  b.  Oct.  23,  1832. 

ix.    Annie  Jane,  b.  Sept.  26,  1838. 

8.  George  Washington  Fuller,  son  of  Thomas'^,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  23, 
1832.  m.  Sept.  19,  1852,  Lucy  Ann,  dau.  of  William  Fisk  (See),  b.  in 
Dalton,  May  17,  1834.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  since  1865.  Farmer. 
Democrat.     Co.  I,  1st  [I^.  H.  H.  Art.     Private.     G.  A.  R. 

.      Ch.,— 

9.  i.     Charles  Edward,  b.  Dalton,  Aug.  2,  1858. 

9.  Charles  Edward  Fuller,  son  of  George  Washington  ^  b.  in 
Dalton,  Aug.  2,  1853.  m.  March  15,  1879,  Minnie,  dau.  of  Edward 
Fuller,  b.  Fairlee,  Vt.,  April  12,  1864.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his 
life.     Farmer.     Democrat. 


i.    Jennie  Mabel,  b.  L.  Aug.  27,  1880. 


10.  Samuel  Waldo  Fuller,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  April  31,  1854. 
m.  Jan.  19,  1878,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  George  Means,  b.  in  Clinton,  Me., 
May  26,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  July,  1893.  Glover.  Demo- 

Ch.,  b.  in  Clinton,  Me.,  — 

i.    Annie  Bell,  b.  Nov.  19,  1879. 
ii.     George  Means,  b.  March  6,  1880. 


11.  Thomas  Fuller,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Compton,  P.  Q.,  June  15, 
1810.  m.  March  15,  1841,  Elvira,  dau.  of  Elias  Farnhani,  b.  in  Canaan, 
Vt.,  May  12,  1819.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1883.  He  never  res.  in 
L.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Compton,  P.  Q.,  — 

i.     Hattie,  b.  Aug.  10,  1843.     m.  Feb.  9,  1868,  Cliarles  Lang.     res.  L. 
ii.     Georgia,  b.  April  25,  1858.     res.  L. 

214  Furher. 


1.  William  Fuuber,  b.  in  London,  Eng.,   in   1614.     m.  Elizabeth 

.     He  emigrated  to  America  in  1635,  shipping  from  Bristol,  Eng., 

in  the  ship  "  Angel  Gabriel,"  which  was  wrecked  off  Pemaqiiid  in  the 
great  storm  of  Aug.  1635.  He  signed  the  remonstrance  against  Gov. 
Cranfield  ;  was  one  of  the  witnesses  to  the  true  deed  of  Independence 
of  1638  to  Wheelright,  and  was  representative  in  1648.  He  d.  in  Dover 
as  early  as  1692.     Six  ch. 

2.  Jethro  Furber,  son  of  William  \  b.  in  Dover,  m.  Amy  Crowell. 
He  was  a  mariner,  and  d.  previous  to  1704. 

3.  Jethro  Furber,  son  of  Jethro^,  b.  in  1682.     m.  Elizabeth . 

He  was  a  sea  captain,  d.  in  Portsmouth,  April  9,  1738.  His  grave- 
stone still  stands  in  the  "  Point  of  Graves,"  Portsmouth. 

4.  Nathaniel  Furber,  son  of  Jethro  ^  m.  Dec.  25,  1740,  Sarah 
Underwood.  He  was  a  boat-builder,  res.  in  Portsmouth,  and  conveyed 
property  there  between  the  years  1752  and  1768.  Rev.  soldier.  Pri- 
vate, Capt.  Titus  Salter's  Co.,  Fort  Washington,  Portsmouth,  Sept.  22, 
1777.     (Vol.  2,  N.  H.  Rev.  Rolls,  p.  429.) 

5.  Nathaniel  Fdrber,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  Aug. 
12,  1762.  m.  in  1786,  Abigail,  dan.  of  Timothy  Kimball  (See),  b.  in 
Hopkinton,  July  2,  1764,  d.  in  Hartland,  Vt.,  Jan.  18,  1827.  (The 
"  Hist,  of  the  Kimball  Famih%"  p.  168,  says  Abigail  Kimball  m. 
Nathaniel  Thurber  of  L.,  which  is  wrong.  The  name  should  be  spelled 
Furber,  and  the  place  of  res.  Concord.  See  Hopkinton  t.  r.)  Nathaniel 
was  a  potter,  res.  in  Concord  and  Hartland,  Vt.,  where  he  d..  Ma}-  26, 
1836.     Ten  ch. 

6.  James  Adams  Furber,  son  of  Nathaniel  ^  b.  in  Hartland,  Vt., 
Aug.  6,  1803.  m.  April  6,  1828,  Hannah  H.,dau.  of  Capt.  John  Hough 
Harris  (See),  b.  in  Canaan,  Feb.  24,  1811,  d.  in  Allegan,  Mich.,  Dec. 
16,  1869,  Cong.  He  was  a  farmer,  res.  in  Woodstock,  Vt.,  and 
Canaan  most  of  his  life,  d.  in  Allegan,  Mich.,  Oct.  5,  1875.    Six  ch. 

7.  George  Clarence  Furber,  son  of  James  Adams  ^,  b.  in  Wood- 
stock, Vt.,  April  27,  1847.  m.  June  27,  1876,  Hattie  Douglas,  dau.  of 
Gen.  George  Pendexter  Meserve  (See),  b.  in  Jackson,  Aug.  27,  1839, 
Cong.  Educated  in  the  common  schools,  Fryeburg,  Me.,  Academy, 
and  grad.  from  New  Hampton  Institution.  Assistant  in  Lancaster  and 
Conway  Academies  one  year  each,  and  preceptress  of  L.  High  School 
from  1869  to  1876.  He  res.  in  L.  from  April,  1874,  to  Sept.  1898.  res. 
Hanover.  Journalist.  Cong.  Educated  in  the  (jommon  schools, 
Canaan  Union  Academy,  and  P^astman's  Business  Coll.  One  of  the 
editors  of  the  "Allegan  Co.  (Mich.)  Democrat,"  from  1870  to  1874; 
editor  and  proprietor  of  the  "  White  Mountain  Republic,"  from  May  1, 
1874,  to  Oct.  1890,  and  of  the  "  Republic-Journal,"  from  Oct.  1890  to 
Oct.  1891.  Business  manager  of  the  "People  and  Patriot,"  Concord, 
from  Aug.  1892  to  Ma}-,  1893.  Corresponding  Sec.  of  L.  Musical  Assn. 
from  1878  to  86  inc. ;    Recording  Sec.   of  same  from   1887  to  1892. 

Furher  —  Gale  —  Croler  —  Garand.  215 

Member  Board  of  Education  and  Treas.  of  Union  Dist.,  1894-5-6-7-8. 
J.  P.  State. 

i.     Charles  Harris,  b.  L.  June  29,  1880.     Dart.  Coll.  1902. 


1.  William  V.  Gale,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Gilraanton,  May  10,  1808. 
m.  first,  Ma^-  10,  1831,  Sabrina,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Hurlbutt,  b.  in  Fran- 
eonia,  March  1,  1803,  d.  in  L.  in.  second,  Jan.  6,  1842,  Mary  D.,  dau. 
of  Samuel  Soper,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  24,  1864. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1829  to  1860.  Lumberman  and  shingle  manufr.,  d. 
in  Bethlehem,  Dec.  17,  1868. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Charles  W.,  b.  July  23,  1832.     m.  Sept.  25,  1856,  Eltha  L.  Parcher. 

Lumberman.     She  d.  Jefferson,  Aug.  12,  1892. 
ii.     Eliza  J.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1834,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  29,  1862. 
iii.    Addie,  b.  Feb.  12,  1836.     m.  March  29,  1871,  Lucius  Bond,  farmer. 

He  d.  Dalton,  Feb.  9,  1891. 
iv.    James  K.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1837.      m.  Oct.  5,  1868,  Sarah  Parcher.     Farmer. 
He  d.  New  York  City,  March  13, 1883.   Co.  C,  15th  N.  H.  Inf.   Private. 
V.     Susan  G.,  b.  Aug.  18,  1839,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  15,  1854. 


1.  Jay  Orton  Galer,  b.  in  Durham,  Canada,  May  29,  1839.  m.  first, 
about  1860,  Julia  Ann,  dau.  of  Edward  Fay,  b.  in  Berkshire,  Vt.,  about 
1845.  d.  in  Franklin,  Vt.,  Jan.  1864.  m.  second,  Oct.  4,  1866,  Jane 
Amelia,  dau.  of  Thomas  Hooker,  b.  in  Bakersfield,  Vt.,  Sept.  14,  1841. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1876  until  he  d.,  Jan.  25,  1897.  Tanner.  Republi- 
can. I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.  C.  P.,  L.  Encampment. 
Ch.,  by  w.  Julia  Ann, — 

i.     Emmett  Edward,  b.  Franklin,  Vt,  March  2,  1862.     m.  about  1882, 

Anna  Hare.     Mechanic,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
ii.     Cora  Julia,  b.  I'ranklin,  Vt.,  July  2,  1863.     res.  Thompson's  Island, 

iii.     Lillian  Diana,  b.  Berkshire,  Vt.,  Sept.  29,  1867.     res.  Boston,  Mass- 
iv.     Addie  Jane,  b.  Bakersfield,  Vt.,  Nov.  17, 1869,  d.  Bakersfield,  Vt.,  July 
17,  1870. 


1.  Charles  Eli  Garand,  son  of  Francis,  b.  in  Sherbrooke,  P.  Q., 
March  26,  1849.  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Oliver  Lambert,  b.  in  St.  Johns, 
P.  Q.,  Dec.  8,  1839,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1876. 
Carpenter.     Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 


..  Edward,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  June  19, 1874.    res.  L. 

ii.  Vitaline,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  25,  1876.    res.  L. 

iii.  Wilfred,  b.  L.  May  30,  1879. 

iv.  Rosa,  b.  L.  Aug.  27, 1880. 

V.  Louise,  b.  L.  Jan.  28,  1882. 

vi.  JosiE,  b.  L.  Oct.  27,  1884. 

vii.  Frank,  b.  L.  Jan.  29,  1887. 

216  Gaskill  —  Gates. 


1.  Ebenezeu  Gaskill,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Keene,  March  25,  1794. 
m.  in  1817,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Ezra  Calkins,  b.  in  Wilbrahani,  Mass.. 
Dec.  18,  1798,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  10,  1858.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  until 
he  d.,  Sept.  1879. 


i.     Arabelle  H.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  8, 1818.     m.  Jan.  1, 1840,  Simeon 

Albee,  Jr.,  farmer,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
ii.     Edwin  VV.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Aug.  9,  1820.     m.  Oct.  29,  1841,  Maria 

Poor.     Slioemaker.     He  d.  Manchester,  Julv  4,  1863. 
ill.     Theodosia  C,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  12,"l822.     m.  June  17,  1841, 

Oliver  Knight,  driver.     She  d.  Ciiarlestown,  Mass.,  in  1855. 
iv.     Marion  C,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  12,  1826.     m.  Elbridge  G. 

Graham  (See). 
V.     Parthenia  a.,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Sept.  20,  1829.     m.  Nov.  17,  1850, 

George  W.  Stiles,  farmer,     res.  Waterford,  Vt. 
vi.     SoLOMA  A.,  b.  Ciiarlestown,  Vt.,  March  23,  1833.    m.  1851,  Isaac  Knight, 
cattle  rancliman.      He   d.   Fort    Worth,   Texas,   1864.      (Killed  by 
2.     vii.     Augustine  C,  b.  Charlestown,  Vt.,  May  27,  1835. 

viii.  Augusta  A.,  b.  Charlestown,  Vt.,  Aug.  9,  1837.  m.  April  17,  1856. 
David  G.  Marsh,  hotel  keeper.  He  d.  1894.  She  d.  Portsmouth, 

2.  Augustine  Clark  Gaskill,  son  of  Ebenezer  \  b.  in  Charlestown, 
Vt.,  May  27,  1835.  ra.  March  18,  1856,  Martha  H.,  dau.  of  Put- 
nam Dexter,  b.  in  Lisbon,  July  31,  1839.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1852.  Farmer.  Republican.  Supervisor,  1894-5-6.  Co.  D,  13th 
N.  H.  Inf.  Sergt.  Appointed  2d  Lieut.,  but  not  mustered.  Mustered 
out  as  1st  Sergt.     G.  A.  R. 


i.     IvAH  Bell,  b.  Bath,  Nov.  24,  1857.     m.  Henry  William  Fisk  (See), 
ii.     Alice  Ardell,  b.  L.  Dec.  19,  1866. 


1.  JoHX  Gates,  b.  in  Walpole.  m.  Lavinia  Titus.  He  d.  in  L^n- 
dou,  Vt.,  in  1800. 

2.  Ezra  Gates,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Walpole,  Nov.  20,  1797.  m. 
Lydia,  dau.  of  Zenas  L.  Bemis  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  23,  1800.  He  d.  in 
St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Dec.  30,  1874. 

3.  Ezra  B.  Gates,  son  of  Ezra  ^,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Jan.  16,  1823. 
m.  Jan.  19,  1860,  Belinda,  dau.  of  Calvin  Tabor,  b.  in  Topsham,  Vt., 
Sept.  20,  1834,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1875  to  1891.  Miller. 
Co.  K,  15th  Vt.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge,     d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  12,  1896. 


i.     Hattie  M.,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  26,  1861,  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 

Feb.  21,  1863. 
ii.     Gazella  T.,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  27,  1864,  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 

Oct.  22,  1865. 
iii.     Edward  E.,  b.   St.  Johnsbury,   Vt.,  Aug.  26,  1866.     m.  June  6,  1894, 

Annie  Burgin.     Miller,     res.  Lisbon, 
iv.     Belle,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  22,  1869.     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
V.     C.  Tabor,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Feb.  16,  1873.     res.  Pawtucket,  R.  I. 
vi.     Estella  Q.,  b.  L.  Jan.  1,  1878.     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

Gates  —  Gieorge.  217 

4.  Curtis  Gates,  son  of  Ezra  ^,  b.  in  Burke,  Vt.,  June  13,  1839. 
in.  Dec.  3,  1861,  Julia  Willis,  dau.  of  Alexander  Morton,  Jr.,  b.  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  June  27,  1842,  d.  Aug.  1895.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1866 
to  1880.  Miller.  Fire  ward,  1875-6-7-8-9.  A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
Burns  Lodge,  K.  T.,  8t.  Gerard  Corn. 


i.     Caruoll  W.,  b.  Concord,  Vt,  Oct.  5,  1862.     m.  April  20,  1887,  Jessie 

Mazurett.     Miller,     res.  East  Boston,  Mass. 
ii.     Frank  E.,  b.  L.  Nov.  8,  1866,  d.  L.  Sept.  26,  1867. 
iii.     Mary  A.,  b.  L.  Dec.  28,  1868.     res.  Lyndon,  Vt. 
iv.     LiNwooD  C,  b.  L.  July  12,  1870.     res.  East  Boston,  Mass. 
V.     Harry  E.,  b.  L.  Sept.  17,  1872.     res.  Lyndon,  Vt. 

6.  George  Augustus  Gates,  son  of  Hubbard  A.,  and  grandson  of 
Ezra 2,  b.  in  Topsham,  Vt.,  Jan.  24,  1851.  m.  Dec.  14,  1882,  Isabella 
A.,  dau.  of  Silas  F.  Smith,  b.  in  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  in  1855.  He  was  ed- 
ucated in  the  common  schools  of  East  St.  Johnsbur}-,  Vt.,  Mclndoes 
Academy,  and  St.  Johnsbur}-,  Vt.,  Academy,  and  grad.  from  Dart. 
Coll.  in  1873.  He  commenced  the  stud}'  of  theology  in  Andover,  Mass., 
Seminary,  1875-6;  Bonn,  1878;  Goettingin,  1878;  Leipzig,  1879; 
Neufchatel,  1879;  and  grad.  from.  Andover  in  1880.  He  was  ordained 
a  Cong,  minister  in  Upper  Montclair,  N.  J.,  April  13,  1882.  He  was 
located  in  L.  two  months  in  1880;  Upper  Montclair,  N.  J.,  six  and  a 
half  years  to  1887  ;  Prest.  of  Iowa  Coll.,  Grinnell,  Iowa,  from  1897  till 
his  resignation  in  1900. 

Ch., — 

i.     Alice  Bird,  b.  Upper  Montclair,  N.  J.,  Jan.  27,  1884. 
ii.     Stanley,  b.  Upper  Montclair,  N.  J.,  Dec.  25,  1885. 
iii.    Donald  Smith,  b.  Grinnell,  Iowa,  Aug.  10,  1895. 


1.  Russell  George,  son  of  Simeon,  b.  in  Sandwich,  Ma}'  20,  1846. 
m.  July  26,  1867,  Susan,  dau.  of  Warren  Elliott  (See),  b.  in  Dalton, 
Nov.  lb,  1847,  d.  in  Dalton,  April  6,  1872.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1880 
until  he  d.,  Dec.  14,  1893.     Lumberman,  Democrat. 


i.     Marcia,  b.  Dalton,  May  26,  1869.     m.  Henry  Plant  (See). 


2.  Albert  Winch  George,  son  of  William  Jackson,  b.  in  Dalton, 
Nov.  2,  1850.  m.  July  9,  1871,  Nettie  Lavinia,  dau.  of  Jesse  L.  Rowe. 
b.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  4,  1858.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1862, 
Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L., — 

i.  William  Albert,  b.  Feb.  28,  1872.  res.  L.  m.  Oct.  24,  1898,  Mar- 
garet A.  Lynch. 

ii.     Myrtle  May,  b.  Oct.  10,  1873.     m.  Carlos  Bedell  (See). 

iii.     Leonard  Osburn,  b.  May  8,  1875.     res.  L. 

iv.  Alberta  Annette,  b.  Oct  18,  1877.  m.  Feb.  24,  1896,  Henry  T.  De- 
lano, painter,     res.  L. 

V.     Geneva  Maud,  b.  Dec.  30,  1879. 

218  Gibb  —  aUe. 


1.  Stephen  C.  Gibb,  b.  in  N.  Y.  in  1787.  m.  May  21,  1811,  Han- 
nah, dau.  of  John  Lane,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  March  20,  1789,  d.  in  L. 
Nov.  20,  1866.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1829  until  he  d.,  Nov.  2,  1861. 
Hotel-keeper.     Fire  ward,  1840. 


2.       i.    Joseph  Lane,  b.  Sanbornton,  1811. 

ii.     Sarah  Jane,  pub.  June  30,  18o8,  Marcus  Hull,  merchant.     Both  d.  in 
Hinesburg,  Vt. 

2.  Joseph  Lane  Gibb,  son  of  Stephen  C-S  b.  in  Sanbornton  in  1811. 
in.  Sept.  16,  1852,  Caroline  Betse}',  dau.  of  Timotliy  Alden  Edson  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Sept.  13,  1824,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  26,  1873.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1829  until  he  d.,  Dec.  11,  1864.  Hotel-keeper.  Universalist.  Demo- 
crat. Selectman,  1844.  Moderator,  1841-2-3-54-6-7-9-60-1-2-4. 
Deputy  sheriff,  1837-39  inc.  Brig.  Inspector  under  Gen.  Raukin, 
1840;  also  under  Gen.  Kenney,  1851.  Aide  to  Gov.  Martin,  1852, 
with  rank  of  Colonel.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  I.  O.  0.  F., 
N.  G. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Frank  Stephen,  b.  1854,  d.  L.  June  9,  1883. 
ii.     Fred  Edson,  b.  1860,  d.  L.  Dec.  19,  1880. 


The  name  is  variously  written  in  the  old  records,  the  most  common 
being:  Guild,  Gild,  Gilde,  Guile,  Giles,  and  Gile.  For  full  particu- 
lars regarding  the  origin  of  the  family  and  the  names,  see  "The 
Genealogy  and  History  of  the  Guild,  Guile,  and  Gile  family  by 
Charles  Burleigh." 

1.  Samuel  Gile  came  to  America  from  Eng.  with  his  bro.  John 
Guild  and  sister  Ann,  in  1636.  m.  Sept.  1,  1647,  Judith,  dau.  of 
James  Davis,  one  of  the  original  settlers  and  an  emigrant  from  Eng. 
Samuel  res.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.,  Feb.  21,  1683. 

2.  Ephraim  Gile,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March 
21,  1661/2.  m.  Jan.  5,  1686,  Martha  Bradley.  He  res.  in  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  and  in  1711  was  one  of  the  soldiers  supplied  with  snow-shoes 
for  emergency,  in  case  of  an  attack  by  Indians.  He  was  probably  the 
Ephraim  Gile  who  cut  the  first  way  to  Cheshire  and  was  admitted  an 
inhabitant  of  Chester  in  1720. 

3.  Ebenezer  Gile,  son  of  Ephraim  ^,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Sept. 
11,  1708.  m.  June  6,  1731/2,  Lydia  Johnson.  Her  father  and  mother 
were  both  killed  by  the  French  and  Indians  at  the  attack  on  Haverhill, 
Mass.,  Aug.  29,  1708.  When  the  mother  was  slain  she  held  Lydia,  a 
year  and  six  days  old,  in  her  arras,  but  she  somehow  escaped  the  toma- 
hawk. She  d.  in  Enfield  in  1781.  He  was  a  speculator  in  lands  and 
in  the  deeds  was  called  a  trader,     d.  in  Hopkinton  about  1775. 

4.  Noah  Gile,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^  b.  in  Hampstead  about  1743.  m. 
Elizabeth  Howe.  He  was  a  Rev.  soldier,  and  a  member  of  Capt. 
Adams'  co.  from  Henniker,  in  1776. 

G-ile.  219 

5.  John  Gile,  son  of  Noah^,  b.  in  Henniker,  May  7,  1772,  m. 
Feb.  23,  1796,  Lydia  Clements,  b.  in  1778,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  12,  1853. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1809  until  he  d.,  April  28,  1851.  Farmer  and  lum- 
ber raanufr.     Whig.     Selectman,  1821. 


i.     LovisA,  b.  Bethlehem,  Dec.  9,  1800.     in.  John  Bowman  (See). 

7.  ii.     Aaron,  b.  Bethleliem,  Feb.  19,  1803. 

iii.     LoviNA  H.,  b.  L.  March  14,  1805.     m.  Dec.  21,  1826,  Stephen  A.  East- 
man, clergyman.     She  d.  L.  Sept.  5,  1887. 
iv.     William  Brackett,  b.    Bethlehem,   April   24,    1808.     unm.,  d.    New- 
Orleans,  La.,  April  12,  1837. 
V.     Abigail,  b.  L.  July  21,  1811,  d.  L.  June  7,  1814. 

8.  vi.     John,  b.  L.  Jan.  2,  1817. 

9.  vii.     Frye  Williams,  b.  L.  May  30,  1819. 
viii.     Louisa,  b.  L. 

ix.     Missouri,  b.  L.     m.  William  Durgin. 

X.    Nancy  Jane,  b.  L.     m.  Clark  Carlton  Abbey  (See). 

6.  Timothy  Gile,  son  of  Noah^  b.  in  Enfield,  Dec.  30,  1785.  m. 
Jan.  10,  1811,  Dolly  Stevens,  b.  Wentworth,  May  18,  1790,  d.  in  L. 
Dec.  25,  1886,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1833  until  he  d.,  Dec.  27, 
1862.     Farmer.     Cong.     Republican. 


i.     Timothy,  b.  Bethlehem,  March  24,  1814,  d.  Bethlehem,  Jan.  28,  1815. 

11.  ii.     Nelson,  b.  Bethlehem,  Dec.  28,  1815. 

iii.     Dolly,  b.  Wentworth,  June  4,  1822,  d.  Wentworth,  Jan.  25,  1823. 

12.  iv.     George,  b.  Wentworth,  Sept.  27,  1824. 

7.  Aaron  Gile,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  19,  1803.  m. 
June  1,  1826,  Persis,  dan.  of  Nathaniel  Rix  ^  (See),  b.  in  Dalton,  Aug. 
19,  1809.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1809  to  about  1854.  Hotel-keeper. 
Whig.  Deputy  sheriff,  1830-2  inc.,  and  1835-9  inc.  Fire  ward,  1846. 
Appointed  Capt.  Cav.  Co.  N.  H.  Militia.  April  18,  1831  ;  vacated  April 
2,  1834,  d.  Lyon  Co.,  Kan.,  April  24,  1863. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

13.  i.     George  W.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1830. 
ii.     Malvina. 

8.  John  Gile,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  2,  1817.  m.  Dec.  26, 
1839,  Helen  Maria  Clute.  He  res.  in  L.  during  his  youth,  was  educated 
in  New  Hampton  and  Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  grad.  from  Union  Coll,  in 
1839.  He  commenced  studying  theology  in  1840  with  Rev.  James 
Brownlee,  D.D. ,  of  Staten  Island,  N.  Y.,  and  was  ordained  as  a  Pres- 
byterian clergyman  at  Setauket,  L.  L,  Nov.  15,  1843,  where  he  was 
located  and  preached  up  to  the  time  of  his  death,  which  occurred  by 
drowning  on  Long  Island  Sound,  Sept.  28,  1849. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Margaret  H., 
ii.     Amelia  S. 

9.  Frye  Williams  .Gile  (Giles),  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  L.  May  30, 
1819.  m.  July  4,  1844,  Caroline  A.,  dan.  of  Moses  Fellows,  b.  in  Bos- 
cawen,  Aug.  2,  1817,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1819  to  1834,  and  from 
1840  to  1854.  He  was  one  of  the  builders  of  the  first  cabin  erected 
by  white  men  at  Topeka,  Kas.,  and  in  an  historical  work,  "Thirty 
Years  in  Topeka,"  he  won  fame  as  a  local  historian,  d.  Topeka,  June 
9,  1898.  Capitalist.  Episcopal.  Republican.  Treasurer,  1847. 
No  ch. 

220  Gile. 

10.  NoAii  Gile,  son  of  Nathaniel,  and  grandson  of  Noali  *,  b.  in 
BethleluMn,  April  2G,  1810.  m.  first,  March  30,  1836,  Elizabeth,  dan. 
of  Noah  Farr"  (See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  19,  181G,  d.  in  Newark,  Vt.,  Jan. 
3,  1847,  Cong.  m.  second,  Abigail  Bundy,  b.  in  Bnrke,  Vt.,  d.  in 
Burke,  Vt,  Oct.  6,  1873,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1835  until  about 
1840.  Farmer.  Cong.  Deacon.  Whig.  d.  in  Newark,  Vt.,  Sept. 
27,  1852. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Elizabeth,  — 

i.    'Martha  Deborah,  b.  L.  March  24,  1838.     m.  Franklin  Walker  (See), 
ii.     Dennis,  b.  L.  Dec.  19,  1839,  d.  April  7,  1859. 
iii.     Noah  Farr,  b.  Newark,  Vt.,  July  11,  1842.     m.  Jan.  29,  1870,  Nellie  H. 

Smith.     Farmer,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
iv.    Lizzie,  b.  Newark,  Vt.,  Dec.  23,  1844,  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  April  16, 

V.   William,  b.  Newark,  Vt.,  Dec.  28,  1846,  d.  Jan.  20,  1847. 

11.  Nelson  Gile,  son  of  Timoth}- ",  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Dec.  28,  1815. 
m.  Ma}'  18,  1840,  Cyrena  Dustin,  dau.  of  Elhanan  W.  Dean,  b.  in  Dan- 
bury,  Dec.  7,  1817,  Cong.  She  d.  April  14,  1895.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1833  to  1872.  Farmer.  Cong.  Democrat.  Selectman,  1848  and 
1871.     Now  res.  in  Topeka,  Kas. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.    Isabella,  b.  Oct.  7,  1843,  d.  Feb.  16,  1851. 
ii.     Cyrena  Dolly,  b.  June  6,  1847.     m.  Albert  Parker  (See). 
iii.     Elhanan  Dean,  b.  July  16,  1852.     m.  May  2,  1877,  Clara  S.  Rogers, 
res.  Topeka,  Kan. 

12.  George  Gile,  son  of  Timothy  ^,  b.  in  Wentworth,  Sept.  27, 
1824.  m.  Dec.  21,  1850,  Rozilla  Janett,  dau.  of  Daniel  Randall,  b.  in 
Lyndon,  Vt.,  March  8,  1831,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  the 
time  since  1833.  Farmer.  Methodist.  Republican.  Selectman,  1873. 
Highway  Surveyor,  Village  District,  1870-1-3.  Capt.  5th  Co.  32d 
Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  May,  1849  ;  vacated,  May  1,  1852. 


14.       i.     Ray  Timothy,  b.  L.  May  27,  1852. 

13.  George  W.  Gile,  son  of  Aaron  %  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Jan.  25,  1830. 
ni.  April  21,  1855,  Emma  Virginia,  dau.  of  John  Shuster,  b.  in  Phila., 
Pa.,  Nov.  7,  1838.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1845,  when  he  went 
to  Haverhill  to  learn  the  printer's  art  in  the  office  of  the  "  Democratic 
Republican,"  pub.  by  Hon.  John  R.  Reding.  From  there  he  went  to 
Lowell,  Mass.,  and  learned  the  business  of  iron  founding.  About  1850 
he  entered  the  field  of  literary  labor  as  reader,  lecturer,  and  actor,  which 
he  followed  to  April  18,  1861,  when  he  enlisted  in  the  22d  Penn.  Inf. 
for  three  months,  and  vvas  appointed  Lieut.  He  re-enlisted  Sept.  16, 
1861,  in  the  88th  Penn.  Inf.  and  was  appointed  Major;  promoted  to 
Lieut.  Col.  Sept.  1,  1862  ;  Col.  Jan.  24,  1853.  He  was  discharged  for 
disability,  March  2,  1863,  and  appointed  Major  of  the  Veteran  Reserve 
Corps,  May  22,  1863;  Col.,  Sept.  29,  1863;  Brevet  Brigadier-Gen., 
May  6,  1865.  After  the  close  of  the  war  he  was  appointed  1st  Lieut. 
45th  U.  S.  Inf.,  July  25,  1866;  Capt.,  Feb.  14,  1868;  Col.,  Dec.  15, 
1870,  and  retired  from  service  with  full  rank  of  Col.  He  commanded 
the  military  forces  in  Washington  at  Lincoln's  second  inauguration  as 
President.     He  d.  Phila.,  Pa.,  Feb.  26,  1896. 

Gile  —  Gilman  —  Glazier  —  Gleason  —  Glode.  221 


i.  Georoe  W.,  b.  Cleveland,  Ohio,  April  3,  1857.     res.  Phila.,  Pa. 

ii.  Henry  Edwin,  b.  Phila.,  Pa.,  May  17,  1800.     res.  Phila.,  Pa. 

iii.  Benjamin  Cl.\rk,  b.  Phila,  Pa.,  Aug.  4,  1872.     res.  Pliila.,  Pa. 

iv.  Emma  Virginia,  b.  Camden,  N.  J.,  Feb.  18,  1875.     res.  Phila.,  Pa. 

14.  Ray  Timothy  Gile,  son  of  George  ^-,  b.  in  L.  Ma}^  27,  1852. 
m.  Oct.  23,  1879,  Hattie  E.,  dau.  of  Jereraj-  Titus,  b.  in  Bath,  Oct.  8, 
1848,  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Civil  engineer. 
Methodist.  Republican.  He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  L. 
and  grad.  from  the  Chandler  Scientific  Department  of  Dart.  Coll.  in 
1877,  and  from  Thayer  School  of  Civil  Engineering  in  1879. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Annie  Peterson,  b.  Lyndeborough,  July  21,  1878  (Adopted). 


1.  Frank  Henry  Gilman,  son  of  Albert,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  20, 
185.3.  m.  Dec.  4,  1879,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Xathan  Burns  (See),  b.  in 
Madison,  Me.,  April  7,  1860,  Advent.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879. 
Farmer.     Republican.     C.  P.,  L.  Encampment,  1.  O.  0.  F. 

Ch.,  — 

1.    Nathan  Albert,  b.  L.  Sept.  25,  1880. 


1.  Frank  Glazier,  son  of  Zenas,  b.  in  Northfield,  Vt.,  Aug.  21, 
1841.  m.  Feb.  27,  1875,  Almira,  dau.  of  Cliristopher  Bod  well,  b.  in 
Lawrence,  Mass.,  Aug.  25,  1853,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1867, 
Farmer.  Cong.  Republican.  Co.  K,  4th  Vt.  Inf.  Private.  Was  con- 
fined in  Libby  Prison.     G.  A.  R.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 


i.     Bertha  Helen,  b.  L.  May  27,  1878. 

.    GLEASON. 

1.    James  Gleason,  son  of  James,    m.  Polly  SartAvell,  b.  in  Charles- 
town,  Cong,     She  m.  second,  Benjamin  Morse  (See).     He  res.  in  L. 
from  1802  to  1816.     d.  in  L. 

i.  WiLLARD,  b.  Feb.  11,  1801. 
ii.  LoRiNG,  b.  L.  Aug.  6,  "1803. 
iii.     Betsey,  b.  L.  Nov.  23,  1804.     unm.,  d.  L.  June  2-3,  1896. 


1.  Moses  Glode,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  March  9,  1834.  m. 
May  16,  1859,  Mary  A.,  dau.  of  Levi  Martin,  b.  in  Quebec,  March  28, 
1841,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1848.  Laborer.  Ro- 
man Catholic.     Democrat. 

222  •  Glode— Glover. 


i.     Levi,  b.  L.  Oct.  10,  1860,  d.  L.  July  3,  1884. 

2.  ii.     Joiiv,  b.  L.  March  24,  18t52. 

3.  iii.     Gi-;oRGE,  b.  Landnff,  Feb.  18.  1865. 

iv.  Minnie,  b.  Landaff,  June  10,  1868.     res.  L. 

V.  Moses,  b.  L.  Feb.  5,  1871.     Glover,     res.  L. 

vi.  Joseph  P.,  b.  L.  March  14,  1875,  d.  Manchester,  Aug.  7,  187C. 

vii.  Lizzie  C,  b.  L.  Dec.  4,  1876.     res.  L. 

viii.  Frank  L.,  b.  L.  Aug.  11,  1880,  d.  L.  Jan.  4,  1889. 

2.  John  Glode,  son  of  Moses  \  b.  in  L.  March  24,  1862.  m.  Aug. 
17,  1883,  Amelia,  dau.  of  Moses  Blake,  b.  in  Kingsej,  Canada,  Aug. 
2,  1861,  fipiscopal.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Tanner. 
Roman  Catholic.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Walter,  b.  Lisbon,  Jan.  9,  1885.     res.  L. 

ii.  Clara,  b.  Bethlehem,  March  7,  1886. 

iii.  Philip,  b.  L.  March  23,  1888. 

iv.  Harry,  b.  L.  March  17,  1890. 

V.  Arthur,  b.  L.  March  19,  1892,  d.  L.  April  1, 1893. 

vi.  John,  b.  L.  Oct.  22,  1893. 

3.  George  Glode,  son  of  Moses  \  b.  in  Landaff,  Feb.  18,  1865.  m. 
first,  March  4,  1889,  Virginia,  dau.  of  Mitchell  Place,  b.  in  Canada, 
Nov.  1,  1860,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  10,  1890,  Roman  Catholic,  m.  second, 
Oct.  17,  1872,  Vitaline  Lambert,  dau.  of  Oliver  Place,  b.  in  Canada,  Jan. 
8,  1860,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1866.  Glover.  Ro- 
man Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Virginia,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Alfred  George,  b.  May  31,  1890. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Vitaline,  b.  in  L. ,  — 

ii.     Evelina  Anastasia,  b.  July  7,  1893. 


1.  Franklin  Rockwood  Glover,  son  of  Timoth}*,  b.  in  Woodstock, 
June  4,  1829.  m.  first,  Oct.  3,  1853,  Pliebe  Marie,  dau.  of  Levi 
Streeter,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Dec.  2,  1835,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  29,  1877,  Methodist, 
m.  second,  Feb.  26,  1881,  Alma  Celestia,  dau.  of  John  Whipple,  b.  in 
Lisbon  in  1850.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1856.  Farmer.  Republican. 
Member  Town  School  l^oard,  1888-9-90-1.  Chairman  Executive  Com- 
mittee L.  Musical  Assn.,  1885  to  96.  President,  1896.  Selectman, 

Ch.,  by  w.  Phebe,  — 

i.     George  F.,  b.  Woodstock,  Aug.  1854,  d.  Nov.  4,  1854. 

2.  ii.     Charles  A  ,  b.  June  20,  1856. 

iii.     Inez  A.,  b.  L.  Sept.  15,  1860,  d.  Jan.  27,  1864. 

iv.     Eunice  J.,  b.  L.  Aug.  11,  1862.     m.  Charles  McCarthy  (See). 

3.  V.     Joseph  L.,  b.  L.  Aug.  28,  1864.     Lawyer,     res.  N.  Y.  City. 

vi.  James  A.,  b.  L.  March  25,  1868.  m.  March,  1889,  Julia  B.  Berri.  Far- 
mer,    res.  Ardsley,  N.  Y. 

vii.  Minnie  A.,  b.  L.  Oct.  12,  1871.  m.  March  2,  1890,  William  K.  Dow, 
printer,     res.  L.     (Divorced.) 

viii.     Orrin  a.,  b.  L.  Jan.  26,  1874.     res.  L. 

Glover  —  Groin  —  Gonyer.  223 

2.  Charles  A.  Glover,  son  of  Franklin  Rockwood  \  b.  in  L.  June 
20,  1856.  m.  Dec.  25,  1877,  Alma  J.,  dau.  of  Sbadraeh  Remick,  b.  in 
Jefferson,  Sept.  19,  1856,  Free  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1856  to 
1892.     Salesman.     Free  Baptist.     Republican.     J.  P.  State. 


i.     Grace  Emma,  b.  L.  July  21,  1885. 

3.  Joseph  Lawrence  Glover,  son  of  Franklin  Rockwood  \  b.  L. 
Aug.  28,  1864  ;  m.  Feb.  27,  1898,  Cora  Sarah  Berri.  He  read  law 
with  D.  C.  &  J.  W.  Remick,  and  grad.  Universit}-  of  Michigan,  1889. 
He  was  in  practice  at  Sioux  Falls,  So.  Dakota,  1890-94,  and  since 
the  later  date  in  New  York  City.  He  is  of  the  law  firm  of  Palmer 
&  Glover. 


i.     Cora  Berri,  b.  Aug.  3,  1899. 


1.  Eri  Gom,  b.  in  Vt.  in  1803.  m.  first,  March  12,  1828,  Abigail, 
dau.  of  Dudle}- Chamberlain,  b.  in  1812,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  10,  1845.  m. 
second,  Jan.  1,  1846,  Amanda  Davenport.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1827 
to  1851.     Planner.     Fire  ward,  1847-8-50. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Abigail,  — 

i.  Amanda,  b.  Vt.  1828. 

ii.  Eber,  b.  1830.     Laborer, 

iii.  Helen. 

iv.  Melissa,  b.  1836. 

V.  James,  b.  1838. 

vi.  Celinda,  b.  1840. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Amanda,  — 

vii.     Frank,  b.  L.  1849.     Lawyer. 


1.  Peter  Gonyer,  b.  in  Quebec,  June,  1834.  m.  Feb.  9,  1857, 
Phebe,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lamb,  b.  in  Quebec,  Oct.  10,  1840,  Roman 
Catholic.  She  ra.  second,  Nelson  Lemay  (See).  Peter  never  res.  in 
L.     Laborer.     Roman  Catholic,     d.  in  Franconia,  March,  1872. 


i.     George  P.,  b.  in  Halifax,   Canada,  Sept.  4,  1859.     m.  July  4,  1887, 

Louise  Lambert.     Railroad  employee,     res.  L. 
ii.     Edward,  b.  Franconia,  Oct.  25,  i86L     m.  Jan.  1,  1887,  Mary  Laforce. 

Railroad  clerk,     res.  Haverhill, 
iii.     John,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  Feb.  28,  1864.     res.  L.,  unra. 
iv.     Mary,  b.  Franconia,  April  8, 186(j.     m.  May,  1886,  Joseph  Noel,  laborer. 

res.  L. 

2.  v.     Feed,  b.  Franconia,  Aug.  1,  1868. 

2.  Fred  Gonyer,  son  of  Peter  \  b.  in  Franconia,  Aug.  1,  1868.  m. 
Nov.  8,  1886,  Minnie  Etta,  dau.  of  Ephraim  Gilman,  b.  in  Lyman, 
Sept.  28,  1870.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.  Printer.  Democrat. 
K.  P. 

224  Gonyer  —  G-ood  —  Gooclall. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Georgk  Frederic,  b.  Marcli  29,  1887. 

ii.  Evelina  Maud,  b.  Oct.  7,  1888. 

iii.  Harold  Albert,  b.  April  26,  1890,  d.  L.  Oct.  15,  1891. 

iv.  Arthur  Allien,  b.  L.  May  12,  1895. 


1.  Patrick  Good,  son  of  Michael,  b.  in  Wolftown,  P.  Q.,  in  1853. 
m.  in  1882,  Annie  G.,  dan.  of  Jolin  Brennan,  b.  in  St.  Agatha,  Canada, 
May  12,  1865,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.  La- 
borer.    Roman  Catholic.     Democrat,     d.  in  L.  Dec.  20,  1896. 

Ch.,  all  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  William  John,  b.  May  24,  1883. 

ii.  Mary  Ellen,  b.  Aug.  12,  1885. 

iii.  Joseph  James,  b.  Feb.  7,  1888. 

iv.  Henry  Arthur,  b.  Feb.  4,  1895. 


1.  Robert  Goodall,  b.  1604,  embarked  at  Ipswich,  England,  in 
April,  1634,  with  his  wife  Catherine,  b.  1606,  and  children  Marj',  Abra- 
ham, and  Isaac.  He  settled  in  Salem,  Mass.,  and  tradition  asserts  that 
he  was  murdered  1677  by  Giles  Core}'.  (Longfellow's  Giles  Core}'  of 
the  Salem  Towns.)  The  Goodall  coat  of  arms  was  granted  March  1, 
1612,  as  a  recognition  of  military  merit.  It  is  a  silver  eagle  with 
gold  claws  and  beak  on  a  red  sliield,  — a  green  chaplet  of  grass  and 
flowers;  over  the  helmet  an  eagle  with  chaplet.  Motto  —  Toiijours 

2.  Zachariah  Goodall,  son  of  Robert^,  Salem,  May  31,  1639. 
m.  June  30,  1666,  Elizabeth  Beauchamp,  dau.  of  Edward  and  Mary 
Beauchamp.     He  lived  in  Salem.     Eleven  ch. 

3.  John  Goodall,  son  of  Zachariah -,  b.  in  Salem,  1679.  m.  Sept. 
8,  1703,  Elizabeth  Witt,  b.  1667,  dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth  (Baker) 
Witt.  He  removed  to  Marlborough,  Mass.,  in  1702  or  1703.  In  1718 
letter  of  commendation  was  granted  to  Elizabeth,  wife  of  John  Goodall 
from  church  in  Salem,  now  in  Danvers,  to  church  in  Marlborough. 
She  d.  July  29, 1738.  He  m.  second,  Elizabeth .  He  d.  in  Marl- 
borough, May  11,  1752;  his  widow  d.  May  28,  1752.  His  will  dated 
1751  mentions  his  wife,  children  of  son  Solomon,  son  Nathan,  and  dau. 

4.  Nathan  Goodall,  son  of  John  ^,  Marlborough,  June  10, 
1709.  m.  Persis  Whitney,  b.  Jan.  10,  1718/9,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and 
Sarah  (Barrett)  Whitney.  He  res.  in  Marlborough,  where  he  d.,  Jan. 
14,  1780. 

5.  David  Goodall,  son  of  Nathan  *,  b.  in  Marlboro',  Mass.,  Aug. 
14,  1749.  m.  Dec.  17,  1778,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Dr.  Samuel  Brigham,  b. 
in  Marlboro',  Mass.,  Aug.  11,  1752,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  21,  1845.  He  grad. 
from  Dart.  Coll.  in   1777,  and  studied  theology  with  Rev.   Dr.  Benja- 

Goodall.  225 

mill  Brigham,  of  Fitzwilliam.  He  was  ordained  pastor  of  the  Cong, 
church  in  Halifax,  Vt.,  in  1781,  and  was  dismissed  in  1796,  when  he 
moved  to  L.,  and  became  a  landowner  and  farmer,  remaining  in  L. 
until  he  d.,  March  4,  1830,  preaching  and  conducting  religious  services 
a  portion  of  the  time.  He  was  elected  supph'  for  the  church  in  L.  half 
the  time  one  summer.  Representative,  1800-1-2-3-4-5-6-9-15.  J.  P. 
Rev.  soldier.  Private,  Capt.  Israel  Curtis'  Independent  Hanover  Co. 
Served  in  the  expedition  against  St.  Johns,  Montreal,  and  Quebec, 
under  Gen.  Montgomery'  in  1775.  (Chase's  History  of  Hanover, 
p.  340;  Col.  Morey's  Letter,  Prov.  Papers,  vol.  vii.  p.  610.  Hemen- 
way's  Vt.  Historical  Gazetteer,  Halifax,  vol.  v.  pp.  415-416.) 
Ch.,  all  but  Elizabeth  b.  in  Halifax,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Elizabeth,  b.  Athol,  Mass.,  Jan.  7,  1781.     m.  Richard  Wales  Peabody 

6.  ii.     David,  b.  Jan.  23,  1783. 

iii.     Persis,  b.  Nov.  1,  1784.     m.  Nathaniel  Partridge  (See). 

7.  iv.     Solomon,  b.  Aug^.  24,  1786. 

8.  V.     Ira,  b.  Aug.  1,  1788. 

vi.     Ann,  b.  Aug.  13,  1790,  d.  Sept.  25,  1791. 
vii.     Tryphena,  b.  July  27,  1793,  d.  Jan.  6,  1794. 

6.  David  Goodalt.,  son  of  David  ^,  b.  in  Halifax,  Vt.,  Jan.  23, 
1783.  m.  April  10,  1804,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Richard  Peabody*  (See), 
b.  in  Woodstock,  Conn.,  in  1776,  d.  in  1863.  She  m.  second,  Samuel 
Rankin  (See).  David  res.  in  L.  from  1798  or  9  until  he  d.,  May  15, 
.1812.  He  was  drowned  while  attempting  to  swim  the  Conn.  River, 
near  Waterford  bridge.  Moderator,  1803-8-9-11-12.  Treasurer, 
1804-5-6.     Representative,  1811.     He  bore  the  title  of  Capt. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     David,  b.  Dec.  27,  1804.     m.  1833,  Adeline  Page.     Merchant.     He  d. 

St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  1881.     She  d.  1837. 
ii.     Richard  Peabody.  b.  Jan.  20, 1806.    m.  March  25, 1835,  Ruth  Lyman. 

Farmer.     He  d.  Derby,  Vt,  about  1892.     She  d.  about  1892. 
iii.     Caroline,  b.  June  2,  1809,  d.  L.  Sept.  10,  1810. 
iv.     Leonidas,  b.  July  28,  1811.     m.  second,  Harriett  Smith.     Tanner  and 

currier.     He  d.  Starr,  Kan.,  July  23,  1881. 

7.  Solomon  Goodall,  son  of  Davids  b.  in  Halifax,  Vt.,  Aug.  24, 
1786.  m.  Aug.  6,  1821,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Zuriel  Albee  (See),  b.  in 
Westmoreland  (?)  Aug.  1794,  d.  in  Brattleboro',  Vt,  Feb.  6,  1883. 
He  res.  in  L.  most  of  the  time  from  1797  until  1857.  Farmer,  d.  in 
Concord,  Sept.  9,  1870. 

Ch.,  b.  in  I^nfield,  Me.,  — 

9.        i.     Ira,  b.  June  29,  1829. 
10.        ii.     Alpha,  b.  Sept.  20,  1832. 

iii.     Ezra  K.,  b.  Oct.  29,   1834.     m.  Oct.  13,  1863,  Ellen  S.  Ayer.     Farmer, 
res.  Brattleboro',  Vt. 

8.  Ira  Goodall,  son  of  David  ^,  b.  in  Halifax,  Vt.  Aug.  1,  1788.  m. 
May  9,  1812,  Hannah  Child,  dau.  of  Samuel  Hutchins,  b.  in  Bath, 
Sept.  29,  1794,  d.  in  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  June  3,  1872.  He  was  edu- 
cated in  the  public  schools  of  L.,  and  at  the  age  of  twent3-one  years 
he  became  a  law  student  in  the  office  of  Moses  P.  Payson,  of  Bath. 
He  was  admitted  to  the  Bar  in  1814,  and  practised  in  Bath  for  many 
years.  In  1856  he  moved  to  Beloit,  Wis.,  where  he  d.,  March  3,  1868. 
He  was  Representative  from  Bath,  and  about  1848  Prest.  of  the  White 

vol.  ii.  —  15 

226  Croodall  —  Croodell. 

Mountains  Railroad;  Paymaster  32d  Regt.  N.  II.  Militia,   1811,  and 
Judge  Advocate  on  staff  of  Gen.  David  Rankin,  1822  to  1834. 
Cb.,  b.  in  Bath,  — 

i.     David  Greknk,  b.  Marcli  19,  181.3.     m.  June  29, 183-5,  Maria  Dearborn 
French.     Mercliant  and  lumber-dealer,     res.  Beloit,  Wis.     d.  May  13, 
ii.     Hannah  Child,  b.  Dec.  17, 1814,  d.  Bath,  Au<t.  12,  1884. 
iii.     LucRioTiA  Wilson,  b.  Feb.  9,  1817.     m.  July,  1840,  Jolin  Langdon  Car- 

Icton,  lawyer,  res.  Bath, 
iv.     Ellen  Bruck,  b.  Nov.  27,  1818.     m.  Dec.  3,  1845,  John  Homer  French, 

merchant.     Slie  d.  Bath,  May  29,  1852. 
V.     Ira  Edvvjx,  b.  June  25,  1820.     m.  Sept.  21,  1842,  Mary  Gale  French. 

Merchant,     res.  Beloit,  Wis. 
vi.     Samcel  HuTCHiNS,  b.  March  31,  1823.     m.  first.  May  22,  1850,  Sarah 
Nelson,  d.   Portsmoutli,  Feb.   18,   1866.     m.  second,   Sept.  26,  1867, 
Elizabeth  Salisl)ury  Nelson.     Lawyer.     She  d.  Feb.  6,  1896. 
vii.     Horace  Hutchins,  b.  March  20,  1826,  d.  Aug.  21,  1827. 
viii.     Horace  Hutchins,  b.  March  21,  1828,  d.  Aug.  23,  1829. 
i.\.     Jane  Elizabeth,  b.  June  17, 1830.     m.  Dec.  13,  1854,  Tliomas  Parsons 
Sargent,  purchasing  agent  Tenn.  Railroad.     He  d.  March  16,  1890. 
She  d.  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  July  24,  1886. 
X.     Julia  Kosanna,  b.  April  14,  1833.     m.  Alonzo  P.  Carpenter  (See). 
xi.     Edward  Brigham,  b.  Jan.  10,  1838.     m.  May  5, 1863,  Louise  D.  Bart- 

lett.     Dentist,     res.  Portsmouth, 
xii.     Francis  Henry,  b.  Jan.  10,  1838.     m.  Aug.  24,  1865,  Ophelia  Porter 
Brewer.     Clerk  in  Treasury  Department,  Washington,  D.  C. 

9.  Ira  Goodall,  son  of  Solomon  '^,  b.  in  Enfield,  Me.,  June  29,  1829. 
m.  Sept.  16,  1851,  Berenice  H.,  dau.  of  Amos  Wallace  (See),  b.  in  L. 
April  7,  1833,  Cliristian  Science,  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  youth  to  1890,  most  of  the  time.  Clerk.  Republican,  res. 
Asbury  Park,  N.  J. 

Ch.,"  — 

i.     Alice,  b.  L.  Jan.  24, 1858.    m.  June,  1884,  H.  Clinton  Chick,  clerk,    res. 
Harlem,  N.  Y. 

10.  Alpha  Goodall,  son  of  Solomon ''^,  b.  in  Enfield,  Me.,  Sept. 
20,  1832.  m.  Jan.  21,  1857,  Ellen  L.,  dau.  of  Jefferson  Kenerson,  b. 
in  Randolph,  Vt.,  Nov.  29,  1835,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  youth  until 
bed.,  Sept.  23,  1869.     P'armer. 

Ch.,  b.  iuL.,— 

11.      i.     Fred  Ellsworth,  b.  Jan.  21,  1861. 

il.     Mary   B.,  b.  May  20,  1863.     m.  Nov.  4,  1885,  Kufus  B.  Sherburne,  mer- 
chant,    res.  Denver,  Col. 
iii.     Harry  A.,  b.  Oct.,  1866,  d.  L.  Aug.  25,  1869. 

11.  Fred  Ellsworth  Goodall,  son  of  Alplia^°,  b.  in  L.  Jan.  21, 
1861.  m.  May  24,  1883,  Mary  Edith,  dau.  of  Charles  D.  Tarbell 
(See),  b.  in  Marliioro',  March  17,  1861.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1889,  when  he  removed  to  Spokane,  Wash.  Banker.  Republican. 
Town  treasurer,   1885-7-8-9.     No  ch. 


1.  Willie  Henry  Goodell,  son  of  Marshall,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Jan. 
13,  1862.  m.  March  8,  1888,  Lorena  Hurlbutt,  dau.  of  Charles  T.  Car- 
penter (See),  b.  in  L.  March  8,  1872.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888. 
Wheelwright.     Republican.     J.  P. 

Goodell  —  CroodenougJi  —  Goodrich  —  Goodwin.  227 

Ch.,  b.  inL.,— 

i.  Effie  Llct,  b.  Oct.  G,  1889. 

ii.  Ernest,  b.  July  2,  1893. 

iii.  Edith,  b.  July  2,  1893. 

iv.  Henry  C,  b.  July  8,  1895. 


1.  John  Cakter  Goodenough,  son  of  Ashbel,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt. , 
June  13,  1822.  ni.  first,  Jan.  26,  1860,  Eliza  C,  dan.  of  Eliphalet  G. 
Carter  (See),  b.  in  Waterforcl,  Vt.,  April,  1837,  d.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Jan.  11,  1866,  Cong.  m.  second,  Aug.  15,  1867,  Mar}'  J.  Sullivan, 
adopted  dau.  of  Asa  Gould  (See),  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  April  28,  1839, 
Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1869.  Music-dealer.  Cong.  Prohibi- 
tion.    Representative,  1873-4. 

Ch. ,  — 

i.     Carl,  b.  L.  Sept.  9,  1871.     res.  L. 
ii.     Gertrude  Fuller,  b.  Cambridge,  Mass.  (?)  Feb.  28,  1878  (Adopted), 

d.  L.  March  18,  1893. 
iii.     Ethel  Fuller,  b.  Cambridge,  Mass.  (?)  Aug.  24,  1879  (Adopted). 


1.  James  Brainard  Goodrich,  son  of  Orson,  b.  in  Glastonbury, 
Conn.,  iNIa}-  10,  1840.  m.  Oct.  18,  1871,  Ida,  dau.  of  James  Bruce 
Powell,  b.  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  Aug.  17,  1849.  She  d.  L.  March  16, 
1900.  He  grad.  from  Trinit}-  Coll.,  Hartford,  Conn.,  in  1866,  and 
studied  theology  in  the  Berkele}-  Divinity  School,  from  which  he  grad. 
in  1869.  He  was  ordained  dea.  in  the  Church  of  the  Holy  Trinity, 
Middletown,  Conn.,  June  3,  1869,  and  Priest  in  Christ  Church,  Hart- 
ford, Conn.,  June  28,  1870.  He  was  assistant  minister  in  Trinity 
Church,  Hartford,  Conn.,  from  June  6,  1869,  to  April  9,  1871  ;  minis- 
ter in  the  Church  of  the  Good  Shepherd,  Nashua,  from  April  16,  1871, 
to  June  6,  1875  ;  St.  Paul's  Church,  Lancaster,  and  of  All  Saints'  Cliurch, 
L.,  from  June  6,  1875,  to  June  6,  1877,  and  of  St.  Paul's  Church,  Lan- 
caster, to  Sept.  26,  1880  ;  Rector  of  Grace  Church,  Windsor,  Conn., 
from  Oct.  3,  1880,  to  Sept.  27,  1885  ;  Rector  of  Trinity  Church,  Clare- 
mont,  1885.  to  1899.  He  is  now  Rector  of  All  Saints'  Church,  L. 

i.     Mary  Ida,  b.  Nashua,  Oct.  16,  1872.      unm.,  grad.  Smith's  Coll.     Pre- 
ceptress L.  High  School,  1806  to  1899. 
ii.     Alice,  b.  Nashua,  Aug.  20,  1874.     Unm. 

iii.     Lawrence  James,  b.  Lancaster,  Aug.  21,  1877,  d.  July  20,  1884. 
iv.     William  Powell,  b.  Lancaster,  Aug.  21,  1877,  d.  March  20,  1879. 
V.     Edward  Bruce,  b.  Lancaster,  Feb.  13,  1880. 
vi.     Isabella.,  b.  Windsor,  Conn.,  Feb.  7,  1882. 
vii.     Amy  Powell,  b.  Claremont,  May  27,  1886. 


1.  Samuel  Goodwix,  b.  in  Loudon,  July  5,  1785.  m.  April  15, 
1817,  Martha,  dau.  of  Jonas  Nurse  (See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  26,  1795,  d.  in 
L.  May  11,  1887,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1817  until  he  d..  May  16. 
1868.     Free  Baptist.     Republican. 

228  Goodwin  —  Gordon. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Infant  Son,  b.  Oct.  24,  1818,  d.  L.  Oct.  24,  1819. 

2.  ii.     TiiAKLES  Sargent,  b.  March  27,  1822. 

iii.     Katherink  Allen,  b.  June  9,  1826,  d.  L.  Oct.  10,  1845. 

3.  iv.     Chester  Morrill,  b.  May  19,  1829. 

V.     Olive,  b.  April  2,  1832.     m.  Nov.  1868,  Charles  E.  King,  farmer,      res. 

vi.     Samuel  Graves,  b.  June  2,  1835.     Co.  H,  llth  N.  Y.  Zouaves.      Capt. 
Co.  B,  6th  N.  H.  Inf.    Brevet  Major  for  meritorious  conduct,    d.  Man- 
chester, April  24,  1875. 
vii.     Martha  Ann,  b.  June  2,  1835.     m.  George  Bartlett  (See). 

2.  Charles  Sargent  Goodwin,  son  of  Samuel  \  b.  in  L.  March  27, 
1822.  m.  first,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Daniel  Smith,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  d. 
in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  ra.  second,  Oct.  1855,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Chellis 
Goodwin,  b.  in  Irasburg,  Vt.,  d.  in  Irasburg,  Vt.  m.  third,  Aug.  25, 
1858,  Mary  EHzabeth,  dau.  of  James  O'Neill,  b.  in  K.  Y.  City,  July  24, 
1837.    He  res.  in  L.  most  of  his  life.    He  d.  Feb.  15,  1900.    Republican. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,  — 

i.     James  Frank,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  June  5,  1859.     m.  1881,  Susan  M.  Bemis. 
iii.     Infant  Dau.,  b.  L.  Feb.  1874,  d.  same  day. 

3.  Chester  Morrill  Goodwin,  son  of  SamueP,  b.  in  L.  May  19, 
1829.  m.  first,  March  27,  1860,  Louisa  W.,  dau.  of  George  Huntoon, 
b.  in  Wliitefield,  Sept.  11,  1837,  d.  in  Carroll,  Dec.  5,  18G5.  m.  sec- 
ond, April  25,  1869,  Harriet  L.,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Hutchins,  b.  in 
Whitefield,  Jan.  13,  1835.  She  m.  first,  Ezra  Hazeltine,  d.  in  L.  Dec. 
5,  1881.  m.  third,  Dec.  2,  1889,  Maud  L.,  dau.  of  David  Chickering, 
b.  in  Brookfield,  Mass.,  Jan.  21,  1844.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and 
till  his  recent  removal  to  a  neighboring  town.  Farmer.  Republican. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.     I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Louisa,  — 

i.     Samoel,  b.  Wliitefield,  Feb.  19,  1861.     Farmer,     res.  Whitefield. 
ii.    Elmer  Ellsworth,  b.  L.  Feb.  12,  1863.     Farmer,     res.  Monroe. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Harriet, — 

iii.     Harry  Frank,  b.  L.  Feb.  19,  1871.     ra.  Sept.  30,  1893,  Bertha  Whit- 
comb.     Farmer,     res.  L. 


1.  James  Gordon,  son  of  Jeremiah,  b.  in  New  Hampton,  March  16, 
1802.  m.  Dec.  6,  1832,  Sarah  B.,  dau.  of  Ezra  Abbott «  (See),  b.  in 
Bath,  Oct.  7,  1814,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  17,  1889,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1832  until  he  d.,  June  19,  1885.     Methodist.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Jane,  b.  July  14,  18-34,  d.  L.  March  22,  1891. 
ii.     Orrin,  b.  April  14,  1838.     m.  April  21,   1869,   Martha  Ann  Whiting. 

Dealer  in  cream,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 
iii.     Maria,  b.  June  21,  1841.     m.  Charles  p]dwin  Mann  (See). 

2.  iv.     Alba  H.,  b.  May  14,  1843. 

v.     Arthur,  b.  July  22,  1846.     Soldier  in  War  of  the  Rebellion.     Missing 

and  supposed  to  have  died  in  the  service, 
vi.     Wilber,  b.  Dec.  20, 1848.    m.  Oct.  27,  1873,  Sarah  Cox.    Farmer.    She 

d.  Lisbon,  March  31,  1879. 
vii.     Wesley,  b.  Aug.  6,  1850.     m.  July  4,  1880,  Mary  Barrett.     Mill-hand. 
res.  Lisbon. 

Gordon  —  Goss.  229 

2.  Alba  Hurlbutt  Gordon,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  in  L.  May  14,  1843. 
ni.  Jan.  1,  1870,  Mabel  Ann,  dau.  of  John  C.  Putnam,  b.  in  Amherst, 
July  30,  1848,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Carpenter. 
Democrat.  Co.  H,  4th  Vt.  Inf.  Private.  Commander  G.  A.  R.,  1888. 
He  d.  July  16,  1894. 


i.     Emma,  b.  Bethlehem,  Ma}-  29,  1871. 
ii.     Harky  Alba,  b.  L.  June  6,  1874.     A  soldier,  —  War  with  Spain. 


3.  Hiram  Gordon,  son  of  Charles  C,  b.  in  Lancaster,  July  21, 
1831.  m.  Dec.  25,  1861,  Sarah  A.,  dau.  of  Frederic  Bartlett,  b.  in 
Carroll,  Ma}-  2,  1834,  Free  Baptist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1866. 
Carpenter.     Free  Baptist.     Republican. 


Edsox   Lorenzo,  b.  L.  Jan.  3,  1867.     m.  Nov.  16,  1891,  Florence  E. 
Kimball.     Farmer,     res.  L. 


1.  John  Goss,  with  wife  Sarah,  came  to  America  with  Gov.  Win- 
throp,  1630.  He  was  admitted  freeman  May  18,  1631,  d.  at  Water- 
town,  Mass.,  1644. 

2.  Philip  Goss,  son  of  John,  b.  probabh'  in  Watertown.  m.  Han- 
nah Hopkins,  then  of  Roxbury,  Mass.,  and  earlier  of  Dorchester,  Mass. 
He  d.  in  Lancaster,  Mass.,  1698.  Administration  granted  May  26, 

3.  Philip  Goss,  son  of  Philip^,  b.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  1676/7,  bap- 
tized Feb.  16.  m.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Aug.  30,  1699,  Judith  Hay  ward, 
b.  April  9,  1675,  dau.  of  John  and  Anna  (White)  Hayward,  of  Con- 
cord.    He  res.  in  Lancaster. 

4.  Philip  Goss.  son  of  Philip  ^  b.  in  Lancaster,  1720.  He  m.  1748, 
Hannah  Ball,  of  Bolton,  Mass.  He  remained  in  Lancaster  until  1760, 
when  he  removed  to  Winchester,  N.  H.,  taking  letter  of  commenda- 
tion from  the  church  in  Lancaster  to  the  church  in  Warwick,  Mass.,  an 
adjoining  town.  He  served  one  enlistment  in  the  Revolution  and  d.  in 
Winchester,  April  17,  1804. 

5.  Abel  Goss,  son  of  Philip*,  b.  in  Winchester,  N.  H.,  March  31, 
1763.  m.  May  3,  1787,  Irene  Sprague.  He  res.  in  AVaterford,  Vt., 
where  he  d. 

6.  Richard  Goss,  son  of  Abel^  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt,  March  29, 
1794.  ra.  first.  June,  1817,  Betsey,  dau.  of  Reuben  Buck,  b.  in  Water- 
ford,  Vt.,  in  1793,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  22,  1850.  m.  second,  Eliza  Luce, 
m.  third,  Lucretia  Chase.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1834  to  1851.  Farmer, 
d.  in  Carbondale,  Kas.,  Feb.  12,  1883. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Betse}',  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Arza  Ashlkt,  b.  1817.     m.  Adelphia   Cook.     Farmer,     res.  Water- 
ford. Vt. 
ii.     Richard   0.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1819.     ra.  Widow   Betsey  (Holbrook)  Joshn. 
Farmer,    res.  Waterford,  Vt. 

230  Goss  —  Gould 

7.     iii.     Horace  S.,  b.  Aug.  1,  1820. 

iv.     Levi,  b.  Jane  10,  1822.    in.  Martha  Chase.    Miller,    res.  St.  Johnsbury, 

Vt.     Soldier  in  W:ir  of  Rebellion. 
V.     Silas  Bock,  b.  April  20,  1821.    m.  Hannah  Abbott,    res.  Gollion,  Ohio, 
vi.     Lyman  B.,  b.  July  7,  1826.     res.  Cal. 

vii.  Abel  Brown,  b.  Oct.  24,  1828.  Farmer,  res.  Waterford,  Vt.  He  m. 
Oct.  1,  1856,  Lucy  Stoddard  Ross,  dau.  of  Royal  Ross,  of  Waterford. 
She  is  a  sister  of  Chief  Justice  and  U.  S.  Senator  Jonathan  Ross. 
Their  son,  Herbert  I.  Goss,  is  a  lawyer  in  Berlin, 
viii.  Reuhen  C,  b.  Jan.  1,  1831.  m.  Sarah  Henry.  Farmer,  res.  Denver, 
Col.  Soldier  in  War  of  the  Rebellion. 
ix.     George  W.,  b.  March  12,  1833.     m.  Widow  Martha  H.  (Owen)  Archer. 

Farmer,     res.  Colorado  Springs,  Col.     Soldier  in  War  of  Rebellion. 
X.     Charles,  b.  May  10,  1835. 

xi.     Betsey  Jane,  b.  Aug.  25,  1837.     m.  James  Ranch,     res.  Verden,  Ills, 
xii.     Laura  Ann,  b.  Nov.  19,  1839.     m.  Samuel  Lowry.     res.  Waverly,  Ills. 

7.  Horace  S.  Goss,  son  of  Richard  ^  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Aug.  1, 
1820.  m.  about  1856,  Jane  Swan,  b.  about  1819,  d.  in  Peace,  Kas., 
about  1888.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1842  to  1853.  Farmer.  Represen- 
tative, 1852.  Ensign,  lltli  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H.  Militia,  1846-7;  re- 
moved by  Legislative  address,  June  22,  1848. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,— 

i.     William  S.,  b.  Aug.  23,  1857. 
ii.     Emma  G.,  b.  July,  1859.     unni. 

8.  Adelbert  Goss,  son  of  Levi  and  grandson  of  Richard  ®,  b.  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  April  9,  1854.  m.  May  1,  1877,  Ella  M.,  dau.  of  Ben- 
jamin W.  Putnam,  b.  in  Unity,  June  23,  1851,  Methodist.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  from  1875  to  1877,  and  since  1885.  Farmer.  Methodist. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  WiLLARD  LEvi,b.  Unity,  Feb.  1,  1878. 

ii.  Lee  Carleton,  b.  Unity,  April  28, 1880,  d.  L.  Dec.  11,  1882. 

iii.  Clara  Inez,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  31,  1883. 

iv.  Mary  Ellen,  b.  L.  Nov.  18,  1885. 

V.  Ona  Ardell,  b.  Aug.  27,  1887. 

vi.  Emile  Roonsevel,  b.  L.  Sept.  9,  1891. 


1.  Nehemiah  Gould,  b.  1715.  settled  in  Groton,  Mass.  He  m. 
Nov.  1,  1739,  Esther  Bowers,  b.  Oct.  15,  1715,  dau.  of  Samuel  Bowers. 
A  few  years  later  he  lived  near  the  province  line,  but  in  New  Hamp- 
shire. He  was  a  corporal  in  Capt.  Thomas  Lawrence's  company,  and 
was  killed  July  20,  1758,  at  Half  Way  Brook,  near  Lake  George. 

2.  James  Gould,  son  of  Nehemiah  \  b.  in  Groton,  Feb.  22,  1743. 
m.  in  Hollis,  May  27,  1765,  Mary  Lovejoy,  b.  Sept.  27,  1747,  dau.  of 
Jonathan  and  Mary  Lovejoy.  He  res.  in  Hollis  a  few  years  ;  removed 
about  1770  to  Cockermouth,  N.  H.,  and  about  1777  to  Hanover,  N.  H. 
In  1775  he  was  Sergeant  in  Major  Bedel's  Regiment  of  Rangers,  and  in 
1776  he  became  a  Lieutenant  in  the  company  commanded  b}'  Capt. 
John  House,  of  Hanover,  in  Col.  Cilley's  Continental  Regiment.  He  was 
severel}'  wounded  Sept.  19,  1777,  at  Bemis  Heights,  and  was  subse- 
quently a  State  and  a  U.  S.  pensioner.  Coroner  for  Grafton  County, 
1785-1790.     He  d.  Oct.  1,  1822. 

Gould.  231 

3.  Phixeas  Gould,  son  of  James  ^  b.  in  Hollis,  July  18,  1767.  ra. 
Jan.  15,  1789,  Betsey  Smith,  d.  in  Haveihill,  May  14,  1851.  His  de- 
scendants write  the  name  Goold. 

4.  Marquis  La  Fayette  Goold,  son  of  Phineas  ^,  b.  in  Lyme,  July 
12,  1805.  m.  Sept.  15,  1837,  Emily  Dodge,  dau.  of  Benjamin  F.  Rus.- 
seli,  b.  in  Nevvburyport,  INIass.,  Feb.  23,  1817,  d.  in  L.  April  15,  1850. 
m.  second.  May  20,  1851,  Susan  Johnson,  dan.  of  John  T.  Leverett,  b. 
in  Windsor,  Vt.,  June  24,  1819,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1826  until 
he  d.,  Jan.  10,  1883.  Merchant.  Cong.  Republican.  Selectman, 
1842-3-6-7.  Clerk,  1855.  Treasurer,  1844-6-9-55-8-70.  Fire  ward, 
1844-5-7-8-9.  Delegate  to  Constitutional  Convention,  1850.  J.  P. 
State.     I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Emily,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Emily  Elizabkth,  b.  Nov.  17,  1838.     ni.  July  15,  18G7,  Rollin  F.  Gor- 

hani,  contractor  and  builder,     res.  Joliet,  III. 
ii.     LcELLA  Jane,  b.  July  SI,  1840.     m.  Nov.   7,  1866,  Martin  Westplial, 

banker,     res.  L. 

5.  iii.     Phineas  Russell,  b.  March  21,  1842. 

iv.     Henry  Marquis,  b.  Jan.  29,  1844,  d.  L.  March  1, 1844. 
V.     Frank  Abbott,  b.  March  IB,  1845,  d.  L.  July  14,  1845. 
vi.     Katherine  Whiting,  b.  June  1,  1847.     m.  May  1,  1871,  Daniel  Ham- 
mond Richards,  carpenter,     res.  Woburn,  Mass. 
vii.     Alice  Hale,  b.  Feb.  8,  1848.     m.  Theron  A.  Farr  (See). 

Ch.,  by  w.  Susan,  b.  in  L.,  — 

6.  viii.     Henry  Tilton,  b.  April  5,  1852. 

ix.     Mary  Sophia,  b.  Aug.  4,  1855,  d.  L.  April  23,  1857. 
X.     Marion  Leverett,  b.  Aug.  4,  1859.     m.  Jan.  1,  1882,  Don  H.  Aldricli, 
druggist,     res.  Concord. 

5.  Phineas  Russell  Goold,  son  of  Marquis  La  Favette  S  b.  in  L. 
March  21,  1842.  m.  Jan.  10,  1869,  Sylvia,  dau.  of  Henry  Danforth, 
b.  in  Lisbon,  Sept.  1833.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  his  life.  He 
learned  the  printer's  trade  in  the  office  of  the  Haverhill  "Republican," 
and  worked  at  his  trade  for  some  years  in  various  offices.  Returning 
to  L.,  he  worked  as  a  clerk  in  a  store  for  some  time.  Nov.  30,  1868, 
he  was  appointed  Postmaster,  which  position  he  held  until  Feb.  1887. 
Jan.  1,  1881,  he,  in  company  with  B.  F.  Robinson,  established  the 
"  Littleton  Journal,"  of  which  he  remained  part  proprietor  until  1887, 
when  he  sold  his  interest  to  his  partner.  May  13,  1891,  he  formed 
the  Courier  Publishing  Co.,  and  purchased  the  "  Littleton  Courier,"  of 
which  he  was  publisher  and  treasurer  till  the  purchase  of  the  property 
bv  W.  S.  Noves  in  1899.  Selectman,  1887-8.  Board  of  Health,  1888'. 
J^  P.     No  ch. 

6.  Henry  Tilton  Goold,  son  of  Marquis  La  Fayette  S  b.  in  L.  April 
5,  1852.  ra.  first,  March  29,  1875,  VAnmvi  A.,  dau.  of  Ezra  Bliss 
Elkins  (See),  b.  in  Lisbon,  April  3,  1855,  d.  in  Woburn,  Mass.,  May 
5,  1886.  m.  second,  Aug.  10,  1892,  Augusta  M.,  dau.  of  Moses  A.  Fel- 
lows, b.  in  Qhelsea,  Mass.,  April  3,  1857.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1875.  Book-keeper.  Pixecutor  of  estate  of  Col.  Charles  A.  Sinclair. 
Railroad  director  and  general  business. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Emma,  b.  in  Woburn,  Mass.,  — 

i.     Frank  Elkins,  b.  May  11,  1877. 
ii.     Harold  Leverett,  b.  Woburn,  Mass.,  Aug.  23, 1882. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Augusta,  b.  in  Woburn,  Mass.,  — 
iii.     Amelia  Fellows,  b.  Feb.  14,  1896. 

232  Gould  —  (Jraham. 


1.  Asa  Gould,  b.  1774.  m.  Salh',  dan.  of  Jonas  Bowman^  (See), 
b.  in  Henniker,  June,  1774,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  2,  1861.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1801  to  1844.  Farmer.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Meridian  Sun,  No.  25, 
Bath,  and  Morning  Dawn.     d.  L.  Oct.  7,  1849. 

Gil.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.  i.     Clement,  b.  March  17,  1797. 

ii.     Selina,  b.  Sept.  9.  1798.     ni.  Charles  Riser, 
iii.     Tamson,  b.  Dec.  9, 1799. 
iv.     Asa,  b.  Feb.  29,  1804.     m.  Harriet  Holbrook.     He  d.  Coventry,  Vt., 

Aug.  20,  18.52.     She  d.  June  2G,  1871. 
V.     Ro.\:ana,  b.  Aug.  19,  1807.     ni.  Vine  Kinne  (See), 
vi.     HoLLis,  b.  March  6,  1809. 

vii.     Mary  J.  Sdllivan,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  April  28, 1839.     m.  John  C.  Goode- 
nough  (See).     (Adopted.) 

2.  Clement  Gould,  son  of  Asa^,  b.  in  L.  March  17,  1797.  m. 
March  6,  1823,  Jerusha,  dau.  of  Josiah  Burleigh,  b.  in  Sanbornton, 
Oct.  1,  1802,  d.  Aug.  5,  1873.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1823.  La- 
borer,    d.  June  6,  1872. 


i.     Eveline,  b.  Lyman,  April  12,  1824,  d.  July  5,  1829. 
ii.     Selina,   b.    Lyman.  Aug.   1,  1825.     m.   Dec.  21,  1848,  Charles  U.  R. 

Rythes.     She  d.  Aug.  22,  1849. 
iii.     Luther  C,  b.  Lyman,  June  16,  1831.     m.  Lucinda  F.  Carter.     He  d. 

Oct.  29,  1858. 
iv.     Ezra  P.,  b.  Lyman,  March  .31,  1834,  d.  Aug.  28,  1849. 
V.     Mary  P.,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  31,  1836. 

vi.     Mollis,  b.  Coventry,  Vt.,  March  1,  1838.     m.  first,  Dec.  20,  1858,  Cla- 
rinda  A.  Dunham,  d.  Aug.  12,  1863.     ra.  second,  Dec.  5, 1866,  Lucy  J. 
Benson,     res.  Newport,  Vt. 
vii.     Martha  P.,  b.  Newport,  Vt.,  April  5,  1840.     m.  Aug.  29,  1862,  Charles 

T.  Root.     She  d.  Feb.  1,  1865. 
viii.    Franklin,  b.  Newport,  Vt.,  Sept.  18,  1842,  d.  Newport,  Vt.,  Dec.  3, 


3.  Edwin  Henry  Gould,  son  of  Heniy  Dewev,  b.  in  Marshfield,  Vt., 
Sept.  IS,  1858.  m.  Nov.  8,  1883,  Abbv  E.,  dau."  of  Ezra  Bliss  Elkins, 
(See),  b.  in  L.  May  31,  1860.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Mer- 
chant. Democrat.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard 
Com'd}'.     L  O.  O.  F.,  Lafa3-ette  Lodge.     No  cli. 


1.  Benjamin  Ingraham  served  four  years  in  the  French  and  Indian 
War,  and  eight  years  in  the  War  of  the  Revolution.  He  was  discharged 
in  Western  N.  Y.  and  had  to  travel  on  foot  to  his  home  in  Sharon, 
Mass.  Before  arriving  home  his  money,  which  was  almost  worthless, 
gave  out,  and  he  had  to  beg  the  rest  of  the  way.  He  died  in  1822,  aged 
92  3'ears. 

2.  Lewis  Ingraham,  son  of  Benjamin  ^b.  in  Providence,  R.  I., 
Aug.  10,  1788.     m.  May  27,  1810,  Amy,  dau.  of  Abraham  Drake,  b.  in 

Graham,  233 

Walpole,  Mass.,  July  22,  1792,  d.  in  Franconia,  Nov.  17,  1838.     He 
res.  in  L.  a  short  time  before  he  d.,  Dec.  30,  1860.     Farmer. 

3.  i.     Lewis,  b.  Sharon,  Mass.,  May  4,  1811. 

ii.     Clarissa,  b.  Walpole,  Mass.,  July  29,  1813.     m.  Oct.  2, 1850, Hol- 

lis,  shoemaker.     She  d.  Canton,  Mass.,  Oct.  5,  1881. 
iii.     Caroline,  b.  Roxbury,  Mass.,  May  10,  1816.     m.  May  29,  1811,  John 
Allen,  shoemaker.     She  d.  Stoughton,  Mass.,  May  29,  1847. 

4.  iv.     Elbridge  G.,  b.  Acton,  Mass.,  Dec.  16,  1819. 

V.     Mary  A.,  b.  Franconia,  May  25,  1823,  d.  Franconia,  Oct.  4,  1841. 
vi.     George  W.,  b.  Franconia,  June  12,  1825,  d.  Franconia,  Aug.  27,  1827. 
vii.     Sarah   C,  b.  Franconia,  Aug.   15,   1827.     m.    Sept.  23,  1854,  David 

Manuel,  match  manufr.     She  d.  Hyde  Park,  Mass.,  1891. 
viii.     Martha   G.,  b.  Franconia,  June  10,    1830.     m.    May  3,  1851,   Davis 
White,  shoemaker.     He  d.  Dedham,  Mass.,  1893. 
ix.     Harriet  N.,  b.  Franconia,  Oct.  21,  1832.     m.  Feb.  22,  1852,  George 

Leonard,  livery  stable,     res.  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 
X.     Emily  L.,  b.  Franconia,  Jan.  12,  1835.     res.  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

3.  Lewis  Graham,  son  of  Lewis  ^,  b.  in  Sharon,  Mass.,  May  4, 
1811.  m.  first,  Aug.  12,  1839.  Hannah,  dau.  of  Caleb  Noyes,  b.  in 
Franconia,  May  8,  1819,  d.  in  Franconia,  Nov.  19,  1841,  Cong.  m. 
second,  May  27,  1843,  Maria,  dau.  of  Joseph  Wilder,  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Oct.  15,  1821,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  2,  1885,  Cong.  He  res. 
in  L.  from  June,  1848,  to  Oct.  1856.  Clerk  and  book-kee[)er.  Cong. 
Republican.  J.  P.  He  bad  his  name  changed  from  Ingraham  to 
Graham  by  the  Legislature  in  1836,  and  since  that  date  Graham  has 
been  the  recognized  famil}-  name. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Hannah,  — 

1.     Mary,  b.  Franconia,  Aug.  3,  1840.     m.  July  27, 1801,  John  Hutchinson, 
nurseryman  and  jeweller,     res.  Portsmouth. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Maria, — 

ii.     Clarence  Warren,  b.  Bethlehem,  June  11,  1847.     m.  June  3,  1885, 
Jessie  M.  Dunn.    Taxidermist,     res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 

4.  Elbkidge  G.  Graham,  son  of  Lewis  ^  b.  in  Acton,  Mass.,  Dee. 
16,  1819.  m.  Oct.  12,  1844,  Marion,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Gaskill  (See), 
b.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  12,  1826,  Unitarian.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1848  until  he  d.,  March  25,  1890.  Iron-moulder.  Unitarian. 
Republican.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Melphonso    Mortimer,  b.  Feb.  6,   1849.      m.  Feb.  6,   1871,  Addie 
Stearns.     Machinist,     res.  Moberly,  Mo. 

5.  ii.     Percival  Sobieski,  b.  Nov.  5,  1853. 

iii.     George  Elbridge,  b.  Feb.  22,  1862.     m.  Oct.  22,  1890,  Edith  Vath. 
Machinist,    res.  Moberly,  Mo. 

5.  Percival  Sobieski  Graham,  son  of  Elbridge  \  b.  in  L.  Nov.  5, 
1853.  m.  May  14,  1879,  Mary,  dau.  of  Charles  Jasper  Robinson,  b.  in 
Barton,  Vt.,  Jan.  14,  1858,  Unitarian.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Photographer.  Unitarian.  Republican.  I.O.  O.  F,  N.  G.  C.  P.,  L. 


i.     Charles  Elbridge,  b.  L.  June  30,  1884,  d.  L.  Feb.  4,  1891. 

234  Granger  —  Graves. 


1.  Nelsox  McDonald  Granger,  son  of  Rev.  P.  N.,  of  the  Vt.  Con- 
ference, b.  in  Granville,  Vt,  Aug.  10,  1840.  ra.  Jan.  28,  1863,  Lizzie 
P.  Browne.  He  was  educated  in  Nevvbnr}',  Vt,  Seminary,  where  he 
remained  four  years,  and  June  12,  1861,  received  a  Methodist  local 
preacher's  license  in  Lyndon,  Vt  Soon  after  he  entered  the  Metho- 
dist Gen.  Biblical  Listitute  in  Concord,  where  he  remained  two  years. 
In  1862  he  became  a  probationer  in  the  Vt.  Conference,  and  was 
ordained  Dea.  by  Bishop  Janes,  and  in  1864  was  received  into  full 
connection.  He  "was  located  in  the  Vt  Conference  as  follows:  Lyn- 
don and  Kirbv,  Vt.,  1862  ;  Northfield  Falls,  Vt.,  1863  ;  Royalton,  Vt, 
1865  ;  Corinth,  Vt,  1866  ;  Waitsfield,  Vt,  1867.  On  account  of  poor 
health  he  was  then  placed  upon  the  superannuated  list  until  1871, 
when  he  was  transferred  to  the  New  England  Conference  and  sta- 
tioned at  Blanford,  Mass.,  until  1873,  when  he  was  ordained  Elder 
by  Bishop  Wiley  in  Lynn,  Mass.,  and  appointed  to  South  Deerfield, 
Mass.,  from  which  place,  after  two  years'  service,  he  was  transferred 
to  the  N.  H.  Conference  and  stationed  in  Greenland  for  two  years. 
He  was  then  located  in  L.  two  years,  and  in  Lisbon  one  year,  where 
he  d.  April  23,  1880.  Five  ch.  (N.  H.  Conference  Minutes  for  1881, 
p.  41.) 


1.  Thomas  Graves,  b.  in  Eng.  about  1590,  came  to  America  as 
early  as   1645,  and  res.  in   Hartford,   Conn.,   and  Hatfield,  Mass.     m. 

Sarah .     She  d.  Dec.   17,  1677.     He  d.  in  Hatfield,  Mass.,  Nov. 


2.  John  Graves,  son  of  Thomas  ^,  b.  in  Eng.  m.  first,  Mar}^  dau. 
of  Lieut.  Samuel  Smith,  m.  second,  Mary,  widow  of  John  Wyatt,  of 
Haddam,  Conn.  He  was  killed  by  the  Indians  in  King  Philip's  War, 
in  Hatfield,  Mass.,  Sept  17,  1677. 

3.  John  Graves,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Hartford  (?),  Conn.,  about 
1652.  m.  Feb.  12,  1678,  Sarah,  dau.  of  John  White,  of  Hatfield,  Mass. 
Farmer,     d.  in  Whately,  Mass.,  Dec.  2,  1750. 

4.  John  Graves,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Whately,  Mass.,  March  23, 
1682.  m.  May  5,  1715,  Jemima  Graves.  He  d.  in  Whately,  Mass., 
in  1716. 

5.  Nathan  Graves,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Whately,  Mass.,  March  20, 
1716.  m.  Lydia  (Leonard)  Scott.  He  was  a  Cong,  deacon,  a  great 
hunter,  and  member  of  a  militia  co.  sent  to  relieve  Fort  William  Henry 
when  taken  by  Montcalm,     d.  in  Whately,  Mass.,  Jan.  7,  1784. 

6.  Daniel  Graves,  son  of  Nathan  ^  b.  in  Whately,  Mass.,  Sept.  26, 
1769.  m.  Lois  Rice.  He  kept  hotel,  conducted  a  tannery,  shoe  factory, 
potash  factory,  Capt.  of  Militia,  in  Ira,  Vt.,  and  was  Representative, 
d.  in  Ira,  Vt,  about  1834. 

7.  Daniel  Graves,  spn  of  Daniel®,  b.  in  Ira,  Vt..  Jan.  7,  1798.  m. 
April  27,  1826,  Almira  Loomis,  dau.  of  Jedediah  Rogers.  He  moved 
to  111.  in  1847,  and  engaged  in  farming,  d.  in  Marengo,  111.,  July  2, 

Graves  —  Gray.  235 

8.  Anson  Rogers  Graves,  son  of  Daniel^  b.  in  Wells,  Vt.,  April 
13,  1842.  m.  April  3,  1877,  Mary  Totten,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Pierson 
Watrous,  b.  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  11,  1851.  He  was  educated  in 
Rutland,  Vt,  High  School,  and  grad.  from  Hobart  Coll.,  Geneva, 
N.  Y.,  in  1866,  working  his  own  wa}'  through  scliool  and  coll.  without 
material  aid.  He  commenced  studying  theology  in  1868,  and  grad. 
from  the  General  Theological  Seminary,  N.  Y.  City,  in  1870,  and  was 
ordained  Episcopal  Deacon  in  the  Church  of  Transfiguration,  N.  Y. 
Cit^-,  and  Priest  in  Holy  Trinity  Church,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  in  1871. 
He  was  assistant  in  Grace  Church,  Brooklyn,  one  year,  and  was  after- 
ward located  as  follows:  Plattsmouth,  Neb.,  one  year;  Minneapolis, 
Minn.,  one  3'ear ;  Northfield,  Minn.,  two  years;  AH  Saints'  Church, 
L.,  1876  to  1880;  Bennington,  Vt,  three  years;  Minneapolis,  Minn., 
two  j-ears.  He  was  consecrated  Bishop  of  the  Platte,  Neb.,  Jan.  1, 
1890,  which  position  he  still  holds.  Member  Board  of  Education, 
Union  District,  1878-9-80. 


i.  Frederick  Daniel,  b.  L.  Jul}-  21,  1878. 

ii.  Margaret,  b.  L.  May  23,  1880. 

iii.  Eliot  Varnum,  b.  Bennington,  Vt.,  Sept.  24,  1882. 

iv.  Gertrude,  b.  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  Sept.  10,  1886. 

V.  David  Watrous,  b.  Kearney,  Neb.,  March  17,  1891. 

vi.  Paul,  b.  Kearney,  Neb.,  March  23,  1893. 


9.  Charles  Graves,  son  of  Henry  and  Elizabeth  Graves,  b.  in 
Earith,  Huntingdonsliire,  England,  Sept.  23,  1868.  He  pursued  a 
course  of  study  at  the  Unitarian  Theological  School,  Meadville,  Pa., 
and  was  ordained  March  2,  1894.  He  was  pastor  of  Unitarian 
churches  at  Anamosa,  Iowa,  1893-5,  Humbolt,  Iowa,  1895-8,  and  L. 
since  1899.     He  m.  Aug.  25,  1895,  Annie  Louise  Fish. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Robert  Collyer,  b.  Humbolt,  Iowa,  May  15,  1897. 
ii.     Elizabeth  Parker,  b.  L.  May  7,  1900. 


1.  Jared  William  Gray,  son  of  Stephen,  b.  in  Gorham,  March  1, 
1841.  m.  Oct.  17,  1869,  Emily,  dau.  of  Abiel  Bedell,  b.  in  Jeffer-son, 
Dec.  19,  1853,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1887.  Carpenter. 
Methodist     Republican.     Co.  E,  14th  N.  H.  Inf.  Corp.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Jefferson, — 

i.     Herbert,  b.  Sept.  24,  1870,  d.  Jefferson,  Au^r-  5,  1886. 
ii.    Freelan  W.,  b.  June  10,  1872.     m.  June  26,  1895,  Gertrude  Pollard. 

Glover,     res.  L.     I.  O.  O.  F. 
iii.     Velma  S.,  b.  July  13,  1877.     ni.  Sept.  15,  1897,  Warren  A.  Gregory, 

res   L. 
iv.     Ida  May,  b.  June  2,  1879,  d.  Sept.  23,  1879. 

236  Green. 


1.  Timothy  Guken,  son  of  Nathan,  b.  in  Carlisle,  Mass.,  Dec.  2, 
1775.  m.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  March  10,  1808,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Simeon 
Burt,  b.  in  Jamey,  Nov.  6,  1779,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  22,  1863,  Uni- 
tarian. He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  until  he  d.,  June  1,  1855.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  — 

2.  i.     Timothy,  b.  Concord,  Mass.,  Jan,  29, 1809. 

ii.     Sarah  Bort,  b.  Concord,  Mass.,  Dec.  23,  1811,  d.  L.  Feb.  2'.\  1892. 
iii.     Maky,  b.  Chelsea,  Mass.,  Marcli  21,  1816.     m.  Samuel  Ball  (See). 
iv.     Elizabeth,   b.   Chelsea,    Mass.,  Feb.   9,   1820.     m.  Charles  C.  Wilder 

V.     Harriet,  b.  Chelsea,  Mass.,  July  20,  1823,  d.  Bethlehem,  May  15,  1848. 

2.  Timothy  Green,  son  of  Tiraoth}- \  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Jan.  29, 
1809.  m.  March  12,  1857,  Harriet  S.  Chick,  b.  in  Ryegate,  Vt.,  July, 
1812,  d.  Littleton,  March  25,  1893,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852 
until  he  d.,  Aug.  24,  1888.     Farmer.     Unitarian.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 

3.  i.     Frank  T.  Grout,  b.  Concord,  Vt,  Dec.  12,  1859  (Adopted). 

3.  Frank  T.  Grout  Green,  adopted  son  of  Timothj-  ^,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  Dec.  12,  1859.  m.  Dec.  25,  1893,  Esther,  dau.  of  John 
Duff,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  5,  1862.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearlj'  all  his  life. 
Laborer.     No  ch. 


4.  Harry  Green,  son  of  Robert,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  May  19,  1804. 
m.  Nov.  15,  1832,  Marilla  Smith,  b.  in  Lyman,  July  16, 'l809,  d.  in 
Bath,  Oct.  10,  1877.  He  never  res.  in  L.  Farmer.  Democrat,  d. 
in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Oct.  27,  1844. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Eloise  W.,  b.  Haverhill,  April  11,  1834.     m.  first,  Jan.  2-3.  1854,  Leroy 

C.  Clark,  farmer,  d.  Beatrice,  Neb.,  Sept.  20,  1863.     m.  second,  Feb. 

6,  1867,  Adolph  Plaettner,  druggist.     He  d.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  8, 

1888.     She  d.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  15,  1895. 

ii.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Nov.  19,  1835.     lu.  George  W.  Jackman 

iii.     Sarah  Jane,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Dec.  16,  1837.     m.  Charles  Eaton  (See). 
iv.     Myra  Electa,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  May  25,  1841.     m.  Hartwell  H.  South- 
worth  (See). 
5.      V.     Henry  Francis,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Feb.  6,  1844. 

5.  Henry  Francis  Green,  son  of  Harry*,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Feb. 
6,  1844.  m.  June  18,  1872,  Jennie  Ma}',  dau.  of  Harry  Smith,  b.  in 
Chittenango,  N.  Y.,  June  30,  1843,  Christian  Science.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1877.  Merchant.  Republican.  Selectman,  1892  to  6  inc. 
and  1898.  Representative,  1883-4.  Board  of  Health,  1890.  Brest.  L. 
Musical  Association,  1894-5.  Member  Board  of  Education,  Union 
District,  1887  to  94  inc.  and  1896.  J.  P.  State.  Commissioner  of 
Grafton  Co.,  1892  to  1897  inc.  Trustee  L.  Savings  Bank  since  1895. 
Since  Jan.  1,  1898,  Manager  of  Littleton  Water  and  Light  Co.  Di- 
rector L.  National  Bank  since  1898,  Executive  Councillor  1899-1900. 

Crreen — Greene.  237 

Treas.  Saranac  Glove  Co.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     K.  T.,  St. 
Gerard  Com.,  32°  A.  A.  S.  R. 


6.       i.     Harry  Daniel,  b.  Williamsport,  Pa.,  Dec.  22,  1872  (Adopted). 

6.  Harry  Daniel  Green,  adopted  son  of  Henry  Francis^,  b.  in 
Williamsport,  Pa.,  Dec.  22,  1872.  m.  Oct.  2,  1894,  Persis  A.,  dau.  of 
Tyler  E.  Parker  (Sec),  b.  in  Lyndonville.  Vt.,  April  18,  1874.  He 
has  res.  in  L.  since  1877.     Merchant.     Republican. 


i.     Henry  Francis,  b.  L.  Feb.  23,  1896. 


7.  Fred  Elmer  Green,  son  of  Lorenzo,  b.  in  Portland,  Mich.,  April 
10,  1873.  ni.  Dec.  26,  1895,  Lillian  Edith,  dau.  of  Thadcleus  E. 
Sanger  (See),  b.  in  L.  April  20,  1873,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
Julv,  1893.     Druggist.     Republican. 


i.     Sanger,  b.  Sept.  14,  1897. 


8.  Edwin  P.  Green,  son  of  Charles,  b.  in  Stockbridge,  Vt.,  March 
10,  1828.  m.  first,  Dec.  31,  1855,  Isabella  McClary,  dau.  of  Adams 
Moore  (See),  b.  in  L.  Nov.  24,  1833,  d.  in  Akron,  Ohio,  March  13, 
1869.  ra.  second,  April  25,  1870,  Elizabeth  Adams,  dau.  of  Adams 
Moore  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  29,  1837.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1851.  Lawyer 
and  Judge  of  the  Circuit  Court  in  Ohio.  d.  in  Akron,  Ohio,  Dec.  28, 


1.  Isabella  McClary,  b.  June  10,  1871. 

ii.  William  Adams,  b.  Feb.  21.  1874. 

iii.  Mary  Little,  b.  Dec.  26,  1876. 


1.  Isaiah  Greene  came  from  Kensington  in  17G8  and  settled  in 
Weare,  and  was  among  the  first  Quakers  who  settled  there.  Town 
meetings  were  sometimes  held  in  his  house,  and  the  first  Quaker 
meeting-house  was  built  on  his  land.     He  m.  Maiy  Purington. 

2.  Elisha  Greene,  son  of  Isaiah  \  b.  Feb.  27,  1762.  m.  Abigail 
Gove,  b.  in  1771.  She  was  a  descendant  of  John  Gove,  who  came  from 
Eng.  about  1630,  and  who  was  th.e  progenitor  of  all  the  Goves  in  tliis 
country.  Elisha  was  a  member  of  the  Society  of  Friends,  and  d.  in 

3.  JosiAH  Greene,  son  of  Elisha^,  b.  in  Weare,  Dec.  31,  1795.  m. 
Oct.  11,  1835,  Rebekah  Cram,  dau.  of  Josepli  and  Hannah  (Cram) 
Bailey,  b.  in  Weare,  Sept.  2,  1801,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  14,  1875.  Josiah  d. 
in  Weare,  July  1,  1852. 

4.  Chauncey  Hastings  Greene,  son  of  Josiah ',  b.  in  Weare,  July 
17,  1836.     m.   Sept.  3,   1864,   Harriet  Maria,   dau.  of  Charles  Henry 

238  Greene  —  GreenJeaf. 

Lovejoy  (See),  b.  in  L.  May  10,  1839,  F.piscopal.  She  d.  Ang.  7,  1899. 
lie  lias  I'os.  in  L.  since  1860.  Ei)iseopal.  Kei)ul)li(!an.  Master  Burns 
Lodge,  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  1864-G-7-8-9-70.  Eminent  Comniander, 
St.  Gerard  Com.,  K.  T.,  from  its  organization  in  18G8  to  1872,  also 
1881.  R.  P:.  Grand  Commander  of  Uie  Grand  Com.  K.  T.  for  N.  H., 
1877-8.  T.  I.  Master  Omega  Council,  R.  and  S.  Masters,  1878-9.  32° 
A.  A.  S.  R.  G.  M.  L.  Chapter  Rose  Croix,  1895.  Railway  Postal  Clerk, 
187G  to  86,  when  he  resigned.  Indexed  State  Records,  Treasurer's 
office,  1889-90.  Appointed  Postmaster,  Jan.  27,  1891.  N.  G.,  Lafay- 
ette Lodge,  I.  0.  O.  F..  1878.  C.  P.,  L.  Encampment,  1879.  Fire 
ward,  l':  Fire  District,  1873-4-5-7-8-9.  Selectman,  1899-1900. 
Co.  I,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.  Lieut.  G.  A.  R.  Notary  public.  J.  P. 
No  ch. 


1.  David  Greenleaf  resided  some  years  in  Boston,  Mass.,  early  in 
the  eighteenth  centur}'.     He  was  m.  (by  Rev.  Cotton  Mather),  May  22, 

1705,  to  Mercv  Bickford,  and  three  children  were  born  in  Boston.  Bick- 
ford,  b.  Feb."  11,  1700;  Elizabeth,  b.  June  26,  1708;  Mercy,  b.  Aug. 
26,  1711.  Greenleaf  Genealogy  says  that  "  David  resided  in  Haver- 
hill ;  sailed  for  England ;  his  wife,  not  hearing  from  him,  married 
again,"  but  overlooks  the  birth  of  two  daughters  in  Boston. 

2.  Bickford  Greenleaf,   son  of   David  \  b.   in   Boston,   Feb.    11, 

1706.  m.  in  Boston  (Rev.  John  Webb),  Jan.  4,  1727,  Judith  Marvel. 
Of  this  marriage  five  children  were  born  in  Boston.  He  m.  second, 
Elizabeth  Middleton,  and  resided  in  Haveriiill,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  about 

3.  David  Greenleaf,  son  of  Bickford  and  Elizabeth  (Middleton) 
Greenleaf,  b.  April  29,  1753.  When  a  youth  his  widowed  mother  re- 
moved to  Lancaster,  where  he  resided  through  life.  He  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Revolution,  Bedel's  companj-  of  Rangers,  June  to  Dec.  1775. 
Capt.  Young's  Companv,  Bedel's  Regiment,  1776;  Capt.  Young's 
Company,  Bedel's  Regiment,  1778.  He  was  a  miller.  He  m.  Betsey 
Bedel;  m.  second,  Sarah  Rogers  ;  m.  third,  Lois  Gould,  who  d.  in  Lan- 
caster, Jul}-  25,  1808;  m.  fourth,  Ruth  (Stockwell)  Hutchins,  b.  Sept. 
21,  1778,  dau.  of  Emmons  and  Ruth  (Page)  Stockwell.  He  d.  in 
Lancaster,  March  28,   1835. 

4.  Seth  Greenleaf,  the  seventeenth  of  nineteen  children  of  David  ^ 
and  the  third  of  five  children  of  David  ^  and  Ruth,  b.  in  Lancaster,  June 
28,  1812.  m.  Nov.  13,  1836,  Lydia  Hall  Burnham,  b.  May  15,  1810, 
dau.  of  Jonathan  Burnham  of  Rumne}'.  Stage-driver,  Lancaster  to 
Boston,  and  conductor  on  railroad,  Littleton  to  Concord.  He  lived  in 
this  town,  1868  to  1880.     He  d.  in  Plymouth,  Sept.  8,  1880. 


i.  Harriet  Newell,  b.  Rumney,  Sept.  3,  1837,  d.  Feb.  27,  1840. 
ii.  William  Harvey,  b.  Haverliill,  July  24,  1839.  m.  Sept.  12, 1865,  Lucy 
Anna  Maria  Courser.  Hotel  clerk,  res.  Nashua.  Representative 
iii.  Charles  Henry,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  July  2.3,  1841.  m.  May,  1867,  Abbie 
Frances  Burnham.  Proprietor  of  Hotel  Vendonie,  Boston,  Mass., 
and  Profile  House,  Franuonia  Mts.  Col.  on  Governor's  staff.  Rep- 
resentative from  Franconia,  1895-6.  State  Senator,  Second  District, 

Greeyileaf  —  Greenwood  —  Griggs.  239 


5.  William  Gardner  Greenleap,  son  of  Bennett,  b.  in  White- 
field,  Aug.  7,  1834.  in.  first,  March  4,  1860,  Alzina,,  dau.  of  Solomon 
Gee,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  in  1841,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Dec.  13,  1863. 
m.  second,  Dec.  11,  1869,  Florence  A.,  dau.  of  George  J.  Dunklee,  b. 
in  Landaff,  May  7,  1855.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1868.  Carriage- 
maker.     Republican. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Alzina,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., — 

i.    Elbridge,   b.  Oct.  7,  1861.      m.  Batclielder.     Shoemaker,     res. 

li.     Edward,  b.  Oct.  7, 1861.    m. Brown.     Shoemalcer.    res.  Raymond. 

Ch.,  b}^  w.  Florence,  b.  in  L.,  — 

iii.  Franklin,  b.  Feb.  22,  1871,  d.  L.  June  22,  1871. 

iv.  William  I ,  b.  Nov.  16,  1875.     grad.  Colorado  Law  School,  1897. 

V.  Myrtie  B  ,  b.  Jan.  15,  1879. 

vi.  Flossie,  b.  Aug.  5,  1882. 


1.  Joseph  Greenwood,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Canada,  March  2, 
1840.  m.  Jan.  8,  1866,  Mary,  dau.  of  George  Rancour,  b.  in  Canada, 
Nov*.  19,  1848,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879.  La- 
borer.    Roman  Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Vina,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Feb.  25,  1868.     m.  Aug.  2,  1886,  Joseph 

Dufoe,  carpenter,     res.  Manchester, 
ii.     Lizzie,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  3,  1869.     m.  Will  Bean  (See). 
iii.     Joseph,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  June  22,  1870.     m.  Sept.  11,  1889,  Grace 
Roby.     Tinsmith,     res.  Plymouth. 

2.  iv.     Peter,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Oct.  3,  1»71. 

V.  Mary,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  July  19,  1873.     m.  Joseph  Langley  (See), 

vi.  Minnie,  b.  Kirl.y,  Vt.,  Dec.  20.  1875,  d.  L.  Sept.  19,  1884. 

vii.  Jdlia,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.,  Sept.  15,  1876.     m.  Henry  Chaquette  (See), 

viii.  George,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  June  21,  1878. 

ix.  Carrie,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  21,  1879. 

X.  Nellie,  b.  L.  Nov.  11,  1882. 

xi.  Jennie,  b.  L.  Sept.  8,  1884. 

xii.  Minnie,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1886,  d.  L.  Aug.  22,  1886. 

xiii.  Adolphus,  b.  L.  Oct.  23,  1888. 

2.  Peter  Gkeen^ood,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 
Oct.  3,  1871.  m.  Nov.  22,  1891,  Georgianna,  dau.  of  Mitchell  Place, 
b.  in  Sherbrooke,  P.  Q.,  April  23,  1873,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  since  1879.     Glover.     Roman  Catholic. 


i.     Eva  Georgianna,  b.  L.  Oct.  27,  1893. 


1.  Gideon  Griggs,  b.  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  Dec.  10,  1787.  m. 
April  13,  1813,  Sukey,  dau.  of  Joseph  Burnliam.  b.  in  Haverhill,  March 
9,  1794,  d.  in   L.  Jan.  25,  1867,  Cong.     He   res.  in  L.  from  1807  until 

240  Griggs  —  Guilford  —  Guy. 

he  d.,  March  3,  1851.     Farmer.     Cong.     Deacon,   1820  to  1827,  and 
1832  to  1851. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

2.        i.     Alvan,  b.  Jan.  1,  1816. 

ii.     Nancy,  b.  Jan.  16,  1817.     m.  Samuel  Ball  (See). 

iii.     Susan,  b.  July  6,  1819.     m.  Oct.  8,  184-5,  Andrew  McMillan,  civil  en- 
gineer.    He  (i.  March,  1875.     She  d.  Danville,  Vt.,  Aug.  15,  1871. 
iv.     Caroline,  b.  April  29,  1822,  d.  L.  Oct.  80,  1854. 
V.     Druuy  F.,  b.  July  5,  1824,  d.  L.  Oct.  3,  1867. 
vi.     Sidney  A.,  b.   Sept.  24,   1826.     m.  1885,  Mrs.  Malvina  Montgomery. 

Wool-grower,     res.  lied  Bluff,  Cal. 
vii.     LucRETiA  F.,  b.  Feb.  4,  1828.     m.  Oct.  26,  1855,  Ira  A.  Preston.     Hotel 

manager.     He  d.  Danville,  Vt.,  May  12,  1864. 
viii.     Gideon,  b.  June  20, 1831.     ni.  Janette  Campbell.     Farmer.     He  d.  Clif- 
ford, Mich.,  May  4,  1895. 
ix.     Mary  B.,  b.  May  7,  1834.     m.  Noah  Farr  19  (See). 

2.  Alvan  Gkiggs,  son  of  Gideon  \  b.  in  L.  Jan.  1,  1815.  ra.  Marcli 
3,  1840,  Mahala  Brown,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  March  28,  1813,  d.  in  Albany, 
Vt.,  Feb.  23,  1891,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all  his  life,  d.  L.  Oct.  10,  1886. 
Farmer.  Cong.  Republican.  Co.  H,  8th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private.  G.  A.  R. 
No  ch. 


1.  Elijah  Guilford,  b.  in  8aco,  Me.,  Dec.  27,  1834.  m.  Jul}-  24, 
1867,  Sarah  J.,  dau.  of  Benjamin  L.  Knight,  b.  in  Starkesboro',  Vt., 
Free  Baptist.  She  m.  second,  Rev.  S.  S.  Nickerson,  of  (Sugar  Hill) 
Lisbon.  Elijah  served  in  the  War  of  the  Rebellion  under  the  auspices 
of  the  U.  S.  Christian  Commission.  He  attended  school  at  New  Hampton 
Institution,  and  grad.  from  New  Hampton  Theological  School  in  1867. 
He  was  ordained  as  a  Free  Baptist  clergyman,  and  was  located  at 
Penacook  one  3'ear,  West  Burke,  Vt.,  one  .year,  then  came  to  L. 
in  1868,  and  was  pastor  of  the  Free  Baptist  church  of  L.  until  he  d., 
Dec.  24,  1873.     No  ch. 


1.  Lewis  Guy,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Canada,  May  30,  1836.  m.  Crst, 
Nov.  27,  1858,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  Isaiah  Woodward,  b.  in  L.  June  3, 
1843.  Divorced.  She  m.  second,  Elliott  Wells  (See).  He  m.  second, 
Dec.  6,  1880,  Sarah,  dau.  of  James  Welch,  b.  in  Danville,  P.  Q.,  June 
6,  1851.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1853.  Laborer.  Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Rebecca,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Ella,  b.  Sept.  20,  1861.    m.  Nov.  25,  1880,   Frank  P.  Wells,  farmer. 

She  d.  L.  April  24,  1884. 
ii.     Edna,  b.  Jan.  20,  1863.     m.  Thomas  Pearson  (See), 
iii.     George,  b.  April  26,  1866.     res.  L. 
iv.     Emma,  b.  July  27,  1868.     m.    Nov.  5,  1890,  Amos  Drown,  truckman. 

res.  L. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Sarah,  — 

V.     Walter  James,  b.  March  27,  1886. 

Hadley  —  Hadlock  —  Hale.  241 


1.  George  Hadley,  b.  in  Eng.     m.  first,  Proctor,     m.  second, 

June  29,  1668,  Deborah  Skillings.  He  came  to  America  in  1638  and 
d.  in  Ipswich,  Sept.  28,  1686. 

2.  Samuel  Hadley,  son  of  George^,  b.  in  Ipswich  in  1655,  ra. 
Jane  Martin,  b.  Nov.  2,  1656,  dau.  of  George  Martin,     res.  in  Rowlej'. 

3.  Samuel  Hadley,  son  of  Samuel^,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.     m.  Jan. 

20,  1703,  Dorothy  Colby,  b.  June  15,  1677,  dan.  of  Isaac  and  Martha 
(Jewett)  Colby  (See),  and  grand-dau.  of  Anthony  Colby,  an  early  settler 
of  Amesbury,  Mass.     He  res.  in  Rowlej^  Mass.     d.  Dec.  20,  1747. 

4.  Parrott  Hadley,  son  of  Samuel  ^  b.  in  Amesbury,  Mass.,  Sept. 
3,  1716.  ra.  Nov.  7,  1738,  Mary  Heath,  b.  Nov.  17,  1721.  He  d.  in 
Amesbur}-,  Mass. 

5.  Moses  Hadley,  son  of  Parrott^,  b.  iq  Amesbury,  Mass.,  Nov.  14, 
1750.  m.  Sept.  21,  1775,  Rebecca  Page,  b.  Aug.  17,  1753,  d.  March 
23,  1847-     He  d.  in  Hudson,  Sept.  9,  1829. 

6.  Isaac  Hadley,  son  of  Moses  ^,  b.  in  Hudson,  March  20,  1790. 
m.  Feb.  20,  1814,  Abigail  Seavey,  b.  March  20,  1793.  He  d.  in  Pal- 
myra, Wis.,  Oct.  26,  1867. 

7.  James  Monroe  Hadley,  son  of  Isaac  ^,  b.  in  Hudson,  Oct.  7, 
1817.  m.  May  20,  1843,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Darling,  b.  in 
Rumney,  Dec.  31,  1820.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1854  to  1864.  Contractor 
and  first  Conductor  on  White  Mts.  Railroad.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge,     d.  April  18,  1895. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Rumney,  — 

i.     Georgianna  a.,  b.i  March  13,  1846.     m.  Edward  D.  Brackett  (See). 
ii.     Marianna  E.,  b.  March  13,  1846.     m.  Jan.  15,  1868,  Harris  E.  Smith, 

insurance,     res.  Kansas  City,  Kas. 
iii.     James  Fayette,  b.  Dec.  25,  1848.     m.  Jan.  1,  1877,  Jennie  E.  Jerome. 
Keal  estate,     res.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 


1.    Hubbard  Hadlock,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Nov. 

21,  1826.  m.  Oct.  3,  1853,  Cozbi,  dau.  of  Simeon  Remick  (See),  b.  in 
L.  May  12,  1833.  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1832  until  he  d.,  June 
28,   1877.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.    John,  b.  Nov.  1,  1854.     m.  Marcli  19,  1877,  Mary  Ann  Riley.     Horse- 
man,    res.  L. 
ii.     Elvira  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  22,  1865.     m.  Oct.  27,  1883,  John  Bean,  car- 
penter,    res.  Betbleliem. 
iii.     Fred  Simeon,  b.  May  23,  1869.    res.  L. 


1.  William  Hale,  res.  in  King's  Walden,  Herts,  Eng. 

2.  Thomas  Hale,  son  of  William  \  supposed  to  have  been  b.  in 
King's  Walden,  Herts,  Eng.,  May  15,  1606,  came  to  America  and  set- 

VOL.  II  — 16 

242  Hale. 

tied  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  about  1645,  in  which  3'ear  he  is  mentioned  as 
one  of  32  landholders.  He  lieads  the  list  of  the  first  hoard  of  select- 
men, chosen  in  1645.     In  1649  he  was  chosen  constable,  probably  the 

first  in  Haverhill.     He  m.  Thoniasin .     He  d.  Newbury,  Mass., 

Dec.  21,  1682. 

3.  Thomas  Hale,  son  of  Tlionias^  probably  b.  in  Eng.  in  1633.  m. 
May  26,  1657,  Mary  Hutchinson,  dau.  of  Richard  and  Alice  (Ros- 
worth)  Hutchinson.     He  d.  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  Oct.  22,  1688. 

4.  Thomas  Hale,  son  of  Thomas^,  b.  in  Newbury,  Mass.,  Feb.  11, 
1658/9.  ni.  May  16,  1682,  Sarah  Northend,  dau.  of  Ezekiel  and  Edna 
(Lambert)  Northend.  He  res.  in  Newbur}',  Mass.,  until  1726,  when 
he  bought  land  in  Rowley,  l>uilt  a  house  and  removed  there,  "^  so  as  to 
be  near  the  meeting-house."  He  was  Representative  in  1613/14,  and 
was  locally  known  as  "  Justice  Hale."  It  is  said  he  weighed  500 
pounds,  with  a  voice  proportionally  strong.  He  d.  in  Rowley,  Mass., 
April  12,  1730. 

5.  Ezekiel  Hale,  son  of  Thomas  ^  b.  in  Newbur}',  Mass.,  Ma}-  13, 
1689.  m.  first,  Ruth  Emerj',  dau.  of  .John  and  Ruth  (Sawyer)  Emer}-. 
m.  second,  Sarah  (Poor)  SpafTord.  He  d.  April  15,  1740.  He  was  an 
uncle  of  Col.  Enoch  Hale  and  Col.  Nathan  Hale  of  the  Revolution. 

6.  EzizKiEL  Hale,  son  of  Ezekiel^,  b.  Jul}'  14,  1725.  m.  Mary 
Moody;  m.  second,  Marj- Sargent ;  m.  third,  Hannah  Balch  ;  m.  fourth, 
Abigail  Sargent.  He  lived  until  1769.  No  record  of  his  death  is 
found.     Sixteen  children. 

7.  Ezekiel  Hale,  son  of  Ezekiel®,  b.  in  Newbur}',  Mass.,  April  3, 
1763.  m.  April  13,  1786,  Phebe  Coburn,  d.  Jan.  20,  1842.  Woollen 
manufr.     d.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Oct.  3,  1852. 

8.  Ezekiel  Hale,  son  of  Ezekiel '',  b.  in  Dracut,  Mass.,  Oct.  17, 
1788.  m.  Sept.  25,  1810,  Hannah  Church,  dau.  of  Samuel  Cookson  of 
Boston,  Mass.,  d.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Aug.  28,  1881.  He  d.  in 
Haverhill,  Mass. 

9.  James  Hale,  son  of  EzekieF,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Nov.  5, 
1796.  m.  June  5,  1827,  Rebecca  Smith,  dau.  of  William  Steele,  b.  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  29,  1808,  d.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  May  18,  1888. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1854.  Woollen  manufr.  Representative 
from  Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  Deacon  of  Baptist  Church  there.  He  d.  in 
Dover,  Feb.  23,  1856. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass., — 

i.     Matthew,  b.  Feb.  1829.     res.  Cal. 

ii.     James  Acgdstds,  b.  Feb.  1831,  d.  Aug.  19,  1885. 
iii.     Kebecca  Woodbukt,  b.  July  27,  18o6.     res.  Haverliill,  Mass. 
iv.     James  Augustus,  b.  Nov.  29,  1843.     m.  July  29,  1873,  Annie  Russell 
Train.     Merchant,     res.  Haverhill,  Mass. 

10.  Joseph  Warren  Hale,  son  of  EzekieP,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass., 
Aug.  7,  1801.  m.  in  1832,  Gabella,  dau.  of  Horatio  Merrill,  b.  in  Gofl's- 
town  in  1810,  d.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  in  1870.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847 
to  1866.     Woollen  manufr.     d.  in  Lexington,  Mich.,  in  1888. 

Hale.  243 


i.     Martha,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1833.     m.  Nov.  7,  1864,  Arthur  M.  Clark, 

U.  S.  Consul.     She  d.  Lexington,  Mich.,  Aug.  29,  1896. 
ii.     Henry  H.,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1835,  d.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1843. 
iii.     Henry  W.,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  1846,  d.  L.  1850. 
iv.     Mary  Isabella,  b.  L.  1852,  d.  L.  1853. 

11.  EzEKiEL  James  Madison  Hale,  son  of  Ezekiel^,  b.  in  Haver- 
hill, Mass.,  March  30,  1813.  in.  first,  Feb.  3,  1837,  Lucy  Lapham, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  Parker,  b.  in  Bradford,  jVIass.,  April  15,  1816,  d.  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  15,  1856.  m.  second,  Feb.  5,  1862,  Ruth  C, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  Parker,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  Nov.  17,  1823,  d.  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  25,  1895.  He  never  res.  in  L.,  but  was 
proprietor  of  L.  Woollen  Mills,  and  a  director  of  the  White  Moun- 
tains Railroad.  He  grad.  from  Dart.  Coll.  in  1835  and  studied  law 
six  months,  then  commenced  the  manufacture  of  woollen  goods  in  his 
father's  mill  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  he  res.  until  he  d.,  June  4, 
1881.  He  also  built  mills  in  South  Groveland,  Mass.  Founded  a 
public  library  and  city  hospital  in  Haverhill,  Mass.  State  Senator, 
1847-8.  . 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Lucy,  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  — 

12.  i.     RuFUS  Barker,  b.  Jan.  1,  1838. 

ii.     Ezekiel,  b.  Feb.  11,  1840,  d.  in  infancy. 

iii.     Anna  Lucy,  b.  May  15,  1841.     m.  William  G.  Howe.     She  d.  Boston, 
Mass.,  Dec.  19,  1877. 

iv.     James  Frank,  b.  Aug.  12,  1844.     m.  Jeannette  D.  Seeley.     Woollen 

manufr.     He  d.  Groveland,  Mass.,  April  21,  1879. 
V.     Benjamin  Parker,  b.  March  13,  1846.     m.  Annie  Howe.    He  d.  at  sea, 
Aug.  1868. 

vi.     Harry  Horsford,  b.  July  7,  1847.     ni.  Harriet  Newell  Smith.     Mer- 
chant and  manufr.     He  d.  Bradford,  Mass.,  May  7,  1894. 

vi.     Samuel  Cookson,  b.  July  7,  1855.     m.  Susie  O'Donnell.    He  d.  Boston, 
Mass.,  Jan.  19,  1887. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Ruth, — 

viii.     Edward,  b.  May  29,  1863.     m.  Lucy  Lufkin.     He  d.  Haverhill,  Mass., 
March  25,  1890. 

12.  RuFUs  Barker  Hale,  son  of  Ezekiel  James  Madison  ",  b.  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1838.  ra.  Dec.  25,  1858,  Laura  C,  dau.  of 
John  and  Deborah  (Ryerson)  Dexter,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Oct.  4,  1838,  d.  in 
Chicago,  111.,  June  1,  1879.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1854  to  1868.  Woollen 
manufr.  Democrat.  Roman  Catholic,  d.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  12, 


i.     Ezekiel  J.  M.,b.  L.  May  5,  1860.     m   March,  1882,  Maggie  Blair,    res. 
Chicago,  III. 


13.  Ezra  Hale,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct.  3,  1802,  represents  another 
lineage  of  the  same  family.  His  father  was  Thomas  Hale,  b.  Winchen- 
don,  Mass.  Feb.  14,  1776.  The  generations  are:  William^  of  Eng- 
land, Thomas  ^  Thomas^,  Joseph  ^  Abner^  Jacob®,  Thomas  ^  P^zra^ 
Ezra  Hale  m.  1822,  Joanna,  dau.  of  Elisha  Sanborn,  b.  in  Gilmanton, 
Oct.  19,  1797,  d.  in  L.  March  31,  1878,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1866  until  he  d.,  Oct.  2,  1871.     Farmer.     Methodist.     Democrat. 

244  Hale  —  Hall. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  — 

i.     Sarah  W.,  b.  April  8,  1823.     m.  Nov.  21,  1850,  Levi  Wheeler,  painter. 

She  d.  Conwiiy,  April  22,  1857. 
ii.     Livonia,  b.  April  16,  1826.     ni.  Edward  O.  Kenney  (See). 
14.       iii.     Otis  Goss,  b.  June  6,  1828. 

iv.     Ellen  M.,  b.  April  10,  1832,  d.  L.  Oct.  12,  1880. 
V.     Esther  C,  b.  Dec.  27,  1841,  d.  Bethlehem,  March  1,  1843. 

14.  Otis  Goss  Hale,  son  of  Ezra^^,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  June  6,  1828. 
m.  Oct.  12,  1857,  Sarah  Loisa,  clau.  of  Lytnan  Blandin  (See),  b.  in 
Bethlehem,  Aug.  14,  1836.  Her  grandfather,  Jonathan  Blandin,  was 
a  Rev.  soldier,  d.  in  Bethlehem  when  more  than  100  years  old.  Otis 
has  res.  in  L.  since  1865.  Merchant.  Democrat.  Selectman  and 
Treasurer,  1867-8.  Auditor,  1875-7-8-9-80-1-2-3-4-7-91-2-3.  Rep- 
resentative, 1875,  and  declined  re-election  to  take  the  management  of 
the  N.  H.  Scythe  &  Axe  Co.  Member  Board  of  Education,  Union 
District,  1879-80-1.  Director  L.  Savings  Bank,  1874  to  84  inc.  Post- 
master and  town  clerk,  Bethlehem,  1856-7.  Postmaster,  Lower 
Waterford,  Vt.,  1858  to  61.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  He  d.  L. 
March  23,  1900. 
Ch.,  — 

i.    Elma  Mabel,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  7,  1859,  d.  Waterford,  Vt.  Oct. 

22,  1862. 
ii.     Mabel  Estelle,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  31, 1862.     m.  Charles  M.  Lane 

iii.     Willie  Otis,  b.  L.  May  3,  1866,  d.  L.  Sept.  21,  1866. 
iv.     Clark  Haywood,  b.  L.  May  12,  1868,  d.  L.  March  4,  1886. 


15.  Amos  Spaulding  Hale,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Aug.  31,  1809.  The  generations  are:  William^,  Thomas  ^,  Thomas  ^ 
Joseph  %  Thomas^,  Thomas®,  Thomas''',  Amos  Spaulding^  He  m. 
first,  Jan.  27,  1839,  Anna  Sophronia,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Ruth 
(Hale)  Goddard,  b.  in  Petersham,  Mass.,  Aug.  8,  1810,  d.  in  Water- 
ford, Vt.,  Aug.  22,  1846,  Cong.  m.  second,  Oct.  1,  1851,  Lydia  Bartlett, 
dau.  of  Vespatian  Wheeler  (See),  b.  in  L.  Feb.  8,  1813.  He  res.  in 
L.  from  1858  until  he  d.,  Dec.  1,  1869.  Farmer,  Baptist.  Republi- 
can. A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  She  d.  L.  Feb.  7,  1898.  Ruth 
(Hale)  Goddard  d.  in  L.  Nov.  13,  1872,  aged  100  years  and  6  months. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Anna,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  — 

i.  Henry  Warren,  b.  March  13,  1840,  d.  March  13,  1860. 

ii.  Frances  Eliza,  b.  July  6,  1843.     m.  Milo  H.  Harris  (See). 

iii.  Sophronia  Kuth,  b.  Aug.  13,  1846,  d.  Dec.  5,  1875. 

iv.  Estella  Abbie,  b.  Oct.  3,  1853,  d.  Feb.  16,  1858. 


1.  George  Nelson  Hall,  son  of  Gustavus  A.,  b.  in  Maidstone,  Vt., 
Sept.  6,  1828.  m.  Nov.  2,  1851,  Emeline,  dau.  of  Joel  Streeter,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Feb.  12,  1835.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1860  until  he  d.,  Oct.  21, 
1894.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Hall  —  Hallett  —  Hamilton.  245 


i.     GcsTAvus   N.,   b.   Lisbon,   Oct.   11,   1852.      m.   Clementine    Simpson. 

Butcher,     res.  Kansas  City,  Kas. 
ii.     Caroline  K.,  b.   Lisbon,  Feb.  8,   1855.     m.   March  23,   1880,  Arthur 

Shastany  Miller,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.     (Divorced.) 
iii.     Ella  Ardelle,  b.  Lisbon,  March  22,  1856,  d.  L.  Feb.  23,  1870. 
iv.     William  W.,  b.  L.  Sept.  20,  1860.     m.  Lilla  Gregory.     Butcher  and 

farmer,     res.  Farnum,  Minn. 
V.    Emeline,  b.  L.  June  10,  1862.     m.  Lewis  U.  Boyle,  machinist,    res. 

vi.     Cynthia  F.,  b.  L.  Dec.  25,  1867.     m.  H.  N.  Hayes,  shoemaker,     res. 

Lynn,  Mass. 
vii.     George  N.,  b.  L.  Aug.  29,  1872. 
viii.     Mary  Bell,  b.  L.  March  27,  1876. 


2.  Albert  B.  Hall,  son  of  Enoch,  b.  in  Parian,  C.  E.,  Nov.  12, 
1818.  m.  Nov.  14,  1844,  Esther  Ann,  dau.  of  Timothy  P.  Turner,  b. 
in  Bethlehem,  July  25,  1822.  She  m.  second,  Ralph  Fisk.  Albert  B. 
res.  in  L.  from  1844  to  1849.  Blacksmith.  Appointed  Postmaster  of 
North  L.,  Dec.  15,  1845.     No  ch. 


1.  Herbert  Kimball  Hallett,  son  of  Julius  Freeman,  b.  in  Water- 
ville,  Me.,  Sept.  18,  1867.  m.  Dec.  20,  1892,  Grace  Emma,  dau.  of 
George  Farr  (See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  3,  1871.  He  res.  in  L.  1886  to  1897. 
Cashier  L.  National  Bank,  1889  to  1897.  Republican.  Sec.  L.  Musical 
Association,  1896.  Notary  public.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 
W.  M.,  1896.  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.  He  is  cashier  of  Atlantic  Natl. 
Bank,  Boston  ;  res.  Newton. 


i.     Edith,  b.  L.  Dec.  21,  1893,  d.  L.  Dec.  21,  1893. 


1.  Matthevt  Thomas  Hamilton,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Quebec,  April  6, 
1827.  m.  first,  Oct.  1845,  Bridget,  dau.  of  Patrick  Hand,  b.  in  Quebec 
in  1817,  d.  in  Quebec  in  1867,  Roman  Catholic,  m.  second,  Oct. 
1870,  Annie,  dau.  of  John  Ridley,  b.  in  Eng.  in  1833,  Episcopal.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1870  until  he  d.,  Aug.  1,  1896.  Shoemaker.  Roman 

Ch.,  b.  in  Quebec,  — 

i.    John,  b.  1848.     m.  Mary .     Printer,    res.  Montreal,  P.  Q. 

ii.     Catherine,  b.   1851.     m.   Joseph   Boyler,  brakeman.     res.  Montreal, 

P.  Q. 
iii.     Mary,  b.  1853.     m.  Patrick  Meyer,  carpenter,    res.  Maiden,  Mass. 
iv.     William  Patrick,  b.  1854.     res.  Drummondville,  P.  Q. 
V.    Nellie,  b.  1855.     res.  Maiden,  Mass. 

246  Hardy  —  Harriman  —  Harrington. 


1.  Tenney  Hardy,  son  of  Thaddeus,  b.  in  Warner,  March  26,  1808. 
m.  Jan.  1,  1838,  Melinda,  dan.  of  Ithamar  AVatson  (See),  b.  in  Sauls- 
bur}',  June  8,  1816,  Unitarian.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  He 
never  res.  in  L.  Farmer.  Democrat,  d.  in  Warner,  Feb.  23,  1873. 
No  ch. 


1.  John  Alexander  Harriman,  son  of  Moses,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt., 
Aug.  15,  1821.  m.  first,  Dec.  13,  1848,  Laura  Weeks,  dau.  of  ISTahum 
Downs,  b.  Oct.  9,  1822,  d.  Jan.  9,  1862.  m.  second,  Oct.  21,  1869, 
Maria  L.  M.,  dau.  of  Daniel  Aldiich  (See),  b.  in  L.  June  28,  1834. 
She  m.  first,  Levi  L.  T3-rreU.  John  res.  in  L.  from  1854  to  1870.  In- 
surance agent.     Co.  E,  14th  N.  H.  Inf.     Sergt.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Laura,  — 

i.     Sophia  Amelia,  b.  L.  April  16,  1855.     m.  Charles  Rawson  Allen  (See). 

2.  William  Harriman,  son  of,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Oct.  10, 
1828.  m.  Jan.  1,  1860,  Lucy  Helen,  dau.  of  Daniel  Thayer  (See),  b. 
in  Waitsfield,  Vt.,  Aug.  31,  1828.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1860. 
Farmer.  Cong.  Pi'ohibition.  Co.  T,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.  Sergt. 
G.  A.  R.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     Master  White  Mt.  Grange.  1886-7-8. 


i.     Henry  Daniel,  b.  L.  Feb.  5,  1869.     m.  July  31,  1898,  Alice  G.  Cox. 
Painter,     res.  L. 

3.  James  Lang  Harriman,  son  of  Moses,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Ma}' 
11,  1833.  m.  Nov.  1859,  Mary  Emma,  dau.  of  Horace  Cushman  (See). 
b.  in  L.  April  8,  1836.  He  was  educated  in  Meriden  and  Phillips  Exe- 
ter Academies,  and  commenced  the  study  of  medicine  with  Albert 
Winch,  M.  D.,  in  1858.  He  attended  three  courses  of  med.  lectures,  in 
Woodstock  Med.  Coll.,  Albany  Med.  Coll.,  and  Maine  Med.  Coll.,  grad. 
in  Brunswick,  Me.,  Maj',  1857.  He  commenced  the  practice  of  medi- 
cine in  L.  Nov.  1857,  where  he  remained  until  1862.  He  was  then 
Assistant  Surgeon  of  the  13th  Regt.  Mass.  Inf.  one  year,  after  which 
he  located  in  Hudson,  Mass.,  where  he  is  still  in  practice.  He  belongs 
to  the  regular  school,  and  is  a  member  of  the  White  Mt.  Med.  Societ}', 
the  Middlesex  South  Med.  Society,  and  the  Mass.  Med.  Society.  Rep- 
resentative from  Hudson;  Chairman  Board  of  Health  12  years.  Mem- 
ber of  School  Committee  20  years.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     K.  T. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Hudson, — 

i.     Berthe,  b.  July  4,  1865,  d.  Sept.  1865. 
ii.    Blanche,  b.  June  14,  1867.    res.  Hudson,  Mass. 


1.  Charles  Edward  Harrington,  son  of  Moses  Baile}-,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Oct.  5,  1846.  m.  June  30,  1869,  Sarah  Howard,  dau.  of  Rev. 
Care}'  Russell,  b.  in  Newport.     She  m.  first,  Daniel  Wilkins  (See).     He 

Harrington.  247 

was  educated  in  Colby  Academy-,  New  London,  and  Bangor,  Me., 
Theological  Seminaiy,  wliere  he  grad.  June  3,  1874.  He  was  the  first 
Principal  of  Littleton  High  and  Graded  School,  in  1868,  after  which 
he  taught  in  Farmington  two  years.  He  was  ordained  as  a  Congrega- 
tional minister  in  Lancaster,  Oct.  27,  1874,  where  he  was  located  until 
1878.  He  has  since  been  located  in  Concord,  Keene,  Dubuque,  Iowa, 
and  other  places.  He  was  given  the  honorar}-  degree  of  A.  M.  by  Dart. 
Coll.  in  1878,  and  of  D.D.  by  Iowa  Coll.  in  1889.  He  was  Chaplain 
of  the  3d  Regt.  N.  H.  N.  G.  from  1878  to  1882,  and  was  Chaplain  of 
the  N.  H.  Legislature  in  1881.  He  was  associate  editor  of  the  "Pro- 
hibitionist," published  at  Dubuque,  Iowa,  about  15  months. 
Ch., — 

i.     Hattie  Russell,  b.  Farmiugton,  March  17,  1871. 
ii.     Charles  Woodbury,  b.  Brewer,  Me.,  Oct.  15,  1873. 
iii.     William  Barbour,  b.  Lancaster,  Nov.  23,  1875. 



2.  Daniel  Harrington,  son  of  Timothy,  b.  in  Ireland,  in  1819.  m. 
in  1841,  Hanora,  dau.  of  Thomas  Murph}',  b.  in  Ireland,  in  1818.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1852  until  he  d.,  in  1866.     Slate-cutter. 

Ch., — 

i.     Timothy,  b.  Ireland.  1843,  d.  Barnet,  Vt,  1845. 

3.  ii.     Thomas,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1845. 

iii.    Mary,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1847.     m.  May  16,  1887,  George  S.  Cummings, 

druggist,     res.  Haverhill, 
iv.     Margaret,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1849.     m.  Robert  H.  Whittaker  (See). 

4.  V.     Daniel,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  1854. 

5.  vi.    John  Edward,  b.  L.  April  27,  1855. 

3.  Thomas  Harrington,  son  of  Daniel  ^,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  in  1845. 
m.  in  1866,  Nancy,  dau.  of  Thomas  Scott,  b.  in  Watertown,  Mass., 
July  7,  1843.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1870.  Rubber-worker.  Co. 
L,  N.  H.  Batt.,  1st  N.  E.  Cav.,  and  Co.  L,  1st  N.  H.  Cav.  Sergt.  d. 
in  Maiden,  Mass.,  Nov.  20,  1893. 


i.  Edward,  b.  L.  Sept.  7,  1868. 

ii.  Ellen  A.,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  May  16,  1870.     m.  July  1,  1893,  Richard 

Teehan,  hostler,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

iii.  Francis,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  Sept.  21,  1872. 

iv.  Walter,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  Nov.  8,  1874. 

V.  Arthur  W.,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  June  17,  1879. 

vi.  Mary  E.,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  March  25,  1882. 

4.  Daniel  Webster  Harrington,  son  of  Daniel  2,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt., 
in  1854.  m.  April  25,  1888,  Mary  Annah,  dau.  of  Arba  Thayer 
Stearns,  b.  in  Keene,  in  1863.  He  has  res.  in  L.  most  of  his  life. 
Hotel-keeper.     No  ch. 

5.  John  Edward  Harrington,  son  of  Daniel  ^  b.  in  L.  April  27, 
1855.  m.  Sept.  27,  1882,  Mary  Ellen,  dau.  of  Daniel  W.  Crane,  b.  in 
Montreal,  P.  Q.,  July  17,  1863,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
all  his  life.     Laborer.     Democrat. 


i.     Daniel  Webster,  b.  L.  June  27,  1883. 

248  Harrington  —  Harris. 


6.  James  Joseph  Harrington,  son  of  Timothy  and  Mary  (Collins) 
Harrington,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  5,  1868  ;  m.  Jan.  23,  1892,  Ada- 
line  M.  Clough.  He  came  to  L.  1894.  Merchant,  firm  of  Green  & 
Harrington,  now  Harrington  &,  Co.     Democrat.     K.  P.     No  ch. 

7.  Timothy  William  Harrington,  brother  of  James  Joseph  ®,  b.  in 
Boston,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1872.  Came  to  L.  1896.  Merchant;  firm  of 
Harrington  &  Co.     Republican.     K.  P.     unm. 


1.  David  Gilbert  Harris,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  1816.  m.  Valeria 
M.  Page.     He  came  from  Newbury,  Vt.,  to  L.,  where  he  d.,  April  3, 


2.  Henry  David  Harris,  son  of  David  Gilbert^,  b.  in  Wentworth, 
April  3,  1852.  m.  Nov.  30,  1871,  Ellen  Mclntire,  dau.  of  James  K- 
Corey,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  1,  1852.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1888.  Carriage- 
maker.     Republican. 

Ch.,  — 
4.        i.     Austin  David,  b.  L.  Aug.  27,  1872. 

3.  Charles  Fremont  Harris,  son  of  David  Gilbert  \  b.  in  Rumnej-, 
May  16,  1856.  m.  Sept.  17,  1881,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Samuel  John- 
son Briggs,  b.  in  Canada,  Feb.  18,  1854.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880. 
Carriage  manufr.  Republican.  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.  C.  P.,  L. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ethel  Blanche,  b.  July  5,  1882. 

ii.  Herbert  Gibson,  b.  Feb.  7,  1883. 

iii.  Bertha,  b.  Sept.  3,  1888. 

iv.  Carrie  Frances,  b.  Oct.  9,  1890. 

V.  Howard  H.,  b.  March  5,  1898  ;  d.  Sept.  22,  1898. 

4.  Austin  David  Harris,  son  of  Henry  David  '^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  27, 
1872.  m.  Sept.  12,  1894,  Lena  M.,  dau.  of  Daniel  B.  Hardy,  b.  in 
Carroll,  in  1875.  He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.  Painter. 
No  ch. 


5.  MiLO  HoBART  Harris,  son  of  Heniy,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Oct.  6, 
1845.  m.  Nov.  12,  1870,  Frances  Eliza,  dau.  of  Amos  S.  Hale  (See), 
b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  July  6,  1843,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1869.     Farmer.     Republican.     Member  Town  School  Board,  1886-7. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Charles  Henry,  b.  June  10,  1873,  d.  L.  July  10, 1873. 

ii.  Carlie  Hale,  b.  June  10,  1873,  d.  L.  Aug.  9,  1873. 

iii.  WiLMA  Gertrude,  b.  Feb.  3,  1875, 

VT.  William  Henry,  b.  Aug.  28,  1879,  d.  L.  March  28,  1880. 

Harris  —  Hartshorn.  249 


6.  George  Harris  res.  in  Norwich,  Conn.,  and  Canaan.  He  was 
one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Canaan  and  agent  for  the  proprietors. 
(N.  H.  Town  Papers,  vol.  xi.) 

7.  Joshua  Harris,  son  of  George®,  b.  in  1754.  m.  first,  Jan.  1. 
1780,  Hannah  Hough,  m,  second,  April  1,  1784,  Miriam  Johnson,  b. 
in  1761,  d.  Feb.  29,  1840.  He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Canaan. 
Rev.  soldier.  Private,  Capt.  Joshua  Wells'  Co.,  Col.  Chase's  N.  H. 
Regt.  Alarm,  Oct.  20,  1780.     Nine  ch. 

8.  John  Hough  Harris,  son  of  Joshua ''',  b.  in  Canaan,  Feb.  18,  1782. 
m.  June  4,  1804,  Lucy,  dau.  of  John  May,  of  Plymouth,  Mass.,  who 
was  a  Rev.  soldier.  Corp.  on  Lexington  Alarm  Roll,  April  19,  1775, 
Capt.  Abraham  Hammatt's  Co.,  which  marched  from  Plymouth  to 
Marshfield,  Mass.  Served  seven  da3-s.  Juh*  1,  1777,  he  was  commis- 
sioned 2d  Lieut,  in  Capt.  Thomas  Mayhew's  Plymouth  Co.,  Col. 
Theophilus  Cotton's  Regt. ;  made  1st  Lieut.  July  8,  1777.  (Mass. 
Rev.  Rolls,  vols.  12-28-43.)  Lucy  was  b.  June,  1784,  d.  in  Canaan, 
Nov.  2,  1864.  John  Hough  was  a  farmer.  Republican.  Represen- 
tative from  Canaan.  Capt.  in  N.  H.  Militia,  d.  in  Canaan,  Aug.  2, 
1858.     Nine  ch. 

9.  Hannah  Hough  Harris,  dau.  of  John  Hough  *,  b.  in  Canaan, 
Feb.  24,  1811.     m.  April  26,  1825,  James  Adams  Furber®  (See). 


1.  Ebenezer  Hartshorn,  b.  in  Holland,  Conn.,  d.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt. 

2.  CoLBURN  Hartshorn,  son  of  Ebenezer  ^  b.  in  Holland,  Conn.,  in 
1776.  m.  Betsey,  dau.  of  Levi  Fay,  of  Marlboro',  Mass.  He  d.  in 
Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Oct.  24,  1840. 

3.  Charles  Hartshorn,  son  of  Colburn  ^  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt., 
Oct.  1,  1817.  m.  March  8,  1857,  Lucy  Jane,  dau.  of  William  Child,  b. 
in  Fairlee,  Vt.,  Nov.  4,  1833.  He  res.'  in  L.  from  1858  to  1881.  Hotel- 
keeper  and  scythe  manufr.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     I.  O.  O.  F. 


i.     Charles  Gushing,  b.  Whitefield,  April  6,  1858,  d.  L.  Jan.  12,  1869. 
ii.     William  Child,  b.  L.  June  14,  1861.    res.  Cal. 

iii.     Harry  May,  b.  L.  July  12.  1866.    m.  Georgia  Blodgett.     res.  Boston, 


4.  Harry  Clay  Hartshorn,  son  of  John  W.  Hartshorn,  b.  Lunen- 
burg, Vt.,  May  10,  1850.  m.  Oct.  2,  1872,  Mary  E.  Grant,  dau.  of 
Hiram  M.  and'julia  (Knapp)  Grant.  He  came  to  L.  1898.  Conducts 
a  fruit  and  confectionery  store. 


i.    Florence   Ethel,  b.   Lancaster,  June   20,  1873.    m.  Sept.   30,   1896, 

Arthur  C.  Strain  (See). 
ii.    Eugene  Harry,  b.  Lancaster,  Jan.  4,  1876. 
iii.     Gertrude  Anna,  b.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Feb.  3,  1879. 
iv.     Elizabeth  Maud,  b.  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Sept.  14,  1883. 

250  Haselton  —  Hasklns  —  Hastings. 


5.  Timothy  Haselton,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt,  m.  March  17,  1829,  Maria, 
dun.  of  Richard  Peabod}'^  (See),  b.  in  Lyman,  Feb.  14,  1807,  d.  in 
Barnet,  Vt.,  in  1847.     He  never  res.  in  L.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  — 

i.  Elizabeth  Wainwright,  b.  Dec.  29,  1829. 

ii.  Persis  Maria,  b.  1832. 

iii.  Charles  Peabody,  b.  1834. 

iv.  Ellen,  b.  18:J6. 

V.  Ada,  b.  1840. 


1.  Eli  Haskins,  b.  1759.  m.  Rhoda,  dau.  of  Captain  Daniel  Drake, 
of  Tannton,  Mass.  Eli  was  a  Rev.  soldier  in  1776  and  1780.  d.  in 
L3'man,  in  1846. 

2.  Samuel  Haskins,  son  of  Eli  \  b.  in  Grafton,  Jan.  1795.  m.  July 
16,  1818,  Harriet  B.,  dau.  of  Caleb  Gushing,  b.  in  Salisbury,  June  18, 
1798.     He  d.  in  Chelsea,  Mass.,  in  1872, 

3.  William  Henry  Haskins,  son  of  Samuel^,  b.  in  Lyman,  Dee.  30, 
1821.  m.  Juh'  4,  1844,  Sarali  Barton,  dau,  of  Thomas  Chase.  He 
was  Capt.  Co.  D,  8th  Regt.  Vt.  Vet.  Vols.    d.  in  Lyndonville,  Vt,  Oct. 

4,  1877. 

4.  William  Arthur  Haskins,  son  of  William  Henry  ^,  b.  in  Farm- 
ington  Falls,  Me.,  June  20,  1845.  m.  Sept.  1,  1866,  Mary  M.,  dau,  of 
Henry  B.  Kennedy,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  May  20,  1847,  d.'in  L.  March 
30,  1883,  He  res.  in  L.  from  1865  to  1893.  P^xpress  agent  and  mes- 
senger. Moderator,  1876  to  1884  inc.  Supervisor,  1882.  A.  F.  and 
A,  M.,  Burns  Lodge,  W.  M.  1871  to  1881."  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com., 
E.  C,  1873  to  1880.     T.  I.  M.,  Omega  Council,  1875-6-7. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Annie  Justina,  b.  June  18,  1867.    m.  Oct.  29,  1889,  Fred  E.  Cox,  clerk. 

res.  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 
ii.    Johnnie  M.  H.,  b.  Jan.  13,  1869.     m.  April  17,  1890,  Clara  J.  Carbee. 

Printer,     res.  Cambridge,  Mass. 


1.  Sylvanus  Hastings,  son  of  Nathaniel,  b.  in  Ashburnham,  Mass., 
Nov.  24,  1773.  m.  in  1801,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Hutchins,  b,  in 
Putney,  Vt.,  Jul}-,  1776,  d.  in  L.  June  25,  1841.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1803  until  he  d.,  Jan.  14,  1861.     Farmer.     Whig.     Selectman,  1847. 


i.  Mary,  b.  Westmoreland,  Aug.  29,  1803.     m.  June  3,  1872,  Cyrus  Ely, 

farmer.     She  d.  L.  Oct.  25,  1876. 

ii.  Sylvanos,  b.  L.  Aug.  24, 1805,  d.  L.  Oct.  18. 1882. 

iii.  Gates,  b.  L.  May  1,  1807,  d.  L.  Feb.  17,  1835. 

2.      iv.  Clark,  b.  L.  Oct.  19,  1811. 

V.  Jane,  b.  L.  May  1, 1813,  d.  L.  April  15,  1845. 

vi.  Sabrina,  b.  L.  July  16. 1816,  d.  L.  Dec.  29,  1833. 

vii.  Fatima,  b.  Oct.  1,  1818.     m.  Clark  Carleton  Abbey  (See). 

Hastings  —  Hatch.  251 

2.  Clark  Hastings,  son  of  Sylvanus\  b.  in  L.  Oct.  19,  1811.  m. 
first,  in  1839,  Chastinn,,  daii.  of  Aaron  Tilton,  b.  in  L.  in  1817,  d.  in  L. 
June  16,  1840.  m.  second,  Dec.  3,  1845,  Susan,  dau.  of  Asa  Gage,  b. 
in  Plainfield,  June  5,  1828.  She  d.  L.  May  22,  1900.  He  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life.     Farmer.     Republican,     d.  in  L.  July  2,  1886.     No  ch. 


1.  Joseph  Hatch,  b.  in  Falmouth,  Mass.,  June  22,  1743.  m.  first, 
Annie  Willey.  m.  second,  Ruth  Kelley,  b.  Aug.  24,  176.3,  d,  Sept.  16, 
1837.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1795  to  about  1825.  Farmer.  Rev.  soldier. 
Sergt.  in  Capt.  Joseph  Palmer's  Co.,  Col.  Freeman's  Regt.  8  days. 
Served  at  Falmouth  and  Dartmouth,  Sept.  1778,  on  alarms;  also 
Private  in  Capt.  Ward  Swift's  Co.,  service  on  secret  expedition  to 
R.  I.,  Oct.,  1777,  d.  in  Thornton,  Jan.  27,  1830. 


i.  Obed  S.,  b.  Thornton,  May  15,  1790.  m.  first,  about  1823,  Abigail  Fox. 
m.  second,  1850,  Susannah  Holman.  He  resided  in  L.  from  1795  to 
1817,  when  he  removed  to  Barnet,  Vt.  Soldier  in  War  of  1812-15, 
in  Crawford's  21st  Regt.,  and  prisoner,     d.  Jan.  1,  1859. 

2.  ii.     James  K.,  b.  Thornton,  Oct.  2,  1791. 

iii.     Ruth,  b.  Tliornton,  Sept.  3,  1793.     m.  May  .30,  1836,  Timothy  Fowler. 

He  d.  L.  Aug.  7,  1866.     Slie  d.  L.  Sept.  25,  1872. 
iv.     Silas,  b.  Tliornton,  1795,  d.  young. 

3.  V.     Moses  Baker,  b.  L.  June  9,  1797. 

vi.     Jemima,  b.  L.  Feb.  11,  1799,  d.  June,  1811. 
vii.     OuPHA,  b.  L.  Oct.  4,  1800,  d.  July,  1813. 
viii.     Harriet,  b.  L.  June  22,  1802.     unra.     d.  Aug.  27,  1839. 
ix.     David  G.,  b.  L.  Dec.  11, 1803.     unra.     Farmer,     res.  L.  all  his  life.     d. 

April  12,  1877. 
X.     Margaret,  b.  L.  Dec.  16,  1806.     m.  Benjamin  Cheever.    res.  Dracut, 

Mass.     She  d.  Jan.  28,  1868. 
xi.     Nancy,  b.  L.  June  20,  1808,  d.  Bethlehem,  Sept.  6,  1872. 
xii.     William,  b.  April  25,  1811,  d.  Aug.  1,  1813. 

2.  James  Kelley  Hatch,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  Thornton,  Oct.  2,  1791. 
m.  Catherine  Sellingham,  dau.  of  Jacob  Sellingham  (See).  He  d.  in  L. 
Aug.  20,  1855. 

Ch., — 

1.     Hannah  M.,  b.  April  30,  1817. 

ii.     William  C,  b.  Dec.  20,  1818. 

iii.     Susan  H.,  b.  June  1,  1822. 

iv.     Walter  S.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1823. 

V.     Caroline  A.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1825. 

vi.     Chastina  p.,  b.  Feb.  18,  1828. 

vii.  James  K,  b.  Feb.  17,  1830.  m.  Ellen  Blake  Holland,  b.  Waterbury, 
Vt.,  July  6,  1836.  He  was  a  scythe  plater  and  lived  in  Fitchburg, 
Mass.,  and  in  this  town,  where  he  d.,  Sept.  1,  1884.  She  d.  Concord, 
July  24,  1897.  Children:  (1)  Henrietta,  b.  April  27,  1859.  (2)  Ed- 
ward James,  b.  July  2,  1862.  m.  Dec.  25, 1889,  Mary  Abbie  Southard, 
res.  Concord.  (3)  Ada  Blake,  d.  young, 
viii.    Julia  R.,  b.  April  4,  1837. 

3.  MosES  Baker  Hatch,  son  of  Joseph  \  b.  in  L.  June  9,  1797.  m. 
March  26,  1823,  Sarah  M.,  dau.  of  Jazaniah  Whitney,  b.  in  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt.,  Aug.  11,  ]804,  d.  April  22,  1883.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth 
and  from  1830  to  1862.     Farmer,     d.  in  Bethlehem,  Dec.  2,  1878. 

252  Hatch. 

Ch.,  all  but  Philo  Scott  b.  in  L.,  — 

4.  i.     Philo  Scott,  b.  Lebanon,  Dec.  7,  1823. 

ii.     Moses  B.,  b.  Dec.  23,  1825.     unm.     Farmer,     res.  L. 

5.  iii.     Martin  Whitney,  b.  June  10, 1829. 

iv.  •  Obed  S.,  b.  April  7,  1882.  m.  Jan.  1,  1856,  Pliilena  C.  Annis.  res.  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.  Private  Co.  A,  1st  Vt.  H.  Art.  Killed  at  Middle- 
town,  Va.,  Oct.  19,  1864.     She  m.  second,  Warren  Phillips. 

6.  V.     Orange  W.,  b.  Dec.  3,  1834. 

vi.     Maria,  b.  Nov.  20,  1837.     m.  Clark  C.  Burt  (See). 

vii.  David  G.,  b.  May  6,  1841.  Private  Co.  D,  18th  N.  H.  Inf.  d.  in  Wash- 
ington, D.  C,  March  3,  1863. 

7.  viii.     George  Orlando  Whitney,  b.  Jan.  25,  1844. 

4.  Philo  Scott  Hatch,  son  of  Moses  Baker  ^  b.  in  Lebanon,  Dee. 
7,  1823.  ra.  Dec.  7,  1848,  Lodaska,  dan.  of  William  Nichols,  b.  in 
Concord,  Vt.,  July  18,  1824,  Metliodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1827  until 
lie  (1.,  Aug.  14,  1889.     Farmer.     Methodist.     Democrat. 

C)].,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ellen  Melissa,  b.  Dec.  6,  1849.     m.  James  Dow  ^  (See). 

ii.  Abigail  Almina,  b.  Sept.  29,  1851,  res.  L. 

iii.  Orrin  Milo,  b.  Oct.  26,  1855,  d.  L.  Aug.  18,  1869. 

iv.  Susan  Emeline,  b.  Sept.  19,  1858,  d.  L.  Aug.  20,  1869. 

V.  Twin  Girls,  b.  Feb.  1862,  d.  L.  Feb.  1862. 

vi.  William  David,  b.  July  20,  1864,  d.  L.  Aug.  19,  1869. 

vii.  Infant  Dau.,  b.  June,  1867,  d.  L.  June,  1867. 

5.  Martin  Whitney  Hatch,  son  of  Moses  Baker '^j  b.  in  L.  June 
10,  1829.  m.  Nov.  27,  1851,  Lydia  C,  dau.  of  Oilman  Farr  (See),  b. 
in  L.  Feb.  21,  1833,  Cong.  She  d.  Feb.  4,  1899.  He  res.  in  L.  nearlv 
all  his  life.     Farmer.     Cong.     d.  in  L.  Dec.  11,  1889. 


i.     Frank,  b.  March  28,  1853.     unm.     res.  L. 
ii.     Fred    G.,  b.   L.    May    15,    1854.      m.   April  30,    1879,   Martha  Corey 

Farmer,     res.  Franconia. 
iii.     Ada  P.,   b.  Aug.  4,    1856.      m.   Sept.    12,  1877,    Walter    W.  Watson, 

painter,     res.  Roxbury,  Mass. 
iv.     Arthur  N.,  b.  L.  March  29,  1858.     ni.  Nov.    27,  1879,  Helen  A.  Astle. 

Farmer,     res.  Bethlehem. 
V.     Ida,  b.  1860.     m.  June,  1877,  Charles  Frank  Lewis,  farmer,     res.  Con- 
cord, Vt. 
vi.     Ella  Maria,  b.  Bethlehem,  1862.     m.  Ellsworth  J.  Williams  (See). 

6.  Orange  W.  Hatch,  son  of  Moses  Baker  ^,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  3,  1834. 
m.  Martha  A.,  dau.  of  Daniel  Burt,  b.  in  Franconia,  May  9,  1838,  d.  in 
Bethlehem,  Oct.  19,  1890,  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L.  in  youth  and  from 
1857  to  1859.     d.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  18,  1878.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Sarah  J.,  b   L.  Oct.  28,  1858.     m.  Frank  P.  Burleigh  (See). 

ii.     William    F.,  b.   Bethlehem,  Nov.    I,  1860.     m.  April  21,   1883,  Rose 

Leach.     Glover,     res.  Gloversville,  N.  Y. 
iii.     Luke  W.,  b.  Bethlehem,  May  17,  1863. 
iv.     Lois,  b.  Bethlehem,  d.  young. 
V.     Louise  F.,b.  Betlilehem,  Jan.  30,  1871.     m.  May,  1889,  Fred  Huntoon, 

farmer,     res.  Bethlehem, 
vi.     Lambert  W  ,  b.  Bethlehem,  March  14,  1872.     m.  Dec.  12,  1891,  Mabel 
N.  Wescott. 

7.  George  Orlando  Whitney  Hatch,  son  of  Moses  Baker  ^  b.  in 
L.  Jan.  25,  1844.  m.  first,  Aug.  9,  1864,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Samuel 
Gibson,  b.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  May  15,  1847,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  1,  1889.     m. 

Hatch.  253 

second,  June  16,  1891,  Annie  M.,  dau.  of  Mitchell  Salwa}'  (See),  b.  in 
L.   Oct.  13,   1871,   Roman  Catholic.     He   has   res.   in  L.  all  his  life. 
Farmer.     Republican.     Private,  Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.     G.  A.  R. 
Ch.,  hy  w.  Mary  Jane,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Harry  J.,  b.  Jan.  16, 1872.    res.  L.      m.  Dec.  7,  1898,  Lena  M.  Fearon, 

dau.  of  Stephen  Fearon  of  Whitefield. 

ii.  Georgia  A.,  b.  Nov.  8,  1873.     m.  Ralph  Marsh  (See). 

iii.  Edwin  G.,  b.  Aug.  8,  1875.     res.  L. 

iv.  Blanche  S.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1879.     m.  Ellsworth  J.  Williams  (See). 

V.  Carl  E.,  b.  March  8,  1881. 

vi.  Lizzie  M.,  b.  March  26,  1883. 

vii.  Hattie,  b.  March  9,  1885. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Annie,  b.  in  L., — 

viii.     Elmer  James,  b.  Sept.  4, 1892. 
ix.     Ruth,  b.  Feb.  4,  1899. 


8.  Jacob  Hatch,  b.  in  Kennebunk,  Me.,  in  1765.    m. Maxwell. 

He  res.  in  Groton,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  July  16,  1824.     Farmer. 

9.  Jacob  Hatch,  son  of  Jacob*,  b.  in  Groton,  Vt.,  in  1795.  ni. 
Salh'  Morrison,  b.  May,  1797,  d.  Dec.  9,  1875.  He  res.  in  Groton,  Vt., 
where  he  d.,  Sept.  4,  1873.     Stone-mason. 

10.  George  Hatch,  son  of  Jacob^ ,  b.  in  Groton,  Vt. ,  April  1,  1820. 
m.  Dec.  8,  1847,  Hannah  Vance,  b.  in  Groton,  Vt.,  Aug.  9,  1824,  d.  in 
Newbur}',  Vt.,  Sept.  20.  1872.  He  res.  in  Newbur}-,  Vt.,  where  he  d., 
July  24,  1872.     Shoemaker. 

11.  Oscar  Cutler  Hatch,  son  of  George^",  b.  Lii  Newburj-,  Vt., 
Nov.  11,  1848.  m.  Jan.  4,  1871,  Flora  Louisa,  dau.  of  Henry  W. 
Adams,  b.  in  Cooperstown,  N.  Y.,  Julj-  6,  1851,  Episcopal.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  Dec.  1872.  Banker.  Republican.  Episcopal.  Mem- 
ber Board  of  Education,  Union  District,  1885-6-7.  Prest.  L.  National 
Bank,  1888  to  date;  Cashier,  1873  to  1888;  Director,  1880  to  date; 
Director  and  Treasurer  of  L.  Savings  Bank,  1874  to  date.  Director 
L.  Shoe  Co.  State  Senator,  1899-1900.  Colonel  on  staff  of  Gov.  Rol- 
lins, 1899-1900.  Prest.  L.  Musical  Association,  1891-2-3.  Member 
Board  Trustees  Episcopal  Diocese  of  N.  H.  since  1898.  J.  P.  State. 
Notary  public   (Book  of  Biographies,  Grafton  Co.,  p.  31). 

Ch. ,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Leslie  Adams,  b.  Jan.  17, 1875,  clerk.     Dart.  Coll.  1894-5-6.     m.June 

2,  1898,  Helen  Filer,     res.  Orange,  N.  J. 
ii.     Henry  Oscar,  b.  May  11,  1877.     m.  May  26,  1897,  May  Belle  Keith. 

Clerk,     res.  L.     Teller  L.  Savings  Bank, 
iii.     George  Arthur,  b.  May  11,  1872,  d.  L.  Nov.  30,  1883. 
iv.     Marguerite  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  19,  1885. 
v.     Oscar  Cutler,  b.  May  10,  1890. 

12.  Fred  Blake  Hatch,  son  of  George  ",  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt.,  March 
11,  1857.  m.  June  15,  1883,  Lizzie  Maria,  dau.  of  Richard  Bailey,  b. 
in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Jan.  17,  1863.  Divorced.  Siie  m.  second,  Herbert 
Eastman  Kenney  (See).  Fred  Blake  res.  in  L.  from  1884  to  1896. 
Druggist.     Republican.     A.  F.  and  A.  M..     K.  T.     K.  P.     No  ch. 

254  Halves  —  Haynes. 


1.  Nathan  R.  Hawes,  son  of  Nathan  R.,  m.  Nov.  2,  1814,  Clarissa, 
(lau.  of  Joseph  Wheat  Morse  (See),  b.  in  L.,  Jan.  12,  1797,  d.  in  Wis- 
consin at)Out  1846.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1814  to  1830.  Farmer,  d.  in 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ruth  Morse,  b.  April  10,  1815. 

ii.  Ann  Maria,  b.  Jan.  21,  1817. 

iii.  Benjamin  Stephen,  b.  Oct.  20,  1818. 

iv.  Silas  Morse,  b.  Oct.  9,  1822. 


1.  Timothy  Haynes,  son  of  David,  b.  in  Alexandria,  Sept.  5,  1808. 
m.  in  1843,  Laura,  dau.  of  William  Brackett  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  11, 
1819,  d.  in  Concord,  March  2,  1887.  She  res.  in  L.  until  marriage. 
He  never  res.  in  L.     Physician,     d.  in  Concord,  June  28,  1883. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Concord,  — 

i.     Alice  R.     m.  William  H.  Stevens.     She  res.  Boston,  Mass.     He  res. 
Windsor,  Vt. 

ii.     William  B.,  res.  Cal,  where  he  d. 
iii.     Nella  S.,  res.  Boston,  Mass. 
iv.     Elizabeth  B.,  res.  Boston,  Mass. 

V.     Charles  G.,  d.  young. 


2.  Henry  Hakhison  Haynes,  son  of  Harrison  Pillsbur}-,  b.  in  Alex- 
andria, Aug.  23,  1849.  m.  N.  Ella  Moulton  of  Sandwich,  who  d.  Juh' 
27,  1883  ;  m.  second,  July  2,  1889,  Mary  Frances,  dau.  of  Rev.  Chris- 
topher Cushing,  D.D.,  of  Cambridge,  Mass.  He  was  a  student  in  the 
New  Hampshire  Conference  Seminaiy,  Wesleyan  Universitv,  and  grad- 
uate of  Harvard  University,  1873.  He  taught  the  Lisbon  High  School 
in  the  winter  of  1867-8,  was  professor  of  Latin  and  Greek  in  Tilton 
Conference  Seminar}',  1872-3  ;  Principal  of  the  Jarvis  Hall  Episcopal 
School,  Denver,  Col.,  1878-82,  and  was  a  member  of  the  Board  of  P^d- 
ucation,  Tilton,  1883-4.  He  pursued  the  study  of  theology  at  Andover 
and  at  the  Episcopal  Theological  School  at  Cambi-idge,  from  Avhich  he 
graduated,  1877.  He  was  ordained  deacon  by  Bishop  Niles  of  the  Dio- 
cese of  New  Hampshire,  June  20,  1877,  and  ordained  a  priest,  March 
14,  1878.  His  miuistrv  has  been,  Tilton,  1877-8  ;  Denver,  Col.,  1878- 
80;  Fort  Collins,  Cal.",  1882-3;  Tilton,  1883-4;  assistant  St.  Paul's, 
Boston,  Mass.,  1884-5  ;  L.  1885-6. 

Following  his  ministry-  in  this  town,  he  studied  the  Semitic  languages 
one  3ear  at  Harvard  University.  In  1888  he  was  made  rector  of  St. 
Peter's  Church,  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  on  account  of  failing  health  he 
resigned  the  following  year.  Since  then  he  has  travelled  extensively, 
supplying  churches  occasionall}'.  In  1895  he  continued  the  stud}'  of 
the  Semitic  languages  at  the  Universitj'  of  Berlin,  and  returning  to 
America,  he  became  professor  of  Old  Testament  Languages  and  Liter- 
ature in  the  Church  Divinity  School  of  the  Pacific  and  Instructor  of 

Haynes  —  Hazeltine.  255 

Semitic  Languages  at  Leland  Stanford,  Jr.,  Universit}'.  Eesidence, 
San  Mateo.  Harvard  University  conferred  the  degree  of  A.M.,  1887, 
and  Ph.D.,  1899. 


1.  P2noch  Hazeltine,  b.  in  Frvebnrg,  Me.,  Jan.  29,  1788.  m.  Nov. 
3,  1812,  Katherine  Leavenworth,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  Mav  1,  1792,  d. 
in  L.  Feb.  28,  1855.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1830  to  1862.  Wood-worker. 
Fire  ward,  1836-7.     d.  in  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Feb.  1,  1873. 


2.  i.     Frederic,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  1815. 

ii.     Nancy,  b.  L.  Jan.  15,  1820.     m.  John  Swift  Roby  (See). 

3.  iii.     Charles,  b.  L.  April  8,  1826. 

4.  iv.    Andrew  Arthur,  b.  L.  April  5,  1836. 

2.  Frederic  Hazeltine,  son  of  Enoch  ^,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  in 
1815.  m.  Oct.  1852,  Ellen  Jane,  dau.  of  Cvrns  Eaton,  b.  in  Browning- 
ton,  Vt.,  June  27,  1827.  She  m.  first,  Rufus  Fuller;  m.  third,  Charles 
S.  Hazeltine"  (See),  cousin  of  Frederic,  Unitarian.  Frederic  res.  in 
L.  from  1844  to  1864.  Manufr.  chair  lumber.  Republican,  d.  in  L. 
Sept.  29,  1864. 

Ch.,  — 

5.  i.     Albert  Fred,  b.  L.  Feb.  9,  1857. 

3.  Charles  Hazeltine,  son  of  Enoch  S  b.  in  L.  April  8,  1826.  ra. 
first,  July,  1852,  Lillias  Clough,  d.  in  1860.  m.  second,  Abby  Otti- 
well.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to  1865.  Musician.  I.  O.  O.  F. 
No  ch. 

4.  Andrew  Arthur  Hazeltine,  son  of  Enoch  ^,  b.  in  L.  April  5, 
1836.  m.  April  27,  1864,  Carrie  Maria,  dau.  of  Asa  Weller  (See),  b. 
in  Montpeher,  Vt.,  April  27,  1836,  d.  in  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Dec.  18, 
1891.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1861  to  1867.  Dentist.  Universalist.  d. 
in  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1895. 

Ch., — 

i.     Katherine  Weller,  b.  New  Bedford,  Mass.,  May  -30,  1869.     res.  New 
Bedford,  Mass. 

5.  Albert  Fred  Hazeltine,  son  of  Frederic  ^  b.  in  L.  Feb.  9, 
1857.  m.  Sadie  Gwynn.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857  to  1869.  Manager 
of  Mining  Co.     res.  in  Denver,  Col. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Archibald. 

ii.       MOLLIE. 

6.  Stephen  Hazeltine,  bro.  of  Enoch  S  b.  in  Fryeburg,  Me.  m. 
first,  in  1816,  Praxo  Hibbard,  d.  April,  1827.  m.  second,  Oct.  3, 
1827,  Hannah  F.  (Crossman)  Ward.  He  d.  in  Eatonton,  Ga.,  Oct.  4, 

7.  Charles  Stephen  Hazeltine,  son  of  Stephen  ^  b.  in  Stanstead, 
P.  Q.,  Dec.  9,  1833.  m.  March  16,  1869,  Ellen  Jane,  dau.  of  Cyrus 
Eaton,  b.  in  Brownington,  Vt.,  June  27,   1827.     She  m.  first,  Rufus 

256  Hazeltine  —  Heald  —  Heath. 

Fuller;  m.  second,  Frederic  Hazeltine"  (See),  cousin  of  Charles 
Stephen.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1863  to  1867.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.  1st 
Lieut.  Co.  C,  15th  N.  H.  Inf.  d.  in  Sunbury;  Pa.,  Nov.  18,  1875. 
(Granite  Monthly,  Feb.-March,  1894.)     No  ch. 


1.  Lewis  Brigham  Heald,  son  of  Harve}',  b.  in  Ro3"alston,  Mass., 
March  5,  1839.  m.  Oct.  12,  1867,  Mary  Sophia,  dau.  of  Samuel 
Kelley  Remick  (See),  b.  in  Hardwicic,  Vt.,  Feb.  25,  1847.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  since  1895.  Book-keeper.  11th  Ind.  Lif.  1st  U.  S.  Mechanic 
Fusileers.  59th  Ind.  Inf.  Appointed  Special  Justice  of  L.  Police 
Court,  Feb.  11,  1897.  Dep.  Collector  Internal  Revenue,  1899. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Harby   Lewis,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  2,  1868.      Lawyer,     res. 

Topeka,  Kas. 
ii.     Hattie  May,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt,  Oct.  1,  1869.     unm.     res.  L. 
iii.     Walter  Nelson,  b.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Oct.  7,  1876.     res.  L. 
iv.     Nellie  Sophia,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  11,  1879.     res.  L. 


1.  Franklin  Heath,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Groton,  Vt.,  May  29,  1841. 
m.  Sept.  26,  1891,  Philena,  dau.  of  Jedediah  Kelley,  b.  in  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.,  Oct.  6,  1856.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886.  Harness-maker. 
Republican.     I.  O.  0.  F.,  N.  G.     No  ch. 


2.  Benjamin  Franklin  Heath,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt., 
April  4,  1843.  m.  first,  Sept.  29,  1866,  Celia  A.,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Miles,  b.  in  Albany,  Vt.,  March  18,  1850.  (Divorced.)  m.  second, 
Oct.  7,  1888,  Jennie,  dau.  of  Nathan  Cotton.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
Jan.  1876.  Tanner.  Cong.  Republican.  Co.  H,  16th  N.  Y.  Inf. 


i.  Edward  T.,  b.  Wheelock,  Vt.,  March  18,  1872,  d.  Dec.  27,  1892. 

ii.  Nellie  M.,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  May  26,  1874,  d.  July  26,  1890. 

iii.  William  T..  b.  L.  Jan.  12,  1879. 

iv.  Carl  G.,  b.  L.  April  8,  1890. 


3.  Lyman  Heath,  son  of  Simon,  b.  in  Bow,  Aug.  24,  1804.  m. 
Oct.  1825,  Esther,  dau.  of  Alexander  Albee  (See),  b.  May  24,  1807. 
d.  in  Nashua,  Aug.  8,  1887.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1836  until  1840, 
when  he  removed  to  Nashua,  where  he  d.,  June  30,  1870.  He  was  a 
noted  musician.  The  following  are  among  his  numerous  compositions : 
"The  Grave  of  Bonaparte,"  "  The  Snow  Storm,"  "  The  Burial  of  Mrs. 
Judson,"  "The  Dying  Boy." 

Heath  —  Henry.  257 

CIi.,  b.  in  Lyman, 

i.     Helen,  b.  March  11,  1828.     m.  Edward  Shaw.     Slie  d.  in  Nashua,  1846. 
ii.     Prusia,  b.  Dec.  3,  1831.     unni.     res.  Nashua. 

iii.     Adeline  Jane,  b.  July  4,  1833.     m.  Dustin  Marble  of  Nashua,    res. 
in  Akron,  Ohio. 


1.  Joseph  Henry,  b.  in  Monroe,  in  1809.  m.  1830,  Maiy,  dau,  of 
James  Calhoun  (See),  b.  in  Lyman,  in  1805,  d.  in  Waverly,  111.,  Aug. 
16,  1860,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1834  to  1849.  Farmer.  Cong. 
Whig.     d.  in  L.  in  1849. 

Ch.,  - 

2.  i.    James  Everell,  b.  Lyman,  April  21,  1831. 

ii.    John,  b.  in  N.  H.  1833,  d.  Jerseyville,  111.,  1855. 
iii.     Levi,  b.  L.  Oct.  4,  1834.     m.   1861,  Amelia  Wilcox.     Banking.     reSi 

Waverly,  111. 
iv.     Harriet  S.,  b.  L.  Aug.  4,  1836.     m.  1855,  Curtis  Goss.     She  d.  Oct. 

29,  1856. 
V.  .  Sarah,  b.  L.  1838.     m.  1859,  Curtis  Goss.     res.  Denver,  Col. 
vi.     David,  b.  L.  June  23,  1840,  d.  L. 

2.  James  Everell  Henry,  son  of  Joseph  ^  b.  in  Lyman,  April  21, 
1831.  m.  April  5,  1854,  Eliza  Ann,  dau.  of  Joseph  Ide,  b.  in  Water- 
ford,  Vt,  June  30,  1832.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1833  to  1864.  Res.  in 
Lincoln.     Representative  Lincoln,  1897-8,  1901-2.     Lumber  manufr. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ida  Mart,  b.  L.  Feb.  13,  1855.     m.  June  3,  1875,  Parker  A.  Putnam, 

farmer,     res.  Tintah,  Minn, 
ii.     Harriet  Sarah,  b.  L.   Feb.  6,  1857.     m.  June  11,  1881,  George  W. 

Nuckolls,  physician,     res.  Tintah,  Minn. 

3.  iii.     George  Everell,  b.  L.  March  24,  1862. 

iv.    John  Higgins,  b.   L.  March  4,  186-3.     unm.     Lumber  manufr.    res. 

v.     Charles  Buck,  b.   Haverhill,  Feb.  24,  1875.     Lumber  manufr.     res. 
Lincoln,     m.  Jan.  1,  1900,  Katherine  F.  Sanger  (See). 

3.  George  Everell  Henry,  son  of  James  Everell  ^  b.  in  L.  March 
24,  1862.  m.  April  21,  1891,  Bertha  Sarah,  dau.  of  George  W.  Cowen 
(See),  b.  in  Lyman,  Aug.  26,  1871,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1862  to  1864.     Lumber  manufr. 


i.    James  Everell,  b.  Lincoln,  Jan.  22,  1895. 


4.  John  Harry  Henry,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Oct.  28, 
1858,  m.  Oct.  20,  1883,  Jennie  Abigail,  dau.  of  William  K.  Dow,  b.  in 
Chicago,  111.,  Oct.  28,  1865.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Driver. 


i.     Eliza  Georgia,  b.  Carroll,  Sept.  5,  1885. 
ii.     William  Dexter,  b.  L.  Nov.  22,  1887,  d.  L.  Aug.  20,  1889. 

VOL.  II.  —  17 

258  Hibhard  —  Higgiiis. 


1.  Aaron  Hibbard,  m.  Sarah  Merrill,  dan.  of  Nathaniel  Merrill.  He 
lived  in  Bath. 

2.  William  Hibbard,  son  of  Aaron  ^,  b.  in  Bath,  April  22,  1798; 
in.  April  7,  1830,  Seraphina  Larned  (See).  She  d.  in  Glover,  Vt.,  July 
19,  1865.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1830  to  1842.  Blacksmith,  d.  in 
Glover,  Vt.,  Dec.  22,  1868. 

Ch.,  all  except  Susan  and  Laura  b.  in  L., — 

i.     Henry,  b.  Jan.  7,  1831,  d.  March  17,  1831. 
ii.     Helen,  b.  Jan.  7,  1831  (twin),  d.  Mnrch  22,  1831. 
iii.     William  A.,  b.  Dec.  31,  1831.     d.  ^o\.  4,  1863. 
iv.     George    B.,   b.  Aug.  5,   1834.     m.  May  16,  1859,  Mary  E.  Hamilton. 

Lawyer.     Major  Ohio  Vols. 
V.     Mary  S.,  b.  Sept.  24,  1836.     d.  July  4,  1837. 
vi.     Samuel  Edward,  b.  June  5,  1838.     ni.  Nov.  12,  1868,  Julia  E.  Swasey. 

Railroad  clerk.     Cincinnati,  O. 
vii.     Charles  N..  b.  Dec.  11,  1840.     ni.  March  18,  1869,  Jennie  H.  Dewing. 

Farmer.     West  Glover,  Vt. 
viii.     Anna  M.,  b.  July  7,  1843.     d.  April  6,  1872. 
ix.     SosAN  M.,  b.  Danville,  Vt.,  May  15,  1846.     m.  Oct.  28,  1878,  Frederick 

W.  Baldwin.     Lawyer.     Barton,  Vt. 
X.     Laura  B.,  b.  Glover,  Vt.,  Oct.   1850.    m.  Dec.  23,  1875,  Charles  H. 
Fuller.     Merchant.     Montpelier,  Vt. 


1.  John  Higgins,  b.  in  Ireland. 

2.  Seth  Higgins,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.  in.  Eunice 
Brown,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  d.  in  L.  He  res.  in  L.  but  a  short  time. 
Universalist.     Whig.     d.  in  L. 

Ch.,  b.  in  St.  Johnsburj',  Vt.,  — 

3.  i.     William  Jones,  b.  Sept.  28,  1808. 

ii.     LoKEN,  m.  Sarali  Chase,     d.  in  War  of  the  Rebellion, 
iii.     Calista,  m.  Jesse  Cheney,     res.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
iv.     Daniel,  m.  Sarah  Livingston,     res.  Bradford,  Vt. 

3.  William  Jones  Higgins,  son  of  Seth  ^  b.  in  St.  Johnsburv,  Vt., 
Sept.  28,  1808.  m.  Aug.  29,  1832,  Olive,  dau.  of  Sylvanus  Heming- 
wa}-,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  26,  1813,  Universalist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1845  until  he  d.,  March  29,  1857.  Hotel-keeper.  Universalist. 
Whig.  Selectman,  1849.  J.  P.  Appointed  Postmaster  at  North  L. 
June  19,  1849,  and  held  the  office  until  he  d. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Elizabeth    D.,  b.  Newport,   Vt.,  May  26,  1833.     m.    April  21,    1858, 
Calvin  Green,  farmer.     He  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  July,  1895. 

4.  ii.     Madison,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  9,  1835. 

4.  Madison  Higgins,  son  of  William  Jones  ^,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
May  9,  1835.  m.  April  29,  1858,  Betsey  AVright,  dau.  of  James 
Wright  Towne  (See),  b.  in  L.  Feb.  13,  1840.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1845.  Farmer.  Republican.  Selectman,  1881-5.  Member  of  Town 
School  Board,  1893-4-5.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Higgins  —  Hildreth.  259 


5.  i.     William  Jones,  b.  L.  April  23,  1860. 

ii.     Alonzo  Madison,  b.  L.  May  9,  1862.     m.  Aug.  18,  1885,  Carrie  Julia 

Lewis.     Clerk,     res.  Whitefield. 
iii.     Ella  Olive,  b.  Dalton,  Aug.  9,  1864,  d.  L.  Aug.  13,  1869. 

6.  iv.     Daniel  Cephas,  b.  L.  May  25,  1867. 

T.     Jennie  Calista,  b.  L.  June  29,  1870,  d.  L.  Aug.  16,  1887. 
vi.     Jesse   Cheney,  b.  L.  Aug.  16,  1872.     Farmer,     res.  L.     A  soldier  in 

war  with  Spain,     m.  Nov.  1,  1900,  Ella  C.  Kinnie. 
vii.     Minnie  Ella,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1875,  d.  L.  Sept.  5,  1890. 
viii.     James  Edgar,  b.  L.  Sept.  18,  1878. 

5.  William  Jones  Higgins,  son  of  Madison  "i,  h.  in  L.  April  23, 
1860.  m.  Feb.  15,  1888,  Belle  Sophronia,  dau.  of  Charles  F.  Lewis 
(See),  b.  in  L.  June  20,  1869,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until 
1895.     Farmer.     Cong.     Republican.     Now  res.  in  Monroe. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Edith  Jennie,  b.  Jan.  31,  1891. 
ii.     Charles  Madison,  b.  April  18,  1893. 

•6.  Daniel  Cephas  Higgins,  son  of  Madison  ^,  b.  in  L.  Maj'  25, 1867. 
TO.  Jul}-  4,  1894,  Edith  Angle,  dau.  of  Charles  F.  Lewis  (See),  b.  in 
L.  June  26,  1870,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life.  Farmer. 
Republican.     Cong. 


i.     Nelson  D.,  b.  L.  Feb.  27,  1895. 


1.  Levi  Hildreth,  son  of  Isaac,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  April  2,  1775. 
m.  Jan.  24,  1798,  Maiy,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Farr  (See),  b.  in  Chester- 
field, March  15,  1782,  d.  in  L.  April  10,  1838,  Baptist.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1800  until  about  the  time  of  his  death,  when  he  visited  his  dau. 
Berenice  in  Thetford,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  Aug.  14,  1854.  Farmer. 
Baptist.     Whig.     Drum-major  of  Militia. 


i.     Mart,  b.  Ciiesterfield,  Aug.  12,  1798.     m.  Amos  Wallace  (See), 
ii.     Sally,  b.  Chesterfield,  July  15,  1800.     m.  Sept.  14,  1834,  Joim  Mooney, 

laborer.     She  d.  Lowell,  Mass.,  Oct.  14,  1857. 
iii.     Levi,  b.  L.  Nov.  26,  1801.     m.  June  6, 1827,  Diana  I.  Fletcher.     Clergy- 
man.    He  d.  L.  Dec.  25,  1833. 
iv.     Chauncey,  b.  L.  Sept.  18,  1803.     m.  Nov.  25, 1830,  Kezia  Edmands.     He 

d.  Newbury,  Vt.,  Dec.  17,  1891.     She  d.  April  20,  1872. 
V.     LuciNDA,  b.  L.  Jan.  28,  1806.     m.  James  Wright  Towne  (See). 
vi.     Chelsea,   b.    L.    Nov.   3,    1807.      m.   May   27,    1832,    Abigail   Carter. 

Maciiinist.     She  d.  Thetford,  Vt.,  Dec.  1861. 
vii.     Berenice,  b.  L.  Sept.  13,  1814.     m.  Sept.  14,  1834,  Samuel  A.  Trescott, 

farmer.     He  d.  Sept.  12,  1870.     She  d.  Thetford,  Vt.,  June  12,  1874. 
viii.     William  Marshall,  b.  L.  Oct.  29,  1819.     m.  Jan.  5, 1837.     He  d.  July 
2,  1839. 


2.  Leonard  B.  Hildreth,  son  of  Elkanah,  b.  in  Lisbon,  March  24, 
1820.  m.  Feb.  18,  1846,  Hannah  K.,  dau.  of  David  Young,  b.  in  Cole- 
brook,  Ma}^  14,  1828,  Free  Baptist.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1868  until 

260  Hildreth  —  Hill  —  Hilliker. 

he  (1.,  June   6,   1894.     Farmer.     Democrat.     Capt.  in   militia  about 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Lydiaette,  b.  Lisbon,  Jan.  10,  1847.     m.  Isaac  Calhoun  (See). 


1.  Samuel  Hill,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Harvard,  Mass.,  Feb.  9,  1794. 
m.  Hannah,  dau.  of  Ellas  Cheney,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  March  5,  1805, 
d.  in  L.  Dec.  19,  1875.  He  res.^in  L.  from  1837  until  he  d.,  March  29, 
1865.     Laborer. 


2.       i.     Gut  Winchester,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.,  April  20,  1823. 

ii.     Atlanta  M.,  b.  Sutton,  Vt.,  Sept.  10,  1826.     m.  Charles  Nurse  (See), 
iii.     Cykus  F.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  10,  1830.     m.  April  9,  1850,  Luthera 
T.  Nurse.     Overseer,     res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

2.  Guy  "Winchester  Hill,  son  of  SamneP,  b.  in  Kirb}',  Vt.,  April 
20,  1823.  m.  Jan.  28,  1848,  Hannah,  dau.  of  John  Sabin,  b.  in  Lis- 
bon, Aug.  18,  1831,  d.  in  Victory,  Vt.,  July  18,  1880,  Methodist.  She 
m.  second,  Lewis  Young.  Gu}-  res.  in  L.  from  1838  to  1862.  Laborer. 
Democrat.  Co.  B,  6th  N.  H.  Inf.  Private,  d.  in  College  Hospital, 
Washington,  D.  C,  Sept.  16,  1862. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Emma  F.,  b.  June  4,  1849.     m.   Sept.  22,  187G,  John  Kay,  machinist, 
res.  L. 

ii.     George  A.,  b.  Feb.  4.  18-51,  d.  L.  July  27,  1861. 

iii.     Charles  F.,  b.  May  SO,  1853,  d.  L.  Aug.  7,  1854. 

iv.     Edna  M.,  b.  May  24,  1855.     m.  1873,  Francis  E.Painchaud,  shoemaker. 

res.  Lebanon. 
V.     Ella  J.,  b.  Mav  24,  1855.    m.  1872,  Jesse  Tyler,  farmer.     He  d.  White- 
field,  1896. 

vi.     Frank  E.,b.  Aug.  2.3,  1857,  d.  L.  May  9,  1861. 

vii.     Harvey  W.,  b.  May  19,  1860,  d.  L.  Feb.  24,  1884. 


3.  Moses  Hill,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Jul}'  16,  1807. 
m.  Dec.  3,  1860,  Juliette,  dau.  of  Daniel  Aldrich  (See),  b.  in  L.  March 
2,  1836,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1860  until  about  the  time  he 
d.     Farmer.     Republican,     d.  in  Compton,  P.  Q.,  Oct.  23,  1871. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     George,  b.  June  10,  1862,  d.  L.  March  12,  1865. 
ii.     Moses  W.,  b.  Jan.  23,  1868,  d.  L.  July  18,  1887. 


1.  John  Daniel  Frazer  Hilliker,  son  of  John  Daniel  Frazer,  b.  in 
N.  Y.  City,  July  12,  1845.  m.  June,  1871,  Mary  Etta,  dau.  of  Isaac 
Pike,  b.  in  Haverhill,  May,  1853,  Metliodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1873.  Painter.  Democrat  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T.,  St. 
Gerard  Com. 


i.     Harry  Charles,  b.  Piper  City,  111.,  Feb.  1,  1872.     m.  Aug.  1891,  Ange- 

line  May  Dickey,     res.  L. 
ii.     Lola  Kay,  b.  L.  Jan.  5,  1877,  d.  L.  May,  1881. 

Hiyids.  261 


1.  James  Hinds,  eraij^rant  ancestor,  was  in  Salem,  Mass.,  as  earl}' 
as  1637,  when  he  was  admitted  a  freeman.  He  was  b}'  occupation 
a  cooper.  Soon  after  1650,  he  removed  to  Soiithold,  Long  Island, 
where  he  d.  1653.  His  widow  Mary  m.  second  Ralph  Dayton.  Eight 

2.  John  Hinds,  son  of  James  \  b.  in  Salem,  Aug.  28,  1639.  The 
record  of  his  first  marriage  is  not  found.  He  ra.  second  Feb.  9,  1682  3, 
Mary  Butler,  widow  of  James  Butler,  who  d.  in  Billerica,  Mass.,  March 
20,  1681.  He  lived  in  Woburn,  Lancaster,  Brookfield,  and  again  in 
Lancaster,  where  he  d.  March,  1720. 

3.  Jacob  Hinds,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  1685,  m.  in  Marlboro',  Mass.,  Dec. 
6,  1716,  Grace  Morse,  b.  Watertown,  Mass.,  June  7,  1694,  dan.  of 
Joseph  and  Grace  (Warren)  Morse.  About  1724,  he  removed  to 
Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  being  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  the  town.  In 
the  creation  of  new  towns,  the  homestead  was  included  in  Boylston, 
1780,  and  in  West  Boylston,  1808. 

4.  Benjamin  Hinds,  son  of  Jacob*,  b.  in  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  July  7, 
1725,  m.  Oct.  18,  1747,  Elizabeth  Temple,  b.  Aug.  22,  1722,  dau.  of 
Isaac  and  Elizabeth  (Holland)  Temple  of  Shrewsbury.  He  m.  second, 
July  1,  1766,  Tabitha  Holland,  b.  April  23,  1742,  dau.  of  Ephraim  and 
Thankful  (Howe)  Holland,  a  cousin  of  his  first  wife.  He  was  a  farmer 
in  Shrewsbury.  He  d.  in  Boylston,  by  change  of  town  lines,  Oct.  29, 
1794.     His  widow  d.  in  West  Boylston,  June  4,  1826. 

5.  Elisha  Hinds,  son  of  Benjamin  ^,  b.  in  Shrewsbury,  now  West 
Boj-lston,  Feb.  7,  1784.  He  m.  in  this  town,  Feb.  10,  1814,  Susannah 
Larned,  dau.  of  Samuel  Larned,  Jr.  (See).  He  grad.  from  Williams 
College  in  1805,  studied  law  in  Boston,  Mass.,  with  Christopher  Gore. 
Between  1808  and  1812,  with  his  older  brother  Abraham,  he  made  an 
extended  tour  of  the  United  States  on  horseback,  and  then  settled  in 
L.,  where  he  practised  law  until  1834,  when  he  moved  to  N.  Y.  City. 
Whig.  Selectman,  1814.  Treasurer,  1813-14.  Moderator,  1815-16- 
l7_18-28-9.  Appointed  Postmaster,  Feb.  8,  1820.  Again  appointed 
Postmaster  of  Glynville,  April  1,  1825.  He  d.  Jan.  2,  1854  (L,  Cen., 
p.  127). 


i.     Abram  Elisha,  b.  L.  Feb.  27,  1815,  d.  in  infancy, 
ii.     William  Larnkd,  b.  L.  Dec.  17,  1816. 
iii.     Ephraim,  b.  L.  May  3,  1819. 
iv.     Thankful  Howe  Tabitha  Hollaxd  Augusta,  b.  L.  May  3,  1822.    m. 

1848,  Samuel  Lyon,  painter  and  decorator.     She  d.  Baltimore,  Md., 

V.    Benjamin,  b.  April  2.3,  1824,  d.  in  infancy, 
vi.     Grace  Morse  Marlborough  Susanna,  b.  L.  July  7,  1826.     ra.  1848, 

Chauncv  Wbittelsey,  merchant,     res.  Topeka,  Kas. 
vii.     Hannah  D.  A.,  b.  L  Oct.  2,  1828.     Teacher,     res.  Hempstead,  N.  Y. 
viii.     Samuel,  b.  L.  April,  1881,  d.  in  infancy. 
ix.     Elisha,  b.  L.  .July  17,  1832.     Teacher.     Killed  in  1864  in  U.  S.  Navy. 
X.     Helen  A.,  b.  Hinsdale,  May  28,  1835,  d.  in  infancy. 
xi.     Ellen  Percy,  b.  Amherst,  Mass.,  July  18,  1839.    m.  1868,  Henry  Ruth, 

merchant,     res.  Topeka,  Kas.     She  d.  1897. 

262  Hinds  —  Hodge. 

6.  William  Larned  Hinds,  son  of  Elisha  ^,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  17,  1816, 
m.  in  Higbgate,  Vt.,  July  8,  1840,  Sarah  Pratt  Rixford,  b.  in  Win- 
cliester,  June  1,  1816,  dau.  of  Lutlier  and  Sarah  (Hawkins)  Rixford. 
He  was  associated  many  years  with  H.  B.  Claflin  &  Co.  of  New  York 
Citv,  and  now  resides  in  Higligate,  Vt. 

Ch.,  —  . 

i.     Sarah  Adelaid,  b.  VVincliester,  May  7,  1811,  d.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  July 

18,  1852. 
ii.    Josephine  Ella,  b.  Atliol,  Mass.,  Nov.  12,  1842,  d.  East  Higligate,  Vt., 

July  10,  1847. 
iii.    Jane  Louisk,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  Sept.  6.  1845,  d.  N.  Y.  City,  Sept.  6,  1846. 
iv.     Emma  Jane,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  Marcli  24,  1847,  d.  N.  Y.  City,  July  19,  1850. 
V.     Ida  Kathleen,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  Oct.  5,  1848.     Teaclier.    res.  N.  Y.  City, 
vi.     William  Eugene,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  Dec.  10,  1850.     Merchant,    res.  N.  Y. 

vii.    Fanny  Ldcina,  b.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  17,  1854,  d.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y., 

July  15,  18.5.5. 
viii.     Oscar    Luther,  b.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Nov.   10,  18.56.      Manufacturer. 

Representative  and  Senator  in  Vt.     res.  St.  Albans,  Vt. 
ix.     Clarence   Herbert,  b.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  15,  1857,  d.  Brooklyn, 

N.  Y.,  Feb.  20,  1858. 

7.  Ephraim  Hinds,  son  of  Elisha^,  b.  in  L.  May  3,  1819.  m.  Aug. 
21,  1849,  Catliarine  Maria,  dau.  of  Sylvester  Shepard,  b.  in  Pittsford, 
N.  Y.,  Dec.  10,  1832.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1834.  Teacher. 
Since  1859  has  been  principal  and  proprietor  of  Hempstead  Institute, 
N.  Y.  Previous  to  1859  he  was  principal  of  Blackwood  Academy, 
N.  J.  ;  Newburn  Academy,  Pa. ;  Tuscarora  Female  Seminary,  Pa. ; 
West  Jersey  Collegiate  Institute,  Mount  Holh',  N.  J. ;  and  Prest.  of 
the  Brvant  School,  Roslyn,  N.  Y. 

Ch.,"  — 

i.     Theodore,  b.  1850,  d.  young, 
ii.     Clara  Grace,  b.  May  13,  1852. 
iii.     Ada  T.,  b.  July  1,  1854.     unm.    res.  Hempstead. 

iv.     Arthur,  b.  Coldsprings-on-Hudson,  N.  Y.,  April  If),  1856.    m.  June  1.^, 

1883,  Helen  M.  Nasli,  b.  June  18,  1854,  dau.  Tiiomas  and  Lucinda 

(King)  Nash.     He  grad.  Westfield,  Mass.,  Normal  School.     Publisher 

of  scliool  books,  New  York  City. 

V.     Jesse  Evelyn,  b.  Aug.  23,  1864.     m.  June  8,  1887,  Henry  J.  Hayden. 

res.  Heading,  Penn. 
vi.     Lily  Morris,  b.  March  8,  1867.    ni.  Sept.  15,  1888,  George  Bruce  Cor- 

telyon,  res.  Washington,  D.  C. 
vii.     Lincoln  Shepard,  b.   Hempstead,  Aug.   23,   1871.      unm.      He  is  an 

instructor  at  Hempstead  Institute, 
viii.     Linda,  b.  Aug.  23,  1871.     d.  young. 
ix.     Ernest. 
X.     Albert. 


1.  Charles  Herbert  Hhjdge,  son  of  Wesley  B.,  b.  in  Landaff,  Nov. 
22,  1859.  m.  Sept.  14,  1880,  Marguerite  Al'ice,  dau.  of  John  King, 
b.  in  Canada,  Aug.  13,  1858,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886. 
Stone-cutter.  Free  Baptist.  Republican.  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.^  C.  P.,  L, 

Ch.,  b.  in  St.  Johnsbiny,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Gilbert  Warren,  b.  Oct.  6,  1881. 
ii.  'Vienna  Marguerite,  b.  Aug.  3,  1883. 

Hodgman.  2G3 


1.  Thomas  Hodgman,  m.  in  1663,  Maiy  Morrall.  He  d.  in  Reading, 
Mass.,  in  1729. 

2.  JosiAH  Hodgman,  son  of  Thomas^,  b.  in  1669.  m.  in  1691, 
Elizabeth .     He  d.  in  Reading,  Mass.,  Mavch  "24,  1749. 

3.  Thomas  Hodgman,  son  of  Josiaii'^,  b.  Feb.  18,  1693.  m.  in  1714, 
Abigail  Gary. 

4.  Ben.jamin  Hodgman,  son  of  Thomas '',  b.  Dec.  18,  1722.  res.  in 
Reading,  Mass. 

5.  Benjamin  Hodgman,  son  of  Benjamin'',  m.  Ma}-  26,  1767,  Eliza- 
beth Merriam.     He  res.  Concord,  Mass. 

6.  Oliver  Hodgman,  son  of  Benjamin  ^,  b.  in  Ashbv,  Mass.,  June 
12,  1773,  m.  June  3,  1799,  Pamela  Thompson,  b.  April  25,  1777,  d. 
Jan.  20,  1829.     He  d.  June  23,  1816. 

7.  Francis  Hodgman,  son  of  Oliver  ^  b.  in  Stoddard,  Dec.  20,  1808. 
m.  Dec.  16,  1834,  Mary  Burns  Fletcher,  b.  in  Amherst,  Dec.  10,  1814, 
dau.  of  Samuel  and  Susannah  G.  (Patterson)  Fletcher,  d.  in  L.  Feb. 
25,  1867.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1832  until  he  d.,  July  1,  1864.  Jeweller 
and  apothecary.  Town  clerk,  1846-7-8-9-50-1.  Representative, 
1852.     Fire  ward,  1841-3-5-6-7-8,      Whig.   J.  P.     I.  O.  O,  F„  N.  G. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

8.  i.     Charles,  b.  Jan.  24,  1836. 

9.  ii.     Francis,  b.  Jan.  16,  1840. 

8.  Charles  Hodgman,  son  of  Francis",  b.  in  L.  Jan.  24,  1836,  m. 
Feb.  27,  1861,  Sarah  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Samuel  Taylor,  b.  in  Spring- 
field, Vt,,  Jan.  31,  1839,  d.  in  L.  Jan.  9,  1892,  Episcopal.  He  res.  in 
L.  all  his  life.     Jeweller.     Republican,     J,  P.     d.  in  L.  Oct,  12,  1895. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Samuel  Willard,  b.  Jan.  21,  1868.     unra.      He  served  in  war  with 
Spain,  and  is  now  in  the  Philippine  army. 

10.  ii.     Herbert  Clyde,  b.  Jan.  6,  1867. 

iii.  Carrie  Louisa,  b.  Feb.  10,  1874.  m.  June  23,  1897,  Moreton  A.  Durkee. 
res.  Medford,  Mass. 

iv.  Burns  Plummer,  b.  Dec.  30,  1875.  iinm.  res.  L.  prad.  Boston  Law 
School.  1898  ;  admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Concord,  July,  1898.  With  Bing- 
ham, Mitchell  &  Batchellor.  Oct.  1899,  he  was  appointed  Assistant 
Clerk  of  U.  S.  Dist.  Court,  and  appointed  Clerk,  Aug.  29,  1900. 

9.  Francis  Fletcher  Hodgman,  son  of  Francis  ^  b.  in  L.  Jan.  16, 
1840.  ra.  Sept.  22,  1863,  Luella,  dau.  of  Elijah  Sabin  Woolson  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Sept.  22,  1841,  Episcopal.  He  res,  in  L,  from  birth  until  1875. 
Druggist.  Republican.  First  treasurer  of  L.  Musical  Association 
1870-5  inc.     He  d,  Phila.,  Pa.,  March  4,  1876. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Fred  Clark,  b.  Dec.  14,  1864.     m.  Jan.  26,  1893,  Clara  Bell  Brown. 

Machinist,     res.  Providence.  71.  I.  ^  -r. 

ii.     Eleanor  Emily,  b.  Dec.  19,  1868.   m.  May  3,  1892,  John  Lyman  Porter, 
banker,     res.  N.  Y. 

26-1  Hodgman  —  Hoffman  —  Holland. 

10.  Herbert  Clyde  Hodgman,  son  of  Charles  ^,  b,  in  L.  Jan.  6,  1867. 
m.  Aug.  9,  1893,  Jennie  R.,  dau.  of  Rocaneous  Brown,  b.  in  T3'ngsboro', 
Mass.     He  has  res.  in  L.  nearly  all  his  life.     Jeweller.     Episcopal. 


i.     Hazel  S.  E.,  b.  Tyngsboro',  Mass.,  May  14,  1894. 


1.  Henry  Hoffman,  b.  in  Germany,  emigrated  to  America  from 
Hesse  Cassel,  and  on  his  way  across  the  ocean  m.  Elenor  Connor.  Rev. 
soldier.  His  name  is  on  the  soldiers'  monument  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  where 
he  d. 

2.  James  B.  Hoffman,  son  of  Henry  \  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.  m.  Lucy 
Rice,  who  came  from  R.  I.     He  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.     Twelve  ch. 

3.  William  Hoffman,  son  of  James  B.^,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  May  11, 
1810.     m.  Nancy  Louisa  Fletcher.     He  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Aug.  1892. 

4.  John  Henry  Hoffman,  son  of  William  ^,  b.  in  L3'ndon,  Vt.,  June 
10,  1847.  m.  Aug.  13,  1876,  Elena  Lurette,  dau.  of"^  William  P.  Gor- 
don, b.  in  New  Hampton,  8ept.  19,  1849,  Cong.  He  was  educated  in 
Newbury,  Vt.,  Seminary,  New  Hampton  Institution,  and  Bates  Coll., 
Lewistou,  Me.,  and  commenced  the  study  of  tlieology  in  1874,  attending 
the  schools  at  Andover,  Mass.,  and  Bangor,  Me.,  grad.  from  tlie  latter 
in  1877.  He  was  ordained  a  Cong,  clergyman  in  Henniker,  Aug.  1877, 
where  he  was  located  seven  years.  His  subsequent  charges  have  been  : 
Shelburne  Falls,  Mass.,  five  years;  Peterboro',  four  years;  Kearney, 
Neb.,  one  year;  L.,  from  Sept.  30,  1894,  to  1898.  He  has  retired  from 
the  ministry,  and  res.  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  His  published  religious 
works  are  :  a  review  of  "  The  Foundation  of  Death,"  Slielburne  Falls, 
Mass.,  1884,  and  "Farewell  Sermon,"  at  the  same  place,  1889.  Other 
published  articles  are:  "Religious  History  of  Lyndon,  Vt.,"  at  the 
town  Centennial,  July  4,  1891  ;  several  series  of  newspaper  articles  on 
"  The  West."  Official  positions  held  are  :  Prest.  of  Evangelical  Alli- 
ance, and  local  union  of  Christian  Endeavor  Society  of  Contoocook 
Valley ;  Prest.  of  Franklin  Co.,  Mass.,  local  union  of  Christian  En- 
deavor ;  Prest.  of  local  union  of  Christian  Endeavor  of  Kearney,  Neb. 
Co.  A,  Cavalry,  N.  H.  N.  G.,  1889-90-1.     I.  0.  G.  T. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Henniker, — 

i.     Cathelena  v.,  b.  June  25,  1879.     m.  Herbert  R.  Blodgett  (See), 
ii.    John  William,  b.  Aug.  24,  1883. 


1.  George  Holland,  son  of  George,  b.  in  Canada,  June  7,  1855. 
m.  Nov.  24,  1874,  Jennie,  dau.  of  Walter  Remick,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
Sept.  29,  1857.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1893.     Laborer. 


i.     Berenice,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  July  14,  1876. 
ii.     Ida,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  April  8,  1878. 

Holman  —  Holmes.  265 


1.  Sullivan  Holman,  son  of  Calvin,  b.  in  Hopkinton,  June  13,  1820. 
m.  first,  Oct.  8,  1840,  Asenath  Stevens.  She  d.  Jan.  21,  1865.  m. 
second,  April  15,  1868,  Harriet  F.  A_yer.  He  was  educated  in  tlie 
common  scliools,  and  the  academies  in  Hopkinton,  Holliston,  Soiitli 
Newmarket,  and  Wilbraham.  While  laboring  in  Boston,  Mass.,  he 
was  converted  in  the  Church  Street  M.  E.  Church,  Oct.  1835.  June 
15,  1838,  he  was  given  a  local  preacher's  license.  He  was  ordained 
Deacon  in  1843,  and  May  13,  1869,  was  ordained  Elder.  His  appoint- 
ments have  been  :  North  Charlestown,  1843  ;  Cornish,  1844-5  ;  War- 
ren, 1846-7  ;  Flvmontli,  1848-9  ;  Littleton,  1850-1,  when  the  present 
M.  E.  Church  was  built;  Newport,  1852-3;  Rochester,  1854;  Ports- 
mouth, 1855-6  ;  Great  P'alls  (High  Street),  1857-8  ;  Nashua  (Chestnut 
Street),  1859-60;  Lawrence,  Mass.  (Haverhill  Street),  1861-2;  Ports- 
mouth, 1863-4  ;  Sanbornton  Bridge,  1865  ;  Concord.  1866  ;  Chaplain 
N.  H.  State  Prison,  1867-8-9.  From  1870  to  1877  he  was  in  the  Vt. 
and  Kas.  Conferences.  In  1877  he  returned  and  was  Chaplain  of  N.  H. 
State  Prison  until  1883.  He  was  appointed  to  Lowell  and  Dracut, 
1887;  Lowell  (Centralville),  1888-91;  Hudson,  1892-3,  which  ended 
his  active  labors.  He  d.  in  Nashua,  April  16,  1896.  He  had  one  son 
bv  wife  Asenath,  who  d.  in  youth,  and  two  children  by  wife  Harriet,  who 
d"  young.  (Conference  Journal,  1897  ;  L.  Cen.pp.  92,  194  ;  L.  Courier, 
April  29,  1896.) 


2.  Edwin  C.  Holman,  son  of  Oilman  C,  b.  in  Lockeford,  Cal.,  Ma}' 
31,  1858.  m.  June  6,  1883,  Helen  Elizabeth  Gordon.  He  was  a  stu- 
dent at  Appleton  Academy,  New  Ipswich,  and  Dartmouth  Coll.,  and 
grad.  at  Andover  Theo.  Seminary,  1883.  He  was  ordained  a  Cong, 
clergyman  at  Middletown,  Conn.,  Oct.  23,  1883.  He  has  been  located 
in  the  ministrv  at  Middletown,  Conn.,  one  .year;  L.  1885-6;  Haver- 
hill, Mass.,  Centre  Church,  1886-92.  His  latest  pastoral  labor  was  in 
Iowa.  His  published  works  include  :  "  Mingled  Light  and  Darkness," 
in  Golden  Rule,  Vol.  9,  No.  33;  "The  Need  of  Trust,"  in  Christian 
Union,  Vol.  28,  No.  33;  "The  Doctrine  of  Perfection,"  in  Golden 
Rule,  Vol.  9,  No.  52;  and  "Philosophy  and  Revelation,"  in  Golden 
Rule,  Vol.  7,  No.  34. 


i.     George  Gordon. 
ii.     Bertha  Viett. 


1.  Ariel  Holmes,  son  of  Asa,  b.  in  Dalton,  March  6,  1810.  ra. 
Feb.  15,  1842,  Esther  Dort,  dau.  of  Isaac  Smith  (See),  b.  in  Browing- 
ton,  Vt.,  Jan.  30,  1820.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1843  until  he  d.,  Sept.  23, 
1889.     Lumber-dealer.     Republican. 


Elizabeth  K.,  b.  Nov.  24,  1849.    m.  Charles  Parker  (See). 

266  Holmes  —  Hopkinson. 


2.  Jesse  Christie  Holmes,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Waterville,  Vt., 
April  2,  1823.  He  m.  Marcli  12,  1855,  Laura  Maria  (Dexter)  Clark, 
b.  in  Lisbon,  March  26,  1834,  dau.  of  Daniel  Dexter.  She  m.  first, 
Edwin  Clark.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  until  he  d.,  Feb.  8,  1897.  Rail- 
road employe.     Republican.     Town  clerk,  1853. 

Ch., — 

i.     Ella  Ardell,  b.  Lisbon,  May  7,  1853,  dau.  of  Edwin  and  Laura  Maria 

(Dexter)  Clark,     m.  May  23,  1878,  Charles  H.  Joslin.     res.  Boston, 
ii.     Frank  Moody,  b.  L.  April  23,  1857,  d.  April  13, 1877. 
iii.     Gkorgb  Amos,  b.  L.  Aug.  2,  1859.     m.  May  10,  1887,  Nellie  Hickey. 
He  d.  Franklin,  June  10,  1895. 


1.  Michael  Hopkinson  came  to  New  England  about  1635.  He  lived 
a  short  time  in  Boston  and  settled  in  Rowle^',  Mass.,  1639.  He  was 
admitted  to  the  First  Church  in  Boston,  Feb.  6,  1638,  and  dismissed  to 
"ye  gathering  of  a  church  at  Rowley,"  Nov.  24,  1639.  Freeman,  May 
13,  1640.  His  wife  was  Ann,  and  he  was  married  previous  to  settle- 
ment in  Rowley.  They  had  sons,  —  Jonathan,  Jeremiah,  John,  and 
Caleb.  He  d.  1649,  and  his  widow  m.  second,  JohuTrumble.  m.  third, 
1659,  Richard  Swan.     She  d.  1678. 

2.  John  Hopkinson,  son  of  Michael^  b.  in  Rowley,  Feb.  7,  1646/7. 
m.  June  8,  1670,  P^lizabeth  Pearson,  b.  in  Rowley,  Oct.  17,  1646,  dau. 
of  Deacon  John  Pearson.  They  had  sons,  —  John  and  Jeremiah.  He 
d.  May  29,  1704. 

3.  John  Hopkinson,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  Rowley,  Ma}'  30,  by  town 
records,  but  he  was  baptized  April  3,  1692.  m.  Feb.  12,  1712/3,  Mary 
Wheeler,  b.  Feb.  9,  1694/5,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Mary  Wheeler.  He 
lived  in  Byfield  Parish,  Rowie}',  Mass. 

4.  Jonathan  Hopkinson,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Rowle}',  Mass.,  Feb. 
10,  1716/7,  removed  to  Bradford,  Mass.,  where  he  m.  (date  omitted  in 
the  record)  Margaret  Burbank,  of  Bradford.  He  lived  in  Pelliam,  1752 
to  1761,  and  removed  to  Rindge,  1761  or  1762.  He  lived  in  Rindge  and 
in  the  adjoining  town  of  Jaffrey  ten  years.  The  Rindge  records  repre- 
sent that  he  was  a  serviceable  man,  being  frequently  named  on  com- 
mittees. He  owned  200  acres  in  the  southeast  corner  of  JafFre}-, 
adjoining  Rindge,  and  there  he  erected  a  mansion  house  and  two  mills, 
wliich  he  sold,  1768,  to  Ephraim  Hunt.  These  mills  were  on  the  site 
of  mill  and  box-factory  of  the  Annett  Manufacturing  Company.  In 
1769  and  1770  he  sold  his  remaining  land  in  Rindge  and  in  Jaffrev. 
In  the  autumn  of  1772,  or  the  earlj'  spring  of  1773,  he  came  to  this 
town  and  settled  at  North  Littleton.  His  advent  here  was  a  substantial 
addition  to  the  infant  settlement.  It  will  be  noted  that  he  and  his  four 
sons  were  in  the  arm}-  nearly  a  year  at  the  same  time,  and  all  in  the 
same  company.  He  served  eleven  months  and  twenty-four  days  from 
April  7,  1778,  in  Capt.  Luther  Richardson's  compan}-,  Col.  Bedel's  Regi- 
ment.    About  1784,  he  removed  to  Upper  Cohas. 

Hopkinson  —  Hoskins.  267 


i.  JoxATHAN,  b.  Bradford,  Mass.,  May  17,  1743.  Came  to  this  town  1773. 
He  was  a  Corporal  in  Capt.  Thomas  Simpson's  Company  of  Rangers 
from  Oct.  1  to  Dec.  2,  1776;  Corporal  in  Capt.  Nehemiah  Lovewell's 
Company  from  Feb.  14  to  March  30,  1778.  Sergeant  in  Capt.  Rich- 
ardson's Company,  Bedel's  Regiment,  eleven  months  and  twenty- 
seven  days,  from  April  4,  1778.  If  he  was  married,  which  is  probable, 
no  record  of  his  family  is  found. 

ii.     Mary,  b.  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Feb.  27,  1745. 

5.  iii.     David,  b.  Sept.  1,  1751. 

iv.     John,  b. .    He  served  in  Capt.  Richardson's  Company,  Bedel's  Regi- 
ment, eleven  months  and  twenty-three  days,  from  April  8,  1778. 
V.     Martha,  b.  Pelhani,  Aug.  31,  175G. 

6.  vi.     Caleb,  b.  Pelliam,  April  14,  1759. 

5.  David  Hopkinson,  son  of  Jonathan  *,  b.  Sept.  1,  1751.  m.  Sarah 
Kenned}'.  Lived  in  this  town  1773  to  1780.  He  served  one  month 
and  twent}'  da^'S,  1776,  in  Capt.  Josiah  Eussell's  Company  of  Rangers  ; 
from  Jan.  26  to  March  1,  1778,  in  Capt.  Nehemiah  Lovewell's  Com- 
pan}-,  and  from  April  7,  1778,  eleven  months  and  twenty-four  days  in 
Capt.  Luther  Richardson's  Company,  Col.  Bedel's  Regiment.  In  1780 
he  settled  in  Guildhall,  Vt.,  near  the  line  of  Lunenburg.  It  was  sup- 
posed for  a  time  that  his  farm  was  in  Lunenburg,  and  he  attended  town 
meetings,  and  was  elected  to  office  in  that  tQwn.  After  the  adjustment 
of  the  boundaries  of  these  towns  in  1785,  he  found  himself  a  citizen  of 
Guildhall.  He  was  town  clerk  and  lister  of  Lunenburg,  1781  ;  Chief 
Justice  of  Essex  County,  1812  and  1815,  and  at  all  times  a  promi- 
nent factor  in  the  oublic  affairs  of  Guildhall.     He  d.  1830. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Joshua,  b.  L.  1773.  m.  in  Lancaster,  Sept.  1,  1799,  Polly  (Monroe) 
Rosebrook,  b.  1775,  d.  18-36,  widow  of  Jonathan  Rosebrook.  He  lived 
in  Guildhall,  Vt.,  where  he  d.,  1839,  leaving  two  ciiildren. 

ii.  David,  b.  L.  1775.  m.  Dorcas  Hugli,  b.  1780,  d.  1863,  dau.  of  John  and 
Anna  (Harriman)  Hugh,  of  Guildhall,  Vt.  He  was  an  inn-holder  in 
Derby,  Vt.,  1802-1818.  He  returned  to  Guildhall,  where  he  d.,  1837. 
Representative,  1821,  '24,  '26,  '29.     Nine  ch. 

iii.     Henry,  b.  L.  1777,  removed  to  Illinois. 

ir.    John,  b.  Guildliall,  Vt.,  1779,  d.  young. 

V.     Sally,  b.  Guildliall,  1783. 

vi.     Isaac,  b.  Guildhall,  1785,  d.  at  sea. 

vii.     NoYES,  b.  Guildhall,  1788,  a  prominent  citizen  of  Derby,  Vt.     Town 

officer,  representative,  delegate  to  Constitutional  Conventions, 
viii.     Polly,  b.  Guildhall,  1792,  d.  young. 

ix.     Polly,  b.  Guildhall,  1795. 

X.     Francis,  b.  Guildhall,  1796,  d.  July  31,  1817. 

6.  Caleb  Hopkinson,  son  of  Jonathan*,  b.  in  Pelham,  April  14, 
1759.  m.  in  L.  Peggy  Williams,  dau.  of  Peleg  Williams  (See).  He 
served  eleven  months  and  twenty-four  days  from  April  7,  1778,  in  Capt. 
Richardson's  Company,  Bedel's  Regiment.  He  was  selectman,  1788, 
and  removed  that  year  or  immediately  after  to  Canada,  where  his  de- 
scendants are  numerous  in  the  Eastern  townships. 


1.  Nehemiah  Hoskins,  d.  in  Taunton,  Mass.  His  widow,  Mary, 
came  to  L.  with  Elkanah  '\  her  son,  where  she  d.,  April,  1810,  aged  93 













268  RosJcins. 

2.  Elkanaii  Hoskins,  son  of  Nehemiah  \  b.  in  Taunton,  Mass., 
Sept.  11,  1741.  m.  Mindwell  Barney,  b.  in  Taunton,  Mass.,  Oct.  21, 
1746,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  1832.  He  res.  in  L.  from  May  22,  1796,  until  lie  d., 
Sept.  28,  1805.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1799.  Served  in  the  French 
and  Indian  War.  Rev.  soldier.  Sergt.  in  Capt.  Edward  Blake's  Co., 
Col.  George  Williams'  Regt.  Enlisted  Dec.  8,  1776,  served  25  days. 
Also  was  engaged  in  Shavs's  Rebellion. 


i.     Elkanah,  b.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Aug.  14,  1706,  d.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Sept. 

26,  1766. 
ii.     Elivanah,  b.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Oct.  21,  1707.     m.  Lydia  Morse.     Farmer, 
d.  Dana,  Mass. 
3.     iii.     Barney,  b.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Sept.  4,  1709. 

iv.     Mindwell,  b.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Aug.  13,  1771.     m.  Matthew  Bartlett, 

farmer.     She  d.  Lyman,  Oct.  20,  1870. 
V.     Olive,  b.  Taunton,  Mass..  Nov.  25,  1773.     m.  Elias  Gates,  farmer, 
vi.     Sybil,  b.  Taunton,  Mass.,  Nov.  5,  1776.     ni.  Caleb  Chamberlain,  farmer. 
David,  b.  Petersham,  Mass.,  Aug.  .30,  1778. 
Sally,    b.    Petersham,    Mass.,  Marcli  21,   1780.      m.  Jonatlian  Rowell 

Luther,  b.  Petersham,  Mass.,  March  23,  1782. 
Lyman,  b.  Westmoreland,  March  2,  1784. 

Anna,  b.  Petersham,  Mass  ,  March  21.  1786.     ni.  Isaac  Parker  (See). 
Nehemiah,  b.  Petersliam,  Mass  ,  March  12,  1789. 
Salmon,  b.  Petersham,  Mass.,  Aug.  14, 1790. 

3.  Barney  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah^,  b.  in  Taunton,  Mass.,  Sept. 
4,  1769.  pub.  Jan.  19,  1799,  Miriam  Ayer  Wlieeler,  d.  in  Ohio,  Cong. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1798  until  about  1818.  Farmer.  Cong.  Select- 
man, 1804-5,  d.  in  Ohio. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Shepherd,  b.  Feb.  22,  1800,  d.  Landaff,  April  8,  1819. 

11.  Carley,  b.  Sept.  28,  1801. 

iii.  Jubel,  b.  Dec.  7,  1802. 

iv.  Leonard,  b.  April  20,  1804. 

V.  Elkanah,  b.  Dec.  1,  1805. 

vi.  Eunice  Lord,  b.  July  19,  1807. 

vii.  Ariel,  b.  March  9,  1809. 

viii.  Maria,  b.  May  22,  1811.     m. Standish.     res.  111. 

ix.  Moses,  b.  Marcli  18,  1813. 

X.  Barney,  b.  March  26,  1817. 

4.  David  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah  ^,  b.  in  Petersham,  Mass.,  Aug. 
30,  1778.  pub,  Oct.  5,  1807,  Persis,  dan.  of  John  Stanford,  b.  Jan. 
16,  1783,  d.  in  Lyman,  March  3,  1865.  He  res.  in  L.  from  May  22, 
1798,  until  about  1839.  P\trmer.  Cong.  Whig.  d.  in  Lvman,  Jul^^ 
26,  1859. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Albert,  b.   Sept.  12,   1808.     m.  July  27,  1849,  Laiira  J.  Gould.     Me- 

clianic.     He  d.  Sept.  1,  1891.     Siie  d.  Oct.  13,  1865. 
ii.     Sulvender,  b.  May  8,  1811.     unni.     d.  Lyman,  June  21,  1895. 
iii.     KosANNA,  b.  Sept.  19,  1812.     m.  Cliarles  Cliamberlain,  July  15,  1838, 

farmer.     She  d.  June  3,  1891.     He  d.  Aug.  17,  1878. 
iv.     Persis,  b.  Sept.  23,  1815.     m.  March  19,  1844,  Alden  Moulton  Miner, 

farmer.     She  d   Lyman,  Dec.  24,  1891.     He  d  July  23,  1893. 
V.     David,  b.  Feb.  21,  1819.     m.  March  18, 1847,  Angeline  Knapp.     Farmer. 

He  d.  Lyman,  xMarch  28,  1864. 
vi.     SHEPARD,b.  Sept.  11,  1820.    m.  May  13, 1851,  Lydia  H.  Fuller.    Farmer. 

d.  Des  Moines,  Iowa,  Dec.  16,  1883. 
vii.     Syrena,  b.  Sept.  7,  1822.     ni.  Nov.  7,  1849,  Edmund  L.  Underwood, 
mechanic.     Slie  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  March  7,  1884.     He  d.  Aug. 
14,  1883. 

Hoshins.  269 

5.  Luther  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah  ^,  b.  in  Petersham,  Mass., 
March  23,  1782.  pub.  March  14,  1809,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Henry  Crooks 
(See),  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  March  12,  1786,  d.  in  Lyman,  Oct. 
30,  1824.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1798  to  1817.  Farmer.  Cong.  Whig. 
Selectman,  1815-16.     d.  in  Lyman,  Oct.  31,  1879. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Olive,  b.  L.  Sept.  17,  1812.  in.  Leonard  Parker,  farmer.  Hed.  Lyman, 
Aug.,  1877.     She  d.  Warner,  Sept.,  1885. 

ii.  Phyla,  b.  L.  Nov.  29.  1814.  in.  George  Foster,  farmer.  He  d.  Lisbon, 
Jan.,  1885.     She  d.  Lyman,  June,  1895. 

iii.     Marcy  G.,  b.  Lyman,  Dec.  11, 1817.     ni.  first,  Samuel  Gibson,  d.  White- 
field,     m.  second,  Sept.  19,  1850,  Roby  C.  Towne  (See). 
9.      iv.     Luther  B.,  b.  Lyman,  Feb.  16,  1822. 

V.  Hannah  H.,  b.  Lyman,  Aug.  3,  1824.  m.  Aug.  11,  1850,  Gabriel  G. 
Moulton  (See). 

6.  Lyman  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah  ^,  b.  in  Westmoreland,  March  2, 
1784.  pub.  Nov.  1806,  Rachel,  dau.  of  John  Millen,  b.  in  New  Bos- 
ton, Nov.  28,  1786,  d.  in  Stratford,  Dec.  28,  1849.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1798  to  1808.  Farmer.  Cong.  Whis.  d.  in  Stratford,  July  13, 
1862.      , 

Ch.,  all  but  Lj-man  b.  in  Lyman,  — 

10.       i.     Lyman,  b.  L.  Nov.  26,  1807. 

ii.     MiNDWELL,  b.  Sept.  22,   1809.     m.  Jedediah  Buffiim,   farmer.     He  d. 

Monroe,  Sept.  8,  1876.     Slied.  Monroe,  Oct.  25,  1882. 
iii.     William,  b.  April  11,  1812,  d.  Calais,  Me. 
iv.     FiDELLA,  b.  April    7,    1814.     m.    Hiram    Clough,    blacksmith.     He  d. 

V.     John,  b.  July  20,  1816.     m.  Susan  Page.     Farmer.     He  d.  Groveton, 

May  26,  1869. 
vi.     Salmon,  b.  Jan.  30,  1822.      m.   Jemima    Bowman.     Farmer.     She  d. 

Stratford,  Aug.  2,  1889. 
vii.     Isabenda,  b.  July  12, 1824.    m.  .Joel  Clough,  blacksmith,    res.  Stratford, 
viii.     Nehemiah,  b.  March  30,  1827,  farmer,     res.  Stratford. 

7.  Nehemiah  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah-,  b.  in  Petersham,  Mass., 
March  12,  1789.  m.  Nov.  7,  1811,  Persis,  dau.  of  John  Nurse  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Feb.  7,  1792,  d.  in  Bath,  Jan.  16,  1854.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1798  to  1828.     Farmer,     d.  in  Bath,  July  6,  1856.     No  ch. 

8.  Salmon  Hoskins,  son  of  Elkanah -,  b.  in  Petersham,  Mass.,  Aug. 
14,  1790.  m.  March  1,  1827,  Thyrza,  dau.  of  Samuel  Parker,  b.  in 
Lyman,  Dec.  26,  1792,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  21,  1876.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1796  until  he  d.,  Dec.  22,  1880.  Shoemaker  and  farmer.  Republican. 
No  ch. 

9.  Luther  Barney  Hoskins,  son  of  Luther^,  b.  in  Lyman,  Feb.  16, 
1822.  m.  March  22,  1843,  Lucy  M.  Walker,  b.  in  Lyman,  March  9, 
1822,  dau.  of  Moses  Walker.  Farmer,  res.  in  Lyman.  Town  officer 
many  years;  representative,  1864-5.  Executive  Councillor  Fifth  Dist. 
186G;' Colonel  on  staff  of  Gov.  Stearns,  1869-70  ;  member  of  Board  of 
Agriculture.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Lyman, — 

i.  Seth  Fisher,  b.  March  21,  1844.  ra.  1871,  Martha  E.  Stevens,  b. 
Hardwick,  Vt.,  1841,  dau.  of  Joshua  Stevens,  res.  Lisbon ;  repre- 
sentative, 1899-1900.  They  have  two  sons:  Carl  S.  and  Neal  L., 
both  graduates  Dart.  Coll. 

270  Hoslchu  —  Homier  —  Houle. 

ii.  Florette  H.,  b.  June  12,  1845.  m.  Sept.  1,  1868,  Carlos  G.  Young, 
merchant,  Ft.  Howard,  Wis.     She  d.  June  27,  1869. 

iii.  E.  Barney,  b.  Feb.  26,  1852.  unin.  grad.  Penn.  College  Dental  Sur- 
gery, 1878.  He  has  practised  his  profession  in  Foxboro'  and  Boston, 
Mass.,  and  in  Manchester  and  Littleton.  He  is  now  a  resident  of,  and 
professionally  employed  at,  Lisbon. 

10.  Ltman  Hoskins,  son  of  Lyman  ^  b.  in  L.  Nov.  26,  1807.  m. 
Aug.  7,  1836,  Bethany-,  dau.  of  Matthew  Bartlett,  b.  in  Winchester, 
March  29,  1811.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1858.  Farmer.  Repub- 
lican,    cl.  in  Lyman,  March  16,  1889. 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Rhoda  D.,  b.  Lyman,  March  6,  1838.     unm.     res.  Lyman, 
ii.     Eli  Flint,  b.  L.  Sept.  27,  1843.     unm.     res.  Lyman. 


1.  Jefferson  Hosmer,  son  of  Josiah,  b.  in  Templeton,  Mass.,  March 
23,  1801.  m.  May  31,  1827,  Lois,  dau.  of  Nathan  Pike,  b.  in  Water- 
ford,  Vt.,  May  19,  1808,  d.  in  L.  March  18,  1893.  He  res.  in  L.  in 
youth,  and  from  1858  until  he  d.,  March  13,  1878.  Hotel-keeper  and 

i.  Alhera  Maria,  b.  L.  March  27,  1828.  m.  Nov.  1,  1849,  Milo  Kent 
Parks,  merchant.  He  d.  Jan.  29,  1890.  She  d.  L.  May  3,  1862.  They 
had  five  ch.  Isabel  Merial  is  the  only  one  living. 
ii.  Madison  Pike,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Jan.  20,  1830,  d.  Aug.  5,  1830. 
iii.  Luther  Pike,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  16,  1831.  m.  Merial  Howe 
Darling.  Merchant,  res.  Boston,  Mass.  They  had  two  ch.  George 
Milo  is  the  only  one  living. 


1.  Cleophas  Houle,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Canada,  in  1845.  m. 
Feb.  7,  1868,  Julia,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lamere,  b.  in  Canada,  March  25, 
1847,  Roman  Catholic.  She  m.  second,  Raome  Gentiss.  Cleophas 
res.  in  L.  from  1878  until  he  d.,  Nov.  23,  1880.  Glover.  Roman 

Ch.,  b.  in  Stake  Centre,  P.  Q.,  — 

i.    Joseph,  b.  Dec.  26,  1870.     unm.     res.  L. 
ii.     Emery,  b.  March  31,  1876.     unm.     res.  L. 
iii.     Eugene,  b.  Aug.  23,  1877. 


2.  George  Houle,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Canada,  July  6,  1864.  m. 
April  20,  1890,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Lamb,  b.  in  Canada,  Dec.  23, 
1862,  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Barber.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Mart  Ann  Georgia,  b.  Jan.  18,  1891. 

ii.  Joseph  Oliver,  b.  Feb.  9,  1892. 

iii.  Emile,  b.  May  10,  1893. 

iv,  Elma  Wilhelmina,  b.  June  20,  1896. 

Hoivard  —  Howe  —  Howland.  271 


1.    Jasper  Howard,  b.  in  1794.     m.  Marv,  dfiu.  of  Robert  Charlton 
(See),  b.  in  L.  May  19,  1799,  d.  in  L.  Feb^  24,   1868.     She  m.  first, 

Powers.     Jasper  res.  in  L.  from  1845  until  he  d.,  Nov.  29,  1872. 

Farmer.     Selectman,  1852. 


2.  Charles  Monroe  Howard,  son  of  Mellen,  b.  in  Union,  Conn., 
Feb.  2,  1860.  m.  June  15,  1886,  Mabel,  dau.  of  Jacob  T.  Bickford,  b.  in 
Soraersworth,  April  3,  1859.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1894.  He  was 
educated  in  Phillips  Exeter  Acadera}',  and  attended  Boston  University 
School  of  Theology  from  1883  to  1886.  He  was  ordained  Deacon  in 
1888,  and  Elder  of  the  M.  E.  Cluirch  in  1890.  He  was  located  at 
Raymond  from  1886  to  1890;  Hampton,  1890  to  1891;  Woodsville, 
1891  to  1894;  L.,  1894  to  1898;  Bethlehem,  since  1899. 


i.     Arthur  Bickford,  b.  Raymond,  March  27,  1887. 
ii.     Homer  Stanley,  b.  Hampton,  Sept.  '12, 1890. 


1.  Harry  Fulton  Howe,  son  of  Timothy,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Nov.  24, 
1865.  ra.  March  26,  1887,  Mary  Eliza,  dau.  of  Grosvenor  Isaac  Drown, 
b.  in  Barton,  Vt.,  June  18,  1865,  Christian  Science.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1887.  Jeweller.  Republican.  Christian  Science.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     K.  P.     No  ch. 


1.  ^YASHINGT0N  Wheeler  Howland,  son  of  Jeremy,  b.  in  Lisbon, 
May  6,  1821.  m.  first,  Jan.  10,  1846,  Lydia  A.  Sawyer,  b.  in  Bethle- 
hem, March  14,  1826,  d.  in  L.  March  21,  1863.  m.  second,  June  26, 
1864,  Laura  A.,  dau.  of  Thomas  AVhite,  b.  in  Campton,  Jan.  8,  1840, 
Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1856  until  he  d.,  Jan.  28,  1886.  Car- 
penter.    Free  Baptist.     Republican.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Lydia,  — 

i.     Herbert  W.,  b.  Dalton,  Dec.  2,  1847.     unra.     res.  L. 


2.  Squire  Russell  Howland,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Franconia, 
Jan.  28,  1824.  m.  July,  1843,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Joel  Streeter,  b.  in 
Lisbon,  Sept.  14,  1831.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1887  until  he  d.,  Jan.  2, 
1882.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Willis  Froman,  b.  Lisbon,  March  2,  1848.     m.  Nov.  16,  1871,  Susan 
Keyes.     Carpenter,     res.  Barre,  Vt. 
4.       li.     Henry  Woodman,  b.  Lisbon,  March  28,  1850. 

iii.     Clement,  b.  Whitefield,  Sept.  14,  1852.     Farmer,    res.  L. 

272  Howland  —  Iloijt. 

iv.     Charles  H.,  b.  Whitefield,  June  1, 1853.    m.  Aug.  1885,  Mary  M.  Bailey. 

Stone-cutter,     res.  Barre,  Vt. 
V.     Ira,  b.  Whitefield,  March  28,  1855.      m.  Oct.  11,  1877,  Matilda  Corum. 
Carpenter,     res.  Newbury,  Vt. 

vi.     Maryette,  b.   Whitefield,  Oct,  13,  1857.      ni.  Oct.  13,  1878,  Charles 
Morey,  farmer,     res.  Wyoming. 

Tii.     Warren,  b.  Whitefield,  June  14,  1860.     m.  Kate  Broderick.     Stone- 
cutter,    res.  Barre,  Vt. 
5.   viii.     Harvey,  b.  Whitefield,  April  4,  1862. 

ix.     Betsey,  b.  Whitefield,  March  28,  1864.     m.  Willard  Whiting,  livery 
stable,    res.  Lakeport. 

3.  Andrew  J.  Howland,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Jan.  21, 
1846.  m.  June  8,  1874,  Etta,  dau.  of  John  Hunt,  b.  in  Lisbon,  May 
27,  1859.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1892.  Laborer.  Democrat.  Co. 
H,  5th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 


1.  Anna  Bell,  b.  Franconia,  Feb.  20,  1876. 

ii.  Mklvin,  b.  Franconia,  April  26,  1878. 

iii.  VVillie,  b.  Carroll,  Jan.  3,  1880. 

iv.  Ida,  b.  Whitefield,  March  8,  1882. 

V.  Mabel,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  June  1,  1884. 

vi.  Bertie,  b.  Concord,  Vt,  Aug.  22,  1886. 

vii.  Perley,  b.  Coaticook,  P.  Q.,  April  27,  1890. 

viii.  Infant  Son,  b.  Coaticook,  P.  Q-,  Jan.  22,  1892. 

ix.  Susie  Isabel,  b.  L.  Dec.  3,  1894. 

4.  Henry  Woodman  Howland,  son  of  Squire  Russell  '^,  b.  in  White- 
field,  March  28,  1850.  m.  Oct.  4,  1871,  Georgianna,  dau.  of  Simeon 
Keyes,  b.  in  AVhitefield,  Sept.  28,  1852.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884. 
Farmer.     Republican. 


i.     Hattie  May,  b.  L.  Sept.  9,  1885. 
ii.     Edward  Hicks,  b.  Whitefield,  Nov.  27,  1881.     (Adopted.) 

5.  Harvey  Howland,  son  of  Squire  Russell  ^,  b.  in  Whitefield, 
April  4,  1862.  m.  April  14,  1881,  Ella,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Sawyer 
(See),  b.  in  L.  April  25,  1860.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1873.  Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Etta  Mat,  b.  Jan.  25,  1882. 
ii.     Bennie  Sawyer,  b.  Feb.  12,  1884. 
iii.     Don  Harvey,  b.  Oct.  25,  1888. 


1.  Alonzo  Augustus  Hoyt,  son  of  Stephen  F.,  b.  in  Cabot,  Vt., 
Sept.  25,  1837.  m.  in  1867,  Vilroy  M.  Currier,  b.  in  Calais,  Vt.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  Aug.  1887  to  June,  1889.  He  was  educated  in  Cabot 
and  Morrisville,  Vt.,  never  studied  theology,  except  as  he  found  it  in 
the  Bible,  and  was  ordained  at  (Sugar  Hill)  Lisbon,  in  1869.  He  be- 
longs to  no  particular  denomination,  but  is  an  independent  Christian, 
—  an  Evangelist.  He  preached  in  North  Haverhill  and  Easton,  1869 
to  1871  ;  Cabot,  Vt.,  1871  to  1872  ;  Rutland,  Vt.,  1872  to  1874  ;  State 
Evangelist  for  Vt,  1874  to  1877  ;  Providence,  R.  I.,  1877  to  1878  ; 
Phila.,  Pa.,  1878  to  1879  ;  Bristol,  Ct.,  1879  to  1881  ;  Perryville,  Md., 
and  Washington,  D.  C,  1881  to  1884  ;  Bristol,  R.  L,  1884  to  1887  ; 

Eoyt  —  E^ibhard.  273 

Littleton,  1887  to  1889;  in  and  about  Boston,  Mass.,  1889  to  1895. 
His  published  writings  consist  of  sermons,  a  large  number  of  which 
have  been  published  in  various  papers.  He  has  also  published  the  fol- 
lowing papers:  "Biblical  Messenger,"  Rutland  and  Waterburv,  Vt.  ; 
"The  Waterburv  Enterprise,"  "The  Bible  Banner,"  Phila.",  Pa.; 
"The  Independent  Christian,"  Bristol,  R.  I.,  and  Littleton;  "The 
Christian  Worker,"  Boston  and  Springfield,  Mass.  Among  the  official 
religious  positions  he  has  held  are  :  Brest.  Vt.  Conference  of  Church  of 
Christ;  Brest,  and  Treas.  of  Christian  Workers  Assn.,  Boston,  Mass., 
and  Vice-Pres.  of  Young  Ministers'  Christian  Assn.  ;  Co.  C,  1st  Vt.  Cav. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Charles  C,  printer,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 


1.  Amos  Hubbard,  b.  in  Rutland,  Mass.(?),  Sept.  28,  17'4o.  m. 
March  30,  1774,  Leah  Farr,  b.  Feb.  24,  1756,  d.  Oct.  26,  1832.  She 
m.  second,  Noah  Da}'.  Amos  never  res.  in  L.  Lieut,  in  Rev.  war. 
Selectman  of  Chesterfield,  where  he  d.  from  a  surgical  operation,  June 
8,  1792.     (Hist,  of  Chesterfield,  p.  364.) 

Ch.,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  — 

i.     Leah,  b.  Dec.  6,  1774.     m.  Noah  (?)  Cummings.     res.  in  Canada   or 

11.     Sally,  b.  Feb.  6,  1777.     m.  1793,  Peter  Wheeler,  farmer.     He  d.  March 

20,  1846.     She  d.  Chesterfield,  1851. 
2.    ill.    Amos,  b.  Oct.  oO,  1  <  80. 

iv.     Samuel  Billings,  b.  March  29,  1785.    m.  Jan.  29,  1813,  Polly  Hildreth. 

Farmer.     He  d.  L.  1832  or  4. 
T.    Jacob  Powers,  b.  March  29,  1785.     m.  1815,  Widow  Luna  Fletcher. 

Farmer.     He  d.  Chesterfield,  Jan.  8,  1856.     She  d.  Feb.  20,  1870. 
vi.     John,  b.  June  2,  1792.     m.  first,  1816,  Sally  Hildreth.    m.  second,  Celes- 

tina  Doolittle.     He  d.  Aug.  28,  1874.     Farmer,     res.  Chesterfield. 

2.  Amos  Hubbard,  son  of  Amos^  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Oct.  30,  1780. 
m.  Feb.  12,  1807,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Joel  Smith,  b.  in  Chesterfield,  Sept. 
21,  1783,  d.  in  L.  April  11,  1850.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1801  until  he  d., 
Nov.  22,  1872.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Laura,  b.  April  11,  1809.     m.  Jonathan  Franklin  Lovejoy  (See). 
11.     Clarissa,  b.  June  16,  1811.     m.  Sept.  13,  1832,  William  Kelley,  farmer. 

res.  Newport,  Vt. 
iii,     Sally,  b.   May  25,  1813.     m.  Feb.  1,  1844,  Samuel   Hulbutt,  farmer. 

res.  Dalton. 
iv.     Altira,  b.  Aug.'.S,  1815.    m.  Lovell  Taylor  (See). 
V.     Abigail,  b.  Aug.  4,  1817.     m.  Abram  Mills  (See). 
vi.     Philena,  b.  Feb.  28,  1820.     m.  William  Wheeler  (See). 
vii.     Angeline,  b.  Julv  5,  1822,  d.  L.  Nov.  17, 1863. 
3.   viii.     Amos  P.,  b.  March  26,  1826. 

ix.     Melissa,  b.  Aug.  7,  1828.     m.  John  W.  English  (See). 

3.  Amos  P.  Hubbard,  son  of  Amos^,  b.  in  L.  March  26,  1826.  m. 
Sept.  16,  1850,  Leah,  dau.  of  Timoth}-  Young,  b.  in  Kingse}',  Canada, 
Oct.  26,  1828.  She  m.  second,  AVilliam  P.  Dean.  Amos  P.  res.  in  L. 
all  his  life,  d.  March  9,  1860.     Farmer. 

VOL.  II. 18 

274     Huhh(xrd  —  Hudson  —  Humphrey  —  HunJdns  —  Hunter. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Melissa  E.,  b.  Dec.  28, 1852.    m.  Sept.  3, 1883,  Willis  H.  Jewell,  tanner. 

res.  Biddeford,  Me. 
ii.     Emma  L.,  b.  July  21,  1854.     m.  Oct.  1879,  John  D.  Ames,  carpenter. 

res.  Bangor,  Me. 
iii.     Lizzie  E.,  b.  Feb.  10,  1856,  d.  Biddeford,  Me.,  Oct.  29,  1887. 
iv.     Eugene  S.,  b.  April  9,  1859,  d.  L.  May  11,  1859. 


4.  Edwin  Delancy  Hubbard,  son  of  Erastus,  b.  in  Goiliam,  Jan.  19, 
1851.  m.  Nov.  1,  1888,  Annie  E.,  dau.  of  Joseph  C.  Flanders,  b.  in 
Stewartstown,  Feb.  18,  1847.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881.  Glover. 


1.    Samuel  Hudsox.     m.  Seraphine ,  b.  in  1775,  d.  in  L.  June 

23,  1832.  ■  He  res.  in  L.  from  1798  to  1826,  and  a  part  of  the  time  for 
several  j'ears  subsequently.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1800.  Rev.  soldier. 
Private  in  3d  N.  H.  Regt.  Continental  line  from  Jul}'  20,  1779,  one 
3'ear.     Town  records  give  him  the  title  of  Capt. 


1.  EoswELL  Monroe  Humphrey,  son  of  Iloswell.  b.  in  Hartland,  Vt., 
July  2,  1826.  m.  Dec.  9,  1852,  Estlier  Maria,  dau.  of  Willard  Stod- 
dard, b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  6,  1829,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1888.     Farmer.     Cong.     Republican. 

Ch., — 

2.        i.     WiLT-ARD  EoswELL,  b.  Chelsea,  Vt.,  Oct.  18,  1854. 

ii.     Jennie  Ella,  b.  Hartford,  Vt.,  March  4,  1861.     m.    May,  1879,  John 
GrifRn,  farmer,     res.  Lyman. 

2.  Willard  Roswell  Humphrey,  son  of  Roswell  Moni'oe  \  b.  in 
Chelsea,  Vt.,  Oct.  18,  1854.  m.  Jul}^  4,  1876,  Sophronia,  dau.  of  Ben- 
jamin Sawyer  (See),  b.  in  Dalton,  Nov.  15,  1857.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1881.     Farmer.     Republican. 


i.     Maud  Edna,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  June  10,  1879.' 


1.  Orrin  Wesley  Hunkins,  son  of  Lewis  Rufus,  b.  in  Sanbornton, 
Oct.  3,  1859.  m.  March  31,  1886,  Lillian  Mabel,  dau.  of  Henry  Clark, 
b.  in  Frankfort,  Maine,  April  11,  1861.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1884. 
Insurance  clerk.  Republican.  I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.  C.  P.,  L.  Encamp- 
ment.    No  ch. 


1.  John  Hunter,  b.  in  Wales,  Me.  m.  Polly,  dau.  of  Henr}'  Bemis 
(See),  b.  in  Mass.,  d.  in  Dalton.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1813  to  1830. 
Farmer.     In  his  younger  days  he  was  a  sailor,  shipping  as  captain's 

Hunter  —  Huntington  —  Huntoon. 


boy  at  the  age  of  12.    In  the  War  of  1812  he  was  on  board  a  privateer, 
and  was  taken  prisoner  b}^  the  British,     d.  in  L.  in  1871. 
Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  William,  b.  1815.     Farmer,     res.  Wis. 

ii.  SusAX  B.,  I).  April  1,  1810.     m.  Roswell  Savage  (See), 

iii.  LoviNA,  b.  1820.     m.  Ephraim  W.  Farr  (See). 

iv.  Laura,  h.  1822.     m.  Joshua  Quimby,  farmer.    Slie  d.  Bethlehem,  1890. 

V.  Rebkcca,  b.  1824.     m.  Warren  Elliott  (See). 

vi.  Louisa,  b.  1826.     ni.  William  George,  blacksmith.    She  d.  Lisbon,  1895. 

vii.  Mart,  b.  1828.     m.  Norman  Farr  (See). 


1.  William  Pitkin  Huntington,  son  of  Dan,  b.  in  Hadlev,  Mnss., 
July  16,  1804.  m.  Lucy  Pxlwards,  b.  in  ChesterfleUl,  Oct.  18,  1820. 
He  grad.  from  Harvard  Coll.  in  1824,  received  the  degree  of  M.  D.,  in 
1835,  and  was  einploved  as  a  missionary  and  teacher.  He  was  minis- 
ter of  the  Unitarian  Society  in  L.  in  1836.  He  was  an  older  bro.  of 
Bishop  Huntington  of  N.  Y.     He  d.  in  Mass.  in  1885. 


1.  Nathaniel  Huntoon,  b.  in  Kingston,  1721,  son  of  John  and  grand- 
son of  Philip,  m.  May  22,  1742,  Anna  Dearborn  ;  m.  second,  Aug.  26, 
1789,  Martha  Judkins.  He  d.  in  Unity,  1793.  He  was  a  captain  in 
the  French  war  and  in  the  Revolution. 

2.  Caleb  Huntoon,  son  of  Nathaniel  \  b.  in  Kingston,  Feb.  4,  1748, 
removed  from  Unit}-  to  L.  He  m.  Dec.  29,  1772,  Judith  Carter,  b.  in 
Kingston,  June  11,  1756,  d.  in  L.  March,  1841.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1811  until  he  d.,  about  1833.  Rev.  soldier.  Private  in  Capt.  Phihp 
Tilton's  Co.,  Poor's  Regt.,  May  25  to  Aug.  1,  1775.  Sergt.  in  Capt. 
Abel  Walker's  Co.,  Col.  David  Hobart's  Regt.,  Stark's  Brigade,  July 
21,  to  Sept.  20,  1777.  He  was  in  the  battles  of  Bunker  Hill  and  Ben- 
nington.    He  came  to  L.  from  Unity. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Mart,  b.  Kingston,  Oct.  20,  1778.    m.  Paul  Reed.     res.  Unity, 

ii.  Jemima,  b.  Unity,  March  9,  1776.     m.  Daniel  Carter  (See). 

iii.  Caleb,  b.  Unity,  March  20,  1778.     unm.     d.  1839. 

iv.  Sarah,  b.  Unity,  March  27, 1782.     m. Richardson. 

V.  Judith,  b.  Unity,  Sept.  29,  1784.     m.  William  Jackman,  farmer,     res. 


vi.  Martha,  b.  Unity,  Nov.  20,  1787. 

vii.  Nanct,  b.  Unity,  1790.     m.  Daniel  Carter  (See), 

viii.  Melinda,  b.  Unity,  Nov.  26,  1791.     m.  Otis  Albee  (See). 

2.      ix.  Carter  Nathaniel,  b.  Unity,  Aug.  6,  1794. 

3.  Carter  Nathaniel  Huntoon,  son  of  Caleb  ^,  b.  in  Unity,  Aug.  6, 
1794.  m.  Nov.  9,  1819,  Diantha  L.,  dan.  of  Asa  Parkei-,  b.  in  Lyman, 
July  16,  1803,  d.  in  L.  May  29,  1878.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1817  until 
he  d.,  Sept.  3,  1880.     Farmer.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Amos,  b.  July  19,  1821,  d.  L.  Oct.  17,  1834. 
ii.    Jemima,  b.  Nov.  10,  1822,  d.  L.  Aug.  13,  1825. 

276  Huntoon  —  Surd. 

iii.     Sarah  A.,  b.  Oct.  29,  1823,  d.  L.  July  30,  1825. 

4.  iv.     Gideon  D.,  b.  Jan.  30,  1826. 

V.    Nancy,  b.  April  19,  1827.     m.  Jan.  2,  1848,  George  L.  Webster,  carpen- 
ter,    res.  Monroe. 
Ti.    Diantha,  b.  Dec.  11,  1828,  d.  L.  Sept.  25,  1831. 
vii.     Ransom,  b.  Aug.  21,  1831.     unni.     Farmer,     d.  L.  Sept.  9,  1887. 
viii.     Lorinda  J.,  b.  April  29,  1833,  d.  L.  March  17,  1834. 

5.  ix.     Richard  J.,  b.  Sept.  25,  1838. 

X.     Mary  Jane,  b.  April  21,  1840.     m.  Amos  Dow  (See). 
xi.     Mandana  B.,  b.  Dec.  11,  1847.     m.  first,  Milo  C.  Fulford.     m.  second, 
Samuel  H.  Dow  (See). 

4.  Gideon  D.  Huntoon,  son  of  Carter  Nathaniel ",  b.  in  L.  Jan.  30, 
1826.  m.  Oct.  22,  1851,  Mary  Bissallon,  b.  in  Whitefield,  Aug.  1832. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1870.  Farmer  and  carpenter,  d.  March  23, 


i.     Elizabeth  D.,  b.  L.  1852.     m.  Fletcher  D.  Merrill  (See). 
ii.     Julia  A.,  b.  L.  1854.     m.  George  F.  Martin  (See). 
iii.     Charles  W.,  b.  L.  1856.     ni.  1884,  Ada  F.  McKown.     Carpenter,    res. 

iv.     Mabel  I.,  b.  L.  1858,  d.  1859. 
V.     Amos  P.,  b.  L.  1861.     unm. 
vi.     Frank  A.,  b.  L.  1866,  d.  1879. 
vii.     Carter  N.,  b.  Landaff,  1872.      m.    1896,   Anna   Lehan.      Carpenter. 

res.  L. 
viii.     George  W.,  b.  Landaff,  1874.     m.  1894,  Isabel  Bucknam.     Carpenter. 

res.  Lancaster, 
ix.    Mart  E.,  b.  1876.     m.  189.3,  Edwin  Holbrook,  fireman,    res.  Groveton. 

5.  Richard  J.  Huntoon,  son  of  Carter  Nathaniel  ^,  b.  in  L.  Sept.  25, 
1838.  m.  Nov.  18,  1867,  Miranda  J.,  dau.  of  George  Flint,  b.  in  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  16,  1850,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to 
1861,  and  since  1893.  Laborer.  Republican.  Co.  I,  3d  Vt.  Inf., 
trans.  Co.  A,  5th  U.  8.  Cav.     Private.     G.  A.  R. 

Ch.,  — 

1.     Kelsea  Rot  Dow,  b.  Monroe,  Feb.  7,  1879. 


1.  Timothy  B.  Hurd,  son  of  Jacob  and  grandson  of  Col.  John,  b.  in 
Bath,  Nov.  22,  1797.  m.  March  13,  1828,"Eliza  G.,  dau.  of  Nathaniel 
Patridge  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  18,  1805,  d.  in  Lyman,  Aug.  27,  1884. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1827  to  1834.  Cloth  dresser,  d.  in  Lyman,  April 
3,  1884. 


i.     Eliza  E.,  b.  Lyman,  May  25,  1830.     m.  Jan.  22,  1850,  Russell  Under- 
wood, mechanic.     She  d.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt,  Aug.  29,  1867. 
ii.     Persis  a  ,  b.  Lyman,  Feb.  17,  1832.     m.  Warren  Mclntire  (See). 
2.     iii.     William  Burns,  b.  L.  Sept.  27,  1834. 

2.  William  Burns  Hurd,  son  of  Timothy  B.S  b.  in  L.  Sept.  27,  1834. 
ni.  first,  Sept.  26,  1855,  Harriet  E.,  dau.  of  Jefferson  Henison,  b.  Oct. 
5,  1837,  d.  in  Lyman,  Jan.  23,  1894.  m.  second,  April  17,  1895,  Julia 
O.,  dau.  of  William  Jackson,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt,  Sept.  27,  1846,  Metho- 
dist.    He  res.  in  L.  in  youth.     Farmer.     Republican,     res.  Lyman. 

Hurd  —  Hurlbutt.  277 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Harriet,  b.  in  Lj-man,  — 

i.  Hattie  E.,  b.  March  7,  1859.    m.  Arthur  Aklrich,  farmer,    res.  Lyman. 

ii.  Nellie  C,  b.  Aug.  29,  1862. 

iii.  Myra  F.,  b.  April  9,  1863.     m.  Harvey  M.  Lewis  (See). 

iv.  Willie  E.,  b.  Marcli,  1865,  d.  Feb.  20,  1883. 

V.  Eliza  A.,  b.  May  7,  1870.     m.  Ervin  S.  Prescott  (See). 

vi.  Tina  B.,  b.  March  27,  1876. 


1.  William  Denison  Hurlbutt,  son  of  Thomas,  b.  in  Hanover,  Oct. 
21,  1809.  m.  March  4,  1834,  Elvira  W.,  dau.  ofParlver  Cushman  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Feb.  11,  1814,  d.  in  Hanover,  Oct.  9,  1892.  He  res.  in  L. 
from  1832  to  1865.  Farmer.  Selectman,  1846-7.  d.  in  Hanover, 
April  16,  1877. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Cornelius  J.,  b.  L.  Dec.  16,  1834,  d.  L.  March  7,  1837. 
ii.     Betsey,  b.  July  4,  1836,  d.  L.  Feb.  14,  1837. 

iii.     Eliza  J.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1838,  d.  L.  Feb.  13,  1857. 

iv.     William  D  ,  b.  Feb.  8,  1840,  d.  Hanover,  Feb.  6,  1870. 

V.     OzRo  B.,  b.  Dec.  27, 1812.    m.  March  1,  1877,  Kizzie  S.  Mann.    Farmer, 
res.  Hanover. 

vi.     Mary  P.,  b.  May  16,  184.3,  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  9,  1867. 

vii.     Elvira  W.,  b.  May  3,  1845.     m.  Willard  G.  Hurlbutt,  farmer.     Siie  d. 

Hanover,  Sept.  13,  1882. 
viii.     Newton  H.,  b.  June  19,  1847.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

ix.     Franklin  G.,  b.  April  24,  1849.     m.  April  5,  1882,  Harriet  Bond.     Po- 
liceman,    res.  Boston,  Mass. 

X.     John  G.,  b.  June  24,  1851.     m.  Nov.  10,  1888,  Ella  S.  Thompson.     Car- 
penter,    res.  Marlboro',  Mass. 

xi.     Abbie  E.,  b.  March  13,  1857.    m.  Dec.  29,  1874,  George  C.  Paddleford, 
farmer,     res.  Woodstock,  Vt. 


2.  Sylvester  Martin  Hurlbutt,  son  of  Chester,  b.  in  Dalton,  July 
25,  1831.  m.  first.  May  25,  1865,  Rhoda  A,,  dau.  of  Chauncey  Hildreth, 
b.  in  Dalton,  Nov.  26,  1837,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  15,  1873.  m.  second,  Jan. 
6,  1876,  Ormacinda,  dau.  of  Charles  Wallace  Eduiands,  b.  in  Dalton, 
Feb.  6,  1842.  She  d.  April  19,  1900.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1865  until 
he  d.,  March  7,  1885.     Republican. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Rhoda,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Emma  M.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1866.     ra.  Jan.   1886,  Ebenezer  Stowell,  farmer, 
res.  Lancaster. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Ormacinda,  b.  in  L.,  — 

ii.     Ida  M.,  b.  Sept.  16,  1878.     Student  Smith  Coll.  1901. 


3.  George  Hurlbutt,  son  of  Samuel,  b.  in  Dalton,  April  30,  1829. 
m.  first,  Feb.  1852,  Hannah,  dau.  of  David  Kimball,  b.  in  Newport,  Me., 
Aug.  17,  1834,  d.  in  Dalton,  Oct.  1853.    m.  second,  Jan.  1,  1855,  Sarah 

278  Hnrllndt  —  Rnrley  —  Huron  —  Huse. 

A.,  dan.  of  David  Kimball,  b.  in  Newport.  Me.,  Sept.   11,  1836.     He 
lias  res.  in  L.  since  1874.     Farmer.     Republican. 
Ch.,  — 

4.  i.     Fkank,  b.  Dalton,  April  30,  1857. 

5.  ii.     Samuel,  b.  Dunham,  F.  Q.,  Feb.  24,  1863. 

4.  Frank  Hurlbutt,  son  of  Georoe  ^  b.  in  Dalton,  April  30,  1857. 
ni.  April  21,  1883,  Ella  F.,  dan.  of  Kimball  WeiUr,  b.  in  Canaan,  Me., 
March  9,  1856,  Baptist.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1876.     liepublican. 


i.     Seth  James,  b.  L.  June  6,  1883. 

5.  Samuel  Hurlbutt,  son  of  George  ^,  b.  in  Dunham,  P.  Q.,  Feb. 

24,  1863.  ra.  Sept.  21,  1889,  Jennie,  dau.  of  Joseph  Stamp,  b.  in  Lin- 
coln, Eng.,  Nov.  15,  1865.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Glover. 

Ch., — 

i.     Mabel  Grace,  b.  L.  Aug.  18,  1893. 


1.  Dennis  Francis  Hurley,  sou  of  John,  b.  in  Bautrv,  Co.  Cork, 
Ii-eland,  Feb.  5,  1851.  unm.  He  was  educated  in  St.  Charles  Coll., 
Md.,  and  studied  theolog\'  and  philosophy  in  the  Seminary  at  Mill  Hill 
Missionary-  Coll.,  London,  Eng.,  and  was  ordained  a  Roman  Catholic 
priest  by  Cardinal  Vaughn,  July  25,  1875.  He  first  labored  among  the 
colored  Catholics  of  Baltimore,  Md.,  Louisville,  Ky.,  and  Charleston, 
S.  C.  In  1884  he  joined  the  diocese  of  Manchester,  and  began  work 
in  the  Cathedral.  Subsequently  he  labored  in  Keene,  Portsmouth,  and 
Franklin  Falls.  In  1887  he  was  appointed  pastor  in  L.,  where  he  con- 
tinued until  Nov.  27,  1893.  Since  that  date  he  has  been  pastor  in  Pen- 
acook.  While  in  L.  he  purchased  the  property  adjoining  the  church, 
which  has  since  been  used  as  the  priest's  house,  and  put  it  in  thorough 
repair.  He  also  purchased,  in  1888,  the  land  for  the  present  Catholic 
cemeterj-  near  L.  village. 


1.    August   Huron,  son  of  AVilhelm,  b.  in  Dusseldorf,  Prussia,  Nov. 

25,  1843.  m.  Sept.  19,  1880,  Eliza,  dau.  of  John  Mclutire,  b.  in  Inver- 
ness, Canada,  Oct.  10,  1843,  Episcopal.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1875. 
Glover.  Episcopal.  Republican.  I.  0.  O.  F.,  N.  G.  C.  P.,  L.  En- 
campment. G.  P.  State  ICncampment.  Served  in  the  German  army, 
war  with  Austria,  in  Emperor  Alexander  I.  Guard  Grenadiers,  Regt. 
No.  1,  Oct.  2,  1863,  to  Oct.   2,  1866.     No  ch. 


1.  Nathan  Huse,  b.  in  Newbury,  1716,  was  a  well-known  physician 
of  Amesbury,  ]Mass.,  where  he  practised  seventy  3'ears.  He  m.  Dec.  5, 
1738,  Rachel  Sargent,  b.  Feb.  22,  1721,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Elizabeth 
(Carr)  Sargent  of  Amesburj-,  Mass.  He  d.  April  23,  1809  (History  of 

Huse  —  Hutchins.  279 

2.  Joseph  Huse,  son  of  Nathan  ^,  b.  in  Amesbuiy,  Mass.,  March  2, 

1749.     m.  first,  Abia ,     in.  second,  Mrs.  Pease,  nee  Morrison,  d. 

Dec.  12,  1824.  Rev.  soldier.  Moved  from  Amesbury  to  iSanbornton 
before  1782  and  was  the  first  of  the  name  in  that  town.  He  built  and 
owned  the  first  mills  in  Sanbornton.     He  had  but  one  child,  — Johu^. 

3.  John  Huse,  son  of  Joseph  ^,  b.  in  Sanbornton,  in  1774.  ui.  first, 
Oct.  4,  1796,  Mar\-,  dau.  of  Moses  Carter  (See),  b.  in  New  Hampton, 
in  1775,  d.  in  L.  April  20,  1835.  m.  second,  Eunice  Farrington,  b.  in 
1770,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  26,  1862.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1797  until  1835,  and 
some  years  before  his  death,  which  occurred  Dec.  7,  1864. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mar}-, — 

i.     Simeon,  b.  Sanbornton,  Nov.  13,    1804.     m.  Feb.  10,  1829,  Nancy  S. 

Parker.     Farmer.     He  d.  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt.,  May  20,  1879.     She  d. 

Aug.  31,  1881. 
4.       ii.     Nathan,  b.  L.  Aug.  19,  1798. 

iii.     Sekviah,  b.  L.     in.  Nov.  29,  18"22,  Simeon  Eastman  (See). 

iv.     Nancit,  b.  L.     m.  Dec.  30,  1819,  Bradford  Kinne,  farmer,     res.  Hatley, 

P.  Q. 
V.     Joseph,  b.  L.     pub.  Feb.  6,  1802,  Amanda  Kay.     Farmer, 
vi.     Daniel,  b.  L.     res.  Coventry,  Vt.     Was  killed  in  War  of  the  Rebellion, 

in  1801. 

4.  Nathan  Huse,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  L.  Aug.  19,  1798.  m.  Feb. 
26,  1823,  Isabel,  dau.  of  Robert  Charlton  (See),  b.  in  L.  July  8,  1796, 
d.  in  Kirby,  Vt.,  Dec.  4,  1857.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  until  1822,  and 
at  time  of  death,  April  2,  1830.     Farmer. 


i.     SniEON,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.,  Dec.   4,    1823.     m.  first,  Jan.  1.  1840,  Adaline 

Hovey,  d.  July,  1854.     m.  second,  June  27,  1855,  Rosaline  Green. 

Farmer,     res.  St  Jolmsburv,  Vt. 
ii.     Maky,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.,  March  2,  1825.     m   Marcli  8,  1853,  Sullivan  Ran- 

nev,  farmer.     He  d.  Concord,  Vt.,  March  13,  1895. 
iii.     LuTHERA,  b.  Kirby,  Vt.,  Nov.  8,  1826,  d.  Kirby,  Vt.,  Oct.  6,  1854. 
iv.     Nathan,    b.   L.    April    1,    1830.      ra.  March  14.    1864,  Almira    Soper. 

Banker  and  broker.     He  d.   Lowell,  Mass.,  Sept.  16,  1876.     She  d. 

Nov.    4,    1884.     They   had  two   ch.,    both   dau.     Mrs.    Isabel   Huse 

Andrews,  Lowell,  Mass.,  is  one  of  them. 


1.  Caleb  Hutchins,  son  of  Moses,  b.  in  Lovell,  Me.,  Jan.  21,  1802. 
m.  in  1830,  Sally  C,  dau.  of  James  H.  Bartlett,  b.  in  Unity,  July  18, 
1812,  d.  in  Manchester,  June  17,  1889.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847  to 
1860.     Farmer,     d.  in  Manchester,  March  28,  1891. 

Ch., — 

i.  James  Sumner,  b.  Whitefield,  Aug.  16,  1831.  ra.  June  21,  1855,  Mandy 
P.  Watson.     Farmer.     She  d.  Franconia,  April  22,  1866. 

ii.  Melvin  Fkeeman,  b.  Whitefield,  March  23,  1833.  m.  Jan..  1858,  Mary 
Keyes.     Farmer.     She  d.  1860.     Co.  H,  4th  N.  H.  Inf.     Private. 

iii.  Marshall  John,  b.  Whitefield,  May  3,  1837.  m.  1865,  Mary  Kelly. 
Farmer,  res.  Richmond,  Va.  Original  3  months'  man.  Co.  H,  4th 
Inf.     Co.  C.  10th  N.  H.  Inf.  trans.  Co.  C,  2d  N.  H.  Inf. 

iv.  Nora  L.,  b.  L.  Dec.  20, 1849.  ra.  Nov.  1865,  Morton  Currier,  machinist, 
res.  Manchester. 

280  Hutching  —  Hutchinson  —  Hyde. 


2.  Lucius  Hutciiins,  son  of  Lucius,  h.  in  Pern,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  3, 1847. 
ni.  first,  July  12,  18Go,  Ahneda,  dan.  of  Reuben  Richardson,  b.  in  Beth- 
lehem, Sept.  2,  1849,  d.  in  Bethlelieni,  Sept.  2,  1879.  m.  second,  Nov. 
13,  1881,  Clara  Ilda,  dau.  of  Stephen  Moody  Hanson,  b.  in  Wood- 
stock, Nov.  6,  1860.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885.     Glover.     Democrat. 


i.     Harry  Bingham,  b.  Bethleliem,  Nov.  1,  1870.     m.  Feb.  1889,  Blanche 
Applebee.     Farmer,     res.  Woodstock. 


3.  Frank  D.  Hutchins,  son  of  Benjamin  D.,  b.  in  Putne}'.  Vt.,  Jan. 
11,  1850.  ra.  first,  March,  1874,  Annie  C,  dau.  of  Michael  Carleton,  b. 
in  Haverhill,  April,  1850,  d.  in  Lancaster,  Sept.,  1875.  m.  second,  June, 
1886,  Elizabeth  D.,  dau.  of  Michael  Carleton,  b.  in  Haverhill,  March, 
1863.  He  grad.  from  Kimball  Union  Academy  and  Dart.  Coll.  and 
taught  four  terms  of  school  in  Mass.  and  N.  H.,  then  came  to  L.  in  the 
fall  of  1873,  and  taught  L.  High  School  one  year,  after  which  he  began 
the  study  of  law  with  Nathan  B.  Felton  of  Haverhill,  completing  his 
studies  with  Ray,  Drew,  &  Jordan  of  Lancaster,  where  he  practised  law 
from  1876  to  1881.  He  then  became  cashier  of  the  National  Bank 
established  there,  which  position  he  still  holds.     (L.  Cen.,  pp.  216-217.) 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Elizabeth,  b.  in  Lancaster, — 

i.     Frank  Carleton,  b.  June,  1878,  d.  Aug.  1879. 
ii.     Harry,  b.  Oct.  1879. 
iii.     Margaret,  b.  Sept.  1884. 


1.  Freeman  Aaron  Hutchinson,  son  of  Hiram  Nelson,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  March  1,  1862.  m.  Jan.  1,  1889,  Laura  Jane,  dau.  of 
James  Bradford  Wallace,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  Aug.  23,  1863.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  1891.     Glover.     Republican. 


i.    Allen  Beryl,  b.  L.  Dec.  30,  1892. 


1.  Luther  Delano  Hyde,  son  of  Perley,  b.  in  Albany,  Vt.,  Oct. 
11,  1847.  m.  Nov.  11,  1875,  Agnes,  dau.  of  Alpha  Warner,  b.  in 
Hardwick,  Vt.,  Nov.  11,  1851.  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1881. 
Glover.     Republican.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 


i.     Infant  Dau.,  b.  Hardwick,  Vt.,  Oct.  26,  1876,  d.  Hardwick,  Vt.,  Oct. 
28,  1876. 

Ide  —  Ja  ckm  an.  281 


1.  Joseph  Ide,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Jan.  26,  1840. 
m.  July  27,  18G1,  Susan  M.,  dau.  of  Luther  Pike,  b.  in  New  Orleans, 
La.,  July,  1845.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891.     Farmer.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Ellen  J.,  b.  March  3,  1862.     m.  Fred  A.  Watson  (See). 
ii.     Charles  Luther,  b.  Nov.   16,  1871.     m.  Dec.  7,  1899,  Mary  Osraand. 
res.  L.     1.  O.  O.  F. 


1.  James  Jackman,  b.  in  1611,  is  said  to  have  been  from  Exeter, 
Count}'  Devon,  Eng.  He  took  the  oath  of  allegiance  in  1678,  and  was 
sworn  freeman,  Feb.  13,  1684.  He  came  to  Newbury,  Mass.,  in  1644. 
His  wife  was  Joanna .     He  d.  Dec.  30,  1694. 

2.  Richard  Jackman,  son  of  James  ^,  b.  Feb.  15,  1660.  m.  June  26, 
1682,  Elizabeth  Plumer,  b.  Oct.  19,  1662,  dau.  of  Samuel  Plumer. 

3.  Richard  Jackman,  son  of  Richard '-,  b.  Aug.  17,  1684.  pub. 
April  6,    1703,  Elizabeth  Major. 

4.  George  Jackman,  son  of  Richard^,  b.  in  1707.  m.  Aug.  27, 
1828,  Hannah  Bishop.  He  was  one  of  the  original  settlers  of  Boscawen 
in  1734.  He  was  elected  Deacon  at  the  organization  of  the  church  in 
1738,  and  held  the  position  until  he  d.  He  was  Selectman  of  Boscawen 
almost  continuously  from  1761  to  1795,  and  signed  the  Patriotic  Asso- 
ciation in  1776. 

5.  George  Jackman,  son  of  George^,  b.  in  Newbur}-,  Mass.,  Oct. 
28,  1735.  m.  Martha  Webster.  He  was  J.  P.  about  60  3ears  ;  Select- 
man of  Boscawen  22  years  ;  Town  clerk,  36  years  ;  Representative  and 
a  member  of  the  Convention  which  formed  the  Constitution  of  N.  H. 
in  1792;  Delegate  to  the  State  Convention,  1778-9;  Representative, 
1785-6-8.     He  d.  in  Boscawen,  June,  1826. 

6.  William  Jackman,  son  of  George'*,  b.  in  Boscawen,  Nov.  16, 
1759.     m.  June,  1781,  Elizabeth  Morrill.     He  d.  in  Boscawen,  Aug.  5, 


7.  Joseph  Jackman,  son  of  William®,  b.  in  Boscawen,  March  30, 
1786.  m.  March  22,  1810,  Esther  R.  Sawyer.  He  was  Selectman  of 
Bath,  1845-6-7,  where  he  d.,  April  6,  1859. 

8.  George  Washington  Jackman,  son  of  Joseph '',  b.  in  Boscawen, 
April  14,  1829.  m.  March  13,  1856,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Harry  Green  ^ 
(See),  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Nov.  9,  1836,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1881  until  he  d.,  June  9,  1893.  Cong.  Republican.  A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
Burns  Lodge. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Bath,  — 

i.     Eloise  Esther,  b.  June  13,  1859.     unm.    res.  L. 
9.       ii.     Henry  Ashlky,  b.  April  19,  1867. 

iii.     George  Kimball,  b.  Sept.  6,  1861,  d.  Bath,  June  18,  1865. 

282  Jackman  —  Jachson. 

9.  Henry  Ashley  Jackman,  son  of  George  Washington  ^  b.  in  Bath, 
April  19,  1867.  m.  Aug.  8,  1888,  Annie  Mabel,  dau.  of  Charles  D. 
Tarbell  (See),  b.  in  Bellows  Falls,  Vt.,  Sept.  14,  1868,  Cong.  He  has 
res.  in  L.  since  1881.  Clerk.  Republican.  Merchant.  A.  F.  and 
A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  Appointed  Postmaster  of  Willowdale,  May  11, 
1889.     No  ch. 


10.  Charles  Shute  Jackman,  son  of  Carter,  b.  in  Lisbon,  May  17, 
1852.  m.  July  10,  1881,  Hattie,  dau.  of  Charles  Moses  Kenne^',  b.  in 
Lyman,  Aug.  1862.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1881  to  1894.  Farmer.  Dem- 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Infant,  b.  L.  July,  1891,  d.  at  birth. 


1.  Robert  Jackson,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Ireland,    m.  MoUie  Martin. 

2.  William  Jackson,  son  of  Robert-'  b.  in  Milford,  Ireland,  Feb.  3, 
1807.     m.  Dec.  7,  1837,  Prusia,  dau.  of  Joseph  Morrcll,  b.  in  Danville,  /" 
Vt.,  Jan.  8,  1816,  d.  in  L.  Nov.  17,  1880.    He  res.  in  L.  from  1840  until 
he  d.,  March  29,   1897.     Wool  dyer   and   cloth   finisher.     Democrat. 


James  Robert,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Oct.  5,  1838. 
Andrew,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  April  1,  1840. 
William,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Feb.  14,  1842. 

Mary  Jane,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  July  14,  1844.    m.  Henry  H.  Metcalf  (See). 
Julia  O.,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Sept,  27,  184(3.     m.  William  B.  Hurd  (See). 
Laura  P.,  b.  L.  April  18,  1848.     unm.     d.  L.  Aug.  18,  1873. 
Henry  Oliver,  b.  L.  Oct.  1,  1851. 

Alice    E.,  b.  L.    Dec.    14,    1855.      m.  Nov.  3,  1886,   Elmer   E.   Day. 
Butcher,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

3.  James  Robert  Jackson,  son  of  William",  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt., 
Oct.  5,  1838.  m.  July  16,  1879,  Lydia  Ann,  dau.  of  George  K.  Drew 
(See),  Episcopal.  He  was  educated  in  the  Common  and  High  Schools 
of  L.,  where  he  has  res.  most  of  his  life,  began  the  study  of  law  with 
H.  &  G.  A.  Bingham  in  1864,  admitted  to  the  Bar  at  Lancaster,  July 
term,  1867  ;  practised  in  L.  from  1867  to  1873.  Democrat.  Moderator, 
1873-4-5.  Clerk  of  the  House  of  Representatives,  1871.  Secretarj'' 
of  the  Constitutional  Convention  of  1889.  Secretary  of  Democratic 
State  Committee,  1888  to  1894.  U.  S.  Consul  at  Sherbrooke,  Canada, 
1894  to  1897.  Has  been  a  frequent  contributor  to  the  press  on  political 
and  historical  sulijects. 

Ch.,  all  but  Robert  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Robert,  b.  Dover,  May  21,  1880.     Dart.  Coll.  1900. 

ii.  Andrew,  b.  Jan.  8,  1882.     Student  Dart.  Coll.  1903. 

iii.  Harry  Bingham,  b.  Aug.  11,  1883. 

iv.  William  Mitchell,  b.  May  31,  1886. 

V.  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  27,  1888. 

vi.  Katharine  Florence,  b.  June  25,  1891. 

vii.  Rachel  Pierce,  b.  Nov.  22,  1893. 













Jackson  —  Jarvis  —  Jeffrey.  283 

4.  An^drew  Jackson,  son  of  William^,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  April  1, 
1840.  m.  Nov.  27,  1873,  Jennie  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Josepli  Benson,  b. 
in  South  Groveland,  Mass.,  Feb.  19,  1851.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1847 
to  1867,  then  moved  to  South  Groveland,  Mass.,  where  he  now  res. 
Overseer  in  woollen  mill.     Co.  L,  N.  H.  Batt.,  1st  N.  E.  Cav. 

Ch.,  b.  in  South  Groveland,  Mass.,  — 

i.     Laura  Alice,  b.  Oct.  25,  1874. 
ii.     Frakk  Marshall,  b.  May  22,  1880, 
iii.     William  Andrew,  b.  Oct.  27,  1882. 

5.  William  Jackson,  son  of  William-,  b.  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Feb.  14, 
1842.  m.  Nov.  15,  1874,  Lizzie  Maria,  dan.  of  Benjamin  West  Kilburn 
(See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  14,  1854,  Cong.  She  m.  second,  Daniel  Clark 
Reniich  (See).  William  res.  in  L.  from  1846  until  he  d.,  Dec.  30,  1884. 
Clerk  in  stereoscopic-view  shop.     Cong.     Democrat.     No  ch. 

6.  Henry  Oliver  Jackson,  son  of  William "-,  b.  in  L.  Oct.  1,  1851. 
m.  Nov.  9,  1887,  Elizabeth  Cosyn,  dau.  of  Robert  Langford  (See),  b. 
in  Leadbury,  Eng.,  Nov.  23,  1856,  Methodist.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since 
1883.  Painter.  Methodist.  Prohibition.  Delegate  to  National  Pro- 
hibition Convention,  Pittsburgh,  Pa.,  1896,  and  chairman  of  N.  H. 
Prohibition  State  Committee,  1896. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  WiLLARD  Henry,  b.  Dec.  12,  1888,  d.  L.  Dec.  13,  1888. 

ii.  Edith  Margaretta,  b.  Feb.  11,  1890. 

iii.  Alice  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  21,  1892. 

iv.  WiLLARD  H.,  b.  July  28,  1894. 

V.  Margaretta,  b.  ^  ug.  18,  1898. 


1.  John  Bradbury  Jarvis,  son  of  John  Fernald,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass., 
Nov.  1855.  m.  Dec.  16,  1891,  Isabel  Maud,  dau.  of  Noah  W.  Ranlett 
(See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  28,  1868.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1884  until  1893.  d. 
in  Boston,  Mass.,  Feb.  19,  1893.     Hotel-keeper.     No  ch. 


1.  John  Jeffrey,  son  of  Charles,  b.  in  Eng.  Dec.  25,  1849.  m. 
Dec.  25,  1868,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Fidler,  b.  in  Eng.,  Nov.  26, 
1848.  He  was  educated  in  Heckmondwike,  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  and  com- 
menced the  study  of  theology  in  1867  with  Rev.  Benjamin  Langley. 
He  was  ordained  bv  the  Second  Advent  Christian  Conference  in  Wor- 
cester, Mass.,  May  18,  1884.  He  commenced  preaching  in  Heckmond- 
wike, Eng.,  in  1868,  where  he  continued  to  1870;  North  Rutland, 
Mass.,  1882  to  1884;  Putnam,  Conn.,  1884  to  1887;  had  short  pas- 
torates in  Bristol  and  River  Point,  R.  I.,  and  Danielson  and  Farring- 
ton.  Conn.,  1892  ;  Bridgton,  Me.,  1894.  Became  pastor  of  the  Advent 
Christian  Church  in  L.  in  the  spring  of  1895.  He  closed  his  pastorate  here 
in  1898.  He  is  now  in  fellowsliip  with  the  Free  Baptists  and  is  preach- 
ing in  Pawtucket,  R.  I.  His  published  works  comprise  many  sermons 
and  addresses  published  in  newspapers.     Prohibition.     I.  O.  O.  F. 

28-1  Jeffrey  —  Jemiimn  —  Jewett  —  Johnson. 


i.  Susan  Ann,  b.  Eng.,  May  16,  1870.    m.  Oct.  10,  1888,  John  E.  Hibbard. 

Sash  and  door  manufr.     res.  Putnam,  Conn, 

ii.  Lizzie,  b.  l'>ng.,  1872.     uiim. 

iii.  Chaklks  W.,^b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  Sept.  2,  1877. 

iv.  Alice   H.,  b.  Boylston,  Mass.,  Sept.  20,  1879. 

V.  Ernest  John,  b.  Putnam,  Conn.,  Feb.  17,  1886. 

vi.  Ci,AKENCE  Earl,  b.  Farrington,  Conn.,  Aug.  2,  1892. 


1.  William  Jennisox,  b.  in  Oxford,  Eng.,  March  17,  1794.  m. 
Jnne,  1813,  Eunice  Pendleton.  He  emigrated  from  Eng.,  and  settled 
in  Worcester,  Mass.  Hatter,  d.  in  Templeton,  Mass.,  June  15,  1862. 
She  d.  in  Templeton,  1872. 

2.  William  Jennison,  son  of  William  \  b.  in  Templeton,  Mass., 
Mav  17,  1814.  m.  Dec.  25,  1840,  Abby,  dau.  of  Solomon  Cook,  b.  in 
Whitefield,  March  16,  1819,  d.  in  Wellington,  Mass.,  July  17,  1896. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1869  until  he  d.,  March  22,  1874.  Hotel-keeper. 


i.    Edm'ard  C,  b.  Templeton,  Mass.,  Jan.  31,  1842,  d.  Templeton,  Mass., 

June  24,  1842. 
ii.     Abbie  L.  b.  Nov.  17,  1846.  d.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  9,  1850. 
iii.     Abbie  E.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Aug.  6,  1856.     m.  Feb.  21,  1883,  John  F. 

Shorey.     res.  N.  Y.  City. 
iv.    Ann  H.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  Sept.  1859.     m.  Dec.  1881,  Willard  H.  Gil- 
man,  brolcer.     res.  Wellington,  Mass. 


1.  Fayette  Jewett,  son  of  Calvin  and  Sail}'  (Parker)  Jewett,  b.  in 
Newbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  1,  1824.  He  grad.  University  of  Vt.,  1848,  and 
Bowdoin  Med.  Coll.,  1850.  He  entered  upon  the  practice  of  his  pro- 
fession at  Nashua,  and  in  1852,  under  the  auspices  of  the  A.  B.  C.  F.  M., 
he  sailed  for  Asiatic  Turkey  as  a  medical  missionary.  He  visited  his 
native  land  in  1860,  and  on  his  return  to  the  mission  field  he  d.  sud- 
denly in  Liverpool,  Eng.,  May  31,  1862.  He  m.  Feb.  17,  1853,  Mary 
Ann  Bj-ackett  (See),  who  shared  his  fortunes  abroad,  and  d.  in  Graf- 
ton, Mass.,  Aug.  22,  1868. 


1.  Henry  M.,  b.  Tokat,  Turkey,  July  8,  1855.  unm.  U.  S.  Consul  at 
Sivas,  Turkey,  1886-92.     res.  Maiden,  Mass. 

ii.  MiLO  A.,  b.  Sivas,  Turkey,  Oct.  1857,  grad.  Harvard  Med.  School. 
Assistant  Superintendent  State  Insane  Hospital,  Danvers,  Mass.,  sev- 
eral years.  U.  S.  Consul,  Sivas,  Turke.y,  since  1892.  He  m.  Sept.  4, 
1897,  Fanny  (Powers)  Dudley.     (See  Matthias  Powers.) 


1.    Simeon  Bean  Johnson,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Dec.  25,  1795.    m.  first, 

Mary  M. ,  d.  in  L.  Aug.   16,   1862,  Methodist,     m.  second,  Nov. 

23,  1865,  Louisa  M.  Whitney.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1829  until  he  d., 

Johnson.  285 

Sept.  11,  1869.  Democrat,  afterwards  Free  Soiler  and  Republican. 
Farmer.  State  Senator,  1841.  Representative,  1846-7.  Bank  Com- 
missioner, 1846-7.  Deputy  slieriff,  1833-4.  Fire  ward,  1840-7. 
J.  P.,  State.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Morning  Dawn  and  Burns  Lodge. 
Appointed  Postmaster,  Dec.  24,  1830,  and^May  24,  1843. 

2.      i.     Edward  Henrt,  b.  Whitefield,  July  6,  1839  (Adopted).     He  was  a  son 
of  David  Johnson,  a  brother  of  Simeon  Bean  Johnson. 

2.  Edward  Henry  Johnson  (adopted  son  of  Simeon  Bean^),  b.  in 
Whitefield,  July  G,  1839.  m.  Oct.  15,  1861,  Anna  Powers,  dau.  of 
John  H.  Carbee,  b.  in  Bath,  March  6,  1840.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1841 
to  1872.  Stable-keeper.  J.  P.  Co.  I,  1st  N.  H.  H.  Art.  Private. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  Deputy  sheriff,  1869-70.  d.  in  Ware- 
ham,  Mass.,  Nov.  10,  1895. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

1.     Carrie  Mart,  b.  June  5,  1862.    res.  Wareham,  Mass. 
ii.     Edward  James,  b.  Nov.  14,  1864.     m.  June  IB,  1889,  Helen  E.  Herlihy. 

Expressman,     res.  Nantasket,  Mass. 
iii.     William,  b.  Dec.  7,  1866,  d.  Dec.  17,  1866. 
iv.     William  Simeon  Bean,  b.  Dec.  29,  1867.     Engineer,     res.  Wareham, 

V.     Eugene,  b.  June  21,  1869.     Foreman  in  rolling-mill.    res.  Wareham, 



3.  Harry  A.  Johnson,  son  of  Alvin,  b.  in  Bradford,  Sept.  24,  1844. 
m.  Feb.  10,  1872,  Louise  Mary,  dau.  of  Brooks  L.  Palmer,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Feb.  25,  1849.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1872.  Farmer.  Demo- 
crat. Fire  ward,  1880.  Deputy  sheriff,  1878-84  inc.  J.  P.  State. 
A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge!  ~  K.  T.,  St.  Gerard  Com.     No  ch. 


4.  Daniel  Tyler  Johnson,  b.  in  Walden,  Vt.  m.  in  1830,  Eliza- 
beth Webster,  b.  in  Alexandria,  Va.,  Nov.  28,  1810,  d.  Feb.  25,  1893. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  the  war  of  the  Rebellion,     d.  in  Lancaster. 

5.  Albert  Tyler  Johnson,  son  of  Daniel  Tyler  ^  b.  in  Eastport, 
Me.,  May,  1831.  m.  Jan.  1,  1857,  Laura  Burnham,  dau.  of  David 
Page  Sanborn  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  26,  1836.  Slie  m.  second,  John 
Smillie  (See).  Albert  Tyler  never  res  in  L.  Painter.  Republican. 
I.  O.  0.  F.     d.  in  Lancaster,  March  8,  1865. 

Ch.,  — 

6.        i.     Ellery  Albert,  b.  L.  Aug.  24, 1857. 

ii.  Harry  Page,  b.  Lancaster,  Nov.  1,  1858.  unm.  Treas.  Alabama  Com- 
press and  Storage  Co.,  Montgomery,  Ala.  A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns 
Lodge.     K.  T. 

6.  Ellery  Albert  Johnson,  son  of  Albert  Tyler  ^  b.  in  L.  Aug.  24, 
1857.  m.  March  18,  1886,  Nellie  L.,  dau.  of  G.  R.  R.  Bailey,  b.  in 
New  Orleans,  La.,  in  1866,  Swedenborgian.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1857 
to  1876.     Jeweller.     Democrat.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     res.  Rome,  Ga. 

286  Johnson  —  Jones. 

Cli.,  b.  in  Atlanta,  Ga.,  — 

i.     Ellert  Albert,  b.  Feb.  18,  1887,  d.  Atlanta,  Ga.,  March  27,  1888. 
ii.     KiLMA,  b.  Sept.  18,  1888. 


7.  Rodney  Chase  Johnson,  son  of  Joseph  K.,  b.  in  Cornish,  March 
31,  1826.  ra.  May  2,  1850,  Nancv,  dan.  of  Joseph  Fiye,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  Oct.  20,  1841,  d.  in  L.  June  20,  1891.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1875  until  he  d.,  Aug.  4,  1895.     Republican. 


i.     Ada  Elenora,  b.  Plainfield,  Nov.  7,  1851.     m.  Nov.  7,  187.3,  Lucius  A. 
Babcock,  painter.     Slie  d.  Monroe,  March,  1882. 

8.  ii.     Joseph  F.,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  July  26,  1859. 

9.  iii.     Frank  E.,  b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  June  30,  1864. 

8.  Joseph  F.  Johnson,  son  of  Rodney  Chase '^,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt., 
July  26,  1859.  in.  Sept.  26,  1881,  Nettie,  dau.  of  John  Brazzill,  b.  in 
Eaton,  P.  Q.,  in  1860.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1880  to  1894.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Infant  Son,  b.  Sept.  24,  1883,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  24,  1883. 
ii.     Emily  Fryb,  b.  Sept.  24,  1883. 

9.  Frank  E.  Johnson,  son  of  Rodney  Chase'',  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt., 
June  30,  1864,  m.  April  18,  1893,  Ardella,  dau.  of  George  Harriman. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1875.     Farmer.     No  ch. 


10.  William  F.  Johnson,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Robinson,  Maine, 
April  6,  1858.  m.  Jan.  4,  1878,  Lydia  Ann,  dau.  of  John  Leighton,  b. 
in  Robhison,  Maine,  Dec.  24,  1862.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1890. 
Mill  hand.     Republican. 


Edwin  William,  b.  Barre,  N.  B.,  April  9,  1879. 

Albert,  b.  Barre,  N.  B.,  March  19,  1882. 

Alonzo  P'reeman,  b.  Barre,  N.  B.,  Nov.  17,  1888,  d.  July  23,  1890. 

Ernest  Frederic,  b.  L.  July  6,  1891. 


1.    Smith  E.  Jones,  son  of  Richard,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Aug.  24,  1819. 
m.  April  13,  1847,  Sarah  E.,  dau.  of  William  Kelso,  b.  in  Bethlehem, 
Nov.  21,  1820,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  15,  1891.     He  res.  in  L.  from  1826  most  of 
the  time  to  1894.     Farmer.     Methodist.     Democrat. 
Ch.,  — 

i.     Ella  Y.,  b.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  26,  1850.    m.  Jan.  27, 1868,  Amos  H.  Mills, 

farmer.     She  d.  Newport,  Vt.,  March  17,  1889. 
ii.     Susan  Elizabeth,  b.  Bethlehem,  Aug.  29,  1854.     m.  Sept.  27,  1877, 

Frank  I.  Parker  (See),  farmer.     She  d.  L.  July  13,  1883. 
iii.     Frank  H.,  b.  L.  July  24,  1862.     m.  July  22,  1884,  Bertha  E.  Kittredge. 
Laborer,     res.  Salem. 

Kelley  —  Kellogg  —  Kelsea.  287 


1.  John  W.  Kelley,  son  of  Michael,  b.  in  South  Boston,  Mass.,  May 
15,  1860.  m.  Dec.  23,  1884,  Nettie,  dau.  of  George  F.  Woodward 
(See),  b.  in  Douglass,  Mass.,  Jan.  12,  1862,  Unitarian.  He  has  res.  in 
L.  since  1884.     Salesman. 


i.     EuTH  E.,  b.  L.  Oct.  24,  1885. 


1.  Joseph    Kellogg,    res.    in    Hadle}',    Mass.      m.    Joanna  . 

(Judd's  History  of  Hadley.) 

2.  Nathaniel  Kellogg,  son  of  Joseph  \  res.  in  Amherst,  Mass. 
m.  Sarah  Boltwood. 

3.  EzEKiEL  Kellogg,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Samuel  Partridge. 

4.  Ezekiel  Kellogg,  son  of  Ezekiel  ^     m.  Hannah  Southwick. 

5.  Ezekiel  Kellogg,  son  of  Ezekiel  \  b.  in  1754.  m.  Eunice  Foster, 
b.  in  1766,  d.  Sept.  14,  1833.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1814  until  he  d., 
Feb.  20,  1839.  Rev.  soldier.  Sergt.  in  Capt.  Taylor's  Co.,  Salem, 
Mass.,  also  in  Cos.  of  Capt.  Spoor,  Berkshire  Co.  Regt.,  Capt.  Inger- 
son,  Capt.  Goodrich,  Capt.  Goodale,  and  Capt.  Fitch. 

Ch.,  — 

6.        i.     Charles,  b.  in  Mass.,  Aug.  6,  1804. 

6.  Charles  Kellogg,  son  of  Ezekiel  ^,  b.  in  Mass.,  Aug.  6,  1804. 
m.  Jan.  4,  1835,  Arthusa,  dau.  of  David  Webster  (See),  b.  in  L.  Feb. 
25,  1811,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  3,  1868,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1814 
until  he  d.,  Nov.  22,  1853.  Farmer.  Methodist.  Lieut,  and  Capt.  in 
Artillery  Co.,  32d  Regt.,  6th  Brigade,  2d  Div.  N.  H.  IMilitia,  1834  to 
1836.     Representative,  1844-5. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Ezra  Parker,  b.  March  15,  1839,  d.  L.  Jan.  3,  1852. 

ii.  Charles  Nelson,  b.  May  14,  1841,  d.  L.  Feb.  6,  1855. 

iii.  Anna,  b.  Oct.  19,  1844,  d.  L.  Dec.  30,  1851. 

iv.  Harriet,  b.  Aug.  14,  1846,  d.  L.  Dec.  14,  1851. 

V.  Ellen  Arthusa,  b.  July  28,  1849.     res.  Boston,  Mass. 

vi.  George  Frank,  b.  July  25,  1851.     m.  May  4,  188(5,  Carrie  Kendig. 
Wholesale  druggist,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 


1.  Ora  Orlando  Kelsea,  son  of  Orlando,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Oct.  9,  1827. 
m.  Mary  Eliza,  dau.  of  Moses  Emery,  of  Lisbon.  He  res.  in  L.  from 
1856  to  1859.  Republican.  Deputy  sheriff,  1855  to  7  inc.  Capt.  Co. 
H,  8th  Ohio  Inf.  Col.  1st  Regt.  Ohio  Volunteer  Militia,  1863.  Mayor 
of  Topeka,  Kan.  d.  in  Topeka,  Kan.,  July  29,  1871.  ("Granite 
Monthly,"  Vol.  XVI.  p.  86.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ora  Carl,  b.  Lisbon,  Feb.  13,  1854.     res.  Topeka,  Kas.  (?) 

288  Kelsey  —  Kenerson  —  Keneson. 


1.  Hiram  L.  Kelsey,  son  of  Hiram  and  Hannah  Pillsbniy  Robinson 
Kelsev,  of  Danville,  Vt.,  grandson  of  James  Kelsey,  of  Danville,  was 
b.  in  Wheelock,  Vt.,  Aug.  31,  1835.  He  m.  July  13,  18G1,  Sarah  E. 
Lnmmis.  She  d.  in  L.  Oct.  19,  1877.  He  m.  second,  June  3,  1879, 
Mrs.  N.  M.  S.  Moore.  He  m.  third,  Dec.  29,  1897,  Mrs.  Martha  J. 
Home.  He  fitted  for  coll.  in  St.  Johnsbury  Academy,  and  grad.  from 
Wesleyan  University  in  1861.  He  commenced  the  study  of  theology 
in  1861,  and  was  ordained  a  Methodist  deacon  in  Haverhill,  Mass., 
April  12,  1863,  and  elder  in  Dover,  April  16,  1865.  His  ministry  has 
been  as  follows  :  Union,  1862-3  ;  L.,  1864;  Plymouth,  1865-6;  Man- 
chester, 1867  ;  Portsmouth,  1868-9  ;  Claremont,  1870-1-2  ;  Nashua 
(Chestnut  Street),  1873-4.  He  then  became  a  Congregationalist,  and 
was  located  in  HoUis  three  3'ears  ;  Brockton,  Mass.,  five  years;  Suf- 
field.  Conn.,  three  years.  For  several  years  he  supplied  diflferent  Cong. 
pulpits.  He  is  now  engaged  in  the  practice  of  law  and  in  the  insurance 
business  in  Worcester,  Mass.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     I.  0.  O.  F. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Hattie  E.,  b.  .June  27,  1862,  d.  Nov.  17,  1864. 

ii.  George  L.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1864,  d.  June  1,  1866. 

iii.  James  H.,  b.  Oct.  21,  1866.     unm.     res.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

iv.  Florence,  b.  April  8,  1868.     m.  April  12,  1900,  Sam'l  Pingrie  French. 

V.  Harry  F.  D.,  b.  Jan.  30,  1870,  m.  Nov.  4,  1895,  Helen  F.  Donnelly,    res. 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

vi.  Lillian,  b.  April  6,  1874.     d.  Aug.  15,  1874. 


1.  Austin  HiiiAM  Kenerson,  b.  in  Peacham,  Vt.,  Jan.  9,  1855.  m. 
Aug.  9,  1877,  Martha  Moulton  Hibbard,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Nov.  9, 
1852.  He  prepared  for  coll.  in  Peacham  and  Mclndoes  Academies,  and 
grad.  from  Dart.  Coll.  in  1876.  He  taught  school  as  follows  :  Mcln- 
does Academy,  1876  to  1877  ;  Lyndon  Academy,  1877  to  1879  ;  Little- 
ton High  School,  1879  to  1880;  Nahant  High  School,  1880  to  1882; 
in  Nov.  1882,  he  left  teaching  to  engage  in  the  publication  of  school 
books,  which  business  he  has  since  followed.  Member  firm  Ginn  & 
Co.,  Boston,  Mass.     (L.  Cen.,  pp.  217-18.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Edward  Hibbard,  b.  Nahant,  Mass.,  Oct.  31,  1880. 
ii.     John  B.,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  May  26,  1883. 


1.  James  Francis  Keneson,  son  of  Joseph,  b.  in  Canada,  March  2, 
1828.  m.  first,  Dec.  7,  1848,  Sarah  Philena,  dau.  of  Joseph  French,  b. 
in  Washington,  Vt.,  Aug.  2,  1828,  d.  in  Chelsea,  Vt.,  Dec.  19,  1866. 
m.  second,  June  17,  1869,  Emilj'  Ann,  dau.  of  Dennis  Thomas,  b.  in 
Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  3,  1837.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1892.  Farmer. 

Keneson  —  Kenney.  289 

Ch.,  bj-  w.  Sarah,  — 

i.     George   Washingtox,  b.  "Washington,  Vt.,  Aug.  2,  1852.     m.  first, 

Abbie  Thomas,     m.  second,  Nancy  Frye.     Farmer,      res.  Concord, 

ii.     Charles  Freeman,  b.  Washington,  Vt,  Dec.  1855.     m.  Mary  A.  Frye. 

Farmer,     res.  Wentworth. 
iii.    Frank  Henry,  b.  Clielsea,  Vt.,  Dec.  1857.     m.  Mary  Cram.     Manufr. 

of  clotlies  reels,    res.  Concord,  Vt. 

Ch.,  b}-  w.  Emily, — 

iv.     Marian  Emily,  b.  Concord,  Vt.,  Sept.  13,  1870.     m.  Hollis  W.  Morrill, 
mill-sawyer,     res.  L. 


1.  William  Kenney,  b.  in  1753.  m.  Mary  Snow,  b.  Feb.  14,  1763", 
d.  in  Bethlehem,  Jan.  1835.     He  d.  in  Stowe,  Vt.,  Jan.  12,  1819. 

2.  William  Kenney,  son  of  William  \  b.  in  Royalston,  Mass,,  Aug. 
23,  1793.  m.  first,  Jul}-  14,  1815,  Rhoda  Cakes'^  (See),  m.  second, 
AVidow  Sabrina  Woodbury,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Blandin.  He  res.  in 
Bethlehem,  and  enlisted  Sept.  30,  1814,  for  60  days  in  Capt.  Joha  Bas- 
sett  Jr.'s  Co.,  3d  Regt.  Detached  MiHtia.     d.  in  Bethlehem. 

3.  Edward  Oakes  Kenney,  son  of  William  -,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Nov. 
13,  1816.  m.  first,  Jan.  8,  1839,  Xanc}-  Stewart,  dau.  of  Isaac  Smith 
(See),  b.  in  Brownington,  Vt.,  Aug.  27,  1814,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct.  15, 
1850.  m.  second,  Livonia,  dan.  of  Ezra  Hale,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  April 
17,  1826,  Methodist.  He  res.  in  L.  from  June,  1852,  until  he  d.,  Aug. 
6,  1883.  Lumber  merchant.  Democrat.  Moderator,  1865.  Treas- 
urer, 1869.  Fire  ward,  1854.  Postmaster  of  Betlilehem  from  1837  to 
1845.  Representative  of  Bethlehem,  1850-1.  Appointed  Col.  of  32d 
Regt.  N.  H.  Militia.  June  30,  1849,  promoted  to  Brigadier  Gen.  of  8th 
Brigade  in  1851.     J.  P.  State.     I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Nanc}',  b,  in  Bethlehem,  — 

4.  i.    Lorenzo  Cdshman,  b.  June  13,  1840. 

ii.     Lisette  Elloise,  b.  July  12,  1849,  d.  Bethlehem,  Feb.  25,  1850. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Livonia,  b.  in  L.,  — 

iii.  Ellen  L.,  b.  March  11,  1856.  m.  May  5,  1880,  William  H.  Whiting, 
merchant.  Co.  G,  lltli  N.  H.  Inf.  Trivate.  He  d.  L.  Jan.  12,  1882. 
She  d.  L.  Sept.  29,  1887. 

5.  iv.    Edward  S.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1854. 

4.  Lorenzo  Cdshman  Kenney,  son  of  Edward  Oakes  ^  b.  in  Bethle- 
hem, June  13,  1840.  m.  jSov.  15,  1865,  Martha  Ann,  dau.  of  Cyrus 
Eastman  (See),  b.  in  L.  Sept.  9,  1843,  Cong.  Divorced,  1895.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1852  to  1864,  and  from  1880  to  1893.  Lumber-dealer. 
Democrat.     J.  P.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.     K.  T. 

Ch.,  — 

6.  i.     Herbert  Eastman,  b.  L.  July  11,  18G8. 

7.  ii.     William  Stuart,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  March  7,  1873. 

iii.     Bretton  Charles,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  July  31,  1875,  d.  Aug.  16, 1875. 
iv.     Susan  Laura,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  July  31,  1875. 
V.     Anne  Ellen,  b.  Worcester,  Mass.,  March  5,  1877. 
VOL.  II.  —  19 

290  Kenney. 

5.  Edward  Smith  Kenney,  son  of  Edward  Oakes^,  b.  in  L.  Feb.  19, 
1854.  m.  March  10,  1875,  Lucy  S.  Williams,  b.  in  Williamsville,  Mass., 
Sept.  1853.  He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1872.  Lumber  nianufr. 
Methodist.     Democrat,     d.  in  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  April  8,  1887. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Worcester,  Mass., — 

i.    Josephine  t..,  b.  Oct.  2o,  1875,  d.  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  May  20,  1891. 
ii.     Nellie  A.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1878.  "        ■ 

iii.     Edward  Oakes,  b.  June  27,  1881. 

6.  Herbert  Eastman  Kenney,  son  of  Lorenzo  Cushman  ^,  b.  in  L. 
July  11,  1868.  m.  April  9,  1895,  Lizzie  Maria,  dan.  of  Richard  Whit- 
ney Bailey,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Jan.  17,  1863.  She  m.  tirst,  Fred  B. 
Hatch  (See),  divorced.  Herbert  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1871,  and 
from  1881  to  1895.  Druggist.  A.  F.  and'A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.  K.  T., 
St.  Gerard  Com.,  A.  A.  S.  R.,  32°. 


i.,   Berenice  B.,  b.  L.  Nov.  9,  1896. 

7.  William  Stuart  Kenney,  son  of  Lorenzo  Cushman^,  b.  in  Wor- 
cester, Mass.,  March  7,  1873.  m.  Jan.  6,  1896,  Gertrude  Tryphena, 
dan.  of  George  Farr  (See),  b,  in  L.  Sept.  15,  1873.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1880.     Hotel  clerk.     Democrat.     No  ch. 


8.  Horace  J.  Kexxey,  son  of  Ansel,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  June  27, 
1841.  m.  May  6,  1864,  Kosette  W.,  dau.  of  Orange  E.  Annis  (See), 
b.  in  L.  Aug.  12,  1842,  d.  in  Bethlehem,  June  11,  1894.  He  res.  in 
L.  but  a  short  time.  Farmer.  Democrat.  Co.  G,  2d  N.  H.  Sharp- 
shooters. Commander  Marshal  Sanders  Post,  G.  A.  R.,  1883.  Adj.- 
Gen.  G.  A.  R.  Department  of  K  H.,  1886.     L  O.  0.  F.,  K  G. 

Ch.,  — 

9.        i.     WiLFORD  M.,  b.  Betlilehem,  Oct.  25,  1865. 

9.  WiLFORD  M.  Kenney,  son  of  Horace  J.^  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct. 
25,  1865.  m.  A^^ril  28,  1891,  Blanche  C,  dau.  of  Joel  Eastman,  b. 
in  Landaff,  Dec.  12,  1865.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1895.  Shoe-cutter. 
I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G.     is^o  ch. 


10.  John  Kenney,  son  of  John,  b.  in  Ireland,  in  1820.  ra.  Jan. 
1851,  Katie,  dau.  of  John  Dooley,  b.  in  Ireland,  Roman  Catholic. 
He  res.  in  L.  from  1862  until  he  d.,  Jan.  6,  1892.  Farmer.  Roman 
Catholic.     Democrat. 


i.     James,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt,  Oct.  20,  1851.     m.  Jan.  15,  1879,  Mary 

Ann  Lonergan.     Engineer,     res.  Newport,  Vt. 
ii.     Michael,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  July  20,  1853.     Plumber,     res.  Minne- 
apolis, Minn, 
iii.     Ellen,  b.  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt.,  July  6,  1855.     res.  L. 
iv.     Katie,  b.  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt.,  Murch  9,  1857.     m.  Aug.  21,  1882,  James 
Callahan,     res.  Marshall,  Te.xas. 

Kenney  —  Kent.  291 

V.    John,  I).  St.  Jolinsbury,  Vt.,  May  12, 1858.    Lumberman,    res.  Newbury. 

vi.     Mary,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Nov.  7,  1861,  d.  1861. 

vii.     Edward,  b.  L.  Oct.  li,  1864.     m.  Oct.  1889,  Lula  White,     res.  Long- 
view,  Texas, 
viii.     William,  b.  L.  Dec.  20,  1867.     Farmer,     res.  L. 

ix.     Henky,  b.  Jan.  11,  1869.     Clerk,     res.  Boston,  Mass. 


1.  Thojias  Kent,  b.  in  Englanrl,  came  to  Xew  P2ngland,  about  1630. 
He  d.  in  Gloucester,  Mass.,  ^Vixy  1,  1658.  His  widow  d.  Oct.  16,  1678. 
Tlionias  Kent  of  C41oucester,  Mass.,  was  of  kin  to  Ricliard  Kent,  senior 
of  Ipswicli  and  Newbury,  Mass.,  and  to  Stephen  Kent,  senior  of 

2.  Thomas  Kent,  son  of  Thomas  \  b.  prob.  previous  to  the  emigra- 
tion of  the  family,  m.  March  28,  1658,  Joan  Penny,  dau.  of  Thomas 
and  Ann  Penny  of  Gloucester.  He  was  proprietor  of  lands  in 
Gloucester  previous  to  1649.     He  d.  Aug.   2,  1696. 

3.  JosiAH  Kent,  son  of  Thomas'-,  b,  in  Gloucester,  March  31,  1660. 
m.  April  17,  1689,  Mary  Lufkin,  probably  b.  in  England,  and  a  dan.  of 
Thomas  Lufkin.     He  vv'as  a  mariner;  d.  in  Gloucester,  May  19,  1725. 

4.  John  Kent,  son  of  Josiah^,  b.  in  Gloucester,  March  29,  1700; 
ra.  Jan.  10,  1723,  Mary  Godfrey,  b.  1703,  dau.  of  James  and  Hannah 
Godfrey.     He  d.  in  Gloucester,  1780. 

5.  Jacob  Kent,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Gloucester,  June  12,  1726.  ra. 
Dec.  26,  1752,  Abigail  Baile\'.  He  was  an  early  resident  of  Newbury, 
Vt.,  where  he  was  parish,  town,  and  county  clerk.  Judge  of  the  Court 
of  Common  Pleas,  and  a  Colonel  in  the  War  of  the  Revolution.  He  m. 
second,  June  16,  1762,  Mary  White.     He  d.  Dec.  13,  1812. 

6.  John  Kent,  son  of  Jacob  ■',  b.  in  Newbur}',  Vt.,  March  14,  1772, 
m.  1804,  Tabitha  Peabody,  b.  Feb.  22,  1775,  dau.  of  Richard  and 
Tabitha  (Child)  Peabody  (See).  He  res.  in  Lyman,  where  he  d.,  July 
4,  1842.     She  d.  April  30,  1836. 

7.  Richard  Peabody  Kent,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Newbur}',  Vt.,  Dec. 
21,  1805.  m.  June  5,  1831,  Emily  Mann  Cakes,  dau.  of  Henry  and 
Emil}-  (Mann)  Cakes  of  AVatcrford  and  Fairlee,  Vt.  He  removed  to 
Lancaster,  1825.  Merchant  many  years.  Cashier  of  Lancaster  Bank. 
He  d.  March  30,  1885. 

8.  Henry  Cakes  Kent,  son  of  Richard  Peabod}'  '^,  b.  in  Lancaster, 
Feb.  7,  1834.  m.  Jan.  11,  1859,  Berenice  Adaline  Rowell,  b.  in  Con- 
cord, Vt.,  Sept.  24,  1886,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Caroline  E.  (Page) 
Rowell.  He  was  educated  in  the  common  school  and  Academy,  Lan- 
caster, and  Norwich  Military  Academy,  and  has  received  tlie  follow- 
ing honorary  degrees:  B.  S.^  1854;  A.  M.,  1865;  LL.D.,  1895.  He 
commenced  the  study  of  law  in  1855  with  Jacob  Benton,  and  was 
admitted  to  the  Bar  in  Lancaster,  Ma\'  term,  1858.  He  formed 
a  partnership  with  Hon.  Turner  Stephenson,  under  the  firm  name 
of  Stephenson   &   Kent,    which    existed    for   several   years ;    he    then 

292  Kent. 

joined  witli  Hon.  William  He^woorl  in  the  firm  of  Heywood  &  Kent 
unlil  the  gi'owing  demands  of  newspaper  and  other  work  occasioned 
his  withdrawal  from  active  legal  work.  He  was  editor  of  the  "Coos 
Kepublican  "  from  18oS  to  1870.  His  published  addresses  comprise  : 
Address,  Fish  and  Game  League  of  N.  H.,  1885  ;  Dedication  Masonic 
Temple,  Lancaster,  1888  ;  Sons  American  Revolution,  State  Capitol, 
1896;  paper  on  William  Burns,  1886;  James  M.  Rix,  1896;  Me- 
morial Address,  G.  A.  R.,  1879-80-83;  Articles  in  Count}^  History; 
The  Soldiers  of  Coos.  He  iS  also  author  of  several  songs:  "I'm 
Growing  Old,  Lassie,"  1854  ;  college  songs  of  Norwich  Universitv, 
comprising,  "Old  South  Barracks,  Oh!"  1855;  "  Hurrah  for  Old 
N.  U.  !  "  1886.  Among  the  official  positions  he  has  held  are  :  Mod- 
erator, Lancaster,  about  30  times  between  1859  and  1894;  Repre- 
sentative, 1862-8-9-83-4  ;  Senator  Dist.  1,  1885-6  ;  Naval  Officer  of 
Boston,  1885  to  90.  He  was  Presidential  Elector,  1864;  Candidate  for 
Congressman,  1875-7-8;  Candidate  for  Governor,  1894-6;  Delegate 
National  Conventions,  1860-72-84-1900.  President  State  Convention, 
1878  and  84  ;  Commissioner  to  adjust  the  eastern  boundary  of  N.  H., 
1858.  In  militarj- life  he  has  held  the  following  positions  ;  Major  and 
Col.  Governor's  Horse  Guards,  1860  to  1865;  Col.  17th  Regt.  N.  H. 
Inf,  1863;  Colonel  and  Assistant  Adjutant-Gen.  of  N.  H.,  1861.  He 
is  an  active  Free  Mason  and  has  been  Master  of  North  Star  Lodge 
seven  3'ears  ;  Commander  of  North  Star  Com.  six  years  ;  Past  Grand 
Commander  K.  T.  of  N.  H.  1868-9  ;  member  of  33°  Supreme  Council; 
Trustee  N.  H.  Masonic  Orphans'  Home  ;  Governor  N.  H.  Society 
Colonial  Wars.  He  has  been  Treasurer  of  Lancaster  Savings  Bank 
since  1868,  and  President  of  Lancaster  Trust  Co.  since  1891.  He  was 
a  Republican  until  1872,  since  then  a  Democrat.  Episcopal. 
Ch.,  b.  in  Lancaster,  — 

i.     Bkrenice  Emily,  b.  Oct.  31,  1866. 
ii.     Henry  Percy,,  b.  March  7,  1870,  treasurer  Lancaster  Trust  Co. 


9.  James  Sidxey  Kent,  son  of  William,  b.  in  Montreal,  P.  Q.,  Jan. 
30,  1849.  m.  Louisa  Irwin  Whiteman.  He  was  educated  in  the 
schools  of  Montreal,  P.  C^.,  and  commenced  the  stud^'  of  theology  in 
1873  in  the  Berkeley  Divinity  School,  Middletown,  Conn.,  from  whicli  he 
grad.  in  1876.  He  was  ordained  Dea.  by  Bisliop  Doane,  June  11,  1876, 
and  Priest,  Dec.  21,  1876.  His  ministry  has  been  as  follows:  Cam- 
bridge, N.  Y.,  two  years  ;  Cuba,  N.  Y.,  one  year ;  Cleveland,  Ohio, 
tliree  years  ;  in  charge  of  associate  missions,  Washington,  N.  J.,  to 
Sept.  1882;  L.,  Oct.,  1882,  to  Nov.  1884;  Lawrence,  Mass.,  1884  to 
1888  ;  Ardmore,  Pa.,  1888,  until  he  d.,  Aug.  14,  1890.  Member  Board 
of  Education,  Union  District,  1884. 

Ch.,  — 

i.  Francis  Hall. 

ii.  jVLary  Elizabeth. 

iii.  Margaret  Yseult,  b.  L. 

iv.  Dorothea. 



[public   LIBRARY' 

V  A«tor,  Lenox  and  Tilde*  , 



■'C  , 

Mrs.  Emily   B.  Kilburn. 




(fUBLIC   library] 

j^Astor,  Lenox  and  TUdet 



Keyes  —  Kidde?'  —  Kilhurn.  293 


1.  George  Alfred  Keyes,  son  of  Thomas  N.,  b.  in  Cambridge,  Vt., 
in  1842.  m.  March  13,  1873,  Carrie  W.,  dau.  of  John  C.  Winch  (See), 
b.  in  Bethlehem,  Oct.  25,  1852.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1892  and  3  and  1896. 
Dentist.     Co.  B,  14th  N,  H.  Inf.     Private,     res.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


i.     Fannie  Winch,  b.  N.  Y.  City,  April  27,  1875. 


1.  William  Henry  Kidder,  son  of  James  Mills,  b.  in  Bradford, 
Vt.,  Oct.  24,  1846.  m.  Oct.  8,  1868,  Mary  Arabel,  dau.  of  Joshua  B. 
Shaw  (See),  b.  in  L.  Jan.  16,  1847,  Unitarian.  He  res.  in  L.  in  1881. 
Laundry.     Unitarian.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.     Jknnie  Luct,  b.  Nov.  29,  1871.     tn.  George  Wesley  Southworth  (See). 
ii.     Ned  Jarvis,  b.  Nov.  18,  1873.     \iniii.     res.  L. 
iii.     Maky  Elizabeth,  b.  March  14,  1876. 


The  origin  of  the  name  is  variously  described.  One  authority  says 
it  is  from  "  Keele "  and  "  Bourn,"  which  signif}'  cold  water.  An- 
other, that  it  is  from  "chill"  or  "  cele  "  and  "bourne,"  a  brook  or 
torrent.  Another,  that  it  is  from  the  German  words  "  Klihle  "  "  Burn," 
signifying  cool  stream.  Kiihle  is  pronounced  "Kiel"  or  "Keel." 
(History  of  the  Kilburn  Family.) 

1.  Kilburn,  b.  in  Wood  Ditton,  Eng.,  in   1578  (baptized 

May  8).     m.  Frances ■,  d.  in  1650.     He  was  the  ancestor  of  all  the 

Kilburns  in  this  countiy.  He  emigrated  with  his  family,  April  15, 
1635,  and  settled  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  where  he  d.  previous  to  1639. 

2.  John  Kilburn,  son  of  Thomas  ^,  b.  in  Wood  Ditton,  Eng.,  Sept. 

29,  1624.     m.  first,  in  1650,  Naomi ,  d.  Oct.  1,  1659.     m.  second, 

Sarah,  dau.  of  John  Bronson  of  Farmington,  Conn.  She  d.  Dec.  4, 
1711,  aged  "  seventy  years  or  something  more."  He  came  to  America 
with  his  father  and  settled  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  where  he  d.,  April  9, 

3.  John  Kilburn,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  Feb.  15, 
1651.  ni.  first,  March  4,  1673,  Susannah,  dau.  of  William  Hills,  d. 
Oct.  1701.  m.  second,  Mav  12,  1702,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Mitchell 
of  Hartford,  Conn.,  d.  June^8,  1718.     John  d.  Nov.  25,  1711. 

4.  John  Kilburn,  son  of  John^  b.  in  Glastenbury,  Conn.,  Oct.  30, 
1677.  m.  first,  Jan.  25,  1699,  Sarah  Kimberly,  d.  Dec.  25,  1713.  m. 
second,  Sept.  1720,  Mercy  Day.  She  ni.  second,  Sept.  5,  1738, 
Thomas  Horton.  John  was  surveyor  of  Glastenbury  in  1810,  d.  pre- 
vious to  Sept.  5,  1738. 

5.  John  Kilburn,  son  of  John  *,  b.  probably  in  Glastenbury,  Conn., 
in  1704.     m.  first,  Oct.  26,  1732,  Mehitable,  dau.  of  Andrew  Bacon  of 

294  Kilhurn. 

JMiddletown,  Conn.,  d.  about  1737.  m.  second,  Hannah  Fox,  d.  Jan.  1, 
1807.  He  moved  to  Walpole  in  1749  and  was  the  first  settler,  d.  in 
Walpole,  April  8,  1789.  (History  of  Kilburn Family,  i^p.  8U  to  87,  for 
his  experiences  with  the  Indians.) 

6.  John  Kilburx,  son  of  John^,  b.  in  Middletown,  Conn.,  April  1, 
1736.  m.  March  10,  17G2,  Content,  dau.  of  Rev.  Ezra  Carpenter  of 
Swansea,  d.  Oct.  22,  1813.  His  name  is  signed  to  tlie  '■  cliiirch  cove- 
nant," Jan.  7,  17G7  ;  he  was  a  church  treasurer,  constable,  grand  juror, 
justice  of  the  peace,  and  held  other  responsible  positions.  Rev.  sol- 
dier. Lieut,  in  Capt.  Samuel  AVetherbee's  (See)  Co.,  Col.  Isaac 
Wyman's  Regt.,  177G.  (Vol.  XIV.,  State  Papers  (4  Rev.  Rolls),  p. 
462.)  He  moved  to  Shrewsbury,  Vt.,  in  the  winter  of  1793,  where  he 
d.,  July  20,  1819. 

7.  Elijah  Kilburn,  son  of  John",  b.  in  Walpole,  Sept.  30,  1772. 
ni.  in  1798,  Rebecca  Jennison,  b.  Aug.  13,  1774,  dau.  of  John  and  Kezia 
(Spring)  Jennison  of  Walpole  and  granddau.  of  Mary  (Hubbard)  Jen- 
nison, who  became  the  second  wife  of  Col.  Benjamin  Bellows.  Slie  d. 
in  1849.     Hed.  in  Walpole,  in  1847. 

8.  JosiAH  Kilburn,  son  of  Elijah  ^  b.  in  Walpole,  Jan.  2,  1801.  m. 
first,  Marcli  1,  1827,  Emily,  dau.  of  Peter  Bonnev  (See),  b.  in  L.  May 
30,  1801,  d.  in  L.  Aug.  14,  18G0,  Cong.  m.  second,  April  3,  1861,  Lydia 
A.,  dau.  of  John  Wilder,  b.  in  Bethlehem,  Feb.  13,  1821,  d.  in  L.  Mav 
21,  1886,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1824  until  he  d.,  April  15,  1888. 
Machinist.  Cong.  Repul)lican.  Selectman  1829-30-31.  Representa- 
tive, 1843-4.  Fire  ward,  1830  to  1834  inc.  and  1854.  J.  P.  A.  F. 
and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 

Ch.,  bj-  w.  Emily,  b.  in  L.,  — 

10.  i.     Bexjamin  West,  b.  Dec.  10,  1827. 

11.  ii.     Edward,  b.  Feb.  27,  1830. 

iii.     Ejulv,  b.  Oct.  17,  1833.     ni.  James  Dow  ^  (See). 

9.  Frederick  Kilburn,  son  of  Elijah  ^  b.  in  Walpole,  April  4,  1809. 
m.  June  29,  1835.  Marv  Ann,  dau.  of  Alexander  Watkins.  Jr.,  b.  in 
AValpole,  Dec.  3,  1812,  d.  in  Walpole,  Dec.  12,  1891,  Cong.  He.  res.  in 
L.  from  1834  to  1843.  Carpenter  and  farmer.  Cong.  Wliig  and 
Republican.  Selectman,  1838.  Representative  from  Walpole,  185^^- 
59.     d.  in  Walpole,  Feb.  11,  1880. 


i.     Ann  Rebecca,  b.  L.  July  24,    1836.     m.   Nov.   22,  1855,  Thomas  B. 

Buffum.     res.  Walpole. 
ii.     Maky,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1838,  d.  Feb.  27,  186-2. 
iii.     Maria,  b.  L.  Aug.  5,  1838.     m.  April   12,  1871,  Winslow  G.  Barnett. 

res.  Walpole. 
iv.     Frederic  S.,  b.  Walpole,  March  11,  1848,  d.  April  3,  1885. 
V.     Franklin  J.,  b.  Walpole,  March  11, 1848.     m.  March  23,  1880,  Eliza  C. 
Sherman,     res.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

10.  Benjamin  West  Kilburn,  son  of  Josiah  %  b.  in  L.  Dec.  10, 
1827.  m.  Nov.  16,  1853,  Caroline  L.,  dau.  of  Joseph  Burnham  (See), 
b.  in  Bethlehem.  Nov.  1,  1829,  Cong.  He  has  res.  in  L.  all  his  life. 
Stereoscopic- view     manufr.       Cong.        Republican.        Representative, 

Mrs.  Caroline    L.  Kiluurn. 




^Astor,  Lenox  and  JWdet^ 



Kilhiirn  —  Killam  —  Kimball.  295 

1897-8.     Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.     Sergt.     G.  A.  R.     A.  F.  and  A.  M., 
Burns  Lodge.     I.  O.  O.  F.,  N.  G. 


i.     Lizzie  Maria,  b.  Sept.  14,  1854.     m.  first,  William  Jackson  ^  (See), 
m.  second,  Daniel  C.  Reniich  (See). 

11.  Edward  Kilburn,  son  of  Josiah  ®,  b.  in  L.  Feb.  27,  1830.  m. 
May  25,  1857,  Adaline  S.,  dan.  of  Marcus  Owen,  b.  in  St.  Jolinsburv, 
Vt.,^  Jan.  28,  1831,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  13,  1880,  Cong.  He  res.  in  L.  all 
his  life.  d.  Feb.  25,  1884.  Stereoscopic-view  manufr.  Republican. 
Co.  D,  13th  N.  H.  Inf.     Lieut.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge. 


i.     Emily  Adaline,  b.L.  Oct.  4, 18G0.    m.  Benjamin  Frank  Robinson  (See). 


1.  John'  Killam,  son  of  Mark,  b.  in  Nova  Scotia,  May  31,  1844. 
ra.  second,  April  23,  1892,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Oliver  Lock,  b.  in  Canterburj', 
June  15,  1851.     He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1886.     Farmer. 

Ch.,  by  first  w., — 

1.     Frank,  b.  Yarmouth,  N.  S.,  1869.     m.  Dec.  12,  1890,  Emily  St.  Clair. 
Farmer,     res.  Dalton. 

ii.     Cassia,  b.  Yarmouth,  N.  S.,  Aug.  8,  1872. 
iil.     Charles,  b.  Dec.  25,  187.3. 
iv.     Murray,  b.  April  1,  1875. 

V.     Laura,  b.  Nov.  27,  1876. 


1.  Ebenezer  C.  Kimball,  son  of  Isaac  and  Dorcas  (Hubbard)  Kim- 
ball, b.  in  Bath,  Jan.  7,  1807.  The  lineage  is:  Ebenezer  C.^  Isaac'', 
John  ^  John  ^  John  *,  John  ',  Henry  ^  Richard  \  He  m.  Esther  Kin- 
ney, b.  Waterford,  Vt.,  May  26,  1806,  dau.  of  Nathan  Kinney.  He  res. 
in  this  town  from  1853  until  he  d.,  May  25,  1884.  His  widow  d.  March 
1,  1890.     Methodist. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Irasburg,  Vt.,  — 

i.     Mary  Ann,  d.  aped  8  years. 
ii.     Helen  Mar,  d.  aged  G  years. 

iii.     Emily  Elizabeth,  b.  Nov.  22,  1839.     m.  Henry  Parker  Thayer  (See). 
iv.     Lucy  Emeline,  b.  March  26,   1842.      Teacher,    unm.     d.  janesville. 
Wis.,  Jan.  7,  1872. 


2.  Richard  Kimball,  with  his  family,  embarked  at  Ipswich,  Eng., 
April  10,  1634,  in  the  ship  "Elizabeth,"  arrived  in  Boston,  and  settled 
in  Watertown,  Mass.  He  was  down  on  the  shipping  list  as  39  years 
old.  m.  first,  Ursula,  dau.  of  Henry  Scott,  of  Rattlesden,  Eng.  m. 
second,  Oct.  23,  1661,  Margaret,  widow  of  Henry  Dow,  of  Hampton. 
He  was  made  freeman.  May  6,  1635.  Proprietor  in  1636-7.  Wheel- 
wright. He  soon  moved  to  Ipswich,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  Nine  ch. 
(Hist,  of  the  Kimball  Farail}".) 

296  Kimball  —  King  —  Kinne. 

3.  Benjamin  Kimball,  son  of  Richard-,  b.  in  1G37.  ra.  April,  1661, 
Mere}-,  dan.  of  Robert  Hazeltine,  b.  Aug.  16,  1642,  d.  Jan.  5,  1707-8. 
Carpenter.  res.  in  Exeter  and  Salisbury,  Bradford,  and  Rowley, 
Mass.  Soldier  in  1683-4  under  Capt.  Appleton.  Cornet  of  horse 
guards,     d.  June  11,   1695.     Sixteen  ch. 

4.  David  Kimball,  son  of  Benjamin^,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  July 
26,  1671.     m.  first,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Gage,  b.  IMarch  12,   1674. 

m.  second,  about  1717,  Ruth  ,  b.  in  1682,  d.  March  14,  1770.     He 

d.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  June  14,  1743.     Twelve  ch. 

5.  Aaron  Kimball,  son  of  David  ^,  b.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  June  7, 
1710.  m.  Dec.  17,  1731,  Susanna  Smith.  Tailor.  Previous  to  1742 
he  moved  to  Hopkiuton,  where  he  d.,  Jul}'  30,  1760. 

6.  Timothy  Kimball,  son  of  Aaron  ^,  bap.  Dec.  19,  1736.  m.  Sarah 
.     He  res.  in  Hopkinton. 

7.  Abigail  Kimball,  dau.  of  Timothy®,  b.  in  Hopkinton,  July  2, 
1764.     m.  in  1786,  Nathaniel  Furber^  (See). 


1.  Hezekiah  King,  son  of  Hezekiah,  b.  in  Burlington,  Mass.,  Feb. 
13,  1835.  m.  first,  Oct.  29,  1862,  Louisa  Ann,  dau.  of  William  P. 
Carbee,  b.  in  Bath,  Oct.  15,  1836,  d.  in  L.  Oct.  1,  1868.  m.  second, 
March,  1870,  Martha  Maria,  dau.  of  William  P.  Carbee,  b.  in  Bath, 
March  13,  1843.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  April,  1867.  Farmer.  Re- 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Louisa,  — 

i.     Hattie  Louise,  b.  Batli,  Oct.  80,  186.3.    res.  L. 
ii.     Jennie,  b.   Detroit,  Mich.,  June   30,   1865.     m.   Clarence  E.  Mudgett 

iii.     Clara  Pamelia,  b.  Detroit,  Mich.,  Aug.  24,  1866.    res.  L. 
iv.     Willie  George,  b.  L.  Sept.  15,  1868,  d.  L.  Marcli,  1874. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Martha,  — 

V.    Freddie  Hammond,  b.  L.  Aug.  3,  1875,  d.  Ii.  Dec.  6,  1875. 


2.  Charles  J.  King,  b.  in  N.  Y.  City,  July  31,  1838.  m.  April  6, 
1876,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Elijah  Fitch  (See),  b.  in  L.  in  1841,  d.  in  L.  July 
8,  1887.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1876  to  1882,  and  for  several  years  was 
signal  officer  on  Mt.  Washington.  He  d.  in  Newport,  Vt.,  Aug.  11, 
1882,  while  acting  as  travelling  agent  for  a  railroad.  Democrat.  A.  F. 
and  A.  M.,  Burns  Lodge.     G.  A.  R.     No  ch. 


1.  Vine  Kinne,  son  of  Nathan,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Aug.  29,  1801. 
m.  March  9,  1826,  Roxana,  dau.  of  Asa  Gould  (See),  b.  in  L.  Aug.  19, 
1807,  d.  in  L.  Dec.  24,  1890.  He  res.  in  L.  from  about  1840  until  he 
d.,  March  20,  1861.     Farmer.     Selectman,  1848-50.     J.  P. 

Kinne.  297 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Marsena,  b.  Dec.  17,  1826,  d.  Oct.  1,  1828. 

ii.  Marcus  Aurelius,  b.  Oct.  0, 1828.     Farmer,     d.  L.  Feb.  14,  18G8. 

iii.  Lucy  M.,  b.  1831.     m.  Uennison  Miner,  farmer.    Slie  d.  L.  Sept.  6,  1883. 

iv.  Sarah,  b.  1834.     m. Cooley. 

V.  LucRETiA,  b.  Feb.  14,  1839,  d.  L.  Sept.  25,  1840. 

vi.  Orley,  b.  1846.     m. Chase. 

vii.  Edward,  b.  1848. 

viii.  Carletox,  b.  May,  1850. 

ix.  Annette. 

2.  Nathan  Kinne,  son  of  Nathan,  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  in  1808.  ra. 
Oct.  9,  1831,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Moses  Haywood,  b.  in  Berlin,  Vt.,  April, 
1807,  d.  in  L.  Feb.  6,  1888.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1850  until  he  d.,  Oct. 
23,  1889.     Farmer.     Democrat.     Representative,  1856-7. 

Ch.,  b.  in  Newport,  Vt.,  — 

3.  i.     Bradford,  b.  Jan.  11,  18.S5. 

4.  ii.     Walton,  b.  Nov.  29,  1836. 

iii.     Angelink,  b.  Aug.  16,  1841.     m.  1867,  Franklin  Foster,  meat  dealer, 
res.  Lisbon. 

3.  Bradford  Kinne,  son  of  Nathan^,  b.  in  Newport,  Vt.,  Jan.  11, 

1835.  m.  first,  Feb.  15,  1863,  Laura  A.,  dau.  of  George  W.  Cari)enter 
(See),  b.  in  L.  Dec.  18,  1842,  d.  in  L.  April  19,  1870.  m.  second,  Aug. 
23,  1871,  Lizzie  M.,  dau.  of  George  W.  Carpenter  (See),  b.  in  Dalton, 
Dec.  18,  1850.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1850  until  he  d.,  May  24,  1894. 
Farmer.     Democrat.     J.  P. 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Laura,  b.  in  L.,  — 

5.  i.     Henry  V.,  b.  Juno  16,  1864. 

ii.     Flora  L.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1868.     ra.  Nov.  8,  1887,  Frank  Gleason,  farmer. 

res.  Fran  con  i  a. 
iii.     Alice  L.,  b.  Jan.  30,  1870.     m.  Chester  J.  Willey  (See). 

Ch.,  b}'  w.  Lizzie,  b.  in  L.,  — 

iv.  Frank  B.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1875. 

V.  Ella  C,  b.  Oct.  13,  1877. 

vi.  George  W.,  b.  Sept.  15,  1879. 

vii.  Harvey  G.,  b.  Jan.  2,  1883. 

4.  Walton  Kinne,  son  of  Nathan  2,  b.  in  Newport,  Vt.,  Nov.  29, 

1836.  m.  Jan.  22,  1884,  Nettie,  dau.  of  Daniel  Stimson,  b  in  Bethel, 
Vt.,  March  10,  1866.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1850.  Farmer.  Demo- 
crat.    No  ch. 

5.  Henry  V.  Kinne,  son  of  Bradford  ^  b.  in  L.  June  16,  1864.  m. 
Nov.  23,  1893.  Lenna  Dowse,  b.  in  Concord,  Vt.,  in  1865.  He  has  res. 
in  L.  all  his  life.     Farmer. 


i.     Charles  Hibbaed,  b.  L.  Sept.  8,  1895. 

6.  Harvey  C.  Kinne,  son  of  Willard  and  grandson  of  Nathan  ■^  b. 
in  Waterford,  Vt.,  April  28,  1857.  m.  Nov.  5,  1879,  Emma  Cornelia, 
dau.  of  George  Austin  Prouty,  b.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Jan.  8,  1859,  Cong. 
He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1891.  'Book-keeper.     Cong.     Democrat. 


i.     Bessie  B.,  b.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Oct.  20,  1880. 
ii.     Millard  Austin,  b.  L.  May  8,  1892. 

298  Kitchen  —  Knapp. 


1.  Jessie  Bray  Kitchen,  son  of  Isaac,  b.  in  Ontario,  Canada,  Jnly 
4,  1852.  m.  Oct.  27,  1885,  Agnes,  dau.  of  David  Dovvrie,  b.  in  Hamil- 
ton, Ontario,  Marcli  9,  1868.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1889.  Photog- 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Jessie,  b.  Hamilton,  Ontario,  March  16,  1887. 


1.  Charles  Cogswell  Knapp,  son  of  James,  b.  in  Lisbon,  Ma}-  15, 
1820.  m.  first,  in  1843,  Mary  Cogswell,  b.  Sept.  7,  1821,  d.  in  Alburgli 
Springs,  Vt,  Aug.  17,  1881.  m.  second,  June  10,  1886,  Mattie  E. 
Fareleigli.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1861  to  1890.  Hotel-keeper,  d.  in 
Berlin  Falls,  Jan.  18,  1892. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mary,  — 

i.     Aruelle,  b.  Lisbon,  Sept.  13,  1849.     m.  first,  Feb.  10, 1874,  Rev.  George 
lieebe  (See),     ni.  second,  Samuel  J.  Meade,  minister  and  missionary, 
res.  Melange,  South  Africa, 
ii.     Alwilda,  b.  Sept.  5,  1852,  d.  Jan.  22,  1856. 
iii.     Mary,  b.  Aug.  1860. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Mattie,  — 

iv.     Emma  Mart,  b.  Feb.  11,  1887. 
V.     Charles  E.  (Adopted). 


2.  Amasa  Knapp,  son  of  Elijah,  b.  in  Lyman,  May  2,  1798.  m. 
first,  Mai'ch  30,  1820,  Sarah,  dan.  of  Thomas  Carter®  (See),  b.  in  L. 
in  1796,  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Julv  10,  1867,  Methodist.  m.  second, 
March  5,  1868,  Ann  G.  Hoyt,  d.  in  Lyndon,  Vt..  Jan.  9,  1886.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1826  to  1837.  Farmer.  Whig  and  Republican.  Select- 
man, 1830-1.  Methodist.  Appointed  Capt.  11th  Co.  32d  Regt.  N.  H. 
Militia,  Feb.  23,  1831,  vacated  Feb.  24,  1834. 

Ch.,  by  \v.  Sarah,  — 

i.     Elvira,  b.  Lyman,  .Jan.  29, 1821.     m.  March  2,  1842,  Charles  K.  Wells, 
farmer.     He  d.  Andersonville  prison,  Sept.  1864.     She  d.  Lyndon,  Vt., 
Oct.  21,  1893. 
ii.     Melissa,  b.  L.  Oct.  9.  1824.     m.  March  13,  1845,  Haviland  F.  Locklin, 
farmer,  mercliant,  and  engineer.     She  d.  Lyndon,  Vt.,  Oct.  24,  1867. 
iii.     Elijah,  b.  L.  March  9,  1827.     m.  Feb.  22,  1857,  Emeline  K.  Skinner, 
res.  Fresno,  Cal. 
3.      iv.     William  Carter,  b.  L.  March  10,  1833. 

3.  William  Carter  Knapp,  son  of  Amasa  ^  b.  in  L.  March  10,  1833. 
m.  first,  Aug.  19,  1860,  Ellen  Amelia,  dau.  of  Joel  Bronson  (See),  b.  in 
Easton,  April  4,  1839,  d.  in  Hennepin,  111.,  June  30,  1865.  m.  sec- 
ond, Aurelia,  dau.  of  Josiah  Seybold,  b.  in  La  Salle  Co.,  111.,  d.  in 
Abingdon,  111.,  Nov.  17,  1875.  in.  third,  Dec.  25,  1876,  Mrs.  Matilda 
McDowell,  dau.  of  ¥A\  Myer,  b.  in  Newark,  Ohio,  April  26,  1839,  d. 
in  Normal,  111.,  Jan.   7,  1891.     m.  fourth,  Jan.  1,  1893,  Mrs.  Dorcas 

linapp  —  Kneeland.  299 

Reeder,  dau.  of  Charles  McFadden,  b.  in  Connollsville,  Pa.,  April  26, 
1849.     He  res.  in  L.  from  birth  to  1837.     He  grad.  from  the  North 
Western    University,    Evanston,    111.,    and   commenced   the    study   of 
theology  in  1856.     He  attended  the  Garrett  Biblical  Institute,  but  did 
not  grad.     He  was  principal  of  public  schools  of  Peru,  III,  1859-62  ; 
Prest.  of  Grand  Prairie  Seminary,  Onorga,  111.,  1868  ;  Prof.  Natural 
Science,   Hedding  Coll.,  Abingdon,   111.,    1876-9.      Methodist  clergy- 
man, Tonica,  111.,  1862;   Hennepin,  111.,  1863-5;  Wenona,  111.,   1866 
Fairbury,  111.,  1869-70;  Peoria,  111.,  1871-4;  Kock  Island,  111.,  1875 
New  Boston,  111.,  1880;  Watseka,   111.,    1881;  Normal,  111.,   1882-3 
Cornell,  111.,  1892-3  ;  Odell,  111.,  1894. 
Ch.,  b}'  w.  Aurelia,  — 

i.    Ellen,  b.  La  Salle  Co.,  111.,  Aug.  4,  18G9. 
ii.     Charles  Hale,  b.  Peoria,  111.,  Nov.  24,  1872,  d.  March  28,  1892. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Matilda,  — 

iii.    AuRELLiA,  b.  Watseka,  111.,  Jan.  29,  1881. 


1.  John  Kneeland,  b.  in  Glasgow,  Scotland,  March  1,  1565.  m. 
about  1598,  Mary  Dunbar,  of  Dunbar  Castle,  Scotland.  He  was  a  sea 
capt.     res.  in  Glasgow,  Scotland,     d.  at  sea,  March  3,  1635. 

2.  John  Kneeland,  son  of  John  \  b.  in  Glasgow,  Scotland,  Aug.  1, 
1600.  m.  Jan.  4,  1626,  Mary  Stuart  of  Glasgow,  Scotland.  He  emi- 
grated to  America  in  1630,  in  one  of  his  father's  ships,  and  brought  a 
cargo  of  wheat  to  the  Pilgrims.  He  settled  in  Boston,  Mass.,  where 
he  d.,  May  10,  1693.     Four  ch. 

3.  John  Kneeland,  son  of  John  ^,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.  m.  Mary, 
dau.  of  James  Hawkins  of  Boston.  He  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  where 
he  d.,  Aug.  11,  1691.     Seven  ch. 

4.  John  Kneeland,  son  of  John■^  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  29, 
1668.  m.  Mary  Green,  a  grand-daughter  of  Samuel  Green,  who  pub. 
the  Cambridge,  Eng.  Bible.  He  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  where  he  d. 
He  built  the  "  Old  South  Meeting  House."     Seven  ch. 

5.  John  Kneeland,  son  of  John*,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  14, 
1694;  was  four  times  m.  His  third  w.  was  Abigail  Marsten.  He 
res.  in  Boston,  Mass ,  where  he  d.  in  1774.  He  built  the  "  Oltl 
South  Church,"  and  Kneeland  Street  and  wharf  were  named  for  him. 
Thirteen  ch. 

6.  Richard  Kneeland,  son  of  John  ^  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Nov.  30, 
1752.  m.  Jan.  4,  1775,  Martha,  eleventh  ch.  of  Rev.  Willard  and  Abi- 
gail (Cotton)  Hall.  Rev.  Willard  Hall  was  the  first  pastor  in  West- 
ford,  Mass.  Loyalist.  Richard  res.  in  Westford,  Mass.,  and  was 
drowned  in  Concord  River,  March  8,  1800.     Ten  ch. 

7.  Richard  Kneeland,  son  of  Richard®,  b.  in  Westford,  Mass., 
April  1,  1778.  m.  about  1800,  Katherine  Knights.  He  d.  in  Water- 
bury,  Vt.,  in  1868.     Nine  ch. 

300  Kneeland  —  Knight  —  Knox. 

8.  WiLLARD  Hall  Kneeland,  son  of  Richard'',  b.  in  Waterbmy, 
Vt.,  April  27,  1805.  m.  Jan.  11,  1831,  Cleora,  dan.  of  John  Woods,  b. 
in  Barnet,  Vt.,  Nov.  16,  1810,  d.  in  L.  Sept.  12,  1891.  Baptist.  He 
res.  in  L.  from  1871  until  he  d.,  Jan.  13,  1875.  Farmer.  Baptist. 


i.     Samdel  p.,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  21,  1832.     ra.  Feb.  18,  1856, 

Martha  Jane  Spaulding.     Civil  engineer,     res.  Mooresville,  N.  C. 
ii.     Ianthe  Cleora,  b.  Waterbury,  Vt.,  Jan.  19,  1830.     m.  Thaddeus  Ezra 

Sanger  (See). 
iii.     Ellen  O.,  b.  VVaterbury,  Vt.,  July  4,  1840.     m.  Dec.  13,  1865,  Mark  J. 

Russell,     res.  St.  Joliiisbury,  Vt. 
iv.     Irexeus  Newcomu,  b.  Barnet,  Vt.,  Dec.  12,  1846.     m.  July  19,  1876, 
Ellen  Blake.     Farmer,     res.  Milford,  Kas.     A.  F.  and  A.  M. 


1.  Aaron  Knight,  son  of  Enos,  was  b.  in  New  Ipswich,  1781.  In 
1782,  the  famiU'  removed  to  Hancock,  where  he  res.  through  life.  He 
was  a  deacon  and  a  useful  citizen.  He  m.  Rebecca  Adams,  b.  in  New 
Ipswich,  Nov.  15,  1782,  dau.  of  I^phraira  Adams,  Jr.  He  d.  Sept.  29, 
1867.  She  d.  Feb.  3,  1854.  Eleven  ch.  ;  of  these  Lucinda,  b.  Sept. 
5,  1817;  m.  Richard  Taft  (See). 


1.  Jeptha  Knox,  son  of  John,  m.  Philura  Lewis. 

2.  Martin  Van  Buren  Knox,  son  of  Jeptha^,  b.  in  Schroon  Lake, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  4,  1841.  m.  Jan.  9,  1871,  A.  Janette  Hill.  She  grad.  from 
the  Vt.  Conference  Female  Coll.  in  1869,  and  received  the  degree  of 
A.  B.  from  Baker  University,  Kas.,  in  1877,  and  A.M.  from  Boston 
University  School  of  All  Sciences  in  1879.  She  was  Prest.  of  the  N.  H. 
W.  C.  T.  U.  in  1885-6.  He  attended  district  schools  in  youth,  and  in 
1859  and  1861  taught  school  in  Newcomb,  N.  Y.  In  April,  1861,  he 
enlisted  in  Co.  I,  22d  N.  Y.  Inf ,  Private.  Subsequently  he  was  Corp. 
in  Co.  E,  118th  N.  Y.  Inf.,  and  Capt.  Co.  E,  23d  U.  S.  Colored  Inf. 
At  the  close  of  the  war  he  entered  the  Fort  Edward  Institute,  where  he 
studied  one  year,  then  went  to  the  Biblical  Institute,  Concord,  one  year, 
then  to  N.  H.  Conference  Seminary  one  3'ear,  completing  his  prepara- 
tion for  Coll.  He  entered  Wesleyan  University  in  the  fall  of  1868,  but 
was  obliged  to  leave  during  the  year  on  account  of  ill  health.  He  con- 
tinued his  studies  however  in  connection  with  his  appointments,  and  in 
1873  received  the  degree  of  A.  B.  from  Baker  Universit}',  Baldwin  City, 
Kas.,  where  he  afterwards  taught  until  1877,  when  he  returned  to  Mass. 
and  attended  the  Boston  University  School  of  All  Sciences  two  years, 
supplying  pulpits  meanwhile,  receiving  from  the  Universit}' the  degrees 
of  A.M.  and  Ph.D.  He  was  ordained  Dea.  in  Springfield,  Vt.,  in  1870, 
and  Elder  in  Wichita,  Kas.,  in  1877.  The  order  of  his  appointments 
is  as  follows  :  Warner  (four  months'  supply),  1866  ;  Tilton,  1867  ; 
Barton,  Vt.  (six  months'  supply),  1869  ;  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  1870  ;  Fair- 
lee  and  Thetford,  1871 ;  East  Boston,  Mass.,  Meridian  Street  (six 
months'  supply),   1877;  Brookline,  Mass.,   1878;  Claremont,  1879  to 

Knox  —  Ladd.  301 

1882  ;  Lebanon,  1882  to  1885  ;  L.  1885  to  1888  ;  Manchester,  St. 
James  Church,  1889  to  1892.  In  1891  he  was  accorded  the  degree  of 
D.  D.  by  Baker  Universit}-,  Kas.,  and  in  Aug.,  1892,  was  elected  Prest. 
of  the  Red  River  Valley  University,  Wahpeton,  N.  D.  He  resigned 
in  June,  1899,  and  is  now  collecting  material  for  a  work  entitled,  '^  Re- 
ligious Life  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  Race."  He  is  a  voluminous  writer, 
his  principal  work  being  a  book  entitled  "A  Winter  in  India  and 
Malaysia,"  306  pages.  He  has  also  been  connected  with  several 
publications  as  editor.  Prohibition.  G.  A.  R.  I.  O.  G.  T.,  Delegate 
to  National  Prohibition  Convention.  They  have  had  one  eh.,  d.  in 


1.  Daniel  La.dd,  b.  in  England,  emigrated  to  America  in  the  "Mary 
and  John"  of  London,  1633.  He  was  of  Ipswich,  1637;  Salisbury, 
1639,  and  of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Ijefore  1646.  He  d.  in  Haverhill,  July 
27,  1693.     His  widow  Ann  d.  Feb.  10,  1694.     Nine  ch. 

2.  Nathaniel  Ladd,  son  of  Daniel  \  b.  in  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March 
10,  1651/2.  ra.  July  12,  1678,  Elizabeth  Gilman,  b.  Aug.  16,  1661, 
dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth  (Treworthy)  Gilman,  of  Exeter.  He  served 
in  King  Philip's  War,  1675-6.  He  d.  at  Exeter,  Aug.  11,  1691, 
from  wounds  received  Sept.  22,  1690,  in  an  engagement  with  the  In- 
dians near  Cape  Elizabeth.     Seven  ch. 

3.  Nathaniel  Ladd,  son  of  Nathaniel -,  b.  in  Exeter,  April  6,  1679. 
m.  Catherine  Gilman;  m.  second,  Rachel  Rawlins;  m.  third,  Mercy 
(Hall)  Hilton.     He  was  a  mill-wright,  living  in  Exeter  and  Stratham. 

4.  Paul  Ladd,  son  of  Nathaniel^,  b.  in  Exeter,  March  6,  1719.  m. 
1747,  Martha  Folsora,  dau.  of  Deacon  Nathaniel  Folsom,  of  Exeter. 
He  was  a  farmer  of  Epping.    He  d.  1783.    His  widow  d.  July,  17,  1804. 

5.  JosiAH  Ladd,  son  of  Paul*,  b.  Nov.  1762.  m.  Mary  Gale.  He 
res.  Gilmanton. 

6.  Dudley  F.  Ladd,  son  of  Josiah  ^,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  Dec.  23,  1794. 
m.  March  18,  1817,  Polly,  dau.  of  Edward  Mason,  d.  March  30,  1881. 
He  d.  Gilmanton,  March  19,  1847. 

7.  JosiAH  Mason  Ladd,  son  of  Dudle}^  F.^,  b.  in  Gilmanton,  March 
15,  1829.  m.  Aug.  7,  1853,  Lydia  Ann,  dau.  of  Solomon  Jesseraan,  b. 
in  Franconia,  June  27,  1830.  He  res.  in  L.  from  1855  until  he  d.,  Oct. 
19,  1895.     Blacksmith.     Democrat.     Fire  ward,  1877-8-9-80. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Ella  Louise,  b.  L.  Sept.  11,  1855.     m.  William  Willard  Waterman 

ii.     Alice  Maria,  b.  Bethlehem,  Nov.  6,  1857.     m.  Henry  Allston  Eaton 

iii.     Ida  Emma,  b.  L.  June  16,  1860.     m.  Hosea  Ballon  Mann  (See). 
iv.     Anna  Wilson,  b.  L.  Dec.  26,  1864,  d.  L.  Aug.  24,  1884. 

302  Ladd  —  Laflamme  —  Lakeway. 


8.  John  Johnson  Ladd,  son  of  Peabod}-  W.,  b.  in  Newbury,  Vt. , 
Ma}'  11,  1828.  ni.  Dec.  6,  1853,  Sophia  Williams,  dau.  of  Tappan 
Stevens,  b.  in  Newbuiy,  Vt.,  d.  in  Lyndhuist,  Va.,  Dec.  30,  1881.  He 
grad.  from  Dart;  Coll.  in  1852,  and  taught  until  July  2,  1864,  when  he 
was  appointed  pa^'raasterof  Volunteers  with  the  rank  of  Major.  After 
the  war  he  resumed  his  avocation  as  teacher,  and  in  1870  was  engaged 
as  Principal  of  L.  High  School,  which  position  he  tilled  three  years. 
From  L.  he  went  to  Staunton,  Va.,  to  serve  as  Supt.  of  Schools.  He 
d.  Brockville,  Ontario,  Jan.  25,  1889.     (L.  Cent.,  p.  216.) 

Ch.,  — 

i.    Jennie  Stevens,  b.  Feb.  9,  1857. 
ii.     William  S.,  b.  May  8,  1862.     unm.     res.  Brockville,  Ontario. 


1.  David  Laflamme,  son  of  Loren,  b.  in  Canada,  Oct.  1857.  m. 
Sept.  14,  1879,  Millie,  dau.  of  George  Rancour,  b.  in  Canada,  Sept.  14, 
1859.  Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1879.  Farmer.  Ro- 
man Catholic. 

Ch., — 

i.     George,  b.  Lawrence,  Mass.,  May  1, 1880. 
ii.    Flora,  b.  L.  April  16,  1888. 

2.  Duff  Laflamme,  son  of  Loren,  b.  in  Canada,  in  1861.  ra.  April 
8,  1880,  Clotilde,  dau.  of  Felix  Dunnells,  b.  in  Canada,  July  8,  1856, 
Roman  Catholic.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1880.  Section-hand.  Ro- 
man Catholic.     Democrat. 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Joseph,  b.  Warner,  Oct.  10,  1892  (Adopted). 

3.  Joseph  Laflamme,  son  of  Loren,  b.  in  St.  Margaret,  P.  Q.,  March 
8,  1856.  m.  first,  in  1877,  Emelia,  dau.  of  John  Rancour,  b.  in  Que- 
bec, d.  in  L.  March  15,  1886.  m.  second,  in  1888,  Jennie,  dau.  of 
David  Allard,  b.  in  Canada.  He  has  res.  in  L.  since  1882.  Farmer. 
Roman  Catholic. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Emelia,  all  but  Joseph  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Joseph,  b.  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  1878. 

ii.  Emma,  b.  1880. 

iii.  Mary,  b.  1883. 

iv.  Mary  Emily,  b.  1885. 

Ch.,  by  w.  Jennie,  b.  in  L.,  — 

V.     Elizabeth,  b.  1889. 
vi.     Theophilus,  b.  1891. 


1.  Joseph  Lakeway.  son  of  Frank,  b.  in  Clarenceville,  P.  Q.,  April 
29,  1860.  ra.  Sept.  15,  1884,  Leora,  dau.  of  Ira  Quimby  (See),  b.  in 
Lisbon,  May  4,  1867.  He  has  resided  in  L.  since  1880.  Farmer. 

Lakeway  —  Lane  —  Lang  —  Langdon  —  Langford.        303 

Ch.,  b.  in  L.,  — 

i.  Vera,  b.  May  12,  1887. 

ii.  VoLNEY,  b.  Au(T.  25,  1889. 

iii.  Shirl,  b.  SepCS,  1891. 

iv.  Pearl,  b.  Oct.  11,  1893. 


1.  Charles  Milton  Lane,  son  of  Svlvanus,  b.  in  Lunenburg,  Vt., 
Dec.  16,  1858.  m.  Dec.  31,  1890,  Mabel  Estelle,  dan.  of  Otis  Goss 
Hale  (See),  b.  in  Waterford,  Vt.,  Dec.  31,  1862.  He  has  res.  in  L. 
since  1890.     Merchant.     Republican.     A.  F.  and  A.  M.,  K.  T, 

Ch.,  — 

i.     Edward  Hale,  b.  L.  Dec.  4,  1893. 


1.  Oscar  Lang,  son  of  Charles,  b.  in  Stewartstown,  May  5,  1843. 
m.  Feb.  9,  1868,  Hattie,  dau.  of  Thomas  Fuller,  b.  in  Corapton,  P.  Q., 
Aug.  10,  1843.  She  has  res.  in  L.  since  1885.  He  never  res.  in  L. 
Merchant.     Democrat,     d.  in  Stewartstown,  Feb.  11,  1884.